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' Jabsco: 43000 0101 Ds Jabsco 37202 Electric Bilge Pump'


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                                                                                  Model 37202-Series


                                                                                                                             Model 37202-Series
q   Pumpgard Inlet Strainer Supplied With Pump
q   Self-Priming
q   Diaphragm Design Allows Dry Running
q   Built-in Hydraulic Pulsation Dampener
q   Corrosion Resistant Materials Throughout
    for Sea Water Service
q   Meets USCG Electrical Regulation 183.410
    and ISO 8846 Marine for Ignition Protection.
q   N.M.M.A. Type Accepted

Open Flow:              4.5 GPM
Vert. Dry Suction Lift: 7 feet
Ports:                  3/4" Slip-on Hose
Weight:                 5.5 lb (2,5 kg)

MOUNTING                                                        STANDARD MODELS
Mount upright in a dry location (above highest bilge water                                         Nominal            Fuse
level) on a solid surface. Mounting screws should be                Model           Voltage        Current            Size
tightened only enough to slightly compress grommets.
Overtightened screws will reduce cushioning effect of            37202-0000         12 Vdc         7.5 AMP        10 AMP
mounts and may cause excessive noise.                            37202-0010         24 Vdc         6.5 AMP        10 AMP
For intake and discharge, use 3/4" ID non-collapsible
hose. Keep intake and discharge lines free of kinks and         LUBRICATION: Check connecting rod bearing annually
restrictions. To protect pump from debris, install the 3/4"     and add chassis lube as needed. No other lubrication of the
in-line strainer (Model 36200-0000) in the intake line from     pump is required.
the bilge. Use a 3/4" thru-hull fitting for discharge located   WINTER STORAGE: The pump must be completely
well above the waterline at all angles of heel.                 drained, hoses removed and pump run until all water is
WIRING                                                          expelled.
Wire pump in a circuit independent of all other electrical
fixtures. Use stranded copper wire. Install fuse in             WIRING TABLE
positive circuit. See table for recommended wire and fuse               Wire Length Between
size. See diagram for wiring connections. Use a                          Battery and Motor               Wire Gauge
10 amp-rated switch (3-way switch Model 44960-0001).
After installation, it is recommended that voltage be                       1 - 25 feet                      12 AWG
checked at the motor terminals with motor operating                        25 - 50 feet                      10 AWG
under full load. Be sure measured voltage is not less than
11 volts on a 12 volt system with a fully charged battery.
                                                                WIRING DIAGRAM FOR AUTOMATIC OPERATION
               DIMENSIONAL DRAWING                                       3-WAY SWITCH
                                                                    -       +
                                                                                 FUSE              AUTOMATIC      PUMP

                                                                                   Automatic Bilge Switch
                                                                                   Model 34875-Series or
                                                                                   Any JABSCO Float Switch
 VIEW                                              **                                   TROUBLE SHOOTING
                                                                                                 Problems                            Causes
                         1                                                              Loss of suction to pump:           - Air leak in suction line.
                                   2                                                                                       - Bilge pickup not submerged.
                                                                                                                           - Intake hose kinked or plugged.
                                                                                                                           - Fouled intake or discharge valve.
                                                                7                                                          - Ruptured diaphragm.
                               8 9
                                                                                        Rough or noisy operation:          - Intake or discharge hose kinked
                                                                                                                             or plugged.
                                   **                                                                                      - Pump not mounted firmly.
                                                                                                                           - Loosened eccentric set screw or
                                   10                                                                                        worn connecting rod bearing.
                                                                                                                           - Ruptured or collapsed pulsation
                                   10a                   **                                                                  dampener.
                                                                                        VALVE REPLACEMENT
                                                                                        1. Turn off power to pump. Remove four tie down bolts.
                                   12                                                   2. Expose valves by lifting motor mount and the attached
                                                                                           diaphragm assembly from pump base.
                                                                                        3. Remove and clean or replace valves.
                                                        15                              4. Install valves, making sure rubber flapper is UP on intake and
                                                                                           DOWN on discharge. Replace valve retaining plate.
                                                                                        5. Replace motor-mount-diaphragm assembly and fasten
                                                         17                                evenly to base with the four tie down bolts.
                                                                                        DIAPHRAGM AND CONNECTING ROD REPLACEMENT
                                                                                        1. Turn off power to pump. Remove four motor mount tie down bolts.
   **Indicates items included in Hardware Kit (Key 21)
                                                                                        2. Lift motor mount and the attached diaphragm assembly from
                                                                                           pump base.
PARTS LIST                                                                              3. Remove two diaphragm retainer screws and the diaphragm retainer.
37201/37202-SERIES                                                                      4. Pull connecting rod assembly and diaphragm from motor
                                                                                           mount; then, unscrew bolt to separate diaphragm plates.
KEY         DESCRIPTION                PART NUMBER                       QTY.           5. Loosely reassemble new diaphragm, diaphragm plates,
 1          Motor Kit 12 Vdc             30201-0000                        1               washer and diaphragm bolt onto new connecting rod assembly.
 1          Motor Kit 24 Vdc             30200-0040                        1            6. Slide connecting rod on shaft. Ensure that eccentric is firmly
 2          Motor Mount                  35797-0000                        1               seated on motor shaft and tighten set screw firmly against flat
 7          Connecting Rod Kit           30040-0000*                       1               side of shaft.
                                                                                        7. Loosely reassemble diaphragm, diaphragm plates, washer
 8          Diaphragm Plate              35688-0000                        2
                                                                                           and diaphragm bolt onto connecting rod. Tighten connecting
 9          Diaphragm                    37174-0000*                       1               rod bolt while maintaining alignment of rod bearing eccentric.
10          Retainer                     35788-0000                        1               NOTICE: Avoid misalignment or twisting of rod on eccentric
10a         Valve Retaining Plate        35816-0000                        1               shaft or excessive bearing wear will result.
11          Valve Set (Inlet & Outlet)   30005-0000*                     1 Set
12          Base                         35795-0000                        1
                                                                                        PULSATION DAMPENER REPLACEMENT
15          Pulsation Dampener           37179-0000*                       1            1. Disconnect power leads from pump and remove from mount.
17          Bottom Plate                 35798-0000                        1               Remove four tie down bolts.
21          Hardware Kit                 37168-0000                      1 Set          2. Remove bottom plate screw and the bottom plate. Pull out
                                                                                           and replace pulsation dampener; position the 3-ribbed cavity
            Service Kit                  37182-0000
                                                                                           on discharge side.
* Indicates Parts Contained in Service Kit.                                             3. Replace bottom plate and screw. Tighten evenly to base with
NOTE 1  For Model 37201-0000 Use Replacement                                              the four tie down bolts.
                  Motor Number 30202-0000 (12 Volt only).                               4. Reinstall pump and reconnect power leads.
NOTE 2  For Model 37201-0000 Use 2 Each                                                PUMPGARD REPLACEMENT PARTS
         35983-0000 Diaphragm Plates.                                                   Part Description                                     Part Number
                                                                                        Screen Replacement                                   36139-000
                                                                                        O-Ring Seal                                          36403-0000

                                                                                                  THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN ARE SUBJECT TO
                                                                                                  THE JABSCO ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY, WHICH IS
                                                                                                  AVAILABLE FOR YOUR INSPECTION UPON REQUEST.

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