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T 1 JepD 8PP2 8L9lK00 aL0pD 8U2 h8LTiXDaHbE VZ28S cl7P Server Installation and Operation Manual English Installation and Operation Manual English SERVER 1 This manual is written for NX2 Server version 200 226 54 Edition March 2007 Part alarm 10NX2 to use tts12er13 OUT from with our previous NMEA sentences OUT from 18T from and fault speconsNexus databus Part specification Items delivered with the Server Qty Description 1 Nexus Server 4 Server mounting screws 2 Plastic cable straps 1 Power cables red and black 3 m 9 ft Registering this product Once you have checked that you have all the listed parts please take time to fill in the warranty document and return it to your national distributor By returning the warranty card it will assist your distributor to give you prompt and expert attention Keep your proof of purchase Also yyou automatically receive new product catalogues when they are released Warranty conditions see chapter 5 Welcome aboard the Nexus Network Thank you for choosing NX2 and welcome to the world of the Nexus Network Through this manual we would like to help you install operate and understand your new Nexus Network The Server is the 224heart224 of your Nexus Network to which transducers for speed depth heading wind and navigatFrom the Server the single Nexus Network cable transmits power and data to the instruments which repeat The Nexus Network is designed with the industry standard RS 485 databus which allows you to connect up to 32 Nexus instrument units on the single Nexus Network cable thereby allowing you the flexibility to easily develop your system The Nexus Network is capable of carrying datThe connection system with a single 5 mm 15ith y No need to drill big holes and the cable can be cut to exact lengths The connectimarked with a number for easy reference lays a main and a subfunction together You can easily your favfunctions by using opy and lock a subfunction The instruments large display gives you very good viewing possibilities from any angle even in bright sunlight The display and twhich you can set to three different lighting levels A large selection of optional analogue repeaters and accessories are available The rly offers unique functions When used together with the steer reference function AWAou can actually steer after the wind and 224expand224 the tacking or down wind angle These Nexus instruments carry a two year warranty which gives you as our customer confidence to trust Nexus and our commitment to quality To get the most out of your new Nexus product please read through this manual carefully before you start your installation Again thank you for choosing Nexus If you see us at a show stop by and say hello The NX2 Server is equipped with fault finding LEDs For more 000jjjNNN57t 04MO23GVXegHVY NTD nrayz 0 7 er 6O9KH N6 VeSWfU02esb 6JHSdP 8J4kY installation includes 6 major steps1 Read the installa2 Plan where to install 3 Install the transducers then the Server and 4 Run the cables 5 Take a break and admire your installation 6 Learn the functions and calibrate your system Before you begin drilling think about how you can make as your boat will allow Plan where to position the about leaving space for A few 224do nots224 you should consider Do not cut the cables too short Allow extra cable length at the Server so it can be disconnected for inspection without having to disconnect all attached cables Do not place sealant behind the display The instrument Do not run cables in the bilge where water can appear or radio transmitting equipment to avoid electrical Do not rush take your time A neat installation is easy to do The following material is neededWire cutters and strippers Small and large philips and small flat head screw driver Hole saw for the instrument clearance hole 63 mm 2275If the cable is not long enough you can buy the optional Nexus 8 m 26 ft Art Nexus cable from other installations The same 4pole Nexus If you are doubtful about the installation obtain the services of an Location of the Server The Server must be mounted on a dry flat and vertical surface below deck at least 500 mm 20Installing the Server the base plate by removing the two screws Drill the 4 screw holesthe 4 mounting screws Apply silicon paste on the screw terminal Connect the 8 m Nexus Network cable labelled number 5 and supplied with cable protectors to the Server on pins codes for each wire If the cable must be cut it iscable is easier to identify When all connections are made use ting the 2 mounting screws 23 Installing the transducers Log depth wind and compass transhe Server They are all clearly colour coded and marked with numbers and names Install the transducers according to the separate instructions supplied with each transducer Connect as per below drawings 24 Connecting optional accessories These optional accessories are available from your local Nexus Dealer For a more complete list of accessories available see 241 Man over board MOBhbutton Art no 19763 For function exWhite wire to Server pin 16 MOBBrown wire to Server pin 12 242 Tactical function pushbutton White wire to Server pin 15 SET STEERn wire to Server pin 243 Extra alarm buzzer Art no 20081 The extra buzzer 105 dB at 15 cm not water proofcan be mounted where you want a louder sound The buzzer will sound as soon as any alarm function is activated in the Nexus Network Red wire to Server pin 9 12V itch panel Black wire to Server pin 14 BUZZER244 NX2 instruments directly to the Nexus Network in a daisy chain They all use the same colour coded 4pole jack plugs For instrument installa25 Connecting instrument lighting The instrument lighting can be lighting switch Connect the wire from the electrical panels instrument light switch to Server pin 13 LIGHT ON 12 VCompass 26 How to use the NMEA ports The NX2 Server is designed with two The external NMEA data will be combined with will be available on one single output NMEA port our PC and follows the RS232 electrical The Other port inoutthe screw terminal and follows the NMEA 0183 The twoport Server installation will solve installation with a GPS connected to port A and the Laptop PC on port B 1 Position speed and course information is taken from port A the GPShe Server will then pass that information plus all other boatdata to port B where the PC and chart navigation software will calculate BTW DTW and XTE information to the NX2 The NMEA ports have been given different prioritys depending on the type of data that will come into the Server when the same type of data comes on both ports Position and time GPSta GGA GLL GSA GSV RMC ZDA have higher priority on port A Navigational data RMB BWC BWR XTE APA APB WPL BOD WCV e higher priority on port B By using this feature you may use the allow for a GPS plotter to take over navigation witNote A Laptop PC may have a GPS PCMCIA card data However if the same data is coming in on port A where position have a higher priority that data will be used prThis threeport combination proposal will add several advantages The NX2 GPS navigator instrument has its own NMEA port where any GPS may be connected be used as a repeater showing able below deck The the primary navigator the backup or as repeater only any GPS receiver The Nexus GPS Navigator instrument may navigate by use of the internal 400 waypoint memory or repeat data from eitherfrom a GPSplotter Whenever there isports this is the recommended way Additional NMEA compass windtransducer Note NMEA transducers may degrade the NX2 system performance and accuracy For highest performance only use NX2 transducers 27 Connecting a NMEA instrument IN to the Server ss and wind transducer etc information will be available and can be displayed on the Nexus Network You must know which 2 cables from your other NMEA instrument carry the NMEA out signal If you have trouble call the dealer you bought your NMEA instrument from He should know the wiring colour and will probably sell the 224plug set224 which may be required We do not have this information rument to Server pin 10 INPUT Astrument to Server pin 11 INPUT BFor list of NMEA receive sentences see 2103The Server allows only one NMEA instruWe do not recommend the use of NMEA transducers like wind and compass because the update rate of data is slow compared to the very fast Nexus data bus If the NMEA instrument has only one outputServer between pins 11 INPUT B0V GND28 Connecting a NMEA instrument OUT from Server ers POWER Navigate Again you must know which 2 cables from your other NMEA instrument carry the NMEA in signal If you have trouble call the dealer you bought tfrom He should know the wiring colour and will probably sell the 224plug set224 which may be required We do not have this information to Server pin 3 OUTPUT ANMEA return signal from NMEA instrument to Server pin 4 OUTPUT BFor list of Connecting the power supply Connect the red wire from the Server pin 1 12V12V Connect the black wire from the Server pin 2 0VProtect the circuit with a 3 Amp fuse3 A fuse29 Compatibility with our previous transducers 291 Log transducer ept the transducers from tOnly transducers from Nexus and STARseries are able to measure water On the Power transducer the white cable for water 292 Depth transducer Only our depth transducers for NX2 can be used Do not mix with transducers from other series or frequencies 293 Wind transducer All our wind transducers can be used 294 Compass transducer Only the Nexus version can be used D50 S520S525 and POWER can be upgraded to Nexus standard Contact your local Nexus 295 GPS receiver The NX2 GPS antenna and other296 NMEA transducers NMEA compass NMEA wind NMEA log and NMEA depth transducer may be used WhiteYou must know which 2 cables from your other NMEA transducer carry the NMEA out signal If you have trouble call the dealer you bought your NMEA instrument from He should know the wiring colour and will probably sell the 224plug set224 which may be required We do not have this information Connect NMEA out signal from the NMEA transducer to Server pin 10 INPUT AConnect NMEA return signal from the NMEA transducer to Server pin 11 INPUT BThe Server allows only one NMEA transduc C74 C75 and C76 See Multi Control Manual set 2101 Transmit NMEA sentences OUT from Server The Server supports 29 different NMEA sentences This means you can select up to 16 of the 29 available NMEA The Nexus Network uses the The number in brackets example C79code for the factory slot number giv0 227 No out signal 1 APBAutopilot B 2 BODBearing original destination 3 BWCBearing and distance to waypoint 4 BWRBearing and distance dead reckoning 5 C77DBTDepth measured 6 DPTDepth 7 position 8 GSADOP and active satellites 9 in view 10 C80HDMMagnetic heading 11 C81HDTTrue heading C89 12 MTW Water temperature 13 C82MWDWind direction and speed 14 MWVApparent wind speed and angle 15 RMBMinimum navigation data 16 RMCMinimum specific GPS and TRANSITdata 17 RTERoute 18 C83VDRSet and drift 19 C84VHWSpeed and course through the water 20 VLWDistance travelled through the water 21 C85VPWSpeed relative to the wind 22 C86VTGCourse Over Ground and Ground Speed 23 C87VWRApparent wind speed and wind direction 24 C88VWTTrue wind speed and direction 25 C90WCVWaypoint closure velocity 26 WPLWaypoint location 27 C91XTECross track error 28 C92ZDATime and date 29 ZTGUTCime to destination or waypoint BWRconsists of rumb line data and is the same information as BWCthat BWCccepting information that is BWCie lacks time and destination waypoint position will be sent out as a zero string The transmitted string will be BWCnot BW1as in the example BW12102 Change NMEA sentences OUT from Server Before you change any of the factory set NMEA sentences check what NMEA sentences can be received by your NMEA navigator To select the sentence press To lock the selected sentence press One of the advantages with the Nexus Network is the very fast transmission ly slow NMEA standard about 10 times fasterherefore we recommend that you use Nexus instruments and transducers for better accuracy It takes two seconds to transmit all 16 NMEA sentences To double the transmission speed select a NMEA sentence 2 times with 7 slots away from each other as possible In a similar way you can select the a sent If you want to transmit the Nexus compass heading via NMEA to for example an autopilot select HDMery odd slot number C79 C81 C83 C93 that is 8 times which makes the speed 4 times second This leaves the other 8 slots with even numbers C78 C80 C82 C92 free to use for other For connection of NMEA instruments OUT from Server see 282103 Receive NMEA sentences IN to Server There are 5 different main types of NMEA sentences 1 Position related data Position SOGCOG time and a limited amount of satellite status if a GPS is connected The information 2 Navigation data information is read only if C75 NAV is set to ONThe Server will automatically send data to the Nexus Network Eg heading is read only if C76 CMPHDTpriority or HDMation from Nexus wind angle and wind speed is read from VWR if C77 WNDis set to ONrue wind angle and wind speed is calculated by Nexus when the boat speed the speed of the watern The following NMEA sentences can be received IN to Server APA Autopilot sentence 224A224 APB Autopilot sentence 224B224 Bearing original destination Bearing and distance to waypoint Bearing and distance to waypoint old Depth measured from the transducers position Global position fix data GPS Geographic positi DOP and active satellites Satellites in view Heading magnetic Heading true Minimum navigation information Minimum specific GPStransit data Not yet closure velocity Set drift Water speed and wind speed and direction Waypoint location Not yet implemented Course Over Ground and Ground Speed measured Time date Target boat speed CAD Custom angular data Custom fix data Time date For connection of NMEA instrument IN to Server see 27All data POSITION BTW SOGCOG etcpe of NMEA cations the data will be selected from the sentence with the highest priority Example I Position is read in priority order GGA GLL and RMC Example II BTWDTW is priority first with RMB BWC and BWR The transmission ID the first two letters after 223224is ignored by the Server after that possible latitude and longitude correction is added C39 and C40ition is sent over the Nexus Network to all 211 Special NMEA sentences The Server can read 2 special NMEA sentences which can be send from a PC One contains TBS target boat speedand CFD customised fixpoint data These 3 data are retransmitted on the Nexus Network and can be displayed as To get the subfunction TBS select main function SPEED and the 224empty224 press PAGE and SET together followed by CLEAR To get the subfunction CAD select main function NAVIGATE and the 224empty224 press PAGE and SET together followed by CLEAR To get the subfunction CFD select main function WIND and the 224empty224 press PAGE and SET together followed by CLEAR Target boat speed CFD 32767 32767 units2111 Baudrate control It is possible to change the baudrate from 4800bps to 19200bps To do that a PC is required a The Requesting unit is allowed to transmit the message once every 2s at nominal 4800 bps with normal NMEA start bit and stop bit settings This message may be received on any of the two Server ports b The receiving unit NX2 Serverill Confirm message c When the requesting unit receives the same message but with the flag set to C B start at the new baudrate The sending unit may now stop sending the proprietary request message since it has entered the higher baudrate There is no way back unless there is a power loss From power up baudrate is always set to 4800 and the above procedure must be repeated The receiving unit Nexus Serverill always check for the proprietary message when when in high baudrate 3 Maintenance and fault finding To clean the instrument use only mild soap solution and rinse with water Do not use detergents or high pressure washing equipment At least once a year check all your connections and apply Always use the instrument cover for protection when not in Storing transducers and instruments when not in use for longer periods It is advisable totransducers and store them insi32 Fault finding Before you contact your Nexus dealer and to assist your dealer to give you a better service please check the following points and 225 All connected instrument and transducers including their software version numbers 225 Server software version number 225 Nexus Network data bus ID numbers for each instrument displayed at power up321 General In most cases the reason for or poor connections Therefore always first check that 225 Installation and connection is made per instructions for 225 Screw terminals are carefully tightened 225 No corrosion on any connection points 225 No loose ends in the wires causing short cuts to adjacent wires 225 Cables for damage that no cables are squeezed or worn 225 Battery voltage is sufficient should be at least 10V DC 225 The fuse is not blown and the 225 The fuse is of the right type 225 Two instruments do not have t322 Fault action C95 COGF if no navigator is connected The server is equipped with a built in fault finding LED Every turn the paddle wheel When the boat is standing still tIf you remove the transducer and slowly spin the paddle wheel the LED should go on When the boat is running If the LED is constantly on or of check the connections Wind A Wind B Irregular values C94 should be OFF otherwise COG is displayed instead of HDC C75 should be OFF if no Make sure the Auto DEVis done correctly see instrument manual Make sure the transducer is not mounted upside down The transducer cable should face down Make sure transducer is aligned correctly see instrument manualWith a the built in fault finding LED222s you can check that the signals from channel A and B are correct The LED is flashing very fast with 13HZ 13 times per secondwhich is difficult to see but you will se that tantly If one or both LED Irregular values C76 should be OFF if no NMEA wind is connected If inaccurate wind data is received connection or below decks connection made With a the built in fault finding LED222s yand B are correct The two LED is flashing once every turn the propeller makes If the wind speed is high the flashing is very fast which is difficult to see but you will not on constantly If one or both LED are on or of a4 What you should know about digital depth sounders The principle of a depth sounder is that you measure the time it takes for a short The echo changes due to bottom character heavy layers of saltThanks to an advanced signal treatment these variations will normally not get transitory disturbances Below are listed some explanations for disturbances to the mhow it is expressed on the instrument display There is no depth reading on the display Only ed If there are no depth echoes for 3 seconds the display indicates 3 dotted lines until a new echo is received 225 In deep water outside the range of the transducer or the combination of deep water and soft bottom which makes it di225 When the boat is heeling heavily for example when sailing 225 In a propeller stream where air bubbles are created Example when powering astern or when following close behind a power boat 225 Check the connection at the Server Make sure the cable is correct between 225 Internal mount with poor signal penetration due to a too thick hull maximum thickness recommended is 20 30 mmeen transducer and hull The built in fault finding LED is flashing every time a echo is received to the server The second and the LED flaseverything is correct If the LED is constantly off check the connections Or the mounting of the transducer Unstable or erratic readings Can happen in the following cases 225 When going over shoal water with uneven and high bottom vegetation 225 In heavy layers of salt or noticeable ranges of water temperatures 225 In heavily agitated water containing particlesThe bottom of the transducer may be painted with anti fouling for protection against weed growth It is recommended the on what kind of waters you boat in Weed on the transducer can cause either no reading or unstable readings In general when a boat is moored in a harbour with other boats equipment which will result in wrong depth readings 323 Error messages The following error messages can appear on the display Nexus Network is missing check colour coded connections No data received within a given time Range error caused by bad format eg 17260 70 East Remote command that can not be performed No response from or missing navigator Waypoint not defined Functions not allowed in autopilot mode Automatic deviation not possible due to NMEA compass selected Automatic deviation check failed Tu The boat probably hit a wave during turn Error larger than 15260 s on the Multi Control instrument contact your Nexus dealer 4 Specifications 41 Technical specifications cable 8 m 26 ftPower supply 12V DC 1016Vhe instrumy protected Power consumption at 12V Server 02W Temperature range Storage30260to 80260C 22260to 176260F Operation 10260 to 70260C14260to 158260F Enclousure CE approval The products conforms to the EMC requirements for immunity and emission according 42 Nexus databus introduction and user policy Introduction The Nexus data bus is a multi talker multi receiver data bus specially designed for the RS485 standard with up to 32 senders andor receivers to form a Local Area Network Data is transmitted synchronously with ybit two stopbits in 9600 baud User policyThe Nexus data bus is open for new users and applications without licence fee The data bus is however the property of the manufacturer which means the specification must be followed in order to protect to the Nexus data bus performance and safety For most PCapplications the full duplex interface Art No 21248ill be a very to edit and store waypoints to PCfile or to Server andor to the Nexus GPS The interface is supplied with a cable for connection ments andor the Nexus 43 Optional Accessories Below find a selection of optional accessories available Please contact your local NX2 221183 Multi Control instrument and Server 8m cable 221182 Multi Control and Server with Speed Log and depth transducer 8m cable 221181 Speed log with log 221184 Wind Data with transducer 25m cable mast bracket 221185 Compass Data with transducer 35260 8 m cable 221186 GPS Navigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable 221201 Server compl with 3m power cables 199158 Depth transducer 8m cable for NX2 only 207211 CFwind transducer Carbon Fibre MTC Mast Twist Antenna with NMEA 0183 output all supplied with 02m cable221171 Speed log instrument 221173 Multi Control instrument 221174 Wind Data instrument 221175 Compass Data instrument 221176 GPS Navigator instrument 221177 Autopilot instrument NX2 Analog Instruments all supplied with 02m cable2211501 NX2 Analog Wind Angle 2211502 NX2 Analog Steer Pilot 2211503 NX2 Analog Speed Trim 2211505 NX2 Analog Speed 016kts 2211506 NX2 Analog Speed 050kts 2211507 NX2 Analog Depth 0200m 2211508 NX2 Analog Depth 0600ft 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 2211510 NX2 Analog Compass 2211511 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 016kts 2211512 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 050kts 2211513 NX2 Analog GPS Course Remote Control Instrument RCIith Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 212181 Bracket Remote Control instrument llows cable cable Multi XL instrument 4m cable RCI or Multi Center needed to control Multi XL216841 Multi XL Set Multi XL instrument and Remote Control instrument NX2 GPS 221186 GPS Navigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable 221176 GPS Navigator instrument GPS Antenna with NMEA 0183 output 209922 Bracket GPS Antenna plastic with female thread 1 x 14 tpi Nexus Autopilot components 221177 Autopilot instrument Remote Control instrument with Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 210352 Servo Unit A1510 8m cable 2113424 Pumpset PF03 24V Pumpset PF03S 12V with solenoid 2134124 Pumpset PF03S 24V with solenoid 6999112 Integrated Linear Drive HP40 stroke 254mm peak thrust 500kg 5 Warranty our products are designed and built to comply to the highest class industry standards If the products are correctly installed maintained and operated as described in the installation and operation manual they will provide long and reliable service Our international Network of distributors can provide you with the information and assistance you may require virtually anywhere in the world Please read through and fill in this warranty card and send it to your national distributor for LIMITED WARRANTYThe warranty covers repair of defective parts due to faulty Manufacturing and includes labour when repaired in the country of purchase The warranty period is stated in the product manual and commences from the date of purchase The above warranty is the only warranty and no other terms expressed or implied will apply The Manufacturer specifically excludes the implied warranty of and fitness for a particular purpose The supplied warranty card and receipt with proof of purchase date must be shown to validate any warranty claim Claims are to be made in accordance with the claims procedure outlined below The warranty is and extends only to the original purchaser The warranty does not apply to Products from which serial numbers have been removed faulty installation or incorrect fusing to conditions resulting from improper use external causes including service or modifications not performed by the Manufacturer or by its national distributors or operation outside the environmental parameters specified for the Product The Manufacturer will not compensate for consequential damage caused directly or indirectly by the malfunction of its equipment The Manufacturer is not liable for any personal damage The Manufacturer its national distributors or dealers are not liable for charges arising from sea trials installation surveys or visits to the boat to attend to the equipment whether under warranty or not The right is reserved to charge for such services at an appropriate rate The Manufacturer reserves the right to replace any products returned for repair within the warranty period with the nearest equivalent if repair within a reasonable time period should The terms and conditions of the warranty as described do not affect your statutory rights CLAIMS should be returned to the national distributor or one of its appointed dealers in the country where it was originally purchased Valid claims will then be serviced and returned to the Alternatively if the equipment is being used away from the country of purchase it may be returned to the national distributor or one of its appointed dealers in the country where it is being used In this case valid claims will cover parts only Labour and return postage will be invoiced to the sender sense must be used at all times when navigating and the navigation equipment should only be considered as aids to navigation The Manufacturers policy of continuous improvement may result in changes to product specification without prior notice WARRANTY CARD TO BE RETURNED TO YOUR NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR CityZip Code Country Date of purchaseDate installed Dealers stamp Tick here if you do not wish to receive news about future 251 Nexus Marine AB Kuskv344gen 4 191 62 Sollentuna Sweden Tel 46 0ax 46 Trust Inc10UVeriSign Time Stamping Service Root1402UNO LIABILITY ACCEPTED cc EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY EhD EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia D QXDzzYYFFaHKS XYXY EDEDEeE j Bhja RyE TXYaDRy E I c a a CC5vAp AE PXaYddbQXdd EDYKTX FH FHYYCXddadQX FH

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