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Andersen 40st Manual


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40ST ­ 40 ST FS
Version 3.1   Version 1.1
You have purchased an ANDERSEN high quality winch. This product is a result of many years of
development and experience in producing winches for sailboats. This winch gives you a high
degree of functionality and many years of safe and easy sail handling.

De har købt et ANDERSEN spil af høj kvalitet. Dette produkt er et resultat af mange års
udviklingsarbejde samt erfaring indenfor produktion af spil til sejlbåde.
Med dette spil får De funktionalisme på højt plan med henblik på at yde Dem en
behagelig samt sikker sejlads.

Sehr geehrter ANDERSEN kunde,
wir beglückwünschen Sie zu dem kauf einer ANDERSEN Winde, ein Produkt höchster Qualität,
daß ein Resultat jahrelanger Entwicklungsarbeit und Erfahrung in der Produktion von Winden für
Segelboote ist. Die funktionalität dieser Winde ermöglicht Ihnen viele Jahre lang eine handliche
und sichere Segelführung.

Vous venez d`acheter un winch ANDERSEN de grande qualité. Ce produit est le résultat de
longues années d'expérience et de développement dans la production des winches pour voilier.
Ce winch vous apportera de nombreuses années de fonctionnement
sécurisant, pour une voile facile.

Frode Andersen
Managing Director
                            GENERAL INFORMATION
Due to the best choice of materials and high precision in manufacturing, we recommend, for
normal use, only to dismantle, clean and lubricate the winch once every second year. Under
extensive use, such as racing, charter or blue water sailing, we recommend to lubricate the winch
once every year.

We strongly recommend always using ANDERSEN WINCH GREASE, when lubricating your
winch. ANDERSEN WINCH GREASE is a high quality silicone/Teflon grease product.
Most other types of grease, including "marine grease" are not suitable for lubrication of winches.
Non-suitable grease products can cause malfunction, which could result in fatal injuries for the
user and others.

Pawl arm springs should be replaced every second year. Spare arm springs and other parts that
may be required are included in the ANDERSEN Service Kit. Please refer to the service instruction
for the Service Kit suitable for the specific winch.

When the winch handle is not in use but the winch is under load, we recommend, from a safety
point of view, to remove the winch handle from the winch.

To ensure correct function of the self-tailing unit, only use recommended line sizes. When using
the winch with mooring lines DO NOT use the self-tailing function and be sure that the mooring line
is not in contact with the self-tailing arm.

To ensure the best possible functioning of the winch, we recommend that the winch is placed in
accordance with the line entry shown below.

Be also aware that self-tailing arm is positioned correctly. We recommend having the self-tailing
arm positioned within the shaded area. On 12ST and 28ST the position of the self-tailing arm is
fixed, making it very important to establish the proper location of the holes prior to drilling these in
the deck. On all other models, the self-tailing arm can be placed in several different positions after
having installed the winch.
                                      40ST ver. 3.1 ­ 40ST FS ver. 1.1

Installing the winch is easy, if you follow these instructions. The numbers in ( ) refer to the position
numbers in the parts list.

Tools required for the installation.
Allen key (4 mm.).
Allen key (5 mm.).
Ø6,5 mm. (1/4") drill.
5 pcs. M6 (1/4") countersunk head screws and corresponding nuts (length depending on deck
5 x large washers or backing plate.
Ring spanner to match nuts.
Bedding compound.

1. Drill bolt holes Ø6,5mm (1/4") using the winch template. Be sure that no dust comes in
   contact with the winch, while drilling.
2. Remove screw (1) and top cap (2).
3. Remove self-tailing arm (3) and drum (5).
4. Apply a light coat of bedding compound on the bottom of the base (20). Ensure that each bolt
   hole is bedded. Keep drain grooves clear.
5. Fasten base (20) into place using 5 pcs. M6 (1/4") countersunk head screws. Use large
   washers or a backing plate.
6. Assemble in reverse order.
7. Check that the winch is functioning correctly:
   The drum should operate smoothly, by turning the drum clockwise by hand.
   The drum must not turn when trying to turn the drum anti clockwise.
   While turning the winch handle clockwise the drum should turn fast.
   While turning the winch handle anti clockwise the drum should turn slowly.
                              SERVICE INSTRUCTION
                                    40ST ver. 3.1 ­ 40ST FS ver. 1.1

Tools required for service.
Allen key (4 mm.).
Screwdriver (medium).
Winch handle.
ANDERSEN Winch grease.

1.     Remove screw (1) and top cap (2).
2.     Remove self-tailing arm (3) and drum (5).
3.     Insert a winch handle. Pull up the drive shaft (6) gently, while turning gear wheel (19) and
       ratchet gear (16) carefully. Remove drive shaft (6).
4.     Remove lower pawls (10) arm springs (9) and springs (8). The upper pawls are not
5.     Remove ratchet gear (16) and bushing (15).
6.     Remove ratchet gear (18).
7.     To release the roller bearing (11), gently insert a small screwdriver between roller bearing
       and base (20). Remove roller bearing (11).
8.     Remove shaft (17) and gear wheel (19). Use a screwdriver.
9.     Clean all parts in benzine. Remember to clean the gear teeth.
10.    Assemble in reverse order. During assemble, by the use of a small soft brush lightly grease
       all gear teeth, drive shaft, roller bearing, shafts, pawls, springs and bushings. Pawls should
       only be lubricated with a very thin film of ANDERSEN WINCH GREASE. It is very important
       that pawls can move freely.

IMPORTANT: When assembling the winch, check the functioning of each pawl by pushing the
pawl against the spring. The pawls should move smoothly and automatically return to their normal
position, where the pawls engage with the teeth. If the pawls do not function correctly, clean and
lubricate the pawls and gears. Check the function of the pawls again to make sure that it works
correctly. If the pawls do not work correctly replace the springs and recheck the functioning.

Malfunctioning pawls may lead to unexpected failure of a loaded winch resulting in material
damage or fatal personal injury.

Service Kit No: 1 (art. no. 710001) contains spare parts for this winch.

                        For current World Wide Distributor list please see:
                                 PARTS LIST
                              40ST ver. 3.1 ­ 40ST FS ver. 1.1

POS.   QTY.   DESCRIPTION                                                        ART. NO.
1.        3   Screw                                                      ISO 7380-A4-M6x12
2.        1   Top cap                                                               535101
3.        1   Self-tailing arm                                                      535220
4.        1   Self-tailing Top                  Model ST                            537452
4.        1   Self-tailing Top                  Model ST FS                         537412
4.1       1   Circlip                                                              590300U
4.2       1   Top Ring                                                              782211
4.3       6   Screw                                                                 781811
4.4       1   Disc                              Model ST (only for 537452)          535620
5.        1   Drum complete.                                                        535411
6.        1   Drive shaft complete.                                                 535300
7.        2   Pawl special                      Not remove able                     729300
8.        2   Spring                                                                533500
9.        2   Arm spring                                                            713300
10.       2   Pawl                                                                  713200
11.       1   Roller bearing complete.                                              727400
12.       2   Bushing                           Not remove able                     716501
13.       1   Bushing                                                               729501
14.       1   Cover                                                                 536200
15.       1   Bushing                                                               536000
16.       1   Ratchet gear                                                          711701
17.       1   Shaft                                                                 536400
18.       1   Ratchet gear                                                          536100
19.       1   Gear Wheel                                                            729603
20.       1   Base                                                                  741210

          1   Service kit 1                                                        710001
                               EXPLODED VIEW
                                  40ST ver. 3.1 ­ 40ST FS ver. 1.1

POS. 4 - 537452         POS.4 - 537412





                                LIMITED WARRANTY
1.1   ANDERSEN issue a three-year warranty on all their products covering manufacturing and
      material defects on condition that the products are used in normal fashion. The warranty
      shall apply for three years from the moment ANDERSEN sell the product concerned (to the
      first buyer).

1.2   Within the period of the warranty, and in accordance with the terms of the warranty,
      ANDERSEN undertake to replace or repair all defective components which have been used
      in normal fashion.

1.3   However, the warranty is subject to the limitations and exceptions outlined below.

2.    Conditions and limitations:
2.1   ANDERSEN´s liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of components which are
      defective owing to manufacturing or material defects.

2.2   ANDERSEN assume no other liability than this, not even liability for indirect losses caused by
      defect concerned, including operating losses, loss of profits, or damage caused to real
      property or moveable property occurring while the product concerned is in the possession of
      the Buyer.

2.3   The Buyer alone shall bear the responsibility and risk involved as to whether the product is
      suitable for the application intended. ANDERSEN assumes no liability in this connection.

2.4   ANDERSEN assume no liability for defects which occur due to use of their products for
      purposes for which they are not intended, or for defects which occur owing to incorrect
      installation, corrosion, ultraviolet degradation, lack of maintenance, or any alteration or repair
      of the product carried out incorrectly by the Buyer. Finally, ANDERSEN assumes no liability
      for normal wear and tear, or for depreciation of value.

2.5   Nor do ANDERSEN assume any liability for service carried out by anyone other than
      authorised representatives of ANDERSEN, unless such service is carried out pursuant to
      guidelines laid down by ANDERSEN and in accordance with good craftsmanship.

2.6   The buyer shall inform ANDERSEN in writing of any defects with no undue delay once
      defects have been registered. Products being dealt with under the warranty shall be
      returned to ANDERSEN for repair unless any other agreement has been reached in writing.

2.7   ANDERSEN shall not cover costs incurred by the Buyer in connection with the transport
      or wages involved in a warranty case. Such costs shall be met by the Buyer in full.

3.    Exceptions:
3.1   The warranty is only valid for one year in respect of components bought for the products
      concerned, such as electric motors, electric equipment, hydraulic pumps, motors and

3.2   ANDERSEN assume no liability for consequential damage of ships, equipment, property or
      people by defects in ANDERSEN's products.

3.3   The company's products are subject to continuous development, and consequently
      ANDERSEN reserve the right to change designs and specifications without prior notice.

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