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Xantrex Auto Transfer Switch 975 0588 01 01 Rev a


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IntroductionThank you for purchasing the XantrexPROwatt SW Auto Transfer Switch an automatic AC power transfer switch that automatically switches between primary and secondary AC input sources to power a single AC output circuitThe PROwatt SW Auto Transfer Switchpart number 8080915 automatically toggles between AC power from the PROwatt SW inverter and AC power from another AC source such as utility or shore power to transfer to a single AC output such as a qualified load via a branch circuitEADTHISBEFOREOPERATINGTHEPROWATT SW AUTORANSFERWITCHANDSAVEFORFUTUREREFERENCEImportant Safety InformationMisusing or incorrectly connecting the auto transfer switch may damage the equipment or create hazardous conditions for users Read the following safety instructions and pay special attention to all Caution and Warning statements in the guide Warningsidentifyconditions that may result in personal injury or loss of life identify conditions or practices that may damage the unit or other equipmentWARNINGELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARDKeep the auto transfer switch out of reach of children and pets Do not expose the auto transfer  to moisture rain spray or snow For marine application use a drip shieldDo not operate the auto transfer  if it has been damaged in any way Do not disassemble the auto transfer  There are no userserviceable parts insideFailure to follow these instructions can result in death or serious injuryEQUIPMENT DAMAGEUse with Xantrex PROwatt SW Inverter onlyNot intended for use with parallel engine generator setsTungsten filament load not to exceed 30 of switch ratingFailure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damageFeaturesInstallationOperation1Disconnect or turn off all power sources prior to installation2Connect the AC Output cable to an  input branch circuit such as a load subpanel in your RV or motor homeNOTE Use a qualified installer or technician if you dont have sufficient knowledge on how to connect to a branch circuit Consult your RVmotor homeboat dealer for 3Connect the AC Input 1 cable to your PROwatt SW inverter4Connect the AC Input 2 cable to an output branch circuit such as a utility subpanel  in your RV or motor homeNOTE Use a qualified installer or technician if you dont have sufficient knowledge on how to connect to a branch circuit Consult your RVmotor homeboat dealer for 5Turn on all power sourcesSpecificationsNOTE Specifications are subject to change without noticeWarranty and Return InformationWarrantyWhat does this warranty coverThis Limited Warranty is provided by Xantrex Technology Inc Xantrexovers defects in workmanship and materials in your PROwatt SW Auto Transfer SwitchThis warranty period lasts for 3 monthsmoismeses from the date of purchase at the point of sale to you the original end user customer unless otherwise agreed in writing the Warranty Period You will be required to demonstrate proof of purchase to make warranty claimsThis Limited Warranty is transferable to subsequent owners but only for the unexpired portion of the Warranty Period Subsequent owners also require original proof of purchase as described in What proof of purchase is requiredWhat will Xantrex do During the Warranty Period Xantrex will at its option repair the product if economically feasible or replace the defective product free of charge provided that you notify Xantrex of the product defect within the Warranty Period and provided that Xantrex through inspection establishes the existence of such a defect and that it is covered by this Limited WarrantyXantrex will at its option use new andor reconditioned parts in performing warranty repair and building replacement products Xantrex reserves the right to use parts or products of original or improved design in the repair or replacement If Xantrex repairs or replaces a product its warranty continues for the remaining portion of the original Warranty Period or 90 days from the date of the return shipment to the customer whichever is greater All replaced products and all parts removed from repaired products become the property of Xantrex Xantrex covers both parts and labor necessary to repair the product and return shipment to the customer via a Xantrex selected nonexpedited surface freight within the contiguous United States and Canada Alaska Hawaii and outside of the United States and Canada are excluded Contact Xantrex Customer Service for details on freight policy for return shipments from excluded areasHow do you get service If your product requires troubleshooting or warranty service contact your merchant If you are unable to contact your merchant or the merchant is unable to provide service contact Xantrex directly at 1 408 987 6359 direct telephone or customerservicexantrexcom EmailDirect returns may be performed according to the Xantrex Return Material Authorization Policy described in your product manual For some products Xantrex maintains a network of regional Authorized Service Centers Call Xantrex or check our website to see if your product can be repaired at one of these facilitiesWhat proof of purchase is required In any warranty claim dated proof of purchase must accompany the product and the product must not have been disassembled or modified without prior written authorization by XantrexProof of purchase may be in any one of the following forms The dated purchase receipt from the original purchase of the product at point of sale to the end  The dated dealer invoice or purchase receipt showing original equipment manufacturer OEMr The dated invoice or purchase receipt showing the product exchanged under warrantyWhat does this warranty not cover Claims are limited to repair and replacement or if in Xantrexs discretion that is not possible reimbursement up to the purchase price paid for the product Xantrex will be liable to you only for direct damages suffered by you and only up to a maximum amount equal to the purchase price of the productThis Limited Warranty does not warrant uninterrupted or errorfree operation of the product or cover normal wear and tear of the product or costs related to the removal installation or troubleshooting of the customers electrical systems This warranty does not apply to and Xantrex will not be responsible for any defect in or damage toathe product if it has been misused neglected improperly installed physically damaged or altered either internally or externally or damaged from improper use or use in an unsuitable environmentbthe product if it has been subjected to fire water generalized corrosion biological infestations or input voltage that creates operating conditions beyond the maximum or minimum limits listed in the Xantrex product specifications including but not limited to high input voltage from generators and lightning strikescthe product if repairs have been done to it other than by Xantrex or its authorized service centers hereafter ASCsdthe product if it is used as a component part of a product expressly warranted by another manufacturerecomponent parts or monitoring systems supplied by you or purchased by Xantrex at your direction for incorporation into the productfthe product if its original identification trademark serial number markings have been defaced altered or removedgthe product if it is located outside of the country where it was purchased andhany consequential losses that are attributable to the product losing power whether by product malfunction installation error or misuseProduct DisclaimerTHIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY PROVIDED BY XANTREX IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR XANTREX PRODUCT AND IS WHERE PERMITTED BY LAW IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES CONDITIONS GUARANTEES REPRESENTATIONS OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE IN CONNECTION WITH THE PRODUCT HOWEVER ARISING WHETHER BY CONTRACT TORT NEGLIGENCE PRINCIPLES OF MANUFACTURERS LIABILITY OPERATION OF LAW CONDUCT STATEMENT OR OTHERWISE INCLUDING WITHOUT RESTRICTION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF QUALITYMERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OFMERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE TO THE EXTENT REQUIRED UNDERAPPLICABLE LAW TO APPLY TO THE PRODUCT SHALL BE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE PERIOD STIPULATED UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IN NO EVENT WILL XANTREX BE LIABLE FOR A ANY SPECIAL INDIRECT INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING LOST PROFITS LOST REVENUES FAILURE TO REALIZE EXPECTED SAVINGS OR OTHER COMMERCIAL OR ECONOMIC LOSSES OF ANY KIND EVEN IF XANTREX HAS BEEN ADVISED OR HAD REASON TO KNOW OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE BABILITY ARISING IN TORT WHETHER OR NOT ARISING OUT OF XANTREXS NEGLIGENCE AND ALL LOSSES OR DAMAGES TO ANY PROPERTY OR FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY OR ECONOMIC LOSS OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE CONNECTION OF A PRODUCT TO ANY OTHER DEVICE OR SYSTEM  AND CGE OR INJURY ARISING FROM OR AS A RESULT OF MISUSE OR ABUSE OR THE INCORRECT INSTALLATION INTEGRATION OR OPERATION OF THE PRODUCT BY PERSONS NOT AUTHORIZED BY XANTREXExclusionsTHISPRODUCTCONSUMERPRODUCTFEDERALLAWDOESALLOWEXCLUSIONIMPLIEDWARRANTIESTHEEXTENTYOUENTITLEDIMPLIEDWARRANTIESUNDERFEDERALLAWTHEEXTENTPERMITTEDAPPLICABLELAWTHEYLIMITEDTHEDURATIONTHISIMITEDARRANTYSTATESPROVINCESANDJURISDICTIONSNOTALLOWLIMITATIONSEXCLUSIONSIMPLIEDWARRANTIESTHEDURATIONIMPLIEDWARRANTYTHELIMITATIONEXCLUSIONINCIDENTALCONSEQUENTIALDAMAGESTHEABOVELIMITATIONEXCLUSIONAPPLYHISIMITEDARRANTYGIVESYOUSPECIFICLEGALRIGHTSHAVEOTHERRIGHTSWHICHVARYFROMSTATESTATEPROVINCEPROVINCEJURISDICTIONJURISDICTIONReturn Material Authorization PolicyBefore returning a product directly to Xantrex you must obtain a Return Material Authorization RMA number and the correct factory Ship To address Products must also be shipped prepaid Product shipments will be refused and returned at your expense if they are unauthorized returned without an RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the shipping box if they are shipped collect or if they are shipped to the wrong locationWhen you contact Xantrex to obtain service please have your instruction manual ready for reference and be prepared to supplyThe serial number of your productInformation about the installation and use of the unitInformation about the failure andor reason for the returnA copy of your dated proof of purchaseReturn Procedure1Package the unit safely preferably using the original box and packing materials Please ensure that your product is shipped fully insured in the original packaging or equivalent This warranty will not apply where the product is damaged due to improper packaging2Include the followingThe RMA number supplied by Xantrex Technology Inc clearly marked on the outside of A return address where the unit can be shipped Post office boxes are not acceptableA contact telephone number where you can be reached during work hoursA brief description of the problem3Ship the unit prepaid to the address provided by your Xantrex customer service representativeIf you are returning a product from outside of the USA or CanadaIn addition to the above you MUST include return freight funds and are fully responsible for all documents duties tariffs and deposits Out of Warranty ServiceIf the warranty period for your PROwatt SW Auto Transfer Switch has expired if the unit was damaged by misuse or incorrect installation if other conditions of the warranty have not been met or if no dated proof of purchase is available your inverter may be serviced or replaced for a flat feeTo return your PROwatt SW Auto Transfer Switch for out of warranty service contact Xantrex Customer Service for a Return Material Authorization RMAnumber and follow the other steps outlined in Return Procedure above Payment options such as credit card or money order will be explained by the Customer Service Representative In cases where the minimum flat fee does not apply as with incomplete units or units with excessive damage an additional fee will be charged If applicable you will be contacted by Customer Service once your unit has been receivedXantrex and PROwatt are registered trademarks of Schneider Electric  Services International sprl registered in the United States and other countries PROwatt SW Auto Transfer Switch Owners GuideCopyright  May 2010 Xantrex Technology Inc All rights reserved No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or disclosed to third parties without the express written consent of Xantrex Technology Inc 161G South Vasco Road Livermore California USA 94551 Xantrex Technology Inc reserves the right to revise this document and to periodically make changes to the content hereof without obligation or organization of such revisions or changes unless required to do so by prior arrangement UNLESSSPECIFICALLYAGREEDWRITINGANTREXECHNOLOGY MAKESWARRANTYTHEACCURACYSUFFICIENCYSUITABILITYTECHNICALOTHERINFORMATIONPROVIDEDITSMANUALSOTHERDOCUMENTATIONASSUMESRESPONSIBILITYLIABILITYFORLOSSESDAMAGESCOSTSEXPENSESWHETHERSPECIALDIRECTINDIRECTCONSEQUENTIALINCIDENTALWHICHMIGHTARISETHESUCHINFORMATIONANYSUCHINFORMATIONWILLENTIRELYTHEUSERRISKREMINDSYOUTHATTHISMANUALLANGUAGEOTHERTHANNGLISHALTHOUGHSTEPSHAVEBEENTAKENMAINTAINTHEACCURACYTHETRANSLATIONTHEACCURACYCANNOTGUARANTEEDPPROVEDANTREXCONTENTCONTAINEDWITHTHENGLISHLANGUAGEVERSIONWHICHPOSTEDWWWXANTREXCOMCONNECTS to an AC UTILITY CONNECTS to LOADAC INPUT 1CONNECTS to PROWATT SW INVERTERinput voltage and frequency120VAC60HzAC input current15A maxoutput voltage and frequency120VAC60 HzAC output current15A maxTransfer time80 msDimensions LWH967570 mm 2 2 Weight064 kg 14 lbsUL1008ACTransferSwitchREVAfm  Page 1  Thursday May 27 2010  145 PMhttpswwwverisigncomrpa0U00U0HOcRgFMz 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