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Teleflex Marine Steering Wheels


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Teleflex Marine Steering Wheels Put the classic finishing touch on any boatMECHANICAL STEERING wheels CHAMPION wcover CHAMPION wcap STEALTH wcover STEALTH wcap TALON VIPER for helms with standard round 34 tapered shafts Features Beautiful highdetail styling Rugged construction for marine use UV and corrosion resistant materials ACE Stylish center medallion included For helms with standard marine round NOTE When properly installed these steering 34 tapered shaft wheels will attach to marine helms with ABYC All styles suitable for mechanical steering standard 34 tapered steering shafts using Teleflex or equivalent antivibratory lock nutsWheels model Talon offered for with equidistant spokes are suggested for boats use with hydraulic steering systems equipped with hydraulic steering in which a centered Meet or exceed all applicable industry or master spoke wheel cannot be maintained requirements 62 Teleflex Marine Products 6104957011 mechanical steering Wheels A 3876613 Ace MECHANICAL STEERING wheelsAce with flush center cap with center cover with center trim cap with center pad with center trim cap SW59491P D 3879414Talon equidistant with rtrim cap SW56811P C 3878515Viper with round center trim cap SW52021P Talon Equidistant spoke wheel recommended for hydraulic Items F 3914016Ace Center Cap Plastic 3876613 A Center Cover Plastic 3881611 J J 3881611 Trim Cap Plastic 3879414 DStealth Spoke Cover Plastic 3919912 K Trim Cap Plastic 3879414 D Trim Cap Polyurethane 3878515 C Helm Wheel K 3919912 Hardware StealthViper Trim Cap Plastic 3879414 D KitTrim Cap Beveled Polyurethane with Teleflex 34 to 1 T HB0572Adapter 34 to 1 S HB0573Wheel Hardware Kit Mechanical Wheel Locknut SeaStar 747521 747521 Hydraulic Helm included with all aftermarket wheels except Talon which Wheel a compass decal WHEEL Wheel Dimensions Data The dimensions shown in the chart are reference dimensions Actual dimensions may vary slightly WHEEL RIM SPOKE DIMENSION CAP PAD PART NMMA TYPE SIZE COLOR A B MEDALLION NUMBER TYPE 3 SPOKE DIMENSION A Aluminum Spokes Soft Urethane or PVC Grip Viper 1 14 Black 11 22 D F SW52021P 855022 6SPOKE DIMENSION Stainless Steel Spokes Hard PVC Grip B Talon 4 14 SS 15 26 C SW56811P 855026 3SPOKE NOTES Hard PVC Grip 1 With removable center cap Champion 2 135 Black 13 23 J F SW59201P 855029 2 With removable center cover Champion 1 135 Black 16 23 D F SW59291P 855029 3 With integral molded center cover Stealth 2 14 Black 13 28 K F SW59401P 855029 4 Equidistant spokes recommended Stealth 1 14 Black 21 28 D F SW59491P 855029 for hydraulic steering where master Ace 3 13 Black 13 23 A F SW59691P 855029 spoke cannot be maintained Teleflex Marine Products 6104957011 63

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