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Perkins Engine Numbering Guide


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         SHREWSBURY ENGINES                                                                                       STAFFORD ENGINES
ENGINE NUMBER GUIDE                                                                           ENGINE NUMBER GUIDE
There are two Shrewsbury engine numbering systems:                                            A Stafford engine numbers looks like this: DGB 06 0081 U 0017 B
1) pre 1994 System, eg: 8C 27655 U 88900 W
2) post 1994 System, eg: SG A 06 0010 U 0001 Y
                                                                                              D     Stafford                          06        Number of Cylinders
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ENGINE NUMBER GUIDE
Meaning:                                                                                      G     Application Code (Genset)         0081      Fixed Bill Number (0000 means Configured Product)
Engine Application:
Engine Family & Type Code:
                                                 Country of Manufacture: (U=UK): U/U
                                                 Build Line Number:              88900/0001
                                                                                              B     Engine Type                       U
                                                                                                                                                United Kingdom
                                                                                                                                                17th Engine This Year                                                           including
Number of Cylinders:             06              Year of Manufacture:            W/Y                                                  B         Year Letter (B=1996)
Engine Specification Number:     27655/0010

                                                                                              ENGINE FAMILY AND TYPE CODES
                                                                                                                                                                                                    NUMBER LOCATION GUIDE
                                                                                              Code      4000 Series Designation Dorman Engine       Code   4000 Series Designation Dorman Engine
      Eagle TX
                                            8BT, 8CTA, 8DTW
                                                                                              DGA       TAG1                    SETCA1              DIE    SI GAS UNIT                SEG
      2000 Series                           8BT,8CTA / TTA, 8DTW, 8ESI, 8GTW-H
      3008 / CV8
      Condor Marine
                                            4AT, 4BTA, 4ESI
                                                                                                                                                           TES1 GAS UNIT
                                                                                                                                                           TES1 CHP UNIT
      3012 / CV12                           6ATA, 6CTW, 6DT, 6ESI
                                                                                              DGK       TWG2                    SETCR2              DME    M4000T1                    SK-SETCW
A    Air to Air Charge Cooled      i   Intercooled                  SI    Spark Ignition
CHP Combined Heat Power            M   Marine                       T     Turbocharge         DGP       TEG                     SETCW               DIG    E TRS
E    Externally Charge Cooled      N   Jacket Water Charge Cooled   TT    Twin Turbocharged
G    Generating Duties             P   Pumping Duties               W     Water Cooled        T      Turbocharged                G    Genset Engine                    M    Marine                              YEAR OF MANUFACTURE CODE
H    Horizontal Engine             H   16 Litre (2800 Series)                                 A      Air to Air                  SI   Spark Ignition                   I    Intercooler
                                                                                              W      Water                       CHP Combined Heat & Power             K    Keel Cooled             This code indicates the calendar year of manufacture. The letters I, O, Q, R and Z
                                                                                                                                                                                                    will not be used.
                                                                                              E      External Water Circuit
ENGINE FAMILY AND TYPE CODES POST 1994                                                                                                                                                              A 1974                         L 1984                         Y 1994
                                                                                                                                                                                                    B 1975                         M 1985                         A 1995
     Family: SA Automotive                              Family: SF Forklift
                                                          T1                  SFA
                                                                                                                                                                                                    C 1976                         N 1986                         B 1996
      300TX                SAA
      320MX                SAB                            T2                  SFB             ENGINE NUMBER LOCATION GUIDE                                                                          D 1977                         P 1987                         C 1997
      335TX                SAC                            TA                  SFC                                                                                                                   E 1978                         S 1988                         D 1998
      350E                 SAE                            TW                  SFD                 R                                   S                         T
                                                         Family: SG Genset                                                                                                                         F 1979                         T 1989                         E 1/1/9931/3/99
      375TX                SAG
      340TX2               SAJ                            TAGIA               SGA                                                                                                                   G 1980                         U 1990                         F 1/4/9931/12/99
                                                          TAG2                SGB
      380TX2               SAK
                                                          TAG2A               SGC
                                                                                                                                                                                                    H 1981                         V 1991                         G 2000
      410TX2               SAL
                                                          TAG3A               SGD                                                                                                                   J 1982                         W 1992                         H 2001
     Family: SB Short Block
                                                          TAG4                SGE                                                                                                                   K 1983                         X 1993                         J 2002
      TX SBA
                                                          TG                  SGF
      2000 Series          SBB
                                                          TGIA                SGG                 W                                                                           (Left Side View)
      3008 Series          SBC                            TG2A                SGH                                 (Right Side View)
      3012 Series          SBD
     Family: SL Long Engine
                                                          TTAG                SFJ                                                                               U                                          COUNTRY OF MANUFACTURE CODE
                                                          TWG2                SGK
      TX / Euro 2          SLA                            TAG                 SGL             Engine type                                  Position
      2000 Series          SLB                            TAG5                SGM                                                                                                                   This code indicates the country in which the basic engine was manufactured.
      3008 Series          SLC                           Family: SH Horizontal               Eagle / 2000 Series                               R
      3012 Series          SLD                            TWH                 SHA                                                                                                                   A      Argentina                  HM Indonesia                  P      Poland
                                                                                              3008 Series                                       T
      3008 Marine          SLE                           Family: SP Plant                                                                                                                          B      Brazil                     HK Iraq                       S      India
      3008 / 3012SI        SLG                            T                   SPA             3012 Series                                       S
     Family: SI Gas                                      T1                  SPB
                                                                                                                                                                                                    C      Australia                  HU Uruguay                    SA South Africa
                                                                                                                                                                              (Right Side View)
      SI                   SIA                            T2                  SPC             2800 Series                                       W                                                   D      Germany                    J     Japan                   T      Turkey
      SI Gas Unit          SIB                            TA                  SPD                                                                                                                   E      Spain                      K     Korea                   U      United Kingdom
      TSI CHP              SIC                            TAP                 SPE             4006 Series*                                      U               V
      TSI Gas Unit         SID                            TP                  SPJ                                                                                                                   F      France                     L     Italy                   V      Pakistan
      TWSICHP              SIE                            TTA                 SPK             4008 Series*                                      U                                                   G      Greece                     M Mexico                      W Iran
                                                          TTAP                SPL
      TWSI Gas Unit        SIF
                                                          TW                  SPM             4012 Series*                                      V                                                   H      Group                      MX Mexico                     X      Peru
     Family: SM Marine
      M600T1               SMA                            TW1                 SPP             4016 Series*                                      V                                                   HC China                          N     USA                     Y      Yugoslavia
                                                         Family: 2800 Series
      M700T1               SMB
                                                          TAG1                HGA             * The Perkins 4000 Series engine family was
      M800T1               SMC
                                                          TAB2                HBG                                                                                                                    Perkins Engines Co Ltd Peterborough PE1 5NA UK.
                                                                                                previously known as the Dorman SE Range.
                                                                                                                                                                             (Right Side View)      Parts Publication Number PP827(E)/2.
          PETERBOROUGH ENGINES                                                       ENGINE FAMILY AND TYPE CODE                                                       ENGINE FAMILY AND TYPE CODE cont
                                                                                     A   Family 4 40   Phaser/1004 Series   GD 4 25           4.25                      TE T6 354           T6.354             WL UCC6 76         1306-E76TA
                      ENGINE NUMBER GUIDE
                              FOR ENGINES PRODUCED AFTER 1974                        AA 4 40           1004-4               GE 4 30           4.30                      TF HT6 354          HT6.354            WM UT6 87          1306-E87T
                                                                                     AB T4 40          1004-4T              H   Family 400S   4.165 Series              TG 6 3541           6.3541             WN UCC6 87         1306-E87TA
      A Peterborough engine number looks like this: TU 30008 U 510256 F
                                                                                     AC C4 40          1004-4T              HA 4 165          4.165                     TH T6 3541          T6.3541            WP UT6 761         1306-E76T
      Engine family and type code                     TU                             AD CC4 40         1004e-4TW            J   Family 4 203 4.203 Series               TJ 6 3542           6.3542             WQ UCC6 761        1306-E76TA
      Parts list number or SOS order reference number 30008                          AE FCC4 40        Fed. CC              JD 4 203          4.203                     TK C6 3542          C6.3542            WR UT6 871         1306-E87T
      Country of manufacture code                     U                              AF G4 40          1004-40S             JE D4 203         D4.203                    TP T6 3543          T6.3543            WS UCC6 871        1306-E87TA
      Engine serial number                            510256                         AG N4 40          1004-4               JF G4 203         G4.203                    TR 6 372            6.372              X    Family 8 540 V8.540 Series
      Year of manufacture code                        F                              AH TN4 40         1004-4T              JG 4 2032         4.2032                    TT TC6 3541         TC6.3541           XA V8 510          V8.510
                                                                                     A                 New 1000 Series      K   Family 100S   Perama/100 Series         TU T6 3544          T6.3544            XB TV8 510         TV8.510
                                                                                     AJ 4 401          1004-40              KD 103-10         3 cylinder, 1.0 litre     TV 6 3724           6.3724             XC V8 540          V8.540
ENGINE NUMBER LOCATION GUIDE                                                         AK T4 401         1004-40T             KE 103-15         3 cylinder, 1.5 litres    TW 6 3544           6.3544             XE TV8 540         TV8.540
A B               C D E           F                                                  AL CCA4 401       1004-40TA            KF 104-19         4 cylinder, 2.0 litres    TX C6 3544          C6.3544            Y    Family 6 60   Phaser/1006 Series
                                           Engine type                    Position   AM CCW4 401       1004-40T             KH 103-13         3 cylinder, 1.3 litres    TY H6 3544          H6.3544            YA 6 60            1006-6
                                           3.152                             M       AP N4 401         1004-40              KL 103-07         3 cylinder, 0.7 litre     TZ HT6 3544         HT6.3544           YB T6 60           1006-6T
                                           4.108                             A       AQ TN4 401        1004-40T             KN 102-05         2 cylinder, 0.5 litre     U     Family 4 30   700 Series         YC C6 60           1006-6T
                                      I    4.154 / 200 Series                B       AR 4 421          1004-42              KR 104-22         4 cylinder, 2.2 litres    UA D4 30            704-30             YD CC6 60          1006e-6TW
               (Left Side View)            4.165                           B or G    AS N4 421         1004-42              KS 103-11         3 cylinder, 1.1 litres    UB 4 26             704-26             YE FCC6 60         Fed. CC
                                                                                     AT CCAN4 401      1004-40TA            L   Family 4 236 4.236 Series               UC T4 30            T704-30            YF G6 601          1006-60S
                                           4.203                           J or N
                                                                                     B   Family 4 20   Prima/500 Series     LA 4 212          4.212                     V     Family 6 602 1100 Series 6Cyl    YG 6 601           1006-60
          J                                4.212                             C
                                                                                     BA 4 20           504-2                LD 4 236          4.236                     VK ECCA6 602        1106C-E60T         YH T6 601          1006-60T
(Rear View)                                                                          BB T4 20          504-2T               LE G4 236         G4.236                    W Family 6 466 1300 Series/Peregrine   YJ CCA6 601        1006-60TA
                                           Engine type                    Position
                                                                                     C   Family 3 152 3.152 Series          LF 4 248          4.248                     WB T6 466           1306-8T            YK CCW6 601        1006-60TW
                                           4.236                           C or L
                                                                                     CA P3             P3                   LG 4 2482         4.2482                    WC CC6 466          1306-8TA           Z    Family 8 640 V8.640 Series
                                           4.248                             C
                                                                                     CB 3 144          3.144                LH C4 236         C4.236                    WD T6 67            1306-7T            ZA V8 640          V8.640
      M                           N O      4.318                             F                                              LJ T4 236         T4.236                    WE CC6 67           1306-7TA           ZB TV8 640         TV8.640
                                                                                     CC P3 144         P3.144
                                           4.41                              H       CD 3 152          3.152                LM 4 41           4.41                      WF T6 76            1306-8T NGD
                                           6.247                           C or F    CE D3 152         D3.152               N   Family 4 318 4.318 Series               WG CC6 76           1306-8TA NGD
L                                          6.354                             D       CF G3 152         G3.152               NC 4 318          4.318                     WH T6 87            1306-9T NGD
K                                          V8540                             Q       CG P3 152         P3.152               ND 4 3182         4.3182                    WJ CC6 87           1306-9TA NGD
                                                                                     CJ 3 1522         3.1522               R   Family 1100   6.247 Series              W                   1300 Series EDi
                                           Engine type                    Position   CM 3 1524         3.1524               RA 6 247          6.247                     WK UT6 76           1306-E76T
          (Right Side View)
                                                                                     CN T3 1524        T3.1524              R                 1100 Series 4Cyl
                                           V8.640                            P
                                      Q                                                                                     RE 4 44           1104C-44
                                                                                     C                 900 Series
                                           700 Series                        K
                                                                                     CP 3 27           903-27               RF E4 44          1104-44T
                                           900 Series                        C
                                                                                     CR T3 27          903-27T              RG T4 44          1104C-44TA               A Air to Air charge cooling             H   Horizontal
                                           Performa / 100 Series             O                                                                                         C    Compensated                        N   Narrow Front End
                                                                                     CT G3 27          903-27S              RH ET4 44         1104C-E44
P                                          Prima / 500 Series                E                                                                                         CC   Charged Cooled                     P   Timing Chain
                                                                                     E   Family 4 108 4.108 Series          RJ CCA4 44        1104C-E44T
                                           Phaser / 1000 Series            H or J                                           RK ECCA4 44       1104C-E44TA
                                                                                                                                                                       D    Direct Injection                   S   Spark Ignition
                                                                                     ED 4 108          4.108
                                           Peregrine / 1300 Series           I                                                                                         E    Electronic                         T   Turbocharged
              (V8 Top View)                                                          G   Family 4 154 4.154/200 Series      SD Family CKD     Sabre CC6.68
                                                                                                                                                                       F    Federal Emmissions                 U   Unit Injection
                                                                                     GA 4 154          4.154                T   Family 6 354 6.354 Series
                                                                                                                                                                       FF   Federal                            V   V Form
                                                                                     GB 4 135          4.135                TC 6 354          6.354
 Perkins Engines Co Ltd Peterborough PE1 5NA UK.                                                                                                                      G    Gasoline/Gas                       W   Water to Air Charge Cooling
Parts Publication Number PP827(E)/2.                                                 GC 4 182          4.182                TD H6 354         H6.354

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