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Sailtec Backstay Adjuster Oil Drain And Fill Procedure


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Sailtec Backstay Adjuster Oil Drain and Fill Procedure This article taken from article dated 2 October 2008 A few of my boats have these adjusters and mostly they work great The owners of Sailtec are really nice helpful people I was told that once they stop holding pressure it is better just to chuck them out by one of my vendors and it probably is if you are paying for a rebuild however if you do the work yourself it will save quite a bit of money Below are some tips I got for the J105 pumps there is air in the system If there is air in the system it can be fixed by opening the valve all the way and with the valve open vigorously pumping the handle 20 30 times This agitation will cause any bubbles in the oil to rise to the top where they need to be They adjust it with more oil If the seals are leaking or you need to add oil Materials needed About 3feet each is about right OIL Must be correct kind of oil NOT automobile steering or brake fluid Look for something jacks It should be foaming and anticorrosion 2 quartside plastic cups 1 to pump old oil into 1 Open the valve and extend the piston all the way fully extended 2 Turn upside down piston pointing down 3 Close release valve 4 Put the unit in a bench vice or equivalentto hold it firmly upside down Sailtec Backstay Adjuster Oil Drain and Fill Procedure 5 Pump a 6 Back off the nuts on the compression fittings BOTH top and bottom and remove the it slightly be careful not to bend or buckle the tube 7 Take one clear plastic tube to the stainless steel elbow by the pump since the whole thing is upsidedown should be the top fittinge tube may be tight so puch or otherwise screw it on Lead this to an empty cupbucket old oil will come out here 8 Take the other tube and put it on the stainless steel elbow fitting that is now on the bottom the one by the piston rod Lead it to the bottom of a cup filled with fresh oil Fill the tube with oil before you get it fully scrbefore the next step In my case the oil came in a bottle with a conical shaped nipple and it was easiest to just put the hose on the top of the bottle and turn it upside down Whatever your method the goal is to fill with oil and no air bubbles Important step d oil will get the good oil If black oil comes out this is very bad news I guess it means that the internal seals are shot 10 After the piston rod is fully inside the unit put the stainless steel return pipetube back into position and tighten the compression nuts There is no need to try to fill the pipe with oil prior to reinstalling 11 Take the unit out of the vice and turn it rightside up normal position 12 Open the release valve 13 With your hands manually extend the piston rod to full extension 14 Close the release valve 15 Pump the unit all the way closed ang the unit vertically upright normal position over a pan to catch excess oil 17 Crack open the bottom return pipeline compression nut and leak off a little oil You may need to spring the return line slightly to open the seal at the bottom 18 Then pump the piston back down and let the overflow leak off 19 Close the bottom return pipeline compression nut As an aside if oil is leaking out of the pump at the bottom they can sell you a 10 new pump seal Easy to install but do need a hammer at some point to drive out a rollpin Yy17 3 D p y Aa17 2 D p 4SND URD L LTH TRK FRn F T v 9p vRqDf0DlD DlDlDllDl n Dmv6wU

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