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Raymarine O Array Radar (hd Digital, Shd Digital, Hd Color, Shd Color) Installation Instructions 87087 4


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HD Digital Rad   ome

User's Guide
Trademarks and registered trademarks
Autohelm, HSB, RayTech Navigator, Sail Pilot, SeaTalk and Sportpilot are UK registered trademarks of Raymarine UK Limited.
Pathfinder and Raymarine are UK registered trademarks of Raymarine Holdings Limited. 45STV, 60STV, AST, Autoadapt, Auto GST,
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Raymarine UK Limited.
All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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Document number: 81318-2
Date: 07 2009
Chapter 1 Important Information............................. 7
Introduction .................................................................... 7
Transmitted power density levels ..................................... 7
IMO and SOLAS............................................................. 7
Radar licensing............................................................... 7
FCC Notice - Radar ........................................................ 8
EMC conformance .......................................................... 8
Product disposal ............................................................. 8
Display compatibility ....................................................... 8
Warranty registration....................................................... 9
Technical accuracy ......................................................... 9

Chapter 2 Installation ............................................... 11
2.1 Planning ................................................................... 12
2.2 Installation procedures .............................................. 18
2.3 Post installation procedures ....................................... 25

Chapter 3 Maintenance & troubleshooting ............ 27
3.1 Safety ...................................................................... 28
3.2 Maintenance ............................................................. 28
3.3 Troubleshooting ........................................................ 29
3.4 Raymarine technical support...................................... 30

Chapter 4 Technical specification........................... 31

6   HD Digital Radome User's Guide
Chapter 1: Important Information                                                      Warning: Radio Frequency Radiation
               Warning: Product installation and
                                                                                      The radar scanner transmits electromagnetic energy
               operation                                                              at microwave frequencies which can be harmful,
               This product must be installed and operated in                         particularly to the eyes. Do NOT look at the antenna
               accordance with the Raymarine instructions provided.                   from close range. Ensure personnel are clear of the
               Failure to do so could result in personal injury, damage               radome when the radar is turned on.
               to your boat and/or poor product performance.                          It is recommended that the radar is installed out of
                                                                                      range of personnel, e.g. above head height.

This user guide describes how to install, connect and maintain your
                                                                          Transmitted power density levels
HD Digital Radome Antenna. The models covered are:                         A power density level of 10 W/m2 is likely at distances of 1 m
 RD418HD - 18" 4 kW Digital Radome Antenna.                                or less from the radome.

 RD424HD - 24" 4 kW Digital Radome Antenna.                               A power density level of 100 W/m2 does not occur at any point.

When properly installed and operated, the use of this radar
conforms to:
                                                                          IMO and SOLAS
 IEEE C95.1 - 2005 - Standard for Safety Levels with respect to
  Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields,               The equipment described within this document is intended for use
  3 kHz to 300 GHz.                                                       on leisure marine boats and workboats not covered by International
 ICNIRP Guidelines 1998 - International Commission on                    Maritime Organization (IMO) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
  Non-Ionising Radiation Protection: Guidelines for limiting              Carriage Regulations.
  exposure to time-varying electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic
  fields (up to 300 GHz) 1998.
The HD Digital Radome Antenna is designed and manufactured to             Radar licensing
meet the rigorous demands of the marine environment. However,
it must be installed, operated and maintained properly. Please            Installation and operation of this radar may be subject to individual
carefully read and follow the recommended procedures in this user         licensing of the equipment, operator or vessel. You are strongly
guide.                                                                    advised to check with the requirements of the licensing authority of

Important Information                                                                                                                             7
your national administration. In case of any difficulties, contact your   Product disposal
local Raymarine dealer.
                                                                          Dispose of this product in accordance with the WEEE Directive.
             Warning: High voltages
             This product contains high voltages. Do NOT remove
             any covers or otherwise attempt to access internal                  The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
             components, unless specifically instructed in this           Directive requires the recycling of waste electrical and electronic
             document.                                                    equipment. Whilst the WEEE Directive does not apply to some
                                                                          Raymarine products, we support its policy and ask you to be aware
                                                                          of how to dispose of this product.
             Warning: Product installation and
             This product must be installed and operated in               Display compatibility
             accordance with the Raymarine instructions provided.
             Failure to do so could result in personal injury, damage     The HD Digital Radome Antenna can be connected to Raymarine
             to your boat and/or poor product performance.                multi-function displays (MFDs) as follows:
                                                                           Direct connection to E-Series and to wide screen versions of
                                                                            C-Series MFDs.
FCC Notice - Radar                                                         Connection via a Raymarine SeaTalkhs switch to:

Changes or modifications to this equipment not expressly approved            Wide screen versions of C-Series MFDs.
in writing by Raymarine Incorporated could violate compliance                All versions of E-series MFDs.
with FCC rules and void the operator's authority to operate the
equipment.                                                                   All versions of G-series MFDs.

                                                                           Note: Some limitations of functionality in the above systems may
                                                                           occur, depending on the software status.
EMC conformance
Raymarine equipment and accessories conform to the appropriate            Display software
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) regulations for use in the
recreational marine environment.                                          After fitting an HD Digital Radome Antenna, i.e. before it is used,
                                                                          you must ensure that any associated multi-function display (MFD),
Correct installation is required to ensure that EMC performance is        is using the latest software version.
not compromised.

8                                                                                                                  HD Digital Radome User's Guide
To check the MFD software version, switch on the MFD and check
the version number on the navigation warning screen. Note that if a
scanner is not connected, the version number will only be displayed
for 10 seconds.
You can download the latest MFD software, from the Raymarine
website, at Information on how to use the
download to update the MFD software, is also available on the
Raymarine website. Additional support information is available from
Raymarine technical support.

Warranty registration
To register your HD Digital Radome Antenna ownership, please take
a few minutes to fill out the warranty registration card found in the
box, or visit and register on-line.
It is important that you register your product to receive full warranty
benefits. Your unit package includes a bar code label indicating the
serial number of the unit. You should stick this label to the warranty
registration card.

Technical accuracy
To the best of our knowledge, the information in this document was
correct at the time it was produced. However, Raymarine cannot
accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions it may contain. In
addition, our policy of continuous product improvement may change
specifications without notice. As a result, Raymarine cannot accept
liability for any differences between the product and this document.

Important Information                                                     9
10   HD Digital Radome User's Guide
Chapter 2 Installation

Chapter contents
     2.1 Planning on page 12
     2.2 Installation procedures on page 18
     2.3 Post installation procedures on page 25

Installation                                        11
2.1 Planning                                                            The product is supplied from a separate battery from that used
                                                                         for engine start. This is important to prevent erratic behavior
               Warning: Product grounding                                and data loss which can occur if the engine start does not have
                                                                         a separate battery.
               Before applying power to this product, ensure it has
                                                                        Raymarine specified cables are used.
               been correctly grounded, in accordance with the
               instructions in this guide.                              Cables are not cut or extended, unless doing so is detailed in
                                                                         the installation manual.

               Caution: Do NOT connect to positive                      Note: Where constraints on the installation prevent any of
               ground system                                            the above recommendations, always ensure the maximum
                                                                        possible separation between different items of electrical
               Do NOT connect this product to a                         equipment, to provide the best conditions for EMC performance
               positively-grounded system.                              throughout the installation

EMC installation guidelines                                            Parts Supplied
Raymarine equipment and accessories conform to the appropriate         Check that you have been supplied with the following parts:
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) regulations, to minimize
electromagnetic interference between equipment and minimize the
effect such interference could have on the performance of your
Correct installation is required to ensure that EMC performance is
not compromised.

                                                                                                                                                            Center Line of Radome
For optimum EMC performance we recommend that wherever                              RadomeAntenna                                                                                   Drill 4 holes, 10 mm diameter
                                                                                                                                                                                    (18'' and 24'' Radomes)


                                                                                                                                                  27.5 mm
                                                                                                                                                                                         Center Line of Radome

                                                                                                                                       141.5 mm
 Raymarine equipment and cables connected to it are:
                                                                         M8 bolt (x4)     Spring         Flat
      At least 1 m (3 ft) from any equipment transmitting or cables                    washer (x4)   washer (x4)                                           233 mm

       carrying radio signals e.g. VHF radios, cables and antennas.                                                                                         Forward

       In the case of SSB radios, the distance should be increased
       to 7 ft (2 m).                                                                                               18'' or 24'' Radome Mounting Template
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Artwork Number 3032-866-B

      More than 2 m (7 ft) from the path of a radar beam. A radar                      Denso Paste                        Installation template
       beam can normally be assumed to spread 20 degrees above                                                                                                                                                      D11693-1
       and below the radiating element.

12                                                                                                                  HD Digital Radome User's Guide
Items Required                                                          Dimensions - 18 inch antenna

                                                                                                                                                  247 mm (9.7 in)
                                  3 mm drill bit   10 mm drill bit

                                                                                                                          346 mm (13.62 in)

                                                                                                                              521 mm (20.5 in)
                          Drill           Adhesive tape                                                                          diameter

                                                                                                      (4.58 in)
                                                                                                     116.5 mm

                                                                                                                  (9.17 in)
                                                                                                                  233 mm
           13 mm socket                 Torque wrench

                                                                                         27.5 mm
                                                                                         (0.92 in)
                                                                              141.5 mm
                                                                               (5.57 in)

Installation                                                                                                                                                        13
Dimensions - 24 inch antenna

                                                                           247 mm (9.7 in)
                                                  346 mm (13.62 in)

                                                  652 mm (25.67 in)

                                    (4.58 in)
                                   116.5 mm

                                                (9.17 in)
                                                233 mm


                                                                                             The antenna must also be mounted where it is:
                                                                                              Above head height.

                       27.5 mm
                                                                                              Easily accessible.
                       (1.08 in)
                                                                                              As near as possible to the boat's centerline.
          141.5 mm
           (5.57 in)                                                  D11695-1                On a rigid and stable platform, capable of securely supporting the
                                                                                               antenna under seagoing conditions.
                                                                                              Clear of large objects such as the flybridge, large engine stacks,
                                                                                               searchlights, horns, masts etc.
Antenna Position
                                                                                              Clear of heat and fumes.
The optimum height for the HD Digital Radome Antenna (the
antenna) is a location that is high enough above the waterline to                             At least 1 m (3.3 ft) from a magnetic compass or other antennae.
give a long range line-of-sight to the horizon, but not so high as to
be adversely affected by the boat's pitching and rolling.                                    Antenna Mounting Angle
                                                                                             The radar beam from the HD Digital Radome Antenna is
                                                                                             approximately 25 wide in the vertical direction, to give good target
                                                                                             detection even when your boat pitches and rolls.

14                                                                                                                                     HD Digital Radome User's Guide
                                                                                                                           To power supply

                                                                                                                                To display
                                                                      To HD Digital Radome
               12.5                                                                                                                  D11696-1

                                                                      The following digital cables are available:
                                                                       Cable length                                   Part number
Always mount the HD Digital Radome Antenna so that the scanner
rotates parallel to the water line.                                    5 m (16 ft 5 in)                               A55076D
Planing hull boats and some displacement hull boats adopt a higher     10 m (32ft 9 in) ft)                           A55077D
bow angle when the boat is at cruising speed, so on these boats
it may be necessary to shim the rear of the HD Digital Radome          15 m (46 ft)                                   A55078D
Antenna, to compensate for the bow rise and ensure optimum             25 m                                           A55079D
target detection. The amount of shimming should be such that
when the bow rises at cruising speed, the radar beam rotation is in   The following extension cables are available:
the horizontal plane,
                                                                       Extension length                               Part number
                                                                       2.5 m (8 ft 2 in)                              A92141D
                                                                       5 m (16 ft 5 in)                               A55080D
                                                                       10 m (32ft 9 in) ft)                           A55081D
                                                    Wedge or
                                                    washers            Important: Use only standard Raymarine cables. Do NOT make
                                                          D11360-1     your own cables for use with the HD Digital Radome Antenna.

Cables                                                                Mast Mounting
                                                                      If the HD Digital Radome Antenna is mounted on a hollow mast, the
You need a digital cable, to connect both power and SeaTalkhs to
                                                                      cable may be run inside the mast for connection to the unit.
the HD Digital Radome Antenna.
                                                                      If you run the cable up a mast, take the appropriate measures to:

Installation                                                                                                                                     15
 Prevent the cable chafing where it enters and exits the mast.       In a 24 V system, protect the power supply with either a 5 A
                                                                       thermal breaker, or an 8 A fuse.
 Minimize electrical interference by:
      Not running the cable near other electrical equipment.        Power cable lengths

      Not running the cable alongside power cables or antenna       The total permitted lengths of power conductor run (i.e. power cable
       cables for other equipment.                                   plus cable extension) from the power source to the HD Digital
                                                                     Radome Antenna are :

Power requirement                                                     for 12 V systems, 20 m (65 ft)

The HD Digital Radome Antenna must be supplied with power by          for 24 V systems, 35 m (115 ft)
either a 12 V dc or a 24 V dc supply. Do NOT connect to a 32 V       If you want to connect to a 12 V power system but a total power
system.                                                              conductor run of more than 20 m is necessary, the use of a suitable
If you are replacing an existing Radome scanner with an HD Digital   voltage converter is recommended, to convert the 12 V supply
Radome Antenna, you must also replace any existing cable with the    voltage to 24 V, and thus enable you to extend the run up to 35 m.
appropriate digital cable, as described in section 2.7 Cables.       We recommend using a converter with a minimum 200 W output
If you connect to the power supply via an isolator switch, the
minimum switch rating is:
 For a 12 V system, 20 A.
                                                                     These grounding requirements are applicable for Raymarine
 For a 24 V system, 15 A.                                           equipment supplied with a separate drain wire or screen.
               Caution: Do NOT connect to positive                    The product power cable drain conductor (screen) must be
               ground system                                           connected to a common ground point.

               Do NOT connect this product to a                       It is recommended that the common ground point is a bonded
               positively-grounded system.                             ground, i.e. with the ground point connected to battery negative,
                                                                       and situated as close as possible to the battery negative terminal.
                                                                       If a bonded ground system is not possible, a non-bonded RF
Power Supply Protection                                                ground may be used.
The power supply must be protected by a suitable thermal circuit
breaker or fuse, fitted close to the power source. The protection
requirements are the same for both 18" and 24" HD Digital Radome
Antennae, and are as follows:
 In a 12 V system, protect the power supply with either a 10 A
  thermal breaker, or a 15 A fuse.

16                                                                                                             HD Digital Radome User's Guide
Bonded ground system (preferred)                                Implementation
                                                                If several items require grounding, they may first be connected
                                                                to a single local point (e.g. within a switch panel), with this point
                                                                connected via a single, appropriately-rated conductor, to the boat's
                                                                common ground. The preferred minimum requirement for the path
                                                                to ground (bonded or non-bonded) is via a flat tinned copper braid,
                                                                with a 30 A rating (1/4 inch) or greater. If this is not possible, an
                                                                equivalent stranded wire conductor maybe used, rated as follows:
                                                                 for runs of <1 m (3 ft), use 6 mm2 (#10 AWG) or greater.
                                                                 for runs of >1 m (3 ft), use 8 mm2 (#8 AWG) or greater.

       1            2            3               4
                                                                In any grounding system, always keep the length of connecting
                                                                braid or wires as short as possible.
RF ground system (alternative)                                   Important: Do NOT connect this product to a positively-grounded
                                                                 power system.

                                                                 BMEA code of practice
                                                                 NMEA 0400

       1            2            3               4

1. Power cable to product
2. Drain (screen)
3. Bonded (preferred) or non-bonded RF ground.
4. Battery

Installation                                                                                                                        17
2.2 Installation procedures
                                                                          Vie w from above
Use the following procedures to install the HD Digital Radome
Antenna (the antenna):

                                                                                                                                                                                               r 30
                                                                                     Mounting platform

 Mounting the antenna.

                                                                                                                                                                                               26     k

 Connecting to your system.







 Post installation procedures.












                                                                                                           m )

                                                                                                          m es



                                                                                                        10 om


                                                                                                      s, ad
                                                                                                    le R
                                                                                                  ho 24'
            Caution: Mounting Bolts

                                                                                              ll nd
                                                                                           Dri ' a
                                                                                                                                                      27.5   5m
                                                                                                                                                 mm             m

            Do NOT screw the antenna mounting bolts into the
                                                                                                                                                             2 & 3
            antenna base more than 25 mm (1 inch), or damage
            to the antenna could occur. If necessary, use
            shims or extra washers to prevent this happening.                                         1

Mounting the Antenna
Use a mounting location that:                                            1. Tape template to mounting                                                                                 IMPORTANT
                                                                            platform.                                                                                                 Ensure mountingplatform is
 Is robust enough to support the HD Digital Radome Antenna,             2. Drill 3 mm pilot holes in 4 positions
                                                                                                              .                                                                       adequately robust for this
  under seagoing conditions.                                             3. Drill out the pilot holes to                                                                              installation.

                                                                            10 mmdiameter  .
 Meets the requirements described under Antenna Position
                                                                     2. Place the HD Digital Radome Antenna in position. If you are
Then:                                                                   fitting it on a planing vessel, shim the rear of the antenna, so that
1. Prepare the mounting platform as in the following illustration.      the beam points slightly down in the forward direction when the
                                                                        boat is at rest, to compensate for the bow rising at cruising speed

18                                                                                                                                                                          HD Digital Radome User's Guide

               Mounting platform,
               non-planing boat                  FORWARD
               (level install)


               Mounting platform,


               planing boat (typical

               planing angle shown)


                                                                             Vie w from underneath
3. Lightly coat the threads of the four mounting bolts, with the
   Denso Paste provided.
                                                                        5. Tighten the bolts to a torque of 20 Nm (177 lbf/inch).
4. Ensuring that the bolts do not enter the antenna base more than
   25 mm (1 inch), secure the antenna with the 4 bolts flat washers
   and spring washers provided, as illustrated. If necessary, use       Connecting
   appropriate shims or extra washers to limit the length of bolt
                                                                        When connecting your HD Digital Radome Antenna, use the
   entering the antenna base.
                                                                        instructions given here and also refer to the installation instructions
                                                                        for the multi-function display (MFD) to which you are connecting.

Installation                                                                                                                                       19
Run the digital cable from the HD Digital Radome Antenna to the       Where a cable passes through an exposed bulkhead or deckhead,
signal and power connection points:                                    use a suitable watertight feed-through.
 Run the signal connector to the appropriate MFD.                    Do NOT run cables near to engines or fluorescent lights.
 Run the power cable to a suitable 12 V or 24 V connection point    Always route data cables as far away as possible from:
  on the boat's power system. We recommend connection is made
  at the boats power distribution panel, wherever possible.           other equipment and cables,
                                                                      high current carrying ac and dc power lines,
            Caution: Pulling cables
            Do NOT use cords or ropes, attached to cable
            connectors, to pull cables through restricted            Connecting antenna
            apertures (e.g. as in bulkheads), as this could
                                                                     Ensuring that the arrow on the digital cable connector is aligned
            cause damage to cables.
                                                                     with the red triangular mark on the HD Digital Radome Antenna
                                                                     connector, connect the digital cable to the connector on the HD
Routing cables                                                       Digital Radome Antenna, and fully hand-tighten. Do NOT use a
Cables must be routed correctly, to maximize performance and         wrench or any other tool.
prolong cable life.
 Do NOT bend cables excessively. Wherever possible, ensure a
  minimum bend radius of 100 mm.

     Minimum bend                                                     Note: If the antenna connector is disconnected after initial
     200 mm (8 in)                                                    installation, we recommend that before reconnecting, you lightly
     diameter                                                         coat the connector thread with Renolit Aqua 2 Calcium grease.
                                    Minimum bend of cable
                                    100 mm (4 in) radius
                                                                     Connecting signal
                                                                     Referring to the connection information for the multi-function display
                                                                     (MFD) to which you are connecting, and to the Typical systems
 Protect all cables from physical damage and exposure to heat.      diagrams given here, connect the digital cable signal connector
  Use trunking or conduit where possible. Do NOT run cables          to the appropriate MFD.
  through bilges or doorways, or close to moving or hot objects.
 Secure cables in place using tie-wraps or lacing twine. Coil any
  extra cable and tie it out of the way.

20                                                                                                             HD Digital Radome User's Guide
Typical Systems

Direct connection to display

                                           HD Digital Radome

                                    Raymarine-compatible display


                      Power cable          To 12V/24V supply

                                           via thermal breaker or fuse

Installation                                                                    21
Connection to networked displays (non G-series)

                                                                                                   Raymarine-compatible display

                                             HD Digital Radome

                                                   Raymarine-compatible display

                               hs Switch


                               Power cable                To 12V/24V supply

                                                          via thermal breaker or fuse

22                                                                                                     HD Digital Radome User's Guide
Connection to G-Series Display


                                    HD Digital Radome
                                                                                                             (in UP position)
                                                                                        GPM 400

                                                     hs Switch


                                 Power cable              To 12V/24V supply

                                                          via thermal breaker or fuse

Installation                                                                                                                               23
Connecting power
                                                                        +VE bar                                       -VE bar
When connecting power, refer to the Planning section and:
 Ensure that the total length of power cable will not exceed the           Where possible, connect individual items of
  maximum length, as described under Power cable lengths.                   equipment to individual circuit breakers.
 Connect power only via the correct value thermal breaker or fuse,         Where this not possible, use individual in-line
  as described under Power Supply Protection.                               fuses to provide the necessary protection.

            Caution: Do NOT connect to positive                                   Circuit breaker
            ground system
            Do NOT connect this product to a
            positively-grounded system.

Connection procedure
Connect the power cable part of the digital cable to either a 12 V or
24 V dc supply, as follows:
                                                                                           Fuse       Fuse

1. Red wire to the supply +ve, either at the output of the battery

   isolator switch or at a dc distribution panel.
2. Black wire to battery negative.
3. Drain connection (screen) to the common ground point (see

Sharing a breaker
Where more than 1 piece of equipment shares a breaker you must
provide protection for the individual circuits. E.g. by connecting an
in-line fuse for each power circuit.

24                                                                                                           HD Digital Radome User's Guide
2.3 Post installation procedures                                         change the default language settings.
                                                                     4. Ensure that all personnel are clear of the antenna, then switch
Before using the product, carry out the following:
                                                                        to transmit mode.
 Mechanical checks.                                                 5. Carry out the radar operations described in the relevant MFD
 Switch on and initial setup.                                          Owner's Handbook and check that all functions appear to be
                                                                     6. Check the bearing alignment to ensure that targets appear
Mechanical checks                                                       at their correct bearing relative to the boat's bow. Adjust the
Before switching on the HD Digital Radome Antenna:                      alignment as necessary
                                                                     7. Check the display timing before using the system for navigation.
 Ensure that:
    All securing bolts are fully tightened and the appropriate      Checking for interference
     mechanical locking washers are in place.
                                                                     Post installation check
    All connections are securely made.
                                                                     If you have installed any system aboard a boat or made other
    All connecting cables and wires are secured and protected as
                                                                     changes to the boat's electronic systems (radar, VHF radio etc.),
                                                                     you need to check before casting off, that all electrical systems
 Ask your local Raymarine authorized installer to check the         operate satisfactorily without any undue electrical interference,
  installation.                                                      in order to conform with Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
                                                                     regulations. To do this:
Switch on & initial setup                                            1. Ensuring it is safe to do so, turn on all electronic systems aboard
                                                                        the boat.
Use the information given here in conjunction with the relevant
information in your multi-function display (MFD) documentation, to   2. Check that the electronic systems all operate satisfactorily.
switch on, and to carry out the initial checks and setup tasks.
1. Press and hold down the power key of your MFD until the unit
   The magnetron warm-up sequence should then start. When the
   warm-up is complete, the unit should enter standby mode.
2. Use the appropriate soft key on your MFD to power on the HD
   Digital Radome Antenna.
3. If necessary, at the MFD:
     adjust the MFD brightness.

Installation                                                                                                                             25
26   HD Digital Radome User's Guide
Chapter 3: Maintenance & troubleshooting

Chapter contents
    3.1 Safety on page 28
    3.2 Maintenance on page 28
    3.3 Troubleshooting on page 29
    3.4 Raymarine technical support on page 30

Maintenance & troubleshooting                     27
3.1 Safety                                                    3.2 Maintenance
       Warning: Do not remove covers                          Once a year:

       Do not remove any cover from this product. There are   1. Remove one of the antenna-securing bolts and associated
       no user serviceable parts inside.                         washers.
                                                              2. Clean the bolt and washers.
       Warning: Switch off power                              3. Use Denso paste to lightly re-grease the bolt thread.
       Before commencing any maintenance task, switch off     4. Replace the bolt and associated washers.
       all power to the product.                              5. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for all antenna-securing bolts.
                                                              6. Tighten all antenna-securing bolts to a torque of
                                                                 20 Nm (177 lbf/inch).
                                                              Periodically, carry out these other maintenance tasks:
                                                               Ensure the antenna is firmly attached to the mounting surface
                                                               Check that the cable connections are in good condition and
                                                                securely attached.
                                                               Examine all cables for signs of chafing, cuts or other damage. If
                                                                the antenna connector shows any sign of corrosion:
                                                                1. Disconnect it.
                                                                2. Clean the connector.
                                                                3. Lightly re-coat the connector threads with Renolit Aqua 2
                                                                   Calcium grease.
                                                                4. Reconnect and hand-tighten the connection until it is secure.

28                                                                                                     HD Digital Radome User's Guide
3.3 Troubleshooting                                                           Symptom                             Action

The troubleshooting information provides possible causes and                                                      If the HD Digital Radome Antenna is
corrective action required for common problems associated with                                                    connected to the multi-function display
marine electronics installations.                                                                                 (MFD) via a SeaTalkhs switch, ensure that:
All Raymarine products are, prior to packing and shipping, subjected                                               All relevant equipment is correctly
to comprehensive test and quality assurance programs. However,                                                      connected to the SeaTalkhs switch.
if you experience problems with the operation of your HD Digital
Radome Antenna, this section will help you to diagnose and correct                                                 The SeaTalkhs switch power supply is
problems in order to restore normal operation.                                                                      satisfactory.

If after referring to this section you are still having problems with your                                         The SeaTalkhs switch is in good
unit, please contact Raymarine Technical Support for further advice.                                                condition.
                                                                                                                   SeaTalkhs cables are securely connected
Troubleshooting procedure                                                                                           and in good condition.
Use the following table to identify problems and remedial actions.            Displayed bearing is different to   Carry out the bearing alignment procedure
                                                                              the true bearing.                   described in the installation guide for the
 Symptom                          Action                                                                          relevant MFD.

 No Data Source or No Scanner     Ensure the digital cable is securely
 message on display.              connected at both ends and is in good
                                  Ensure power supply thermal breaker
                                  has not tripped or fuse has not blown. If
                                  necessary, reset breaker or replace fuse
                                  ONCE ONLY. If breaker keeps tripping or
                                  fuse keeps blowing, contact Raymarine
                                  technical support for assistance.
                                  Ensure power supply maintains the correct
                                  voltage when the system is switched on.
                                  Ensure all products in the system have
                                  the correct software. Contact Raymarine
                                  technical support for assistance.

Maintenance & troubleshooting                                                                                                                               29
3.4 Raymarine technical support
Raymarine provides a comprehensive customer support service, on
the world wide web, through our worldwide dealer network and by
telephone help line. If you are unable to resolve a problem, please
use any of these facilities to obtain additional help.

Web support
Please visit the customer support area of our website at:
This contains Frequently Asked Questions, servicing information,
e-mail access to the Raymarine Technical Support Department and
details of worldwide Raymarine agents.

Telephone support
In the USA call:
+1 603 881 5200 extension 2444
In the UK, Europe, the Middle East, or Far East call:
+44 (0)23 9271 4713

Product information
If you need to request service, please have the following information
to hand:
 Product name.
 Product identity.
 Serial number.
 Software application version.
You can obtain this product information using the menus within your

30                                                                      HD Digital Radome User's Guide
Chapter 4 Technical specification
 Approvals:                         Certification:
 USA:                               47CFR FCC Part 2 & Part 80
                                    Certificate of Approval
 Canada:                            RSS138 Iss. 1
                                    Technical Acceptance Certificate
 European Union & EFTA:             R & TTE Directive 1999/05/EC
                                    Certificate of Opinion
 Australia/New Zealand:             ACMA Declaration of Conformity
                                    Compliance level 3

 18 in antenna (RD418HD)            521 mm x 247 mm (20.5 in x 9.7 in)
 24 in antenna (RD424HD):           652 mm x 247 mm (25.67 in x 9.7 in)
 18 in antenna (RD418HD)            9.5 kg (21 lbs)
 24 in antenna (RD424HD):           10 kg (22 lbs)
 Supply voltage:                    Either 12 V dc or 24 V dc nominal
                                    Minimum:10.8 V
                                    Maximum: 33 V
 Power consumption:                 60 W (25 W standby)
 Waterproof to:                     IPX6
 Operating temperature range:       -10C to +55C
 Humidity:                          Up to 95% at 35C
 Maximum wind speed:                100 kts
 Maximum range scale:               48 Nautical miles (Nm)

Technical specification                                                   31
 Type:                                       Solid-state modulator, driving magnetron
 Transmit frequency:                         9405 MHz 25 MHz
 Peak power output:                          4 kW
 Duplexer:                                   Circulator
 Standby mode:                               Magnetron heater - ON
                                             Magnetron control - ON
                                             All other services - OFF

 Range (Nm)            Expanded range (Nm)   Pulse width (ns)                           PRF
 1/8, 1/4                                    75                                         3 kHz
 1/2                                         100                                        3 kHz
 3/4                   1/8, 1/4              150                                        3 kHz
                       1/2                   200                                        3 kHz
 11/2                  3/4                   330                                        2 kHz
 3                                           430                                        1.5 kHz
                       11/2                  520                                        1.3 kHz
 6, 12, 24 & 48        3, 6, 12, 24 & 48     900                                        820 Hz

 Type:                                       Patch array
 Beamwidth (nominal)                         Horizontal: 4.9 (18 in antenna), 3.9 (24 in antenna)
                                             Vertical: 25

32                                                                                                HD Digital Radome User's Guide
 Polarization:              Horizontal
 Rotation speed:            24 rpm nominal
                            48 rpm with compatible displays

 Intermediate frequency:    70 MHz
 Receiver characteristic:   Linear
 Receiver noise:            Less than 5 dB (including low noise converter and IF amplifier)
 Bandwidth:                 Matched digital filter for each pulse length

Technical specification                                                                       33
34   HD Digital Radome User's Guide

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