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whfECedY No R38103Part No E35018Pole mount kitThumb nuts x2Part No R3810410m 33ftalkFlush mount gasketThe Raystar RS125 GPS Receiver has no user serviceable partsD747123 wayYour handbook contains an explanation of how to install operate and maintain your Raystar RS125 GPS ReceiverThis product is a GPS antenna with a builtin position fixing receiver using either NMEA0183 Version 23 or later or Raymarine SeaTalk data output The intended covered by IMOSOLAS carriage to the Raystar RS125 GPS ReceiverWhats in the box812474fm Page 1 Monday September 15 2008 458 nameVopost dEeE bch aeeDdD acEeE bch CEeE bch aeeDCD KEeE bch GPS ReceiverTop ofPoleWARNING Navigation aidAlthough this product has been designed to be accurate and reliable many factors can affect its performance As a result it should only be used as an aid to navigation and should never replace common sense and navigational judgement Always maintain a permanent watch so you can respond to situations as they developWARNING Product equipment must be installed and operated in accordance with the instructions contained in this handbook Failure to do so could result in poor product performance personal injury andor damage to your boatWARNING Electrical safetyMake sure the power supply is switched off before you make any electrical Lithium batteryThis unit has a lithium battery fitted DO NOT attempt to recharge this battery DO NOT incinerate this battery Ensure you follow local regulations when disposing of Where can I install the unit812474fm Page 2 Monday September 15 2008 458 PMRmark the two fixing holes and the center holethe templatePlace the waterproof gasket into position on the underside of the polePass the cable and connector through either the center of the pole mount bracket and the pole or the cable exit hole alongside the center holeTo mount the unit on a poleTo flush mount the unit1 To mount the receiver on a pole you will need a pole of suitable length with a 1 inch 14 TPI thread not exceeding 20mm in length2 To rail mount the receiver you will need to purchase a suitable rail mount Page 3 Monday September 15 2008 458 PMR4RS125 GPS ReceiverYellow SeaTalk inputoutput To connect to SeaTalkTo connect to NMEA 0183 GPGGA GPGSA GPGSV GPGLL GPRMC GPDTM GPGNS GPVTG PRAYA PRAYI PRAYE PRAYATo connect the RS125 using Scotchlok suitable wire clippers remove the tinned ends from the individual cables Leave the Place the wires to be joined into the connectors fully pushed homeUsing a pair of pliers crimp the connector bulb been made812474fm Page 4 Monday September 15 2008 458 PMRPart No E86001 12 VIf you are connecting your RS 125 GPS receiver to a PC you will need a Serial Data Cable Part No E86001 Connect the Yellow from the RS 125 to the Yellow of the Serial Data Cable Connect the Red from the RS 125 to the positive of your boats 12 V DC power supply Connect the Brown Green and Shield from the RS 125 and a Black from the Serial ESeries SeaTalk cablePart No E55054To externalWhen connecting your RS125 into an existing SeaTalk network it should be powered from the network and not the display The yellow dataESeries do not you should connect the brown RTCM input to the shield wire ground This will prevent outside RF energy from inadvertently injecting noise into the systemTo connect to an ESeries display using SeaTalkTo connect to a Personal Computer using NMEATo connect to the RS125 into a SeaTalk systemCSeries SeaTalk cablePart No R08050812474fm Page 5 Monday September 15 2008 458 PMwhfECedY vZuQcR6RS125 GPS ReceiverSOGCOG filterThe integral SOGCOG filter fitted to your RS125 compensates for the oscillating motion of Slow moving boats or boats sailing in rough seas will benefit from a high filter setting The default setting for your RS125 is of the SOGCOG filter is made from your system displayFor full details of how to adjust the SOGCOG filter refer to the relevant Manufacturers AccessoriesYou can obtain the following accessories to help you quickly and easily connect your RS125 E36013 600mm Antenna conversion cableUnit is in bootcode either being upgradedUnit is running but does not have a fix1 flash every 4 seconds indicates SeaTalk connectionThe display conversion cable enables you to existing RC425 or RC420 display saving time and troubleThe antenna conversion cable enables you to RS120 RS112 or RS114 cable saving the time and trouble of running a new cable812474fm Page 6 Monday September 15 2008 458 PMRin the recreational marine environment The design and manufacture of Raymarine standards but correct installation is required to ensure that performance is not compromised For full details and installation guidelines refer to or web site at of conformityWe Raymarine Limited Quay Point Portsmouth Hampshire England PO6 3TD declare under our sole responsibility that the product identified in this declaration and to which this declaration relates is in conformity with the essential requirements of European Parliament equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity Product name Raystar 125 GPS Receiver Product number E32042This product has been assessed to Conformity Procedure Annex IV of the Directive Theassessment is consistent with a Technical Construction File showing conformity with theessential requirements of the Directive and has been reviewed by Notified Body No0191Signed A Abbas International Compliance Manager Raymarine Ltd 21st January 2005This product is labeled with the CE conformity markSiRF Technology IncThis product uses certain elements of software supplied to Raymarine by SiRF Technologies IncFor full details of their licensing agreement refer to our website at register your new Raymarine product please take a few minutes to fill out the warranty full warranty benefits Your product can also be registered via our web site the best of our knowledge the information contained in this hadbook was correct as it wento press Raymarine cannot accept any liability for any inaccuracies or ommissions it may In addition our policy of continuous product improvement may change specifications without notice As a result Raymarine cannot accept liability for any differences between the 812474fm Page 7 Monday September 15 2008 458 PMR8RS125 GPS ReceiverTo get Technical SupportQuay Point Northarbour RoadPortsmouth HampshireTel 44 0Fax 44 NH 03054 4801Tel 6038815200Fax No 812473Date April Technical extension 2444 orProduct Repair and NH 03054 4801Monday through Friday 0815 1700Savings requesting service please quote the following product informationTo get Technical Technical extension 2444 orProduct Repair and NH 03054 4801Monday through Friday 0815 1700Savings requesting service please quote the following product Point Northarbour RoadPortsmouth HampshireTel 44 0Fax 44 NH 03054 4801Tel 6038815200Fax No April 2006Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment DirectiveThe Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEEaste electrical and electronic equipment Whilst the WEEE Directive does not apply to some of Raymarines products we support its policy and ask you to be aware of how to dispose of this The crossed out wheelie bin symbol illustrated above and found on our products signifies that this product should not be disposed of in general waste or landfillPlease contact your local dealer national distributor or Raymarine Technical Services for information on 812474fm Page 8 Monday September 15 2008 458 Quality Quality Quality Distiller 705

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