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Chart No 1UNITED STATES OF Chart Symbols Abbreviations and TermsEleventh Edition November 2011Chart No1United States of Chart and TermsEleventh 2011Prepared jointly byUS Department of Oceanic and Atmospheric Ocean DCUS Department of VAChanges to this edition will be published by the National Agency NGAin the Notice to MarinersThese changes are also available on the Internet at Record of No Notice No Corrected On Corrected by 2 SYMBOLS ABBREVIATIONS TERMS AND SCHEMATIC LAYOUTGENERALA Chart Number Title and Marginal NotesB Positions Distances Directions and Natural FeaturesD Cultural FeaturesE LandmarksF PortsG Topographic Tides and CurrentsI DepthsJ Nature of the SeabedK Rocks Wrecks and ObstructionsL Offshore InstallationsM Tracks and RoutesN Areas and LimitsO Hydrographic AIDS AND SERVICESP LightsQ Buoys and BeaconsR Fog SignalsS Radar Radio and Satellite Navigation SystemsT ServicesU Small Craft Leisure Index of AbbreviationsW International AbbreviationsX IndexAPPENDIX1 IALA 3 The 11th edition of U S Chart No 1 Nautical Chart Symbols Abbreviations and Terms presents thesymbols depicted on paper nautical charts produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric and the National Agency NGA as well as digital raster of thosecharts such as Raster Nautical Charts RNC This document also shows the symbols described in theRegulations of the IHO for International INT Charts and Chart Specifications of the IHO published by Hydrographic Organization IHO which are portrayed in the three official language versions Chart 1 INT 1Electronic Charts The symbols and abbreviations displayed on navigation systems portraying Navigational Charts NOAA ENC or NGAproduced Digital Nautical Charts DNC are quite similar tothose used on paper charts for some features but different for others This document is not intended as a referencefor the use of these vectorbased productsChange in Column Order Previous editions of US Chart No 1 showed US symbology on the left side of thepage and INT 1 symbology in the second column from the right This edition of Chart No 1 has reversed the orderINT 1 symbols now appear in the second column from the left after the symbol number Any variations from INT 1symbology that are used on charts produced by NOAA or NGA are shown in the NOAA NGA and the of foreign charts columns columns 4 5 and 6 respectively When columns 4 and 5 are combined this indicates that NOAA and NGA use the same symbol for that When any of columns 4 5 or 6 are blank then the INT 1 symbol has been adopted for use by for which that column applies The schematic layout following this introduction shows a typical symboltable page and describes the table headers and the types of information presented in each of the columnsSample Chart Layouts Section A presents two schematics showing typical layouts of the major elements ofNOAA and NGA The sounding datum reference is stated in the chart title Soundings on NOAA and NGA charts may beshown in fathoms feet fathoms and feet fathoms and fractions or meters and decimeters In all cases the unit ofdepth used is shown in the chart title and outside the border of the chart in bold type See item Ab in Section AHeights Heights of lights landmarks structures etc refer to the shoreline plane of reference The unit of height isshown in the chart title When the elevations of islets or bare rocks are offset into the adjacent water they are shownin Heights For rocks and banks that cover and uncover elevations are underlined and are referenced to thesounding datum as stated in the chart title When the heights of rocks that cover and uncover are offset into theadjacent water they are shown in Shoreline shown on charts represents the line of contact between the land and a selected waterelevation In areas affected by tidal fluctuation this line of contact is usually the mean highwater line In waters of diminished tidal influence a mean water level may be used The shoreline of interior watersrivers lakes is usually a line representing a specified elevation above a selected datum Shoreline is symbolizedby a heavy line symbol C1 Apparent shoreline is depicted on charts to show the outer edge of marine the shoreline limit would be expected to appear to the observer or where it prevents the shoreline from beingclearly defined Apparent shoreline is symbolized by a lighter line symbols C32 C33 Ca Cq and Cr 4Landmarks A structure or a conspicuous feature on a structure may be shown by a landmark symbol with adescriptive label see Section E Prominent buildings that could assist the navigator may be shown by actual shapeas viewed from above see Sections D and E On NGA charts a landmark legend that is shown in capital that the landmark is conspicuous the landmark may also be labeled CONSPICUOUS or CONSPIC OnNOAA charts all landmarks are considered to be conspicuous and landmark legends shown in all capital the landmark has been positioned accurately legends using both upper and lower case letters indicate anapproximate positionIALA Buoyage System The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Maritime Buoyage System is followed by most of the worlds maritime nations however systems used insome foreign waters may be different IALA buoyage is divided into two regions Region A and Region B Allnavigable waters of the United States follow IALA Region B rules except US possessions west of the Line and south of 10 north latitude which follow IALA Region A The major difference in the two buoyage Regions is the color of the lateral marks Region A uses redtoportmarks and Region B uses redtostarboard marks when entering from seaward The shapes of lateral markshowever are the same in both Regions can to port and cone nun to starboard when entering from and other marks such as isolated danger marks safe water marks and special marks are also the same inboth Regions Section Q and Appendix 1 illustrate the IALA Buoyage System for both Regions A and BUS Lateral Marks Most of US waters lie withing IALA Region B In the US system on entering a channel fromseaward buoys and beacon dayboards on the starboard side are red with even numbers and have red lights if litBuoys and beacon dayboards on the port side are green with odd numbers and have green lights if lit buoys have red and green horizontal bands with the top band color indicating the preferred side of passageLight Range Visibility A lights range or visibility is given in nautical miles except on the Great Lakes andadjacent waterways where light ranges are given in statute miles For lights having more than one color NOAAcharts give only the shortest range of all the colors On NGA charts multiple ranges may be shown using thefollowing convention For lights with two colors the first number indicates the range of the first color and the secondnumber indicates the range of the second color For example Fl WG 128M indicates that the range of the white lightis 12 nautical miles and the range of green light is 8 nautical miles For lights with three colors only the longest andshortest ranges are given For example Fl WRG 128M indicates that the range of the white light is 12 nautical milesthe range of green light is 8 nautical miles and the range of the red light is somewhere between 8 and 12 of Aids to Navigation The fixed and floating aids to navigation depicted on charts have varyingdegrees of reliability Floating aids are moored to sinkers by varying lengths of chain and may shift due to seaconditions and other causes Buoys may also be carried away capsized or sunk Lighted buoys may beextinguished and sound signals may not function because of ice or other causes Therefore prudent mariners willnot rely solely on any single aid to navigation particularly on floating aids but will also use bearings from fixedobjects and aids to navigation on shore 5Colors Color conveys the nature and importance of features found on nautical charts Chart elements significant tomarine navigation such as lights compass roses and regulated areas are emphasized with magenta Lateralmarks on NOAA charts are shown with a red or green fill Shades of blue depict potential hazards to shallow water and submerged obstructions Areas of deeper water believed to be clear of obstructions areshown as white Land and other features that are always dry are depicted with buff on NOAA charts and gray onNGA charts Foreshore and other intertidal features are portrayed with a green tint Other colors may be used toprovide additional information such as protected areas which are outlined in blue or green and mineral leaseblocks which are outlined in redTraffic Separation Schemes Traffic separation schemes show recommended vessel traffic lanes to increasesafety of navigation particularly in areas of highdensity shipping These schemes are described in the Organization IMO publication Ships Routeing Traffic separation schemes are generally shown onnautical charts at scales of 1600000 and larger When possible traffic separation schemes are plotted to scale andshown as depicted in Section MConversion Scales Depth conversion scales are provided on all charts to enable the user to work in metersfathoms or feetCorrection Date The date of each new chart edition is shown below the lower left border of the chart The date ofthe latest NGAissued US Notice to Mariners applied to the chart is shown after the edition date NOAA chartsinclude the date of the latest US Coast Guard Local Notice to Mariners applied to the Resources Information about the use of nautical charts aids to navigation sounding datum and thegeneral practice of navigation can be found in The American Practical Navigator available via the at Tide and tidal current data in US waters is available from the NOAA Center for Operational and Services at Detailed information about specific lights buoys and beacons located in United States waters and about the US Aids to Navigation System and the Uniform State Waterway Marking Systems ispublished in the US Coast Guard Light List available at about lighted and radio aids to navigation located in waters outside of the United States is published inthe NGA List of Lights available via the Publications hyperlink at Other important information that cannot be shown conveniently on nautical charts can be found in the NOAA USCoast Pilot publications available at or in the NGASailing Directions publications available via the Publications hyperlink at Nautical Chart Catalogs and Indexes These catalogs list nautical charts auxiliary maps and They include general information relative to the use and ordering of nautical products NOAA catalogsare available at NGA product catalog entries are availableas a searchable database via the Product Catalog hyperlink at 6Corrections and Comments Notices of corrections to this publication are published in the US Notice toMariners available via the Notice to Mariners hyperlink at Users should refer corrections additions and comments to the Worldwide Navigational Warning Service 24hourWatch Desk toll free 18003626289 commercial 5715475455 DSN 5475455 email or by mail to Maritime Safety Office Mail Stop N64SH National Agency 7500 GEOINT Drive Springfield VA 221507500 7Schematic Layout of Chart No1 Section Section designation Subsection Reference to Supplementary national symbols at the end of each section Crossreference to terms in other sections Column 1 Numbering system following the Chart Specification of the IHO A letter in this column indicates a supplementary national symbol or abbreviation for which there is no international equivalent Column 2 Representation of symbols that follow the Chart Specifications of the IHO Column 3 Description of symbols term or abbreviation Column 4 Representation used on charts produced by the National Ocean Service NOS if different from column 2 In certain instances the representation is clarified by a label on the chart Column 5 Representation used on charts produced by National Agency NGA Note When NOS and NGA symbols are identical their columns are combined Column 6 Representation of symbols that may appear on NGA reproductions of foreign charts 8A Chart Number Title and Marginal NotesMagnetic Features B Tidal Data H Satellite Navigation Systems S Chart number in national chart series Chart number in International INT chart series Chart datum 9A Chart Number Title and Marginal Notes Publication note imprint Copyright note Edition note Notice to Mariners corrections Dimensions of inner borders Corner coordinates Chart title Explanatory notes on chart construction etc To be read before using chart Seals Scale of chart Some charts have scale at a stated latitude Linear scale on largescale charts Linear border scale on largescale charts On smaller scales use latitude borders for sea miles Cautionary notes if any Information on particular features to be read before using chart Source Diagram if any The source Diagram should be studied before using the chart in order to assess the reliability of the sources Navigators should be cautious where surveys are inadequate Reference to a largerscale chart Reference to an adjoining chart of similar scale Instruction to refer to complementary nautical publications Conversion Scales Reference to the units used for depth measurement Compass Rose Bar code and stock number Glossary Translation of words on chart that are not in English Identification of a latticed chart if any Tidal and Tidal Stream information within the chart coverage 10A Chart Number Title and Marginal NotesMagnetic Features B Tidal Data H Satellite Navigation Systems S Chart number in national chart series Chart number in International INT chart series Chart datum 11A Chart Number Title and Marginal Notes Publication note imprint Copyright note Edition note Notice to Mariners corrections Dimensions of inner borders Corner coordinates Chart title Explanatory notes on chart construction etc To be read before using chart Seals Scale of chart Some charts have scale at a stated latitude Linear scale on largescale charts Linear border scale on largescale charts On smaller scales use latitude borders for sea miles Cautionary notes if any Information on particular features to be read before using chart Source Diagram if any The source Diagram should be studied before using the chart in order to assess the reliability of the sources Navigators should be cautious where surveys are inadequate Reference to a largerscale chart Reference to an adjoining chart of similar scale Instruction to refer to complementary nautical publications Conversion Scales Reference to the units used for depth measurement Compass Rose Bar code and stock number Glossary Translation of words on chart that are not in English Identification of a latticed chart if any Tidal and Tidal Stream information within the chart coverage 12B Positions Distances Directions and Positions 1 Lat Latitude 2 Long Longitude International Meridian 3 Greenwich 4 Degrees 5 Minutes of arc 6 Seconds of arc 7 PA Position approximate PA PA 8 PD Position doubtful PD PD 9 N North10 E East11 S South12 W West13 NE Northeast14 SE Southeast15 NW Northwest16 SW Points20 Triangulation point21 Observation spot22 Fixed point23 Benchmark24 Boundary mark Distance along waterway no251 visible marker Distance along waterway with252 visible Positions Examples Symbols in plan position is30 center of primary symbol 13B Positions Distances Directions and Compass Symbols in profile position is at31 bottom of symbol Point symbols accurate32 positions33 Approximate positionUnits Supplementary national symbols a m40 km Kilometers41 m Meters42 dm Decimeters43 cm Centimeters44 mm Millimeters45 M International nautical miles or Mi NMi NM sea miles 1852m46 Cable 01M cbl47 ft FootFeet48 Fathoms fm49 h Hour hr50 m min Minutes of time51 s sec Seconds of time52 kn Knots53 t Tonnes Tons Tonnage weight54 cd Compass Supplementary national symbols n60 Variation var VAR61 Magnetic mag62 Bearing brg63 True T64 Decreasing65 Increasing66 Annual change67 Deviation dev 14B Positions Distances Directions and Compass Note of magnetic variation in681 position Note of magnetic variation out of682 position Compass rose normal pattern smaller patterns of compass rose may be used Magnetic variation example on magnetic north arrow VAR 4o15W 2011 means Magnetic Variation was 4o15W in 2011 ANNUAL CHANGE 8W means annual change is 8E or decreasing 8 annually70 15B Positions Distances Directions and Compass71 Isogonic lines Isogonals Local magnetic anomaly Within the enclosed area the821 magnetic variation may deviate from the normal by the value shown Local magnetic anomaly Where the area affected822 cannot be easily defined a legend only is shown at the National Symbols a Square meter b Cubic meter c Inches in d Yards yd e Statute mile St M St Mi f Microseconds g Hertz Hz h Kilohertz kHz i Megahertz MHz j Cyclessecond cps cs k Kilocycle kc l Megacycle Mc m Tons US short ton 2000lbs T n Degrees deg 16C Natural Supplementary national symbols a d p tForeshore I J1 Coastline surveyed2 Coastline unsurveyed Cliffs Steep coast Steep coast3 with rock cliffs4 Hillocks5 Flat coast6 Sandy shore7 Stony shore Shingly shore8 Sandhills Dunes 17C Natural FeaturesRelief Supplementary national symbols e gPlane of reference for heights H Contour lines with values and10 spot height11 Spot heights Approximate contour lines with12 values and approximate height13 Form lines with spot height Approximate height of top of14 trees above height datumWater Features Lava Supplementary national symbols h20 River Stream21 Intermittent river22 Rapids Waterfalls23 Lakes24 Salt pans 18C Natural Features25 Glacier26 Lava flowVegetation Supplementary national symbols i o30 Woods in general31 Prominent trees isolated or in groups311 Deciduous tree312 Evergreen except conifer313 Conifer314 Palm315 Nipa Palm316 Casuarina317 Filao318 Eucalypt32 Mangrove33 Marsh Swamp Reed beds 19C Natural National Symbols Chart sounding datum linea surveyed Approximate sounding datum lineb inadequately surveyed Foreshore Strand in generalc Stones Shingle Gravel Mud Sandd Breakers along a shoree Rubblef Hachuresg Shadingh Lagooni Deciduous woodland 20C Natural Featuresj Coniferous woodlandk Tree plantationl Cultivated fieldsm Grassfieldsn Paddy rice fieldso Bushesp Apparent Shoreline Vegetation or topographicq Feature Area Limit in generalr Cypresss Grasst Eelgrass 21D Cultural of objects E Landmarks E1 Urban area Settlement with scattered2 buildings Settlement on medium and3 smallscale charts4 Village5 Buildings Important building in builtup6 area7 Street name Road name8 Ruin Ruined landmarkRoads Railways Airfield Supplementary National Symbols a c10 Motorway11 Road hard surfaced Track Path loose or12 unsurfaced 22D Cultural Features13 Railway with station14 Cutting15 Embankment16 Tunnel17 Airport AirfieldOther Cultural Features Supplementary National Symbols d i Vertical clearance above High20 Water21 Horizontal clearance Fixed bridge with vertical22 clearance Opening bridge in general with231 vertical clearance Swing bridge with vertical232 clearance Lifting bridge with vertical233 clearance closed and open 23D Cultural Features Bascule bridge with vertical234 clearance235 Pontoon bridge Draw bridge with vertical236 clearance Transporter bridge with vertical24 clearance below fixed structure Overhead transporter Aerial25 cableway with vertical clearance Overhead power cable with pylons and safe vertical clearance26 Note The safe vertical clearance above the height datum as defined by the responsible authority is given in magenta where known otherwise the physical vertical clearance is shown in black as in D 20 for the lowest wires also see diagram at H 20 Overhead cable Telephone line27 Telegraph line with vertical clearance Overhead pipe with vertical28 clearance29 Pipeline on land 24D Cultural National Symbolsa Highway markers Railway Ryb single or double track Railroad RRc Abandoned railroadd Bridge under constructione Footbridgef Viaductg Fenceh Power transmission linei Approximate vertical clearance 25E LandmarksPlane of reference for Height H Lighthouses P Beacons QGeneral 1 Examples of landmarks Examples of conspicuous landmarks On NOAA charts a large circle with dot and capitals 2 indicate that position is accurate small circle and lowercase indicates position is approximate Pictorial sketches in true31 position Pictorial sketches out of32 position Height of top of a structure 4 above height datum Height of structure above ground 5 Church102 Church tower103 Church spire104 Church cupola11 Chapel12 Cross Calvary13 Temple14 Pagoda15 Shinto shrine Joss house16 Buddhist temple or shrine 26E Landmarks17 Mosque Minaret18 Marabout19 Cemetery20 Tower Water tower Water tank on a21 tower22 Chimney23 Flare stack on land Monument including column24 pillar obelisk statue251 Windmill252 Windmill without sails261 Wind turbine Windmotor262 Wind farm27 Flagstaff Flagpole28 Radio mast Television mast29 Radio tower Television tower301 Radar mast302 Radar tower303 Radar scanner 27E Landmarks304 Radar dome31 Dish aerial32 Tanks33 Silo Fortified structure on largescale341 charts Castle Fort Blockhouse on342 smallerscale charts Battery Small fort on smaller343 scale charts351 Quarry on largescale charts352 Quarry on smallerscale charts36 Mine371 Recreational vehicle site Camping site including372 recreational National Symbols a Muslim shrine b Tomb c Watermill d Factory e Well f School g Hospital 28E Landmarksh Universityi Gable Telegraph Telk Telegraph office Tel Offl Magazine Magzm Government house Govt Hon Institute Insto Courthouse Ct Hop Pavilion Pavq Telephone Tr Limited Ltds Apartment Aptt Capitol Capu Company Cov Corporation Corp 29F Structures Supplementary national symbols a c1 Dyke Levee Berm Seawall on largescale21 charts Seawall on smallerscale22 charts3 Causeway41 Breakwater in general Breakwater loose boulders42 tetrapods etc Breakwater slope of concrete43 or masonry Training wall partly5 submerged at high water 30F Ports61 Groin always dry62 Groin intertidal63 Groin always under waterHarbor I Anchorages Limits N Beacons and other fixed marks Q Marina U10 Fishing harbor111 Boat harbor Marina112 Yacht berths without facilities113 Yacht club Sailing club12 Mole with berthing facility13 Quay Wharf14 Pier Jetty15 Promenade pier16 Pontoon17 Landing for boats18 Steps Landing stairs 31F Ports191 Designation of berth192 Visitors berth20 Dolphin21 Deviation dolphin22 Minor post or pile23 Slipway Patent slip Ramp24 Gridiron Scrubbing grid25 Dry dock Graving dock26 Floating dock27 Nontidal basin Wet dock28 Tidal basin Tidal harbor Floating barrier eg oil291 barrier security barrier 32F Ports Oil retention barrier high292 pressure pipe30 Works on land with year date Works at sea Area under31 reclamation with year date Under construction 2009 Works under construction32 with year date Works in progress 2009331 Ruin Ruined pier partly submerged332 at high water34 HulkCanals Barrages Supplementary national symbol dClearances D Signal Stations T Distance Marks B40 Canal411 Lock on largescale charts412 Lock on smallerscale charts42 Caisson Gate43 Flood barrage44 Dam Weir direction of flow 33F Facilities Supplementary national symbols gRoads D Railways D Tanks E Rollon Rolloff RoRo Ferry50 Terminal Transit shed Warehouse51 with designation52 Timber yard Crane with lifting capacity531 Traveling crane on railway Container crane with lifting532 capacity533 Sheerlegs Buildings Supplementary national symbol e f60 Harbormasters office61 Custom office Health office Quarantine621 building622 Hospital63 Post office 34F National Symbolsa Jetty partly below MHWb Submerged jettyc Jetty on smallerscale chartsd Mooring Canale Quarantine officef Pumpout facilitiesg Conveyor 35G Topographic TermsCoast1 Island 8 Head Headland2 Islet 9 Point3 Cay 10 Spit4 Peninsula 11 Rock5 Archipelago 12 Salt marsh Saltings6 Atoll 13 Lagoon7 CapeNatural Inland Features20 Promontory 30 Plateau21 Range 31 Valley22 Ridge 32 Ravine Cut23 Mountain Mount 33 Gorge24 Summit 34 Vegetation25 Peak 35 Grassland26 Volcano 36 Paddy field27 Hill 37 Bushes28 Boulder 38 Deciduous woodland29 Tableland Tableland 39 Coniferous City Town 53 Farm51 Village 54 Saint52 Fishing Structure 74 Institute61 House 75 Cathedral62 Hut 76 Monastery Convent63 Multistory building 77 Lookout station Watch tower64 Castle 78 Navigation school65 Pyramid 79 Naval college66 Column 80 Factory67 Mast 81 Brick kiln Brick works68 Lattice tower 82 Cement works69 Mooring mast 83 Water mill70 Floodlight 84 Greenhouse71 Town hall 85 Warehouse Storehouse72 Office 86 Cold store Refrigerating storage73 Observatory 87 Refinery 36G Topographic Terms88 Power station 94 Well89 Electric works 95 Telegraph office90 Gas works 96 Hotel91 Water works 97 Sailors home92 Sewage works 98 Spa hotel93 Machine house Pump houseRoad Rail and Air Traffic110 Street Road 115 Footbridge111 Avenue 116 Runway112 Tramway 117 Landing lights113 Viaduct 118 Helicopter landing site114 Suspension bridgePorts Harbors130 Tidal barrier 144 Customs harbor131 Boat lift Slip lift Hoist 145 Naval port132 Minor canal 146 Industrial harbor133 Sluice 147 Commercial port Trade port134 Basin 148 Building harbor135 Reservoir 149 Oil harbor136 Reclamation area 150 Ore harbor137 Port 151 Grain harbor138 Harbor 152 Container harbor139 Haven 153 Timber harbor140 Inner harbor 154 Coal harbor141 Outer harbor 155 Ferry harbor142 Deep water harbor 156 Police143 Free portHarbor Terminal 180 Row of piles171 Building slip 181 Bollard172 Building yard 182 Conveyor173 Buoy yard Buoy dump 183 Storage tanker174 Bunker station 184 Lighter Aboard Ship LASH175 Reception facilities for oily wastes 185 Liquified Natural Gas LNG176 Tanker cleaning facilities 186 Liquified Petroleum Gas LPG177 Cooling water intakeoutfall 187 Very Large Crude Carrier VLCC178 Floating barrier boom 188 Ultra Large Crude Carrier ULCC179 Piling 189 Shipyard 37H Tides and CurrentsTerms Relating to Tidal Levels Supplementary national symbols a i1 CD Chart Datum Datum for sounding reduction2 LAT Lowest Astronomical Tide3 HAT Highest Astronomical Tide4 MLW Mean Low Water5 MHW Mean High Water6 MSL Mean Sea Level7 Height datum Land survey datum8 MLWS Mean Low Water Springs9 MHWS Mean High Water Springs10 MLWN Mean Low Water Neaps11 MHWN Mean High Water Neaps12 MLLW Mean Lower Low Water13 MHHW Mean Higher High Water14 MHLW Mean Higher Low Water15 MLHW Mean Lower High Water16 Sp Spring tide17 Np Neap tideTidal Levels and Charted Data Tide Gauge T20 38H Tides and CurrentsTide Tables Tabular statement of semidiurnal or diurnal tides Note The order30 of the columns of levels will be the same as that used in national tables of tidal predictions31 Tidal stream tableTidal Streams and Currents Supplementary national symbols m uBreakers K Tide Gauge T40 Flood tide stream with rate41 Ebb tide stream42 Current in restricted waters Ocean current with rates and43 seasons44 Overfalls tide rips races45 Eddies Position of tabulated tidal46 stream data with designation Offshore position for which47 tidal levels are tabulated 39H Tides and National Symbolsa High Water HWb Higher High Water HHWc Low Water LWd LowWater Datum LWDe Lower Low Water LLWf Mean Tide Level MTLg Indian Spring Low Water ISLW HighWater full and changeh Vulgar establishment of the HWFC porti LowWater full and change LWFCj Columbia River Datum CRDk Gulf Coast Low Water Datum GCLWDl Stream Strm Current general with raten Velocity Rate velo Knots knp Height htq Flood flr New moons Full moont Current diagramu Gulf Stream Limits 40I Depths General 1 ED Existence doubtful 2 SD Sounding of doubtful depth 31 Rep Reported but not confirmed 32 Rep2011 Reported with year of report but not confirmed Reported but not confirmed 4 sounding or danger on smallscale charts only Soundings Supplementary national symbols a c Plane of Reference for Depths H Plane of Reference for Heights H Sounding in true position NOAA uses upright 10 soundings on English unit charts and sloping soundings on Metric charts 11 Sounding out of position Least depth in narrow 12 channel No bottom found at depth 13 shown Soundings which are unreliable or taken from a smaller scale source NOAA 14 uses sloping soundings on English unit charts and upright soundings on Metric charts Drying heights and contours 15 above chart datum Natural watercourse in 16 intertidal area tidal gully tideway Depths in Fairways and Areas Supplementary national symbols a b Plane of Reference for Depths H 20 Limit of dredged area 41I Depths Dredged channel or area with 21 depth of dredging in meters and decimeters Dredged channel or area with 22 depth and year of the latest control survey Dredged channel or area with 23 maintained depth Area swept by wire drag The depth is shown at Chart 24 Datum The latest date of sweeping is shown in parentheses Unsurveyed or inadequately 25 surveyed area area with inadequate depth information 42I Depths Depth Contours 30 31 Approximate depth contours Supplementary National Symbols a Swept channel Swept area not adequately sounded b shown by purple or green tint c Stream 43J Nature of the SeabedTypes of Seabed Supplementary national abbreviations a agRocks K 1 S Sand 2 M Mud 3 Cy Clay 4 Si Silt 5 St Stones 6 G Gravel 7 P Pebbles 8 Cb Cobbles91 R Rock Rocky Rk rky92 Bo Boulders Blds10 Co Coral Coralline algea11 Sh Shells skeletal remains Two layers eg sand over121 SM mud The main constituent is given122 fSMSh first for mixtures eg fine f S M Sh sand with mud and shells131 Wd Weed including kelp132 Kelp Weed14 Sandwaves15 Spring in seabedTypes of Seabed Intertidal Areas20 Areas with stones and gravel Rocky area which covers and21 uncovers Coral reef which covers and22 uncovers 44J Nature of the Terms Supplementary national symbols ah bf30 f Fine Note J 3032 to be31 m Medium used only in relation to sand32 c Coarse33 bk Broken34 sy Sticky35 so Soft36 sf Stiff37 v Volcanic vol38 ca Calcareous Ca39 h National Abbreviationsa Ground Grdb Ooze Ozc Marl Mld Shingle Snf Chalk Ckg Quartz Qzh Schist Sch i Coral head Co Hd j Madrepores Mdsk Volcanic ash Vol Ash l Lava Lam Pumice Pmn Tufa To Scoriae Scp Cinders Cnq Manganese Mnr Oysters Oyss Mussels Mst Sponge Spgu Kelp Kv Grass Grsw Seatangle Stgx Spicules Spiy Foraminifera Frz Globigerina Glaa Diatoms Diab Radiolaria Rdac Pteropods Pt 45J Nature of the Seabedad Polyzoa Poae Cirripedia Ciraf Fucus Fuag Mattes Maah Small smlai Large lrgaj Rotten rtak Streaky stral Speckled spkam Gritty gtyan Decayed decao Flinty flyap Glacial glacaq Tenacious tenar White whas Black bl bkat Violet viau Blue buav Green gnaw Yellow ylax Orange oray Red rdaz Brown brba Chocolate chbb Gray gybc Light ltbd Dark dkbe Varied vardbf Uneven unev 46K Rocks Wrecks and Danger line A danger line draws attention to a danger which would not stand out clearly enough if 1 represented solely by its symbol eg isolated rock or delimits an area containing numerous dangers through which it is unsafe to navigate 2 Swept by wire drag or diver Depth unknown but 3 estimated to have a safe clearance to the depth of Reference for Heights H Plane of Reference for Depths H Rock islet which does not10 cover height above height datum Rock which covers and11 uncovers height above chart datum Rock awash at the level of12 chart datum Underwater rock of unknown13 depth dangerous to surface navigation Underwater rock of known141 depth inside the corresponding depth area Underwater rock of known depth outside the142 corresponding depth area dangerous to surface navigation Underwater rock of known15 depth not dangerous to surface navigation 47K Rocks Wrecks and Obstructions Coral reef which is always16 covered17 BreakersWrecks and Fouls Supplementary national symbols cPlane of Reference for Depths H Wreck never covers on large20 scale charts Wreck covers and uncovers21 on largescale charts Submerged wreck depth22 known on largescale charts Submerged wreck depth23 unknown on largescale charts Wreck showing any portion of24 hull or superstructure at level of Chart Datum Wreck of which the masts25 only are visible at Chart Datum Wreck least depth known by26 sounding only Wreck least depth known27 swept by wire drag or diver Dangerous wreck depth28 unknown Sunken wreck not dangerous29 to surface navigation Wreck least depth unknown30 but considered to have a safe clearance to the depth shown Foul ground nondangerous to navigation but to be avoided31 by vessels anchoring trawling etc eg remains of wreck cleared platform 48K Rocks Wrecks and and of Reference for Depths H Kelp Seaweed J Underwater Installations L40 Obstruction depth unknown Obstruction least depth41 known by sounding only Obstruction least depth42 known swept by wire drag or diver Stumps of posts or piles431 wholly submerged Submerged pile stake snag432 or stump with exact position441 Fishing stakes Fish trap Fish weir Tunny442 nets Fish trap area Tunny nets45 area461 Fish haven Fish haven with minimum462 depth47 Shellfish beds Marine farm on largescale481 charts Marine farm on smallscale482 charts 49K Rocks Wrecks and National Symbolsa Rock awash height unknown Shoal sounding on isolatedb rock or rocks Sunken wreck covered 20 toc 30 metersd Submarine volcanoe Discolored water Sunken danger with depthf cleared swept by wire dragg Reef of unknown extent Reef Coral reef detachedh uncovers at sounding datumi Submerged cribj Crib duck blind above waterk Submerged duck blindl Submerged platform Coral reef which covers andm uncoversn Sinkers Foul area foul with rocks oro wreckage dangerous to navigationp Unexploded ordnanceq Float Stumps of posts or piles whichr cover and uncover 50L Offshore and Limits N 1 Name of oilfield or gasfield Platform with designation 2 name Limit of safety zone around 3 offshore installation 4 Limit of development area Wind turbine floating wind51 turbine vertical clearance under blade Wind farm52 Wind farm floating6 Wave farmPlatforms and Buoys Q Production platform Platform10 Oil derrick11 Flare stack at sea Single Point Mooring SPM12 including Single Anchor Leg Mooring SALM Articulated Loading Column ALC platform13 with name Disused platform with14 superstructure removed15 Artificial island 51L Offshore Installations Single Buoy Mooring SBM16 Oil or gas installation buoy Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring CALM17 Moored storage tanker18 Mooring ground Installations Supplementary national symbol aPlane of Reference for Depths H Obstructions K20 Submerged production well Suspended well depth over211 wellhead unknown Suspended well with depth212 over wellhead213 Wellhead with height above the sea floor22 Site of cleared platform Abovewater wellhead lit or23 unlit24 Underwater turbine Subsurface Data Acquisition System ODASSubmarine Cables301 Submarine cable302 Submarine cable area311 Submarine power cable312 Submarine power cable area32 Disused submarine cable 52L Offshore Pipelines Supply pipeline unspecified401 oil gas chemicals water Supply pipeline area402 unspecified oil gas chemicals water Outfall and intake unspecified411 water sewer outfall intake Outfall and intake area412 unspecified water sewer outfall intake Buried pipeline pipe with421 nominal depth to which buried422 Pipeline Tunnel Potable Water intake diffuser43 or crib44 Disused National Symbols a Submerged well buoyed 53M Tracks and RoutesTracks Supplementary national symbols a cTracks Marked by Lights P Leading Beacons Q Leading line solid line is the1 track to be followed means in line Transit other than leading line2 clearing line Recommended track based on a3 system of fixed marks Recommended track not based4 on a system of fixed marks Oneway track and DW track51 based on a system of fixed marks Oneway track and DW track not52 based on a system of fixed marks Recommended track with6 maximum authorized draft statedRouting Measures Supplementary national symbols d eBasic Symbols10 Established mandatory direction of traffic flow11 Recommended direction of traffic flow Separation line largescale12 smallscale13 Separation zone Limit of restricted routing14 measure eg Inshore Traffic Zone ITZ Area to be Avoided ATBA15 Limit of routing measure16 Precautionary area Archipelagic Sea Lane ASL17 axis line and limit beyond which vessels shall not navigate Fairway designated by18 regulatory authority 54M Tracks and RoutesExamples of Routing Measures 55M Tracks and RoutesExamples of Routing Measures Traffic Separation Scheme TSS traffic separated by separation zone Traffic Separation Scheme traffic separated by natural obstructions Traffic Separation Scheme with outer separation zone separating traffic using scheme from traffic not using it Traffic Separation Scheme roundabout with separation zone Traffic Separation Scheme with crossing gates Traffic Separation Scheme crossing without designated precautionary area Precautionary area Inshore Traffic Zone ITZ with defined end limits Inshore Traffic Zone without defined end limits Recommended direction of traffic flow between traffic separation schemes Recommended direction of traffic flow for ships not needing a deep water route Deep Water route DW as part of oneway traffic lane Twoway Deep Water routewith minimum depth stated Deep Water route center line as recommended oneway or twoway track Recommended route oneway and twoway often marked by centerline buoys Twoway route with oneway sections Area to be Avoided ATBA around navigational aid Area to be Avoided eg because of danger of strandingRadar Surveillance Systems30 Radar surveillance station31 Radar range321 Radar reference line Radar reference line coinciding322 with a leading line 56M Tracks and RoutesRadio Reporting Radio reporting callingin or way points showing directions401 of vessel movement with designation if any and VHF channel402 Radio reporting lineFerries50 Ferry51 Cable National Symbols Recommended track for deep a draft vessels track not defined by fixed marks Depth is shown where it has b been obtained by the cognizant authority c Alternate course Established traffic separation d scheme roundabout If no separation zone exists the e center of the roundabout is shown by circle 57N Areas and and Swept Areas I Submarine Cables Submarine Pipelines L Tracks Routes M Maritime limit in general usually implying permanent11 physical obstructions tint band for emphasis Maritime limit in general usually implying no permanent12 physical obstructions tint band for emphasis21 Limit of restricted area Limit of area into which entry is22 and Anchorage Areas10 Anchorage111 Anchor berths Anchor berths with swinging112 circle Note Anchors as part of the limit symbol are not shown for small areas Other types of anchorage areas may be shown121 Anchorage area in general122 Numbered anchorage area123 Named anchorage area Deep water anchorage area124 Anchorage area for deep draft vessels 58N Areas and Limits125 Tanker anchorage area Anchorage area for periods up126 to 24 hours127 Explosives anchorage area128 Quarantine anchorage area129 Reserved anchorage area13 Seaplane operating area14 Anchorage for Areas Supplementary national symbols d e g20 Anchoring prohibited21 Fishing prohibited 59N Areas and Limits Limit of nature reserve Bird sanctuary Seal sanctuary22 Nonspecific nature reserve National parks Marine Reserves MR Particularly Sensitive Sea Area PSSA Explosives dumping ground231 individual mine or explosive Explosives dumping ground232 disused Foul explosives Dumping ground for chemical24 waste25 Degaussing range DG range 60N Areas and Limits Historic wreck and restricted26 area27 Maximum speedMilitary Practice Areas30 Firing practice area Military restricted area entry31 prohibited Minelaying and counter32 measures practice area Submarine transit lane and33 exercise area34 Boundaries and National Limits Supplementary national symbols a f h40 International boundary on land International maritime41 boundary Straight territorial sea baseline42 with base point43 Seaward limit of territorial sea44 Seaward limit of contiguous zone45 Limits of fishery zones46 Limit of continental shelf Limit of Exclusive Economic47 Zone EEZ48 Customs limit 61N Areas and Limits49 Harbor limitVarious Limits Supplementary national symbols a b Limit of fast ice Ice front with601 date Limit of sea ice pack ice602 seasonal with date Floating barrier including log61 ponds security barriers ice booms shark nets621 Spoil ground622 Spoil ground disused63 Extraction dredging area64 Cargo transhipment area65 Incineration National symbols a COLREGS demarcation line b Limit of fishing area fish trap areas c Dumping ground d Dumping area Dump site e Limit of airport Reservation line f Options g Dump site h Three Nautical Mile Line i No Discharge Zone 62O Hydrographic Terms1 Ocean 43 Shelfedge2 Sea 44 Slope3 G Gulf 45 Continental slope4 B Bay Bayou 46 Continental rise5 Fd Fjord 47 Continental borderland6 L Loch Lough Lake 48 Basin7 Cr Creek 49 Abyssal plain8 Lag Lagoon 50 Hole9 C Cove 51 Trench10 In Inlet 52 Trough11 Str Strait 53 Valley12 Sd Sound 54 Median Valley13 Pass Passage Pass 55 Canyon14 Chan Channel 56 Seachannel15 Narrows 57 Moat Sea moat16 Entr Entrance 58 Fan17 Est Estuary 59 Apron18 Delta 60 Fracture zone19 Mth Mouth 61 Scarp Escarpment20 Rd Roads Roadstead 62 Sill21 Anch Anchorage 63 Gap22 Apprs Approach Approaches 64 Saddle23 Bk Bank 65 Levee24 66 Province25 Shl Shoal 67 Tideway Tidal gully26 Rf Co rf Reef Coral reef 68 Sidearm Turning basin Turning area27 Sunken rock 69 Turning Circle28 Le Ledge Other Terms29 Pinnacle 80 projected30 Ridge 81 lighted31 Rise 82 buoyed32 Mt Mountain Mount 83 marked33 SMt Seamount 84 anc ancient34 Seamount chain 85 dist distant35 Pk Peak 86 lesser36 Knoll 87 closed37 Abyssal hill 88 partly38 Tablemount 89 approx approximate39 Plateau 90 Subm subm submerged40 Terrace 91 shoaled41 Spur 92 exper experimental42 Continental Shelf 93 D Destr destroyed 63P LightsLight Structures and Major Floating LightsMinor Light Floats Q30 31 Major light minor light light 1 lighthouse 2 Lighted offshore platform 3 Lighted beacon tower 4 Lighted beacon Articulated light buoyant 5 beacon resilient beacon Major floating light light vessel 6 major light float LANBYNote Minor lights fixed and floating usually conform to IALA Maritime Buoyage System Navigational lights on 7 landmarks or other structures 8 Light off chart limitsLight Characters on Light Buoys Q Abbreviation Illustration Period shown Class of light International National101 F F Fixed Occulting total duration of light longer than total duration of darkness Oc Oc Oc2 Oc 2 Groupocculting Example Oc23 Oc 23 Composite groupocculting Example Isophase duration of light and darkness equal103 Iso Iso Isophase 64P Lights Flashing total duration of light shorter than total duration of darkness Fl Fl Fl3 Fl 3 Groupflashing Example Fl21 Fl 21 Composite groupflashing Example Longflashing flash 2s or105 LFl L Fl longer Abbreviation Illustration Period shown Class of light International National106 Quick repetition rate of 50 to 79 usually either 50 or 60 flashes per minute Q Q Continuous quick Q3 Q 3 Group quick Example IQ IQ Interrupted quick Very quick repetition rate of 80 to 159 usually either 100 or 120 flashes per minute VQ VQ Continuous very quick107 VQ3 VQ 3 Group very quick Example IVQ IVQ Interrupted very quick Ultra quick repetition rate of 160 or more usually 240 to 300 flashes per minute UQ UQ Continuous ultra quick108 IUQ IUQ Interrupted ultra quick MoK109 Example Mo K Morse Code1010 FFl F Fl Fixed and flashing AlWR1011 Example AlWR Alternating 65P LightsColors of Lights and Marks White only on sector and111 W alternating lights112 R Red113 G Green114 Bu Blue115 Vi Violet116 Y Yellow117 Y Or Orange118 Y Am AmberPeriod Period in seconds and tenths of12 25s 90s a of Reference for Heights H Tidal Levels H Elevation of light given in13 12m meters or feet 36ftRange 15M Light with single range 10M NOAA only lesser 1510M Light with two different ranges 1510M14 of two ranges is charted 7M Elevation of light given in NOAA only least of 157M meters or feet three ranges is chartedNote Charted ranges are nominal ranges given in Nautical hor Horizontally disposed15 vert Vertically disposed 66P LightsExample of a Full Light Marking Lights and Lights in Line Leading lights with leading line solid line is the track to be201 followed and arcs of visibility Bearing given in degrees and tenths of a degree Leading lights means lights in line202 Bearing given in degrees and tenths of a degree Leading lights on smallscale203 charts Lines in line marking the sides21 of a channel22 Rear Lt or Upper Lt Rear or upper light23 Front Lt or Lower Lt Front or lower lightDirection Lights Direction light with narrow sector and course to be301 followed flanked by darkness or unintensified light 67P Lights Direction light with course to be302 followed sectors uncharted Direction light with narrow fairway sector flanked by light303 sectors of different characters on standard charts Direction light with narrow fairway sector flanked by light304 sectors of different character on multicolored charts Moir effect light day and night arrows show when31 course alteration neededNote Quoted bearings are always from seawardSector Lights401 Sector light on standard charts Sector light on charts Sector lights on standard charts411 the white sector limits marking the sides of the fairway Sector lights on charts the white sector limits marking the sides of the fairway Main light visible allround with42 red subsidiary light seen over danger 68P Lights Allround light with obscured43 sector Light with arc of visibility44 deliberately restricted45 Light with faint sector46 Light with intensified sectorLights with limited Times of Exhibition Lights exhibited only when specially needed for fishing50 vessels ferries and some Occas private lights Daytime light charted only where the character shown by51 day differs from that shown at night Fog light exhibited only in fog52 or character changes in fog Unwatched unmanned light53 with no standby or emergency arrangements54 temp Temporary55 exting LightsFlare Stack at Sea L Flare Stack on land E Signal Stations T60 Aero light may be unreliable 69P Lights Air obstruction light of high611 intensity eg on radio mast Air obstruction light of low612 intensity eg on radio mast62 Fog Det Lt Fog detector light Floodlit floodlighting of a63 structure64 Strip light Private light other than one65 exhibited occasionally66 sync Synchronized National Symbols a Riprap surrounding light b ShortLong Flashing c GroupShort Flashing d Fixed and Group Flashing F Gp Fl Unmanned lightvessel light e float LANBY superbuoy as f navigational aid 70Q Buoys and BeaconsBuoys and BeaconsIALA Maritime Buoyage System which includes Beacons Q130 1 Position of buoy or beaconColors of Buoys and Beacons Supplementary national symbols l tAbbreviations for Colors P Green and black symbols filled 2 black Single color other than green 3 and black Multiple colors in horizontal 4 bands the color sequence is from top to bottom Multiple colors in vertical or 5 diagonal strips the darker color is given first material 6 Note material may be fitted to some unlit marks Charts do not usually show it Under IALA black bands will appear blue under a MarksMarks with Fog Signals R Lighted marks on standard 7 charts Lighted marks on multicolored 8 chartsTopmarks and Radar ReflectorsFor Application of Topmarks within the IALASystem Q130 For other topmarks special purpose buoys and beacons Q IALA System buoy topmarks 9 beacon topmarks shown upright Beacon with topmark color10 radar reflector and designation Buoy with topmark color radar reflector and designation11 Note Radar reflectors on floating marks usually are not of BuoysFeatures Common to Buoys and Beacons Q111 Conical buoy nun buoy ogival20 buoy21 Can buoy or cylindrical buoy22 Spherical buoy 71Q Buoys and Beacons23 Pillar buoy24 Spar buoy spindle buoy25 Barrel buoy tun buoy26 SuperbuoyMinor Light Floats Light float as part of IALA30 System Light float not part of IALA31 SystemMooring Buoys Supplementary national symbols m nOil or Gas Installation Buoy L40 Mooring buoys Lighted mooring buoy41 example Trot mooring buoys with ground42 tackle and berth numbers Mooring buoy with telegraphic43 or telephonic Numerous moorings example45 Visitors mooringSpecial Purpose BuoysNote Shapes of buoys are variable Lateral or Cardinal buoys may be used in some situations Firing danger area Danger50 Zone buoy51 Target52 Marker Ship53 Barge54 Degaussing Range buoy55 Cable buoy 72Q Buoys and Beacons56 Spoil ground buoy57 Buoy marking outfall ODAS buoy Data collecting58 buoy Oceanographic Data Acquisition System Buoy marking wave recorder or59 current meter60 Seaplane anchorage buoy Buoy marking traffic separation61 scheme62 Buoy marking recreation zoneSeasonal Buoys Buoy privately maintained70 example71 Seasonal buoy exampleBeacons Supplementary national symbols oLighted Beacons P Features Common to Beacons and Buoys Q111 Beacon in general80 unknown or chart scale too small to show Beacon with color no distinctive81 topmark Beacons with colors and82 topmarks examples Beacon on submerged rock with83 colors topmark as Impermanent Marks Usually in Drying Areas Lateral Marks of Minor ChannelsMinor Pile P90 Stake pole Port Hand Starboard Hand91 Perch stake Port Hand Starboard Hand92 Withy 73Q Buoys and BeaconsMinor Marks Usually on LandLandmarks E100 Cairn101 Colored or white mark Colored topmark color known1021 or unknown with function of a beacon Painted boards with function1022 of leading beaconsBeacon Towers Beacon towers without and110 with topmarks and colors examples111 Lattice beaconSpecial Purpose BeaconsLeading Lines Clearing Lines MNote Topmarks and colors shown where scale permits120 Leading beacons Beacons marking a clearing121 line Beacons marking measured122 distance with quoted bearings Cable landing beacon123 example124 Refuge beacon125 Firing danger area beacons126 Notice board 74Q Buoys and BeaconsIALA Maritime Buoyage Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities IALA IALA Buoyage Regions A and B130 Lateral marks are generally for welldefined channels There are two international Buoyage Regions A and B where Lateral marks differ1301 Note A preferred channel buoy may also be a pillar or a spar All preferred channel marks have horizontal bands of color Direction of Buoyage The direction of buoyage is that taken when approaching a harbor from seaward Along coasts the direction is determined by buoyage authorities normally clockwise around land masses Symbol showing direction of buoyage where not obvious1302 Symbol showing direction of buoyage on multicolored charts 75Q Buoys and Beacons Cardinal Marks indicating navigable water to the named side of the marks In the illustration all marks are the same in Regions A and B1303 Isolated Danger Marks stationed over dangers with navigable water around them1304 Safe Water Marks such as midchannel and landfall marks1305 Special Marks not primarily to assist navigation but to indicate special National Symbols a Bell buoy b Gong buoy c Whistle buoy Fairway buoy red and white d vertical stripe 76Q Buoys and Beacons Midchannel buoy red ande white vertical stripe Starboardhand buoy enteringf from seaward US waters Porthand buoy entering fromg seaward US waters Bifurcation Junction Isolatedh danger Wreck and Obstruction buoysi Fish trap area buoyj Anchorage buoy marks limits Triangular shaped beaconsl Square shaped beacons Beacon color unknown Mooring buoy with telegraphicm communications Mooring buoy with telephonicn Lighted beaconq Security barrierr Scientific mooring buoys FLOATt White and Blue buoy 77R Fog Detector Light P Fog Light P Position of fog signal type of1 fog signal not statedTypes of Fog Signals with Abbreviations Supplementary national symbol a10 Explos Explosive GUN11 Dia Diaphone DIA12 Siren Siren SIREN13 Horn Horn nautophone reed tyfon HORN14 Bell Bell BELL15 Whis Whistle WHIS16 Gong Gong GONGExamples of Fog Signal The fog signal symbol is usually omitted when a description of the signal is given Siren at a lighthouse giving a long blast followed by a short20 one N repeated every 60 seconds21 Waveactuated bell buoy Light buoy with horn giving a single blast every 15 seconds22 in conjunction with a wave actuated National Symbola Morse Code fog signal Mo 78S Radar Radio and Satellite Navigation Structures Forming Landmarks E Radar Surveillance Systems M Coast radar station providing 1 range and bearing service on request Ramark radar beacon 2 transmitting continuously Radar transponder beacon with31 morse identification responding within the 3 cm X band Radar transponder beacon with32 morse identification responding within the 10 cm S band Radar transponder beacon with33 morse identification Radar transponder beacon with sector of obscured reception34 Radar transponder beacon with sector of reception Leading radar transponder beacons objects in line35 Leading radar transponder beacons coincident with leading lights Radar transponder beacons on36 floating marks 4 Radar reflector 5 Radar conspicuous Structures Forming Landmarks E Radio Reporting Callingin or Way points M Circular marine or aeromarine radiobeacon 79S Radar Radio and Satellite Navigation Systems Directional radiobeacon with bearing line11 Directional radiobeacon coincident with leading lights12 Rotating pattern radiobeacon13 Consol beacon14 Radio station Coast radio station providing15 QTG service16 Aeronautical radiobeacon Automatic Identification System171 AIS transmitter Automatic Identification System172 AIS transmitter on floating marks Navigation Systems World Geodetic System 197250 WGS WGS72 WGS84 or 1984 Note A note may be shown to indicate the shifts of latitude and longitude to one two or three decimal of places of a minute depending on the chart scale which should be made to positions which are referred to WGS 84 to relate them to the chart to relate them to the chart Station providing DGPS51 corrections 80T Boarding place position of a11 pilot cruising vessel Boarding place position of a12 pilot cruising vessel with name eg District Port Boarding place position of a13 pilot cruising vessel with note eg Tanker Pilots transferred by helicopter Pilot office with pilot lookout 2 pilot lookout 3 Pilot office Port with pilotage service 4 boarding place not shownCoast Guard Rescue10 Coast Guard station Coast Guard station with11 Rescue station Rescue station Lifeboat station12 Rocket station13 Lifeboat lying at a mooring Refuge for shipwrecked14 marinersSignal Stations20 Signal station in general Signal station showing21 international port traffic signals Traffic signal station Port entry22 and departure signals23 Port control signal station24 Lock signal station251 Bridge passage signal station 81T Services Bridge lights including traffic252 signals26 Distress signal station27 Telegraph station28 Storm signal station Weather signal station Wind29 signal station National Weather Service NWS signal station30 Ice signal station31 Time signal station321 Tide scale or gauge Automatically recording tide322 gauge33 Tide signal station34 Tidal stream signal station35 Danger signal station36 Firing practice signal National Symbols a Bell on land b Marine police station c Fireboat station d Notice board e Lookout station Watch tower f Semaphore g Park Ranger station 82U Small Craft Leisure Craft Leisure Features Bridges D Public Buildings Cranes F Pilots Coastguard Rescue Signal Stations T11 Boat harbor Marina Marina facilities32 83V Index of Abbreviations A Br Breakers K 17abt About Di br Brown J azAERO Aero Aeronautical light P 60 brg Bearing B 62Aero RBn Aeronautical radiobeacon S 16 brk Broken J 33Aero RC Aeronautical radiobeacon S 16 Bu Blue P 114 Automatic S 171AIS System 172 CAl Alternating P 1011 c Coarse J 32ALC Articulated Loading Column L 12 C Can cylindrical Q 21Am Amber P 118 C Cove O9anc Ancient O 84 C Cape G7 N 20 ca Ca Calcareous J 38ANCH Anch Anchorage O 21 CALM Centenary Anchor Leg Mooring L 16Ant ANT Antenna E 31 Cap Capitol Etapprox Approximate O 89 Cas Castle E 342Apprs Approaches O 22 Cb Cobbles J8Apr April cbl Cable B 46Apt Apartment Es cd Candela B 54Arch Archipelago G5 CD Chart Datum H1ASL Archipelagic Sea Lane M 17 Cem Cemetery E 19ATBA Area to be Avoided M 291 CG Coast Guard station T 10Aug August L 401 Chem Chemical 402auth Authorized K 462Ave Avenue G 111 Chan Channel O 14 Ch Church E 101 B Ch Chocolate J baB Bay bayou O4 Chy CHY Chimney E 22B Black Q2 Cir Cirripedia J aeBdy Mon Boundary mark B 24 Ck Chalk JfBk Bank O 23 Cl Clay J3bk Broken J 33 D 20 21 CL Clearance 26 28bk Black J asBkw Breakwater F 41 cm Centimeters B 43Bl Blue P 114 Cn Cinders Jpbl Black J as Co Coralline algae J 10BM Bench mark B 23 Co Company Eu M 12 Co Hd Coral head JiBn Bns Beacons P 45 Q 8081 constr Construction F 32Bn Tr Beacon Tower P3 International Regulations for COLREGS Na Preventing Collisions at SeaBo Boulders J 92Bol Bollard G 181 Co rf Coral reef O 26 cov Covers L 212 84V Index of Abbreviations C contd Sensitive Sea ESSA N 22 Areascps Cycles per second BjCorp Corporation Ev Est Estuary O 17Cr Creek O7 exper Experimental O 92CRD Columbia River Datum Hj Explos Explosive R 10crs Coarse J 32 Exting exting Extinguished P 55cs Cycles per second BjCswy Causeway F3 FCt Ho Courthouse Eo f Fine J 30Cup Cupola E 104 F Fixed P 101Cus Ho Customs house F 61 Facty Factory EdCy Clay J3 Fd Fjord O5 Feb February D F Fl Fixed and flashing P 1010D Destroyed O 94 FISH Fishing N 21Dec December F Gp Fl Fixed and group flashing Pfdec Decayed J an Fl Flashing P 104Deg Degrees Bn fl Flood HqDestr Destroyed O 93 Fla Flare stack L 11dev Deviation B 67 fly Flinty J aoDG Degaussing Range Q 54 fm fms Fathoms B 48DF Direction Finder fne Fine J 30 Differential Global Positioning Fog Det Lt Fog detector light P 62DGPS S 51 System Fog Sig Fog signal R1Di Diatoms J aa FP Flagpole E 27DIA Dia Diaphone R 11 Fr Foraminifera JyDir Direction light P 30 31 Fs FS Flagstaff E 27dist Distant O 85 Fsh stks Fishing stakes K 441Discol Discolored Ke ft FT Foot Feet B 47 D 20dk Dark J bddm Decimeters B 42 Fu Fucus J afDol Dolphins F 20Dn Dns Dolphins F 20 G M 271 G Gravel J6DW Deep Water Track N 124 G Green P 113DZ Danger Zone Q 50 G Gulf O3 GAB Gab Gable Ei E GCLWD Gulf Coast Low Water Datum HkE East B 10 Gl Globigerina JzED Existence doubtful I1 glac Glacial J apEEZ Exclusive Economic Zone N 47 gn Green J avEntr Entrance O 16 Govt Ho Government House Em Gp Fl Group flashing P 104 85V Index of Abbreviations G contd ISLW Indian Spring Low Water HgGp Oc Group occulting P 102 Iso Isophase P 103GPS Global Positioning System ITZ Inshore Traffic Zone M 251Grd Ground Ja IUQ Interrupted ultra quick P 108Grs Grass Jv IVQ Interrupted very quick P 107GT Gross Tonnagegty Gritty J am Jgy Gray J bb Jan January Jul July Hh Hard J 39 Kh Hour B 49 K Kelp JuH Helicopter T 14 kc Kilocycle BkHAT Highest Astronomical Tide H3 kHz Kilohertz BhHbr Mr Harbormaster F 60 km Kilometers B 40HHW Higher High Water Hb kn Knots B 52 F 34Hk Hulk K 21 22 LHo House G 61 L Loch lough lake O6hor Horizontal disposed P 15 La Lava JlHor CL Horizontal clearance D 21 Lag Lagoon O8Hosp Hospital E g F 622 Large Automatic Navigational LANBY P6hr Hour B 49 Buoyhrd Hard J 39 Lat Latitude B1ht Height Hp LASH Lighter Aboard Ship G 184HW High Water Ha LAT Lowest Astronomical Tide H2HWFC High Water Full Change Hh Ldg Landing F 17Hz Hertz Bg Ldg Leading P 203 Le Ledge O 28 I L Fl Long flashing P 105 International Association of LLW Lower Low Water HeIALA Q 130 Lighthouse Authorities Lndg Landing F 17 International Hydrographic LNG Liquified Natural Gas G 185IHO Organization LoLo Loadon Loadoffillum Illuminated P 63 Long Longitude B2 International Maritime LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas G 186IMO Organization LS S Life saving station T 12In Inlet O 10 lrg Large J aiin ins Inches Bc Lt Lts Lights P1Inst Institute En lt Light J bcINT International A 2 T 21 Ltd Limited ErIntens Intensified P 46 Lt Ho Light house P1IQ Interrupted quick P 106 86V Index of Abbreviations L contd NLW Low Water Hc N North B9LWD Low water datum Hd N Nun Q 20LWFC Low Water Full and Change Hi NE Northeast B 13 National NGA Agency Mm Meters B 41 NM NMi Nautical miles B 45m Minutes of time B 50 No Number N 122m Medium in relation to sound J 31 National Oceanic and NOAA Atmospheric Mud muddy J2M Nautical miles B 45 NOS National Ocean ServiceMa Mattes J ag Nov Novembermag Magnetic B 61 Np Neap tide H 17Magz Magazine El NTM Notice to MarinersMar March NW Northwest B 15Mc Megacycles Bl National weather service signal NWS SIG STA T 29Mds Madrepores Jj stationMHHW Mean Higher High Water H 13MHLW Mean Higher Low Water H 14 OMHW Mean High Water H5 OBSC Obscd Obsured P 43MHWN Mean High Water Neaps H 11 Obs Spot Observation spot B 21MHWS Mean High Water Springs H9 Obstn Obstruction K 41Mi Nautical miles B 45 Oc Occulting P 102min Minute of time B 50 Occas Occasional P 50min Minimum K 462 Oct OctoberMk Mark Q 101 ODAS Ocean Data Acquisition System Q 58Ml Marl Jc Or Orange P 117MLHW Mean Lower High Water H 15 OVHD Overhead D 28MLLW Mean Lower Low Water H 12 Oys Oysters JrMLW Mean Low Water H4MLWN Mean Low Water Neaps H 10 PMLWS Mean Low Water Springs H8 P Pebbles J7mm Millimeters B 44 P Pillar Q 23Mn Manganese Jq P Preliminary NTMMo Morse P 109 PA Position approximate B7MON Mon Monument E 24 Pass Passage Pass O 13Ms Mussels Js Pav Pavillion EpMSL Mean Sea Level H6 PD Position doubtful B8Mt Mountain Mount O 32 Pk Peak O 35Mth Mouth O 19 PLT STA Pilot station T3MTL Mean Tide Level Hf Pm Pumice JmMaintd Maintained P 65MR Marine Reserves N 22 87V Index of Abbreviations P contd Rf Reef O 26Po Polyzoa J ad RG Radio direction finding station S 14PO Post office F 63 Rk Rocks J 91 K bpos posn Position Rky Rocky J 91Post Off Post office F 63 R Lts Air obstruction lights P 612Priv priv Private P 65 Q 70 R Mast Radio mast E 28Prod well Production well L 20 RoRo Roll on Roll off F 50PROHIB Prohibited N 22 R Sta Radio Station S 15PSSA Particularly Sensitive Sea Area N 22 rt Rotten J ajPt Pteropods J ac R TR R Tr Radio tower E 29Pyl Pylon D 26 R Tower Radio tower E 29 Ru ru Ruins D 8 F 331 Q RW Rotating pattern radiobeacon S 12Q Quick P 106 RWVS Red and white vertical stripe Q d eQTG Service providing DF signals S 15Quar Quarantine Fe SQz Quartz Jg S Sand J1 S South B 11 R S Spar spindle Q 24 s Second of time B 51R Radio Station S 15 SALM Single Anchor Leg Mooring L 12R Red P 112 SBM Single Buoy Mooring L 16R r Rock Rocky J 91 K b Sc Scanner E 303Ra Radar reference line M 321 Sc Scoriae JoRa Dome Radar dome E 304 Sch School EfRa conspic Radar conspicuous object S5 Sch Schist JhRa Antenna Dish aerial E 31 Sd Sound O 12Racon Radar transponder beacon S3 SD Sounding doubtful I2Radar Sc Radar scanner E 303 SD Sailing Tr SE Southeast B 14 Radar tower E 302 RADAR TR sec Second of time B 51Radome Radar dome E 304 Sep Radar marker beacon S2 sf Stiff J 36Ra Ref Radar reflector S4 sft Soft J 35RBn Circular radiobeacon S 10 Sh Shells J 11RC Circular radiobeacon S 10 Shl Shoal O 25Rd Roads roadstead G 110 Si Silt J4Rd Radiolaria J ab Sig Signal R1rd Red J ay Sig Sta Signal station T 20RD Directional radiobeacon S 11 SL Fl ShortLong Flashing PdRDF Radio direction finding station S 14 SM Sand over mud J 121Ref Refuge Q 124 sml Small J ahRep Reported I3 Sn Shingle Jd 88V Index of Abbreviations S contd Uso Soft J 35 ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier G 188Sp Spring tide H 16 Uncov Uncovers K 11SP Spherical Q 22 unev Uneven J bfSp spire E 103 Univ University EhSpi Spicules Jx UQ Ultra quick P 108Spipe Spipe Standpipe E 21 us Microseconds BfSpg Sponge Jt usec Microseconds Bfspk Speckled J alSPM Single Point Mooring L 12 VSS Signal station T 20 v Volcanic J 37St Stones J5 var VAR Variation B 60stf Stiff J 36 vard Varied J bestk Sticky J 34 vert Vertically disposed P 15 F 411 vel Velocity HnSta STA Station S 15 T 3 Vert CL Vertical clearance D 20 28Stg Seatangle Jw Vi Violet P 115Str Strait O 11 Vil Village D4Str Stream Hl VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier G 187str Streaky J ak vol Volcanic Volcano J 37St M St Mi Statute miles Be Vol Ash Volcanic ash Jksub Submarine Kd VQ Very quick P 107Subm Submerged K 431 VTS Vessel Traffic ServiceSW Southwest B 16sy Sticky J 34 W W West B 12 T W White P 111T True B 63 Wd Weed J 131t Tons Tonnage weight B 53 Well Wellhead L 21T Telephone Eq WGS World Geodetic System S 50T Short tons Bm Wh White J arT Tufa Jn Whf Wharf F 13Tel Telegraph D 27 WHIS Whis Whistle R 15Tel off Telegraph office Ek Wk Wreck K 20Temp temp Temporary P 54 Wtr Tr WTR TR Water tower E 21ten Tenacious J aqTk Tank E 32 Y E 102 P 116Tr TR Tower Y Yellow Orange Amber P 117 E 20 P 118TSS Traffic Separation Scheme M 201 yd yds Yards BdTT Tree tops C 14 yl Yellow J awTV Mast Television mast E 28TV Tower Television tower E 29 89W International Abbreviations A M 271 DW Deep Water track N 124Aero Aeronautical light P 60 611Aero RC Aeronautical radiobeacon S 16 DZ Danger Zone Q 50 Automatic S 171AIS System 172 EAl Alternating P 1011 E East B 10ALC Articulated Loading Column L 12 ED Existence doubtful I1Am Amber P 118 EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone N 47ASL Archipelagic Sea Lane M 17 Explos Explosive R 10 exting Extinguished P 55 BB Black Q2 Fbk Broken J 33 f Fine J 30 P 45 F Fixed P 101Bn Beacons Q 80 FAD Fish Aggregating DevicesBnTr Beacon tower P 3 Q 110 FFl Fixed and flashing P 1010Bo Boulders J 92 Fl Flashing P 104Br Breakers K 17 Fla Flare stack L 11Bu Blue P 114 Fog Det Lt Fog detector light P 62 FS Flagstaff flagpole E 27 C ft Foot Feet B 47c Coarse J 32ca Calcareous J 38 GCALM Cantenary Anchor Leg Mooring L 16 G Gravel J6Cb Cobbles J8 G Green P 113 Q 2cd Candela B 54 GPS Global Positioning SystemCG Coast Guard station T 10 grt Gross Register TonnageCh Church E 101 GT Gross TonnageChy Chimney E 22cm Centimeters B 43 HCo Coraline Algae J 10 K 16 h Hard J 39Consol Consol Beacon S 13 h Hour B 49Cy Clay J3 H Helicopter T 14 hor Horizontal disposed P 15 DDG Degaussing Range N 25 Q 54 I Differential Global Positioning INT International A 2 T 21DGPS S 51 System Intens Intensified P 46Dia Diaphone R 11 IQ Interrupted quick P 106Dir Direction light P 3031 Iso Isophase P 103dm Decimeters B 42 IUQ Interrupted ultra quick P 108Dn Dns Dolphins F 20 IVQ Interrupted very quick P 107 90W International Abbreviations J NT Net TonnageJan January NW Northwest B 15Jun JuneJul July O Obscd Obscured P 43 K K 4043 Obstn Obstruction L 43km Kilometers B 40kn Knots B 52 Oc Occulting P 102 occas Occasional P 50 L Oceanographic Data ODAS Q 58 Acquisition SystemLANBY Large Automatic Navigational P6LASH Lighter Aboard Ship G 184 Or Orange P 117 Q 3Lat Lattitude B1LAT Lowest Astronomical Tide H2 PLdg Leading P 203 P Pebbles J7LFl Longflashing P 105 PA Position approximate B7Lndg Landing for boats F 17 PD Position doubtful B8LNG Liquified Natural Gas G 185 priv Private P 65 Q 70Long Longitude B2 Prod Well Submerged production well L 20LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas G 186 PSSA Particularly Sensitive Sea Area N 22Lts Lights P1 Pyl Pylon D 26 M QM Mud muddy J2 Q Quick P 106M Nautical miles B 45m Meters B 41 Rm Minutes of time B 50 Coast radio station providing R S 15 QTG servicem Medium in relation to sand J 31min Minutes of time B 50 R Red P 112 Q 3Mk Mark Q 101 R Rock Rocky J91 K 15mm Millimeters B 44 M 3132 Ra Radar S1 P 109Mo Morse Code R 20 Racon Radar transponder beacon S 3136Mon Monument E 24 RC Circular marine radiobeacon S 10MR Marine Reserves N 22 RD Directional radiobeacon S 11 Maritime Rescue Coordination Q 124MRCC Ref Refuge Center T 14 Rep Reported but not confirmed I 3132 N RG Radio direction finding station S 14N North B9 RoRo Rollon Rolloff RoRo Terminal F 50NE Northeast B 13 D 8 Ru Ruins E 252No Number N 122 F 33 RW Rotating pattern radiobeacon S 12 91W International Abbreviations S WS Sand J1 W West B 12s Seconds of time B 51 P 12 P 111 W White Q 1305S South B 11SALM Single Anchor Leg Mooring L 12 Wd Weed J 131SBM Single Buoy Mooring L 16 Well Wellhead L 21SD Sounding doubtful I2 WGS World Geodetic System S 50SE Southeast B 14 Whis Whistle R 15sec Seconds of time B 51 Wk Wks Wrecks K 2030sf Stiff J 36Sh Shells J 11 YSi Silt J4 P 116 Y Yellow Orange Amber P 117Sig Signal T 252 P 118SMt Seamount O 33so Soft J 35Sp Church spire E 103SPM Single Point Mooring L 12SS Signal station T 2036St Stones J5SW Southwest B 16sy Sticky J 34 Tt Tons Tonnage weight B 53 F 53temp Temporary P 54 E 102Tr Tower E 20 UULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier G 188UQ Ultra quick P 108UTC Coordinated Universal TimeUTM Universal Transverse Mercator Vv Volcanic J 37vert Vertically disposed P 15Vi Violet P 115VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier G 187VQ Very quick P 107VTS Vessel Traffic Service 92X IndexA Astronomical tidesH 23 20 Blind duck K jkAbysssal hill O 37 Atoll G 6 Blockhouse E 342Abyssal plainO 49 Authorized overhead clearance D 26 Blue P 114Aerial dish E 31 Automatic fog signalR 2022 Board painted Q 1022Aerial cableway D 25 Automatic Identification System transmitter Boarding place pilot T 1Aero light P 60 transmitter S 171172 radiobeacon S 16 Avenue G 111 harbor F 11 U 11Airfield airport D 17 Awash rock K 12 a hoist lift G131 topographic terms G 116118 B BollardG 181Air obstruction light P 61 Band X S S 3133 Boom G 178Air traffic G 116118 Bank O 23 U 14 Borderland continental O 47AIS S 171172 Bar code A d Border scale linear A 14Alongside depth I 11 Barge buoyQ 53 Boulder G 28 J 92Alternate courseM c Barrage flood F 43 Boundary international N light P 1011 Barrel buoyQ 25 Boundary mark B 24Amber P 118 Barrier floatingG 178 Breakers C d K 17Anchor berth N 11 Barrier tidalG 130 Breakwater F 4AnchorageN 1021 O 21 Bascule bridge D 234 Brick kiln works G 81Anchorage area N 11121 Baseline Territorial Sea N 42 BridgesD 2224 dfAnchoring prohibited N 20 Basin F 2728 G 134 O 48 suspension G 114Ancient O 84 Battery E 343 lights traffic signals T 251 252Annual change B 66 BayO 4 Broken J 33Antenna E 31 BayouO 4 Brown J azAnomaly local magnetic B 82 BeaconQ 111 Q 80126 Buddhist temple E 16Apartment E s buoyant resilient P 5 Building D 18 G 60Apparent shoreline C p Consol S 13 harbor G 148ApproachO 22 lighted P 4 slip G 89 radar S 23 topographic termsG 6098 depth contour I 31 radioS 1016 yardG 172 height contour C 12 tower P 3 Q 110 Bunker stationG 174 position B 33 Bearing B 62 Buoyage system IALA Q 130 vertical clearance D i Bell R 14 T a BuoysQ 171Apron O 59 Bell buoy R 21 Q a Buoy dump yardG Sea Lane M 17 Benchmark B 23 Buoyant beacon P 5Archipelago G 5 Berth Buoyed O 82Area to be avoided M 14 29 anchor N 11 Buried pipe pipeline L 42Area restrictedN 20 designation F 19 Bushes C o G 37Arm of the Sea O 6 visitors U 2 CArticulated Loading Platform L 12 yacht U 12 Cable B 46Artificial features F 16 Bifurcation buoy Q h buoy Q 55Artificial island L 15 Bird sanctuary N 22 ferryM 51Astronomical tidesH 23 20 Black J as Q 2 landing beacon Q 123 93X IndexC contd Chemical dumping ground N 24 Conspicuous landmark E 2Cable contd Chemical pipelineL 401 Conspicuous on radar S 5 overhead D 27 Chimney E 22 Construction works F 32 submarine L 3032 ChocolateJ ba Container crane F 532Cableway aerial D 25 Church E 10 Container harborG 152Cairn Q 100 CindersJ p Contiguous Zone N 44Caisson F 42 CirripediaJ ae 38 CityG 50 borderland O 47Callingin point M 40 ClayJ 3 rise O 46Calvary E 12 Clearance shelf N 46 O 42Camping site E 36 horizontal D 21 slope O 45Canal F 40 G 132 safe vertical D 26 i Continuous flashing light P 10Canal distance mark F 40 vertical D 20 2228 ContourCan buoyQ 21 Cleared platform siteL 22 depth I 3031Candela B 54 Clearing line M 2 drying I 30CanyonO 55 Clearing line beacons Q 121 line C 10 12Cape G 7 Cliffs C 3 Control points B 20Capitol E t ClosedO 87 Convent F e G 76Camping site recreational vehicles F 371 372 Coal head J i Conversion scales A aCardinal marksQ 1303 Coal harbor G 154 Conveyor G 182Cargo transhipment area N 64 Coarse J 32 Cooling water intakeoutfallG 177Castle E 342 G 64 Coastguard station T 1011 Copyright A 5CasuarinaC 316 Coast Coral J 10 22 K 16 hCathedral G 75 coastline C 18 Corner coordinates A 9Causeway F 3 topographic terms G 113 Corporation E vCautionary notes A 16 Coast radar station S 1 Courthouse E oCayG 3 Coast radio station QTG service S 15 Cove O 9Cement works G 82 CobblesJ 8 Covers K 1011 16 21Cemetery E 19 ColdstoreG 86 Crane F 53Centimeter B 43 Color of beacon buoyQ 25 Creek O 7Chalk J f Color of lights P 11 Crib K ijChannelO 14 Colored mark Q 101 Cross E 12 dredged I 2123 Column E 24 G 66 Crossing gates traffic separation M 22 maintained I 23 Commercial portG 147 Crossing traffic separation M 23Chapel E 11 Company E u Cubic meter B bCharacters light P 10 Compass rose A c B 70 Composite light P 10 fields C l Datum A 3 H 1 20 Conical buoy Q 20 shellfish K 47 limit larger scale A 18 Conifer coniferous C 313 j Cultural features D number A 12 Coniferous woodland G 39 Cupola church E 104 scale A 13 Consol beacon S 13 CurrentH 4243 title A 10 Current meter buoy Q 59 94X IndexC contd Degreee B 4 n DockCustoms DeltaO 18 dry graving F 25 harborG 144 DepthsI floating wet F 2627 limitN 48 Depth Dolphin F 2021 office F 61 contours I 30 Dome E 304Customer information A 6 minimum M 272 DoubtfulCut G 32 swept I 24 K 2 depth I 2CuttingD 14 Derrick oil L 10 existence I 1Cycles per second B j Designation of position B 8Cylindrical buoyQ 21 beacon or buoyQ 1011 Draw bridge D 236CypressC r berth F 191 N 11 Q 42 Dredged area channel I 2023D in fairways I 2023 a c Dredging area N 63Dam F 44 reporting point M 40 Dry dock F 25Danger DestroyedO 93 Drying contour I 30 area beaconQ 125 Detached coral reef K h Drying heightsI 15 areazone buoyQ 50 Detector light P 62 Duck blind K jk firing areaN 30 Development areaL 4 Dumping ground N 2324 e d g isolated marks Q 1304 Deviation dolphin F 21 Dunes C 8 line K 1 Deviation magnetic B 67 Dyke F 1 reported I 34 DGPS station S 51 E signal station T 35 Diagonal color stripes Q 5 East B 10Dangerous rock K 13 Diaphone R 11 East cardinal mark Q 1303Dangerous wreck K 28 DiatomsJ aa Ebb tide stream H 41Dark J bd DiffuserL 43 Eddies H 45Data collection buoyQ 58 Dimensions A 8 Edition number A 5Datum station S 14 Electric works G 89 chart A 3 H 1 20 Direction lights P 30 Elevation of light H 20 P 13 land survey H 7 20 Direction of buoyage Q 1302 Embankment D 15DaymarkQ 8083 110 Directional radiobeacon S 11 Entrance O 16Daytime light P 51 Discharge pipe L 41 Entry prohibited area N 22 N 31DecayedJ an Discolored water K e Sensitive Sea Areas N 22Deciduous treeC 311 Dish aerial E 31 Escarpment O 61Deciduous woodland C i G 38 Disposition of lights P 15 Established direction of traffic flowM 10 dDecimeter B 42 Distance mark B 25 Estuary O 17Decreasing B 64 Distance B Eucalyptus C 318Deadhead K 432 DistantO 85 Evergreen C 312Deep water Distress signal station T 26 Exclusive Economic Zone N 47 anchorageN 124 Disused Exercise area submarine N 33 harbor G 142 cableL 32 Existance doubtful I 1 route M 51 27 pipelineL 44 Experimental O 92Degaussing rangeN 25 platform L 14 Explanatory notes A 11 16Degaussing range buoy Q 54 95X IndexE contd Fixed Geographical positions B 116Explosives bridge D 22 Glacier C 25 anchorage area N 127 flashing light P 1010 f GlacialJ ap dumbing ground N 23 light P 101 Globigerina J z fog signals R 10 point B 22 Glossary A eExtinguished light P 55 FjordO 5 Gong Q b R 16Extraction areaN 65 Flagpole flgstaff E 27 Gorge G 33F Flare stack E 23 L 11 Government house E mFactory E d G 80 Flashing light P 104 Grain harborG 151Faint sector P 45 Flat coast C 5 Grass J uFairway safety M 18 Flinty J ao Grassfields C mFairway lights markingP 2041 Floating Grassland G 35FanO 58 barrierF 29 G 178 Gravel C c J 6FarmG 53 dock F 26 Graving dock F 25Farm fish marine K 48 lights P 6 Gray J bbFast ice limit N 601 Flood H q Green J av P 113 Q 2Fathom B 48 Flood barrage F 43 Greenhouse G 84Fence D g Flood tide stream H 40 Greenwich Meridian B 3Ferry M 5051 Floodlight G 70 Gridiron F 24 harborG 155 Floodlit structure P 63 Gritty J am light P 50 Fog Groin F 6 terminal RoRo F 50 detector light P 62 GroundJ aFilao C 317 light P 52 Ground tackle Q 42Fine J 30 signals R Group light P 10 eFiring danger areaN 30 Foreshore C c Groyne F 6 beacon Q 125 Foot feet B 47 Gulf O 3 buoy Q 50 Footbridge D e G 115 Gulf coast low water datum H kFiring practice signal station T 36 Foraminifera J y Gulf stream limits H qFish Form lines C 13 Gully tidal O 67 cages farm K 484 Fort fortified structure E 34 Gun R 10 haven K 46 Foul K 31 o H trap weir K 44245 Q i Fracture zoneO 60 Hachures C fFishery limitN 45 Free port G 143 HarborG 138Fishing Front light P 23 installations F 10 G 170187 harbor F 10 Full moon H s limit N 49 light P 50 G Masters office F 60 prohibited N 21 Gable E i termsG 130189 stakes K 441 Gap O 63 Hard J 39 village G 52 Gas Haven G 139 pipelineL 40 Head headland G 8 worksG 90 HeadwayD 2028 Gasfield nameL 1 Health office F 621 Gate F 42 96X IndexH contd Inner harbor G 140 Landmarks D 8 EHeight C 1014 E 45 H p Inshore Traffic Zone M 25 Lane submarine transit N 33Height of light H 20 P 13 Installations offshore L Large J aiHelicopter landing siteG 118 Installations harborG Large Automatic Navigational Buoy P 6 b Q 26Hertz B g Institute E n G 74 Lateral marks IALA SystemQ 1301Higher High WaterH 3 20 b Intake G 177 L 411 Latitude B 1High Water H 520 a Intensified sector P 46 Lattice beacon Q 111HighWater Full and Charge H h Intermittent river C 21 Lattice tower G 68Highest Astronomical Tide H 3 20 International Lava C 26 J lHighway markers D a abbreviations W Layered bottomJ 121Hill G 27 boundary N 4041 Layout of chart AHillocksC 4 chart number A 2 wreckN 26 Meridian Greenwich B 3 beaconsQ 120HoleO 50 Nautical Mile B 45 lights P 20Horizontal Interrupted light P 10 lineM 1 clearance D 21 Intertidal area J 2022 Least depth in narrow channelI 12 color bands Q 4 Island islet G 12 Ledge O 28 lights P 15 artificial L 15 Leisure Facilities UHorn R 13 Isogonal B 71 Lesser O 86Hospital E g F 622 Isolated danger mark Q 1304 Levee F 1 O 65HotelG 96 98 Isophase light P 103 Lifeboat mooring T 13Hour B 49 J Lifeboat station T 12HouseG 61 Jetty F 14 ac Lifting bridge D 233HulkF 34 K 21 23 K Light J bcHut G 62 KelpJ 13 Lights PHydraulic structures F 163 Kilocycle B k character P 10 Hydrographic terms O 67 Kilohertz B h color P 11 Topographic terms G 130136 Kilometer B 40 description P 16Hydrographic termsO Knoll O 36 direction P 3031I Knots B 52 H o disposition P 15IALA Buoyage System Q 130 L elevation P 13Ice front limits N 6 Lagoon C h G 13 O 8 in line P 21Ice signal station T 30 Lake C 23 O 6 landing G 117Illuminated P 63 LANBY P 6 Q 26 on landmarks P 7Imprint A 3 Land survey datum H 7 20 leading P 20In line M 12 P 2021 Landing F 17 major floating P 6Inadequately surveyed area I 25 area seaplane N 13 marking fairways P area N 65 beacon cable Q 123 off chart limits P 8Increasing B 65 lights G 117 moir effect P 31Indian Spring Low Water H g site helicopter G 118 period P 12Industrial harbor G 146 stairs steps F 18 range P 14Inlet O 10 riprap P c 97X IndexL contd Lower light P 23 Maximum draught on track M 6Lights contd Lowest Astronomical Tide H 2 20 Maximum speed N 27 sector P 40 M Mean Sea Level H 6 20 special P 6065 Machine houseG 93 Mean Tide Level H 2 f structure P 15 Madrepores J j Measured distance Q 122 synchronized P 66 Magazine E l Median valley O 54 times of exhibition P 50 Magnetic B 61 Medium J 31Light float major P 6 anomaly B 82 Megacycle B lLight float minor Q 3031 compass B 6082 Megahertz BiLight vessel P 6 a variation B 6071 Meter B 41Lighted O 81 Maintained channelI 23 Microsecond B f beacon P 34 Q o Major floating lightl P 6 Midchannel buoy Q e marks Q 78 Major light P 1 Mile nautical sea B 45 mooring buoy Q 41 Manganese J q Mileage Mark F 40 offshore platform P 2 Mangrove C 32 Military practice areaN 3034Lighter Aboard Ship LASH G 184 Marabout E 18 Mill G 83Lighthouse P 1 Marginal notes A Millimeter B 44Limited E r Marina F 111 U 11 Minaret E 17LimitsN Marina facilities T b U 32 Mine E 36 airport N g Marine farm K 48 Minelaying practice area N 32 danger line K 1 Marine Reserve N 22 Minefield N 34 dredged area I 2023 Maritime limit N 1 Minimum depth on route M 272 fishing area N c Marks Minor gasfield oilfield L 3 cardinal Q 1303 light P 1 Gulf Stream N d colored Q 101 marks Q 90102 restricted area M 14 N 2 20 distance B 25 post pile F 22 routing measure M 15 isolated danger Q 1304 Minute B 5 50 unsurveyed area I 25 lateral Q 1301 Mixed bottom J 122Linear scaleA 1314 lighted Q 78 Moat O 57Liquified Natural Gas LNGG 185 minor Q 90102 Moir effect light P 31Liquified Petroleum Gas LPG G 186 safe water Q 1305 Mole F 12Local Magnetic Anomaly B 82 specialQ 1306 Monastery G 76Location station T e whiteQ 101 Monument E 24Loch O 6 Marked O 83 Moored storage tankerL 17Lock F 41 Marker Ship Buoy Q 52 MooringL 12Lock signal station T 24 Marl J c berth numberQ 42Log pond N 61 Marsh C 33 canal F dLongflashing light P 105 Mast G 67 ground tackle Q 42Longitude B 2 mooring G 69 life boat T 13Lookout pilot T 2 radar E 301 mast G 69Lookout station G 77 T e radio television E 28 numerous Q 44Lough O 6 wreck K 25 trot Q 42Low Water datumH 420 ce i Mattes J ag visitors Q 45 98X IndexM contd North B 9 Opening bridge D 231Mooring buoy Q 40 North cardinal markQ 1303 Orange J ax P 117 lightedQ 41 Northeast B 13 Ore harbor G 150 tanker L 16 Q 26 Northwest B 15 Outer harbor G 141 telegraphicQ m Notes A 11 16 Outfall L 411 telephonicQ n Notice boardQ 126 T d buoy Q 57Morse Code Notice to Mariners A 6 cooling waterG 177 light P 109 Number anchorage berth F 19 N 1112Q 42 Overfalls H 44 fog signalR a Numerous mooringsQ 44 OverheadMosque E 17 New Edition date A 5 cable D 27Motorway D 10 O pipe D 28Mount Mountain G 23 O 32 Obelisk E 24 transporter D 25Mouth O 19 Obscured sector P 43 Oysters J rMud J 2 Observation platformL 13 PMultistory building G 63 Observation spot B 21 Pack ice limit N 602Muslim shrine E a Observatory G 73 Paddy field G 36MusselsJ s Obstruction K 4048 Pagoda E 14N Obstruction light air P 61 Painted board Q 1022Named anchorage area N 123 Occasional light P 50 Palm C 314NarrowsO 15 Occulting light P 102 Park Ranger station T gNational limitsN 4049 Ocean O 1 Particularly Sensitive Sea Area PSSA N 22National park N 22 Ocean current H 43 Partly O 88Natural features C Ocean Data Acquisition System Passage O 13Natural inland features G 2039 ODAS Buoy L 25 Q 26 58 Parent slip F 23Natural watercourse I 16 OfficeG 72 Path D 12Nature reserve N 22 customs F 61 Pavilion E pNature of the coast C 13 59 Harbor Masters F 60 Peak G 25 O 35Nature of the seabed J Health F 621 PebblesJ 7Nautical mile International B 45 pilot T 3 Peninsula G 4Nautical mile lineN b Offshore installations L Perch Q 91Nautophone R 13 Offshore platform lighted P 2 Period of light P 12Naval portG 145 Offshore position tidal levels H 47 Pictorial symbols E 31Naval CollegeG 79 Ogival buoy Q 20 Pier F 14Navigation schoolG 78 Oil promenade F 15Neap tides H 1020 barrier F 29 ruined F 332Nets tunny K 442 derrick L 10 Pile pillingF 22 G 179New Edition date A 5 harborG 149 row of G 180Nipa palm C 315 installation buoy L 16 submerged K 43No Anchoring AreaN 20 pipelineL 401 Pillar E 24No bottom found I 13 Oilfield w name L 1 Pillar buoy Q 23Nondangerous wreck K 29 Oily wastes reception facilities G radiobeacon S 10 Oneway trackM 51 273Nontidal basin F 27 Ooze J b 99X IndexP contd Power Radar S 15Pilot cable L 31 beacon transponder S 23 boarding place T 1 transmission line D 26 h conspicuous S 5 helicopter transfer T 14 station G 88 dome mast scanner tower E 30 lookout T 2 Practice area military N 3034 rangeM 31 office T 23 Precautionary areaM 16 24 reference line M 32Pilotage T 14 Preferred channel buoyQ 1301 reflector Q 1011 S 4Pinnacle O 29 Private buoy Q 70 station S 1Pipe pipeline L 4044 Private light P 50 65 surveillance system M 3032 buried F 421 Production platformL 10 Radio S 1016 land D 29 Production wellL 20 station S 14 overhead D 28 Prohibited mast tower E 2829 tunnel L 422 anchoring N 20 reporting line point M 40PlateauG 30 O 39 areaN 22 31 station QTG service S 15PlatformL 2 10 1314 22 P 2 fishing N 21 Radiobeacon S 1016Platform submerged K l ProjectedO 80 RadiolariaJ abPointG 9 Promenade pier F 15 Radome E 30 fixed B 22 Promontory G 20 Rail Traffic G 110118 radio reporting M 40 Province O 66 Railway railway station D 13 b symbols B 32 Pteropods J ac Ramark S 2PoleQ 90 Public Ramp F 23Police G 156 buildings F 6063 Range G 21Polyzoa J ad Publication note A 4 Rapids C 22Pontoon F 16 Pumice J m Rate current H nPontoon bridgeD 235 Pump houseG 93 Ravine G 32Ports F Pumpout facilities F f Rear light P 22Port control signal station T 23 Pylon D 26 Reception facilities oily wastes G 175Porthand buoy Q g PyramidG 65 Reclamation areaF 31 G 136Position B 22 Q Recommended approximate B 7 QTG service S 15 direction of traffic flow M 11 26 a beacon buoyQ 1 Quarantine anchorage N 128 routeM 281 doubtful B 8 Quarantine buildingoffice F 621 g track M 34 6 fog signalR 1 Quarry E 35 Recreation zone buoy Q 62 geographicalB 116 Quartz J g Red J ay P 112 Q 3 pilot cruising vessel T 1 Quay F 13 Reed R 13 tidal dataH 30 46 Quick light P 106 Reef J 22 K 16 g O systems S R Reference toPost F 22 Races H 44 adjoining chart A 19 Office F 63 Racon S 3 charted units A b submerged K 43 largerscale chart A 18 Refinery G 87 Reflector radar Q 1011 S 4 Refrigerated storage house G 86 100X IndexR contd Safety fairway M 18 Sector contRefuge beacon Q 124 T 14 Safety zone L 3 obscured P 43Relief C 1014 Sailing clubF 113 restricted P 44Reported anchorage N 10 Sailmaker U 8 Semaphore T fReported depth I 34 Sailors home G 97 Separation lineM 12Reporting Radio M 40 SaintG 54 Separation scheme M 1013 201292 dfRescue station T 1112 Salt pans C 24 Separation zoneM 13 20Research platform L 13 Saltings salt marsh C 33 G 12 Settlements D 18 G line N h SandJ 1 Sewage works G 92Reserve fog signal R 22 Sandhills Sand dunes C 8 SewerL 41Reserved anchorage area N 129 Sandwaves J 14 Shading C gReservoirG 135 Sandy shore C 6 Shapes buoyQ 2026Resilient beacon P 5 Satellite navigation systems S 50 Shed transit F 51Restricted areaM 14 N 21 Scanner radar E 303 Sheerlegs F 533Restricted light sector P 44 ScarpO 61 ShelfO materialQ 6 Schist J h Shellfish bed K 47RidgeG 22 O 30 School E f G 78 Shells J 11Riprap surrounding light P c ScoriaeJ o ShingleJ dRiseO 31 46 Scrubbing grid F 24 Shingly shore C 7RiverC 2021 SeaO 2 Shinto shrine E 15Road D 1012 ice limit N 602 Ship lift G 131 topographic terms G 110111 113115 loch O 6 ShipyardG 189Road traffic G 110118 mile B 45 Shoal K b O 25Roads roadstead O 20 moat O 57 Shoaled O 91Rock G 11 J 91 K 1015 n Seabed types of J Shore shorelineC 18 qRock awash K a Sea channel O 56 Showers U 21Rocky areaJ 21 Seal A 12 Side arm O 68Rocket station T 12 Seal sanctuary N 22 Signals fog R 122 aRollon Rolloff RoRo ferry terminal F 50 SeamountO 3334 Signal station T 2031 3336Rotating pattern radiobeacon S 12 Seaplane Sill O 62Roundabout traffic separation M 21 de anchorage N 14 Silo E 33Route M 2728 anchorage buoy Q 60 SiltJ 4Routeing measures M 10292 ab landing area N 13 Single Buoy Mooring SBM L 16 Q 26Row of piles G 180 Seasonal sea ice limit N 602 Single Point Mooring SPM L 12RubbleC e Seasonal buoy Q 71 Sinker K nRuinD 8 F 33 Seatangle J w Siren R 12Runway G 116 Seawall F 2 Sketches E 32S Second B 6 51 SlipG 171SaddleO 64 Sector Slipway F 23 U 5Safe clearance depth K 3 faint P 45 SlopeO 4445Safe vertical clearance D 26 H 20 intensified P 46 Sluice G 133Safe water marks Q 1305 lights P 4041 SmallJ ah 101X IndexS contd Stations cont Suspended well L 21Small craft facilities U signal T 2036 Suspension bridge G 114Snags K 43 storm T 28 Swamp C 33SoftJ 35 Starboardhand buoy Q f Swept depthSoundO 12 Statute mile B e area I 24 b K 2Soundings I 124 Steep coast C 3 channel I aSources diagram A 17 Steps F 18 U 7 Swing bridge D 232South B 11 Sticky J 34 Swinging circle N 112South cardinal mark Q 1303 Stiff J 36 Symbols in plan B 30Southeast B 14 Stock number A d Symbols in profile B 31Southwest B 16 Stones J 5 Symbolized positions B 3033Spa hotel G 98 Stony shore C 7 TSpar buoy Q 24 Storage tankerG 183 L 17 Tableland G 29Special lights P 6065 StorehouseG 85 Tablemount O 38Special marksQ 1306 Strait O 11 Tank E 32Special purpose buoys Q 5062 p Stranded wreck K 2021 24 TankerSpecial purpose beacons Q 120126 Streaky J ak anchorage area N 125Speckled J al Stream C 20 H l cleaning facilitiesG 176Speed limit N 27 Street D 7 G 110 mooring buoy L 16 Q 26Spherical buoy Q 2 Strip light P 64 storage G 183 L 17Spindle buoy Q 2 Stumps K 43 Tap water U 17SpiculesJ x Submarine Target buoy Q 51Spire E 103 cable L 3032 TelegraphSpit G 10 exercise area N 33 line D 27Spoil ground N 62 pipeline L 4044 office G 95 kSpoil ground buoy Q 56 transit line N 33 station T 27SpongeJ t volcano K d Telephone line D 27Spot heights C 1113 SubmergedO 90 Telephone E q U 25Spring seabed J 15 crib K i Telephonic mooring buoy Q 43Spring tides H 820 duck blind K k Televison mast tower E 2829SpurO 41 jetty F b Temple E 1316Square meter B a platform K l Temporary light P 54Square shaped beacons Q l rock beacon on Q 83 TenaciousJ aqStake K 441 Q 9091 well buoyedL a Terminal G 170Stations Subsidiary light P 42 Terrace O 40 bunker G 174 SummitG 24 Territorial Sea limit N 43 coastguard T 1011 Sunken Territorial Sea straight baseline N 42 coast radar M 30 S 1 danger swept K f Three Nautical Mile Line N b coast radioS 1415 rock O 27 Tidal fuel U 18 wreck K c barrierG 130 lookoutG 77 Superbuoy L 16 P 6 Q 26 58 basin F 28 railway D 13 Supply pipelineL 40 gully O 67 rescue T 1113 Surveyed coastline C 1 harbor F 28 102X IndexT contd Traffic surveillance stationM 30 Underwater installations L 2024Tidal level H 130 Trailer park U 28 Underwater rock K 1115 station offshoreH 47 Training wall F 5 Underwater turbine L 24 table H 30 Tramway G 112 Uneven J bfTidal stream H 3147 lo Transhipment facilities F 5053 Unexploded ordnance K p ebb flood H 4041 Transhipment area N 64 UnitsA b B 4054 stationH 46 Transit M 2 Unknown extent reef K g signal station T 34 lane N 33 Unmanned unwatched light P 53 a table A g H 30 shed F 51 UnsurveyedTide Transmission line D 2627 h areaI 25 gauge scale T 32 Transmitter AIS S 171172 coastline C 2 rips H 44 Transponder beacon S 3 wreck K 2830 signal station T 33 Transporter bridge D 24 Upper light P 22TidewayO 67 Transporter overhead for cables D 25 Urban area D 1Timber harborG 153 Trap fish K 44245 VTimber yard F 52 Travelling crane F 531 Valley G 31 O 5334Times B 4951 Trees Variable arrow light P 31Time signal station T 31 height to top C 14 Variation B 60 681682Toilets U 23 types C 3132 ik VariedJ beTomb E b TrenchO 51 Vegetation C 3033 ir G 34Ton tonne tonnage B 53 m Triangular shaped beacon Q l Velocity H nTopmark Q 911 1021 Triangulation point B 20 terms G Trot mooringQ 42 clearance D 20 2228Tower E 20 TroughO 52 color stripesQ 5 beacon P 3 Q 110 True compass B 63 lights P 15 church E 102 TufaJ n Very Large Crude Carrier VLCCG 187 latticeG 68 Ton buoy Q 25 Very quick light P 107 radar E 302 Tunnel D 16 L 422 Vessel lighted P 6 a Q 31 radio television E 29 Tunny nets K 4445 Viaduct D f G 113 watchG 77 Turbine E 261 L 51 24 Views E 32 water E 21 Turning areaO 69 Village D 4 G 5152TownG 50 Turning basin O 69 VioletP 115 J atTown Hall G 71 Turning circle O 69 Visitors berth mooring F 192Track D 12 M 16 27 Twoway routeM 272 282 Volcanic J 37Trade portG 147 Twoway track M 4 Volcanic ash J kTraffic road rail air G 110118 Tyfon R 13 Volcano G 26Traffic flow direction M 1011 26 Types of seabedJ WTraffic Separation Scheme TSS M 1025 U Wall training F 5 buoy Q 61 Ultra quick light P 108 WarehouseF 51 G 85 example M 201292 f Ultra Large Crude Carrier ULCC G 188 Watermill E c structure M 1013 df Uncovers K 1121 h Watch tower G 77Traffic signal T 2122 252 Under construction reclamation F 3032 103X IndexW contd Well E e G 94 Works in progress F 3032Water head L 23 World Geodetic System WGS A 3 S 50 discolored K e production L 20 Wreck K 2031 features C 2025 submerged buoyedL a buoyed Q h millG 83 suspended L 21 historic N 26 pipe pipeline L 4041 West B 12 Y policeU 31 west cardinal mark Q 1303 Yacht berth harbor F 112 tap U 17 Wet dock F 27 Yacht club F 113 tower E 21 Wharf F 13 Yards measurment B d worksG 91 Whistle R 15 YardWaterfall C 22 Whistle buoy Q c buildingG 172Wave farm L 6 WhiteJ ar P 111 buoy G 173Wave recorder buoyQ 59 White markQ 101 timber F 52Waveactuated fog signalR 2122 Wind farm E 262 L 5 YellowJ aw P 116 Q 3Way point M 40 Wind signal station T 29 ZWeather signal staion T 29 Windmill E 25 ZoneWeedJ 131 Windmotor E 26 Exclusive Economic EZZ N 47Weir F 44 Wind turbine E 261 L 51 frishing N 45Weir fish K 442 Wire drag sweep I 24 K 2 fracture O 60 Withy Q 92 inshore traffic M 25 Woodland woods C 30 G 3839 seaward contiguous N 44 WorksG 8192 separation M 13 20 e 104Appendix 1 IALA Maritime Buoyage System Lateral Marks Region A Port Hand Starboard Hand Color Red Color Green Buoy Cylindrical can pillar spar Buoy Conical nun pillar spar Topmark if any Single red cylinder can Topmark if any Single green cone point upward Lights if any may have any phase characteristic other than that used for preferred channels Q Fl Fl L Fl G Fl Preferred Channel to Starboard Preferred Channel to Port Color Red with one green horizontal band Color Green with one red horizontal band Buoy Cylindrical can pillar spar Buoy Conical nun pillar spar Topmark if any Single red cylinder can Topmark if any Single green cone point upward Lights if any are composite group flashing Fl 21 105Appendix 1 IALA Maritime Buoyage System Lateral Marks Region B Port Hand Starboard Hand Color Green Color Red Buoy Cylindrical can pillar spar Buoy Conical nun pillar spar Topmark if any Single green cylinder can Topmark if any Single red cone point upward Lights if any may have any phase characteristic other than that used for preferred channels Q Fl Fl L Fl G Fl Preferred Channel to Starboard Preferred Channel to Port Color Green with one red horizontal band Color Red with one green horizontal band Buoy Cylindrical can pillar spar Buoy Conical nun pillar spar Topmark if any Single green cylinder can Topmark if any Single red cone point upward Lights if any are composite group flashing Fl 21 106Appendix 1 IALA Maritime Buoyage System Cardinal Marks Regions A B Buoy Pillar or spar Topmark when practicable always fitted Lights if any may have any phase characteristic other than that used for preferred channels North East South West 107Appendix 1 IALA Maritime Buoyage System Isolated Danger Marks Color Black with one or more red horizontal bands Buoy Optional but not conflicting with latteral marks pillar spar preferred Topmark if practical always fitted with double spheres Lights if any white group flasing Fl 2 Safe Water Marks Color Red and white vertical strpes Buoy Spherical pillar or spar with spherical topmark Topmark if any Single red sphere Lights if any white Iso Occ L Fl 10s Morse A Special Marks Color Yellow Buoy Optional but not conflicting with latteral marks Topmark if any Single yellow X shape Lights if any yellow but not conflicting with white lightsl Fl Y Fl 4 Y 108 Contents KeyGENERAL A Chart Number Title and Marginal Notes Positions Distances Directions and B C Natural Features D Cultural Features E Landmarks F Ports G Topographic Terms Tides andHYDROGRAPHY H Currents I Depths J Nature of the Seabed Rocks Wrecks and K Obstructions L Offshore Installations Tracks and M Routes N Areas and Limits O Hydrographic AIDS P Lights SERVICES Buoys and Q Beacons R Fog Signals Radar Radio and Satellite Navigation S Systems T Services U Small Craft Leisure V Index of Abbreviations W International Abbreviations X IndexAPPENDIX 1 IALA

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