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'src: Whisper english Sea Recovery Whisper Low Energy Desalinisator'


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R e v e r s e   O s m o s i s   D e s a l i n a t o r s

                      Aqua WhisperTM and Ultra WhisperTM
     Providing fresh water--and peace of mind--to boat owners worldwide

For over 20 years, Sea                                                                                                ABS certificate of
Recovery Reverse Osmosis                                                                                             approval
(R.O.) Desalinators have been
providing fresh, pure water to sail and                                                                          In 1985, Sea Recovery set the
power boats worldwide. Our products                                                                           standard by becoming the only R.O.
feature intelligent design, marine-grade                                                                  Desalination manufacturer to gain Full
materials, and a craftsman's attention to detail.The                                                 Product Line Acceptance by the ABS (American
result is a reliable, long-lasting watermaker trusted by boat                                  Bureau of Shipping).And today we are still the only
owners everywhere.                                                               manufacturer to achieve that certification.

The best fit for your boat                                                       CE approval
Whether you own a small craft or a mega-yacht, we have a                         All Sea Recovery systems are CE Approved and meet stringent
watermaker with the right capacity and configuration to suit you.                safety requirements.
Our Ultra Whisper and Aqua Whisper models provide a range of
watermaking capacities, from 170 U.S. gallons (644 litres) to 1,500              NMMA membership
U.S. gallons (5,678 litres) per day. And because each model is                   For over 20 years, Sea Recovery has been an active member in good
configured a little differently, you have optimal flexibility in selecting       standing with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).
the system that best fits into your boat's available space.
                                                                                 Certifications and standards
Full testing and worldwide service                                               In a continuous effort to achieve the highest possible quality,
Each and every system is fully tested and ready to produce water                 Sea Recovery manufactures all equipment to industry standards set
upon installation, with design and construction that enables easy                forth by marine and industrial institutions, including the ASME,ASTM,
maintenance. And if you ever need assistance, our worldwide service              API,AWWA, NEC, and NEMA. Our equipment also meets certain
network is there to help, regardless of your location.                           military specifications and several other rigorous standards and

                                      The Aqua WhisperTM Advantage
                            Sea Recovery's Aqua Whisper R.O. desalinators are designed and constructed
                                 for years of high performance. Here are a few of the reasons these
                                           watermakers stand apart from the competition:

    The Touch Pad Control                                                                                                        Microprocessor-controlled
   Panel allows simple touch                                                                                                    electronics offer boat owners
  operations and provides illu-                                                                                                  state-of-the-art technology
   minated status indication.                                                                                                           and reliability.

 Touch Pad Remote Control con-                                                                                                        Vibration Isolator
veniently gives your system status                                                                                                   Mounts dampen vibra-
 and allows operation from a sec-                                                                                                      tion and noise.**
    ond location on the boat.

                                                                                                                      A marine-grade
                                                                                                                       High Pressure
                                                                                                                      Pump, specifical-
                                                                                                                        ly designed for
                                                                                                                      reverse osmosis, offers
                                                                                                                       durability, corrosion resistance,
                                                                                                                         and longevity. It's also 10dB
                                                                                                                      quieter--that's 10 times quieter--
  Commercial Pre-Filter and                                                                                                   than other pumps.
 Oil/Water Separators provide
 unparalleled particulate and
     oil removal at no extra

                                          Fiberglass Pressure Vessels eliminate corrosion and
                                          offer a stronger and more durable housing for the
                                                          R.O. membranes.**
                                                                                                                        High-Pressure Fittings are stainless
                          The Fresh Water Flush feature automatically flushes                                          steel and offer a double O-Ring Seal
                            your system with fresh water after each use. And                                             to prevent the leakage and stress
                               when the system is not in use, a unique timing fea-                                     cracking that can occur with lower-
                                ture allows it to automatically flush itself once                                              quality pipe threads.
                                every seven days.**
                                   * Commercial Pre-Filter and Oil/Water Separator housing and elements are offered FREE OF CHARGE, if requested at time of initial order.
                                  **Also applies to the Ultra Whisper models.

Aqua WhisperTM Frame                                                                                             Model No:
17, 25, 33, 50, 63 Gallons Per Hour | 63, 95, 126, 189, 237 Litres Per Hour                                    SRC AWF          400-1
                                                                                                               SRC AWF          600-1
                                                                                                               SRC AWF          800-1
                                                                                                               SRC AWF          800-2
                                                                                                               SRC AWF         1200-2
                                                                                                               SRC AWF         1500-2

The workhorse Aqua Whisper Frame (AWF)             water, so it's perfect for large and mega-sized    The AWF features a stainless steel triplex
has proven itself time and again under difficult   yachts. It draws its power from the vessel's       plunger pump that's specifically designed for
sea conditions, making it a favorite of boat       onboard generator, and can be installed in         seawater, and a unique drive assembly
owners and outfitters worldwide.This system        various locations such as engine room              composed entirely of marine-grade materials.
produces from 400 to 1,500 U.S. gallons (1,514     compartments.                                      The result? A reliable, powerful, smooth-
to 5,678 litres) per day of safe, clean, potable                                                      running watermaker.

Aqua WhisperTM Compact                                                                                          Model No:
17, 25, 33, 50, 63 Gallons Per Hour | 63, 95, 126, 189, 237 Litres Per Hour                                    SRC AWC          400-1
                                                                                                               SRC AWC          600-1
                                                                                                               SRC AWC          800-1
                                                                                                               SRC AWC          800-2
                                                                                                               SRC AWC         1200-2
                                                                                                               SRC AWC         1500-2

The Aqua Whisper Compact (AWC)                     capabilities.The high-efficiency booster pump     settees to closets and engine room
Desalinator combines small size, efficiency,       can be mounted remotely at a location             compartments. Recommended for small to
and quiet operation due to its stainless steel     closer to the seacock. With a height of only      midsize power and sail boats, the AWC's
triplex plunger pump.The AWC is 30%                14 inches (356mm), the AWC can be                 daily watermaking capacity ranges between
smaller than the Aqua Whisper Frame, yet it        installed in a wide range of locations            400 to 1,500 U.S. gallons (1,514 to 5,678
still delivers the identical watermaking           onboard, from spaces under berths and             litres), depending upon the model selected.

Aqua WhisperTM Modular                                                                                          Model No:
17, 25, 33, 50, 63 Gallons Per Hour | 63, 95, 126, 189, 237 Litres Per Hour                                   SRC AWM          400-1
                                                                                                              SRC AWM          600-1
                                                                                                              SRC AWM          800-1
                                                                                                              SRC AWM          800-2
                                                                                                              SRC AWM         1200-2
                                                                                                              SRC AWM         1500-2

The Aqua Whisper Module (AWM) brings               placing them in any available space onboard       Touch Pad Control Panel for easy operation.
quiet watermaking and tremendous                   to best fit the specific layout of the boat.The   Daily watermaking capacity ranges between
installation flexibility to boats that are tight   AWM's components can be tucked away               400 to 1,500 U.S. gallons (1,514 to 5,678
on space. All of the components needed for         under berths and settees, and in closets and      litres), depending upon the model.
R.O. desalination can be custom installed by       engine rooms.The system comes with the

Aqua WhisperTM 170                                                                                          Model No:
7 Gallons Per Hour | 27 Litres Per Hour                                                                     SRC AW170           12VDC
                                                                                                            SRC AW170           24VDC
                                                                                                            SRC AW170           110AC
                                                                                                            SRC AW170           220AC

Owners of small sail and power boats can           tight spaces that previously couldn't accom-       Installation Kits, included with every
enjoy fresh water at an affordable price,          modate a watermaker, and its low-amperage           system, contain all necessary items
thanks to the unique Aqua Whisper 170. It is       power requirements (12 or 24 VDC, and 110               needed to install your SRC
designed and engineered to provide low-            or 220 VAC) make it an efficient, convenient                   Watermaker.
volume watermaking in a compact, easily            choice for small-boat owners.
maintained package.The AW 170 can fit into

   Valve Chamber...controls                                 Ultra quiet...virtually                                           Optional polishing for a
        pressure cycles                                           no noise                                                          sleek look

     Cross-over                                                                                                                       Automatic
   Manifold...directs                                                                                                             Pressure Regulation
      fluid flow

                                                                                                                               Simplistic design with
      Pressure Booster                                                                                                         minimal parts...eases
    Chamber...exchanges                                                                                                       repair, troubleshooting,
     brine energy to feed                                                                                                        and maintenance
                                                             Elegant yet rugged...
                                                       investment casting, light-weight,
                                                           high-performance design

                The ultimate in automated, quiet and efficient watermakers
Sea Recovery's new Ultra WhisperTM               water. An ingeniously designed manifold and a                                 Membrane
Desalinator--with its unique EfficientSeaTM      two-valve flow control system deliver smooth,
Energy Transfer technology--brings efficient,    constant, fault-free automatic operation with            Low Pressure Feed
                                                                                                          Low Pressure Feed               Low
                                                                                                                                          Low Pressure Brine
                                                                                                                                              Pressure Brine

compact, extraordinarily quiet watermaking to    no valves to adjust.
small and midsize power or sail boats.
                                                 The Ultra Whisper's high-performance design          High Pressure
                                                                                                      High  Pressure
                                                                                                                                                 High Pressure
                                                                                                                                                 High Pressure
The unit's Energy Transfer Device eliminates     is created from Super Austenetic Stainless
the need for a high-pressure pump, reducing      Steel, a very high-alloy stainless steel with ele-
the electricity consumption of the R.O.          vated Molybdenum content and strengthened
system by as much as 75%. The R.O. process       with Nitrogen, which increases resistance to
is achieved by recovering energy from the        pitting and crevice corrosion.This added
pressurized brine discharge and transferring     strength makes it truly superior to competi-
that energy to relatively low-pressurized feed   tors' models.                                                          Patented Technology

Ultra WhisperTM Modular                                                                                       Model No:
8, 17, 25 Gallons Per Hour | 32, 63, 95 Litres Per Hour                                                      SRC UWM 200-1
                                                                                                             SRC UWM 400-1
                                                                                                             SRC UWM 600-1

The new Ultra Whisper Modular (UWM)                 custom installed by placing them in any avail-    a quiet, efficient watermaking system that can
Desalinator is ideal for sail and power boats       able space onboard, such as under berths and      fit any boat perfectly.
with limited onboard power--and even less           settees, and in closets and engine rooms.
onboard space. It easily adapts to virtually any    Everything that's needed to install the UWM
boat design and installation location.The com-      system is included in one complete package.
ponents needed for R.O. desalination are            The flexibility of this modular system provides

Ultra WhisperTM Compact                                                                                       Model No:
8, 17, 25 Gallons Per Hour | 32, 63, 95 Litres Per Hour                                                      SRC UWC 200-1
                                                                                                             SRC UWC 400-1
                                                                                                             SRC UWC 600-1

The new Ultra Whisper Compact (UWC)                partments.And, an open designed frame
Desalinator allows for easy installation in        allows easy access to the system's internal
boats that previously did not have room for        components during regularly scheduled
a conventional R.O. system. Now, installation      maintenance. Now, small and midsize power
sites can include spaces under berths and          or sail boats have a new option for providing
settees, and in closets and engine room com-       fresh, clean water onboard.

                                    Sea Recovery Options and Accessories

Genuine Sea Recovery Quality                                                                        Multi Media Filter
To keep your Sea Recovery R.O. desalinator                                                          Assembly
in top running condition for many years, we                                                         Using a graduated media
recommend using only genuine Sea                                                                    filter bed consisting of
Recovery options and accessories.These                                                              gravel and sand, the
high-quality products will enable you to safe-                                                      Multi Media Filter traps
ly operate and monitor your system as they                                                          suspended solids larger
protect the quality of your drinking water.                                                         than 30 microns,
All of the products below are options/acces-                                                        extending cartridge
sories for the Aqua Whisper models; the                                                             filter life. It's
Fresh Water Flush and the Ultraviolet                                                               recommended for boats in
Sterilizer are enhancements for the Ultra                                                           areas where the feed water has a high
Whisper models as well.                                                                             concentration of suspended particles and
                                                                                                    biological growth such as plankton. Inlet and
Touch Pad Remote Control                                                                            outlet pressure gauges are included.
                            The convenient                                                          SRC MMF/AW, 15" L x 10.5" W x 21.5" H
                            Touch Pad                                                               381mm x 266.70mm x 546.10mm
                            Remote Control
                            gives system status
                            and allows opera-                                                                             Separator
tion from other locations on the boat.This                                                                                 The Oil/Water
system gives you wired remote control of                                                                                   Separator protects the
three basic operations--Start, Stop, and                                                                                   R.O. membranes from
Fresh Water Flush activation--plus four illu-                                                                              oily or polluted water
minated status indications: Power On,             Fresh Water Flush                                                        sources.Through a coa-
System On, Pure Water, and Fresh Water            The Fresh Water Flush greatly extends the                                lescing process, any oil
Flush. The remote system includes a neutral       life of the R.O. membranes by rinsing them                               present in the feed
gray flush-mountable remote panel and 75          with fresh water after each use. It will                                 water is separated out,
feet of installation cable.                       remove saltwater from the system's internal                              extending the life and
                                                  parts and flush the membrane with clean,          efficiency of the system's membranes and
SRC R/AW, 4.75" L x 2.75" H                                                                         increasing water purity.
120.65mm x 69.85mm                                fresh water.This prevents saltwater corro-
                                                  sion of the internal parts and reduces            SRC OWS/AW, 13" L x10.75" W x 16.75" H
Commercial                                        biological fouling of the R.O. membrane. And      330.20mm x 273.05mm x 425.45mm
Pre-Filter                                        when the system is not being used, a unique
                                                  timing feature allows it to automatically flush   Clean Rinse Valve Panel
The Commercial
Pre-Filter replaces the                           itself once every seven days.                     The Clean Rinse
Standard Dual                                                                                       Valve allows for easy
                                                  SRC FWF/AW, 18.5" H x 12.625" L x 8" D            R.O. membrane
Pre-Filter, providing                             469.90mm x 320.68mm x 203.20mm
longer intervals                                                                                    maintenance and system rinsing.
between necessary                                                                                   SRC CRV, 14" L x 3.25" W x 3.75" H
filter cleaning and                                                                                 355.60mm x 82.55mm x 95.25mm
replacement. This
extra-long-life filter guards the R.O. mem-
branes by filtering the feed water to a
5 micron rating.A pressure gauge and a                                                                            Soft Motor Starter
bleed valve are included.                                                                                             The Soft Motor Starter
                                                                                                                        (SMS) reduces amps
SRC CPF/AW, 13" L x 10.75" W x 16.75" H           Ultraviolet Sterilizer                                                 needed for start-up by
330.20mm x 273.05mm x 425.45mm                    The Ultraviolet Sterilizer is the final filtra-                        more than 50%, allow-
                                                  tion process where 99.8% of all                                       ing operation with
                                                  microorganisms, including reproducing bacte-                        smaller generators.
                                                  ria and viruses, are sterilized. Replacement
                                                  U.V. lamps are also available.                  SRC SMS, 5.875" W x 5" H x 4.5" D
                                                                                                  149.23mm x 127mm x 114.30mm
                                                  SRC UV/AW, 14" L x 3.25" W x 3.25" H
                                                  355.60mm x 82.55mm x 82.55mm

                  Sea Recovery's Coral SeaTM
                                          , Tasman SeaTM and North SeaTM

                                                                           Coral SeaTM

                                                                                                                Coral SeaTM

                                                            Coral SeaTM Modular

Fresh water in high volume                      Coral SeaTM                                       Tasman SeaTM
From the Bahamas to the Bering Sea, when        1,800 to 6,300 U.S. gallons per day               4,700 to 17,500 U.S. gallons per day
there's a need for fresh water in high          6,822 to 23,877 litres per day                    17,791 to 66,245 litres per day
volume, our High Seas SeriesTM of commer-
                                                The new Coral Sea models have been re-            Our Tasman Sea models are the next step
cial-grade R.O. Desalinators are the ideal
                                                designed to offer higher watermaking              up in watermaking capacity, with the power
choice.They are delivered as complete sys-
                                                capacities and even quieter, more efficient       to supply pure, fresh water to small hotels,
tems with all plumbing included, so they're
                                                operation compared to previous models.            large villas, oil platforms, and small cruise
ready to produce water immediately after
                                                Their more powerful production capabilities       ships.
                                                make them ideal for mega-yachts, commer-          North SeaTM
All High Seas systems are constructed with      cial fishing vessels, work boats, oil rigs, and
a lightweight, epoxy-coated frame and utilize   charter boats, and for onshore facilities as      10,000 to 44,000 U.S. gallons per day
only the highest quality marine-grade mate-     villas, small hotels, and private residences.     37,854 to 166,558 litres per day
rials and components.And, they're backed by
                                                The new models feature a state-of-the-art         When a huge volume of fresh water is
Sea Recovery's technical support group,
                                                controller with a user-friendly LCD touch-        needed--regardless of location or condi-
                                                screen interface and a Programmable Logic         tions--it's our North Sea models that get
                                                Controller (PLC) for easier operation.We've       the call.These systems have the power to
                                                incorporated all stainless steel piping, hard     supply fresh water to large hotels, cruise
                                                plumbing, and Chemical Duty motors into           ships, villages, and other large facilities.
                                                these units, and we've built in redundant
                                                safety systems as well.
                                                The new Coral Sea Systems are available in
                                                a vertical, horizontal, or modular configura-
                                                tion. Our Fresh Water Flush system is
                                                available as an option.

                                                             Features and Benefits
 Exclusive high-efficiency Booster Pump for               Corrosion-proof Hour Meter for keeping                    All fiberglass Membrane Pressure Vessel for
  extended pre-filter life.                                 accurate ship's logs and schedule preventa-                corrosion-proof performance.
                                                            tive maintenance.
 Unique low-voltage control circuitry,                                                                               All high-pressure connections and mani-
  shielded terminals, and covered high volt-               Clear viewable Sea Strainer with a clean-                  folds are 316L stainless steel for maximum
  age components for end-user safety.                       able Monel Mesh Screen Filter for ultimate                 corrosion resistance.
                                                            corrosion resistance and large particulate
 Exclusive solid state Salinity Meter shows                removal.                                                  A comprehensive manual with exploded
  actual product water quality, an essential                                                                           part views and connection drawings for
  tool for product water monitoring.                       Marine-grade crankcase oil extends the life                installation, operation, and maintenance.
                                                            of the high pressure pump.
 A fail-safe Product Water Diversion Valve                                                                           Worldwide service and sales network for
  allows only safe drinking water to enter                 Stainless steel, liquid-filled pressure gauges             immediate attention regardless of location.
  storage tanks.                                            for accurate measurement and corrosion
                                                            resistance as well as vibration damping.                  One-year warranty on the system and
 Dedicated heavy-duty Magnetic Latching                                                                               membranes.
  Relays for each motor integrated in the                  New Dual Flow Meter for visual monitor-
  system allows for the booster pump to                     ing of the brine and product flow.                        Technical service and repair department
  operate independently for system priming,                                                                            dedicated to system performance
  flushing, and cleaning.                                  Commercial grade, chemically resistant                     excellence.
                                                            R.O. Membranes, backed by a one-year

Sea Water Conditions for System Specification:                                            External Installation Water Connections: Pipe sizes to be supplied by the
(+/-15% at 820 psi / 56.5 bar, 77F / 25C & 35,000 ppm TDS Feed Water Salinity)          installer for connection of the Sea Recovery supplied components.
Product Water Produced:                                                                                         AW 170        All Other AW Systems             UW Systems
   Model Number                    Per 24 Hrs                          Per Hr             Feed Inlet:           1/2" FNPT           3/4" FNPT                    1/2" FNPT
      AW 170          170        Gallons / 644 Liters          7   Gallons / 27 Liters    Brine Discharge:      1/2" FNPT           1/2" FNPT                    1/2" FNPT
      AW 400          400        Gallons / 1,514 Liters       17   Gallons / 63 Liters    Product:              1/4" MNPT           3/8" MNPT                    1/4" MNPT
      AW 600          600        Gallons / 2,271 Liters       25   Gallons / 95 Liters
      AW 800          800        Gallons / 3,028 Liters       33   Gallons / 126 Liters   Electrical Power Requirements
      AW 1200        1200        Gallons / 4,542 Liters       50   Gallons / 189 Liters   (HP = Horse Power; FLA = Full Load Amperes; LRA = Locked Rotor
      AW 1500        1500        Gallons / 5,678 Liters       63   Gallons / 237 Liters   Amperes Start Up)
      UW 200          200        Gallons / 758 Liters          8   Gallons / 32 Liters    High Pressure Pump Motor:
      UW 400          400        Gallons / 1,514 Liters       17   Gallons / 63 Liters    AW 170 Systems
      UW 600          600        Gallons / 2,271 Liters       25   Gallons / 95 Liters                                        HP                          FLA
Salt Rejection (Chloride Ion): Minimum 99.4%,Average 99.4%                                12V/24V DC                          0.33                     27/13.4
                                                                                          115/230 VAC                         0.33                      7.2/2.8
Product Water Temp: Ambient to feed water temperature
                                                                                          AW 400-1 & 800-2 Systems
Salinity Monitoring: Fail safe automatic computer controlled electronic monitoring.       Phase      Hz       VAC             HP          HP              FLA            LRA
                                                                                                                             50Hz        60Hz
System Feed Water:                                                                        Single      *50/60       115        2.2         2.2           *21/18        *121/94
      Model Number                                            Feed Water Flow             Single      *50/60       230        2.2         2.2           *10.5/9        *60/47
                                                                 Per Minute               Three        50/60     208/280      2.5         3.0              9/4.6        77/39
        AW    170 DC & AC                                   0.5 Gallons / 1.9 Liters      Three        50/60     230/460      2.5         3.0            8.2/4.1        70/35
        AW    400-1 & 800-2                                 3.0 Gallons /11.4 Liters
        AW    600-1, 800-1, 1200-2 & 1500-2                 4.2 Gallons /15.9 Liters      AW 600-1 & 1200-2, and 800-1 & 1500-2 Systems
        UW    200                                           1.5 Gallons / 5.7 Liters      Phase       Hz      VAC         HP        HP                    FLA            LRA
        UW    400                                           2.5 Gallons / 9.4 Liters                                     50Hz      60Hz
        UW    600                                           3.5 Gallons /13.2 Liters      Single    50/60      115        2.2       2.6                    21.2            109
                                                                                          Single    50/60    115/230      2.2       2.6                    10.6           54.5
Salinity Range of Feed Water: Sea Water up to 50,000 ppm TDS (NaCl)                       Three     50/60    208/280      2.5       3.0                   9/4.6          77/39
(typical 35,000 ppm)                                                                      Three     50/60    230/460      2.5       3.0                 8.2/4.1          70/35
Temperature Range: Maximum: 122F/50C, Minimum: 33F/.5C                                UW 200C/200M Systems
                                                                                                                                     HP                   FLA
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Type: High Rejection / High Flow aromatic tri-                   12V DC                                     .10                    9.0
polyamid, thin film composite, spiral wound, reverse osmosis membrane element.            24V DC                                     .10                    4.5
Chlorine Tolerance: 0.1 PPM pH Range: 3-11 (typical seawater pH is 8)                     VAC             Hz     Phase               HP                   FLA
                                                                                          115           50/60    Single              .10                5.1/4.4
System Pressure:                                                                          230           50/60    Single              .10                2.5/2.2
Feed Water:   Min: 2-6 psi/.41 bar/.42 Kg/cm2                                             230           50/60    Three               .10                0.4/0.4
              Max: 30-35 psi/2.41 bar/2.46 Kg/cm2
Operation:    Seawater nominal: 850 psi/56.5 bar/57.66 Kg/cm2                             UW 400C/400M Systems
              (Brackish varies w/ppm)                                                                                                HP                   FLA
                                                                                          12V DC                                     .25                   24.0
Weight:                                                                                   24V DC                                     .25                   15.0
 Model Number                 Weight           Model Number              Weight           VAC             Hz     Phase               HP                   FLA
 SRC AW      170            55 Lbs / 25 Kg     SRC AWM 400-1          113 Lbs / 51 Kg     115           50/60    Single              .25                6.7/5.8
 SRC AWF & C 400-1         147 Lbs / 67 Kg     SRC AWM 600-1          116 Lbs / 53 Kg     230           50/60    Single              .25                3.3/2.9
 SRC AWF & C 600-1         150 Lbs / 68 Kg     SRC AWM 800-2          125 Lbs / 57 Kg     230           50/60    Three               .25                1.2/1.0
 SRC AWF & C 800-2         159 Lbs / 72 Kg     SRC AWM 1200-2         131 Lbs / 59 Kg
 SRC AWF & C 1200-2        165 Lbs / 75 Kg     SRC AWM 1500-2         136 Lbs / 62 Kg     UW 600C/600M Systems
 SRC AWF & C 1500-2        170 Lbs / 77 Kg     SRC UWM 200            105 Lbs / 48 Kg     VAC Phase Hz      Phase                    HP                   FLA
 SRC UWC     200           105 Lbs / 48 Kg     SRC UWM 400            140 Lbs / 64 Kg     115      50/60    Single                   .50               11.3/9.8
 SRC UWC     400           140 Lbs / 64 Kg     SRC UWM 600            145 Lbs / 66 Kg     230      50/60    Single                   .50                5.6/4.9
 SRC UWC     600           145 Lbs / 66 Kg                                                230      50/60    Three                    .50                2.3/2.0

                                                                                                                               Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.
                                                                                                                                                        * Dependent upon hertz.


             27"                                                             27"

                           Aqua Whisper Frame             4.25"
                                                                                                 Aqua Whisper Compact
108mm                                                    108mm

                               17"                   15.75"
                             432mm                   400mm                                         14"   13"
                                                                                                 356mm 330mm

    5"                5"                                        5"                         5"
            23.25"                                                         23.25"
   127mm   591mm     127mm                                    127mm        591mm         127mm

                                           Aqua Whisper Modular

              Aqua Whisper 170                                              Ultra Whisper Compact

                                           Ultra Whisper Modular

                       5"                                             5"                          5"
            23.25"                                                              23.25"

                                                                                Membranes for All Models
                                          Authorized Dealer:

                    P.O. Box 5288, Carson, California 90745 U.S.A.
       Toll Free: 1-800-354-2000  Tel: 1-310-637-3400  Fax: 1-310-637-3430
            E-Mail:  Web:
 2003 Sea Recovery Corp., Rancho Dominguez, California U.S.A. All Rights Reserved. Sea Recovery, SRC, and the Sea Recovery
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The information on this web site has not been checked for accuracy. It is for entertainment purposes only and should be independently verified before using for any other reason. There are five sources. 1) Documents and manuals from a variety of sources. These have not been checked for accuracy and in many cases have not even been read by anyone associated with I have no idea of they are useful or accurate, I leave that to the reader. 2) Articles others have written and submitted. If you have questions on these, please contact the author. 3) Articles that represent my personal opinions. These are intended to promote thought and for entertainment. These are not intended to be fact, they are my opinions. 4) Small programs that generate result presented on a web page. Like any computer program, these may and in some cases do have errors. Almost all of these also make simplifying assumptions so they are not totally accurate even if there are no errors. Please verify all results. 5) Weather information is from numerious of sources and is presented automatically. It is not checked for accuracy either by anyone at or by the source which is typically the US Government. See the NOAA web site for their disclaimer. Finally, tide and current data on this site is from 2007 and 2008 data bases, which may contain even older data. Changes in harbors due to building or dredging change tides and currents and for that reason many of the locations presented are no longer supported by newer data bases. For example, there is very little tidal current data in newer data bases so current data is likely wrong to some extent. This data is NOT FOR NAVIGATION. See the XTide disclaimer for details. In addition, tide and current are influenced by storms, river flow, and other factors beyond the ability of any predictive program.