Actisense 2014 04 24 Ngw 1 Conversion List 2.420

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Active Research LimitedPoole Dorset UK BH12 3PFT 44 1202 746682W 2420Date8th May 2014NMEA 2000 PGNsthat are sent when thisNMEA 0183 sentence is receivedNMEA 2000 PGNs that require additional data before being Controller Autopilot Sentence B127237 129283 129284DBTDepth Below Positioning System Fix Data126992 129025 129029 129033 129025 129029 129033GSAGNSS DOP and Active 129539GSVGNSS Satellites in Deviation Steering 130310 130311 130312MTWWater 130311 130312MWDWind Direction Speed and Angle Relative Minimum Navigation Minimum Specific GNSS Data126992 127250 127258 129025 129026 129029 129033HDG also Of Sensor GroundWater and Speed and Heading127250 128259VLWDual GroundWater Over Ground and Ground Apparent Wind Speed and Track Error Date126992 129029 129033NMEA 0183 Sentencesthat are sent when thisNMEA 2000 PGN is receivedNMEA 0183 Sentences that require additional data before being sent126992 1F010ZDAGGA GLL RMC127237 1F105127245 1F10DRSA127250 1F112HDG VHWRMC127251 1F113ROT127258 1F503128267 1F50BDBT DPT128275 1F513VLW129025 1F801129026 1F802129029 1F805GGA GLL GSA RMC ZDAVTG129033 1F809ZDAGGA GLL RMC129044 1F814DTM129283 1F903APB RMB XTE129284 1F904APB RMB129291 1F90BGGA129539 1FA03GSA129540 1FA04GSV130306 1FD02MDA MWD MWV VWR130310 1FD06130311 1FD07130312 1FD08MDA MTWActisense NMEA 2000 Gateway conversions issue 2420TheNMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 conversions that are currently 2000 to NMEA that are currently available

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