Pro Marine Truepower Plus Modified Sine Wave Inverter (1500 Watt)

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Thoroughly inspect your TruePower Plus unit The package should contain the Plus unitb Remote package including panel cable and mounting screwsc manualDAMAGE If any parts are missing or damaged or the unit has been damaged in shipping contactOn Board Solutions customer service at 18008240524 Do not return to place of purchase or attemptPlease read this manual and all warnings including those provide by the battery manufacturer Thismanual is written to assist in the safe installation of the TruePower Plus Inverter Installation mustcomply to the applicable electrical codes and when installed on a boat the American Boat and Yacht WARNING TO OWNER AND INSTALLERRead to avoid risk of injury or fire INSTALL BY A CERTIFIED ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN COMPLY WITHTHE FOLLOWING GUIDELINESTo prevent risk of fire damage All DC stud and cable hardware must be securely DC input cables with proper strain relief within 6 of battery cables to DC studs Use two appropriately sized wrenches for each connection716 or 12 wrench required model specific Tighten until lock washers compress Install fuse in positive of battery See page 17 forTruePower Plus Inverter See page 17 WARNING Risk of Fire Do not replace any fuse with a rating higher than recommended by Ensure that the dedicated electrical system fuse can supply this product without causingthe fuse to open On no account should fuses be bypassed as this can cause serious damage fire orThis device is not ignition protected risk of fire or explosion WARNING Low voltage electrical burn and spark hazard Disconnect battery power before servicingDo not disassemble the TruePower Plus Inverter It does not contain serviceable parts and attemptingto service the unit could result in an electrical shock or burnCAUTION Polarity and wire color must be observed when making the installation connectionto a 12 volt batteryRed DC input bar positivey connection onlyBlack DC input bar negativeblack cable battery connection onlyNOTE REVERSE POLARITY CONNECTION WILL DAMAGE UNIT AND VOID SwitchThe TruePower Plus includes an internal automatic 30 amp AC transfer switch that senses thein compliance with A31 disconnects the neutral AC lead from the AC ground when in Plus Plus Inverters have been taken to the next level of design using the latest in and software based power conversion Plus Inverters address the trend of having the convenience of household power on boardfor electric grills entertainment systems refrigeration and moreTruePower Plus not only converts 12 VDC to 110 VAC household power but will seamlessly passthrough AC station power with its built in 30 amp AC transfer switchUnique in design the TruePower Plus Series offers an intuitive dual color user interface consisting of LCD display AC power output and DC input power gauges LED indicators are used for power input type and service notification Anytime there are adverse conditions the LCD display and gauges will turn red based on the This innovative design takes the stress and mystery out of using an onboard inverter for time is significantly reduced with our innovative concealed and integrated AC cable strainrelief with front screw connection AC terminal blocks This eliminates the need of punching holesand using conduit style strain relief and ring terminals for AC power connectionsa USB charging port Shock resistant and internal conformal coated electronics for protection inDC Cable AC Power StrainUSB 5 VDC21 Amp PortIntuitive Dual Color Display and LCD Message Plus RemoteHeavy Duty Marine Mobile and Industrial Grade Inverters Inverters are available in both Modified Sine Wave MS 1500 and 2000 wattsand Pure Sine Wave PSStandard Features IMPORTANT SAFETY owners manual contains important safety instructions for the TruePower Plus Series installing and using your new inverter read all appropriate sections of this guide and any 3CAUTIONKeep children away from the inverter and its componentsThe same potentially hazardous or lethal AC power that is found in a normal household 115 ACpower outlet can be found in the TruePower Plus the positive between the battery and the inverter1To reduce risk of battery explosion follow these instructions and those published by battery manufacturer of any unit you intend to use in vicinity of battery Review cautionary marking on theseSPARK Be very cautious about dropping metal objects such as screwdrivers and wrenches onto a battery This could shortcircuit the battery and immediately cause a spark that may result in a fire or and disconnect DC output connections only after setting any inverter switches to off and removing AC cord from electric powerPersonal Safety IN VICINITY OF A LEADACID BATTERY IS DANGEROUS BATTERIES GENERATE EXPLOSIVEGASES DURING NORMAL BATTERY OPERATION FOR THIS REASON IT IS OF UTMOST charge or invert power from a frozen battery3If necessary to remove a battery from a vehicle or vessel always remove grounded terminal from 4Be sure area around battery is well battery terminals Be careful to keep corrosion from coming in contact with eyes6Study all battery manufacturers specific precautions such as removing or not removing cell caps WEAR Complete eye protection and protective clothing Avoid touching eyes while working near batterysREMOVE All pers Restrictions on Use The TruePower Plus Inverter shall not be used in Plus OverviewUSB Charge Port6 7 8 9 In this mode if the shore power is interrupted the inverter will not convert DC to AC to keep the loads onDC draw from the batteries is lowest in this mode 5 maStandby Mode LCD display is onOutput supplied by station power fast transfer to invertingPower for the loads connected to the inverter comes from shore powerIn the event of power interruption the inverter will switch automatically to inverting mode to keep DC draw from the batteries is 1A in this mode which may discharge batteries if they do not havePower for the loads is supplied by the attached batteries The unit w010010 VDC13VDCDC Input generated from DCOutput supplied by shore1DC to AC The LED graph shows of the invertersthe unit is overloaded 2Input Power3DC Input LevelWhen the input DC voltage is below 11 VDC the first Off4Wrench Symbol The wrench symbol illuminates red when the Off5System StatusThe System Status LCD screen shows the status of theOff6On Off buttonPushing the button will change to passthrough modeCharge PortFault Illuminates red when the DC Input level is below 105 VDC Illuminates red when the DC Input level is below 100 VDC Illuminates red when the DC Input level is above 155 VDC Illuminates red when the internal temperature is above 65 degrees Celsius Illuminates red when the output power is 105is running from DC power The wrench symbol illuminates red when the inverter is in fault condition Two 716 box wrenches Two 12 box wrenches 2000 watt modelsThis unit must be located in a cool dry well ventilated area free from unsecured hardware inverter unit away from battery in a separate well ventilated of the remote status panel A length of communications cable is provided for remotelocation of the statusonoff panel Ensure the cable is long enough to reach the generally in proximity to the main panel board3 Service Remember there are items on this unit that should be routinely checked Routing Large DC cables and over current protection fusescircuit This unit must be mounted securely to an appropriate surface eg plywood bulkheadand lInverter there are essentially 2 installation optionsinto set loads This may require more trial and error to determine which loads the TruePower Plus Note Unlike household wiring the neutral NG12V Battery12V Batteries 12Vfor a 12V BankVerify all connections are tight corrosion free and of good integrityThe earth conductor is permitted to be 1 common size smaller than the DC positive 12 Volt DC Battery Source On BTapping each battery as shown balances the load of the battery Note Unlike household wiring the neutral NGAC Wiring Options Continued2 DEDICATED APPLIANCE This scenario is becoming popular with items like air and refrigerators where the load of the appliance and the rating of the inverter are Battery12V Plus Inverter requires a large amount of amperageMORE THAN a 10 drop in voltage from source Plus unit or a C jacket temperature rating a class T fuseacceptable under ABYC E11 AC DC Electrical Systems on Board Boats types such as studs on the TruePower Plus Inverter followed by the washer and nut with a torque ofd Strain Relief Install proper strain relief within 6 of inverter to prevent weight and vibrationof large cables from damaging the DC Safety Fuse Install fuse in positive of battery DO NOT ATTEMPT CABLE TERMINATION BY MEANS OTHER THAN PROPER CRIMPING WITH A TOOL SOLDER AND AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR TYPE BATTERY TERMINALS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLEUSE OF ANY OF THESE TYPES OF TERMINATIONS WILL RESULT IN PREMATURE UNWARRANTIED FAILUREOF THE TRUEPOWER UNITreadily available in both 2 and 3 conductor Size is based on the maximum amperage to be passedthrough the cable and unlike DC does not take into account the length of the cable run and power ServiceCable Size AWG30 amp10Wattage12 VDC Amp Draw5 Length Cable Size AWG 12V Recommended FuseDC feature the inverter can be turned on or off remotely as well See to the high current drawn by these loads a typical battery bank would be drained very quickly Notice FCC Class B Part 15 This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital devicepursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection to correct the interference at their own expense If in a residential setting you are with TV and Radio reception while NOT in inverter mode then simply disconnect AC power1round connection Land Vehicles and Marine Crafts Certified to CSA STD C222 No 1072OPERATION The GFCI outlet must be tested monthly See page 18 for proper GFCI testing procedureThis section details how to troubleshoot the TruePower Plus Series Inverter Follow the process below tonarrow down the cause of unit fault conditions Go through this process before contacting customer service Are the DC and AC cables properly sized in good condition and have clean and tight connections4 When steps 1 through 3 have been completed contact customer service for further prepared to provide information surrounding the unit failure as well the unit model and serial numberfallen below 105 VCheck battery voltage and recharge if neededCheck for proper DC cable sizingCheck for loose connections and tighten if neededCharge batteries to clear faultCheck battery voltage and recharge if neededCheck for proper DC cable sizingCheck for loose connections and tighten if neededCharge batteries to clear faultCheck Decrease input voltage to clear faultReduce Check for proper ventilation to the unit and remove Check the ambient temperature and move thePush button twice to clear fault Reduce the loads connected unit AC output Check for loads that have a high surge remove if neededPush button twice to clear faultFault MessageWe are committed to customer satisfaction and value your business If at any time during the warranty Water intrusion will damage unit and void polarity connection will damage unit and void Plus Factory Plus Output Power1000 Watts 1200 Watts1500 Watts2000 Watts2000 WattsSurge Rating2000 Watts2400 Watts3000 Watts4000 Watts4000 WattsOutput WaveformPure SineModified SineModified SineModified SinePure Sine124 x 99 x 4115 x 99 x 4124 x 99 x 4142 x 107 x 44155 x 107 x 44Weight8 lbs7 lbs7 lbs11 Voltage Range 110 150 VDCNominal Voltage125 VDC 05 VHigh Voltage Shutdown155 VDC 05 VLow Voltage Shutdown100 VDC 05 VLow Voltage Alarm105 VDC 05 VLow Voltage Recovery120 VDC 05 VReverse Polarity ProtectionVia internal fuse not end user OffLCD Off Drain 5 maSystem StandbyLCD On 1 AmpOutput Voltage115 VAC 10 VOutput Frequency60 Hz 3 HzPassthrough Voltage Range100 130 VACPassthrough Current30 A RMSTransfer Time 30 mSEfficiency 90 Integrated GFCI Duplex Outlet15 A CiOverload Over AC repower to Circuit output voltage auto recover when short is VDC 5Current21 ADCOperating Temperature0 40 CStorage Temperature20 to 60 COperating Humidity10 90 Humidity10 95 Duty Marine Mobile and Industrial Grade 830 am to 5pm Eastern Timefor any warranty service or installation assistance Thank you On Board Solutions Customer CareYour Satisfaction is Important to UsDo not return this product to a retailer or dealer for any service or warranty RECORD YOURIMPORTANT NOTICE SAVE THESE save and read all safety operating and installation instructions before installing or applying DC or ACModelPart No WattageDC InputAC InputAC TransferAC Plus W12 VDC Input115 VAC30 AmpsModified Sine WaveTruePower Plus W12 VDC Input115 VAC30 AmpsModified Sine WaveTruePower Plus W12 VDC Input115 VAC30 AmpsModified Sine WaveTruePower Plus W12 VDC Input115 VAC30 AmpsPure Sine WaveTruePower Plus W12 VDC Input115 VAC30 AmpsPure Sine Wave0217 Avisit Series Heavy Duty Recreational Grade Marine Battery ProTournament Series Professional Grade Tournament Grade Marine Battery ProNauticP Series Sailing and Cruising Marine Battery 15 Amp MultiUse Battery Drive STE 101TEL 6034334440FAX in ChinaConforms to UL STD 458 w Marine Supplement SACertified to CSA STD C222 No 1072Design and Constructed to ABYC A312 Year

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