Racor Diesel Fuel Filter

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Dand Service Industries is countries through a market innovative diesel fuel filterlwater separator systems its product Series Spinon Diesel Fuel Recycling and Diesel Fuel Heaters Fuel Additives Hydraulic Filtration Systems precision fuel metering diesel engines liquid and solid contaminants dirt rust and algae the presence of water storage tanks through condensation and mishandling contribute to blown injector tips fouled injector nozzles excessive pump injector patented from diesel fuel There is for engine systems with flow rates from There are no moving parts installation of Racor fuel a diesel fuel following benefits pump and more complete combustion less exhaust lower fuel consumption less down time and increased operating profits serve include highway automobile trucks offhighway construction mining marine drilling and pleasure boat agriculture stationary fuel storage tanks railroad recreational vehicles related products become the standard for all of three stages separator work diesel fuel contamination are secondary stages the effective life the fine replaceable element the stageis times longer than standard Stage liquid separated out by centrifugal action the turbine centrifuge There are this highly efficient design Because contamination is heavier the fuel the bottom of the Stage functions when the fuelsuspension and flow up with the fuel into lower part the shell bead on the shell and the specially treated replacement the beads they become heavier and eventually fall to the bottom bowl this stage replacement element where the minute Replacement Elements other than bracket kits installing Racor mounting bracket specifically designed for the year make and automobile and the necessary with complete instructions for Remove vacuum side filters between fuel tank and Castinhead or housing should adapted with adaptor Racor no 1 1 vert on the the fuel or transfer comes first a convenient location for servicing from fuel Racor Filter1 Separator USE MAXIMUM FUEL AVAILABLE IN REDUCE RESTRICTION Appropriate fittings from your distributor See fuel line from the outlet side inlet of the fuel with appropriate fittings size fuel and prime the system pouring clean fuel housing until full Replace and hand tighten thandle test system Locate the between the the bottom of the fuel tank and not remove the lid not overtorque the clearance above the elements See OVERHEAD STORAGE pressure will placed on the when it is conjunction with overhead storage tank A be installed on the for use servicing replaceable elements is used weather the unit should be located behind the engine in engine near manifold flow is unit A Racor Thermoline Diesel Fuel Line Heater is for efficient cold weather operation ethanol and based additives will cause nonmetal parts the entire diesel engine system additive is determined necessary use only ADDITIVES RACOR provide preventive weather starts against damaging element life with engines fuel filters They contain no best possible condition for COMPARE TREATMENT COST manufactures a complete replacement elements for genuine Racor replacement elements Additives for maximum water and perform the ultrafine filtration to protect exclusive lip seal prevent element bypass a molded element removal should be changed Mercury restriction 1 1 made at Series models with valves are in the open position for continuous operation one unit be shut down while change element change reduce fuel flow idle condition lid Inspect holding molded handle and with a turning motion over center tube with downward turning motion See for replacement number on Top off by pouring clean diesel fuel housing until full and hand drained at or before reach the bottom turbine centrifuge options for 1 3 for description fuel tank lid Inspect Open drain valve accumulated water and drain valve installing fittings to the the fitting the system with diesel fuel into LUBRICATE ALL housing until full SEALS BEFORE bowl gasket hand tighten thandle CLEAN DIESEL on base put lid Inspect drain valve and contamination inch Ibs discard replaceable Ibs drain valve Replace element new Genuine unit completely through Replacement Element Remove drain valve the system by Flush unit with clean diesel fuel diesel fuel into the until full INSPECT ALL amount of is present in the inlet side wetting gasket with Normal vacuum depending on the hose from tank should be clean element where capacity is dictated by Hg after element for the following collapsed fuel lines plugged fuel lines loose fittings pin holes stand pipe fuel condition improper flare angles on no bubbles suction is still evident side of loose fittings pin holes improper flare angles on the inlet drain valve and blow In case gaskets on pages remove clean with compressed flared female hose fitting pulled fitting sometimes causes a line crack resulting for sight glasses to check If air is sucking centrifuge action fitting gasket or the clear is between the bleeds leak or seating problem is indicated seat remove bowl ring bowl turbine centrifuge tur See for identification of partsseat and stall centrifuge tightening causes gasket bowl ring gasket unit with fuel weather operation Fuel Heater in the is recommended Heater is weather operations See Options your Racor Parts List Bracket Kits A complete line mounting bracket kits installing Racor on automobiles They contain mounting bracket specifically designed the year make and the necessary hardware with complete mounting instructions for Part No 1 12041 1 Flow Director Bowl 0Ring Lid 0Ring Lid 0Ring Retainer Clamp Back View 1 11780 4 15011 1 7 15009 1 9 15079 1 15005 1 15078 1 11350 1 11888 1 15082 1 15081 4 Drain Gasket Turbine Centrifuge Conical Baffle order model Parts Diagram uous operation dual Model 4 Elbow Parts List Part No Top View Bracket Assembly 1 Bowl 1 Double Parts Diagram Parts Diagram Parts List 1 Drain 2 3 11 041 1 Conical 14 UNF Drain Valve Drain Gasket Mounting Hole Bowl Ring Outer Cylinder Outer Cylinder order model Back View Cutaway View See Page for Individual Parts List See Page individual Model Parts Diagram Parts Diagram servicing under See Page for indi servicing under uous operation dual Model Parts List Valve Assm 4 N Front Section Side View Front Section closed position closed position 200 500 900 1000 MA SERIES FLOW RATE The Racor Vacuum Gauge 12 1 125 125 15 PROOF PRESSURE 100 100 100 100 690 690 690 69 285 285 285 285 285 285 285 accurate monitoring of the Installing a Racor increases efficiency element change RESIN IMPREGNATED CELLULOSE 2 micron nominal colorkeyed face is remotely mounted using a No 4 Tfitting into the between the and pump 1 1 102 102 127 254 254 254 254 less than 25 hose fitting into tapped hole or T low pressure No 4 hose to pushon hose fitting panel or Connect female fitting to 6 Connect hose connections with Teflon equivalent sealant severe service 181 551 432 559 559 152 406 127 152 152 11 268 Specify lengthport fitting for brass adaptor Drill and hole or install between outlet port of Racor See Fittings Accessories Chart page 1 The Racor pressure over applications that be exposed vacuum and for Light where the features waterproof weatherproof hermetically sealed and steel case for rust resistance Kit includes Severe Service severe service requiring weatherproof gauge with the pulsation and vibration Rustproof hermetically sealed with polycarbonate crystal provides shock protection absorbing movement plus effect of vibration and Stainless Steel to case for positive Polycarbonate window Brass threaded oring for positive Kit includes llow rateboth the familiar English Fuels and cause damage the nonmetal the Racor the entire engine available with metal applications where required M to part Metal bowl shorter than units All other specifications available with metric tapped ports so noted Specify metric when ordering gpm pump engines below HeavyDuty Electrical Optional Connection infilter disc fuel is a weather starting connected to the power source by the bowl internal automatic thermostat turns the the fuel below the element to melt the fuel to pass for quick flexibility three different electrical system connections performed for option before final installation or improper connections will cause electrical arcing shorts vehicles existing heavyduty stated in Option additional amperage load electrical connection PREPARING HEATER ELECTRICAL CONNECTION ON PAGE If after the electrical checks the ignition switch optional relay must SEE PREPARING HEATER reach the the disc heater reaching the disc heater will cause the heater accumulated water Switch Electrical amperage load for a system 5 for a the ignition switch proves additional load electrical connection The chart below is guide for 90011 Disc Heater Electrical checks to determine if your electrical system of handling additional amperage load is not is operated switch for a on positive or negative ground available in NOT USE amperage load for a for a the ignition switch prove additional load electrical connection PREPARING HEATER ELECTRICAL CONNECTION weatherproof sensor probes the bowl readout a solidstate the operator to the bowl A with light and audio also available optional probes in the with water accessory for alert the operator when liquid filtered out the system drained from the collector bowl thereby efficiency The InFilter to the fuel filter just below the replaceable element provides increased fuel the fuel fine micron element The for the 1 2V heater 5 for the power rating the 90011 for the relay replacement can be ordered which instructions for relay installation to chart below for water separated out centrifugal action The water the bottom the bowl reaches the level probes a warning light activated See the bowl the trapped Engine must be off SYSTEM VOLTAGE Heater Terminals Connect to depends on which option for electrical connection each connector onto installed terminal Either be used electrical connections the power the heater using appropriate WATER SEPARATOR for dash or circuit is on Red to indicate bowl Kit includes Diameter Water PART NUMBER dash mount circuit is on must be from Racor bowl Kit x 1 equivalent relay the following Part No 1 1 ELECTRICAL OPTIONS DIESEL APPLICATIONS VOLATILE LIQUIDS Racor Thermoline Diesel Fuel Line the Thermoline heater assists with is a selfregulating starts down typical prestart heating time of weather permitting minutes consumes battery capacity The The Thermoline heater permits the use allows fastidling less expensive and eliminates diesel fuel of power loss or idling to keep fuel is no buildup during operation longer needed Selfregulating Performance heater is constructed The Thermoline heater replaces the a conductive polymeric existing line between the fuel fuel filter bus wires low temperatures approximately one electrical current through the the cooling system is core between the conductors the temperature rises the electrical resistance Simple Operation increases reducing The Racor Thermoline heater contains no moving parts It is controlled by a output This infinitely reversible or control preheating the inline fuel the heater strips prevents overheating superior efficiency based on exclusive design that features a unique chimney or center tube which allows flow upward through the center drying action Racors exclusive EMDis electronically controlled by a solid state TimerIDriver The TimerIDriver fires the once upon is then activated every minutes later for accumulated water and contaminants light on the side is being supplied is activated by the compressor governor contaminants from the Proof Pressure Working Pressure RD3 is install and virtually RD3 operates ground A watt heater is in the for efficient stationary system the mobile Filter Buggy only remove water from diesel fuel but fleet operators with a steady supply diesel fuel blending waste engine lube oil 1 ratio with the diesel fuel Every gallon of waste engine lube oil now becomes a of nocost diesel fuel and at solves a the waste stationary units for both underground storage and has a builtin waste lube oil This oil is blended into the diesel fuel during the operation The mobile Filter Buggy draws oil from the crankcase or other blend this oil into the diesel fuel being from the vehicles fuel tank Filter Buggy represents the application filtration expertise cleaning of fluids A filtration system and water in buggy comes readytooperate with motor pressure and vacuum gauges hoses is standard with one filter to remove larger solids water Two filtration replaceable the secondary system solid contamination Emulsified water removed by elements optionalthe secondary be used with waterbased fluids THE RACOR Pressure Applications MultiMedia Coalescer CAN SOLVE Filter Element is for pressure side installations where the OPERATING CONDITIONS IN passed through a transfer a coalescing filtration action is necessary for a high degree of water coalescer replacement filter directs the solid particulate the unit Vent cap is velocity causes heavy liquid accumulate in the are drained off through a positive seal drain valve This separation or precleaning stage gives extended element life and easy Dual Media uses a new Phase Repelling free water particulate contaminants diesel fuel valve are Electrical infilter heater Metal Bowl Service Indicator Package water sensor Max Flow Rate Dual Media 96 at Water Removal Flow Rate Dual Media Rating 96 Water Efficiency be completely compatible with engines fuel filters and water contain no fuel in best possible condition for a pour point depressant Keeps fuel flowing down engine performance reduces engine prevents corrosion Cleans fuel 1 11 1 11 181 1 11 RX100 25 lmproves engine performance fuel lines pumps and Size Treatment Can Per Tankful Marine Diesel for diesel fuel in a Contains a Prevents fungi bacteria pumps and Improves engine performance rust protection lubrication throughout Type Size 11 269 the growth fungi and other microorganisms cleans fuel lmproves performance Size Treatment Gasoline Conditioner for overall engine performance with smoother idling pumps and injectors removes Prevents rust and corrosion prolongs fuel system life Size Treatment One 1 0 oz RACOR INDUSTRIES INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PO Box For the distributor nearest you call California and Effective September manufactured or distributed by the following only the following LIMITED EXPRESS WARRANTIES For a from and after the date a new Racor lndustries the original purchaseruser such a product shall of materials and workmanship in the manufacturing period of pumps and motors specifically limited to ninety days from date purchase A claimed to defective must the place purchase Racor Industries sole option shall replace the defective product with a comparable new product repair the defective express warranty shall inapplicable to not properly installed properly used by the purchaseruser or to or impaired external forces THIS PRODUCT RACOR INDUSTRIES HAVE NO LIABILITY CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FLOWING FROM PRODUCT RACOR INDUSTRIES SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS DISAVOWS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES IMPLIED INCLUDING FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE EXCEPT THOSE WHICH TO PRODUCT THEREOF THAT IS BOUGHT FOR USE PERSONAL FAMILY HOUSEHOLD WARRANTIES TRADE USAGE

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