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Magellan TMGSC 100Development KitTwoway internet satellite with embedded GPS W I R E L E S S C O M M U N I C AT I O N S Laptop not includedGSC 100 ORBCOMM highgain stainless steel VHF antenna for GPS mounting on a fixed site or a VHF vehicleORBCOMM maintains a constellation of 35 The GSC 100 contains a builtin GPS mount antenna for mobile EarthOrbit LEO satellites providing receiver for position determination Theseaccess to a global net positions can be transmitted either onwork from anywhere on earth The Magellan O R B C O M M S E R I A L I N T E R FA C E demand or automatically at intervals preGSC 100 allows you to send and receive programmed by the user The GPS unit The GSC 100 implements packets from thesmall amounts of data such as positions and supports both NMEA output and is ORBCOMMs standard Serial Interfaceshort messages using this constellation of Differential GPS DGPS ready Specification The following functions aresatellites provided Transmit I N T E R FA C E SM AG E L L A N D E V E LO P M E N T K I T s Standard Message up to 2000 bytes Two bidirectional RS 232 serial ports OneIdeal for anyone beginning an ORB for ORBCOMM communications and one forCOMMGPS module integration this unique s Message up to 229 bytes GPS NMEA out RTCM DGPS inGSC 100 is loaded with s Position report 6 software that s User defined reports 6 bytesprovides full serial port P OW E R R E Q U I R E M E N TSaccess and remote Receive The GSC 100 can operate using the capability while s Standard Message up to 2000 bytes rechargeable NiCad battery pack an exterstill supporting its stan s Message up to 182 bytes nal DC power source or external AC powerdard screen keyboard adapter s Poll for Position causes GSC 100 to send itsfeatures When testing current GPS positionyour serial interface you s User commandscan see the results by simply viewing the LCD display This makes much easierthan using standard GSC 100black box configurations The Development Kit also comes withyour choice of antenna configurations aMagellan Corporation Wireless El Camino Real Santa Clara CA 950504300 USAMain Tel 1 4086155100 Main Fax 1 1 4086153970 or Email W I R E L E S S C O M M U N I C AT I O N SGSC 100 Development Kit Specifications TMS TA N D A R D F E AT U R E S Choice of VHF External Antennass GSC 100s Integral GPS Detachable VHF antenna Actual height 55 ft 168 mss Mounting brackets User manuals Activation instructionss VHF external antenna cable 1s GPS external antenna cables Computer interface cables AC adapters ORBMAIL Software Highgain fixed site VHF antenna Vehicle mount VHF antennas Interrogator Softwares EvaluateTM GPS ACCESSORIES WEIGHT VELOCITYs Any individual components of the Stellite 2 lbs 0 to 825 knots Communicator Development Kit DIMENSIONS TIME TO FIRST FIXs Cigarette lighter DC power cable 8 x 35 x 175 Warm Start Approx 1 mins Additional NiCad battery WATER RESISTANCE Cold Start Approx 3 mins Soft carrying case for GSC 100 Splashproof O R B C O M M S P E C I F I C AT I O N Ss Vehicle mount VHF Antenna 1 I N T E R FA C E S DATA RATEs Fixed site highgain VHF Antenna 1 s 2 bidirectional RS232 serial ports 2400 BPS TRANSMIT 4800 BPS RECEIVEG S C 1 0 0 E N V I R O N M E N TA L AND PHYSICAL ORBCOMM SERIAL PORT ORBCOMM Serial Interface TEMP Specification E80050015 Rev C Transmit 1480015005 Mhz 10C TO 60C Supports Protocol Mode packets Receive 1370013800 MhzSTORAGE TEMP GPS SERIAL PORT ADDRESSING 40C TO 75C Output NMEA standard message format InternetPOWER CONSUMPTION X400 Input Differential corrections RTCM Internal Battery 2 standard format message type 19 MESSAGE SIZE BYTE MAXIMUM ORBCOMM mode 56 hours Standard 2000 GPS mode 67 hours GPS PERFORMANCE Store Forward 182 Receive POSITION ACCURACY 229 Transmit Battery Life 300 cycles Autonomous 15 meters rms in 2D with O R D E R I N G I N F O R M AT I O N out SA 3 EXTERNAL POWER PRODUCT PART NUMBER Input Voltage 1030VDC Differential 5 meters GSC 100 Development Kit 990561 Current 800mA max at 12V Power 3W average1 Your choice of fixed site highgain or vehicle mount VHF antenna is provided with the Development Kit The other antenna can be provided for an additional charge2 Operation on a fully charged battery3 Autonomous Accuracy subject to degradation of 100 m under the US Department of Defense imposed Selective availability are subject to change without 2000 by Magellan Corporation All rights reserved 100 GSC 100TM and EvaluateTM aretrademarks of Magellan Corporation ORBCOMM is a registered trademark of ORBCOMM Global LP W I R E L E S S C O M M U N I C AT I O N SAll other product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders

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