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Zi de Kerandr Rue Gutemberg 56700 HENNEBONT  part number  AND INSTALLATION GUIDEuzd6f   KMtwBE y hqSfsynJ4  user  INPUTWIRED NMEA OUTPUTFI   THE   AWIFI CONNECTION TO   DE FLUXBox user  nke allows ta to be  the Topline bus and wireless peripheral equipment such as smartphones tablets andIt features a NMEA 183input to receive AISdataother data coming from a NMEA compatible instrument and a NMEA 183 output wireIt works as a multiplexer combining AISdata with the Toplinebus data to send them over the link and the NMEA 183 wireoutputNew channels can be created on the Topline bus once the NMEA 183 input has been set up with data coming from auxiliary NMEA  nkeWifi can process NMEA data format through the wire input andor  Wifi wireless connectionThe nke identifies the sentences coming from an AIS receiver orany NMEA 183sourcen autobaudrate detection algorithm allows reception of AIS andNMEA data at 4800 9600 19200 or38400 baudsThe baudrate is saved in the memory once 10 correct NMEA sentences have been receivedThe AIS data flow received viahe NMEA input is sent directly to the Wificonnection and the NMEA 183 outputData coming from the NMEA 183device is sent once the set up procedure has been completed on the Topline  have priorityNMEA 183channel is notconsidered if an equivalent channel is already available on the Topline busOnce the instrument connected to the NMEA 183input stops transmitting data the last values are displayed for64 seconds on the Topline screensThe NMEA input has prioriton thWifi  channelsNMEA sentences    user  LOGVLWIP LOGVLWHOURS   WIND  WIND  TO WPTBWCARING TO WPT TrueBWCCROSS TRACK  OVER  OVER GROUND rueVTGFORESTAY    WIND  TO WCVTARGET SPEEDKEPNEXT TACK  TWAKEPTARGET VMGKEPPOLAR   ANGLEKEPTARGET KEPTARGET VMGKEPBox user manualCURRENT    NMEAOUTPUTThe NMEA 183wireoutput is set to 38400 bauds and sends AIS datafrom the NMEA 183 input and Topline data converted to NMEA standard sentences to instruments from other  following data converted and sent via NMEA 183 depending on the relevant sensors being connected to the  ANGLEDEPHTTRIP LOGTOTAL  HEADINGTRUE  AWA MAST  user    HEADINGCAP OVER GROUNDSPEED OVER GROUNDYEAR MONTHHOUR  TRACK ERRORISTANCETO BEARING TO  SPEEDNEXT TACK HEADINGOPTIMUM WIND ANGLETARGET  ANGLETARGET CMGVMGOPTIMUM ANGLETARGET VMGCURRENT DIRECTIONSPEED CURRENTCURRENT DIRECTIONSPEED CURRENTMAN OVER BOARDBox user  WiFi transmits the AISdata and the NMEAsentences coming from the NMEAinput as well as the NMEAdata from the ToplinebusIt can also forward NMEA data ie bearing and distance to waypoint the Topline bus providing the relevant channels are availabled to the NMEA outputThe nkecreatesa wireless access point 80211bg with the following  21xxxxxxxxxxx matching the serial number featured on the WiFi Boxlabel sticked on the side of the boxaddress 192168561Port 50000TCP   a communication protocol which is based on connection with delivery validation and limits the use to one only hostwhile UDP uses a simple transmission model allowing communication with several hosts  can connect up to hosts  transmitted in NMEA 0183 format identical to the data output via the wire   indicators show the operation status of the Status  user  the InitkeyKey press  audible  InOff no data coming in the  after each valid NMEAsentence  after each nonvalid NMEA sentence receivedNMEA OutFlashes after each valid NMEA sentence sent on the wired NMEA  quickly if its  quickly if its Topline addrelight data bus Toplinewire is disconnected or no masterFlashes every second interfaceand data bus Topline wire is disconnected or no masterSING  and hold1 secto display the number of connected devices up to 5 1 device is indicated by the Topline led lighting red 2 devices by the Topline and NMEA Out 3 devices by the Topline  NMEA Out  NMEA In devices by Topline  NMEA Out  NMEA In  Wifi and 5 devices by all led indicators in red Press and hold3 secfollowed byOFF and ON to reset all NMEA  and holdsec will initialise the NMEA input wire and WiFilisten to NMEA sentences for10 seconds and then create list and nodes for the Topline bus only slavePress and hold 6 sec will launch a second NMEA initialisation and add NMEA channelwithout overwriting the existing table With this function you can add NMEA channels coming from the WiFi connection without editing the configuration of the wired NMEA inputPress and hold9 secto perform a full reset and return to factory settings Box user   box with NMEAconnection 90Before  WiFiis protected from  must be mounted in a location wherethere is no risk of   connection of the mustcarried out before power to the unit is switched onConnection to the Run the nke cable to the  box your systemConnect the bus cable in the junction boxConnect the  to your NMEA 183device or AIS      Box user manualShould you need to shorten the bus cable uncover and tin the wires before connecting in the junction boxWire colour codeswire white   NMEAinputNMEA NMEAinput  NMEAdata coming from an AIS receiver donot need NMEA input calibration It will be directly echoed on the and wired  be setup to identify and save the NMEA sentences received from the connected instrumentGPS PC etc channels are created and  supply 12VdcJunction box9060417DATA  black12VDC   TO TOPLINE BUSInstrument with NMEAor  wireGreen wireNMEA NMEA Wire NMEA 183 OutputTo Topline busRed      Box user manualsaved in the nke memory They will remain on the Toplinebus each time the system is turned onSetup proceEnsure that the NMEA 183connected instrument sends data and press until you hear 3psThe NMEA 183input port will scan for NMEA 183data This is acknowledged by audible signals over10 seconds and a long signal once the scan is completedOnce the scan search is completed the unit will sound one signal per channel which habeen created on the  there is no NMEA data coming this procduregives a slave address to the nke In thcase the Interface is considered as a slave unit by the SET A WIFI CONNECTION TO A  device to the WiFinetwork and use the data coming from your  theWiFi function on your                                DKNrgk7 S8LTWBHLlwlwpr     BFjuakqDLOnzy      Box user manualthe WiFinetwork seeSSID indicated on the WiFi labelthrough the list of available WiFi detectedType in the passwordWPA indicated on the WiFi BoxlabelSet the application you want to use nke  the WiFi Box192168561 Port 50000and the protocolUDP oWARNINGIf your device is using a firewall check and make Port 50000     Box user   lengthx  a3m cble 32gmPower supply8V 32VCurrent consumption at 50  183 automatic baud  from4800 38400 bauds Direct reading of AIS data without input setupNMEA wired outputNMEA 183 38400  192168561Port 50000Protocol TCP   dust and water  temperature20C 60COperating temperature10C to50CPower cable55mm 4      Box user  DE  NMEAOUTPUT NMEATopline BusBOX      Box user  76 aa3223UZSJZ    54 qUZSZ  HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa  a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH  E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY  EhD  EFvhEDCCeCCppE EEadPQXEDY ECDCCe ia  M M M M M   679GHIQ  JpvXr2         hhh2h h8hhDh   zNuzruzNu    wu  Vz     p2j2  ZF0d     9p  vRqDf0DlD DlDlDllDl     LTH        Timestamping  Inc10ccx0L   HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa  a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH  E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY  EhD  EFvhEDCCeCCppE EEadPQXEDY ECDCCe ia    dEeE bch aeeDdD acEeE bch   CEeE bch aeeDCD KEeE bch   9A A  00 60GA 

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