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Henderson Mkv Pump. Manual Pump Removed


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                                                                  I-Ienderson Pumps &

                                                                Cowes PO31 7L3Z
                                                              .   ENGLAND . -
                                                                Tel. 0983 293732
                                                                    & 295206
                                                              Telex 86656 Ratsey G

          &   I
              'T                                    I t is considcrcd ndvisnblo tlint
                                                    sen cock is incorpornted in the .
hlOUNTINC INSTIlUCTIONS                             Iinc to eliminnte the risk of
 1. Sclcct n suitable position whcre                s y honing buck w h e n t h e vessel
     Lllc purn cnn be opernted                      is Feeled.
     clficicntfypnd comlortnbly with             7. T c s t the instnllntion for eirlenks.
     the full movement of the handle                correct priming a n d dischnrge.
     obtninulllc. T h e too covcr should
     bc rendily nccessible in cnse of
    T h e purn11 will work in nny
                                                 U/D MODEL WITH
    ntLitude in a n y port of the bout           HANDLE SEAL
    nnd'tlic flori, direction can be             MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS
    chnngcd, ns ovcrlcnf, to incrense            1. A s TIA & LIT Models.
    tlle optiorls nvnilnblc.                     2. hlnrk off nnd drill tllo Inr
2. blrlrk o l l nttd ilrill t111i1 11010.9 lor        ~ I I8I S~ I ~ ~~l i~l~(1r
                                                                             I c~t~,eR;ki;:
                                                                                 ~ ~
    Lhc i n o u i ~ t i r ~
                            g    (Murkcd 'C          scnl is not rccluircil drill 4 l~olcs
    on Llrc plnn).                                    for the mounting bolLs nnd c u t a
3. Cornplcle the instnllntion using                  slot to clenr the rocker arm).
.   Grnnl (K ") bolts.                           3. Coniplete the instnllntion using
4. ALtnch 38mm ( l ' / r a hose   )   to the         Gmm (%"I counter sunk screws.
    inlet nntl outlet brnnchcs rnnking               2-Screws tluough sent, bulkhend-
    s u r e Lhnt nn nirLiglit scnl is                nnci pump.
    nindc.                                           4-Screws tluough sen1 and
5. 'I'hc suction pipe should be                      bulkhend.
    nrrnngcd s o thnt i t will not suck              2-Screws through    - bulkhead nnd
    nxninst nny flat surfnce. A                      pumi'.
    I~lentlcrsori   strum-box is                     T h e rubber scnlshould fit tightly
    nvnilnl)lc for this purpose nnd to               over tile p u m p rocker nrm.
    I~clp   clear Lhc InsL dro of water.         4.-7. 'As 'r1A & L/T       Modcls.
6. '1'11~  outlct ipe s h o u l i b e
    tcrminnLccfnt n skin fitting well
    nbove the wnter linc prcfe~nbly
    in the trnnsom.

                            PLAN VIEW O F I-IOLES
        lin AS?
                            . &NUT                  COVER SEAL
                                                    Hiltil. rubb.r
                                                                             TOP COVER            '   ..   i
                    i-lendersonMlr V Pump .
                                                                                           .. . .
T O CI I A N G E Ti-2 DIIiECTION                IFTIIE PUhlP F A ~ T            P R I M E -::,
                                                                             ~O S
Olt' FLOW                                       011 CIIOKE, .-'' 'PCA Folk
liemovc the 8 nssembly bolts, nnd               1. Air ledcq oi L.,,:Lnacs in thc inlet
                                                   ]lose nna ; n comleiition to the
rcnssenible the pump a u required.
T h e vnlvcs sllould not be removed
from the body. Tho outlet should not
be p u t in l i e with the handleof the
                                                2. A torti dinplungm.
                                                3. Dirt under tile vnlves or distorted
                                                                                                               .   .
U l'  or TIA versio~is.                            vnlves.                                 ..
                                                4. ~ o l l n ~ok
                                                               setlie inlct hose during    , . ,

T O CI IANGE Tl!E ILUBUER                       -  the suctlon stroke.                        -
1. First rcmove the top cover, the              S P A R E PARTS                       . ...
   body and the rocker a r m nut.               Iiubber nrts are avnilnble in kit
2. Tlle old dinpiungm cnn now be                form nna)nll pnrts are avnilnble ns
   r c p l n c ~nnd
                l tlie rockcr nrln n u t        spores scpnrntcly fro111your chnndlcr
   put on finger tight. (UoLlr                  or by return post direct from our
   L)inplungnl p ! a ~ c s    sliould hnve      factory.
   the rounded edge towards the
3: Itc~nove     ~ l i old
                      c inlet vnlve nnd
   plnlc nnd rcplncc with new.                  E?(TItA 1::2UII'hlENT
4. Unscrew thc 4 screws nround the              AVAILAULE
   outlet brn~ich.rcmove the old                Wntertight sen1 for UID rncldeL
   vnlve tlicn replncc with ncw fiiing          Dclrin-skin fitting for 1%" h o s a
   i t with the 4 ncw scrcws provided.          1%" reilforcsi hose.
                                                S~ninlcss  stcr.1 hose clips.
                                                                                       .               .
5. ftcnssc~nblc       ~ l l body
                            e     onto the '
    rcnr cover nncl fi~llv      tiglitcn 1110   Top & sidc entry strum-bodbilge
    eight nssenibly lo:.^ nnd rocker            slrnincr.
    nrlri nut.                                  2 wny ctiverter vnlvc.
6. Itc~novc     Llie old sen1 from the top      1l/I" right nngle bend
    covcr, replnce wit11 new tllcn              'Y' junction.
    screw firnily o ~ l t o   thc body.         Spnrcs kit.
N.13. 'l'lic outlct vnlve con be replnced       Iinndlc clips.
without rcnlovulg the pullilj body.             In-line non-rcturn vnlvc.
                                                                     3   -

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