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E-Series Widescreen
Multifunction Display

Quick reference guide

E90W, E120W and E140W models
Safety notices                                                        Adjusting the display brightness
           Warning: Ensure safe navigation                            1. Press the POWER button once.

           This product is intended only as an aid to navigation         The Backlight Level control is displayed.
           and must never be used in preference to sound              2. Using the rotary control, adjust the brightness level as
           navigational judgment. Only official government               appropriate.
           charts and notices to mariners contain all the current     3. To switch the color palette between Day (very bright) and Night
           information needed for safe navigation, and the               (dark) modes, select MENU > Display Setup > Palette.
           captain is responsible for their prudent use. It is the
           user's responsibility to use official government charts,
           notices to mariners, caution and proper navigational
           skill when operating this or any other Raymarine           Simulator mode
                                                                      The Simulator mode enables you to practice operating your display
                                                                      without data from a GPS antenna, radar scanner, AIS unit, or
Powering the display on                                               The simulator mode is switched on/off in the System Setup Menu.
                                                                      You can also adjust the vessel speed in simulator mode. This is
1. Press and hold the POWER button until the Raymarine logo           useful for quickly moving to different areas of the chart, for example.
2. Press OK to acknowledge the warning window.                         Note: Raymarine recommends that you do NOT use the
                                                                       simulator mode whilst navigating.

Powering the display off                                               Note: The simulator will NOT display any real data, including any
                                                                       safety messages (such as those received from AIS units).
1. Press and hold the POWER button until the countdown reaches
   zero.                                                               Note: Any system settings made whilst in Simulator mode are not
                                                                       transmitted via SeaTalk to other equipment.
 Note: If the POWER button is released before the countdown
 reaches zero, the power off is cancelled.
                                                                      Enabling the simulator mode
                                                                      1. Press Menu.
                                                                      2. Select the System Setup menu.
                                                                      3. Select the Simulator item, and change its value to On.

Home screen overview                                                    Screen item       Description

The home screen provides a central point of access to your display's    1                 Touch Lock -- select this icon to lock the touchscreen,
range of applications.                                                                    preventing accidental use. To unlock, use the UniControl
                                                                                          to deselect the Touch Lock icon.
It also provides quick access to your waypoints, routes, and tracks.
                                                                        2                 My Routes / My Tracks / My Waypoints -- these icons
Press the HOME button at any time to access the home screen.
                                                                                          enable you to centrally manage your lists of routes, tracks,
The home screen consists of a number of application "pages", each                         and waypoints.
represented by an icon. Applications can be started by selecting
the relevant page icon.                                                 3                 Page -- each icon represents a page. A page can display
                                                                                          up to 4 applications simultaneously.
Use the MORE softkeys to scroll the home screen and access
additional application pages.                                           4                 Customize -- select this icon to configure application
    1                               2                  3      4   5
                                                                        5                 More -- select this softkey to scroll the home screen and
                                                                                          access additional application pages.

                                                                       Pages are used on your multifunction display to show applications.
                                                                       Pages are displayed and accessed on the home screen. Each page
                                                                       can display between 1 and 4 applications.
                                                                       Any page on the home screen can be customized, enabling you to
                                                                       group your applications into different pages, each designed for a
                                                                       specific purpose. For example, you could have a page that includes
                                                                       the chart and fishfinder applications, suitable for fishing, and another
                                                                       page that includes the chart and data applications, which would
                                                                       be suitable for general sailing.

4                                                                                                                 E-Series Widescreen Quick reference
                                  Empty page. You can add any             Controls
                                  application(s) to any empty page.
                                                                                                      1           2    3       4      5

                                  Page featuring a single application.


                                  Page featuring multiple applications.

                                                                              11                 10

You can also define a "layout" for each page, which determines how        Screen item   Description
the applications are arranged on the screen.
                                                                          1             Touchscreen -- you can touch the screen to operate
                                                                                        many common functions, including all softkey and menu
Changing an existing page on the home screen                                            operations.
With the home screen displayed:                                           2             Menu -- accesses the setup menus.
1.   Select the Customize icon.                                           3             Active -- selects the active application in page layouts
2.   Select the page icon that you want to change.                                      that display more than one application. Press and hold
                                                                                        the Active button to expand the active application to a
3.   Select the EDIT PAGE softkey.
                                                                                        full-screen view.
4.   Select the appropriate page layout.
5.   Select the application(s) you want to display on the page.

    Screen item   Description                                                  Many common functions can be accessed using the touchscreen
                                                                               - for example, all softkey operations. However, there are some
    4             Chart card slot -- open the card reader door to insert or    functions that cannot be performed using the touchscreen. There
                  remove CompactFlash (CF) cards. CF cards are used            may also be situations (such as rough sea conditions) when it is not
                  for additional cartography, archiving waypoint, route, and   appropriate to use the touchscreen. In these situations, Raymarine
                  track data, and upgrading system software.                   strongly recommends that you enable the touch lock, and use the
                                                                               physical keys to operate your multifunction display.
    5             Home -- displays the home screen, where you can
                  access all the application pages and your waypoint, track,
                  and route data.
    6             WPTS/MOB -- press and release to show the waypoint
                                                                               Touchscreen overview
                  softkeys. Press again to place a waypoint at your vessel's
                  position. Press and hold to place a Man Overboard (MOB)      The touchscreen provides a quick way of performing many common
                  marker at your current position.                             functions.
                                                                               Some of the functions you can operate with the touchscreen include:
    7             Range -- changes the display scale so that a smaller or
                  larger area can be seen on the screen.                        Accessing applications.
    8             Data -- accesses the archive and transfer, and databar        Adding and editing applications pages.
                                                                                Placing and editing waypoints.
    9             Cancel -- press to return to a previous softkey, menu, or
                                                                                Building routes.
                  dialog level.
                                                                                Panning the chart display.
    10            Softkeys -- press to select the corresponding function
                  identified by the on-screen label.                            Placing and moving the cursor.
    11            Power -- press once to switch the unit ON. Once the unit      Placing and moving VRMs and EBLs.
                  is powered on, press the Power button again to adjust the
                  brightness, and access the scanner power controls. Press      Note: Raymarine strongly recommends that you familiarize
                  and hold to switch the unit OFF.                              yourself with touch operations while your vessel is anchored
                                                                                or moored. You may find it helpful to use the simulator mode
                                                                                (accessible from Menu > System Setup Menu) in these
Hybridtouch overview
                                                                                Note: To disable the audible "beep" that you hear when you touch
Your multifunction display features Hybridtouch, which enables you              the screen, go to Menu > Display Setup > Touch beep.
to operate the unit using the touchscreen and the physical keys.

6                                                                                                                    E-Series Widescreen Quick reference
Basic touchscreen operations                                             Applications
Placing and moving the cursor using touch                                               Chart application -- provides a 2D
                                                                                        or 3D graphical view of your charts to
1. Touch the screen at any position on the screen to place the                          help you navigate. Waypoint, route, and
   cursor there.                                                                        track functions enable you to navigate
                                                                                        to a specific location, build and navigate
                                                                                        routes, or record where you've been.
Selecting the active window using touch                                                 Upgrade your charts using CompactFlash
With a page featuring multiple applications displayed:                                  chart cards to enjoy higher levels of detail
                                                                                        and 3D views.
1. Tap anywhere inside the application you want to make active.
                                                                                        Fishfinder application -- with a suitable
   A green border appears around the application, indicating that it                    Digital Sounder Module (DSM) and
   is active. The softkeys will change to display the relevant options                  transducer, you can use the fishfinder
   for that application.                                                                application to help you accurately
                                                                                        distinguish between different sizes of
                                                                                        fish, bottom structure, and underwater
Locking the touchscreen                                                                 obstacles. You can also view sea depth
With the home screen displayed:                                                         and temperature data, and mark points of
                                                                                        interest, such as fishing spots or wrecks.
1. Select the Touch Lock icon.
                                                                                        Radar application -- with a suitable radar
   It changes color to indicate that the touchscreen is disabled. All                   scanner, you can use the radar application
   functions are still available using the buttons and softkeys.                        to track targets and measure distances
                                                                                        and bearings. A number of automatic gain
                                                                                        presets and color modes are provided to
Unlocking the touchscreen                                                               help you get the best performance from
With the home screen displayed:                                                         your radar scanner.

1. Use the UniControl to highlight the Touch Lock icon.
2. Press the OK button.
   The Touchscreen is enabled.

    Engine application -- enables you to           Weather application -- (North America
    view information in the form of gauges         only). With a suitable weather receiver
    and digital data, from up to 3 compatible      connected to your multifunction display,
    engines.                                       the weather application overlays historical,
                                                   live, and forecasted weather graphics on a
                                                   world map.

    Data application -- view system and            Video application -- view a video or
    instrument data on your multifunction          camera source on your multifunction
    display, for a range of compatible             display. With the optional video cable
    instruments.                                   accessory, you can switch between 4
                                                   video sources, and output what you see
                                                   on your multifunction display to an external

    Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)               Tutorial application -- a slideshow
    application -- provides a graphical            explaining some of the main features of
    representation of your vessel's course in a    your multifunction display.
    "rolling road" format, along with navigation

    Sirius audio application -- (North
    America only). Use your multifunction
    display to control a connected Sirius
    Satellite Radio receiver.

8                                                         E-Series Widescreen Quick reference
Screen overview                                                           Screen item       Description
                                                                          4                 Edit dialogs -- enable data to be edited or entered into a
    1     2   3           4              5                        6
                                                                                            list -- for example, editing a waypoint..
                                                                          5                 Pop-up messages -- alert you to a situation (such as an
                                                                                            alarm), or unavailable function. Pop-up messages may
                                                                                            require a response from you -- for example, press the
                                                                                            ACKNOWLEDGE softkey to silence alarms.
                                                                          6                 Softkeys -- used to select frequently-used options.

                                                                         Alarms alert you to a situation or hazard requiring your attention.
                                                                         You can set up alarms to alert you to certain conditions, such as
                                                                         collision warnings and temperature limits.
                                                                         Alarms are raised by system functions, and also external equipment
                                                                         connected to your multifunction display.
                                                                         When an alarm sounds, a message dialog is displayed on your
                                                                         multifunction display, and any networked displays. The dialog
Screen item   Description                                                explains the reason for the alarm.
1             Databar -- provides information about your vessel and      You can configure the behaviour of the following system and
              its environment. The position and type of information in   application alarms using the Alarms Setup Menu:
              the databar can be customized if required. The databar
                                                                          System alarms.
              also displays the status icons, which confirm the status
              of externally-connected equipment, including GPS, AIS,      Navigation alarms.
              radar, and autopilot units.
                                                                          Radar alarms.
2             Status bar -- provides information specific to each
              application. This information cannot be edited or moved.    Fishfinder alarms.

3             List dialogs -- include information you have added to       AIS alarms.
              your multifunction display, such as waypoints.

Cancelling alarms                                                    The normal chart application is reset to the same settings that
                                                                     it had before the MOB alarm was raised.
1. Press the ACKNOWLEDGE softkey.
                                                                   Note: To obtain a MOB position, your multifunction display must
                                                                   have a GPS position fix.
Man overboard
If you lose a person or object overboard, you can use the Man
                                                                  Cancelling a MOB alarm
Overboard (MOB) function to mark the position.                    1. Press and hold the WPTS/MOB button for four seconds.
The MOB function is available at all times, regardless of which      Once the MOB alarm is cleared:
application is running.
When MOB is activated, an alert message appears on-screen, and        the chart application motion mode is reset.
an emergency waypoint is created. A bearing to the waypoint is        the databar mode is reset.
also provided. The alert and emergency waypoint also appear on
any networked displays at the same time.                              GOTO and route functions are restored.

Activating the man overboard function
1. Press and hold the WPTS/MOB button for 3 seconds.

10                                                                                                      E-Series Widescreen Quick reference

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