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' Magellan/gsc100: Antennas Magellan Gsc 100 Orbcomm Antenna'


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  State-of-the-art Antennas                                                                                    General Characteristics
                                                                                                               s    Combined ORBCOMM+GPS antenna
  Featuring Both GPS and VHF
                                                                                                               s    Rugged low-profile antenna design
                                                                                                               s   Three mounting options are available
                                                                                                                       - Roof top mount
                                                                                                                       - Magnetic mount
  Magellan is pleased to present a new dual band anten-                                                                - Trunk mount
  na design for use with both the Global Positioning
  System and Orbcomm's LEO satellite constellation.                                                            GPS (L1)

  Configured in a single integrated device, this antenna                                                       Frequency range                 1.575 GHz 10 MHz

  provides a separate feed line for the GPS and VHF fre-                                                       Axial ratio                     <3 dB
  quency band.                                                                                                 Gain                            >3.5 dBi
                                                                                                               Amplifier Gain                  25 dB
                                                                                                               Noise Figure                    <2 dB
  Architecture                                                                                                 Power Supply                    + 5 Volts, @ 30 mA
  A 3.5 dB microstrip patch antenna with 25 dB gain LNA
                                                                                                               ORBCOMM (VHF)
  serves the GPS function. A rugged, low profile, encap-
                                                                                                               Frequency Range                 137151 MHz
  sulated Flex Mast antenna rounds out the VHF element.
                                                                                                               Gain                            >-2 dBd (Flex Mast)
  Several mounting configurations of the antenna are
  available: rooftop, for permanent installation; magnet-                                                      Physical Characteristics
  ic, for temporary usage; and trunk lid, for semi-perma-                                                      Base Dimensions                 2.5" dia. X 1.0" high
  nent installation without the need to drill holes.                                                           Flex Mast
                                                                                                               Dimensions                      7" (Flex Mast)
  Many connector configurations are possible, with SMB
                                                                                                               Cable Length                    20 feet (5 M)
  connectors on both antenna leads being the most com-
  mon. Others are available upon request including SMA                                                         GPS-VHF DUAL-BAND ANTENNA MOUNTING OPTIONS
                                                                                                               ANDORDERING INFORMATION
  and TNC.
                                                                                                                                     Mounting                   GPS         VHF          VHF
                                                                                                                   Part #
                                                                                                                                      Method                  Connector   Connector    Radiator

  Applications                                                                                                 For use with the GSC100
                                                                                                               109785           Roof Top Mount                   SMB        BNC       Flex Mast
        s   Fleet Management
                                                                                                               109787           Magnetic Mount                   SMB        BNC       Flex Mast
        s   Fixed Asset Monitoring                                                                             109786             Trunk Mount                    SMB        BNC       Flex Mast
        s   Advanced Vehicle Location
                                                                                                               For use with the Asset Tracker
        s   Emergency Response Services
                                                                                                               TBD              Roof Top Mount                   SMA        BNC       Flex Mast
        s   Personal Messaging
                                                                                                               TBD              Magnetic Mount                   SMA        BNC       Flex Mast
                                                                                                               TBD                Trunk Mount                    SMA        BNC       Flex Mast

                                                                                                               For use with the S@tellite Modem (OM200)
                                                                                                               109782             Roof Top Mount                 SMB        SMB       Flex Mast
                                                                                                               109784            Magnetic Mount                  SMB        SMB       Flex Mast
                  W I R E L E S S C O M M U N I C AT I O N S                                                   109783               Trunk Mount                  SMB        SMB       Flex Mast

                                                                                                               Other connector combinations are available on request.
       471 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050
         T: (408) 615-5100  F: (408) 615-5200
W:  E:
      2000 Magellan Corporation. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
     All product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. (3/00)

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