Pyi Max Prop 3b Classic Removal Instructions

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MaxProp Three Blade Classic Move the blades to a feathered position making sure that the rounded trailing edges of blades are aft as shown in figure 3 of your instruction manual Next make a mark between the spinner and exposed part of the hub so that any rotation can be noted and corrected as shown at right If the spinner is rotated after the blades are detached it will alter the blade angle Remove the zinc and the 6ea end cap bolts Slide the end cap and feathered blades off of the spinner as one piece Confirm that the mark made between the spinner and the hub is in alignment Adjust if necessary Clean the grease out around the cone gear and locate the letters on the aft flat surface of the cone gear Then locate the Y mark it is a drill mark as pictured to the right and determine which letter on the aft surface of the cone gear aligns with this mark Write this letter down and designate it Y In the picture the letter E aligns with the Y mark Remove the four spinner bolts holding the two spinner halfs together and remove the two spinner halfs DO NOT REMOVE THE CENTRAL CONE GEAR Clean the hub and cone gear put a mark between the central cone gear and the central hub This will give you a reference so that the CeCentral hub in the same location if you are unable to locate the X mark Locate the small punch mark on the central cone gear near its base as the cone gear enters the central hub As shown to the right This mark hub This letter is the X mark Write this letter down and designate it Remove the central cone gear and confirm that the punch mark and the groove on the forward face of the cone are indeed in the same place as Remove the pin or pins from the nut and loosen the nut one turn Do not remove the nut so that when the hub pops off the shaft it will not fall to the shaft in front of the central hub Be sure only to pull from outside the hub as shown below If the surfaces on the hub are hit or dinged it can effect the performance of the propeller Use the puller to remove the hub from the shaft 12532 Beverly Park Rd Lynnwood WA 98037 Tel 42553669 Fax 4253553661 Email infopyiinccom Web Site wwwpyiinccom dEeE bch aeeDdD acEeE bch CEeE bch aeeDCD KEeE bch 0P0 9Fru 988URT WWIHEBSUSYTTS

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