Force10 Marine Stove

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Stateoftheart ranges Natural Gas available Propane also operate or electronic controls on them virtually proof no pilot light matches required burner provides shut off flame ever Standards from materials withstand a on all size ranges a real Other features include cast brass burner diffusers handle lock control panel mounted oven thermometer grill flat nonrecessed True infrared radiant flame Optional accessories include dropin wood cutting maximize galley counterspace to keep sliding around or use 5000 BTU Piezo spark ignition Pushtoturn control dropin Wood Pot Holders available for GALLEY RANGE STAINLESS STEEL Width 21 fuel line with Weight 18 BLACK GLASS Stainless steel construction 5000 BTU oven burner True infrared radiant broiler with Electronic ignition mounted oven oven door Swingup burner grill flat nonrecessed surface around removable oven Optional accessories a handy dropin wood cutting board extra counter holders to sliding around or off a useful bronze griddle to cook or use Width 21 line with the countertop of stove BURNER GALLEY RANGES Natural Gas BURNER GALLEY RANGES BLACK GLASS DOORS shownsteel construction 8000 BTU 3 5000 True infrared radiant flame broiler with burners and Electronic ignition Pushtoturn control Control panel Patented hideaway oven oven door burner grill flat removable oven Optional accessories a handy dropin wood cutting board to provide pot holders to sliding around useful bronze griddle to cook on or use a warming Width 211 Depth 201 line with Shipping Weight 85 Ibs the countertop fit side countertop adjacent sliding around or BRONZE GRIDDLE on this Cooks bacon and to perfection and doubles a warming dropin slicing surface for Adds extra when stove is not Can also Wood Cutting Board 2burner builtin range commitment to quality safety Propane to Gas or Natural Gas the right to modify or change without any materials conversion kits with instructions are available for weights are approximate illustrated on this Model and serial Hamilton Road British Columbia Lithod in Photo courtesty of Pacific Seacraft FORCE O FORCE 10 MARINE LTD a valley forge company Overall dimensions for gimballed Height 22 17 432 Designed for Overall dimensions Width 480 Depth 370 for gimballed Depth 460 Depth 300 oven capacity line with flare fitting Overall dimensions Depth 370 Cutout dimensions for gimballed Depth 480 Width 390 Depth 300 liter oven EUROPEAN COMPACT Overall dimensions for gimballed Height 22 17 432 Designed for line with flare fitting Overall dimensions Width 480 Depth 535 Width 390 Depth 345 32 liter oven capacity Designed for line with flare fitting Overall dimensions Cutout dimensions for gimballed Width 520 liter oven 3Burner Model NORTH AMERICAN 2BURNER GALLEY STAINLESS STEEL Gas piezo Propane Compact 2BURNER GALLEY BLACK GLASS Gas piezo 3BURNER GALLEY STAINLESS STEEL OVEN Propane Compact BLACK GLASS Propane Compact 4BURNER GALLEY STAINLESS STEEL 4BURNER GALLEY Cutting Board burner ranges and eggs pancakes and doubles when stove the surface burner gimballed Wood CuHing burner gimballed functional convenience Propane and models available Propane models Piezo or ignition and no standing or matches requiredeach burner provides be extinguished from bronze and environment and FORCE 10s disappearing oven on all full size ranges a real whether oven Other features burner diffusers height gimbal lock burner grill nonrecessed surface around removable oven hangers for Infrared radiant pot holders on all American and European Oven Heat Doityourself Propane kits with complete instructions available for CRUISING KlTS offshore cruise take along kits which and replacement enable a range put back should a THERMOCOUPLE KITS thermocouples for appliances with installation instructions Propane gas vary depending on country necessitate a change tank regulator and a your galley range the new Orifices and upon request any replacement or kits model number appliance and serial number must valley forge YOUR LOCAL marine appliances to our ongoing commitment product improvement or change without notice accessories andor measurements and Stateoftheart ranges Natural Gas available Propane or electronic them virtually proof no standing pilot light shut off flame ever Standards from materials bronze and withstand a and provide 10s unique disappearing oven door Solid cast brass burner diffusers Positive oven door handle oven thermometer burner grill surface around oven rack True infrared radiant flame accessories include dropin wood cutting maximize galley counterspace keep pans sliding around or cook on a warming 2BURNER DROPIN BURNER GALLEY RANGES STAINLESS STEEL line with Weight 18 Natural Gas Space saving 5000 BTU burners Piezo spark ignition Pushtoturn control dropin Wood Pot Holders for this BURNER GALLEY RANGES BLACK GLASS DOORS shownNatural Gas 71 451 GALLEY RANGE steel construction 8000 BTU 3 5000 burners 5000 oven burner True infrared radiant flame broiler with GALLEY RANGE BLACK GLASS OVEN Electronic ignition Pushtoturn control 15 cu Patented hideaway oven oven door burner grill flat removable oven Optional accessories a handy dropin wood cutting board to provide pot holders to prevent pots from sliding around a useful bronze griddle to cook on a warming Stainless steel construction 5000 BTU 8000 BTU 5000 BTU True infrared radiant flame broiler all burners Electronic ignition mounted oven oven door burner grill surface around removable oven hangers for Optional accessories dropin wood cutting board to provide extra counter space holders to from sliding around or a useful bronze griddle to cook or use line with line with Shipping Weight 85 Ibs the countertop has an of stove the countertop fit side burner burner 19 19 Mounts on countertop adjacent sliding around burner ranges on this Cooks bacon and pancakes burgers to perfection and doubles a warming dropin slicing surface for Adds extra counterspace when stove is not Can also countertop to protect Wood Cutting Board builtin range our ongoing commitment to quality safety and product Natural Gas to modify any materials conversion kits with complete instructions are available specifications equipment accessories All measurements Model and serial numbers must when ordering Quality crafted harsh marine Burn with an odorless hot or kerosene restrictors are incorporated to burners nonsurging Liftup burner grills and lighting and cleaning a Countertop stove Ranges feature to read accurate control Positive oven door handle locks for security Removable oven bottoms for holders to keep pots from vented oven for even temperature ongoing commitment right to modify or materials specifications 2BURNER COUNTERTOP uncluttered styling complements construction with pressurized fuel tank for lighting and Shipping Weight CAT NO GALLEY RANGE construction with Liftlock top lighting and cleaning Builtin pot holders keep pots from sliding around 6 of 114 fuel line with female flare double vented even heating has thermometer heat indicator a removable of spills fuel or fuel tank available Includes spare spare burner CAT NO GALLEY RANGE all features range plus bronze griddle over rear the range top 3 pots at once a very difficult to also a convenient bacon and The cut design permits swing with behind the 21 535 Shipping Weight 63 21 535 Width 21 Shipping Weight 75 Welded steel primed and painted to read line with Shipping Weight CONTENT8 XNTRODUTION a SAFETY AND XNSTALCATIW 3 Gas Pressures 3 Propane LPOFuel Qystem 9 Natural Gas CNGFuel System 1 Fuel System Testing LPG and CNGd Galley Range Installation General 8 Gimbal Models 18 BultfnModels 10 OPERATfNQ VWA IALLEY RANQE 91 Lighting the Range Top Burners 11 Lighting the Oven end Broiler Burnerb 32 Setting the Oven Temperature 12 Gas Smell 34 Inadequate Heat Flame eurning Low or Qae Out 14 Ignition System Fails to Spark or Beglns to Spark Slowly 15 Burner Control Valve Fails to Stay Open When Valve Control Knob is Released 95 REPLACINQ THE THEW PLE 18 Tools Required 18 General Information 16 Replacement Instructions 14 HARRAMTY 29 10 Gourmet encourage you are essential your range quoting both the side your range while other model you have Fitted for model and your range Propane and these procedures both tank Propane gas adapt your 142 0107 your Force higher pressure the regulator with a pipe solenoid valve athe caution label gas hose another appliance kink the the regulator clamps which downstream end allow the passage must plainly visible Ranges on regulator and fuel line from reputable marine or your CNG service use unreliable wornout equipment Choose a hazard such a gasoline fueled engine manifold or exhaust riser a fire safety valve disc reach psi the disc would rupture and the gas contained cylinder would the fire already are designed relief valve mounted either out of way in CNG cylinder CNG cylinder pressure each standard cylinder contains less thermal energy of alcohol potential hazard of liquid leaks or pressurized alcohol or kerosene tank Boat and Yacht Council Safety Craft Section for direct from Headquarters Drive MD 21108 telephone the regulation system nut valve outlet fitting does require pipe Teflon tape system nut keep foreign materials crescent wrench cylinder and using approximately or exposed that water stage grayor into pressure gauge be located inside an area with little regulator malfunction Fuel line for natural may be the natural gas If you questions regarding fuel line or Brook Street Huntington Beach Push approved onto the on the regulation system sure the goes on to the plastic guard is pushed and should not be hose does kink and cut fuel supply Note Fuel 14 psi only continuous lengths of hose from regulation system the appliance or splices Keep number of minimum Every potential leak away from heat abrasion Use plastic ties or must be protected where they pass through or bulkheads and that they SECOND STAGE FUEL HOSE REGULATION SYSTEM Lefthand threadsCNG Cylinder be mounted with your Galley Range immediate vicinity of place Nhere Test your fuel system for cylinder supply opened for procedure for range burner Next open note of reading on constant for system somewhere should be located a mixture detergent and water and checking for bubbles not attempt flame Repair and retest system before into operation on the installation of propane and please refer direct from Headquarters Drive Millersville MD 21108 Before installing your printed on manual and send your model and serial numbers handy be required when ordering not locate cabinet storage units combustible surfaces at any point directly recommends a clearance between unprotected combustible cabin top a 20 combustible surface retardant millboard topped with 0015 inch thick stainless 0020 inch thick copper of combustion For recommend that least nine square inches fresh air ventilation be provided of the your Galley the gas burner which might be accidentally extinguished Force specifically warns that your cabin or manufactures a cabin heater specifically designed for the purpose heating living space which an oxygen automatically turn off normal level and water and carbon dioxide which would otherwise saturate a humid extreme condensation portholes hatches exposed hull are thn signsFor functional comfortable operating The hinged burner grill structure at of your hot during not attempt without wearing mitts Keep away from The whole oven doorbecomes hot when is being operated top portion beck of fire extinguisher mounted close Galley Range fires should them with baking applies to desired position models there gimbal action For required for free gimbal action diagram and installation instruction sheet procedures for of range wall brackets and placing hole for the sliding bolt gimbal is not metal plate a wooden block with bolt should locked into whenever the from swinging locked into the in or out section applies only diagram and installation instruction procedures for stoves you the stove cutting holes the side rear of or across very neat of installing please realize stove burners use a Therefore make sure have access holes supply plenty of air either cabinet side panels Minimum required area see the mounting holes Before lighting please 2 Read cylinder on the inside of oven door all burner control cylinder valve control knob and the same ignition button small button beside control burner is holding the burner control knob for about twenty after ignition and allow the gas cut off the gas arrangement also range is childproof simple twisting control knobs will not light any or allow your boat Most other invaluable safety feature fails turn and apply before turning burner will sputter for a while before igniting range a out of now be control knob turn off the burner turn the control knob clockwise You must shut off both gas cylinder valves whenever your vessel is emergency Force that you shut cylinder valves your Galley Range not put using the broiler for and oven be used or less resistant stainless inside or on any product manufacturers marine environment be used than a and keep you need your range stainless steel you must have purchased clean using you use something should go wrong with this section carefully and follow suggested remedies of being or consult your model and serial your Galley Range serial number be found on panel and on the bottom inside left panel open flames both manual and appliance valves are Use a bottom of much ventilation possible open cylinder sure that appliance valves are still mixture of liquid detergent and connections checking for bubbles of the completed test previously described for FUEL SYSTEM TESTING INADEQUATE HEAT Your System your tank nipple clean orifice and not flow the outside locker warms is still giving power and installed the bottom front locations salt air corrode the battery holder mmgap between plug head burner rim and wires are down the backside of the to check between terminals faceplate and back of igniter switch Check a circuit stove and disassemble that each spark ignition checked for shorts the wire so the spark plug spark at none of plugs will battery and order a problem with small upright to the The outside the thermocouple insulated from it is nickel wire These metals are the burner small amount of is generated This electric the other end of tightened into the gas valve open burner accidentally longer be valve will to the replacing the must have torch or another burner open wrench open wrench cools causing close the not holding the enough as and must so you can panel secured remove any has a in its screw and out the valve using small crescent open wrench crescent wrench connecting the thermocouple loosened from burner Replace and proceed Reverse the above procedure being extremely careful when too tight crush the insulating washer and need another new thermocouple Make sure gas lines spark touching anything and water standard test for leaks with your fuel system knobs turned Did you order a gas detector Why not sleep better ELECTROMAGNET SOLENOIDWhen you remove larger nut not push shaft where knob should out easily Install and reinstall Wall Bracket Bottom Brace Oven Rack Large Black Burner Oriddle OptionalBurner Housing Burner Housing 143 Order soy sauce pour over chicken and bake day on whole stewed tomatoes with a the large 325 3040 or butter 1 12 Insert biscuits oven on use on vegetahles baking cheese and sliced thick Heat oven dry coat under normal use and Cabin Heaters return defective any on accompanied by have been and does not allow the following

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