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Raritan Electric Water Heater


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                                                  Engineering Company, Inc.

                                              Electric Water Heaters
                                        With or Without Optional Heat Exchanger
        MOUNTING THE HEATER                                        water t o run a few minutes to expel all air from water
        The heater should be installed in a location where it      heater and lines. This is VERY IMPORTANT because
        will not be subjected to external water spray-especially   if air remains in the heater and the electric heating
        salt water. The life of a heater will begreatly extended   element is not fully submerged, the element will burn
        by choosing a protected location. A heater located         out when the power is turned on.
        in a sail locker for example, cannot be expected t o       The safety relief valve should be connected to hose or
        last as long as one installed in a clean, dry engine       piping so that overflow can run unrestricted into the
        room. Mount the heater so that the electrical cover        bilge. This will prevent any overflow or dripping from
        plates, plumbing nipples and heat exchanger (if used)      causing damage to the heater jacket or base.
        are accessible.
        Using the three mounting lugs provided, securely           ELECTRICAL
        mount the heater t o the deck or other sturdy area.        CAUTION: No 115 or 230 volt AC wiring should be
        I t is preferable that bolts, nuts and lockwashers be      done by other than a qualified electrician.
        used but if wood screws or lag bolts must be used,         Protect the 115 volt shore line with a 15 amp fuse or
        they should be heavy enough t o support the strain         circuit breaker (10 amp for 230 volt units); a Ground
        when the heater is filled with water and the boat is       Fault Circuit I nterrupter (G FCI) in the correct value
        rocking. Raritan 20 gallon water heaters (R20, R20E,       may be included in the installation for additional
        NP20) require auxiliary bracing to support the weight      safety. Use only STRANDED #12-3 cable t o the
        of the tank filled with water when the boat is in          heater. Never use solid wire (ROMEX-type) cable
        heavy seas. Likewise, i t is desireable to add auxiliary   on a boat; vessel vibration can cause solid wire to
    ,   bracing to the 6 and 12 gallon models, especially if       break due t o metal fatigue (U.S. Coast Guard). In
        the boat may be subject to excessive heeling and           running the cable to the heater, support it securely at
        pitching in heavy seas.                                    frequent intervals. Do not run it in the bilge. Allow
                                                                   about 12" of extra wire to make necessary connect-
        PLUMBING                                                   ions. Remove the large rectangular cover, which gives
        To connect the heater t o the cold water supply, in-       access to the electrical connection points. Strip 8"
        stall a "tee" in the cold water supply line. From the      of the outer insulation from the end of the cable,
        branch of the "tee", connect a line to the lower           exposing the- three separate insulated wires. Loosen
        heater connection marked COLD. A check valve               the strain relief connector in the smaller cover plate
        MUST be in this line to prevent hot water backflow         and insert the cable. Tighten the strain relief con-
        into the cold water lines. Also, it is a good idea to      nector onto a portion of the cable that was not
        install a drain valve between the check valve and the      stripped. Strip the insulation from the three wires
        heater.                                                    to bare about %" of the stranded wire. Attach black
        The upper heater connection, marked HOT, is con-           and white wires to thermostat per installation dia-
        nected to the hot water faucets, shower, etc. Heat         gram. Use crimp-on terminal ends for a secure install-
        resistant flexible hose or poly tubing, suitable for the   ation. Do not use solder to connect wires as it, in
        temperature and pressure limits of the safety relief       effect, makes a solid wire of the strands, subjecting
        valve (75 PSI and 210 degress F.) may be used for          it to the possibility of breaking due t o metal fatigue
        both cold and hot connections. Secure all lines to         from vibration. Join the green wire t o one of the four
        the boat's structure a t frequent intervals.               mounting bolts on the heating element using a crimp-
        Avoid sharp bends and 90 degree ells in the plumbing       on terminal end. Place the terminal protector in its
        wherever possible, as they reduce water flow. Should       correct position, replace the access cover and double
        copper fittings be desired, avoid applying heat to the     check t o be sure the tank is filled with water before
        %" nipples protruding from the heater. Solder fittings     turning on electricity. This can be verified if cold
        first, then connect to the heater; the nipples contain a   water runs out of any hot water faucet. After turning
    ._  nonmetallic lining which will be destroyed by heat
        from soldering fittings. After all hot water lines
                                                                   on the electricity, the water should be noticeably
                                                                   warm within 30 minutes. Twenty gallon models (R20,
        have been completely installed, open the hot water          R20E, NP20) will take somewhat longer to initially
        taps and turn on the water pressure system. Allow the      heat the water.
TURNING ON THE ELECTRICITY WITH NO                                                ELEMENT IN A VERY SHORT TIME. The pre-                            To determine the proper setting of the gate valve (4),       best winterized together with the onboard water pres-
WATER IN THE TANK, OR WITH THE WATER                                              ceding warning must also be remembered during                     the engine should be operated at full throttle with the      sure system. This is accomplished by pumping all
LEVEL BENEATH THE IMMERSION HEATING                                               springtime commissioning.                                         gate valve wide open. When the engine temperature            the water from the boat's fresh water tank(s), then
ELEMENT, W.ILL BURN OUT THE HEATING                                                                                                                 has stabilized, gradually close the valve until the          pouring nontoxic antifreeze solution (propylene
                                                                                                                                                    engine temperature begins to rise. The valve should          glycol, NOT ethylene glycol) directly into the fresh
                                                                                                                                                    then be reopened enough to establish the proper              water tank(s). Turn on the water pressure pump and
                                                                                                                                                    engine operating temperature. Engine temperature             open all faucets. When the antifreeze solution comes

                                                                    Replaceable anode insi
                                                                                              I               A   -------I                          should be monitored to verify that the entire cooling
                                                                                                                                                    system is functioning correctly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 out of all faucets, both hot and cold, the whole
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 system is safe, including the pump. As a large quantity
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 of antifreeze is required to get the correct ratio of
                                                                    this removable nipple                                                           The information above is only a general guideline and
    DIMENSIONS                                                                                                                                      any installation is made at the risk of the installer.       antifreeze to water, it is not usually an economical
                                                                                                                                                    No responsibility to Raritan Engineering Company,            method but it is by far the safest.
     MODEL           A         B             C              D                E*                                                                     Inc. is to be presumed or implied from these general         An alternate method is to shut off the electricity,
                                                                                                                                                    instructions.                                                open all hot water taps on the boat to relieve the
     6-gal.         14"     16 114"       10 1 1 8       33/32"           7 112"                                                                                                                                 pressure, then remove both lines from the heater and
                                                                                                                                                    ADDING A HEAT EXCHANGER                                      allow it to drain. After it has drained, blow it out
     12-gal.        1 8    159116"        101/8          33/32"           7112"                                                                     TO AN EXISTING ELECTRIC-ONLY                                 with air pressure if available, then pour a quart of
                                                                                                                                                    WATER HEATER                                                 nontoxic antifreeze into the tank using a funnel and
     20-gal.        18"    255116        191116"         33/32"           7112"
                                                                                                                                                    Adding a heat exchanger to Raritan Water Heaters             a length of hose. Be sure electricity remains off
                                                                                                                                                    to allow the water to be heated via the engine cooling       until spring. When recommissioning in the spring, run
      * Heat Exchanger opening does not appear on NP series.                                                                                        system is only possible on "R-Series" water heaters          water long enough to insure that all antifreeze has
                                                                                                                                                    (R6, R12, R20). "NP-Series" (NP6, NP12, NP20) do             been flushed out BEFORE TURNING ON THE
                                                                                                                                                    not have a threaded opening to accomodate the addi-          ELECTRICITY. Optional heat exchangers are winter-
      INSTALLATION                                                           ~ o Water
                                                                                                                                                    tion of a heat exchanger. We do not recommend                ized in conjunction with the boat's engine cooling
                                                                                                                       Excess Temperature -
                                                                                                                                                    attempting the addition of a heat exchanger to               system.
                                         Service Lines                                                                 Pressure Safety Valve.       "R-Series" water heaters manufactured prior to 1980,
                                                                                                                       To Overboard                 as they utilize a metal plug that has been installed
                                         115 Volts AC                                                                                                                                                            TROUBLESHOOTING
                                                                                                                                                    under high torque at the factory to eliminate possible
                                   Black to Power Line                                                                                              leaks. Recent "R-Series" water heaters (1980 to date)        PROBLEM: Water does n o t get hot.
                                   Red Reset Button      Electric                                                   Comes From Thermostat On        utilize a special plastic plug that is installed only hand   1. No electric power to heater. Be sure circuit breaker
                                                                                                                    Engine Hottest Water            tight at the factory. The plastic plug is more readily       or switch is turned on, fuses are intact and wiring is
                                                                                                                    Raw Water Cooling               removed when converting to the heat exchanger                not broken or disconnected.
                                                                                                                    Goes To Jacket On               option. Metal plugs, installed before 1980, are virtu-       2. Bad heating element. Turn off power, remove access
                                                                                                                    Exhaust Manifold Riser
                                                                                                                                                    ally impossible to remove after years of repeated            cover and depress red RESET button. Restore power.
                                                                                                                    Fresh Water Cooling
                                                                                                                    Goes To Expansion Or
                                                                                                                                                    heating and cooling.                                         If no warm water after 30 minutes, check heating
                                                                                                                                                    When ordering a replacement water heater, we suggest         element and thermostat.
                                                                                                                                                    the "E-Series" be ordered (R6E, R12E, R20E). These               A. Shut off power and diconnect the two wires
                                                                                                                                                    units are shipped with a factory installed heat ex-          connected to the heating element. Check for conti-
                                                                                                                                                    changer. This allows the heater to be installed in the       nuity through the heating element with an ohmmeter.
                          CAUTION: Heater must be filled with water Before Power is turned on.                                                      electric-only configuration, with the heat exchanger         If no continuity, heating element is burned out
                                                                                                                                                    available to be connected at a later date or, it may be      and must be replaced. If continuity is indicated,
HEAT EXCHANGER                                                                    A GENERAL GUIDELINE TO SHOW HOW A POR-                            installed in the dual configuration with no changes          element is good; check thermostat.
                                                                                  TION OF THE ENGINE COOLANT MAY BE Dl-                             required later.                                                  B. Replacing the heating element. Turn off power
The Raritan Heat Exchanger is furnished with a male
2" NPT thread to f i t the opening provided in the tank.                          VERTED TO 3YIE OPTIONAL HEAT EXU-lAN-                                                                                          to heater, then turn off water pressure pump and
Two %" NPT female threads are provided in the heat                                GER:                                                              MAINTENANCE, WINTERIZATION                                   open all hot water faucets. When water has stopped
exchanger for connection to hoses or piping from                                                                                                    AND TROUBLESHOOTING                                          flowing, pressure has been relieved; drain water
engine coolant. Because of the diversity of marine                                                                                                  Little maintenance other than proper winterization is        heater the rest of the way (through drain valve if
cooling configurations, it is not possible to provide                                                                                               required of the Raritan Water Heater. Periodic visual        installed, or by removing cold water inlet hose or
universal installation instructions; the installer MUST                                                                                             inspection should be done to insure that connections         pipe at bottom of tank between tank and check
follow engine manufactures's recommendatioils. THE                                                                                                  are tight, wires are not frayed and that grounding           valve). Remove access cover, two wires connected t o
FOLLOWING DIAGRAM IS INTENDED ONLY AS                                                                                                               of the unit is sound. These checks should be in-             heating element and four heating element mounting
                                                                                                                                                    corporated into the annual commissioning and winter          bolts. Remove the heating element, discarding the
                                                                                             LEGEND:                                                layup of the boat as a minimum, and should be done           cylindrical rubber gasket. Install the new element and
                                                                                             1.   Hottest Water from Engine (Full Flow)             more often if possible.                                      rubber gasket (never reuse old gasket) with the
                                                                                             2.   PipeTee; Full Flow on Run, %" NPT on Branch       A removeable magnesium anode is integral with the            arrows on the heating element flange pointing up and
MOTE: Some marine engines run at higher                                                      3.   Hose to Hot Water Heat Exchanger                  hot water outlet fitting. I t should not be necessary        down. Be sure to reconnect the ground wire. Recon-
temperatures than the range of the pressure                                                  4.   Gate Valve Sized to Permit Full Flow of Coolant   to inspect or replace the anode unless discoloration,        nect the black and white wires to the new heating
relief valve on the water heater. For use with                                               5.   Pipe Tee: Full Flow on Run, %" NPT on Branch      unusual smell or taste develop in the water. The             element. Close drain valve or reconnect plumbing
these engines, an alternate location for source                                              6.   Hose from Hot Water Heat-Exchanger                                                                             to cold water inlet of water heater. With hot water
water will have to be selected. See safety
                                                                                                                                                    annode is replaceable as a unit and may be ordered
                                                                                             7.   Full Flow Return to Engine Cooling System                                                                      faucets open and ELECTRICITY TURNED OFF to
valve problems, under Troubleshooting.                                                                                                              from Raritan dealers or from the factory. Specify
                                                                         3           6                                                              6, 12 or 20 gallon model.                                    the water heater, turn on water pressure pump. Allow
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 pump t o run a few minutes to expel air from the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 lines, then shut off faucets. Restore power. Check
                                                                                                                                                    WINTERIZATION                                                for leaks around the heating element while waiting
                                                                                                                                                    Before beginning winterization, be sure electricity is       for the water to heat. If no leaks, replace the cover
                                                                                                                                                    turned off to the water heater. The water heater is          plate. If a leak appears, turn off power, drain tank
and check cylindrical gasket; be sure it is seated                     is running, the operating temperature of the engine
correctly.                                                             may be in excess of the relief valve's rating. This will
3. Bad thermostat. If the ohmmeter shows conrinuity                    usually show up on the first major cruise or on a
through the heating element but the water is not heat-                 shakedown cruise. The situation described is possible
ed, a bad thermostat is indicated.                                     with certain "fresh water" cooled engines that oper-
      A. Turn off power t o heater, depress red RESET                  ate at over 200 degrees F. Engine coolant is normally
button and turn thermostat to highest setting. Dis-                    tapped off just ahead of the coolint system's heat
connect both wires t o heating element. Check for                      exchanger, where the water is hottest, then fed to the
continuity with an ohmmeter through the thermostat.                    heat exchanger in the water heater. The cure is t o
from black wire terminal t o black wire terminal and                   tap the coolant DOWNSTREAM of the heat exchang-
from white wire terminal to white wire terminal.                       er where the coolant is a t a lower temperature. Check
Each side must show continuity. If continuity is not                   the temperature of the coolant piped to the water
registered on either side, the thermostat must be re-                  heater to be sure it is not over 170 degrees F.
placed. If thermostat tests good after heating element
also tested good, recheck that power is available t o                  PROBLEM: Constant dripping o f the relief valve, re-
unit. Check wiring for breaks, etc.                                    gardless o f temperature.
      B. Replacing the thermostat. Turn off power, re-                 This is usually caused by foreign matter lodged in the
move access cover to expose thermostat terminals.                      seat of the pressure relief valve. Shut off fresh water
Disconnect both sets of wires from the thermostat.                     pressure pump, shut off electricity and open hot water
Snap the thermostat out of i t s mounting and insert                   taps t o relieve pressure in the system. Drain water
new one. Reconnect both sets of wires to the thermo-                   from tank until it is beneath the level of the relief
stat. Wire the thermostat according to the Installation                valve. Remove the relief valve and clean it thoroughly.
Diagram, ignoring additional terminals that may be                     Open the actuating handle and flush the valve with
on the new thermostat. Fill heater with water, then                    lukewarm water. Be sure no sediment remains on the
turn on electricity. Water should be noticeably warm                   seat of the valve plunger. Close valve and reinstall
within 30 minutes.                                                     using tape dope or pipe joint compound. Refill tank,
PROBLEM: Safety valve opens and releases h o t water.                  expel air from the lines, then turn on electricity.
1. Take care to avoid scalding; safety valve is preset                 Observe the relief valve as the tank fills and as the
to open a t 210 degrees F. Remove the access cover                     water heats. I t should remain closed and not drip.
and check temperature setting on thermostat. Facto-                     If dripping begins again, replace the valve.
ry setting is 130-140 degrees F. If setting is higher,
turn it all the way t o the left. Allow heater to operate
an hour and observe results. If lowering the temper-
ature setting doesn't cure the problem, perform the                    If further help is required or if an unusual situation
following: Shut off electricity to the heater and ob-                  should develop, contact Raritan Customer Service in
serve if the water flow stops over the next few hours.                 Millville, NJ or Ft. Lauderdale, FI for assistance.
 If the water flow doesn't stop as the tank cools down,                Any replacement part for a Raritan Water Heaters
a defective pressure relief valve is apparent. Unscrew                 ordered from Raritan dealers or direct from the
and replace it after turning off the electricity and                   factory. When ordering heating elements, specify
draining the tank. If the water stops flowing as the                   whether 115 or 230 volt. When ordering anodes or
temperature drops, a defective thermostat is indicated.                sheet metal parts, specify whether 6, 12 or 20 gallon
 Replace the thermostat following by earlier directions.               unit. Relief valves, thermostats, heating elements,
2. I f the heater is equipped with an optional heat ex-                gaskets and heat exchangers are interchangeable
changer, and the relief valve opens while the engine                   between the three sizes.

                                                    SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS
                                         To order replacement parts or t o request additional in-
                                         formation or assistance, contact Raritan Customer
                                                             Service at:

                                                                     530 Orange Street, P.O. Box 1157, Millville, NJ 08332 USA

                                                    mpany, Inc.
                                                                     Telephone: 6091825-4900
                                                                     TWX: 510-687-7545 RARITAN M IVE
                                                                     Southern Office and Plant:
                                                                     3101 sw Second Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 USA
                                                                     Telephone: 3051525-0378

Specifications subject t o change without notice.                                                                           Printed in USA

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