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Cole Hersee Illuminated Spdt M 54111 01 Toggle For Nav Lights


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aRapid ship item         Available in retail clamshell pack      Minimum order quantity may applyWEATHERRESISTANT SWITCHES54100 SeriesWeatherResistant25ATerminals 250 blade or 632 screwWEATHERRESISTANT SWITCHES   B11 PADDLE HANDLE SWITCHES 25A   B2FREIGHTLINER REPLACEMENT SWITCHES 25A   B3LIGHTED TIP SWITCHES 25AHEAVY DUTY SWITCHES 25A   B5MEDIUM DUTY OFFON SWITCHES 10A   B6HEAVY DUTY  EXTRA HEAVY DUTY SWITCHES 20A AND 30A   B7SPECIALIZED APPLICATION SWITCHES   B8ACCESSORIES   B9INFORMATION  B1061726821006172689490wwwcoleherseecomColeHerseeCo20OldColonyAveBostonMA021272467BATBATBATBATUp On Down Off Two screw terminalsUp On Down Off Two blade terminalsUp Mom On Down Off Two screw terminalsUp Mom On Down Off Two blade terminalsColeHerseeCo20OldColonyAveBostonMA02127246761726821006172689490wwwcoleherseecomWEATHERRESISTANT SWITCHESRapid ship item         Available in retail clamshell pack      Minimum order quantity may applydependentor independentColeHerseeCo20OldColonyAveBostonMA02127246761726821006172689490wwwcoleherseecomB10INFORMATIONSPSTSPDTDPSTDPDTSP and DP refer to single pole and double pole ST and DTrefer to single throw and double throwrefers to the number of circuits controlled by the switchSP switches control only one electrical circuitDP switches control two independent circuits and act like example has four terminals but it is a DP not a 4P switchST switches close a circuit at only one position DT switches close a circuit in the Up position as well as thesame actuator Only two loads can be On at a timesame actuator Only two loads can be On at a timeare also available They are commonly denoted 3PST 3PDT4PDT etc For our switches of this type see Rotary SwitchescAdobeUCSaw3R8RQGzzhihiwU awieZezrmnmUoSgqxouiSmkcPOvyd1EtS z0 VhEEmIkGiQ QZ e Z dk2VM29mTgIuP 9wcAdobeUCSAdobeUCS6JTX3Qc  0ziYGKE6qnjfYsv v 9ww008tiTZAdobeUCSThese switches can be wired to give independent or dependent illuminationDependent switch handle lights up when the switch is OnIndependent switch handle is lit at all times whether the switch is On or OffDisconnect the battery before installation of the switchSPST Switches OffOn54109 5410901 M5411101Diagram A IndependentDiagram B DependentSPDT Switches OnOffOn54110 5411001 M5411101 M5411102Diagram C IndependentDiagram D DependentInterruptores de palanca con palancas iluminadas54109 5410901 54110 5411001 M5411101 M5411102Estos interruptores se pueden cablear para que tengan iluminaci363n independiente o Dependiente la palanca del interruptor se enciente cuando el interruptor est341 en EncendidoIndependiente la palanca del interruptor permanece encendida en cualquier momento ya sea que est351 en Encendido o en ApagadoDesconecte la bater355a antes de instalar el interruptorInterruptores SPST Apagado  Encendido54109 5410901 M5411101Diagrama A Iluminaci363n independienteDiagrama B Iluminaci363n dependienteInterruptores SPDT Encendido 226 Apagado  Encendido54110 5411001 M5411101 M5411102Diagrama C Iluminaci363n independienteDiagrama D Iluminaci363n dependienteInterrupteurs 340 bascule avec poign351es lumineuses54109 5410901 54110 5411001 M5411101 M5411102Ces interrupteurs peuvent 352tre raccord351s de fa347on 340 fournir un 351clairement d351pendant ou D351pendant  la poign351e de l222interrupteur s222allume lorsque celui est 340 On MarcheInd351pendant la poign351e est allum351e en tout temps que l222interrupteur soit 340 On Marche ou 340 Off Arr352tD351brancher la batterie avant d222installer l222interrupteurInterrupteurs UPUD MarcheArr352t54109 5410901 M5411101Diagramme A 351clairement ind351pendantDiagramme B 351clairement d351pendantInterrupteurs UPBD MarcheArr352tMarche54110 5411001 M5411101 M5411102Diagramme C 351clairement ind351pendantDiagramme D 351clairement d351pendantversion 01Cole Hersee Co20 Old Colony Avenue Boston MAUSA 0726872689490Key to the diagramsBAT  BatteryL1  Load 1L2 Load 2J  Jumper wire Connect a wire between the terminalsL1216543BATL2L1216543BATL2L121Clave para el diagramaBAT  Bater355aL1  Carga 1L2  Carga 2J  Cable puente Conecte un cable entre las terminalesCl351 du diagrammeBAT  BatterieL1  Charge 1L2  Charge 2J  Fil de liaison Raccorder un fil entre les bornes

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