' Magellan/gsc100: Firmware Upload Uploading Firmware Instructions'

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1 Connect the appropriate cables to your PC and GSC 100 These cables were shipped with your unit Diagram below A Connect the RS232 software update cable to the datapower extension cable B Connect the RS232 software update cable to your PCs com port C Connect the datapower cable to your GSC 1002 Run the upload program A Turn your GSC 100 ON GSC 100 battery should be fully charged B Put your GSC 100 into GPS mode using the following procedure While in the MAIN MENU screen press the MNU key Highlight SYS MODE and press ENT Highlight GPS MODE and press ENT Your unit is now in GPS mode C If you are working in Windows 95 restart your computer in MSDOS mode this is an option under Shut Down If you are working in Windows 31 close all applications and any software programs and exit This will bring up the DOS prompt D In DOS go to the CTemp directory where the downloaded files from steps 1 and 4 are stored Both files must be in the same directory From the DOS prompt type cd ctemp and then Enter to move to the Temp directory E At the DOS prompt type the following using your PCs keyboard GSCUPLD GSCVxxxBIN then press the Enter key GSCVxxxBIN is the filename for the latest GSC 100 software downloaded in step 1 xxx refers to the version number such as GSCV108bin Your PC will download your GSC 100s waypoints routes messages and addresses onto the PC disk erase your units memory and then upload the latest software into your GSC 100 This user specific information will be reloaded into your GSC 100 after the new software is uploaded You will see the following on your PC screen WAITING FOR UNIT RESPONSE ERASING EPROMs Your PC will count up to 100 which takes approximately 23 minutes Once upload is complete your GSC 100 will automatically turn OFF You will then see the following on your PC screen 1000 complete CODE DONE FINISH ACKNOWLEDGED Turn on the unit by pressing the power key Then press a key on the PC to upload data F Turn your GSC 100 ON by pressing the PWR key and then press the key with the letter A on your PC keyboard to upload data Your PC will display WAITING FOR UNIT RESPONSE RESTORING DATA TO GSC100 UNIT SOFTWARE Upload completed Wait until your PC screen displays Upload completed3 Turn your PC and GSC 100 OFF then disconnect all the cables from your PC and your GSC 1004 Turn on and reinitialize your GSC 100 Take it outside and allow it to calculate a position fix Once ithas a GPS fix it will calculate correct ORBCOMM satellite pass times5 You are now ready to use your GSC 100 with the updated software

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