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performance by NEXUS YXRU X EDEDYX ERX DYYKS XsEDEDYX sERXs DYYKS cYEeE bch aeYeDcD EeE bch 4PEeE bch aePeD4D G7EeE bch FFv Kk5BBev FF v BBB VWjyB 09Be0Gfddz5wxN 9e8GB6 e5PoooiiirisO H 75B e8V36mgFx5B a38f6e 1y6Ocdhe18v B ig5qzSUB WIND DATA 41 Thank you for choosing NX2 Wind Data instrument We are convinced that you will appreciate all the valuable information either ythat you are following this there are some systems settings that are dependent on where This manual is written for NX2 WiEdition May 20021 Part 2 Installation7 3 Installing the instrument8 31 Installing cable10 32 Connections in Nexus Network10 33 Connection of log transducer11 4 First start only in a Nexus Network12 41 Initialising the instrument12 42 Reinitialising the instrument12 5 Operation13 51 About this manual13 52 How to use the 5 pushbuttons14 521 PAGE14 522 MINUS14 523 PLUS14 524 SET15525 Clear15526 Calibration15 527 Lighting15 53 Main function54 Analogue function16 55 Apparent Wind Speed AWS552 True Wind Speed TWS553 True maximum Wind speed17 554 Velocity Made Good VMG17 555 Battery556 557 558 Wa559 Trim function for optimum Wind angle or speed option18 56 More functions in a Nexus Network20 561 Geographic Wind direction TWD21 562 WCV Waypoint Closing Velocity21 563 Xtrack error XTE22 564 HDC NXT Course after tack or jibe22 565 BTW NXT Bearing and angle deviation relative next course23 6 Calibration25 61 C10 User settings25 611 C11 Select the dampening25 612 C12 Select main information25 613 C13 Displaying boat speed trip log and temperature option26 614 C14 Display NAV functions option26 615 C15 Beep when SET is pressed26 62 C20 Calibration of Log26 621 C21 Select unit for speed26 622 C22 Calibration of log transducer26 623 C23 Unit for temperature27 624 C24 Temperature offset27 63 C30 Compass Settings27 631 C31 True or magnetic course27 632 C32 Magnetic deviation27 633 C33 Reference for Compass static or GPS27 64 C50 Wind Settings28 641 C51 Network setting of true or apparent Wind angle28 642 C52 Unit for Wind speed28 643 C53 Wind speed calibration28 644 C54 Adjustment of Wind angle28 645 C55C62 Calibration table for the Wind transducer28 646 C63 Speed reference water or GPS29 647 C64 Wind trim reference29 648 C68 Roll adjustment29 649 C69 Pitch adjustment29 65 C70 Configure NX230 651 C71 Windmaster30 652 C72 Logmaster30 653 C73 Function on terminal In330 654 Connection of trim button31 655 C74 Demo PAGE31 7 Maintenance and fault finding32 71 Maintenance72 Fault finding32 721 General32 722 Fault action33 723 Error messages33 8 81 Technical 82 Nexus Network introduction and user policy34 9 Optional Accessories35 10 y36 1 Part specifications NX2 Wind Datais delivered with all parts for mountWind Data instrument Qty Description Reference1 Instrument NX2 Wind Data 1 1 Instrument front cover 2 1 Drill template 3 1 Installation and user manual 4 1 Warranty card 5 2 Pin bolts for instrument mounting 6 2 Nuts for instrument mounting 6 1 Tube of silicon grease 6 1 Connection cover 6 2 4pol screw terminal 6 1 Power cable red and black 3 m 9 ft7 5 Extra wire protectors 025 mm 11008 5 Extra wire protectors 075 mm 1328 Additional in Wind Data complete with transducer 1 Mast top cable 25m 83 ft9 1 Wind transducer NX2 10 3 Mounting screws for mast bracket 11 1 Mast head bracket 12 Registering of this product Once you have checked that you have all the liswarranty document and return it to your national distributor By returning this document it will assist your distributor to give you prompt and expert attention in the event of your experiencing difficulties with this product Keep your proof of purchase Also your details are added to our customer database so that you automatically receive new product catalogues as and when they are released WIND DATA 46 You can install the NX2 Wind Data in three different ways The wind transducer connected directly to the NX2 Wind Data instrument By using the connection kit when both log and wind transducers are installed with a single Wind Data The installation may also include a NX2 Server where all transducers may be er will pass along one cable The installation includes 6 major steps1 Read the installa2 Plan where to install t3 Run the cables 4 Install the transduc5 Take a break and admire your installation 6 Learn the functions and calibrate your system Before you begin drilling think about how you can make the installation as neat and simple as your boat will allow Plan where to position the transducers Server and instruments Think about leaving space foA few do nots you should considerDo not cut the cables too short Allow extra cable length at the Server so it without having to disconnect all Do not place sealant behind the display The instrument gasket eliminates Do not run cables in the bilge where water can appear Do not run cables close to fluorescent light sources engine or radio Do not rush take your time A neat installation is easy to do The following material is needed Wire cutters and strippers Small and large Philips and small flat head screw driver Hole saw for the instrument clearance hole 63 mm 2 5 mm Plastic cable ties If you are doubtful about the installation obtain the services of an experienced 3 Installing the instrument Place the adhesive drill template on the desired location for the instrument Drill the 2 holes using a 5 mm o pin bolts Use a 63 mm 2hole saw to rument connection socket Remove the Screw the two pinbolts to the instrument Screw the two nuts from the back Note The two nuts must just be tighten by hand Run the Nexus Network cable from the Server If you want to cut the Nexus Network cable to length disconnect 4pole jack plug and cut the cable Peel off about 35 mm 14cable insulation Remove about 6 mm 14from the 3 isolated wires the 4th wire is an earth screento the wires using a pair of flat pliers ectors to the 4pole jack plug as shown Apply silicon paste on all locations as shown Note Must be done to avoid corrosion Silicon pasteApply silicon paste to the instrument connecMount the connection back cover with the screw Your instrument installation is done 31 Installing cable The power cable is connected via a 3A fuse from the battery or at the boats fuse panel One red and one black power wire is included Always connect a 3 AMP fuse between Power supply and instrument 32 Connections in Nexus Network If you already have a Nexus Network ie a SeOFF see 651The instrument is then connected to the Servers Nexus Network terminal pin 5 6 7 and 8 instrument 3A NEXUS instrument 33 Connection of log transducer If you have an other log instruma 220 log you may connect the single log pulse wire from that instrument to the Wind If you dont have a log instrument but wantFrom log transducer 2200 or 2203A Fuse4 First start only in a Nexus Network41 Initialising the instrument At power on the instrument will perform a self test The display will first show all segments then the software version number and the Nexus Network ID number At first power on after installation you will be asked to press PrSSETment a logical ID number on the Nexus Network To initialise the instrument press on all installed digital Note Always wait for the text Init OK to be displayed before you press SET on the next instrument The Server automatically gives the first unit ID number 16 then 17 and so on The order in which you press is the same order as the instruments will be given a logical ID number on the Nexus Network The example shows that the instrument version number is 100 and 42 Reinitialising the instrument If two instruments by mistake have the same ID number this can formation on the Nexus Network To reinitialise the instrument press and during the power up sequence when version and ID numbers are displayed The display self test is then restarted on all instruments and you will be asked to press Note If you do not succeed to reinitialise we suggest you disconnect all but one instrument with the same ID number then 51 About this manual Each time a pushbutton are referred to in this manual the pushbutton name will appear in otherwise stated the pushbutton presses are momentary Each time a function is mentioned in the text it will be in brackets and in the same format where possible as displayed This manual has been written to be Compatible with Wind Data instrument from software version 10 All functions followed by the text is not valid in a factory setup instrument See calibration to be able to display these Note We have put in a lot of effort in order to make this manual correct and complete But since we continuously make our products better some information can differ from the products functions If you need your national distributor 52 How to use the 5 pushbuttons 521 PAGE PAGE change the PAGE of the graphical display It scrolls in a circular pattern one step for every press The PAGE used to move the cursor when in edit PAGEone step to the right for every press PAGEWhen in editing PAGE a long press 2secPAGE will escape 523 PLUS 524 SET When unlocked the digits are active flashesand can be edited by pressing PAGE When finished editing lock the digit by another press on 526 Calibration To access calibration PAGE press and hold SET seconds To return to main function PAGE press when the text return RET527 Lighting The instrument uses red back lighting for the display and the 5 pushbuttons The lighting can be seTo quick access the light control press and hold PAGE than 2 seconds The flashing text the display will be lit momentarily To select between the 4 light levels press FTo lock the selected level press The selected light level will be copied to all NX2 instruments connected to the system When the lighting is on it is not possible 53 Main functiondata is relative Wind angle AWAan alternative to AWAATWATo change between these func54 Analogue function Change Wind scale between with PAGEscale is shown with the LCD arrow pointing at scale The textangle or Wind speed The text means that both APP and TRUE Wind angle is displayed in scale 180 The text MIX 60 means that both APP and TRUE is displayed in scale 60 The scale can be altered between 60 and 180 to get more See the example below Subfunctions Select subfunction with Information text for the subfunction is displayed You may also park your favourite function so it will automatically be displayed after power on PAGE to park the displayed function The display will flash once to confirm that you have parked the 551 Apparent Wind Speed AWSThe textpeeded below The text AWSS552 True Wind Speed TWSThe text Tpeeded below The text Tpeedith the text KTS553 True maximum Wind speed in the subfunction TWSWind speed After 5 seconds the display will go back to TWSCLEARswitch off the power 554 Velocity Made Good The textdisplayed with the actual boat speed towards or against the Wind The water speed information from the log transducer is needed The speed transducer or from Nexus Network VMG 00 knots when the true Wind angle is 555 Battery voltage BATThe text BAT voltage The voltage is measured inside the instrument and will not compensate for any voltage drop caused by installation 556 Boat speedThe textAs an option you may add or remove displaying boat speed under calibration 557 The text Ts After 999 000 is displayed Clear trip by pressing CLEAR558 Water temperature TThe text TFahrenheit This function require a NX2Ne559 Trim function for optimum Wind angle or speed option The text Tangle or to discover speed changes caused by sail or rig trimming y be used when the Wind Data is connected to Nexus Network As the first example we will use TTo trim on wind angle deviation select the text CLEAR the display wconfirm with The default or latest usedind angle is displayed You may accept the proposed angle by pressing the or enter a new Wind angle with PAGE before confirming with The entered Wind angle will be lost when power off You may however select a default Wind anglEvery time you select this function or after power up the preset On the display you will see the text TRM and AWA toggling together with your Wind angle On the graphic part you will see your izontal segment when actual angle is equal to the preset angle At the same time you will see apparent and true Wind angle The deviation is displayed visible upwards or downwards from the horizontal line to 15 The maximum visible deviation is 15 When the deviation is between 15 When larger then 30 the segmTrim on speed CLEAR Select text BSP pressing with There is a number of different TThe Wind Data instrument can also display deviation from optimum calculated boat speed Tor Target Boat SpeedThe TBS is normally calculated by use of polar diagram on PC with racing software The value through the NX2 Server on the NMEA 0183 input The Server will then transmit TBS on the Nexus Network On the Wind Data display you will see both the digital value in You may select speeds to Boat speed Log transducer AWS Apparent Wind Speed TWS True Wind Speed Log transducer SOG Speed Over Ground Navigator Drift Compass Navigator Speed towards a waypoint Navigator Velocity Made Good Optimum speed based on polar diagram NMEA 0183 through NX2 Server Function is OFF Each sector represents 2flashing Select dampening level and confirm with The text OFFed to show that the function is selected but no reference is yet set The display will now show you the textor whatever trim you have selected The speed variation is expressed in from set value every time you wish to set a new trim reference value There is an option to use an external trim button to set a new More functions in a Nexus Network By adding or usingind Data instrument in the Nexus Network more functions will be added if the corresponding The Wind Data functions may be added or removed by the user The Wind Data instrument can be used in a small Network together with the Multi Log or analogue instrument without a Server In order to make the installation easy when using both log and Wind transducer in a small Network we recommend you to install with connection kit artno 21453 Only one cable will carry the signals to tworkpower cable to the Multi When using the Wind Data in a bigger Network with more then 3 transducers we recommend you to use the NX2 Server Only one cable will be used to connect all instruments You will also If you need to be able to read the depth information on more then one instrument the Server is the only choice Network bonus function Each sector represents 2If you are using the race timer on the Multi or Log instrument you will have a graphical 60 second countdown timer popping up on 561 Geographic Wind direction TWDTo get this function set NAV On C14 See 614Text TWDdirections direction below The graphic direction is also displayed by pressing PAGE one or more times until the display to the right is displayed together with the pointlled you may use the GPS as a When the boat is laying still theTWD will be random readings You may also check long term geographical Wind shifts by Wind direction as a remainder The marker will stay until power off or by clearing the function A Wind shift of 5 will be easy to detect after hours of sailing Select function TWD 360PAGE and when the text TWDThe marker is now set When there is a constant Wind shift you will see this marker as a slow blinking reminder of the origin Wind 562 WCV Waypoint Closing Velocity To get this function set NAV On C14 See 614The text WWaypoint if a Waypoint is selected in your GPS navigator Each sector represents 5563 Xtrack error XTE To get this function set NAV On C14 See 614The text XTEy when this function is selected then a symbolic boat is displayed on one side of the road which is displayed as three vertical lines Your boat will be displayed on the The distance is also displayed and 564 HDC NXT Course after tack or jibe To get this function set NAV On C14 See 614This function also needs a Compa the HDC may be replaced by the COG Course over ground setting the reference in COG See TAfter 4secs the text NXTogether with the true or magnetic The boats drift must be included in your decision when to After a tack it will take some minute before the new tack angle is steady due to the dampening Ttoggling but they can be locked or unlocked by use of the 565 BTW NXT Bearing and angle deviation relative next course To get this function set NAV On C14 See 614This function is using both angle deviation between the bearing he angle deviation is exactly what you should expect after the tack BTWshowtack or downwind angle that you would expect if you where tacking or jibing You may use COG but our recommendation is to use the Compass since the response and accuracy is superior If you use COG without a differential GPS you will loose too much accuracy in the BTWTACK Example If you expect your drift to be 05 your tack should be made when you read NXT 05While you are approaching the properie 12 and then increasing to 00 which is on lay line after tack except for the drift which is the margin you must add to compensate This function is only used on the last leg Down WindWhen sailing down Wind the boat can always be sailing at the highest WCV speed towards the markhen NXTshould jibe because your drift is not important The functions BTWunlocked by use of the This function is only used on the last leg To get the most out of your NX2 carefully calibrate the instrument The calibration values are stored in a non volatile memory To access calibration PAGE press and hold To select a calibration code press PAGETo return to normal operation PAGE press when the text return RETed The different calibration routines are divided into five groups C10 C15 USR User settings C50 C64 WND Wind transducer C70 C74 CON Configuration of the NX2 system To change a calibration value press To select calibration value press PAGETo lock the selected value press 61 C10 User settings To return to normal PAGE press when the text rETdisplayed 611 C11 Select the dampening The dampening will affect Wind angle Wind speed boat speed and VMG Dampening is between d0 0s120To change the dampening press and change with and enter with 612 C12 Select main information Select function to be display at the top left of the LCD display There is five options AWA Apparent Wind Angle True Wind angle by the use of log transducer AWS Apparent Wind speed True Wind speed by use of log transducer Main setting for the NX2 system When selected all instruments using WIA will be system affected and following 613 C13 Displaying boat speed trip log and temperature option When set to OFF the functions will be removed from the display The Wind Data instrument may be used as a Server in the Nexus Network transmitting the log and tewithout having the information displayed in this instrument 614 C14 Display NAV functions option NAV functions are only useful when the Wind Data is connected in a Nexus Network with Compass transducer and a navigator The NAV On will add the functions BTW XTE etc 615 C15 Beep when SET is pressed will make a beep at every key press while C20 Calibration of Log To return to normal PAGE press when the text C21 Select unit for speed Unit for speed knots KTSKhmh622 C22 Calibration of log transducer Compare the distance wiCalculate the value with the following formula True distance from the sea chart T Log trip counter distance L The current calibration value C New calibration value N If you suspect a current in the water drive the boat in both directions and divide trip counter distance by two If the Wind Data is installed with NX2 Server where the log is already calibrated no further calibration is needed 623 C23 Unit for temperature C624 C24 Temperature offset Bye value here it will be added as an offset before display63 C30 Compass Settings To return to normal PAGE press when the text C31 True or magnetic course This function is only used when the Nexus Netwdirection as magnetic The LCD indication is MAGFto display all as true 632 C32 Magnetic deviation Set the deviation direction first ie 633 C33 Reference for Compass static or GPS connected to the Nexus Network recommendedbut no Compass llations such as at the yacht club airfield ferry berth and so on In static PAGE you may mount the you may adjust the transducer electronically See C54 644 as reference will only operate properly when the boat 64 C50 Wind Settings To return to normal PAGE press when the text C51 Network setting of true or apparent Wind angle Select true TWAAThe optional analogue Wind instrument will display the same ruments which have the calibration code 63 set to W642 C52 Unit for Wind speed Unit for Wind speed KTS643 C53 Wind speed calibration Do not change this factory setting 644 C54 Adjustment of Wind angle makes it possible to adjust any horizontal angle If the Wind angle is 4 when you saildrive the boat straight into the Wind set the 645 C55C62 Calibration table for the Wind transducer In channels C55 to C62 you set the calibration values for the mast individually calibrated for best accuracy See the separate Wind with each mast top unit Each of C57 090 090 Set the calibration value according C58 135 135 to the provided calibration certificate 646 C63 Speed reference water or GPS This function is only used when the Nexus Netwlected the reference is water speed provided by the log transducer for calculation of true Wind speed and angle VMG and NXT function together with the BTW the boat must be moving to give correct readings We also recommend you to use differential GPS to get good readings 647 C64 Wind trim reference This default reference for Wind angle trim Each time the instrument is powered up and apparent Wind angle is selected as trim reference this value will be preset 648 C68 Roll adjustment This adjustment is valid only if roll is selected in C73 you have to so the roll is displaying 00 when the boat is horizontal By entering value the roll will be decreased by the value When the offset is without a minus sign it will be added When a roll transducer is connected the Wind speed and angle will be compensated for roll and accuracy is increased The roll sensor is not yet available at the time for this manual649 C69 Pitch adjustment This adjustment is valid only if roll is selected in C73 you have to et so the pitch is displaying 00 when the boat is horizontal By enterthe value the roll will be decreased by the value When the offset is without a minus sign it will be added When a pitch transducer is connected the Wind speed and angle will be compensated for pitch and accuracy is increased Pitch does not affect Wind speed and 65 C70 Configure NX2 To return to normal PAGE press when the text rETdisplayedIn the configuration you will be able to tell the Nexus Network where you have installed the log and Wind transducer This is important because you may optionally install those 651 C71 Windmaster the Wind transducer is connected at the Wind Data the Wind transducer is c652 C72 Logmaster the log transducer is connected at the Wind Data 653 C73 Function on terminal In3 n 3 The following functions are Standard temperature functi Use the external trim button for the STEER Pilot function Use the external trim button for the SPEED TRIM function Use the external trim button for the MOB function Use the roll sensor to compensate Wind speed and angle Not yet available at the time for this manualWhen the selection roll is made fue See C68 648 You may still use the water temperature by cWhen Speed Trim SPTbutton will transmit the trim command on the Network to all instrument To be able to set both the STEER reference and the TRIM reference the optimum way is to connect one trim button for speed to the Wind instrument Compass and Wind angle to the Server Such a installation gives you the opportunity to trim speed and angle at two separate 654 Connection of trim button drawing The button should make connection when pressed It is also 655 C74 Demo PAGE The Wind Data instrument has a by using this PAGE Every 7th second the text DEM will appear to alert you that demo 7 Maintenance and fault finding To clean the instrument use only mild soap solution and rinse with water Do not use detergents or high pressure washing equipment At least once a year check all your connections and apply additional silicon paste at Always use the instrument cover for protection when not in use Storing transducers and instruments when not in use for longer periods It is advisable to remove the instruments and transducers and store them inside the 72 Fault finding Before you contact your NX2 dealer and to assist your dealer to give you a better service please check the following points and make a list of software version numbers Instrument software version number Nexus Network data bus ID numbers for each instrument displayed at power up721 General In most cases the reason for faults in electronic equipment is the installation or poor connections Therefore always first check that Installation and connection is made per instructions for instrument and transducers Screw terminals are carefully tightened No corrosion on any connection points No loose ends in the wires causing short cuts to adjacent wires Cables for damage that no cables are squeezed or worn Battery voltage is sufficient should be at least 10 V DC The fuse is not blown and the The fuse is of the right type Two instruments do not have tCheck the following important settings 722 Fault action If inaccurate Wind data is received cconnection or below decks connection made ligned correctly see C54 644Measure with a voltmeter at the screw terminal pin 1 and ground and between pin If the voltmeter shows 15 to 4 V DC minimum Wind speed 3 msIf the voltmeter shows 0 or 5 V DC at both connections are defect Contact you NX2 dealer with this information If you have a voltmeter available you cWhen measuring with voltmeter make sure everything is connected that the power is on and make sure the paddle wheel is rotating t measure between pin 4 and ground When not rotating the value should be fixed at either about 0 or 5 V DC When rotating very slowly by hand the value should flip between 0 and 5 V DC When Irregular values 723 Error messages The following error messages can appear on the display Nexus Network is missing check colour coded connections No Network data received within a given time Range error caused by bad format eg 430 Remote command that can not be performed on the Wind Data instrument contact your NX2 dealer 81 Technical specifications Dimensions Wind Data instrument 113 x 113 mm 43x43 inchInstrument cablePower supply 12 V DC 1016 Vhe instrument is polarity protected Power consumption 008 W 08 W at max and temp sensor 12 mW Wind transducer 50 mW Temperature range Storage From 30C to 80C 22F to 176F Operation From 10C to 70C 14F to 158F Weight Instrument 283 g 998 oz Transducer 293 g 1033 ozEnclosure CE approvalThe products conforms to the EMC requirements for immunity and emission according to 82 Nexus Network introduction and user policy Introduction The Nexus Network is a Multi talker Multi receiver data bus specially designed for the RS485 standard with up to 32 senders andor receivers to form a Local Area Network Data is transmitted synchronously with 1 startbit 8databits 1 paritybit two stopbits in 9600 baud User policyThe Nexus Network is open for new users and applications without the licence or a licence fee The data bus however is the property of the manufacturer which means the specification must be followed in order to protect to the Nexus Network performance and safety For most PCapplications the full duplex interface Art No 21248ill be a very useful tool for monitoring real time data to edit and store Waypoints to PCfile or to Server andor to the NX2 GPS The interface is supplied with a cable for connection from PC to the Server or NX2 instruments andor the NX2 GPS A 9pole Dsub connector is 9 Optional Accessories Below find a selection of optional accessories available Please contact your local NX2 221183 Multi Control instrument and Server 8m cable 221182 Multi Control and Server with Speed Log and depth transducer 8m cable 221181 Speed log with log 221184 Wind Data with transducer 25m cable mast bracket 221185 Compass Data with transducer 35 8 m cable 221186 GPS Navigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable 221201 Server compl with 3m power cables 20707 LogTemp transducer 8 m cable for Nexus and Star199158 Depth transducer 8m cable for NX2 only 21731 Compass transducer 35 8m cable 20860 Compass transducer 45 8m cable 20721 Wind transducer 25m cable mast bracket 207211 CFwind transducer Carbon Fibre 20594 Nexus mast cable 25m 21721 MTC Mast Twist Compensation8m cable for Wind Data instr 69980 MRC Mast Rotation Sens21970 GPS Antenna with NMEA 0183 output 21735 Bracket for GPS Antenna and 35 Compass transducer for bulkhead mount all supplied with 02m cable221171 Speed log instrument 221173 Multi Control instrument 221174 Wind Data instrument 221175 Compass Data instrument 221176 GPS Navigator instrument 221177 Autopilot instrument NX2 Analog Instruments all supplied with 02m cable2211501 NX2 Analog Wind Angle 2211502 NX2 Analog Steer Pilot 2211503 NX2 Analog Speed Trim 2211505 NX2 Analog Speed 016kts 2211506 NX2 Analog Speed 050kts 2211507 NX2 Analog Depth 0200m 2211508 NX2 Analog Depth 0600ft 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 2211510 NX2 Analog Compass 2211511 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 016kts 2211512 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 050kts 2211513 NX2 Analog GPS Course 21210 Remote Control Instrument RCIith Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 212181 Bracket Remote Control instrument 20966 Connector 4pole NEW model Allows cable cable Multi XL instrument 4m cable RCI or Multi Center needed to control Multi XL216841 Multi XL Set Multi XL instrument and Remote Control instrument 69995 Mast bracket XL in aluminium for MuNX2 GPS 221186 GPS Navigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable 221176 GPS Navigator instrument 21970 GPS Antenna with NMEA 0183 output 209922 Bracket GPS Antenna plastic with female thread 1 x 14 tpi 21735 Bracket for GPS Antenna and 35 Compass transducer for bulkhead mount Nexus Autopilot components 221177 Autopilot instrument 21210 Remote Control instrument with Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 210352 Servo Unit A1510 8m cable 20860 Compass transducer 45 8m cable 21731 Compass transducer 35 8m cable 21036 Rudder Angle Transmitter RFU25 15m69981 Linear Rudder Angle Transmitter 21134 Pumpset PF03 12V 2113424 Pumpset PF03 24V 21341 Pumpset PF03S 12V with solenoid 2134124 Pumpset PF03S 24V with solenoid 21136 Linear Drive AN23 stroke 229mm peak thrust 680kg 6999112 Integrated Linear Drive HP40 stroke 254mm peak thrust 500kg 10 Abbreviations BSP Boat Speed BTW Bearing To Waypoint C Celsius F Fahrenheit KM KiloMetre KTS KnoTS MH Miles per Hour LCD Liquid Crystal Display LOW LOW MID MID MAX MAX RET RETurn SOG Speed Over Ground TRP TRiP Minus Plus our products are designed and built to comply to the highest class industry standards If the products are correctly installed maintained and operated as described in the installation and operation manual they will provide long and reliable service Our international Network of distributors can provide you with the information and assistance you may require virtually anywhere in the world Please read through and fill in this warranty card and send it to your national distributor for LIMITED WARRANTYThe warranty covers repair of defective parts due to faulty Manufacturing and includes labour when repaired in the country of purchase The warranty period is stated in the product manual and commences from the date of purchase The above warranty is the Manufacturers only warranty and no other terms expressed or implied will apply The Manufacturer specifically excludes the implied warranty of and fitness for a particular purpose The supplied warranty card and receipt with proof of purchase date must be shown to validate any warranty claim Claims are to be made in accordance with the claims procedure outlined below The warranty is and extends only to the original purchaser The warranty does not apply to Products from which serial numbers have been removed faulty installation or incorrect fusing to conditions resulting from improper use external causes including service or modifications not performed by the Manufacturer or by its national distributors or operation outside the environmental parameters specified for the Product The Manufacturer will not compensate for consequential damage caused directly or indirectly by the malfunction of its equipment The Manufacturer is not liable for any personal damage The Manufacturer its national distributors or dealers are not liable for charges arising from sea trials installation surveys or visits to the boat to attend to the equipment whether under warranty or not The right is reserved to charge for such services at an appropriate rate The Manufacturer reserves the right to replace any products returned for repair within the warranty period with the nearest equivalent if repair within a reasonable time period should The terms and conditions of the warranty as described do not affect your statutory rights CLAIMS should be returned to the national distributor or one of its appointed dealers in the country where it was originally purchased Valid claims will then be serviced and returned to the Alternatively if the equipment is being used away from the country of purchase it may be returned to the national distributor or one of its appointed dealers in the country where it is being used In this case valid claims will cover parts only Labour and return postage will be invoiced to the sender sense must be used at all times when navigating and the Manufacturers navigation equipment should only be considered as aids to navigation The Manufacturers policy of continuous improvement may result in changes to product specification without prior notice WARRANTY CARD TO BE RETURNED TO YOUR NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR CityZip Code Country Product name Serial number Date of purchaseDate installed Dealers stamp Tick here if you do not wish to receive news about future products WIND DATA 440 Copyright Silva Sweden AB Kuskvgen 4 191 62 Sollentuna Sweden Tel 46 0ax 46 0wwwsilvase Trust Inc10UVeriSign Time Stamping Service Root1402UNO LIABILITY ACCEPTED cc EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY EhD EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia D QXDzzYYFFaHKS XYXY EDEDEeE j Bhja RyE TXYaDRy E I c a a CC5vAp AE PXaYddbQXdd EDYKTX FH FHYYCXddadQX FH 828pelI PK Su O6XxyEGXXY XED EDYX ERX DYYKS XEDEDYX ERX DYYKS XEDEDYX ERX uYTT50T42UV

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