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Farymann Diesel


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                                              a ymann Diesel
                                          INSTRUCTION MANUAL
                                          MARINE DIESEL ENGINES

                                 -.   ,

              always perfectly
                  at ease /

              ---- o      o

1 78 CO

                                          684 LAM PERTH ElM· WEST GERMANY
                                          TEL . 06206/2001   .   TELEX 465710
                                                                        1'BrYni1iiiii Die. e I


    Carefully read and adhere to the present Instrucllons, before starting up
    your new FARYMANN marine diesel engine. Essential points of operation
    and maintenance have been covered by the following descriptions and illu-
    strations. Compliance wi th the recommendations given will keep your engine
    fully efficient, smoothly running and also ensures economical operation.

    Please read the manual now and do not wail until 8 failure might compel you
    to refer to it In a hurry

    To familiarize yourself with the engine, il Is necessary to study this booklet.
    It w ill, 0 1 course, nol replace an ttll.perien ced mechanic or til service stolion,
    but it will help you to properly maintain the engine and to carry out small
    repairs yourself.

    We are much obliged lor the conlidence shown by going in lor a FAAYMANN
    marine diasel engine, which , we l eel certain, will never fail you, thu s helping
    to enjoy crllising on sunny days and in stormy weather

                                                                   FARYMANN DIESEL
                                                                   Ferny & Weidmann
~Diesel                                                                                                                                                ra;y;;;;;;;;; Diesel

                                                       TECHNICAL DATA

                                                       ENGINE                       K30              L30            A'JO'''''40      R30                P30             530

                                                       Ou tput HP (O IN/SAE)         ~,              Bl9              101 12           20124            22126           28132
                                                       Speed RPM                     2500            2BOO             2500             2500                2500         2500
                                                       Torque {mol tt Ib
                                                                                                     "                ,
                                                                                                                      21               38                  ··           "
    CONTENTS   Technical data                      3
                                                       No. of~.
                                                       Cubic capacity ~

                                                                         ".          298

                                                                                                     "                ""

               Description of engines              4   Valve clearance (In take   + exh)    (cold)              0. 1 - 0 .2 mm (0,004"')
               Description of gearbox
                                                   ·   Oecomprlllion devloe · ookI                              \ mm (0,041 mexlmum ItrQke
               Preparation lor Initial start-up
                     Fuel and lub.-oll
                                                       Engine Oil
                                                          Summer                                                HD SAE 30
               Deily checks                               Wln ler                                               HD SAE 20
               Starting up the engine             11   ON lifter                                                PUROLATOR PC 27
                                                       Fuel liller elemenl                                      PUROLATOR PM 456
                     Hand starting                11
                     Electric starling            '2   BOSCH-Equlpmenl            K 30               L 30                  " 301" 40            R 30              P 3015 30
                                                       In}ectlon pump             0414.151.990       0414.t51 .990         0414.151.990         0414182.984 0414.17203 1
                     Stopping                     12
                                                       Nozzle holder              0432.t9t .B87      0432.191,887          0432.281.831                0432.281.831
               Frost hazard                       '3   Nonie               ()433. 17t .OO3           0433.171 .01 2        0433.271.184                0433.271.19 1
               Care and maintenance                    Nonie opening preN. 200 kp/CfTl1              200 kp!cm"            175 kplcm2                  (2490 p.s.l )
                     Time schedule                14                              K30                                      "30 I ,1,40          R3IJ I P30        S30
               Stora ge of engine

                                                       Reverse gear

                                                       PropeIer rotation
                                                                                  Ron lm                                   Nanni

                                                                                                                                                HBWI OIGI2
                                                                                                                                                                  HBW10/ F18

                     Electric system              2'   Electrical equipment                                                        12'
               Restoring to service               2'
                                                       Min. size battery                   56 AM            56 AM                  BBAM                "AM              "AM
               Trouble shooting                   22   Tightening torquel                                        nOb                                   ~
               Technical Information sheets
                                                       (all !YP81,
                                                       Cyi. head null                                            <3                                    ,

                                                       -                                                                                               ·
                     Marking on 011 dipsti ck     2S   Rocker arm braellel                                       56
                     Fuel system                  27
                                                       Con .... bo11                                             43 (S 30 : 58)
                                                                                                                                                       8(530 : 8)

                     Cooling water circuit        2.
                                                       104..... bearing pill..

                                                       OeifwoMY VllYe
                                                                                                                 18 - 22
                                                                                                                 25- 29
                                                                                                                                                       2.5 - 3
                                                                                                                                                       3,5 - 4
                    Electrical wiring diagrams    30
                                                        PreN-line connector                                      14 - 22                               2-'
                                                       Nonie into l'IoIder                                       29                                    ·
                                                       Nonie holder
                                                        Ryw-                                                     "
                                                                                                                 Impact wrench

~Di esel                                                                                                                                                          ~Die5el

 DESCRIPTION OF ENGINES                                                                Engine A 40 M

 A30M/A40M          Single cylinder, four-cycle diesel engines Direct Injection S9a-
 K30M               waler cooled. Forged crankshaft with roller baarlngs In the
                    connecting rod bearings and main beanngs. Splash lubrication.
                    Walsrcooled exhaust.


                                                                                       Engine K 30 M

           1                                                                                                                                                                    26

 Engine A 30 M

     37                                                                          11
     36                                                                          14    SINGLE CYUNOER ENGINES
                                                                                       A   iI M vertical. A 40 M horizontal, l   30 M vertical, K 30 M vertical
                                                                                38      1- Throttle control + .'op      21- Fuel filter                 40- 011 dipstiCk (gearbox)
                                                                                           levsr                        24- Mark lor TOe                4t -Housing cover (gearbox)
                                                                                34      3- Decompression device             (remove protective          42- Gearshift lever
                                                                                        5- 011 dipstick                     cover)                      43- Connector for remote
      24                                                                        21      6- Lub.-oll filler
                                                                                        7- Lub.-oil drain plug
                                                                                                                        25- Flywheel housing flange
                                                                                                                        26- Electric starter motor      44- Lubrication nipple
                                                                                        9- Breather (crankcase)         33- Marine mounts                   (clutch thrust bearing)
      25                                                                        45     11- Rocker arm cover             34- Water pump                  45- Water Inlet
                                                                                       12- Crankcase covar              36- Thermostat                  47- Watercooled exhaust
                                                                                       14-lnjection pump                37- Connector for                   elbow
 Engine A 30 M                                                                         16- NOlZIe holder                    Thermometer                 48- Exhaust muffler with
                                                                                        17- Fuel return line            38- Water drain                     water injection
                                                                                        20- Fuel feed pump              39- Air Intake silencer
~Diesel                                                                                                                                                               ~Diesel

 MARINE REVERSE REDUCTION GEARBOX                                                            1.     PREPARATION FOR INITIAL START-UP

         Engine Type     K30M       LOOM     A 30M   A40M       R30M     P3QM      S30M      1.1.   Check bolt and hose connections and all plpeworks fo r leaks and tighten
                                                                                                    nuts and bolts if necessary. Th is applies especially to the mounting bolts
         Manufacturer    Ronim               Nanni                       Hurth                      and the retaining bolts on the exhaust and shaft assembly.
                                                                         Nanni                      Mark oil dipstick of engine according to the inclination of the engine in the
         Type            FG 3                FG 3                        HBW 10                     full y loaded boat (see page 25).
                         Ro                  B6                          G 12/F16            1.3.   Fill tank with fuel.
                                                                                                    Engine and gears are not liIIed w ith 011 by suppliers. Make sure that both 011
 1)      RON 1M Gearbox                                                                             drain plugs are tigh t.
                                                                                                    Important: absolute cleanliness Is essential when filling . The area around the fille r
         Gearbox is fitted with 2 cone clutches and respective servo-engaglng                       should be cleaned before opening It Use ontyclean containers, funnels or strainers.
         mechan ism. The water circulating pump Is directly flanged to the gearbox.
         Oil check through Insert-type d ipstick.                                            a)     LUBRICATING OIL:
                                                                                                    Use only we ll·known HD brands 01 engine 011, and keep to the brand selected,
 2)      NANNI Gearbox                                                                              if at all possible. Never mix d iffernt brands when topping up the o il.
                                                                                                                                     Summer                               Winter
         Power transmitted through single d isc fric tion clutch. Adj ustment see page 20.
         Oil check through insert-type dipstick.                                                    Engine                           HD SAE 20                            HD SAE 10
         Serial number and type afe punched Into gearbo x housing. Please state                                                                                           HD SAE 30
                                                                                                    Gearbox                          HD SAE 30
         these numbers whenever parts ere needed.

        Example:                                                                                    The engine oil can also be used for lubricating the gearbox but not vice versa.
                                                            2     .. reduction ra tio
                                                                    (2 ; 1)                         Hurth gearbox uses automatic transmission flu id type A or branded HD engine oil.
        5758 B 61V 2
                                                            5758 .. serial number                   Warning: Additives such as molybdenum su lphite or the like must not be
        B6      · type of gearbox                                                                   contained in the oil under any Circumstances.
                                                           Other marking mean special
        V       - size and fo rm of engine                 execution.                               Attentio n:
                  adapter flange                                                                    W hen eng ine Installed under inclination correct sump capacity and d ipstick
                                                                                                    as described on page 25.
        Care shou ld be taken that gears are only shi fted at low engine speed.
                                                                                                    Caution: use only HD o ils for the engine. An SAE 20/30 mu ltigrade 011 can
                                                                                                    be used fo r a ll·year-round operation.
 3)     HURTH Gearbox
                                                                                                    REVERSE GEAR OIL CAPACITY
        Hurth marine gearboxes are helical gear transmissions shifted via 2 Internal
        mechanical friction clutches. It is designed to perm it reversing operations at                                                        GEARBOX
        fu ll engine speed in case of emergency. As clutches are exactly set to rate                Type                   Ronlm           FG 3        Ronlm                     FG 3
        nominal torque, shock loads from propeller on shaft w ill not be transmitted                Engine                 Nanni           Hurth       Nanni                     Hu rth
        to gearbox or e ngine.                                                                                                      Ilr.                     US p ints

                                                                                                     K30M                  0,3             0,4                0,63               0,84
        0 11
           check through threaded dipstick. When checking o il, just insert dipstick -
                                                                                                     L 30 M                                0,4                                     0,84
        do not thread In . Alter check thread in and retighte n.
                                                                                                     A30M                  0,6             0,4                 1,27                0,84
                                                                                                     A 40 M                0,6             0,4                 1,27                0,84
        Example                                         HBW 10
                                                                                                     ROOM                  0 ,6            0,5                 1,27                1,05
                                                        94793     .. Type of gearbox
        HBW  10- 2 R                                                                                 P30M                  0 ,6            0,5                 1,27                1,05
             94740                                      2 A       .. Reduction ratio 2 : 1           S 30 M                1,0             0 ,5                2,10                1,05
        05-2893                                         05·2893 .. Serial number                     Caution: Given 011 quantit ies must not be exceeded.
                                                                                                     Overfilling resu lts in overheating and destruction.

 B                                                                                                                                                                                            9
~Diesel                                                                                                                                                           ~Diesel

 b)     FUEL:                                                                               3.       STARTING UP THE ENGINE
        Obtain luel only from filling stations equipped with a pump and buut-In filtering
        system, otherwise lilter the luel yourself with 8 fine strainer (If necessary
                                                                                            3. t.    Move gear lever to neutral posi-
                                                                                                     tion (mld-positlon vertical).
        using 8 nylon slocklng). A1ways replacethefillarcapimmediately.

        Use clsan commercial grade branded diesel fuel according to
                                                                                            3.2.     Move the engine speed control
                                                                                                     lever to the full power position
                DIN 51601 (German Standard s), equivalent to                                         (mall.) (A) (Fig. t)
                B.s. 2869: 1957 Class A (British Standards) or
                A.S. No. 2 (American Standards),                                                     With Farymann Unlcontrol (lingle
                                                                                                     lever) pull hub assembly outward.
        The sulphur con tenl must not exceed 0,5"4 (weight). A lower value Is specially              till the locking pin I. clear of alat,
        important for sea water-cooled engines operating at relatively low tempera-                  thus gear shifting Is disengaged
        turas. Never use gasoline dleselluel mixture or any weight fue l olt.                        and lever can be turned Into mall.
                                                                                                     speed position. (With Morse
        Caution: Bleed the fuel system atter the first f illing. Never allow the tank to             single lever con trol pull knob.)
        drain completely.
                                                                                                     Morse type single lever gearshift:
                                                                                                     pull out knob.
 1.4    RUNNING-IN '
        A new or recondilioned engine must be carelully run-In. During the Ilrst
        20 hours, only use fu ll engine power lor very short periods. Alter IIrsl20 hours                                                                     Fig. 1
        engine power can gradually be Increased. A firsl all change Is necessery after
        20 hours. Check cylinder head bolts al the same time. Rellghten, when engine
        Is cold. Tightening torques see technical data sheel                                3.2.1.   HAND STARTING
                                                                                                     Operate lever or pushbutton (B)
                                                                                                     for starting fuel (Fig. 1)
                                                                                                     Operate the decompression lever
 2.1.   Check all level in engine and reverse gearboll. It necessary fill to Ihe top                 (C) with your tight hand and
        mark of the dipstick.                                                                        slowly turn the starting crank In
        The chromium-plated piston rings may cause a slightly higher lub.-oil con-                   the camshaft anticlockwlse with
        sumption during the runnlng-ln period (80-100 hours).                                        your left hand. Usten for charac-
                                                                                                     teristic creaking of the Injection
 22.    Screw in the lubricating cup (If provided) on the cooling waler pump by half
        a turn. Check tight lit of locknut on slutting ball.

 23     Check the diesel oil supply in the tank and open the tank cOCk. If the engine                Turn the crank with your left hand
        haa not been In operation for some time, the fuel system should be bled In                   as fast as possible. When the
        accordance with the operating Instructions.                                                  m8lClmum Impetua Is reached ra -
                                                                                                     lesse the decompression lever
        Alter checking the drain cocks and the sea water filter, open the sea cock                   and carry on turning In order to
        compl'"ly lind check flow of sea water through transparent cover of sea                      overcome the Initial compression
        water filter                                                                                 resistance. Rapid turning, not
                                                                                                     force, Is what mattersl
                                                                                                                                                              Fig. 2
                                                                                                     When hand-startlng engine with electric start - turn Ignition key to first notch

  10                                                                                                                                                                                    11
ra;yma;;;; Diesel                                                                                                                                                            ~Diesel

   3.2.2.   ELECTRIC STARTING                                                                                TWIN LEVER OPERATION

   1)       Switch on electric system: turn key or knop 01 starter switch into position ( t ).               Move the speed control tever beyond the Idling position and hold It there
            Then pilot lamps lor battery charging and all pressure (2-cyl. only) must light up.              until the engine stops

   2)       Turn key or knob 01 starter SWitch to extreme position (2) and hold It there until               In either case return the speed control lever to full load position as soon as
            first firing stroke. Then IMMEDIATELY RELEASE key or knob of starter switch                      the engine has stopped ,
            and make sure that same returns into position (1).
                                                                                                             ELECTRtCAL SYSTEM
                                               o                   0 " ofl
                                                                   1 .. on
                                                                                                             After stopping the anglne .1 deacrlbed above, turn the key to the Q-position
                                                                   2 - start                                 and remova It or respectlvaly switch off Ignition.
                                                                   3 · spare position
                                                                                                             Ctose the SEA COCK (do not forget to re-open before ned engine start·up) .

                                                                                                    3.3.3.   After engine hall always engage gear to re lieve clutch springs. (Only Nanni
            Attention : Limit each starting Irial to 10 seconds maximum and wait for 30-60                   gearbox.)
            seconds belore repeating (to save battery) . Operate starter only altar engine                   Fill fuel tank after comple ting a run. Partially fi lled tank will collect moisture
            came to a complete slop.                                                                         if engine is not operated for any length of time.
            Afle r englna has started and control lamps are out, run engine at medium speed
            under light load fo r warm up.                                                                   FROST HAZARD
            CHECKING AFTER STARTING                                                                          Open all drain cocks and ensure complete drainage. Push a wire through
                                                                                                             the cocks to ensure um lmpeded lIow Fln!!.lIy cnmk the engine by hand until
            For most of the applications, the entire cooling water is injected into the eKhaust              the cooling water pump Is empty, too.
            to cool down the eKhausl gases (I,e reduce the noise level), and 10 be able 10                   In case of V-twin engines, drain the water-cooled exhaust manilold.
            dispose of the eKhaust gases by means of rubber hoses. CHECK WHETHER
                                                                                                             In exceptional cases, where lines or water chambers are located below the
                                                                                                             drain cocks, the appropriate pipe or hose connections must be opened In
            If no water comes out, then th e eKhaust produces a considerable noise which                     order to drain them.
            means that no cooling water is being injected Into the eKhaust and that cooling                  Remove Intake line with sea water filter Irom the cock!
            water supply on the engine Is not in order. In this case engine has to be stopped
                                                                                                             11 cooling water Is Injected Into the engine eKhaust pipe, the water 11ft silencer
            immediately for checking.                                                                        must be drained,
   3.3.     STOPPING
                                                                                                             When Charged, the bettery can aafely withstand temperatures as low as
            Never completely stop the engine while it is runn ing at speed, but let it Idle for a            -150 C {+ 5" Fl . At lower temperatures It should be removed and stored In
            short time.                                                                                      a frostproof place.

                                                                                                              ATTENTION :
            Farymann Unlcontrol · put lever Into neutral/id ling position and tilt hub pulling                Eng ines equipped with A.C. generators may not be run with battery dis-
            lever outwards. Hold until engine comes to complete stop. (With Morse: pull                       connected (destruction of diodes of voltage regu lator) . Even extremely short
            additional stop cable and hold until engine comes to complete stop.)                              trial runs only with battery properly connected.

   '2                                                                                                                                                                                               13
rar;;;;ann Diesel                                                                                                                              rar;;;;ann Diesel   1
   4.      CARE AND MAINTENANCE                                                         4.2.   CHANGING THE ENGINE OIL

           The operations listed In the following schedule must be repeated until the          Change the oil only with the engine
           eng ine Is due for overhaul.                                                        at operating temperature (scaven-
                                                                                               ging effect) in a new engine alter
   4.1.    OPERATION                                                                           appro 20 h. Change the oil again
                                                                                               after approx. 50-60 hours. later
                                                           hours of operaUon
                                                                                               on every 120 hours.
           ENGINE                                  Daily   60     120    250    500            A separate hand-draln pump with
           Check 011 level
                                                    ·                                          hose and cock II supplied with
                                                                                               the FARYMANN MARINE ENGINE.
           Change lub.-oil
                                                                  ·                            II this cock has not been fitted to
           Replace spln-on 0 11 filter
                                                                         ·                     the engine during Installation It
                                                                                               can be Iitted to replace the 011
           Clean 011 strainer
                                                                         ·                     drain plug. The hose supplied          Fig. 3
           Flush out crankcase
           Examine nuts and bolts lor
                                                                                ·              connects cock with drain pump.
                                                                                               Remamber to close the cock alter
                                                                         ·                     draining the 01 1.
                                                                                               Engine oil must be changed whe-
           Check valve clearance
                                                                  ·                            never eng ine Is tobe put out 01
           Check sea water 1IIIer
           lubricate water pump
                                                    ·                                          service lor extended periods.

           (applies only to JABSCO If." pump)
           Check V·bell tension
                                                    ·                                   4.3.   OIL FILTER
           Check water pump Impeller
                                                                  ·                            (applies only to V-2 engines)
           Examine and clean thermostat
                                                                          ·                    The spln-on oillilter ( 1) cannot be
           Check all pipelines for leaks
                                                            ·                                  cleaned and must be rep laced.
           Check fuel filters
                                                                                 ·             Lightly oil the rubber seal, tighten
                                                                                               it and top up oil level.
           Drain (clean) fuel tank
                                                                   ·                           A suitable special spanner (2) Is
                                                                                               supplied within the tool kit
           Lubricate clutch bearing (Nanni)
                                                            ·                                  Check lor leaks with the engine
                                                                                               runn ing!
           Check clutch clearance (Nanni)
                                                                   ·                           Filter: PUROLATOR
           Change lub.-oll
                                                                          ·                    Type: PC 27 (S tandard)
           Lubricate remote control mechanism
                                                                          ·                            PMP 31/2 (Oversize)
                                                                                                                                      Fig. 4

           Maintain electrolyte level In battery
           Check Iptclflc gravity 01 battery
           Check all cable. Ind connectlonl
           Grease stlrter rlmilear on Ilywheel
   14                                                                                                                                                       15
rar;ma;;n Diesel                                                                                                                      rar;ma;;n        Diesel

   4.4.   CRANKCASE                                            4.7.   V -BELT TENSK>N

          If during a normal oil change or                            Too tight a belt Is destructive to bearings 01 the driven parts. Adjust for ¥I~
          when cleaning the all strainer the                          slack from a straight line over outer diame ter of drive and driven pulleys,
          oil Is seen to contain a lot 01                             midway between pulleys.
          sludge, the crankcase should be
          washed out sooner than recom-
          mended In the schedule. Flush                        4.8.   WATER PUMP IMPELLER
          with diesel oil after removing the
          crankcase cover.                                            The neoprene Impeller has a rels -

          Absolute cleanliness Is essentlall
                                                                      lively soort life and must therelore
                                                                      be Inspected regu larly. II the
                                                                      water pump Is allowed to run dry
                                                                      lor more then a lew second. (sea
                                                                      cock closed) the Impeller may be                                                 c
                                                                      completely ruined. Remove cover
   45     CRANKCASE BREATHER                                          of pump and release the Impeller
                                                                      (C) from the shaft by applying 2                8
          Crankcase breather (combined                                screwdrivers (E) under the hub of
          with 011 filler) should work audibly.                       the Impeller. Remoye all traces
          Check with Ihe engine running at                            of rubber and smooth any dama-
          low speed. The thin steel valve                             ged surfaces. Fit a new Impeller.
          must always be kept clean . II must                         A spare Impeller should always
          lie flush on Its seat, otherwise                            be kept on board.
          it should be replaced, II neces-                            II Impeller Is held by lock 8Cfttw. loosen same with screw driver thru opening (A)
          sary, take off complete breather                            or remove complete shaft-impeller assembly after removing V-belt pulley.
          housing and wash out thoroughly
          with gasoline or diesel fuel.                               STUFFING BOX (JABSCO Pump with plain bearing): TIghten by hand then
                                                                      lock with locknut. To lubrica te plain bearing, small water leak is permitted.
          If there are any all leaks on the
          engine check this breather valve
          first.                                               4.9    ntERMOSTAT
                                                                      Farymann Diesel engines are cooled directly by sea water. The raw waler naver
                                                                      touches th e engine block, but circulates only around the replaceable cylinder
   4.6.   VALVE CLEARANCE                                             liner. head and ekhaust system. Cooling water Jacket around cylinder I. con-
                                                  Fig. 6
                                                                      structed of a non- corrosive. glass-fibre-relnlorced-plastlc. Outer wall of cylinder
          Adjustment on cold engine with                              Is zinc-plated.
          both valvas closed (TOC olliring                            In addition, the Farymann diesel has been built to operate at cooling water
          stroke). Clearance 0.1-0,2 mm                               temperatures below that al which salts and minerals precipitate in sea water.
          (Q,CI04"). With new engine. valve
          cleerance hes to be checked after                           No separate Iresh water coOling system is needed or recommended.
          20 Ilr.t operating hour· .                                  A thermostat with a setting of 55°C (t 20" F) Is fitted to the engine. Any deposlt!s
          Important: after major rapelr. the                          that appear on the thermostat can be removed with dilute hydrochloric acid.
          cylinder head and rocker arm                                Flush afterwards with fresh water.
          .upport mu.t be firmly bolted In                            Caution: during assembly make sure that the small hole (equ ipped with a tiny
          posi tion with nut. to 111'18' torque                       cotter pin) In the fitting plate of the thermostat, which permits water to penetrate
          tightened belore valve clearance                            even in the closed position. Is not obstructed.
          Is adjusted.
                                                     F~    7

   16                                                                                                                                                        17
~Diesel                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Dlesel

 4.10.   SEA WATER FILTER                                                                        4.13.         CLUTCH BEARING (NANNI)
         118 sea water IiIlor is Installed in the water pump intake line, the covsr should                     Do not grease excessively. otherwise surplus grease will contaminate the
         be transparent In order to permit observation 01 the flow of the cooling water                        clutch lining.
         end any contamination 01 the IiIler.
                                                                                                 4.14.         Q..UTCH ClEARANCE (NANNI·
         Attention: Aher cleaning 01 filter it has to be checked thai the cover Is
         relitted carefully preventing any air to be aspirated by the water pump.                              Gearbox)
                                                                                                               To set the clutch bearing clearance
                                                                                                               correctly, proceed as I~Ilows:
 4.11.   FUEL FILTER
         The life 01 the fuel filler depends
         entirely on the degree of purity
                                                                                             ·            1)   Move the gear lever to the Idling
                                                                                                               position (mldposltion). Release the
                                                                                                               locknut and unscrew the setscrew
         of the fuei used. A loss 01 engine                                                                    (67) until the threaded end of the
         power may be due to 8. shortage                                                                       screw Is withdrawn Into Its tapped
         of fuel brought about by a clogged                                                                    hole in the lin k (3O).
         IiIler. If this is suspected the air
                                                                                                          2)   Now tighten the screw (67) again ,
         vent screw In tho fual pump should
                                                                                                               turning It clockwise by hand unlll
         be opened. Unsteady flow, even
                                                                                                               it touches the Cl ut~h lever (31)
         after pumping. Indicates a conta-
                                                                                                               and a definite res istance can be
         minated IIIter, Change the IIIter
         element (see fig. 8). We recom -                                                                      felt.
         mend a PUROLATOR PM 456                                                                               Note : clutch lever (31) Is almost
         tilter element.                                                                                       hidden behind link (30) .
         A water contaminated tuelsystem                                                                  3) The gear lever should now be set
         causes fuel titter paper element                                                                    at forward or reverse. The sets'
         to become waterlogged which                                                                         crew (67) is tightened further by
         results in fuel starvation (loss of                                                                 a 2 '1.1 lurns in a clockwise direc·                                         31
         power).                                                                                             tion and locked with the locknut
                                                                                                               Correct adjustement ensures pmper clearance between the clutch bearing and
                                                                  Fig. 8
                                                                                                               the clutch levers. Too much clearance means httle clutch disengagement.
                                                                                                               which in consequence does not allow the dog clutch to engage entirety.
 4.12.   BLEEDING                                                                                              Risks of damage.

         Although all FARYMANN marine engnes are equipped with the automatic                     4.15.         CHANGING TH E GEAR Oil
         bleeding system (see page 29) (which requires of course that boat yard has                            With new gearbox 011 has to be changed aller max . 100 hours.
         Installed a tuel return line to the tuel 'eservoir) it can occur that fuel system
         hal to be bleeded. Don't loosen banj ( bolts or other connectors ot fuel lines                         If a line for connecting a hand pump Is not provided, the gearbox lop cover
         but only vent screw on Injection purrp (see Fig . 8/0) . Turn engine by crank                          must be opened and the 0 11 removed by means of a hand drain pump.
         or starter motor until absolutely bubbe-free f u el leaks. Rellghten vent screw          4.16.        GREASING THE STARTER RIM GEAR
         thorough ly.
                                                                                                               The starter pinion should mesh well over the entire length of the teeth.
                                                                                                               Remove the starter. Lightly grease the rim gear with the aid of a brush. Use
                                                                                                               e.g. BOSCH FT 1 V 31 grease.
                                                                                                  4.17.         BATTERY
                                                                                                                Add only clean distilled water. Protect terminals with a light vaseline coating.

~Diesel                                                                                                                                                                          ~Diesel

  5.          STORAGE OF ENGINE                                                                       5.2.       COOUNG WATER SECTION
              Read this entire section before proceeding with lay·upl                                            Drain all cooling water proceeding as described in para. 3.3.4. Remove water
              If the engine Is to be taken Qui of service for a lengthy period, e.g. during the                  sucti on pipe from sea cock and remove waterline, Injecting cooling water
              winter, protect engine as ou tlined below:                                                         into exhaust elbow, Take a can with an emulsifying cooling water protection
                                                                                                                 oil e.g. SHELL DONAX C or equivalent, and insert wa ter suc tion p ipe as well
              Frost protection has already been dealt with In Para. 3.3.4.                                       as a piece of rubber pipe fitted to water outlet (which normally injects Into
              The diesel engine must be protected from rust, Irrespective of whether the                         exhaust elbow) Into can. Let engine run with this "closed circuit" containing
              boat Is laid up on land or the engine removed. Rust e.g. in the fuel Injection                     the protec tion oil for the same time as mentioned in para. 5.1.4. Drain off
              system can cause engine failure even where its presence cannot be detected                         oil and plug or rel it both pipes to their proper positions.
              with the naked eye.
                                                                                                                 Clean outside of engine and coat engine, metal parts of maneuvering controls

  5.1.        WB.-QIL AND FUEL SYSTEM
                                                                                                  ·              and cable connections with an ti -rust 011.

         1) Clean the outside of the engine with diesel fuel or white spirit.                         5,3,       ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
         2) Drain off the engine oil while it Is still warm and IiII with anticorrosive engine                   Remove and store the battery in accordance with battery manufacturer's
            oil, e.g. SHEll ENSIS lOor ESSO RUST BAN up \0 the lowe r dipstick mark (MIN,),                      instructions. Take it to a station for maintenance.
         3) Drain the fue l tank and clean It thoroughly Drain the fuel fil ter. Then fill the
            fuel tank with several titres of a mixture of diesel fuel and SHELL ENSIS or
                                                                                                      As a last step, It Is advisable to affix sign on the eng ine Indicating that l he engine has
            RUST BAN al a ratio of 2 : 1 Bleed the fuel system.
                                                                                                      been inhib ited.
         4) Allow the engine to run for ap pro x 15 m inutes so that all the pip elines,
            filters , pump and nozzles are lilled with the protective lIuld and the sntl-
            corrosive engine 011 mixture Is evenly distributed Inside the engine.
         S)   Remove the rocker arm cover end spray a m ixture 01 diesel fUel and          1~
              SHELL ENSIS 20 on rocker arms, lit covers again.                                        B.         RESTORING TO SERVICE

         6) With the speed lever at full power and the decompression lever actuated,                             Although this subject has been dealt with in detail in Para. I , we shall once
            so that engine wlll not lire, crank the engine several times so that the cylinder                    again list the most important points.
            Is well sprayed with the dleselluel antl-corroslve m ixture. Drain antl-corroslve
            oil from sump.                                                                                       Fill the fuel tank, test for unimpeded flow with the fuel filler Installed and If
         7)   Remove the exhaust piping from the cylinder head or the exhaust manlfotd                           necessary change the filler cartridge. Fill crankcase with specified HD lub.-oll,
              and cover the exhaust ports by means of adhesslve tape. This also applies to                       take battery on board and connect. Coat terminals with vaseline after tightening.
              the port of the air Intake.
                                                                                                      6.2.       Take ou t fuel injection nozzle, clean and if possible have them Immediately
                                                                                                                 tested by you r local BOSCH servlce-atailon, for correct injection pressure.
                                                                                                                 With Inj ector out turn the engine starter In order to remove an ti-rus t 011 from
                                                                                                                 cylinder. Re-fil Injection nozzle.

                                                                                                      6.3.       Bleed fuel system, and connect all fuel-, water- and exhaust lines etc.
                                                                                                                 Remember to remove the plug.. Check all water and fuel lines for leaks.

                                                                                                      6.4.       Start engine and make trial run, checking immediately whether the cooling
                                                                                                                 water Is flow ing th rough t he sea water fi lter to the engine. Re-check sll lines.
                                                                                                                 seals and hose connections for leaks,

 20                                                                                                                                                                                                     21
~Diesel                                                                                                                                                              ~ D iesel

7.     TROUBLE SHOOTING                                                                             7.2.   FAULT           POSSIBLE CAUSE                  REMEDY

71.    Faults ara usually due to Inadequate maintenance. In the event of a fault,                          Exhaust emits   Engine 011 level too high       Drain off and re-check oil
       Ilrst check whether all the points in these operating Ins!rucion. have been                         excessive                                       level possibly check angle of
       fo llowed.                                                                                          smoke:                                          engine
                                                                                                           1) blue
       If you cannot detect and femedy the fault even with the aid 01 the following
       lable, it Is essential that you apply to the nearest FARYMANN dealer or                                             Valve clearance incorrect       Adjust valve clearance
       approved service station.
                                                                                                                           Poor compression due to         Have engine overhauled
       In order to ensure good service, always state engine type and serial number,                                        seized or broken piston
       e.g. 26 A. 30 1025.                                                                                                 rlngl, worn valve guides etc.
7.2.   FAULT             POSSIBLE CAUSE                  REMEDY                                            2) black        Englna overloaded               Reduce propeller diametar
       Engine does       Control lever at STOP           When starting always place at                                     Excess starting fuel device     Briefly move speed control
       not start                                         MAX. and If necessary ope-                                        cannot · disengage Itself as    lever Into Idling position,
                                                         rate excess starting fuel                                         engine does not reach rated     then slowly back to fu ll load
                         Fuel tank empty                 Top up tank and bleed'uei lines                                   speed (overloaded)

                         Fuel filter clogged or          Replace filter element                            Engine runs     Engine compartment too          Fresh air must be adequately
                         waterlogged                                                                       too hot         hot                             ventilated

                         Air In fue l system             Bleed                                                             Too little cooling water        Open sea cock completely

                         Starter does not turn free ly   Charge battery, examine ter-                                                                      Clean sea water filter
                                                         mlnalS andtlghtefl.{Emergency:                                    Too little cooling water        Clean water inlet strainer
                                                         use decompression device)                                                                         (outboard)
                         Engine 011 too viscous,         Use HO SAE 10 Lub"'oll                                            Oif '-"el too high              Drain 011; check engine
                         ..pec. at low ambient                                                                                                             Inclination, respective sump
                         temperatures                                                                                                                      capacity and dipstick mar-
                                                                                                                                                           kings with chart - page 25
                         No compression, valve           Adjust valve
                         clearance Incorrect                                                                               Waterpump aspirates air         Wing nut not tightened,
                                                                                                                           through cover of seawater       rubber gasket defective
       Engine runs       Fuel supply too low, filter     Replace fuel filter element,                                      filter or loose hose clamp
       erratically,      clogged                         check contents of tank
       no output                                                                                                           Cooling water hne defective     Check water lines
                         Inadequate supply of            Engine cowling (housing)
                         combusllon air                  must have opening for fresh                                       Pump Impeller defective         Fit new Impeller
                                                         air supply                                                        Cooling wster pump              Tighten drive V-belt
                         Air in fuel syslem              Bleed                                                             rolates too slowly

                         Fuel pressure lines             Tighten                                                           Thermostat defective            Clean or replace. In case of
                         leaking                                                                                                                           doubt continue operation
                                                                                                                                                           without therm ostat.
                         Valve clearance Incorrecl       Adjust valve
                                                                                                                           Injection nozzle defective      Have nozzle checl01. eIMn lulJoto-oil

'Fa.Tniiiiiii Diesel                                                                                                                                                           'Fa.Tniiiiiii 0 i e 5 e I

    RECOMMENDED HO-ENGINE LUBE-OilS                                                                   FUEL SYSTEM
    Other brands of HO-Iube-oils 01 same quality not mentioned below can equally be used.
                                                                                                      Fuel system with automatic bleeding deYlce, employing fuel feed pump (2). Same con-
                          HD-Lube-oils according to API classification                                tinuously passes fuel through filter (4) 10 fuel Injection pump (5). Part of the excessive
       COMPANY                                                                                        fuel returns via banjo bolt with built-In Ihrot1le (8) and fuel return line (10) to fuel tank.
                          CC                                       CD
                                                                                                      The return line connecting to lank should be situated as low as pOSSible (5 em above
       AGIP               Agip F. 1 Diesel Gamma                   Agip F. 1 Diesel Sigma             bottom), to prevent air penetrating fuel system via return line ( 10) when the engine does
                                                                                                      not run.
       ARAL               Aral Kowal Motor Oel                     Arel Kowal 5 3 Motor Oel
                          Arel Oele 01 the HO-line                 Arel Del HO 5 3
                                                                                                      Bleed system by loosening screw (8), then pumping fuel lransfer pump lever (3) until fuel
       BAYWA               BayWa Molorenoil HO-Super               BayWa HD Superior 5 3              alone (no bubbles of air) appears at (8) . Tighten screw (B).
                           8ayWa Motorenoll HO-B                   BayWa Universal HD
                                                                                                      Drain plug (9) for drainage of condensing water and depoSits in the tank, il any.
       BP                  BP Energol HD                           BP Vanellus 5 3
                           BP Energol OS-8                         BP Energol OS 3
                           BP Vanellus/Vanell us-T
       CHEVRO N            Chevron Oelo Special Oil                Chevron Oelo 300 Molor O il
                           Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil
       ELF                 ell Performance                         elf Olsal HD 3
       ESSO                Essolube HOX                            ES80lube 0-3
                           Essolube SOX                            Ease Estor 0-3
       FINA                Fine Sone HO 5 1                        Fine Solne S 6
                           Fine Delta Motor 011
       FUCHS               Renolln HD                              Pene Pura HD Superior
                           Pena Pura HD                            Pena Pura Uniyersal HD
                           Pena Pura HD Super
                           Pena Pura Unlyersal HD

        MOBIL              Mobil Delyac 1100                       Mobil Delyac 1200
                           Mobil DelYac 1200                       Mobil OelYac 13(X)
       SHELL               Shell Rotella SX/Roietla TX             Shell Rimula CT
                           Shell Melina Oele
                           Shell Talona Oele
        TOTAL              Total HO I B                            Total HO 3                     ·
                           Total HPO                               Total HPO

     Working cond it ion, all change Interyal and API-classification (oil quality) :

       Condi tion

                     Working H our.

                       50 -    60
                                              API Classification

                                                                        (Preyious Designation)

                                                                        HO-5I or MIL-l-2 104 A
                                                                                                           Fuel tan k
                                                                                                           Fuel l eed pump
                                                                                                                                                        Push button fo r excess starting fu el
                                                                                                                                                        Injecti on nozzle
                                                                                                           (with pre.-lilter)                     B     Banjo bolt with throttle
       Heayy          100 - t20               CD
                                                          .             HO-B or MIL-L -2104 B
                                                                        as well aa MIL-l-2104 A
                                                                                                           Primer (fuel feed pump)
                                                                                                           Fuel filter
                                                                                                                                                        Drain plug
                                                                                                                                                        Fuel return line
                                                                        SUPPLEMENT t                  5    Injection pump                        11     Fuel feed line
                                               f .I

ra;y;;;a;;;; Diesel                                                                                                                                                   ra;y;;;a;;;; Diesel

    FARYMANN MARINE DIESEL ENGINE TYPE                ~A   30   M~                              FARYMANN MARINE DIESEL ENGINE TYPE              ~A   30   M~

    Exhaust and cooling wa ter Installati on diagram                                            Exhaust and cooling water installati on
    Direct seawater cooling with water Injection Into exhaust aboy. water line.                 Direct seawater cooling with water' InJection into exhaust below water line.
    A .   100 mm (4")                                                                           A - 300 mm (12")
                                                                                                B .. 100 mm ( 4")

                              ® )!>~ ®                     ®
                                       I                                                                                                                                              j
                                                                                            ,                                                                                         f

    Siphon break not
    needed in aboye·water-line

    C .. Water line                                                                              C .. Water line
    A .. Minimum helght above water line of water Injection Into exhaust line.                   A .. Minimum height above water line of water intaction Into exhaust line.
          Seawater .tralner           7       Thermostat
    2     Sea cock
                                      ·       Water Injection                                    ,   Seawa ter strainer
                                                                                                     Sea cock

                                                                                                                                      Water Injection
                                                                                                                                                                       Rubber hose
                                                                                                                                                                        WaterHft silencer
          Drain cock
          Seawater f ilter
                                              Rubber hose
                                              Watar lilt allancer
                                                                                                     Drain cock
                                                                                                     Seawater fitler
                                                                                                                                 9    Wa ter line with
     5    Water pump                 11       Goose neck                                             Water pump                 .0    Breather line                     (exhaust)

    ·     Temp. Connector            .,       ElChau.t oullet (thru hull fitting)
                                                                                                 6   Temp. Connector            11    Hull fitting

~Oiesel                                                                                                                                                               ~Diesel

 ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT                                                                          ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT

 Engine equipped with key switch "Ignition + start" (12). charg ing pilot lamp (10), water   Engine equipped with lever switch "ignition + start" (12) with charging pilot lamp (10)
 Ihermoswitch (7 + 9) and 011 pressure switch (8 + 9). Oil pressure switch with V·twin       all pressure switch (8 + 9a) and water Ihermoswltch (7 + 9). Oil pressure switch with
 engines only.                                                                               V·twin engines only.


                                                                                                 #"   Battery                            9    PUot lamp (12 V I 2 W) (water temp.)
 1    Battery                         9    Pilot lamp (12 V I 2 W) (water temp.)             2        Starter motor                      98   Pilot lamp (12 V I 2 W) (Iube-oil pressure)
 2    Starter motor                  10    Pilot lamp (12 V I 4 W) (battery charge)          3        Alternator                       10     Pilot lamp (12 V I " W) (battery charge)
 3    Alternator                     12    Key Ign lton starter switch (no key)              4        Plug socket                      12     Key ignition starter switch (no key)
      Plug socket
                                            Main swi"ch (battery)
                                            W - Cornector for electr. rev.-counter
                                                                                                      Voltage regulator
                                                                                                                                              Main switch (battery)
                                                                                                                                              W - Connector fo r electr. rev.-counter
 6    Voltage regulator                     Termlnal clip                                    7        Thermoswltch                      15    Termin al clip
                                      "                                                                                                 16
 7    Thermoswltch                    16    TachomEler                                       6        Oil pressure switch                     Tachometer
                                                                                             If lever switch (12) (no key) Is used battery main switch (13) Is essential and must be fitted
                                                                                             close to battery whilst cabin should be locked with key.

 30                                                                                                                                                                                      31

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