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Ah Passport io cw Operation Manual 2232 15166


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COPYRIGHT 20072009 Dometic Marine All Rights ReservedNo part of this publication may be reproduced translated stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any melectronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without prior written consent by Dometic Marine Every precaution been taken in the preparation of this manual to ensure its accuracy However Dometic Marine assumes no responsibility for erroand omission Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of this product and information contained IO IO legacy modelRev 20090710L2232 EnglishYk of 1EATURES 1Standard 1Optional 2Power 2Set Point 2Fan 2Memory 4INSTALLING THE DISPLAY PANEL 5Remote Air Sensor 5OutsideAir Temperature Sensor 5WaterInlet Sensor 5OPERATION 5ONTROLS 5Display Indicators 5Button Functions Single 5Button Functions Dual 6PERATION 6Off Mode 6On Mode 6Automatic Mode 6Cool Mode 6Heat Mode 6Moisture Mode 6Fan Modes 6Program Mode 7ROGRAMODE 7Entering Program Mode 7Exiting Program Mode 7Changing Parameters 7Memorizing New Program Parameters 7Restoring Memorized Default Settings 7Software Identification 7ROGRAMMING 8Programming procedure 8Programmable Parameters W 13MAINTENANCE 13ReturnAir Filter 14PERATIONAL 14IMENSIONS 14ABLEENGTHS 14NPUTS 14WARRANTY AGREEMENT 14DIAGRAMS 15PPLICATION 15IRINGIAGRAM 16izAHPassport IO Control Operations ManualRead This Manual Before ENGLISHThe AHPassport IO is a unit designed for use with HISRead this manual completely before you proceed with the installation and operation of the AHPassport IO If you have questions or require assistance with your AHPassport IO call your dealer or the Dometic Marine Service Department at 1 9549732477The AHPassport IO is covered under existing Marine Air Warranty Policy Incorrect installation neglect and system abuse are not covered under Marine Air Warranty 115230 volt 5060 Hz AC power fourbutton display panel5V located in the displayOption to display temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or CelsiusAmbient air sensor in face plateWaterin sensor for individual cabin heating15 programmable memory requires no backup powerHumidity Mode controlDeicing cycle prevents evaporator fan display airtemperature airtemperature sensorChilled water inlet sensorElectric heating control Filter Cleaning or Replacement Timer available in software revision A21 or newerThis manual provides all necessary information for proper installation and operation of the AHPassport IO Poor installation misunderstood operating parameters will result in unsatisfactory performance and possible of IO Control Operations ManualL2232 Figure 1 and Table1 on page3 to identify all parts of the controlce to engage the system The display is blank when the system is off and indicates current room temperature when the system is onPress the Up or Down button to set the desired room temperature To view the set point momentarily press and release the Up or Down buttonFanspeed operation is automatic allowing fan speed to decrease as setpoint temperature is approached in the Cool Mode The fan operates at low speed when set point is satisfied Normally the automatic fan speed operation is reversed in the Heating Mode however you can program the fan to operate the same as in the Cooling ModePress the Fan button to select manual fan speeds if you want to override automatic operation You can program the fan to run only during a cool or heat cycle otherwise the fan runs constantlyThe AHPassport IO has nonvolatile memory requiring no batteries or backup power When power is lost the operating parameters are retained indefinitely When power is restored the control resumes operating as last IO Control Operations of ControlL2232 ENGLISHFigure 1 AHPassport IO Display Panel and 1 AHPassport IO Display Diagram LegendCool Mode sensorFan indicatorDown button Lower temperature set pointHeat Mode indicatorFan buttonDigital displayUp button Raise temperature set modelLegacy Installer and End User AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualL2232 your air handler has a ShadedPole SPinstead of a SplitCapacitor SCighVelocity HVfan motor you MUST program SP into parameter P16 before operating the equipment The SP units are recognizable by an overhanging blower motor The SC motor of an HV unit is inside the blower and the unit has VTD or HV in the model numberOnly reprogram this parameter if you do NOT have an HV air handlers come equipped with chilledwater bypass valves However for novalve air handlers the fan must be set to cycle on demand via programming parameter P14 Verify that the installed air handlers have bypass valves if not change parameter P14 to CYC for cycleondemand fan operation3When powering on the control press and immediately rele not enter Program Mode You will enter Program Mode if the Power button is pressed and held for more than 5 seconds If you enter Program Mode any subsequent presses of the Up or Down buttons will change the P1 parameter setting since it is the first parameter shown after entering this mode This will change the operating mode to Cool Only Heat Only or Automatic which could result in improper system operation Always use care when in Program Mode For further information refer to Using Program Mode on page7OOLINGIn heating and cooling are supplied as required Based on the set point Automatic operation maintains a 2F 11Ctemperature variation If a 4 F 22 Cchange in temperature occurs the unit to shifts to the opposite mode Once iHeat Mode or Cool Mode the control maintains a 2F you program Cool Mode only cooling is supplied The cabin temperature is maintained within 2F 11Cset point If you program Heat Mode only heating is supplied The cabin temperature is maintained within 2F 11Cf set point When the heating or cooling set point is satisfied the hydronic water valve closes and the fan returns to low speed The fan speed remains constant if Manual Fan Speed is selectedFor more programming information on this feature see P1 Operating Mode on page27When cooling or heating is required the water valve will not open unless the water temperature is adequate You can view the water temperature by simultaneously pressing the Up and Power buttons The fan remains in low speed until the adequate water temperature is available Heat will be supplied when no heating water is available only if the Optional Electric Heater hbeen installed and cooling or heating water temperature is defined by programmable parameter P19 Its factory default is set at a 15 F 83 Cifferential from the ambient air temperature While in Heating or Cooling Mode the control maintains a 2 F 11 Cmperature variation A 4 F 22 C is required to cause the unit to shift to the opposite mode Once in a new modeHeating or Cooling the control maintains a 2 F 11 THE DISPLAY mounting the control panel consider the location The display panels builtin air sensor provides excellent roomair temperature sensing when properly located and installed For airsensor location see item 6 in Figure 1 page 3Mount the display panel on an inside wall slightly higher than midheight of the cabin in a location with freely circulating where it can best sense average temperature Its distance from the air handler control box must be within the 15 45mngthof the display cable custom lengths availableDo not mount the display in direct sunlight near any heatproducing appliances or in a bulkhead where temperatures radiating from behind the panel may affect performance Do not mount the display in the supplyair stream Do not mount the display above or below a supplyair or returnair grille Do not mount the display behind a door in a corner under a stairwell or anyplace where there is no freely circulating airIf you can not mount the display in a suitable location for accurately sensing room temperature install the optional remote aisensor THE1Make the cutout for the display panel For Compact Cutout size is 24 61mmwide by 18 46mm highFor legacy model Cutout size is 3375 86mm wide by 2875 73mmhigh2Plug one end of the display cable 8pin socket on the circuit board in the electric box and the other end into the back of the display panel AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualMounting the Optional SensorsL2232 ENGLISH3Clean the mounting surface with isopropyl alcohol only test alcohol on hidden portion of surface first the display panel to a bulkhead with the adhesive strips provided If the adhesive strips cannot be used directly on the bulkhead use the plastic bulkhead adapter The bulkhead adapter sold to the bulkhead with screws and the display panel is secured to the adapter with adhesive strips Do not use a screw gun and do not overtighten screws when mounting the optional remote air sensor if the display can not be mounted in a proper location for accurately sensing room temperature Installing the remote air sensor overrides the displays builtin sensor The standard cable length for the remote air sensor is 7 feet 21m1Mount the remote air sensor in the returnair stream behind the opening of the returnair grille2Plug its cable 6pin connectorto the ALT AIR socket J4 in the upperleft corner of the circuit board the optional outsideair temperature sensor to monitor the temperature outside the cabin Outsideair sensor cables areavailable in various lengths 1Mount the sensor outside but not in direct sunlight 2Plug its cable into the OAT socket J3 ATERENSORPlug the waterinlet sensor cable into the SERVICEH2O socket J5 Attach the sensor to the chilled water inlet on the air handler Ensure that sensor makes good contact with the copper pipe DO NOT attach to rubber or plastic to Figure 1 page 3 for the button locations and display functions listed Mode Indicator The Cool Mode LED lights when the coolonly mode is selected or when the unit is in an Automatic Mode cooling cycleFan Indicator The Fan Indicator LED lights when a manual fan speed is selectedHeat Mode Indicator The Heat Mode LED lights when the heatonly mode is selected or when the unit is in an Automatic Mode heating cycleDigital Display The 3digit 7segment digital display shows inside air temperature when the control is on It displays the set point when either the Up or Down button is pressed The display also indicates program information and fault codes When the control resumes operation after a power interruption 888 appears in the display and all the LEDs light for one second This is normal PowerOn Reset operation Press and release to toggle between the On and Off Modes Press and release to display the set point Press and hold the Up button to increase the set point Set point increases one degree each time the button is pressedDown button Press and release to display the set point Press and hold the Down button to decrease the set point Set point decreases one degree each time the button is pressedFan button Press to advance through the available fan settings One through six indicates Manual Fan Speeds One is the lowest fan speed and six is the highest fan speed The letter A displays when automatic fan operation is selectedDo not staple any sensor cables when mountingModes of Operation AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualL2232 ENGLISHUp Down buttons On Mode Simultaneously press the Up and Down buttons while in the On Mode to display the chilled water temperatureUp Down buttons Off Mode Simultaneously press the Up and Down buttons while in the Off Mode to display outside air temperature if the optional outside air temperature sensor is installedUp Down buttons Program Mode Simultaneously press the Up and Down buttons while in the Program Mode to set new program defaultsFan Down buttons On Mode Simultaneously press the Fan and Down buttons while in the On Mode to blank the display for night operationPower Down buttons On Mode Simultaneously press the Power and Down buttons while in the On Mode to enter the Moisture the control is in Off Mode all control outputs are turned off Program parameters and user settings are saved in nonvolatile memory The Program Mode can only be accessed from the Off ModeWhen the control is in On Mode power is supplied to the appropriate outputs and the display indicates the current state of operation The operating and program parameters resume based on those last stored when the unit was operatingWhen Automatic Mode is selected the system provides both heating and cooling as required The Heat LED or Cool LED lights indicate the mode in use Temperature in a given mode is maintained within 2 F 11 C of set point however a 4 F 22 Cdifference is required for the control to change modes Once the mode changes temperature is maintained within 2 F 11 Cof set pointWhen Cool Mode is selected the Cool LED is lit operates as required If the ambient temperature drops below the set point the system will not automatically switch to the Heat ModeEATWhen Heat Mode is selected the Heat LED is lit and the heating system operates as required If the ambient temperature rises above the set point the system will not automatically switch to the Cool ModeUse Moisture Mode to help control humidity While in the On Mode simultaneously press the Power and Down buttons The first cycle starts in one minute Every four hours the fan circulates air for 30 minutes During this time the air temperature is sampled and entered into memory If necessary the cooling cycle starts and continues until the temperature is lowered 2 F 11 CFour hours after the temperature is satisfied the cycle repeats The HU1 code displays while in Moisture Mode Presthe Power button once to end Moisture ModeAutomatic Fan ModeThe control has six automatic fan speeds available The fastest fan speed is 6 the slowest is 1 Automatic Fan Mode allowsthe control to determine the required fan speed based on temperature differential This permits a balance between the most efficient temperature control and slower quieter fan speeds To select Automatic Fan Mode press and release the Fan button until the letter A displays Manual Fan ModeThere are six manual fan speeds available The fastest fan speed is 6 the slowest is 1 Manual Fan Mode allows you to select and maintain a desired fan speed When a manual fan speed has been selected the Fan LED lights The speed level is momentarily displayed when it is selected Press and release the Fan button until the desired fan speed number is displayedUse the FanOnly Mode to operate the fan for air circulation when no cooling or heating is desired From the Off Mode press and release the Fan button to start fan speed 1 Press and release again to increment through the other speeds After reaching AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualUsing Program ModeL2232 ENGLISHspeed level 6 press and release the Fan button to turn off the fan Turning on the control will revert the fan to the AutomatiMode or the last selected manual fan settingCycled or Continuous Fan OperationThe fan can be set to run continuously whenever the system is turned on or it can be set to cycle on and off with the compressor To change this fan operational setting select either CYC or con in P14 When CYC is selected the setting has been changed to cycled When con is selected the setting has been changed to Program Mode to adjust operating parameters for your particular needs Program Mode is also used to finetune the system for the most efficient operation within an installation Variables such as ducting sensor location and system layout affect system operatione control has factory default settings stored in permanent memory that can be recalled However reprogrammed settings can be saved as the new default thus overwriting the factory defaults See P17 Reset Memorized Defaults on page9 for can only enter Program Mode from the Off Mode If necessary press the Power button to enter Off Mode Press and hold the Power button while in the Off Mode until the letter P appears in the display The characters P1 followed by the P1 parameter setting appear in the display The control is now in the Program Mode If no programming is attempted for one minute the control exits Program Mode and returns to Off the Power button once to exit Program Mode and return to Off Mode Or do not attempt any programming for 50 seconds then the control exits Program Mode and returns to Off Mode Any programming changes made while in Program Mode will be saved and put into operation after exiting Program Mode and returning the control to the On Mode If you want theprogramming changes to become the new defaults see Memorizing New Program Parameters belowProgram Mode the software version number such as A24pears in the in Program Mode press and release the Fan button to increment from one program parameter to the next until you reach the desired parameter number The programmable parameters range from P1 through P22 When you reach the desired parameter number use the Up and Down buttons to select the data or set the desired limits for the parameter being programmed See Table2 on page10 for a list of the parameters the possible settings for each and their factory default you want new parameters to be the program defaults adjust the parameters to the desired settings then press the Up and Down buttons simultaneously while in Program Mode This memorizes the new settings as program defaults and exits the Programming ModeTo return to the factory default settings refer to the factory defaults listed in Table2 on page10 and reset the parameters can restore the last memorized default settings by entering Program Mode and setting P17 to rSt The memorized default settings are restored and the control returns to Off Mode See P17 Reset Memorized Defaults on page9 for details To returnto the factory default settings refer to the factory defaults listed in Table2 on page10 and reset the parameters manuallyThe controls software version such as A24appears in the display for one second prior to exit from Program Mode then the control returns to Off ModeIf you have any reason to contact Dometic about the system or programming the control you must have the software identification number and air conditioning unit serial number available The serial number may be found on the dataplate label AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualL2232 Program Mode See Entering Program Mode above for details2Press and release the Fan button to increment from one program parameter to the next3Use the Up and Down buttons to change the parameters setting4Press the Power button to exit Program Mode and return the control to Off Mode Or to memorize the changes as the new defaults simultaneously press the Up and Down buttons systems default parameters may be changed by the installing dealer or end user Once new values are entered and memorized the factory defaults are overwritten and the new parameters become the default values You can restore the original factory default parameters manually A summary of the parameters the permitted values and original factory default settings oeach are listed in Table 2 page 10P1 Operating ModeSelect an operating mode For Automatic Mode select 0 for Cool Mode select 1 for Heat Mode select 2P2 High Fan LimitValues for the upper fanspeed limit range from 65 to 95 Set a higher number to increase the fan speed or a lower number to slow the fan speedP3 Low Fan LimitValues for the lower fanspeed limit range from 30 to 64 Set a higher number to increase the fan speed or a lower number to slow the fan speedP4 Reserved for future useP5 Temperature feature calibrates the ambient sensor within a range of 10F Adjust this parameter to display the correct reading Note that setting increments are in F even when the control is set to display CP6 through P9 Reserved for future useThe display brightness can be adjusted from 4 to 13 with 4 being the dimmest and 13 the brightest Typically a dark cabin willrequire a setting of 4 or 5 A very bright cabin will require a setting of 10 to 13P11 Fahrenheit or Celsius SelectionThe default setting is F Select C for Celsius Celsius readings are displayed in tenths for example 222P12 Reserved for future useP13 Reverse Automatic FThe automatic fan speeds can be reversed during Heat Mode to improve heat output in cooler climates The fan will speed up as the set point is approached Lowering the fan speed when the cabin is cold increases head pressure and helps raise supply temperature Increasing the fan speed as the set point is approached also reduces unnecessary high pressure faults The fan switches to low speed when the set point is satisfied and the compressor cycles off The fan can be programmed to operate the same as in cooling by programming P13 nor which represents normal fan operation during reverse cycle heatingP14 Cycle Fan With the Cooling or Heating DemandYou can program the fan to run continuously when the system is on or allow it to cycle with the cooling or heating demand Thedefault is con for continuous fan To cycle the fan select CYCIMPORTANTIf you have any programming problems or confusion occurs reset the Memorized Default Settings by entering Program Mode and setting P17 to the high and low fan speed limits are set the unit automatically readjusts the remaining speeds to produce sixequally spaced fan speeds in both Automatic and Manual Fan used with optional electric heat the fan remains on for four minutes after the heater cycles offAHPassport IO Control Operations ENGLISHP15 Electric Heat OptionUnits may have an electric heater added to heat a cabin when the chiller system is in coolheaters are also used to supplement the circulated water heating via the hydronic valve necessary Set to ELE for the electric heat option or set to nor to disable For software revision A12 and older When this parameter is programmed for electric heat only the electricheater relay located toward the middle of the circuit board is energized during a heating cycle The electricheater relay only exists on circuit boards with revision E or older See Sample Wiring Diagram on page16For software revision A13 and newer When programmed for electric heat both the electricheater relay and the compressor relay are energized This change supports circuit boards with revision F and newer without the electricheater relay Therefore circuit boards that do not have electricheater relays require a display with software revision A13 or newer to properly energize the compressor relay When using this configuration the electric heater L1 connection must be connected to the COMP L1 terminal on the AHPassport IO circuit board see Sample Wiring Diagram on Note Since both the and electricheat relay outputs only support a maximum of 30 amps at 115VAC or 20 amps at 230VAC of resistive load when installing an optional electric heater that exceeds this load it is necessary to install an additional contactor that is rated to handle the full load of the electric heater Please consult with Dometic Customer Service or with an authorized service technician for assistanceP16 Fan Motor SelectionThe SC Split setting is correct for air handlers with highvelocity blowers Only change the setting to SP if your unit has a Shaded Pole fan motor recognizable by a blowermotor overhang and F in the model number such as AT12FZe SC motor of a highvelocity unit is inside the blower and the unit hasHV in the model number such as AT12HVZ If your air handler model has a Shaded Pole fan motor you must change parameter P16 to SP prior to operating the equipment Save this change as a new default by simultaneously pressing and releasing the Up and Down buttons prior to exiting the program mode Make note of new default in the Programmable Parameters tableP17 Reset Memorized DefaultsTo reset all programming parameters set this parameter to rSt This restores all programmable parameters to the last saved default values Once new values are entered and memorized the factory defaults are overwritten and the new parameters become the default values To restore the original factory default parameters manually refer to Table 2 page 10P18 Hydronic Water Valve Forced OpenThis parameter opens the water valve to bleed air from the system OPn forces the valve open for 4 hours while the AHPassport IO control is turned off If you want to utilize the system in its normal operating mode prior to completion of the 4period before turning on the AHPassport IO you must return the valve to its normal position by changing P18 back to nor manuallyP19 Water Temperature parameter sets the temperature differential between ambient air temperature and hydronic water temperature that controls the water valve For example selecting 10 F opens the valve when water temperature is ten degrees less than ambient in cooling mode and 10F greater than ambient in the heating modeCareful selection of the temperature differential can fully utilize the ships heating and cooling resources For example while in cooling mode and using a ten degree value the valve will open to allow some cooling while the hydronic system is coming down to temperature See Figure 2 on page 11 for a graphical explanation of this parameterP20 Air Filter Timer only in software revision A21 and newerUse this feature for a reminder to clean or replace the units air filter The parameter entered represents that number times 10 hours Select the number of operating hours until the filter reminder appears Parameter choices are between 10 100 hoursand 250 2500 hourss that you check the air filter at least every 500 hours of operation The default setting is off designated with 00 acement Timer Value ResetAvailable only in software revision A21 and newerThis parameter displays the current elapsed time in hours times 10since the timer was started or reset For example if the value of P21 is 30 then between 300399 hours have elapsed since the timer was started or reset Once the value of P21 reaches the value set in P20 explained above FIL flashes on the LEdisplay every 10 seconds until it is cleared To clear the FIL reminder press either the Up or Down button while viewing the21 parameter This resets P21 to 0 and restarts the timerP22 Voltage only in software revision A21 and newerThis feature displays the voltage being read by the power and logic circuit board It displays a live reading of the voltage and can be manipulated by pressing the Up or Down buttons Use a reliable voltmeter as a reference when adjusting this parameter AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualL2232 ENGLISHTable 2 Programmable Parameters Ranges and Factory DefaultCustom RangeOperating Mode00 Auto1 Cool Only2 Heat OnlyHigh FanSpeed Limit9565 95Low FanSpeed Limit5530 64Reserved for future use tempAmbient plus or minus 10 FReserved for future use Reserved for future use Reserved for future use Reserved for future use Display Brightness Control94 Dimmest13 Temperatures in Fahrenheit or CelsiusFF Fahrenheit DisplayedC Celsius for future useReverse Fan Speeds During Heat ModerEFnor Normal Fan OperationrEF Reversed Fan in Heat ModeContinuous Fan or Cycle Fan conCYC Cycle Fan With Compressorcon Continuous Fan Heating or Electric Heat Optionnornor ChilledWater Heat OnlyELE Electric Heater Type Split Capacitor or Shaded PoleSCSC Split Capacitor Fan MotorSP Shaded Pole Fan MotorReset Memorized Programming DefaultsnorrST Reset Defaultsnor NormalWater Valve Forced Open 4 Hours to Bleed the Chilled Water Systemnornor Normal OperationOPn Valve Forced Differential of Ambient Air to Chilled Water15 F5 F to 25 FAir Filter Timer Setting x10 hours00 Timer Disabled10 250 100 2500 hoursCurrent Filter Time x10 hoursand Reset0Displays the elapsed time in hours x10since the timer was started or reset Press Down button to reset value to 0 restart the timer and clear the displays FIL CalibrationAC IO Control Operations CodesL2232 ENGLISHOne of the following fault codes displays when a fault is detected Indicates air sensor failureFIL Indicates filter needs to be cleaned or optional electric heater overlaps with the chilledwater heat by 22 F 122 Che heater turns on when heat is requiredand remains on until the chilledwater temperature exceeds the ambient by 22 F 122Cor until the room temperature is satisfied During very cold conditions electric heat overlaps the chilledwater heat to supplement heating Note that parameterP19 setting increments are in F even when the control is set to display CFigure 2 Ambient Air to Water Temperature systems air sensor is located in the controls display panel therefore the display MUST be located on an interior wall at eye level It must NOT be located in direct sunlight or inside a cabinetIf these conditions cannot be met you must purchase the Optional Remote Air Sensor and install it in the returnair streamValve Open Electric Heater and Valve Open Valve Hysteresis Valve Hysteresis Electric Heater Fan Only Valve Opens Valve Opens Valve Closes Valve Closes Heater Off Ambient Air to Water Temperature Differential Water Temperature Differential FNote Chart uses the Default Values P17 Note Chart uses the Default Value for AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualL2232 ENGLISHSee additional information in the manual for your specific chiller system Table 3 General will not startAir handler circuit breaker is off Turn circuit breaker on at ships panelDigital control is not turned on Press the Power buttonWrong wiring at terminal strip Check wiring diagram correct if voltage is insufficient Check power source voltage Check wiring and terminals for proper sizes and connections Verify with a voltmeter that the power at the unit is the same as the power sourcePushon connectors or butt splices became disconnected during power supply and open electric box check wiring diagram correct if necessaryFan is not runningCheck on page13No cooling or set point is satisfied Lower or raise set pointFan is not running rol sectionDigital control is programmed for Cool or Heat only or thermostat is rotated too far toward either Cooler or Warmer setting controls Operations Manual for loop is inadequately cooled or heated chiller system is not in the proper mode of operation or Electric Heater is disabled If the air handler system is equipped with sensors check the water temperature at the digital control by pressing the Up and Power buttons simultaneously while in On mode If the water temperature is not at least 15F warmer for heat moder for cool modethe water valve will not open See Temperature Differential of Air Water on page11 and the P19 programmable parameter for more information If the air handler system is equipped with an electric heater ensure that programmable parameter P15 is set to ELELow airflowAirflow is blocked filter and grille Check for crushed or restricted ducting ducting must be as straight smooth and taut as possibleFan speed is set to manual low If the fan speed is set to manual low press and release the Fan button until the desired fan speed and airflow are reached If you want automatic fan speed control press and release the Fan button until the letter A System runs point temperature is improperly set too low for cooling or too high for heating Raise or lower set pointPorthole or hatches open Close all port holes and air sensor location Check your specific control IO Control Operations ENGLISHSee also General on the returnair filter about once a month and clean as necessary To clean the filter remove it from the unit rinse withwater air dry and reinstallTable 4 display panel is not litThe 8pin displaycable plugs are not making contact unplugged dirty bent or broken pinsWith POWER OFF at the circuit breaker remove connector and inspect If damaged replace connector or entire display cableFan is not running or runs control is programmed for either fan cycling with coolingheating demand or continuous fan operation Reprogram parameter P14 Note After the unit cycles off the fan will continue to run for two minutes in Cool Mode and four minutes in Heat Mode regardless of parameter settingFan is not running but a coolingheating demand existsFailed triac on circuit board Send for repair or call local service technicianFan runs continuously although it is set to cycle with coolingheating demandFailed triac on circuit board Send for repair or call local service technicianNo cooling or heatingDigital control programmed for heat or cool only Reprogram parameter P1System runs air sensor location Verify display head location with criteria found in the control manual Install alternate air sensor if necessary Ensure the control display is located out of direct sunlight and away from open doors or hatches Or if using an alternate air sensor ensure the sensor is located directly in the systems returnair path to obtain an accurate readingASF is displayedAir Sensor failed face plate air sensor alternate air sensor or display cable Unplug alternate air sensor if installed or plug in alternate air sensor if not installed Try another display cableDamaged jacksocket in display head or on circuit board Visually check to see that pins inside socket are not bent or corroded Repair or replace display or circuit board if neededFIL is flashing Filter needs to be cleaned or replaced Clean or replace filter and reset P21 to 00Operational AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualL2232 Point Operating Range 65F to 85F 183C to 294CAmbient Temperature Operating Range Displayed 5F to 150F 15C to 656CSensor Accuracy 2F 77F 11C 25CLow Voltage Limit 115 Volt Units 75 VACLow Voltage Limit 220 Volt Units 175 VACLow Voltage Processor Reset 50 VACLine Voltage 115 Through 240 VACFrequency 50 or 60 HzFan Output 6 Amps 115 VACFan Output 6 Amps 230 VACValve Output 14 Amp 115230 VACFor circuit boards revision F and newerHeater Output using compressor relay 30 Amps 115 VACHeater Output using compressor relay 20 Amps 230 VFor circuit boards revision E and olderHeater Output using heater relay 30 Amps 115 VACHeater Output using heater relay 20 Amps 230 VCompact model Display Panel 319 82mm 25 Panel Cut Out 24 61mm 18 46mmLegacy Display Panel 45 114mm 386 98mm highLegacy model Panel Cutout 3375 86mm X 2875 73mmDisplay Cable 15 Air Sensor optional 7 Air Sensor optional 15 46mStandarAll custom cable lengths supplied in standard 5 15mts 75 or InsideAir Temperature 1Water Inlet Temperature Sensor 1Alternate InsideAir Temperature Sensor optional 1OutsideAir Temperature Sensor optional 1WARRANTY AGREEMENTThis control may be covered under Dometics Unit Warranty or Dometics Part Warranty Please refer to the specific warranty data sheet for more length of display and sensor cables is 75 feet 229me outsideair sensor and alternate air sensor are optional items and are not included with the standard control IO Control Operations ManualSample 3 System Layout ExampleTable 5 System Layout Example Diagram BoxWater Inlet SensorOptional Outside Air SensorControl Display Shielded Display Shielded Sensor CableReturnAir Remote Air Sensor your choice of 2 installation Wiring Diagram AHPassport IO Control Operations ManualL2232 4 Sample Digital Control Wiring is a sample diagram Wire colors may vary See units specific diagram located in electrical box Turn power off before opening electrical boxAHPassport IO Control Operations ManualL2232 ENGLISHRev 20090710L2232

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