Seafrost Model Bd Refrigerator Air

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d8681040 18004356708 wwwseafrostcom 9hvccOS9tLv10b uIw6zjakdg HmvpcwY6xAOy 7bYSPGn5h f6aYoPGfr85lq 1IVbnx FSjuzxkSH4 8 DPemu mi vhfecbazvs qokl ptw AAAA IIIIXSOLI G DB qeUOxjVNHC7420 5E0N0Y1e1s1222 2C MYfus sdWME520 2DPjeWKB4 9CPnXKA80 5MZkUH 5 WgQ E2 C nTNIC623AHOW 7zHyOwUvtcskq tp nlkihfedddd10 FECA597D6L4 V3 1 m yiRJD 9854203 scWME8543217HS moSJB741 5JVdtqSH71 7AMZi gWJ70 3IVfyc B BABBB CCDDDDDDHO SWE28FMVllOB61 QzNKq pcVK62GUbp8 DRly5AN ht243 0KXdpz9FSku 4ANZfpyIUjt 3GOVcipx05751 MMMNMLL PPQ7Q 6Ati5V0MD 6320 4 6wmd RKC963104MXet tjaXOG81 JWgy Hb nameaPpost dEeE bch aeeDdD acEeE bch CEeE bch aeeDCD KEeE bch YXRU KV1BfJKAn unducted unit in a poorly ventilated small space will heat the air lowering the cooling capacity and possibly causing damage by overheating the compressor The Sea Frost BD system is shipped precharged with refrigerant This refrigerant is under some pressure Do not fiddle with the connectors or the service ports You might get hurt Wear safety glasses when connecting the compressor This system operates with refrigerant R134a and is pre chargedPBC board fuse is required only if using Electronic Thermostat with the RJ45 6 OPTIONAL REMOTE THERMOSTAT OPERATION Slide the bulb clip onto the edge of the plate and over the sensing bulb The sensing bulb must be in excellent thermal contact with the plate We recommend that the probe be mounted on the plate in the one of the lower mounting positions as shown in the drawing below This is best because these positions remain colder The SEA FROST BD thermostat is variable Turning the knob fully turns the unit OFF The fully clockwise setting is the coldest The thermostat may be adjusted to obtain any temperature desired in the cabinet The thermostat may be calibrated should the warmest setting be too cold To calibrate the thermostat remove the mounting screws and tip the panel forward Remove the electrical tape if necessaryscrew about an inch into the case To lower box temperature rotate this screw counter clockwise One full revolution will change the box temperature approximately 6 degrees F To raise the temperature in the box rotate the screw clockwise Make small adjustments Record all adjustments evaporator plate Allowing Error type Battery protection cutout 1 Electronic unit 2 Battery 3 Main switch optional4 LED for operational errors 5 Fan 6 Thermostat 7 Resister for presetting 8 Resister for presetting 9 Fuse see electrical Our Repair Policy GIPfx22004G5E5 PK Su O6XxyEGXXY Version Distiller 505 Word BD AIRdoc

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