Farymann Diesel

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1 7e sr t 0e dCONTENTS Technical data 3 Description of engines 4 Description of gearbox 225 Preparation lor Initial startup 225 Fuel and luboll 0 Deily checks 0 Starting up the engine 11 Hand starting 11 Electric starling 2 Stopping 12 Frost hazard 3 Care and maintenance 14 Time schedule 14 Engine 15 Gearbox Storage of engine 20 Electric system 2 Restoring to service 2 Trouble shooting 22 Technical Information sheets Marking on 011 dipstick 2S Fuel system 27 Cooling water circuit 2 Electrical wiring diagrams 30 TECHNICAL DATA ENGINE K30 Output HP OINSAESpeed RPM 2500 Torque mol tt Ib 11 No Cubic capacity 298 Valve clearance Intake devloe267ookI Engine Oil Summer Wlnler ON lifter Fuelliller elemenl BOSCHEqulpmenl K 30 Inectlon pump 0414151990 Nozzle holder 0432t9tB87 Nonie 17tOO3 Nonie opening preN 200 kpCfTl1 Reverse gear PropeIer rotation Electrical equipment Min size battery Tightening torquel all YP81 Cyi head null Rocker arm braellel Con bo11 104 bearing pill OeifwoMY VllYe PreNline connector Nonie into lIoIder Nonie holder RywK30 Ronlm 56 AM ray Diesel L30 AJO40 R30 P30 530 Bl9 10112 20124 22126 28132 2BOO 2500 2500 2500 2500 21 38 225225 2 2 2 2 1160 1270 15 72 os 0 1 02 mm 0004 mm 0041 mexlmum ItrQke HD SAE 30 HD SAE 20 PUROLATOR PC 27 PUROLATOR PM 456 L30 301 40 R30 P 3015 30 0414t51990 0414151990 0414182984 0414172031 0432191887 0432281831 0432281831 0433171012 0433271184 0433271191 200 kpcm 175 kplcm2 2490 psl30 I 140 R3IJ I P30 S30 56 AM nOb 3 56 Nanni 12 BBAM 43 S 30 58 1822 2529 14 22 29 Impact wrench HurthiNannl HurlhNannl HBWIOIGI2 HBW10F18 AM AM 225 8530 8 25 3 35 4 2 225 3 AdobeUCSt AdobeUCSs de dB 6 G OAdobeUCSbFUEL Obtain luel only from filling stations equipped with a pump and buutIn filtering system otherwise lilter the luel yourself with 8 fine strainer If necessary using 8 nylon slocklng Use clsan commercial grade branded diesel fuel according to DIN 51601 German to Bs 2869 1957 Class A British Standardsor AS No 2 American Standards The sulphur contenl must not exceed 054 weightA lower value Is specially important for sea watercooled engines operating at relatively low Never use gasoline dleselluel mixture or any weight fuel olt Caution Bleed the fuel system atter the first filling Never allow the tank to drain completely 14 RUNNINGIN A new or recondilioned engine must be carelully runIn During the Ilrst 20 hours only use full engine power lor very short periods Alter IIrsl20 hours engine power can gradually be Increased A firsl all change Is necessery after 20 hours Check cylinder head bolts al the same time Rellghten when engine Is cold Tightening torques see technical data sheel 2 DAILY CHECKS BEFORE STARTING 21 22 23 10 Check all level in engine and reverse gearboll It necessary fill to Ihe top mark of the dipstick The chromiumplated piston rings may cause a slightly higher luboil con255sumption during the runnlngln period 80100 hours Screw in the lubricating cup If providedon the cooling waler pump by half a turn Check tight lit of locknut on slutting ball Check the diesel oil supply in the tank and open the tank cOCk If the engine haa not been In operation for some time the fuel system should be bled In accordance with the operating Instructions Alter checking the drain cocks and the sea water filter open the sea cock complly lind check flow of sea water through transparent cover of sea water filter 3 3 t 32 321 STARTING UP THE ENGINE Move gear lever to neutral posi255tion mldpositlon vertical Move the engine speed control lever to the full power position mallAFig tWith Farymann Unlcontrol lingle leverpull hub assembly outward till the locking pin I clear of alat thus gear shifting Is disengaged and lever can be turned Into mall speed position With Morse single lever control pull knobMorse type single lever gearshift pull out knob HAND STARTING Operate lever or pushbutton Bfor starting fuel Fig 1Operate the decompression lever Cwith your tight hand and slowly turn the starting crank In the camshaft anticlockwlse with your left hand Usten for creaking of the Injection noutes Turn the crank with your left hand as fast as possible When the m8lClmum Impetua Is reached ra255lesse the decompression lever and carry on turning In order to overcome the Initial compression resistance Rapid turning not force Is what mattersl Fig 1 Fig 2 When handstartlng engine with electric start turn Ignition key to first notch 11 AdobeUCSA Fa Diesel 4 41 14 CARE AND MAINTENANCE The operations listed In the following schedule must be repeated until the engine Is due for overhaul OPERATION hours of operaUon ENGINE Daily 60 120 250 500 Check 011 level 225 Change luboil 225 Replace splnon 011 filter 225 Clean 011 strainer 225 Flush out crankcase 225 Examine nuts and bolts lor tightness 225 Check valve clearance 225 Check sea water 1IIIer 225 lubricate water pump applies only to JABSCO If pump225 Check V267bell tension 225 Check water pump Impeller 225 Examine and clean thermostat 225 Check all pipelines for leaks 225 Check fuel filters 225 Drain cleanfuel tank 225 GEARBOX Lubricate clutch bearing Nanni225 Check clutch clearance Nanni225 Change luboll 225 Lubricate remote control mechanism 225 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Maintain electrolyte level In battery 225 Check Iptclflc gravity 01 battery 225 Check all cable Ind connectlonl 225 Grease stlrter rlmilear on Ilywheel 225 42 CHANGING THE ENGINE OIL Change the oil only with the engine at operating temperature scaven255ging effectin a new engine alter appro 20 h Change the oil again after approx 5060 hours later on every 120 hours A separate handdraln pump with hose and cock II supplied with the FARYMANN MARINE ENGINE II this cock has not been fitted to the engine during Installation It can be Iitted to replace the 011 drain plug The hose supplied connects cock with drain pump Remamber to close the cock alter draining the 011 Engine oil must be changed whe255never engine Is tobe put out 01 service lor extended periods 43 OIL FILTER applies only to V2 enginesThe splnon oillilter 1cannot be cleaned and must be replaced Lightly oil the rubber seal tighten it and top up oil level A suitable special spanner 2Is supplied within the tool kit Check lor leaks with the engine running Filter PUROLATOR Type PC 27 StandardPMP 312 Oversizerarann Diesel 1 Fig 3 Fig 4 15 steel valve s aAdobeUCSa cAdobeUCSr ay da mAdobeUCS7 TROUBLE SHOOTING 72 FAULT POSSIBLE CAUSE REMEDY 71 Faults ara usually due to Inadequate maintenance In the event of a fault Exhaust emits Engine 011 level too high Drain off and recheck oil Ilrst check whether all the points in these operating Insrucion have been excessive level possibly check angle of followed smoke engine If you cannot detect and femedy the fault even with the aid 01 the following 1blue lable it Is essential that you apply to the nearest FARYMANN dealer or Valve clearance incorrect Adjust valve clearance approved service station Poor compression due to In order to ensure good service always state engine type and serial number Have engine overhauled seized or broken piston eg 26 A 30 1025 rlngl worn valve guides etc 72 FAULT POSSIBLE CAUSE REMEDY 2black Englna overloaded Reduce propeller diametar Engine does Control lever at STOP When starting always place at Excess starting fuel device Briefly move speed control not start MAX and If necessary opecannot267 disengage Itself as lever Into Idling position rate excess starting fuel engine does not reach rated then slowly back to full load Fuel tank empty Top up tank and bleedueilines speed overloadedFuel filter clogged or Replace filter element Engine runs Engine compartment too Fresh air must be adequately waterlogged too hot hot ventilated Air In fuel system Bleed Too little cooling water Open sea cock completely Starter does not turn freely Charge battery examine terClean sea water filter mlnalS Too little cooling water Clean water inlet strainer use decompression 011 too viscous Use HO SAE 10 Luboll Oif el too high Drain 011 check engine pec at low ambient Inclination respective sump temperatures capacity and dipstick markings with chart page 25 No compression valve Adjust valve Waterpump aspirates air Wing nut not tightened clearance Incorrect through cover of seawater rubber gasket defective Engine runs Fuel supply too low filter Replace fuel filter element ff filter or loose hose clamp erratically clogged check contents of tank no output Cooling water hne defective Check water lines Inadequate supply of Engine cowling housingPump Impeller defective Fit new Impeller combusllon air must have opening for fresh air supply Cooling wster pump Tighten drive Vbelt Air in fuel syslem Bleed rolates too slowly Fuel pressure lines Tighten Thermostat defective Clean or replace In case of leaking doubt continue operation without thermostat Valve clearance Incorrecl Adjust valve Injection nozzle defective Have nozzle checled by machan Engine slalla G8sollne In fuel gas Emply fuel tank filter etc fill when warm bubbles are formedwith clean diesel fuel bleed Feed rate of Injection Examine by mechanic fuel system pump erratic 22 23 AdobeUCSl l225 A eAdobeUCS5 3 5 3 5 3 l H5 3 D 3 5 1 S 6 e I E Dg EQUIPMENT Engine equipped with key switch Ignition start 12charging pilot lamp 10water Ihermoswitch 7 9and 011 pressure switch 8 9 Oil pressure switch with V267twin engines only 1 Battery 9 Pilot lamp 12 V I 2 Wwater temp2 Starter motor 10 Pilot lamp 12 V I 4 Wbattery charge3 Alternator 12 Key Ignlton starter switch no key4 Plug socket 13 Main swich battery5 Plug 14 W Cornector for electr revcounter 6 Voltage regulator Termlnalclip 7 Thermoswltch 16 TachomEler 30 ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT Engine equipped with lever switch ignition start 12with charging pilot lamp 10all pressure switch 8 9aand water Ihermoswltch 7 9 Oil pressure switch with V267twin engines only Battery 9 PUot lamp 12 V I 2 Wwater temp2 Starter motor 98 Pilot lamp 12 V I 2 WIubeoil pressure3 Alternator 10 Pilot lamp 12 V I Wbattery charge4 Plug socket 12 Key ignition starter switch no key225 Plug 13 Main switch battery6 Voltage regulator 14 W Connector for electr revcounter 7 Thermoswltch 15 Terminal clip 6 Oil pressure switch 16 Tachometer If lever switch 12no keyIs used battery main switch 13Is essential and must be fitted close to battery whilst cabin should be locked with key 31 Photoshop Acrobat 90 Paper Capture Plugin

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