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Sailtec Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster Service Maintenance And Repair Manual


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X8hL3VV7JHnJK1  0 032930 CONGER COURT OSHKOSH WI 54904 USA   EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa  a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH  E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY  EhD   EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia  GD  ERXDYY EIDEJDEeE j Bhja RyJJE TXYaDRyI IE  I c RX8e8c8YEiC  a   a CC5vKp KE PXaYddbQXdd  E PXaYDFFF Fab KKpE   CONGER COURT OSHKOSH WI 54904 USA  Review of System Checklist Check for visual evidence of external oil  Check for visual evidence of crack Pump to pressure Leave handle out  To pass the pressure will hold and the  Check lever pin for full engagement  Clean integral making note of any lo Open release valve  Pull out piston  Inspect rod  To be free of nicks and scratches polish out with 150 to 220  Inspect wiper seal for cracks  Recause failure  Close release valve  Pump in upright position until ram is retracted  If more th Place spacer on each side of piston rod between upper jaw and gland cap to act  Inspect system visually for evidence of  Clean system and leave pressure on one day If gauge drifts to lower pressure more than a few hundred pounds inspect for temperature sensitive when using a dead stop so higher or lower pressure reading  Handle should remain out when under pressu Service system if pressure loss occurs  Pressure loss is caused by a worn cartridge release valve external oil   679GHIQ  JpvXr2         hhh2h h8hhDh   zNuzruzNu    wu  Vz     p2j2  ZF0d     9p  vRqDf0DlD DlDlDllDl     LTH        3 UUUUUUUUU40  UUUU    N7g3WAnWH  444444  918K1   2lAA0           aaa4330AaB0a6   6767654632M FWaAEhA105 6765454767673  A eEEkL4oExIaCu2  0AQ  V 306L4TO234444 4444  4A     O3OI4446   5   0000                              p p0NpBP82930 CONGER COURT OSHKOSH WI 54904 USA  DOWN  Vise    Propane torch    Loctite PST 56747    Red Loctite    Blue Loctite     Blue RTV Sealer    Spanner wrench    Allen wrench 332X4224 532224 X 6224 316 X6224                     275224 916224 and 58224 openend wrenchesWith piston rod fully extended position integral horizontally in softjawed viseNOTE If this is a cylinder depress Schrader Valve core to remove air pressure  Remove stainless steel outside return line from the upper cylinder and lower pump elbow Loosen pump from cylinder several turns Hint Heat cylinder with torch to expand the cylinder at the pump and make turning the pu Elevate pump several inches above cylinder so oil does not drain out of the cylinder  Remove pump assembly and set assembly aside  Pour off oil in cylinder   Remove gland cap by lightly heating cylinder and turning off gland cap  Remove elbow from cylinder  Remove Pullbushing assembly from cylinder  Remove seals from piston being careful not to scratch the seal groove  Clamp piston rod in vise heat piston head to break red LocTite and remove piston head from rod using a spanner wrench    Remove rod bushing and gland cap  Tap out bushing rings and bushing seals and remove wiper from the gland cap  Polish out marks on rings and clean all parts thoroughly  Disassemble pump  Place in vise jaw up  Turning the cylinder back onto the pump can help handling the Remove cartridge release valve handle pivot pin handle and pump piston subassembly  Remove cap plug adjacent to pump piston bore CAUTION  There is a large spring and ball and a small spring and ball beneath this cap plug227 careful not to  Remove set screw elbow and gauge as necessary  Disassemble cartridge release valve pump piston assembly and clean all components  Flush pump body with pressure cleaner and blow out with compressed air    Flush cylinder piston rod gland cap bushing and piston head with solvent cleaner and blow off with 2930 CONGER COURT OSHKOSH WI 54904 USA  CYLINDER Clamp piston rod in soft jawed vise using a towel or denim material Gland cap Install wiper with lubricant oil or bearing marine greasepress cap onto piston rod  Build brass bushing Using lubricant  Upper  Press poly pack do not remove 221O222 ringshing pocket  Put brass ring in place  Make sure lip of poly pack is toward pressure  Lower  Press pack without 221O222 ring in lower bushing pocket lip to pressure  Stake ring in  Press bushing onto piston rod using care not to damage rod seals  Install backup ring and 221O222 ring on outside of bushing Backup ring flat first  Place piston poly pack on rod with lip toward the bushing  Apply Red Loctite to piston rod and piston head threads and install piston head TIGHTEN PISTON HEAD WITH A SPANNER WRENCH VERY TIGHT  Install poly pack and wear ring on piston  To install rod assembly in cylinder  Line up groove in bushing with elbow port on cylinder Recent designs do not have bushing  Press Walk cylinder onto pistonrod bushing assembly   Tap bushing into cylinder with bushing groove lined up with elbow port on the piston  Use Blue Loctite on capcylinder threads Tighten cap into place   Wipe off excess Loctite  Slide piston in and out  Install elbow using 567 thread sealant REASSEMBLE PUMP Flush and clean  Rebuild cartridge release valve and pump piston and 221O222 ring on cap screw   Install the 274224 ball small spring 38224 ball large spring and cap screw in pump   Install cartridge release valve pump elbow 116 pipe or18224 pipend gauge  Replace backup ring and 221O222 ring on pump  Assemble lever to pump piston using 274224 X 58224 pin  Install above by greasing lining up and pressing the pump piston into place  Hint using 58224 open end wrench on pump piston flats with lever in place will provide excellent control so you can press the piston into location by rocking and pressing  Install pump pivot pin Use Red Loctite on knurled end of pin and drive securely with 274222 punch 2930 CONGER COURT OSHKOSH WI 54904 USA  ASSEMBLY OF CYLINDER PUMP AND RETURN LINE Fixture cylinder open end up in vise with ram extended fully  Add oil see below Put pump assembly on cylinder use Blue Loctite on threadsto place  Replace plumb line  Test for pressure  See Test Procedure Checklist   Install spacer between upper jaw and gland   Pull out piston rod  Pump to retract   Pull out install spacer and pump to pressure   Leave handle out under pressure  Pressure holds at the set level  If not pull out and push in piston rod and retest  Let hang a day if possible to allow air bubbles to float out  If pressure doesn222t hold it could be the check balls a cartridge release valve 221O222 ring or back up or  If handle returns to upright by itself a check ball in the pump has dirt on it or doesn222t seat properly  The system is designed to have a flushing jet internally To flush the valve seats and check balls extend piston rod  the release valve tip the integral upside down and push piston rod full in  Repeat a couple of times and retest  results can be obtained by extending the piston rod clamping the integral upside down in a vise removing the pump piston and cap screw pulling the large spring and 38224 ball out with a magnet and examining the ball and internal seat for dirt  Then replacing the parts and retesting the integral  If the handle snaps back and it is the 38224 valve seat then a 340 ball can be used to replace the 38224 ball  Remove the 38224 ball replace with a 340 ball tap gently into place once or twicelightly using a small punch and hammer This is designed in for field seat service             OIL VOLUME10 Std 185 ML 210 Long 260 ML 312 Std 280 ML 412 Long 360 ML 517 Std 420 ML 617 Long 560 ML 722 Std 600 ML se 223Premium224 hydraulic oil  ISO grade 32 or lighter  Do not use transmission fluid ack oil or steering fluid 2930 CONGER COURT OSHKOSH WI 54904 USA  ADD OIL TO AN INTEGRAL ADJUSTER Sailtec recommends using a premium hydraulic oil ISO 32 or lighter    Oil fittings  tube must be clean  Fully extend piston rod  Disconnect outside oil line from the upper fittingelbow  Fill a 38224 piece of flexible hose CLEAR is bestwith ISO Grade 32 premium oil  Attach the clear flexible hose to upper elbow the 38224 hose should push on to the 716224 elbow threadsPlace the other end of hose in a reservoir of hydraulic oil This line will act as a siphon so it needs to  Connect a section of hose to the other pumpless line and run it to a pan or bottle to collect the overflow oil  Slowly retractpush the piston rod into cylinder Hint This works best with the integral upside dow When oil stops being drawn from reservoir the cylinder is filled if the siphon line is free of most air bubbles  Reconnect the stainless line and pump system  If air bubbles are in the system it won222t hold pressure If that happens pull piston rod in and out a few times You may have to allow gravity to work air out CARTRIDGE VALVE ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Line up hex nuts one under knob one on stem Install knob on stem  Lubricate 221O222 ring on tip  Turn the valve into the valve port turn in very slowly wiggle the body a little so 221O222 rings find port slide into place  Tighten down securely with wrench 2930 CONGER COURT OSHKOSH WI 54904 USA  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Open release valve  Fully extend piston rod  Clamp cylinder in vise gauge face up  Use soft jaws and cloth pads to prevent scratching  Remove boot if there is one and remove gauge VERY IMPORTANT Do not allow foreign matter chips dirt etc in the gauge port IT IS ESSENTIAL TO KEEP THIS AREA CLEAN  PREPARE REPLACEMENT GAUGE DO NOT cover the four leadin threads at the tip  Place sealant on upper threads use Loctite PST  56747   or an equivalent high quality   sealant     Again do not cove the four leadin threads  Install the gauge  Tighten until very firm  Orient gauge to orient dial Usually one or two   threads are still exposed  Over tightening can damage the gauge recommend the following  Tighten securely with very firm hand pressure on the wrench  Allow to set up 2448 hours  Hang upright during this time  Do not put pressure on integral during this time  If glistening leak exists tighten one more revolution again not under pressure TT130T42UV EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa  a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH  E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY  EhD   EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia  D QXDzzYYFFaHKS XYXY EDEDEeE j Bhja RyE TXYaDRy E  I c   a   a CC5vAp AE PXaYddbQXdd  EDYKTX  FH FHYYCXddadQX FH   CustomerDell Computer  PDFMaker 91 for  Distiller 951  CustomerDell Computer  PDFMaker 91 for  Distiller 951   679GHIQ  JpvXr2         hhh2h h8hhDh   zNuzruzNu    wu  Vz     p2j2  ZF0d     9p  vRqDf0DlD DlDlDllDl     LTH       3 UUUUUUUUU40  UUUU    N7g3WAnWH  444444  918K1   2lAA0           aaa4330AaB0a6   6767654632M FWaAEhA105 6765454767673  A eEEkL4oExIaCu2  0AQ  V 306L4TO234444 4444  4A     O3OI4446   5   0000                              679GHIQ  JpvXr2         hhh2h h8hhDh   zNuzruzNu    wu  Vz     p2j2  ZF0d     9p  vRqDf0DlD DlDlDllDl     LTH       3 UUUUUUUUU40  UUUU    N7g3WAnWH  444444  918K1   2lAA0           aaa4330AaB0a6   6767654632M FWaAEhA105 6765454767673  A eEEkL4oExIaCu2  0AQ  V 306L4TO234444 4444  4A     O3OI4446   5   0000                             0 Tf 0 g Preferred CustomerDell Computer  PDFMaker 91 for  Distiller 951 

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