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Base Station Wireless Controller Installation GuideBase Station Wireless Controller Installation GuideDocument number 870422Date February 2005Raymarine UK Ltd Portsmouth Hampshire UK PO6 3TD 44 069 3611Raymarine Inc Nashua NH 030634219 USAToll Free 80053955391 6038815200Base Station Wireless Controller Installation GuidePozidriv DrillParts suppliedTools RequiredS100 RemoteSmart Controller3 Way SeaTalk 6 sizeNo 8 sizeFit as high up as possible Fitting remoteCradle at fixed positionCradle on belt clipTo separate cradle from clipUse the three No 8 screws to secure P1XP1yoP14 P1QQ18Q1pQ1xQ1 O1xne33 V LpC8 pvZt E0 Z7oZdZ 4 gPppp3pT1JPnX O5 ZPF3YYz8 ZZpiZGZg H H6HXHHHH VVVVVVTY1Y1 VVVVVVY1Y1 WWWWWWY1TY1 WWWWWWY1Y1 WWWWWWZ1Y1 WWWWWW8280 WWWWWW2Y1 tpwpppLp ypwvssLrqg1 V LpC8 pvZt E0 Z7oZdZ 4 9p099wPrlM E TE FMF F YG uIJ PMqlq zpp1 9P9HBhLAF993 JKKBKUXX 8 8 8 o zmydyzSzKB91 mdSKB91 tpwpppLp 0Z X00fpt0HdHdx 14t3k1lT Po1kX10X 0Z X00fpt0HdHdx tJDP8Y 0n02O W Y yw H8UHHxH LVA18MPz CPoCUCCCCPu1M M N SHuHWbOQDD499P 96p8 pPDPaBWlNJpn0 dv80JD DWaNbNbo19 XTTaT2TleR2 e28qS2L0 8eS2th rS2 DVT2L cc VXhS PPP 12i220822232 32 c22 ESh0fD1D1SVVAw ESh0f2E1LVVAw ESh0f hSVVAw 20Poo2Pg 02Mike Carter27Adobe 048 G3G311ff 1G3fG3 13f 333 313x311tvxff zz3183311ff 1t3f332 x33 3P3 32 3x3 33 3 33 y3i1H1Lnn H H6HXHHHH H34XUxohXPzjY W Y yw H8UHHxH LVA18MPz M003B3B3B3B 3L 333 pKpK33 833 33 383 33 VD 3 Turtle5A4Adobe Turtle4Adobe BBTTddrr QQddqq NNbbpp 99MMeexx444444 33KKccww 9999996611 FFvv ttkkXXDD IIXXbb nnyyjjJJ99 Station Wireless Controller Installation GuideBase Station Wireless Controller Installation GuideUse the two No 6 screws to secure the SeaTalk SeaTalk busSeaTalk busFor example unused SeaTalk Or use the SeaTalk to a SeaTalk busIf necessary you can remove the SeaTalk connector from the Base Station cable to make direct connections to SeaTalk eg at a Raymarine course computerBefore connecting the Base Station ensure that the 12 V supply on the asscociated SeaTalk system is protected by a 5 A fuseSeaTalk color codingYellow SeaTalk dataRed 12 VScreen 0 VConnecting Smart Controller charging cable Fit 2 x AAA batteries suppliedWhen replacing use only highquality alkaline AAA size cable via 2 A fuse to 12 V supplyClip ferrite onto cable near to connector2 A fuse

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