March lc 3cp md Pump 0130 0036 1000 r27

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DESCRIPTION The LC3CPMD is a centrifugal magnetic drive pump eliminating the need for a shaft seal Pumps are serviceable with a screwdriver is hermetically encapsulated and liquid cooled which allows the pump to be run fully submerged or in open air for complete moisture protection OPERATION Pumps are not selfpriming lack a suction lift and thus require a flooded suction Pumps cannot be run dry because the impeller requires the liquid being pumped for lubrication For liquids with a specific gravity greater than water have a higher viscosity or for elevated temperatures a trimmed impeller may be necessary For application assistance contact March Pump ELECTRICAL Motors are available in different electrical configurations such as 115 Volt 5060 Hz or 230 Volt 5060 Hz 1 phase The motors are UL listed and rated as continuous duty Models have a 6 foot 18 m cord LIMITED WARRANTY March pumps are guaranteed only against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one year from date of manufacture pumping water For the complete warranty and to register online go to LC3CPMD MODELS LC3CPMD 115 V LC3CPMD 230 V Product 013001580200 013001590200 UNITS 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz Max Flow 85 gpm 31 lpm 85 gpm 31 lpm Max Head 19 ft 82 psi 43 m 19 ft 82 psi 43 m Inlet Outlet FPT Max Internal Pressure 25 psi 172 kPa 25 psi 172 kPa Max Liquid Temperature 130 F 54 C 130 F 54 C Packed Weight 790 lbs 358 kg 795 lbs 360 kg ELECTRICAL 60 Hz W A Hp Rpm W A Hp Rpm 120 20 120 3450 120 10 120 3450 ELECTRICAL 50 Hz W A kW Rpm W A kW Rpm 137 23 0037 2850 100 10 0037 2850 OVERALL SIZE Height Width Length Height Width Length 123 cm 120 cm 187 cm 123 cm 120 cm 187 cm Materials in Contact with Solution Polypropylene Cupric Nickel Buna N Ceramic Ceramic Magnet Also when submerged Epoxy Stainless Ryton Cord All are based on pumping water and are intended as a guideline only Values may vary with different motors DESCRIPTION MATERIAL QTY PART DESCRIPTION MATERIAL QTY PART A Screw 1032 x 112 Lg Stainless 4 082300081000 J Cooling Tube Seal Buna N 2 012500071000 B Cover Polypropylene 1 013000211000 K Mounting Base Polypropylene 1 012500371000 C 332 CS x 21316 OD Buna N 1 013000111000 L Marine Base wGrommets Polypropylene 1 012501130100 D Thrust Washer Ceramic 1 013000281000 M Base Screw Stainless 2 013001321000 E Shaft Ceramic 1 013000241000 N Marine Base Screw Stainless 2 013001461000 F Impeller wCeramic Magnet Polypropylene 1 013000200100 O Plug for Motor Bracket 1 012501101000 G Rear Housing Plug Assembly Polypropylene 1 013000190100 P 116 CS x 716 OD Viton 1 021000081000 H Buna N 1 013000251000 Q LC Epoxy Motor Bracket Cord Assembly NA Not Available I Drive Magnet 1 013000430200 NOTE Contact Factory for other materials andor parts not listed 013000361000 R27 dWiz1 Aak1 ccb6DLTr0h 679GHIQ JpvXr2 hhh2h h8hhDh zNuzruzNu wu Vz p2j2 ZF0d 9p vRqDf0DlD DlDlDllDl LTH Timestamping DSE Timestamping Manufacturing Word 2010magnetic drive pumps marine pump air conditioning pump Word Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps Manual for March LC3CPMD

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