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sPH by NEXUS NETWORK 353KNAIBMvI0A2 Race Software NX2 Race Software the NX2 Race SW with a FDX Server8ded FDX binary file89How to use the NX2 Race SW9ng9Setup your own Polar secondary onAllow NMEA waypoints from Trip Nexus Server NX2 Race SW ca36The 3step Race Software Correction of the winwind38The TRUE pr38heerPolar and Target 41a41NX2 Race Software The NX2 Race SW is a PC Software developed for Windows XP and 2000 It will have limited functionality on other operating systems like Windows 95 and 98 The NX2 Race SW will enable to communicate at network speed with your NX2 instrument system That will give you the possibility to monitor all data at network analyze Setup the system and calibrate it The NX2 Race Software will only work together with a FDX Server A FDX Server has the following label on the cover The Nx2 Race software supplied on this CD is a fully functional version However you wwwsilvase in order to use the Software without limitations Updated versions of NX2 Race SW is always available for download at wwwsilvaseEven if you do not have a NX2 FDX Server yRace Software A logged file from a Race in Sweden is supplied on this CD and the NX2 Race SW will automatically start to display data from that file However you are to settings etc without a Server NMEA The NX2 Race SW is utilizing the FDX protocol between the Server and the PC In order to be able to run your favourite Navigation Software simultaneously the NX2 Race SW creates a virtual port within the PC which sends and receives NMEA data from that The virtual port may have dithe configuration When playthis virtual port enabling you to monitor your race on a cart in your Navigation Software NX2 Race Software Welcome aboard the Nexus Network Through this manual we would like to help you install operate and understand your new NX2 Race SW The Server is the 224heart224 of your Nexus Network to which transducers for speed depth heading wind and navigatFrom the Server the single Nexus Network cable transmits power and data to the instruments which repeat tthe Server or other NX2 The Nexus Network is designed with the industry standard RS 485 data bus which allows you to connect up to 32 Nexus instrument units on the single Nexus Network cable thereby allowing you the flexibility to easily develop your system The Nexus Network is capable of carrying datThe connection system with a single 5 mm 15ith y No need to drill big holes and the cable can be cut to exact lengths The connectimarked with a number for easy reference lays a main and a subfunction together You can your favfunctions by using opy and lock a subfunction The instruments large display gives you very good viewing possibilities from any angle even in bright sunlight The display and twhich you can set to three different lighting levels A large selection of optional analogue repeaters and accessories are available The rly offers unique functions When used together with the steer reference function AWAou can actually steer after the wind and 224expand224 the tacking or down wind angle These Nexus instruments carry a two year warranty which gives you as our customer confidence to trust Nexus and our commitment to quality The Server has a built in PC porcomes with a Serial to USB converter NX2 Race Software wWxTcZ 82617 2Q84dCeDE388 57bB7 78T5P7 06m63OOJNO5847 45 3946768BO 15690 269 199 5EB0644 1 1DOACD253F5BH 24689 693658 12547 1140Aew61 19 q 1A1546 1JNyGK264B 27IN2Amvr8FI 1472503747562 02753041 BrGL5 AOHSLV6HL699 10320DutF9 kkk qqq qqq qqq qqq qqq qqq qqq qqq qqq555 qqq qqq qqq888 qqq333 qqq111 qqq555 qqq000 qqq000 qqq000 qqq000 qqq000 qqq000 qqq000 qqq000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 444 444 444 444 444 444 444 444 333sss III 333 uuueee RRRrrr TTTppp ggg sss XXXSSSYYYccc 222SSSYYYccc SSSYYYccc 222HHH SSSYYYccc KKKppp fyeTgS1G2dyf VHE33XXPHHqrm 106710621 12 19342020200213 izgDWAmj ccczzz 111mmmCCC Race Software Installation of the NX2 Race Software 311 General The NX2 Race Software is a shareware that only fully works together with a FDX Server after registration at wwwsilvase 312 Installing the Software Insert the CD to your computer Open Run Software Brows to your CD normally D Click on Setup Follow the instructions on your screen Now run the NX2 Race Software 313 Register The NX2 Race software requires a registration at wwwsilvase for full functionality When you enter our homepage and register you have to enter your name email an email will be send to the address you stated with you entry code At first start of the NX2 Race SW enter your User name If you do not enter the code NX2 Race SW will be switched off after 20min Race Software 314 Use the NX2 Race SW with a FDX Server Note navigation from a PC NMEA SW is only possible for Servers of version 53 Click on the connector symbol in the top left corner Select the Communication port where tA green light will be turned on in the top right corner when communication is 315 Connect to a prerecorded FDX binary file Instead of connecting the NX2 Race SW to a hardware communication port you may connect to a previously recorded file an exThe software may then be used in the same way as if it was connected to the Server However it is not possible to edit waypoints change calibration values etc The virtual NMEA port see ill be fully functioning even when connected to a prerecorded file That means you can output your data to a Navigation NMEA SW while checking your data The NX2 Race SW will output all data that was logging The NMEA Navigation SW will get data NX2 Race Software 4 Use the NX2 Race SW How to use the NX2 Race SW When the Software is started previously logged file you can start to use the Software 411 Monitoring A preselected layout will appear on the screen you may customize 5 layoutsIn the bottom right corner the playback dialog box will be displayed if connected to a Rate is the speed of which you want to playback the recorded file You may select with 12 11 double speed or Turbo The update rate in Turbo mode depends on the performance of your PC and what other Software222s you are running simultaneously ou are changing only the speed of data rate By moving the bar you can jump to otWrap around If the tick box wrap around is ticked the file starts over from the beginning when it Previous Mark When data is logged to a file you may record a comment at any time As an example you may want to make a note of when ychanges A click on Previous Mark will jump to the previous comment A click on Next Mark will jump to the next comment Race Software Close Close will only close the dialog box not the logged file If you want to open the playand then click Open Playback dialog Setup your own monitor layout Click on the instrument symbol in the top left NX2 Race Software tions may be displayed digital analog or as Strip Charts some only digital Select the type of display you want by double clicking on Now the display appears on the screen You may now move or change the window with You may open as many windows as you want Most data may be displayed as Digital boxSetup the Monitor displays You may Setup each Monitor as follows Right click on the Monitor display you want to Close click to close this Monitor display Night view Will turn this Monitor Display into night view Dampening Select the dampening of this Monitor Display Measured UnitSelect which measurement unit you require Race Software Close click to close this Monitor display Dampening Select the dampening of this Monitor Display Close click to close this Monitor display Night view Will turn this Monitor Display into night view Timespan Select the time span for this strip Average Will display the average both numerical and 1 BAB 1 y cac BAB11 101 1 9891 101 111101 sqs 101 11111BAB 1 ZQR 1 1 BAB 1091 1 1101 1 1 11 111 11 1989101 11 1 BAB1 11 BAB 11109 9A9 BAB101 1 1 101 989 1 989109 BAJ989 1 1 1 BAB 1 101 11 989 11011011 1 1 11 111 1 1 1091 198BB8B10198B 111ZYZB89111 1JIJ11 1 989 101JIJ 11ZYc1 1 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11101109101101 1 11 1101 1011101 11091011 101 1 111101 18911 101 1 1989101 1 101 1 1011 1 BAB1 1101 1011101 11 989 Race Software Display Polar Diagram For how to enter your Polar table see To view the actual Polar Diagram click on Monitor and select Polar Diagram Now you have to load the Polar Table click on Tools Control Load polar Diagram and brows to The NX2 Race SW will continuously update the Polar Diagram with regards to wind angle Wind Speed Boat Speed and TBS Target Boat SpeedTo switch the polar table calculations onoff Click The Polar Diagram The yellow line represents the optimum speed for the corresponding wind angle The white line is representing the current Boat speed and wind angle The length of the line the TBS it will turn red 0012 10 10 00031 101 RQR118910JAB 98BNX2 Race Software Save a layout When you have created a new layout that you wand the Save layout Click on the first 223empty224 layout or on any other if you want to overwrite an existing layout Up to five personal layouts may be stored Load a layout If you want to load an existing layout click on Tools and then on Load Layout Select the layout you want to load and press load NX2 Race Software 461 Setup options Under tools and options you may setup the Software Autoconnect Race SW will automatically connect to the port or file it was connected to last time it was run Record automatically to file If this box is ticked the NX2 Race SW will automatically start to log data in to a file Note when you start the NX2 Race SW you must enter a new file name Autohide will be hidden after the number of seconds ght Note it is only the topbar that will be hidden the monitors will still be displayed To get back the topbar move the mouse cursor at the Keep always on top If this box is ticked The NX2 Race SW will always be on top of other applications on the screen This is very useful if you want to run the NX2 Race SW together with a Navigation Software You may have the chart and the Monitors shown at the same To hide NX2 Race SW you simply click the NX2 Race Software Change connection If you want to change connection eitherbetween a port and a logged file press file and Close connection Click yes to proceed Then click File and Open Source Now you can select if you want to connect to a COM port select whichrecorded FDX binary data file NX2 Race Software Enable secondary connection Tick the box Enable secondary connection and select on which port you want to write and read NMEA data This port is a virtual port within the PC and is no Hardware port Now you can open up any other NMEA applicat the prerecorded file will be Note The virtual port will only run on Windows 2000 or Windows XP 481 Allow NMEA Navigation Data input You may choose if you want to navigate from your NX2 GPA Navigator or if you want your PC Navigation software to navigate If the PC software is navigating the data such as Bearing and distance to Waypoint XTE TTG etc will be send from the PC Software via NMEA into the NX2 Race SW who converts the data into FDX and sends it out on the Nexus Network All instruments on the Network may then display all Navigation Data The drawback of this is that the PC has to powered all the time The other solution is to just transfer Waypoints from the PC Navigation software and then create your own Sailplans and routes in the NX2 GPS Navigator Then you may switch of the PC at any time and the NX2 GPS Navigator will carry on with the 482 Autoconnect at startup If this box is ticked the SW will connect to the same comport or file as it was NX2 Race Software 483 Navigation If you have a NX2 or Nexus navigator GPS Navigator or Multi Centerou can create and edit waypoints and routes from your NX2 Race SW Software All Waypoints and routes are stored directly in your instrument This function will only work if you have waypoints and routes are st484 Waypoint The waypoints showed in the top box are stored in the GPS Navigator When you edit them you are working direct in the memory in the GPS Navigator memory The big advantage with this is that you only work with one waypoint memory and there arwhich waypoints you are working with Anotonce you have entered a Sail Plan you may switch of your PC and the NX2 system will carry on with the navigation When you switch on the PC again the remaining part of the Sail Plan will pop up in the navigation window This is what we call NIN Non Interrupted Navigationand enable you to switch of your PC once you have created a Sail Plan and save power 485 Import waypoints from a NMEA Navigation SW Most NMEA navigation Software222s are able to export waypoints and routes If the NMEA Navigation SW sends out waypoints according to the NMEA standard in a WPL sentence the NX2 Race SW will read them and list them as NMEA waypoints Note that these waypoints are only stored in the PC NX2 Race Software Waypoints received via NMEA will get the prefix NMEA To convert them into NX2 waypoints and store them in the NX2 GPS and edit it You may now give the waypoint a new number and name You may also select all waypoints and select edit The waypoints will then be given numbers in sequence order starting from the number you give the first waypoint In this example the NMEA Navigation SW SeaClear is used most software222s work in a similar way Create a route in the NMEA Navigation SW close the editor and go to File Route In this example a route consisting of 7 waypoints where exported These waypoints will appear in the waypoint editor as NMEA waypoints Mark all 7 waypoints and right click Give the first waypoint the number you want to start with NX2 Race Software In this example we mark the 7 waypoints and give the first no 301 Then press OK The NMEA Waypoint 17 will now become NX2 Waypoint 301307 If you want to create this route in the NX2 GPS Navigator mark all 7 waypoints drag Race Software This Sailplan is now active in your GPS Navigator and you may switch off the PC and carry on the navigation Hint Use the waypoints over 300 as route waypoints Every time you want to import a route make sure all waypoints above 300 are deleted Then use waypoints above 300 as temporary waypoints Note If you want to store the Sailplan as a Route for use in the future you have to store it before you start The waypoints in the The Calibration only works when the PC is connected to the FDX Server All calibration The calibration may be done manually or some minimum system require52 Manual calibration 521 Log calibration ould be described as slip or friction Normally will be constant at all speeds Correction NX2 Race Software log and has to do with the shape of the hull ducer The percentage is the value measured speed will be increased with As an example measured speed is 10 knots and the Correction is 30 the corrected speed will be Advanced corrections he hull it is likely you will have different readings on port and starboard If you tick the use advanced correction box the system will use these calibration values for port and starboard This require a wind transducer to determine on which tack you are Temperature offset oo low you may adjust that up or down 522 Depth calibration Transducer offset The transducer offset is the distance from the transducer to the water surface The value entered in this box will be added to the measured depth If you want to display the mounted 04m below the surface the distance from the transducer to the keel is 12m Enter the value 12m to This function is not yet implemented NX2 Race Software 523 Compass calibration Magnetic variation VAR Set the deviation direction first ie Auto deviation This function is used to auto deviate your Compass Take the boat into a turn in calm sea when steady pressWhen you have taken the boat through the minimum 360 turn press Stop If you want to pause if waves comes up during deviationhen the waves have disappeared Check the Auto deviation This function is used to check your Auto deviation Make a new Auto deviation in calm Clear the Auto deviation If you by any reason prefer to reset the deviation created by the Auto deviation function Magnetic variation VAR Set the deviation direction first ie NX2 Race Software Adjust the Compass alignment This function is used when the Compass is giving mounted exactly aligned as tis entered before you make the alignment adjustment Otherwise you are unable to see the difference between local magnetic variation and alignment error The Compass may be installed 524 Wind calibration Offset is the start value for the wind speed Normally this value is about 05 ms and it will be constant at all wind speeds Gain is the calibration value for the wind speed and has to do with the shape of the propeller The percentage is the value the measured wind speed will increase with As will be 17 ms 10 x 170For two blade propellers the calibration value is 50 For three blade propellers the calibration value is 70 Down wind correction Normally the apparent wind speed increases when you are sailing downwind That has to do with the fact that the wind has to pass the sails which the wind see as an obstacle If you enter 15 the wind speed will be decreased with 15 at 180 degree and half of it here will be no downwind correction NX2 Race Software Tick the box and enter the value for down wind correction Note a mast head rigged boat requires more down wind correction than a fractional rig When you are tacking the apparent wind angle will be distorted due to mast twist upwash and the fact that the boat is heeling All this together will give an error on the apparent wind angle and also on the true wind anglePolar tables etc it is very important that the wind angle and wind speed is correct The upwash correction in these boxes is the values for port and starboard They will only be used when tacking and the you may set the window for when you want to use it Factory calibration y Each transducer comes with calibration 090135 etc This is essential Installation offset and wind shear boat you may enter the misalignment here This is also the value used in the automatic calibration to correct for wind share 525 Automatic Calibration Some functions may be automatically calibraminimum system requirements If you have the following parts in your system Compass transducer Log transducer 223Twin Fin224 wind transducer GPS Position You may calibrate the following NX2 Race Software Down Wind Sailing Tick the boxes for the transducer you have in your system and then select what you want to calibrate Follow the instructions on the screen Fel Hittar inte 531 Timer Here you may start the Race timer at 5 or 10 minuet count down This is only possible if a Server is connected The information will be send out on the Nexus Network to all NX2 Race Software 532 Steer Pilot Here you may select the reference and the 533 Trim Here you may select the reference and the vaThis is to set the reference to trim the All digital instruments connected to the Nexus Network may be remotely controlled from the NX2 Race SW NX2 Race Software To add instruments in the list click Add Tdisplayed at each power up of the system name you want You may enter all instruments on the Network or only those you would like to be able to remote control Then click OK NX2 Race Software Then click on the instrument that you wNX2 Race Software 534 Reset Trip Counter Here you may reset the trip distance Ton the Network and all instruments Trip distance will be cleared simultaneously 535 Man Over Board Here you may start the Man Over Board function The command is broadcasted to all instruments on the Network and all You May Also click the Man Over536 Reinitialize Nexus Network This function will reinitialize the whole network and all instruments connected to it A message Press Key will appear on all instruments and the order you press the keys is 11BH z Race Software The NX2 system together with the NX2 Race SW is able to calculate target Boat Speed from a Polar Table The polar tablesThe polar table is a tab or speeds for specific true wind angles and speeds Every row represents data for a specific true wind speed except first row Which contains the headings ofFirst column contains true wind speeds in knots then the following columns for a specific truewind angle The first and last pair of TBSTWA columns are the best case upwind and downwind respectively and these cocourse up or downwind respectively NX2 Race SW interpolates and extrapolTBS and steering course To achieve that 5 columnpairs of TBSTWA but no moreSo including the column with wind speeds the polar table should have a The format of a polar table is TWS TBS1 TWA1 TBSn TWAn 1st row for table headings no data hereWS1 BS11 WA11 BS1n WA1n 2ns row for a wind speed of WSWSm BSm1 WAm1 BSmnWAmn mth row for a wind speed of WSlast columnpair is best case downwind first columnpair is best case upwind 1st column contains wiare mim x nind angle values in degrees where 3 m 20 and 5 n 20 Wind angles must have the same value on and the last windangle columns whThere must be no empty rows in the file except for one row at the beginning the heading row which is ignored and tAll values must be separated with eitherrows must contain the same number of values ie if row2 has 13 values all other rows should have the NX2 Race Software 551 NX2 Server settings Here you set up the Server configuration Use NMEA Boat Speed If you want to use a NMEA transducer connected to the NMEA input you have to tick this box The Server will then transmit this information on the Nexus Network to all After you have changed this setting you have to restart the system Use NMEA Depth If you want to use a NMEA transducer connected to the NMEA input you have to tick this box The Server will then transmit this information on the Nexus Network to all After you have changed this setting you have to restart the system Use NMEA Compass If you want to use a NMEA transducer connected to the NMEA input you have to tick this box The Server will then transmit this information on the Nexus Network to all After you have changed this setting you have to restart the system Use NMEA Wind If you want to use a NMEA transducer connected to the NMEA inputou have to tick this box The Server will then transmit this information on the Nexus Network to all After you have changed this setting you have to restart the system NX2 Race Software Use NMEA Navigation If you want to use a NMEA navigation connected to the NMEA inputou have to tick this box The navigation data Bearing and Distance to WP XTE etcill then transmitted by the Server on the Nexus Network to all connected instruments After you have changed this setting you have to restart the system Allow WPL Waypoint LocationIf this box is ticked waypoints transmitted from the Navigator will be received by the system Send WPR Waypoint LocationIf this box is ticked waypoints will be transmitted via NMEA out 552 NMEA This setting is controlling the NMEA output from the Server Note it will not affect what is transmitted on the NX2 Race SW virtual port The Server is able to transmit 16 sentences which will take about 2 second You may select which NMEA sentences to send in each box If you want one type of data it twice NX2 Race Software 553 Advanced Automatic tack compensation Here you set the window within which anglbe used In the example the Tack compensation will be used when the Apparent wind angle is between 30260 and 40260 For more information about Tack Compensation see Automatic Polar steering Here you set the window within which anglused For more information about Dampening for computed TBS Set the dampening for input data of TWATWS Set the dampening for output data of TBS Estimated leeway index The Leeway is estimated form a formula The higher the index value is the more leeway is added to the calculations The index number you should use depends on hullshape rudder and keel shape The Leeway index to be used has to be detected empiric For Dampening of ground wind put data of Ground Wind Ground wind is a function calculated in Geographical True Wind Direction compensated for Leeway and Tides To display Ground Wind see Custom Angular Data sent to Nexus Race Software Custom Angular Data sent to Nexus instruments are able to display Custom Angular Data In the NX2 Sail Race SW you may select be Ground Wind ore the Leeway in degrees Setup the Multi Control and Multi XL to display CAD ToIGATE page and the 224empty224 subfunction Then press PAGE together followed byDo not show Nexus messages NX2 Race Software 6 Automatic Calibration 61 The NX2 Race SW calibration process There are 3 basic transducer calibrations can provide you with accurate data and they are The Compass autodeviation procedure The waterspeed calibration procedure The waterspeed advancedon for port and starboard procedure Calibrate when any of the following conditions occur After a new installation At the beginning of a season After a log transducer check If the compass has been moved If the mast or rig is serviced in such a way that the wind transducer might be On a regular basis depending on any other62 The 3step calibration process Start with either the compass 1or the water speed 2NX2 instruments The Auto deviation ofwater with small waves preferably late evenings The Autodeviation can be made in current water and you may do it clockwise or counter clockwise After the Auto deviation also run the Autocheck in the reverse direction You may control that the HDT course is equal with COG by motoring the boat in different directions where there is no current water If there is current water you may only check that HDT COG by going withdegrees and check again by going in the Watch up for placing magnetic parts close to the sensor put up a warning sign 2 WATER SPEED Basic Make the waterspeed calibration by motoring at a normal speed Make two least 1 minute each at a fairly constant speed The basic water speed calibration will later be used Avoid this calibration if you are in a particularly strong tide BABCCCDnqoNX2 Race Software 3 WATER SPEED Advanced and Starboard water speed calibration before you have completed step 1 and 2 Prepare for the up wind sailing defaultith the proposed sail the manual option where you advance to next step manually Sail upwind on the first tack starboard or porthen boatspeed and sail trim is When the starboard or portThe NX2 Race will automatically detect your tack and then wait 1 minute preset When the second leg is done turn the boat for a down wind sailing without The measurement for down wind will start when the AWA has reached 180 Try then to sail safely with the wind as flat 180 degree windhen measurements are done 1 minute will show you the result in the ApplyTo abort the calibration press Cancel NOTE a measure of reliability of the calibration process where highest reliability There are small errorsto adjust for but you may try to adjust the leeway index for your boat The index represents mainly the efficiency of the boats keel The leeway is constantly calculated from a model where wind speed boat speed and wind angles are Leeway index 0 no leeway and index 10 is maximum leeway Leeway is preset to 5 but it can be Race Software 63 Correction of the windspeed downwind When sailing down wind with spinnaker the wind will accelerate over the mast top and give a higher indicated windspeed than it actually is This overreading can be set through the NX2 Race SW in the Server This calibration must however be adjusted manually since there are some conschange this WS correction 1 This overreading down wind is not linear so in light winds with a forward pointing wind transducer the over reading will be low With increased wind speed the difference between air speed and boat speed will increase and also 2 The magnitude ofrelative to a fractional rig This of up to 15 of measured wind 3 When the 1m Twin Fin Racing eliminated This over reading compensation is also gradually reduced relative the actual AWA When you have a 90 degree AWA the WS reduction is 0 and at 180 degree AWA the WS correction is 100 of the maximum compensation As an example if 15 was set the WS correction at 135 degree AWA would be 75 The magnitude of the WS correction must be individually corrected for the boat rig ons The NX2 Server must be turned off and on again to activate the new correction value 64 The TRUE process TRUE is short for Temporary Estimation When the 3step calibration is done the TRUE upwind samade to correct wind angles and measure wind shear The Temporary will include errors created by the heel angle mast twist and change in upwash due to either stronger winds or when recalibrating from a strong to a weaker wind condition The weather conditions will change and wind shear will be different so each TRUE process must be considered as a temporary reference for the day That is why it is easy to recalibrate by use of the TRUE process Race Software The TRUE process can be done during properly carried out you may use the TRUE process even during steady current waterAvoid the TRUE process if the answer is on one of the following questions Is there free wind during the complete upwind calibration Is the wind condition steady enough for a calibration Very large variation in wind speed and direction might degrade the calibration Is the upwind sailing going through an area where the current will vary Activate the TRUE process when you are sailing steady on port or starboard The then whenever you are ready tack The TRUE process will then wait 1 minute before it start to measure again When completed you must apply the result found in the dialogue box You have two options either include or exclude the wind If you choose to add wind shear and offset you will get equal AWA and TWA wind Or you may choose to avoid adding this offset to the wind angle and instead take on on the wind instrument Read the section about Wind Shear and make your decision Race Software 65 Wind Sheer When there is windspeed there is wind shear What is wind shear The main reason for wind shear is due to the Coriolis force The wind will rotate counter clockwise the centre of the low pressure Then there is a friction between above This friction will slow down the airspeed at sea level and gradually up into the free air above This friction will also force so the wind will shear to top and abovehe wind transducer will only measure at one altitude so you need toto adjust the sail accordingly down to deck level Note Several meteorological effects will have impact on the size of the sheared wind When cold and warm air is mixed with faster winds from higher levels gradients and sheared winds may locally change very fast Generally by applying sail trim according to the size of wind shear you can get more power out of the wind on starboard by adding more twist to match the shear on starboard only This will reduce the top force from the wind move the pressure centre downwards and allow for a more forward pointing and efficient wind force The wind instrument will show you that you are sailing lower than port side but it is only a relative illusion since the reference is from your average attack angle and sail trim including wind shear On port side the sheared wind is negative and it requires more flat sail trim The instruments will tell you that you are sailing board tack You have less wind force in the top of the sail so the efficient wind pressure centre is moved downwards Then for a given heel angle you will have a wider wind angle which mean that you are actually not sailing as high as the instrument says At open sea where wind direction is stabilized the waves will follow the wind surface Since this windspeed is reduced by the friction it will therefore point towards the low pressure This means that you will hit the waves slightly harder on starboard then port side on the North hemispherehis is also a reason for adding more twist and power on starboard tack NX2 Race Software Use the TRUE process in the NX2 Race software to calibrate the wind angle difference between port and starboard tack This represents the actual wind shear as an offset angle relative to the sail pressure centre Note The wind shear angle will include a possible mechanical installation offset on the Twin Fin transducer This offset can be noted by running the boat at a time when there is no wind This offset is added in the wind caBy using the knowledge of wind shear when trimming the sail asymmetrically you will be able to use the force in the wind more efficiently on port and starboard tack reach and downwind Also remember that the Ground Wind will be referenced either with or without the wind shear and only at the top of the mast This will also mean that you will have different lay line angles on port and starboard Asymmetric Sailing is faster for those who know and understand this principle too 66 Polar and Target Boat Speed The NX2 Race SW integrates polar data with the NX2 instrument system The t but you may create your own data from IMS to be used in the NX2 Race SW If you have data for your boat please send it to Silva support and it will be avHow to activate Activate the Polar by pressing the Polar symbol First time you are asked to load the p Polar but you may create your own The TBS Target Boat SpeedCreate your own IMS specific Polar Data and place in the Polar File Read the To open your new Polar d67 Steer Pilot and Polar data This unique function can be used both up wind and down wind but the best use and efficiency is mainly when sailing down wind This is how it works The true windspeed and truewind angle are s This data are then used to calculate TBS Target Boat SpeedThe POC Compass heading to steer relative the kss0s0s44s8ks Race Software actual TWAt as a new steer reference 3 timess This means when you are sailing down wind your course to steer are instantly related to the True Wind Angle that will give the fastest speed from the actual True Wind Speed found in the Polar data Activate and Deactivate the POC function Press the Icon with Polar symbol to activate or deactivate TBS and POC If you change the Steer reference to the Steer Pilot from any NX2 instrument the POC function is cancelled and the new reference is activated MEM BTW AWA or CTSTo activate POC again press the Icon with Polar OFF and ON again velocity Made Gooddisplayed on the Steer Pilot where you steer to keep the needle strait up This will give you the fastest speed from the wind according to the polar data independent on wind speed NX2 Race Software NX2 Race Software Copyright 251 Silva Sweden AB Kuskv344gen 4 191 62 Sollentuna Sweden Tel 46 0ax 46 0wwwsilvase Trust Inc10UVeriSign Time Stamping Service Root1402UNO LIABILITY ACCEPTED cc EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY EhD EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia D QXDzzYYFFaHKS XYXY EDEDEeE j Bhja RyE TXYaDRy E I c a a CC5vAp AE PXaYddbQXdd EDYKTX FH FHYYCXddadQX FH

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