Nexus Nx22131 1 Speed Eng

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Installation and Operation Manual English Instrument Installation and Operation Manual English Speed SPEED 1 This manual is written for NX2 SEdition March 2007 Part the to use the LOG TRP20TOTAL LOG LOG20MAXIMUM SPEED MAX20START TIMER DST20DEPTH unitDPT in Nexus and fault Part specification Items delivered with the instrumentQty Drill template Warranty card Tube of silicon grease Connection cover 4pol screw terminal Power cable red and black 3 m 9 ftExtra wire protectors 025 mm 1100224Extra wire protectors 075 mm 132224Log transducer Through hull fitting and dummy plug Registering this product Once you have checked that you have all the listed parts please take time to fill in the warranty document and return it to your national distributor By returning the warranty card it will assist your distributor to give you prompt and expert attention Keep your proof of purchase Also yyou automatically receive new product catalogues when they are released Warranty conditions see chapter 10 Welcome aboard the Nexus Network Thank you for choosing NX2 and welcome to the world of the Nexus Network Through this manual we would like to help you install operate and understand your new Nexus Network The NX2 speed log may be used stand alone where the log transducer is connected direct to the Speed Instrument or in a Nexus Network where the log transducer is connected to the Server and the Speed instrument work as a The Speed instrument will automatically sense if it is stand alone or in a Nexus Network The Server is the 224heart224 of your Nexus Network to which transducers for speed depth heading wind and navigation GPSFrom the Server the single Nexus Network cable transmits power and data to the instruments which repeat The Nexus Network is designed with the industry standard RS 485 databus which allows you to connect up to 32 NX2 instrument units on the single Nexus Network cable thereby allowing you the flexibility to easily develop your system The Nexus Network is capable of carrying datThe connection system with a single 5 mm 15ith on easy No need to drill big holes and the cable can be cut to exact lengths The connections at the Server are colour coded and marked with a number for easy reference The instruments large display gives you very good viewing possibilities from any angle even in bright sunlight The display and the five pushbuttons have red back lighting which you can set to three different lighting levels These NX2 instruments carry a two year warranty which gives you as our 2 and our commitment to quality To get the most out of your new NXcarefully before you start your installation Again thank you for choosing NX2 If you see us at a show stop by and say hello The installation includes 6 major steps1 Read the installa2 Plan where to install t3 Run the cables 4 Install the transduc5 Take a break and admire your installation 6 Learn the functions and calibrate your system Before you begin drilling think about how you can make the installation as neat and simple as your boat will allow Plan wand instruments Think about leaving space foA few 224do nots224 you should consider Do not cut the cables too short Allow without having to disconnect all Do not place sealant behind the display The instrument gasket eliminates Do not run cables in the bilge where water can appear Do not run cables close to fluores engine or radio Do not rush take your time A neat installation is easy to do The following material is neededWire cutters and strippers Hole saw for the instrument clearance hole 63 mm 2275Hole saw for the Through hull fitting hole 43 mm 1 1116If you are doubtful about the installation of an experienced 3 Installing the instrument Place the adhesive drill template on the desiro pin bolts Use a 63 mm 2275hole saw to rument connection socket Remove the Screw the two pinbolts to the instrument Put the instrument in place Screw the two nuts from the back Note The two nuts must just be tighten by hand 31 Mount the transducer 311 Correct location of paddlewheel transducer Generally the transducer forward as possible along the waterline length and It is important that the transducer is always in the water within the whole speed range of the Please note that the actual waterline length of fast power boats shortens considerably at high placed at 2535 along the true waterline from the bow when at full speed Example Sailboats with a fin keel must have the transducer On sailboats with a pronounced 223V224 in the hull such as fullkeel yachts it might be favourable to angle the transducer slightly so that it aims at the bow rather than directly parallel to the This will help balanced the passing water flow measurement from one tack to another sharp hull chines Transverse water flow in these areas can affect the accuracy of you have a questions about the location of the throughhull contact your builder yacht dealer or other owners of similar boats for advice Always remember to allow for accessibility from the inside of the yacht when determining the final location 312 Installing the through hull fitting Slide both rubber Orings on the dummy plug Generously apply the silicone grease to the exterior of the dummy plug Install the dummy plug in the throughhull fitting Use a slow twisting motion and be sure that is properly seated into the fitting With the dummy plug properly installed in the through 226hull fitting mount the fitting so that the handle is exactly at right anglesApply the polyurethane sealing compound on ttighten the nut on the inside by hand the nut and apply sealant on the inside Tighten the nut again by hand Install the wire locking device onto the dummy plug paddlewheel transducer AKhOkw Run and install the cables Run the Transducer cabl If you want to cut the Nexus Network cable to length disconnect 4pole jack plug and cut the cable Peel off about 35 mm 14cable insulation Remove about 6 mm 14from the 3 isolated wires the 4th wire is an earth screento the wires using a pair of flat pliers Connect the 4 cable protjack plug as shown Apply silicon paste on all shown Note Must be done to avoid corrosion Silicon paste Apply silicon paste to the instrument connec Mount the connection back cover with the screw 314 Installing instrument to the Server directly to the Nexus Network in a daisy chain They all use the same colour coded 4pole jack 315 Installing the transducer direct to the instrument If you use the NX2 speed as a stNetworkhe power supply are connected 1 Disconnect the connector on the transducer cable only used when connecting to Server 2 Connect the transducer to the instrument as below 3 Connect power to the instrument always remember to use a 3 Amp fuse between the battery and the instrument 4 Note that there are no power onoff switch on the instrument In order to switch of the instrument a external switch has to be added on the red 12V cable White Yellow 3A Fuse 316 Installing transducer to the Server The log transducer are supplied with a connector for quick Yellow White 4 First start 41 Initialising the instrument Only in a Nexus Network At power on the instrument will perform a self test The display will first show all segments then the software version number and the Nexus Network ID number At first power on after installation you will be asked to press PrESkeyhis will give the instNexus Network To initialise the instrument press on all installed digital Note Always wait for the text 224Init OK224 to be displayed before you press SET on the next instrument The Server automatically gives the first unit ID number 16 then 17 and so on The order in which you press order as the instruments will be Nexus Network The example shows that the instrument version number is 20 and 42 Reinitialising the instrument If two instruments by mistake have the same ID number this can cause disturbance and block the To reinitialise the instrument press CLEAR during the power up sequence when version and ID numbers are displayed The display self test is then restarted on all instruments and you will be asked to press KEY on each instrument as explained Note If you do not succeed to reinitialise we suggest you with the same ID number then 51 About this manual In this manual each time a pushbutton is refereed to the pushbutton name will appear in CAPITALPAGE Unless otherwise stated tmomentary Each time a function is mentioned in the text it will be in brackets and in the same format where possible as displayed ex TRP52 How to use the pushbuttons 521 PAGE The PAGE button is used to move the cursor when in edit mode PAGE to the right for every press A press on PAGE 523 PLUS 524 SET When unlocked the digits are 224active224 flashesby pressing PAGE When finished editing lock the digit by another press on 525 Clear cancel reset CLEAR526 Calibration To access calibration mode press and hold To return to mainfunction mode press when the text return RETn 527 Lighting The instrument uses red back lighting for the display and the 5 pushbuttons The lighting can be seTo quick access the light control press and hold PAGE than 2 seconds The flashing text Lit OFFill be displayed and the display will be lit momentarily To select between the 4 light levels Press MAX and OFF To lock the selected level press The selected light level will be copied to all NX2 instruments connected to the system When the li6 SPEED functions 61 SPEED mainfunction Boat speed through the water Unit available in knots KT 62 SPEED subfunctions 621 TRIP LOG TRP019999 NM only displayed in NM Distance covered from power To reset TRIP LOG press CLEAR622 TOTAL LOG LOG019999 NM only displayed in NM Can not be reset 623 MAXIMUM SPEED MAXMaximum speed since power on or from reset of timer To reset CLEAR624 START TIMER STACount down timer from 59 to 1 minutes To start the timer from minus 10 minutes 10222STAThe figure 1 in 10 is flashing If you want to start count down from If you want to start the timer from any other time 59 to 1 minutefor example minus 5 minutes 5222STAPAGE as required to set 5 minutes and start the timer with When started displays the count down time in minutes and he alarm will sound once every 625 TIMER power on or from end of start timer count down To reset press CLEAR626 AVERAGE SPEED AVSAverage speed from power on or from reset of timer To reset CLEAR627 DISTANCE DSTCovered distance from power on or from reset of timer This distance are reseted when the start timer reach zero 628 DEPTH unitDPT Only in Nexus Network Depth from the water surface or the keel depending on calibration Unit available in meters mFT or fathoms FASee 722C21The text alternates between the selected unitDPTTo get the most out of your Nexus Network it is important to carefully calibrate the Network The calibration values are stored in a non volatile memory To access calibration mode press and hold To select a calibration code press PAGE To return to normal mode press when the text return RETis displyed To change a calibration value press To select calibration value press PAGE To lock the selected value press In a Nexus Network all calibration groups are available The different calibration routines are divided into five groups C20 calibration of DEPTH C30 calibration of NAVIGATE C50 calibration of WIND C70 calibration of Network and NMEA settings For instructions see the If you use the NX2 Speed stand alone the following calibration groups are available 71 Calibration of speed C10 711 C10 Return RETTo return to normal mode press 712 C11 Unit KTSUnit for speed Knots KTSKhmh713 C12 125 CAL Compare the distance withCalculate the value with the following formula True distance from the sea chart T The current calibration value C New calibration value If you suspect a current in the water divide trip counter distance by 2 714 C13 DAMPING SEADamping of indicated boat speed through the water Controls the To change damping press To select damping level press MAXTo store the value press is rough you may want to the readout on the display then MAX for each 72 C20 calibration of depth 721 C20 RETTo return to normal mode press 722 C21 Unit m723 C22 000 ADJThis option is used to select whether the displayed water depth is measured from the water level or the keel To measure from the keel use the minus 012 ADJhe distance frTo measure from the water surfac 004 ADJThe distance water surface is 04 m The selected value will be subtra724 C23 Unit260CUnit for temperature Celsius Cahrenheit F725 C24 0260C TMPTo add use underlining character 1 TMP To subtract use minus character 1 TMP8 Maintenance and fault finding To clean the instrument use only mild soap solution and rinse with water Do not use detergents or high pressure washing equipment At least once a year check all your connections and apply Always use the instrument cover for protection when not in Storing transducers and instruments when not in use for longer periods It is advisable totransducers and store them insi82 Fault finding Before you contact your NX2 dealer and to assist your dealer to give you a better service please check the following points and 225 All connected instrument and transducers including their software version numbers 225 Server software version number 225 Nexus Network data bus ID numbers for each instrument displayed at power up821 General In most cases the reason for or poor connections Therefore always first check that 225 Installation and connection is made per instructions for 225 Screw terminals are carefully tightened 225 No corrosion on any connection points 225 No loose ends in the wires causing short cuts to adjacent wires 225 Cables for damage that no cables are squeezed or worn 225 Battery voltage is sufficient should be at least 10V DC 225 The fuse is not blown and the 225 The fuse is of the right type 225 Two instruments do not have t822 Fault action C95 COGF if no navigator is connected If wrong speed and distance are displayed calibrate the unit For more information sIrregular values 9 Specifications 91 Technical specifications Dimensions 43x43 Instrument cable 8 m 26 ftPower supply 12V DC 1016Vhe instrumy protected Power consumption at 12V Speed log instrument 008W with maximum lighting 08W Temperature range Storage30260to 80260C 22260to 176260F Operation 10260 to 70260C14260to 158260F Speed log instrument 260 gram 917 ozEnclosure Speed log instrument Water proofCE approval The products conforms to the EMC requirements for immunity and 92 Optional Accessories Below find a selection of optional accessories available Please contact your local NX2 221183 Multi Control instrument and Server 8m cable 221182 Multi Control and Server with Speed Log and depth transducer 8m cable 221181 Speed log with log 221184 Wind Data with transducer 25m cable mast bracket 221185 Compass Data with transducer 35260 8 m cable 221186 GPS Navigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable 221201 Server compl with 3m power cables 199158 Depth transducer 8m cable for NX2 only 207211 CFwind transducer Carbon Fibre MTC Mast Twist Antenna with NMEA 0183 output all supplied with 02m cable221171 Speed log instrument 221173 Multi Control instrument 221174 Wind Data instrument 221175 Compass Data instrument 221176 GPS Navigator instrument 221177 Autopilot instrument NX2 Analog Instruments all supplied with 02m cable2211501 NX2 Analog Wind Angle 2211502 NX2 Analog Steer Pilot 2211503 NX2 Analog Speed Trim 2211505 NX2 Analog Speed 016kts 2211506 NX2 Analog Speed 050kts 2211507 NX2 Analog Depth 0200m 2211508 NX2 Analog Depth 0600ft 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 2211510 NX2 Analog Compass 2211511 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 016kts 2211512 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 050kts 2211513 NX2 Analog GPS Course Remote Control Instrument RCIith Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 212181 Bracket Remote Control instrument llows cable cable Multi XL instrument 4m cable RCI or Multi Center needed to control Multi XL216841 Multi XL Set Multi XL instrument and Remote Control instrument NX2 GPS 221186 GPS Navigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable 221176 GPS Navigator instrument GPS Antenna with NMEA 0183 output 209922 Bracket GPS Antenna plastic with female thread 1 x 14 tpi Nexus Autopilot components 221177 Autopilot instrument Remote Control instrument with Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 210352 Servo Unit A1510 8m cable 2113424 Pumpset PF03 24V Pumpset PF03S 12V with solenoid 2134124 Pumpset PF03S 24V with solenoid 6999112 Integrated Linear Drive HP40 stroke 254mm peak thrust 500kg 10 Warranty our products are designed and built to comply to the highest class industry standards If the products are correctly installed maintained and operated as described in the installation and operation manual they will provide long and reliable service Our international Network of distributors can provide you with the information and assistance you may require virtually anywhere in the world Please read through and fill in this warranty card and send it to your national distributor for LIMITED WARRANTYThe warranty covers repair of defective parts due to faulty Manufacturing and includes labour when repaired in the country of purchase The warranty period is stated in the product manual and commences from the date of purchase The above warranty is the only warranty and no other terms expressed or implied will apply The Manufacturer specifically excludes the implied warranty of and fitness for a particular purpose The supplied warranty card and receipt with proof of purchase date must be shown to validate any warranty claim Claims are to be made in accordance with the claims procedure outlined below The warranty is and extends only to the original purchaser The warranty does not apply to Products from which serial numbers have been removed faulty installation or incorrect fusing to conditions resulting from improper use external causes including service or modifications not performed by the Manufacturer or by its national distributors or operation outside the environmental parameters specified for the Product The Manufacturer will not compensate for consequential damage caused directly or indirectly by the malfunction of its equipment The Manufacturer is not liable for any personal damage The Manufacturer its national distributors or dealers are not liable for charges arising from sea trials installation surveys or visits to the boat to attend to the equipment whether under warranty or not The right is reserved to charge for such services at an appropriate rate The Manufacturer reserves the right to replace any products returned for repair within the warranty period with the nearest equivalent if repair within a reasonable time period should The terms and conditions of the warranty as described do not affect your statutory rights CLAIMS should be returned to the national distributor or one of its appointed dealers in the country where it was originally purchased Valid claims will then be serviced and returned to the Alternatively if the equipment is being used away from the country of purchase it may be returned to the national distributor or one of its appointed dealers in the country where it is being used In this case valid claims will cover parts only Labour and return postage will be invoiced to the sender sense must be used at all times when navigating and the navigation equipment should only be considered as aids to navigation The Manufacturers policy of continuous improvement may result in changes to product specification without prior notice WARRANTY CARD TO BE RETURNED TO YOUR NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR CityZip Code Country Date of purchaseDate installed Dealers stamp Tick here if you do not wish to receive news about future 251 Nexus Marine AB Kuskv344gen 4 191 62 Sollentuna Sweden Tel 46 0ax 46 Trust Inc10UVeriSign Time Stamping Service Root1402UNO LIABILITY ACCEPTED cc EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY EhD EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia D QXDzzYYFFaHKS XYXY EDEDEeE j Bhja RyE TXYaDRy E I c a a CC5vAp AE PXaYddbQXdd EDYKTX FH FHYYCXddadQX FH

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