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Nexus Nx22350 1 Multixl Eng


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inwb1HOn7Fz1B cUaUfUZy8ORLp D0 p0YP08e 0C03PP00p L8ph 008 0D08Lp PL8 pBT 00p D0p lp 00p P1F0 0C08c3P0 00p 45pP Installation and Operation Manual English Instrument Installation and Operation Manual English Multi XL MULTI XL MULTI XL MULTI XL This manual is written for NXEdition March 2007 MULTI XL Part to operate the Multi XL from the Multi l18181819LEFT PAGE and MINUS on 19SET SET on the mode SETUP on t19SPEED log TTotal log Count down start mainf22DEPTH subf22Shallow alaMULTI XL TBattery BAT UTCTime to go TTSet and turn on shallow off m24NAVIGATE XTENext course afteXTGoto waypoint SATt27Overview of steer 28M28e BTW29e CTS3030WIND wind sApparent wind A32True wind speed TTrue wind angle TGeographic wind din33Velocity made Trim functiWaypoint closing velocity WSET and your display36MULTI XL onCopy and lock a sonSelect power locking of calibration mode is divioupsHow to access odeHow to change ngHow to return defaulngs39 RETUnit KT RET Unit Temperature unit CNavigation setup group C RET40 RETTrue or apparent wind anglFF TW Unit Main function wind es41Target boat Customized of special and fault you should know Network error messages with cause speconsNexus Network XL XL 1 Part specification Items delivered with the Instrument Qty Description 1 NX2 Multi XL instrument 1 Instrument front cover 1 Operator222s Manuals 1 Adhesive drill template for instrument 1 Outer protection cover 1 cable 8 m 26 ft 1 Initialisation magnet used at first power on 5 Cable protectors 025 mm 01 inch 5 Cable protectors 075 mm 03 inch 2 Instrument mounting screws 2 Instrument mounting plastic nuts 1 Connection back cover 1 Silicon paste tube 2 Plastic cable strap Registering this product Once you have checked that you have all the listed parts please take time to fill in the warranty document and return it to your national distributor By returning the warranty card it will assist your distributor to give you prompt and expert attention Keep your proof of purchase Also yyou automatically receive new product catalogues when they are released Warranty conditions see chapter 14 MULTI XL MULTI XL Welcome aboard the Nexus Network Thank you for choosing NX2 and welcome to the world of the Nexus Network Through this manual we would like to help you install operate and understand your new Nexus Network The Server is the 224heart224 of your Nexus Network to which transducers for speed depth heading wind and navigation GPSFrom the Server the single Nexus Network cable transmits power and data to the instruments which repeat The Nexus Network is designed with the industry standard RS 485 databus which allows you to connect up to 32 NX2 instrument units on the single Nexus Network cable thereby allowing you the flexibility to easily develop your system The Nexus Network is capable of carrying datThe connection system with a single 5 mm 15ith on easy No need to drill big holes and the cable can be cut to exact lengths The connections at the Server are colour coded and marked with a number for easy reference rument that displays a main and a subfunction together You can easily your favourite combination of functions by using the unique method to move copy and lock a subfunction The Multi XL is very similar to the removed to increase the size of the display and the digits The Multi XL is controlled from a Multi Control instrument The instruments large display gives you very good viewing possibilities from any angle even in bright sunlight The display have red back lighting which you can set to three different lighting levels ers and accessories are available The rly offers unique functions When used together with the steer reference function AWAou can actually steer after the wind and 224expand224 the tacking or down wind angle These NX2 instruments carry a two year warranty which gives you as our 2 and our commitment to quality To get the most out of your new NXcarefully before you start your installation Again thank you for choosing NX2 If you see us at a show stop by and say hello MULTI XL 000jjjNNN57t 04MO23GVXegHVY NTD nrayz 0 7 er 6O9KH N6 VeSWfU02esb 6JHSdP 8J4kY XL The installation includes 6 major steps1 Read the operation manual 2 Plan where to install t3 Run the cables 4 Install the transduc5 Take a break and admire your installation 6 Learn the functions and calibrate your system Before you begin drilling think about how you can make the installation as neat and simple as your boat will allow Plan wand instruments Think about leaving space foA few 224do nots224 you should consider Do not cut the cables too short Allow can be disconnected for inspection without having to disconnect all Do not place sealant behind the display The instrument gasket eliminates Do not run cables in the bilge where water can appear Do not run cables close to fluores engine or radio Do not rush take your time A neat installation is easy to do The following material is neededWire cutters and strippers Small and large Philips and small flat head screw driver Hole saw for the instrument clearance hole 63 mm 2275If you are doubtful about the installation of an experienced MULTI XL 21 Installing the instrument Place the adhesive drill template on the desired location for the instrument Drill drill for the two pin bolts Use a 63 mm 2275saw to machine the clearance hole for the instrument connection socket Remove Screw the two pin bolts to the instrument Put the instrument in place Silicon paste Run the Nexus Network cable from the Server If you want to cut the Nexus Network cable to length disconnect 4pole jack plug and cut the cable Peel off about 35 mm 14of the cable insulation Remove about 6 mm 14from the 3 isolated wires the 4th wire is an earth screenAttach the 4 cable protectors to the wires using a pair of flat pliers MULTI XL Connect the 4 cable protjack plug as shown Apply silicon paste on all locations as shown Note Must be done to avoid corrosion Note The two nuts must just be tighten by hand Apply silicon paste to the in Mount the connection back cover with the screw Slide in the cables into the cabl Note do not cover the slot totally a hole is needed for draining Put on the outer protection cover Screw the two nuts from the back 211 Installing instrument to the Server All NX2 instruments are connected directly to the Nexus Network in a daisy chain They WWYfeg000MULTI XL 3 First start 31 Initialising the instrument At power on the instrument will perform a self test The display will first show all segments then the software version number normally the ServerAt first power on after installation the text Auto Init is displayed hown Take the suppmagnet and hold it over the signinstrument will detect that and perfoProceed with next instrument one at the time Note Always wait for the text 224Init OK224 to be displayed before you press SET with magnet or push button next instrument The Server automatically gives the first unit ID number 16 then 17 and so on The order in which you press with magnet or push instruments will be given a logical ID number on the Nexus Network The example shows that the instOn the lower line the bus master version number 480ed 32 Reinitialising the instrument If two instruments by mistake have the same ID number this can information on the Nexus data To reinitialise the instrument press CLEAR during the power up sequence on a Multi Control or other NX2 instrument with push buttonshen version and ID numbers are displayed The display self test is then restarted on all instruments and you will h instrument as explained above Note If you do not succeed to reinitialise we suggest you disconnect all but one instrument with the same ID number then repeat the above procedure MULTI XL 41 How to operate the Multi XL 411 General operation Note The Multi XL can only be operated by the Multi Control When a Multi XL has been initialised on the Nexus Network and addressed by the Multi Control instrument the pushbuttons of the Multi Control instrument will be used a TV remote control but this instrument the Multi XL display or by setting values This manual describes the operation of the Multi XL by the Multi Control 42 Instrument overview PAGE MARK MAIN421 Instrument display The display consists of two lines a mainfunction with 462 mm 18224ith 225 mm 09224422 Instrument pages The Multi XL instrument has its functions divided on 4 pages The page names are printed above the display SPEED DEPTH NAVIGATE and WIND The selected page is indicated by the page mark at top of the display MULTI XL 423 Instrument functions Each page has a main function displayed when you select a new page accessed by pressingYou can easily customise your favourite combination of functions 424 Instrument modes Instrument mode Normal inSetup mode It allows setting your Nexus Network Edit mode It allows editing settings when digits are 425 Central settings Network Most settings are centra426 Local settings Local settings affect only the instrument in which it is set When a setting is local we have listed this after the setting Typical local and 224units224 These settings will ments on the Nexus Network 427 Instrument units The instrument can display metric and imperial units For unit selection see chapter 11428 Instrument power onoff You switch onoff your Nexus instruments by using the instrument switch on your electrical panel as the instruments have no separate power onoff pushbutton MULTI XL 43 Address the Multi XL from the Multi Control The NX2 Multi Control is used to remote control the Multi XL their unique ID number on the Nexus Network At power up the ID numbers are displayed for a The instrument to the right has you want to remote control Go to the Remote control function Select the ID number for the Multi XL you want to control with as required the active instrument display flashes ones when it is selectedFour push button symbols are displayed to tell you are in remote mode The PAGE symbol of that instrument will to flash to tell it is Now you can use the four push buttons To exit the remote control page press CLEAR431 PAGE PAGE PAGEPAGE432 PLUS PLUS MULTI XL 433 MINUS MINUS 434 LEFT PAGE PAGEPAGE435 SET SET When unlocked the digits are 224aby pressing PAGEWhen finished editing lock the digit by another press on 436 Cancel clear reset CLR cancel alarms or resets the counters Man Over Board etc 437 Lighting The instrument uses red back lighting for the display The lighting The easiest way to switch on the lihat function will switch on light To access the light control on the Multi XL press and hold ashing displayed and the display will be lit momentarily To select between the 4 light levels LOWF To lock the selected level press The selected light level will be copied to all Nexus instruments connected to the Network It is not possible to reduce or turn off 438 Setup mode SETUP on the Multi ControlTo access Setup mode press and hold To return to instrument mode press when the text return RETMULTI XL 5 SPEED functions 51 SPEED mainfunction Boat speed through the water Unit available in knots KTThe main function under SPEED may be set to display different 52 SPEED subfunctions 521 Trip log T019999 NM only displayed in NM Distance covered from power To reset trip log press522 Total log L019999 NM only displayed in NM Can not be reset 523 Count down start timer STACount down timer in minutes and seconds To start the 10 min timer press To activate it press To start the 5 min timer press after any time above 5 min To set any other start time press start time with PAGE as required To activate 224beep224 will sound when each new 10 seconds the alarm will sound once every second The instrument will automatically change to display the elapsed time from the end of the count down period 524 Timer power on or from end of start timer count down To reset press525 Distance DSTCovered distance from power on or from reset of timer This function will be reset when start timer reach zero or timer is 526 Average speed AAverage speed from power on or from reset of timer This function will be reset when start timer reach zero or timer is MULTI XL 527 Damping SEAwater Controls the response To change damping press To select damping level lock the value press LOWrough you may want to the readout on the display then MIDMAX528 Depth Depth from the water surface or from the keel TThe text alternates between 529 The function is based on the principle of dead reckoning The function keeps track of the boats course through the water and displays course and distance in Locate and mark your position and reset underway To find your new position your sea chart The function starts at power on ToWhen is activated it function To To restart alternating press 5210 BTWWBearing to waypoint BTWWFor function explanation see drawing inside cover page To display this function you must navigate towards a waypoint Alternating function To To restart alternating press MULTI XL 6 DEPTH functions Depth general information Alarm on minute sign Alarm off no minute sign The alarms will be triggered if the actual depth becomes less shallow alarmdepth The alarm is audible signalmain and subfunction When a triggered alarm has been silenced it will only be triggered again if the selected depth value differs by 2m 6 ftIf a different page than DEPTH is shown when the alarm is triggered the set alarm function will automatically be shown flashing until you silence or turn off the alarm The instrument will then automatically return Loss of signal If there are no depth echoes for 3 seconds the display indicates 3 dotted lines 62 DEPTH mainfunction Depth from the water surface T63 DEPTH subfunctions 631 Shallow alarm SHADepth at which point audible and visual alarms will be triggered if the actual depth becomes less than the set value See chapter 632 Depth alarm DEAThe depth at which point audible and visual alarms will be triggered omes more than the se633 Anchor alarm AWhen the anchor alarm is set the instrument will first suggest a value for the shallowthen FTlues or set your own values The logic is that when you are at anchor the alarm will warn you if the boat is drifting towards deeper or shallower water See MULTI XL 634 Temperature TWater temperature Units availablF635 Battery BATBattery voltage at the Server 636 Boat speed BSPuniBoat speed through the water Select the unit from knots KTThe text alternates between 637 Heading HDTCompass heading heading true HDT638 Universal time UTCTime in hrminsec This function will only be displayed if a GPS is connected to the system UTCbyLocal time is indicated byTo set yC and the first digit flashes If you want to add to UTCselect underlining If you want to reduce from UTCTo set the time zone value press PAGETo lock the zone value press Example In United Kingdom the local time zone setting should be 00h ZOONote Time zones of 05 hour639 TimeTime to go in hrmin The function is based on actual speed towards next waypoint To display this function you must navigate towards a waypoint MULTI XL 64 Set and turn on shallowSelect shallowThe first digit in the previous value flashes If you want to reset the previous value to zero 0To select desired depth press PAGE To lock the selected value press By this last press on you have turned on the selected alarm function which is indicated by65 Set and turn on anchor alarmThe first digit flashes The instrument will suggest a value for the shallow15 m 5 FTTo lock the value press or select your own depth TThe instrument will suggest a value for tm 5 FTTo lock the value press or select your own depth as in 64 T66 Clear an alarm value The first digit flashes To clear the alarm press67 Silencing an alarm To silence a triggered alarm that sounds and flashes press ANY The sound is silenced and the flashing stops The alarm is only triggered again if the selected depth value is exceeded shallower or deeper 2 m 6 feet68 Turning off on an alarm To turn the alarm off on pressTMULTI XL 7 NAVIGATE functions 71 NAVIGATE mainfunction Heading true HTThe mainfunction under NAVIGATE may be set to display 72 NAVIGATE subfunctions 721 Steer reference Pilot OFFDisplays the selected steer reference function This function also controls what is shown on the optional analogue Steer Pilot eer reference can be selected 722 Steer value STRDisplays steer value for the selected steer reference function 723 Damping SEATo change damping press To select damping level pressLOWTo lock the selected value press Default setting is LOWrough you may want to the readout on the display then 724 Alternating function To To restart alternating press 725 Bearing to waypoint BTWWTo display this function you must navigate towards a waypoint Alternating function To To restart alternating press MULTI XL 726 Cross track error XTETo display this function you must navigate towards a waypoint Your boat is the 224triangle224 symbol and the desired track line is represented by the 2243 vertical lines224 The 224triangle224 symbol will tell you on which side of the desired track you are You should aim to steer your boat so that the display readout is 000 NM which means you are on the desired track 727 Next course after tack NXTDisplays the next course after tack if the tacking angle is the 728 Goto wayDisplays which waypoint that is selected to steer to 729 Latitude and position in latitude and longitude in selected format Select format from by264 indicated by Alternating function To To restart alternating press 7210 Satellite status F SADisplays quality of reception and number of satellites SATExample 4SAT 4 satellites MULTI XL 73 Steer reference PilotThe subfunction Pilotbe used together withThe powerful combination of the Multi Control instrument together with the analogue steer pilot actually offers you 6 functions Compass steering MEM1 Compass steering using the 1 memory 2 Headers and lifters using the 2 memories and trim button See TAC function in Wind steering AWA3 Close hauled indicator ex 35260 4 Down wind indicator ex 175260 Waypoint steering 5 Bearing To waypoint BTW6 Course To Steer CTSWhen a steer reference has been selected the analogue steer pilot instrument is immediately activated It starts to indiween desired and actual heading or angle The logic is to keep the steer pilot instrument needle straight up pointing at zero 0 on the set heading From analogue steer pilot instrument version 20 MEMBTWith COG if navigator connecteda compass is not installed The analogue read out will start at speed above 4KTS and stop below 2 KTS valid for Server from ver 41If you do not have the analogue steer pilot instrument you can still usyou display the selected steer reference heading STRcompare it with the actual comA NX2 autopilot can not be activated from the steer reference function But when the NX2 autopilot has been activated in compass or wind mode it is possible to alter the autopilots heading from the MEMAWAThe last used steer reference function will be stored in memory and automatically activated at power on MULTI XL 731 Overview of steer reference PilotSteer reference function Reference Text on type displayCompass heading Manual stored in 1 or 2 memories TACBearing to waypoint Automatic Course to steer to Automatic waypoint corrected for drift and current AWAApparent wind angle Manual When any steer reference function is activated the text on the display will be copied and shown on all Multi Control instruments in your Nexus Network 732 Steer reference MEMThis function requires the NX2 or NMEA compass transducer The function is semi automatic ie when activated present compass heading is copied to memory You can later change the value manually The text OFF or the last selectTo select steer reference MEMTo activate the function press MEM is shown on the display The subfunction STR displays the stored MEMThe text MEMSTRIf you want to change the steer reference value press The first digit flashes To set the new value press PAGETo store the value press MULTI XL Note Steer reference heading value MEM also be selected directly from the optional trim button without first selecting MEMPilot OFFtion 733 Steer reference BTWThis function requires the NXWhen selected the function displays BTWdisplays the difference between the compass heading and the bearing to waypoint BTWThe function can only be displayed if the connected navigator is navigating towards a waypoint Since the displayed value it is controlled by The text OFF or the last selectTo select steer reference BTWTo activate the function press WP is shown on the display The subfunction STR displays the stored BTWMULTI XL 734 Steer reference CTSThis function requires log transducer NX2 or NMEA compass When selected the function displays CTS displays the difference between the compass heading and the bearing to waypoint CTSThe function can only be displayed if the connected navigator is navigating towards a waypoint Since the displayed value it is controlled by The function is compensated for set and drift by using the parameters compass heading boat speed through the water and bearing to waypoint BTWThe text OFF or the last selectTo select steer reference CTSTo store the function press MEM WP is lit on the display The subfunction STR displays the stored CTSThe text CTSSTRThe function is invaluable when you want to sail the shortest distance to a waypoint 735 Steer reference AWAThis function requires the NX2 or NMEA wind transducer The function is semi automatic ie when activated present wind angle is copied to memory You can also change the value manually The function displays the deviation from a set wind angle value and can be used as a 224close hauled224 tack indicator or show The text OFF or the last selectTo select steer reference AWATo store the function press WIND is shown on the display The subfunction STR displays the stored AWAThe text AWASTRIf you want to change the steer reference value press The first digit flashes MULTI XL The underlining sign starboard side The minus sign port side To select value press PAGE To store the value press When the steer reference function AWA used together with the analogue steer pilot instrument you can display an enlarged 224picture224 of the tacking or run angle starboard side 35260 STRour tacking angle When the needle on the analogue steer pilot instruyou steer at the selected 35260 wind angle You can of course also use the AWAfunction when running down wind to keep a selected value for the run angle andor to warn for a gibe Example You have selected 160260 port side 160260 STRour running angle When ent points to 15260 port side you are at 145260 When the needle is at zero 0ou are at 160260 When the needle points 15260 starboard you are at 175260 At night when you can not see the wind shiWAwith the analogue steer pilot is a very helpful This is a dynamite function that allows you to 224expand224 the wind anglesWhen a NX2 Autopilot is activated in wind mode the AWAfThe minus sign ind angle value port side The underlining sign the wind angle value starboard side Simply change the value of the digit in front of the wind angle will gibe to the opposite tack MULTI XL 8 WIND functions 81 WIND mainfunction The main function WIND allows you to display a wind angle or a wind speed true or apparent The wind angle is indicated by a symbol to the right of the wind angle value Wind from starboard side Wind from port side The true and apparent wind is indicated by a letter TDefault setting is apparent wind angle AWAare true wind angle TWASspeed TWSWDtrue TWAhat is displayed on the optional analogue Wind Angle instrument Part No 2211501This is to allow to switch between apparent and true wind angle on the complete Nexus Network 82 WIND subfunctions 821 Apparent wind speed AWSUnits displaysetup C52he text alternates between AWS822 Apparent wind angle AWA This function also requires a log transducer The text alternates between AWA823 Damping SEADamping of wind information Controls the response time of wind To change damping press To select damping level press and select from LOW To lock the selected value MULTI XL Factory default setting is LOWis rough you may want to the readout on the display then select 824 True wind speed TWSThis function also requires a log transducer Units displayThe text alternates between TW825 True wind angle TWAThis function also requires a log transducer The text alternates between TWA826 Geographic wind direction This function also requires a compass transducer Displays the wind direction in 000260 to 359260 and the each cardinal point abbreviated as shown 0000260 N 0225260 NNE 0450260 NE 0675260 ENE 0900260 E 1350260 SE 1800260 S 2025260 SSW 2250260 SW 2475260 WSW 2700260 W 2925260 WNW 3150260 NW 3375260 NNW If magnetic heading is selected geographic wind direction will also MULTI XL 827 Velocity madeDisplays speed into the wind or speed running with the wind in KTThe text alternates betw828 Trim function OFF Displays trim value in percent The reference must be set in the Remote Control or Wind 829 Waypoint closing the speed over ground towards the waypoint in KTSThe text alternates between 8210 SET and DRIFT Direction of current SETand speed of current DRFAlternating function To To restart alternating press MULTI XL 9 This function will guide you back to the position wThe Man Over Board is activated on a SeTo activate the MOB function press the exA fixed alarm signal will sound briefly to alert the crew The textcourse error will be displayed in the main Distance to the MOB position will be displayed in the subfunction All you have to do is to keep calm and steerdistance to pick up your wet crew member ToMULTI XL 10 Customise your display The subfunctions are organised in a list under the main function The first location in the subfunction list is an empty display You can have your famoved to the empty display on the same page or copied and locked to the list on any 101 Move and lock a subfunction In SPEED page move and lock the subfunction depth DPThe subfunction depth DPT PAGETo move a function to the top of the ubfunction DPT102 Copy and lock a subfunction Copy and lock the subfunction true wind speed TWSSelect WIND page and find the subfunction TWS PAGE To copy to SPEED page press PAGETo lock the function press the subfunction TThe copied subfunction remains in its original location It is only copied to a second location where it takes the place of the empty subfunction in the list To avoid mistakes the subfuncti103 Select power on function The last selected combination of main and subfunctions according to your selection in rument will display at power up 104 Cancel a moved or locked subfunction To cancel the previous moved subfunction true wind speed TWSSelect the combination SPEED page and subfunction T PAGE To cancel the moved subfunction pressThe subfunction is cancelled and MULTI XL To return the to the original display press 105 Temporary locking of alternating functions Some functions will alternate automatically between two functions Example bearing to waypoint BTWWTo stop alternating press To continue alternating press MULTI XL 111 Setup mode To get the most out of your Nexus product it is important to carefully setup and calibrate your Network The settings are stored in a nonvolatile memory which means they will remain in memory after you have turned off the power To get an overview of your Network settings we recommend that you note your settings 1111 The calibration mode is divided into 4 setup groups 1112 How to access setup mode To access setup mode press and hold To move to next setup group press PAGETo scroll up or down in each group press1113 How to change a setting To unlock a setting press To change a setting pressPAGE To lock a setting press 1114 How to return Instrument mode To return to previous mode press when the text return RET1115 Factory default settings After each setting we have listed the factory default setting when available This allows you to manually get back to factory default settings if needed There is no automatic way to get back to factory default settings it has to be done manually Most settings are central that is they will affect all instruments Network Some settings are local for this instrument only which is noted after the MULTI XL 112 1121 Return C10 RETTo return Instrument mode press 1122 Speed unit C11 Unit KTUnit for speed Knots KTDefault setting is KT1123 Mainfunction speedSelect what information to display as main function under SPEED page DisplayedKT Ttransmitted via NMEA to the Server TB WWV DRFigator log and compass transducer DF 113 1131 Return C20 RETTo return to previous mode press 1132 Depth unit C21 Uns F1133 Temperature unit C23 Unt FMULTI XL Navigation setup group C301141 Return C30 RETTo return to the previous mode press 1142 Mainfunction naviSelect what information to display as mainfunction under Navigate page DisplayedHT SET navigator log and compass transd ST NXTnd compass and log transducer NX BTWBW TWDnd and compass or navigator transd WD ansmitted via NMEA to the Server CA 1143 Unit for latitude and longitude C38Format of position in latitude and longitude Default setting is by the sign 1144 Magnetic headings and bearings C47 OFF MALocal setting it only affects the independent Multi XL instrument in which is set The magnetic variation in degrees is set with the Multi Control instrument setting In Goto WPMULTI XL 115 1151 Return C50 RETTo return to the previous mode press 1152 True or apparent wind angle C51 OFF TWASelect true TWAAWof wind angles The optional analogue Wind Angle instrument will also display the same selection This is to allow to switch between apparent and true wind angle on the complete Nexus Network to activate what is selected in setup C51 OFF1153 Wind speed unit C52 UnUnit for wi1154 Main function wind C63 tOP WIASelect the function to be displayed as main function under WIND page WIATrue TWAAFAWA Will display apparent wind angle AWAwhat is set in C51 TWAWill display true wind angle TWAA Will display apparent wind speed AWSwhat is set in C51 The letters AWbe displayed to the right of the wind speed Will display true wind speed TWSset in C51 The letters TWyed to the right of the wind speed value Will display true wind direction TWD this instrument independent of what is set in C51 The letters Wlayed to the right of the wind angle value 116 Special NMEA sentences The Nexus Server can read two special NMEA sentences which can be sent from a PC One contains TBS target boat speedand CFD customised fixpoint data hesNetwork and can be displayed as a sub TMULTI XL 1161 Target boat speed TTo access subfunction TThen press PAGE together followed by1162 Customized angle data CADToIGATE page and the 224empty224 subfunction Then press PAGE together followed by1163 Customized fixpoint data CFDTo access subfunction CFDWIND page and the 224empty224 subfunction Then press PAGE together followed by1164 Example of special NMEAsentence Target boat speed CFD 32767 32767 unitsMULTI XL 12 Maintenance and fault finding To clean the instrument use only mild soap solution and rinse with water Do not use detergents or high pressure washing equipment At least once a year check all your connections and apply additional silicon paste at Always use the instrument cover for protection when not in use Storing transducers and instruments when 122 Fault finding 1221 General Before you contact your Nexus dealer and to assist your dealer to give you a better service please check the following points and make a list of All connected instrument Nexus Network ID numbers for each instrument displayed at power upconnections Therefore always first check that Installation and connection is made per instru Screw terminals are carefully tightened No corrosion on any connection points No loose ends in the wires causing short cuts to adjacent wires Cables for damage that no cables are squeezed or worn Battery voltage is sufficient should be at least 10V DC The fuse is not blown and the The fuse is of the right type Two instruments do not have the same ID number 1222 What you should know about digital depth sounders The principle of a depth sounder is that you measure the time it takes for a short The echo changes due to bottom character heavy layers of salt and temperature layers irregular bottom vegetation fish etc Thanks to advanced hightech treatment of the signal these variations will normally not influence the depth measurement ory disturbances In the list below you will find some explanations of disturbances to the measurement of depth and how it is shown on the instrument display MULTI XL In general when a boat is moored in a harbour with other boats om other depth transducers equipment which will result in wrong depth readings MULTI XL 123 Fault action Display Action No waypoint selected Select way point Correct selection of Compass no valuesNexus compass transducer Compass no valuesNMEA compass transducer wrong COGwrong values wrong values wrong values wrong values wrong values wrong values upside down Mount correct wrong values wrong values Subfunction NAVpage Compass no valuesC71 in Compass Data wrong values wrong values Deep water outside the range of the transducer Deep water and soft bottom The boat is heeling heavily In propeller stream where air bubbles are created wrong values In propeller stream where air bubbles are created air between transducer and hull wrong values Going over shoal water with uneven and high bottom vegetation wrong values Heavy layers of salt or noticeable ranges of water temperature MULTI XL Display Action wrong values Heavily agitated water cwrong values wrong values No waypoint selected Select waypoint Correct selection of Incorrect selection of NMEA out wrong no wrong no Correct selection of Config Nexus NMEA position in Navigator wrong values wrong values Correct setting of local wrong SOGwrong SOGwrong values wrong values wrong values Subfunction SPEEDpageWind no valuesNexus wind transducer Wind no valuesNMEA wind transducer wrong speed wrong wind wind angle Correct selection of wind angle MULTI XL Display Action wrong wind Incorrect setting of mast Correct setting of mast wrong wind Incorrect setting of wind Correct setting of wind wrong values Poor cable connection Check connections wind transducer wrong values Subfunction WINDpageWind no valuesWind Data124 Nexus Network error messages with cause and remedy an error has been detected by the Nexus Network The message can assist you to diagnose the cause and remedy the error To escape from an error message press anyreset power turn off and on againmake the remedy if suggested below Note For errors marked wiAction Activated watchdog timeout Reset power Nexus Network data frames are No data received within approx 10 sec Reset power EEPROM write Reset power RAM memory error Reset power Clear Auto log memory Reset power EEPROM auto initiation or NMEA transmit fail Nexus Server only Reset power Range error depending on wrong input 70 too many minutes Waypoint not defined Define a waypoint Impossible command when used with Use only possible command Impossible command when in autopilot Use only possible commands down mounting of transducer or wrong transducer type setting MULTI XL Action tion denied since compass is busy with Autodeviation failure The boat probably hit a wave during the turn Reset power Maximum allowed time for searching satellites Eg when antenna is under Reset power Check wiring connections and fuse The unit is not allowed to power up Extended object server busy or error Route command error The waypoint bank memory is full Clear waypoint bank for new space Reset power MULTI XL 13 Specifications 131 Technical specifications Dimensions 43x62 Instrument cable 8 m 26 ftPower supply 12V DC 1016Vhe instrumy protected Power consumption at 12V Multi XL instrument 009W with maximum lighting 066W Temperature range Storage30260to 80260C 22260to 176260F Operation 10260 to 70260C14260to 158260F Multi XL instrument 435 gram 153 ozEnclosure Multi XL Instrument Water proof from frontCE approval The products conforms to the EMC requirements for immunity and emission according 132 Nexus Network introduction and user policy Introduction The Nexus data bus is a multi talker multi receiver data bus specially designed for the RS485 standard with up to 32 senders andor receivers to form a Local Area Network Data is transmitted synchronously with 1 startbit 8databits 1 paritybit two stopbits in 9600 baud User policyThe Nexus data bus is open for new users and applications witlicence fee The data bus is however the property of the manufacturer which means the specification must be followed in order to protect to the Nexus data bus performance and safety terface will be a very useful tool for monitoring real time data to edit and store waypoints to PCfile or to Server The interface is supplied with a cable for connection from PC to the Server or NX2 MULTI XL 133 Optional Accessories Below find a selection of optional accessories available Please contact your local NX2 221183 Multi Control instrument and Server 8m cable 221182 Multi Control and Server with Speed Log and depth transducer 8m cable 221181 Speed log with log 221184 Wind Data with transducer 25m cable mast bracket 221185 Compass Data with transducer 35260 8 m cable 221186 GPS Navigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable 221201 Server compl with 3m power cables 199158 Depth transducer 8m cable for NX2 only 207211 CFwind transducer Carbon Fibre MTC Mast Twist Antenna with NMEA 0183 output all supplied with 02m cable221171 Speed log instrument 221173 Multi Control instrument 221174 Wind Data instrument 221175 Compass Data instrument 221176 GPS Navigator instrument 221177 Autopilot instrument NX2 Analog Instruments all supplied with 02m cable2211501 NX2 Analog Wind Angle 2211502 NX2 Analog Steer Pilot 2211503 NX2 Analog Speed Trim 2211505 NX2 Analog Speed 016kts 2211506 NX2 Analog Speed 050kts 2211507 NX2 Analog Depth 0200m 2211508 NX2 Analog Depth 0600ft 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 2211510 NX2 Analog Compass 2211511 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 016kts 2211512 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 050kts 2211513 NX2 Analog GPS Course Remote Control Instrument RCIith Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 212181 Bracket Remote Control instrument llows cable cable XL 216801 Multi XL instrument 4m cable RCI or Multi Center needed to control Multi XL216841 Multi XL Set Multi XL instrument and Remote Control instrument NX2 GPS 221186 GPS Navigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable 221176 GPS Navigator instrument GPS Antenna with NMEA 0183 output 209922 Bracket GPS Antenna plastic with female thread 1 x 14 tpi Nexus Autopilot components 221177 Autopilot instrument Remote Control instrument with Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 210352 Servo Unit A1510 8m cable 2113424 Pumpset PF03 24V Pumpset PF03S 12V with solenoid 2134124 Pumpset PF03S 24V with solenoid 6999112 Integrated Linear Drive HP40 stroke 254mm peak thrust 500kg MULTI XL 134 Abbreviations Abbreviation DescriptionAWA Apparent Wind Angle AWS Apparent Wind Speed BAT BATtery BF BeauFort Bearing Original Destination BTW Bearing To Waypoint Course over Ground Course Made Good Course Over Ground CTS Course To Steer DEFAULT Factory Distance Made Good DPT DePTh DRiFt Speed of current DST DiSTance DTW Distance To Waypoint EDIT EDIT Electro Magnetic Compatibility F Fahrenheit F1F9 Figure of merit Fathoms FT FeeT MULTI XL GoTo To Global Positioning Network HDT True HT True Identity Kilometre per hour KT KnoTs KTS KnoTS LAT LATitude Liquid Crystal Display Local Geodetic Datum LOW LOW MAX MAX metres per second MEMory Miles per hour Man Over Board National Marine Electronic Association NXT NeXT Off Course Alarm RET RETurn Availability SAT SATellite SET SET Direction of current SHallow Speed Over Ground STA STArt MULTI XL STR STeeR SW West TAC TACtical TMP TeMPerature TRP TRiP TTG Time To Go TWA True Wind Angle TWS True Wind Speed UTC Universal Time Coordinate Velocity Made Good West WCV Waypoint Closure Velocity WP Waypoint XTE Cross Track Error Wind from port side Wind from starboard side The boat is left of the desired track The boat is right of the desired track MULTI XL 14 Warranty MPA25FKiikZh01 EI7x82hk8d CFaPtf7 lXyk0 hLLtG XL MULTI XL iz2YML WC19Fk0v XL MULTI XL Copyright 251 Nexus Marine AB Kuskv344gen 4 191 62 Sollentuna Sweden Tel 46 0ax 46 Trust Inc10UVeriSign Time Stamping Service Root1402UNO LIABILITY ACCEPTED cc EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY EhD EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia D QXDzzYYFFaHKS XYXY EDEDEeE j Bhja RyE TXYaDRy E I c a a CC5vAp AE PXaYddbQXdd EDYKTX FH FHYYCXddadQX FH

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