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Whats in the box Acute bends must be avoided Where a cable passes through an exposed A bulkhead or deckhead a watertight gland Your Raymarine CAM or swan neck tube should be used 50 CCTV camera is a CCTV camera cables cannot be cut and good quality color rejoined camera available in two models Installation B E03016 NTSC Having selected a suitable installation site format You cabn adjust both the pan and the tilt of the E03017 PAL format cameraIt is waterproof to IP63 standard and suitable 1Remove the camera dome by To adjust the pan of the camerafor use in indoor locations such as the wheel gently turning it 1 Loosen screw Ahouse salon or engine room counter clockwise 2 Gently turn the camera assembly until the 12V DC ONLY Safety notices to release the lens is pointing in the required direction bayonet fixing 3 Gently pinch screw A to secure the camera What tools are required 2Remove the in position camera cover by To adjust the tilt of the cameraCAUTION Power supply gently pulling it 1 Loosen screw BThe CAM 50 CCTV camera is suit away from the 2 Holding the edges of the camera plateable for use on a 12 V DC power Camera dome baseplate gently tilt the camera up or down into thesupply only Phillips 3Hold the base required position Drill bit Drill screwdriver plate in the 3 Gently pinch screw B to secure the cameraCAUTION Power supply required position in positionA 05 A quickblow fuse should be What accessories are and using a You should now connect the camera to yourfitted to the positive red lead of the available pencil mark the display and check that the required image iscamera fixing holes being shown To enable you to complete the cabling to instal 4 Using a Installation your camera the following are available Dome Either adjust the image by changing the pan drill bit make pilot E06017 5 m extension cable and tilt as detailed above or replace theThis product IS NOT suitable for holes for the fixing camera dome and cover to complete the E06018 15 m extension underwater screws The cables can be joined in any combination to installation 5Fix the cameraThis product contains no user achieve the required cable length and baseplate parts position using the Cable runs two screws Cable connections You need to consider the following points provided Cover The extension cables from before installing your camera cables 6Make sure that Male Female the camera to the display You need to connect the camera to a the cable is unit are joined using the display unit and power supply placed in the malefemale twist All cables should be adequately clamped cable slot of the camera baseplate to connectors and protected from physical damage and ensure that it is not pinched when the baseplate is secured in position The adapter cable should exposure to heat avoid running cables be used to connect the display and the power through bilges or doorways or close to With the camera installed you can now adjust supply to the camera The adapter cable moving or hot objects the field of vision connections are shown below Maintenance Technical Specification Technical Support Restriction of the use of certain Format NTSC 512 x 492 pixels Hazardous Substances Video connector PAL 500x 582 pixels This product uses components Imager 13 Sony DSP Color CCD RoHS that comply with the requirements COMPLIANT of the Restriction of the use of Red 12 V Horizontal resolution 380TVL certain Hazardous Substances Black 0 V D85371 RoHS Directive 200295ECIf you do not have a breaker in the power Scanning system NTSC 525 lines 21 an inline 05 A quick blow fuse should PAL 625 lines Warrantybe fitted to the positive red lead of the cable CAM 50 Video output Composite 75 Ohms To register your new Raymarine product please take a few minutes to visit our and Shutter speed NTSC 160 1100000sec It is important PAL 150 1100000 sec you register to receive full warranty benefitsYour Raymarine CAM 100 does not contain Minimum illumina 03 Lux at parts They should be tionserviced only by authorized Raymarine at a Raymarine factory facility Waterproof IP63Routine Maintenance Power connection 12 V tinned leads Technical supportRoutine maintenance should be carried out on Video connections Female BNC Complete product information and interactivea regular basis help is available at Examine all cables for signs of damage Operating tempera 10oC to 50o C 14o F to 122o F such as chafing cuts or nicks tures Check that all cables are securely North and South America connected Power consumption 80 mA with regulated power input Raymarine Technical Support Spray the camera and lens with fresh water 18005395539 or 16038815200 and wipe with a soft lintfree cloth to Lens 36 mm remove debris or salt deposits Best focus 15 m Product Repair and Service Viewable distance 35 m Raymarine Product Repair 21Manchester Street Waste Electrical and Electronic 4801 Problem Solution Equipment WEEE Directive Europe Middle East Africa and Raymarine fully complies with the Australasia Camera does not 1 Make sure that the cable is function sound and that all connec WEEE directive and as part of its envi Raymarine Technical Support tions are tight and free from ronmental policy asks you to be aware 44 0 23 9271 4713 corrosion of how you should dispose of this 2 Check system fuses Product Repair and Service product properly The crossed out wheelie bin 3 Check that the display is set up illustrated on the left and found on our prod Raymarine plc Anchorage Park Portsmouth correctly to receive the images Refer to the relevant display ucts signifies that this product should not be disposed of in general waste or landfill Please PO3 5TD England User Guide handbook for full details contact your local dealer national distributor or Raymarine Technical Services for information on product disposal Document No812941 Date December 2006

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