Distance Between Ports

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PUB 151DISTANCES BETWEEN PORTS Prepared and published by the NATIONAL AGENCY Bethesda Maryland COPYRIGHT 2001 BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT NO COPYRIGHT CLAIMED UNDER TITLE 17 USC ELEVENTH EDITION 2001 PREFACE GENERAL INFORMATIONThe 2001 Edition take advantage of favorable currents or weather on one orof Pub 151 Distances Between Ports supersedes all both of the routes To obtain a distance over a route thatprevious editions Distances in this table are in nautical passes through one or more Junction Points it ismiles based on the International Nautical Mile of necessary to find and add distances for the two or 60761 feet Nautical miles may be sections into which the route is to statute miles of 5280 feet by multiplying by For example New York to ColomboUsing the115 See conversion table at back of book The Junction Point chartlets at the front of the book locate allpositions listed for Ports are central positions that most Junction Points between New York and each port The distances are between positionsshown for each port and are generally over routes that There are two Strait of Gibraltar andafford the safest passage Most of the distances representthe shortest navigable routes but in some cases longer Port Saidroutes that take advantage of favorable currents havebeen used In other cases increased distances result from Find New York in the Distance Table Page 69routes selected to avoid ice or other dangers to navigation Under Junction Points locate or to follow required separation schemes Strait of Gibraltar 3180 miles DESCRIPTION OF THE are listed alphabetically with distances to arrival Find Strait of Gibraltar in the Distance TablePorts listed below them distances to appropriate junction Page 108points are also listed Junction Points are in the alphabetical sequence with distances to Under Junction Points locate other appropriate Junction Points listed below Great Port Said Arab Republic ofLakes distances are given in US Coast Pilot 6 Egypt 1943 miles JUNCTION POINTSIt is impractical to give alldistances for every possible combination of Ports in this Find Port Said in the Distance Table Page 85volume therefore the use of Junction Points greatly Under Ports locate increases the number of distances that may be included byaffording a means of connecting routes in adjacent Colombo Sri Lanka 3481 milesoceans In this book a Junction Point is a position wheremany routes converge and through which ships pass whensailing from one major area into another For example the Total Nautical Miles 8604Junction Point for routes from the Atlantic into is the Strait of Gibraltar Junction Points If the user wishes to know the westbound routeused in this publication are shown on the chartlets in the because of enroute cargo commitments or which route isfront part of the book shorterproceed as follows ROUTESRoutes throughout the world are New York to Panama 2016described in the Sailing Directions along with route chartsfor the area of coverage Articles on currents and Panama to Singapore are also covered in these publications Singapore to Colombo charts are available such as Pilot Chartsand the NGA World Chart Series 1145 which portrayocean routes worldwide Any of these products may be Total Nautical Miles 14102used to assist the user in planning a voyage A chartlet ofbasic ocean routes is included in the front of this CORRECTIVE arepublication for quick reference requested to forward new or corrective information useful in the correction of this publication to HOW TO USE THE TABLESTo find the departure port in the alphabetical MARITIME and select the desired arrival port and distance ST D 44listed below In most cases the distances from one port to NATIONAL AGENCYanother and return are reciprocal but in some cases the 4600 SANGAMORE ROADdistances differ because different routes were used which BETHESDA MARYLAND 208165003 I THE NATIONAL AGENCY MARITIME SAFETY INFORMATION WEB SITE The National Agency NGA Maritime Safety Information Web site provides query access to extensive menus of maritime safety information 24 hours a day Databases made available for access query and download include Chart Corrections Publication Catalog Corrections Chart and Publication Reference Data current edition number dates title scale Listof Lights USCG Light Lists WorldWide Navigational Warning Service WWNWS Broadcast Warnings MARAD Advisories Department of State Special Warnings Mobile Offshore Drilling Units Activity Messages ASAMs World Port Index and Radio Navigational Aids Publications that are alsomade available as PDF files include the US Notice to Mariners Sailing Directions US Chart No 1 The Navigator Bowditch International Code of Signals Radio Navigational Aids World Port Index Ports Sight Reduction Tables for Marine and Air Navigation and the Radar Navigation and Maneuvering BoardManual The Maritime Safety Information Web site can be accessed via the NGA Homepage wwwngamil under the Productsand Services Maritime links or directly at Any questions concerning the Maritime Safety Information Website should be directed to MARITIME DIVISION ST D 44 NATIONAL AGENCY 4600 SANGAMORE ROAD BETHESDA MD 208165003 Telephone 3012273296 or DSN 2873296 Fax 3012274211 Email II CONTENTS PagePreface IChart Showing General World Routes VList of Junction Points VIJunction Points Atlantic Ocean Basin VIIJunction Points Indian Ocean Basin VIIIJunction Points Pacific Ocean Basin IXDistance Between Ocean Ports of the World 1Conversion Table for Nautical and Statute Miles 127Table for Estimating Time of Transit 128 IIIChart Showing General World Routes V PUB 151 JUNCTION POINTSBishop Rock England494500N 63500WCape Leeuwin Australia 343200S 1150800ECape of Good Hope South Africa 342200S 182300EFastnet Rock Ireland512000N 93600WGrand Banks South423000N 500000WHonshu Japan 350000N 1403000EIle dOuessant France484000N Ireland 552500N 73000WMontreal Canada 453000N Germany 542200N 100900EPanama Panama85300N Firth Scotland 584200N 32000WPort Said Egypt311600N 321900EPunta Arenas Chile531000S 705400WSelat Lombok 1154300ESelat Sunda Indonesia 60400S 1055000ESelat Wetar Indonesia 81900S Odde Denmark 574800N 104400EStrait of 54500WStraits of Florida242500N 830000WTorres Strait Australia 103300S Japan413000N 1404000EWilson Promontory Australia 391000S Channel215000N 850300W VIJunction Points Atlantic Ocean Basin VIIJunction Points Indian Ocean Basin VIIIJunction Points Pacific Ocean Basin IX 1AAIUN WESTERN SAHARA ABENRA DENMARK Ports Punta Arenas Chile 4582 270537N 132655W to 550136N 92550E to Cape Town South Africa 2679 Ports Junction Points Junction Points Dakar Senegal 1166 Freetown Sierra Leone 718 Amapala Honduras 763Bishop Rock England 1397 East Lagos including Apapa Tin Can Antofagasta Chile 2984Cape of Good Hope South Africa Entrance Germany 207 Island Nigeria 457 Apia Samoa 4638 4436 Skagens Odde Denmark 87 Luanda Angola 1345 Arica Chile 2768Fastnet Rock Ireland 1465 Pepel Sierra Leone 732 Callao Peru 2198Grand Banks South 2003 Ports Walvisbaii Namibia 2009 Champerico Guatemala 494Ile dOuessant France 1356 Coquimbo Chile Ireland 1753 Aarhus Denmark 114 Corinto Nicaragua 792 ABRAHAM BAYPanama Panama 3894 Helsinki Finland 666 MAYAGUANA ISLAND Ensenada Mexico 1369Pentland Firth Scotland 2006 Kobenhavn Denmark 196 BAHAMAS Esmeraldas Ecuador 1527Punta Arenas Chile 5684 Lubeck Germany 138 221900N 730320W to Golfito Costa Rica 1123Strait of Gibraltar 667 Lulea Sweden 914 Guayaquil Ecuador 1708Straits of Florida 3712 Riga Latvia 588 Junction Points Guaymas Mexico 958 SanktPeterburg Russia 811 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3289 Ports Tallinn Estonia 646 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Iquique Chile 2834 Umea Sweden 792 6237 La Palma Panama 1466Arrecife de Lanzarote Canary Grand Banks South 1675 Los Angeles California USA Islands 111 ABERDEEN SCOTLAND Panama Panama 922 1501Casablanca Morocco 506 570830N 20430W to Punta Arenas Chile 6410 Lota Chile 3573Dakar Senegal 793 Strait of Gibraltar 3552 Manzanillo Mexico 295Monrovia Liberia 1525 Junction Points Straits of Florida 593 Mazatlan Mexico 595New York New York USA Mollendo Peru 2643 3065 Ile dOuessant France 715 Ports Monterey California USAPorto Grande Cape Verde Islands West 1753 887 Entrance 406 New York New York USA Pago Pago American Samoa Pentland Firth Scotland 106 1115 4595AALBORG DENMARK Skagens Odde Denmark 416 Nuevitas Cuba 243 Papeete French Polynesia 3595 570330N 95600E to San Juan Puerto Rico 476 Pedregal Panama 1184 Ports Pisco Peru 2309 Junction Points ABU DHABI UNITED ARAB Puerto Masachapa Nicaragua 850 Amsterdam Netherlands 376 EMIRATES Puerto Sandino Nicaragua East Antwerp Belgium 465 243413N 541949E to Puntarenas Costa Rica 1011 Entrance Germany 207 Bergen Norway 309 Quepos Costa Rica 1043Skagens Odde Denmark 87 Bodo Norway 767 Junction Points Salina Cruz Mexico 314 Bremerhaven Germany 435 San Diego California USA Ports Egersund Norway 277 Cape of Good Hope South Africa 1431 Emden Germany 401 4812 San Jose Guatemala 574Gdynia Poland via Store Baelt Esbjerg Denmark 380 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5115 San Lorenzo Honduras 791 476 Hamburg Germany 481 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4341 Santa Barbara California USAGdynia Poland via The Sound Hammerfest Norway 1073 Port Said Egypt 2944 1568 410 Hornmelvik Norway 586 Singapore 3517 Santa Rosalia Mexico 976Kobenhavn Denmark 143 Kristiansand Norway 340 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3724 Sasebo Japan 6918Lubeck Germany via Store Kristiansund Norway 498 Talara Peru 1696 Baelt 244 Le Havre France 530 Ports Talcahuano Chile 3558 London England 431 Valparaiso Chile 3406AARHUS DENMARK Murmansk Russia 1363 Aden Yemen 1593 560930N 101330E to Oostende Belgium 415 Belawan Indonesia 3188 ACCRA GHANA Oslo Norway 490 Bombay India 1187 53100N 01200W to Junction Points Plymouth England 642 Calcutta India 3175 Portland England 564 Colombo Sri Lanka 1954 Junction East Portsmouth England 514 Darwin Australia 5219 Entrance Germany 131 Rotterdam Netherlands 391 Fremantle Australia 5045 Straits of Florida via Odde Denmark 127 Slagen Norway 450 Penang Malaysia 3221 Providence Channel 5016 Southampton England 532 Rangoon Burma 3171 Ports Stavanger Norway 278 Ports Torshavn Faroe Islands 345 ACAJUTLA EL SALVADORAbenra Denmark 103 Wilhelmshaven Germany 423 133500N 895100W to Freetown Sierra Leone 955Kobenhavn Denmark 108 Zeebrugge Belgium 420 Grand Bassam Ivory Coast 230Szczecin Poland 268 Junction Points Lagos Nigeria 229 ABIDJAN IVORY COAST Lobito Angola 1356AASIAAT EGEDESMINDE 51900N 40150W to Honshu Japan 6908 Marshall Liberia 671GREENLAND Panama Panama 833 Pointe Noire Congo 952 684233N 525312W to Junction Points Punta Arenas Chile 4309 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands TsugaruKaikyo Japan 6750 1760 Junction Points Bishop Rock England 3417 Torres Strait Australia 7784 Sassandra Ivory Coast 362 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Wilson Promontory Firth Scotland 1925 2712 7519 AD DAMMAN SAUDIStrait of Gibraltar 2772 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3472 ARABIA Grand Banks South 3539 Ports 263100N 501200E to Ports Ile dOuessant France 3375 Inishtrahull Ireland 3755 San Francisco California USA Junction Canada 1485 Panama Panama 4597 2444Reykjavik Iceland 1371 Pentland Firth Scotland 4048 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaSt Johns Canada 1294 Punta Arenas Chile 4910 ACAPULCO MEXICO 4960 Strait of Gibraltar 2658 165030N 995530W to Port Said Egypt 3142ABADAN IRAN Straits of Florida 4756 Singapore 3681 301948N 481630E Yucatan Channel 4895 Junction PointsSubtract 30 miles from Al Panama Panama 1426 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points2 ADEN YEMEN Ports Zanzibar Tanzania 1722 Ports Tunis Tunisia 1258 Valencia Spain 1765Al Basrah Iraq 304 AGADIR MOROCCO Aden Yemen 1251Bombay India 1373 302530N 93735W to Jiddah Saudi Arabia 573 AL MANAMAH BAHRAIN Massawa Ethiopia 897 261700N 503230E toADEN YEMEN Junction Points 124740N 445900E to AL BASRAH IRAQ Junction Points Cape of Good Hope South 303130N 475030E to Junction Points Africa 4719 Cape of Good Hope South Ile dOuessant France 1136 Junction Points Africa 4957Cape of Good Hope South Port Said Egypt 3132 Africa 3954 Ports Cape of Good Hope South Singapore 3652Cape Leeuwin Australia north of Africa 5211 Chagos Archipelago 4958 Abidjan Ivory Coast 2258 Port Said Egypt 3371 PortsCape Leeuwin Australia south of Casablanca Morocco 257 Singapore 3916 Chagos Archipelago 4973 Dakar Senegal 1109 Bandar Khomeini Iran 288Port Said Egypt 1400 Escravos Nigeria 2778 Ports Belawan Indonesia 3316Singapore 3631 Freetown Sierre Leone 1597 Calcutta India 3355Selat Sunda Indonesia via Eight Lagos Nigeria 2699 Ad Damman Saudi Arabia 304 Fremantle Australia 5203 Degree Channel 3842 Luanda Angola 3507 Aden Yemen 1979 Malacca Malaysia 3534Torres Strait Australia via One Monrovia Liberia 1761 Bandar Abbas Iran 572 Penang Malaysia 3361 and Half Degree Channel Nouadhibou Mauritania 751 Bandar Khomeini Iran 154 Port Darwin Australia 5390 6022 Pointe Noire Congo 3321 Belawan Indonesia 3553 Rangoon Burma 3329 Port Harcourt Nigeria 2944 Bombay India 1594 Sabang Indonesia 3050 Ports Qua Iboe Nigeria 2961 Calcutta India 3593 Tangier Morocco 414 Colombo Sri Lanka 2359 ALBANY Iraq 1937 Walvisbaai Namibia 4075 Dumai Indonesia 3824 350240S 1175400E toAl Aqabah Jordan 1251 Fremantle Australia 5440Al Basrah Iraq 1967 AJACCIO CORSICA Karachi Pakistan 1177 Junction PointsAl Gurdagah Egypt 1135 415540N 84507E to Malacca Malaysia 3771Al Hudaydah Yemen 230 Massawa Ethiopia 2372 Cape of Good Hope SouthAl Mukha Yemen 137 Junction Points Mina al Ahmadi Kuwait 140 Africa 4740Albany Australia north of Chagos Penang Malaysia 3598 Cape Leeuwin Australia 168 Archipelago 5127 Port Said Egypt 1355 Port Darwin Australia 5650 Singapore 2525Albany Australia south of Chagos Strait of Gibraltar 778 Rangoon Burma 3603 Wilson Promontory Australia Archipelago 5132 Ras Tannurah Saudi Arabia 295 1378Assab Ethiopia 150 Ports Sabang Indonesia 3287Bandar Abbas Iran 1453 Umm Said Qatar 444 PortsBassein Burma 3251 Beirut Lebanon 1437Beira Mozambique 2610 Catania Sicily 464 AL JUBAYL SAUDI ARABIA Aden Yemen 5127Belawan Indonesia 3299 Civitavecchia Italy 180 270100N 494200E to Durban South Africa 4270Bhavnagar India 1707 Genova Italy 170 Fremantle Australia 349Bombay India 1657 France 188 Junction Points Geraldton Australia 525Bur Safaga Egypt 1109 Nice France 138 Hobart Tasmania 1494Calcutta India 3308 Toulon France 155 Cape of Good Hope South Malacca Malaysia 2602Colombo Sri Lanka 2094 Venezia Italy 1507 Africa 5109 Melbourne Australia 1363Dar es Salaam Tanzania 1740 Villefranche France 138 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5276 Port Adelaide Australia 1024Diego Garcia Chagos Volos Greece south of Greece Selat Lombok Indonesia 4577 Port Darwin Australia 2152 Archipelago 2090 1056 Port Said Egypt 3164 Port Lincoln Australia 953Djibouti Djibouti 133 Volos Greece Corinth Canal Singapore 3723 Port Louis Mauritius 3340Eilat Israel 1247 1014 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3949 Rapid Bay Australia 990Fremantle Australia north of Torres Strait Australia 6107 Wellington New Zealand south of Chagos Archipelago 4921 AKITA JAPAN Tasmania 2729Hobart Tasmania 6598 394530N 1400200E to PortsJiddah Saudi Arabia 701 ALBANY NEW YORK USAKarachi Pakistan 1472 Ports Al Basrah Iraq 231 423754N 734518W AddMadras India 2661 Bandar Abbas Iran 366 126 miles to New York Malaysia 3517 Aomori Japan 158 Colombo Sri Lanka 2157Maputo Mozambique 2953 Hakodate Japan 150 Fremantle Australia 5248 ALBATROSS BAYMassawa Ethiopia 400 Maizuru Japan 352 Melaka Malaysia 3610 AUSTRALIAMina al Ahmadi Kuwait 1897 Shimonoseki Japan 586 Port Darwin Australia 5422 124124S 1413257E toMina Abd Allah Kuwait 1894 Ras at Tannurah Saudi Arabia 34Mogadishu Somalia 1106 AKUREYRI ICELAND Junction PointsMombasa Kenya 1602 654100N 180400W to AL LATAKIA SYRIAMoulmein Burma 3354 353140N 354535E to Cape of Good Hope SouthPenang Malaysia 3344 Junction Points Africa 6793Port Darwin Australia via Eight Junction Points Cape Leeuwin Australia 2677 Degree Channel 5355 Pentland Firth Scotland 702 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1583Port Louis Mauritius 2341 Strait of Gibraltar 2102 Port Said Egypt 310 Port Said Egypt 7406Port Sudan Sudan 658 Strait of Gibraltar 2029 Torres Strait Australia 156Rangoon Burma 3318 Ports Selat Wetar Indonesia 872Ras al Khafji Saudi Arabia 1871 PortsRas as Sidr Egypt 1282 Bergen Norway 803 PortsRas Gharib Egypt 1207 Murmansk Russia 1256 Alexandria Egypt 402Ras Tannurah Saudi Arabia 1773 St Johns Canada 1616 Iraklion Kriti 527 Ambon Indonesia 1036Sabang Indonesia 3033 Larnaca Cyprus 114 Darwin Australia 725Suakin Sudan 631 AL AQABAH JORDAN Mersin Turkey 94 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2730Tanga Tanzania 1671 293115N 345955E to Napoli Italy 1191 Hong Kong China 2727Victoria Seychelles 1416 Trieste Italy south of Greece Manila Philippines 2166Wellington New Zealand south of Junction Points 1370 Tjilatjap Indonesia 1961 Chagos Archipelago and Trieste Italy via Corinth Canal Zamboanga Philippines 1681 Tasmania 7814 Port Said Egypt 380 1337 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points ALMERIA SPAIN 3ALEKSANDROVSK Junction Points Junction Points Volos Greece via Corinth RUSSIA 1211 505400N 1420700E to Port Said Egypt 164 Port Said Egypt 1927 Strait of Gibraltar 1822 Strait of Gibraltar 25 ALICANTE SPAIN Junction Points 382000N 02901E to Ports PortsSingapore 3608 Junction PointsSelat Sunda Indonesia 3961 Al Latakia Syria 402 Cartagena Spain 238 Algiers Algeria 1393 Oran Algeria 229 Port Said Egypt 1680 Ports Alicante Spain 1560 Palermo Sicily 924 Strait of Gibraltar 317 Ancona Italy 1096Bangkok Thailand outer bar Annaba Algeria 1169 Ports 3639 ALGIERS ALGERIA Antalya Turkey 349 364650N 30411E toBukhta Shelikohova Kuril Islands Ashdod Israel 266 Alexandria Egypt 1560 Russia 934 Augusta Sicily 819 Junction Points Algiers Algeria 198Busan South Korea 1118 Banghazi Libya 541 Almeria Spain 155Dagu China 1807 Banzart Tunisia 1064 Port Said Egypt 1514 Ancona Italy 1308Dalian China via Maenggol Barcelona Spain 1482 Strait of Gibraltar 437 Annaba Algeria 419 Sudo 1648 Bari Italy 890 Arzew Algeria 152Hakodate Japan 631 Beirut Lebanon 341 Ports Banghazi Libya 1094Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 3105 Brindisi Italy 831 Banzart Tunisia 507Hong Kong China 2250 Cagliari Sardinia 1136 Alexandria Egypt 1393 Barcelona Spain 228Honolulu Hawaii USA 3589 Cartagena Spain 1585 Alicante Spain 198 Bari Italy 1100Incheon South Korea via Castellammare di Stabia Italy Ancona Italy 1153 Beirut Lebanon 1772 Maenggol Sudo 1507 1003 Annaba Algeria 246 Brindisi Italy 1042Jakarta Indonesia 3942 Catania Sicily 828 Arzew Algeria 186 Cagliari Sardinia 473Kasatka Japan 595 Ceuta Morocco 1802 Banghazi Libya 927 Ceuta Morocco 299Kobe Japan 1384 Famagusta Cyprus 340 Banzart Tunisia 340 Civitavecchia Italy 616Lo hsingta Maoti China 1868 Genova Italy 1316 Barcelona Spain 282 Genova Italy 564Los Angeles California USA Gibraltar 1805 Bari Italy 946 Ghazaouet Algeria 209 4687 Haifa Israel 295 Batumi Georgia via Corinth Gibraltar 300Manila Philippines 2507 Iraklion Kriti 372 Canal 1963 Haifa Israel Japan 589 Istanbul Turkey 742 Beirut Lebanon 1605 Iraklion Kriti 1254Mogpo South Korea 1330 Izmir Turkey 547 Brindisi Italy 888 Istanbul Turkey via Russia 230 La Spezia Italy 1280 Cagliari Sardinia 332 Canal 1540Nagasaki Japan 1253 Limassol Cyprus 272 Cannes France 446 Izmir Turkey via Corinth CanalNampo North Korea 1601 Livorno Italy 1244 Cartagena Spain 208 Russia Malaga Spain 1752 Ceuta Morocco 417 La Spezia Italy 588 162 Marseille France 140 Genova Italy 531 Livorno Italy 585Osaka Japan 1394 Messina Sicily 834 Ghazaouet Algeria 278 Malaga Spain 248Pago Pago American Samoa Napoli Italy 1005 Gibraltar 420 Marseille France 406 4765 Odessa Ukraine 1090 Haifa Israel 1602 Melilla Morocco Oran Algeria 1590 Iraklion Kriti 1087 Mers el Kebir Algeria 160 Russia via Chetvertyy Palermo Sicily 950 Istanbul Turkey south of Messina Sicily 776 Kurilskiy Proliv and La Perouse Palma Balearic Islands 1435 Greece 1393 Mostaganem Algeria 148 Strait 1158 Paphos Cyprus 256 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Napoli Italy 723Port Darwin Australia 4041 Piraievs Greece 515 Canal 1376 Odessa Ukraine via CorinthQingdao China 1602 Rijeka Croatia 1166 Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Canal China via San Savona Italy 1326 1221 Oran Algeria 159 Maenggol Sudo 1750 Sibenik Croatia 1039 Kavala Greece via Corinth Palermo Sicily 667Diego California USA 4779 Siracusa Sicily 809 Canal 1260 Palma Balearic Islands 173San Francisco California USA Soudha Kriti 425 La Spezia Italy 540 Piraievs Greece south of 4373 Split Croatia 1024 Livorno Italy 528 Greece 1246Seattle Washington USA via Tarabulus Libya 866 Mahon Balearic Islands 200 Piraievs Greece via Corinth La Perouse Strait and Proliv Taranto Italy 844 Malaga Spain 368 Canal 1186 Kruzenshterna 4108 Thessaloniki Greece 678 Marseille France 410 Savona Italy 549Shanghai China 1597 Toulon France 1376 Messina Sicily 621 Sibenik Croatia 1249Tomari Japan 542 Trieste Italy 1200 Mostaganem Algeria 172 Siracusa Sicily 792Vladivostok Russia 713 Tubruq Libya 308 Napoli Italy 582 Split Croatia 1234Weihai China via Maenggol Tunis Tunisia 1051 Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Tarabulus Libya 832 Sudo 1579 Valencia Spain 1559 Canal 1724 Taranto Italy 995Weonsan South Korea 972 Valletta Malta 823 Oran Algeria 205 Thessaloniki Greece via CorinthXiamen China 1991 Venezia Italy 1208 Palermo Sicily 513 Canal 1435Yantai China via Maenggol Volos Greece 620 Piraievs Greece south of Toulon France 418 Sudo 1613 Greece 1079 Trieste Italy 1409Yokohama Japan 1143 Piraievs Greece via Corinth Tunis Tunisia 558 GREECE Canal 1022 Valencia Spain 98ALESUND NORWAY 405000N 255300E to Savona Italy 518 Valletta Malta 743 622806N 60927E to Sibenik Croatia 1094 Venezia Italy 1418 Junction Points Siracusa Sicily 626 Villa Sanjurjo Morocco 260 Junction Points Skikda Algeria 200 Volos Greece south of Greece Port Said Egypt 699 Split Croatia 1079 1395Skagens Odde Denmark 450 Strait of Gibraltar 1716 Tarabulus Libya 665 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Taranto Italy 841 1376 Ports Ports Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Canal 1270 ALMERIA SPAINBergen Norway 167 Istanbul Turkey 200 Toulon France 406 364930N 22748W toLondon England 733 Thessaloniki Greece 191 Trieste Italy 1254Reykjavik Iceland 848 Volos Greece 205 Tunis Tunisia 392 Junction Points Valencia Spain 230ALEXANDRIA EGYPT ALGECIRAS SPAIN Valletta Malta 576 Port Said Egypt 1780 311041N 295128E to 360730N 52630W to Venezia Italy 1264 Strait of Gibraltar 171 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points4 ALMIRANTE PANAMA Ports Junction Points Tatibanako Japan Volos Greece via Corinth Canal 798Alicante Spain 155 Bishop Rock England 259 ANCONA ITALY Zadar Croatia 87Barcelona Spain 371 Fastnet Rock Ireland 252 433722N 133018E toCatania Sicily 919 Inishtrahull Ireland 183 ANECHO TOGOIstanbul Turkey via Corinth Junction Points 61315N 13535E to Canal 1642 PortsKerch Ukraine via Corinth Port Said Egypt south of Junction Points Canal 2077 Ardrossan Scotland 145 Greece 1206Nice France 627 Cobh Ireland 190 Strait of Gibraltar 1580 Cape of Good Hope SouthPalma Balearic Islands 308 Milford Haven Wales 112 Africa 2615Sfax Tunisia 881 Port Talbot Wales 171 Ports Ile dOuessant France 3704 Swansea Wales 165ALMIRANTE PANAMA Alexandria Egypt 1096 Ports 91712N 822332W to AMSTERDAM Algiers Algeria 1153 NETHERLANDS Alicante Spain 1308 Douala Cameroon 526 Junction Points 522300N 45400E to Annaba Algeria 933 Monrovia Liberia 850 Banghazi Libya 800Panama Panama 198 Junction Points Banzart Tunisia 842 ANGO ANGO CONGOYucatan Channel 814 Barcelona Spain 1212 55030S 132600E Add 27 Bishop Rock England 481 Bari Italy 216 miles to Boma distances Ports Ile dOuessant France 465 Barletta Italy 199 East Beirut Lebanon south of ANGRA DOS REIS Colombia 477 Entrance Germany 291 Greece 1276 230100S 441842W toCienfuegos Cuba 788 Pentland Firth Scotland 481 Beirut Lebanon via Jamaica 657 Skagens Odde Denmark 422 Canal 1245 Junction Points Brindisi Italy 274ALTAGRACIA VENEZUELA Ports Cartagena Spain 1338 Panama Panama 4527 104230N 713200W Ceuta Morocco 1561 Punta Arenas Chile 2212Subtract 6 miles from Maracaibo Aberdeen Scotland 380 Chioggia Italy 111distances Antwerp Belgium 148 Genova Italy 1017 Ports Bergen Norway 502 Gibraltar 1563 Bremerhaven Germany 223 Haifa Israel via Corinth Canal Montevideo Uruguay 1031AMAGASAKI JAPAN 344100N 1352300E Add Cherbourg France 305 1248 Salvador Brazil 9024 miles to Osaka for ports outside Dover England 161 Iraklion Kriti 762the Inland Sea Dundee Scotland 374 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth ANNABA ALGERIA Dunkerque France 135 Canal 962 365400N 74619E to Egersund Norway 380 Izmir Turkey south of GreeceAMAPALA HONDURAS Esbjerg Denmark 255 131800N 873930W to 904 Junction Points Hamburg Germany 274 Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Junction Points Hartlepool England 260 808 Port Said Egypt 1289 Harwich England 145 La Spezia Italy 979 Strait of Gibraltar 675Panama Panama 745 Hull England 212 Livorno Italy 946 Inverness Scotland 482 Malaga Spain 1510 Ports Ports Kristiansand Norway 381 Manfredonia Italy 195 Le Havre France 273 Marseille France 1109 Alexandria Egypt 1169Acapulco Mexico 763 Leith Scotland 372 Messina Sicily 536 Algiers Algeria 246Antofagasta Chile 2460 London England 208 Monopoli Italy 239 Alicante Spain 419Callao Peru 1665 Newcastle England 286 Napoli Italy 707 Ancona Italy 933Corinto Nicaragua 72 Oostende Belgium 117 Odessa Ukraine south of Banghazi Libya 702Golfito Costa Rica 432 Oslo Norway 522 Greece 1407 Banzart Tunisia 116Guayaquil Ecuador 1167 Plymouth England 390 Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Barcelona Spain 386Iquique Chile 2303 Portland England 316 Canal 1310 Bari Italy 726Mazatlan Mexico 1350 Portsmouth England 266 Oran Algeria 1349 Beirut Lebanon 1381Pearl Harbor Hawaii USA Rotterdam Netherlands 67 Palermo Sicily 652 Bejaia Algeria 156 4045 Southampton England 284 Palma Balearic Islands 1170 Brindisi Italy 668Puntarenas Costa Rica 329 Stavanger Norway 424 Piraievs Greece south of Cartagena Spain 440San Diego California USA Wilhelmshaven Germany 210 Greece 745 Ceuta Morocco 656 2181 Zeebrugge Belgium 104 Piraievs Greece via Corinth Genova Italy 458San Francisco California USA Canal 608 Gibraltar 658 2586 AMUAY VENEZUELA Ploce Croatia 167 Haifa Israel 1378San Jose Guatemala 204 114439N 701356W to Rijeka Croatia 112 Hyeres Frances 384Seattle Washington USA 3361 Savona Italy 1028 Iraklion Kriti 863 Junction Points Shengjin Albania 297 Istanbul Turkey south of Sibenik Croatia 115 Greece 1168AMBON INDONESIA Panama Panama 678 34130S 1281025E to Siracusa Sicily 557 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Yucatan Channel 1050 Split Croatia 132 Canal 1151 Junction Points Tarabulus Libya 820 Izmir Turkey south of Greece Ports Taranto Italy 415 1014Selat Lombok Indonesia 819 Thessaloniki Greece south of Izmir Turkey via Corinth CanalTorres Strait Australia 964 Barranquilla Colombia 325 Greece 953 997 La Guaira Venezuela 276 Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth La Spezia Italy 463 Ports Santiago de Cuba Cuba 600 Canal 857 Livorno Italy 431 Toulon France 1077 Malaga Spain 607Manila Philippines 1260 ANACORTES Trieste Italy 130 Marseille France 409Port Darwin Australia 579 WASHINGTON USA Tunis Tunisia 830 Messina Sicily 401Surabaya Indonesia 980 483048N 1223518W Valencia Spain 1295 Napoli Italy 388 Subtract 23 miles from Seattle Valletta Malta 634 Odessa Ukraine south of Washington distances Venezia Italy 124 Greece 1516AMLWCH WALES Volos Greece south of Greece 532655N 41809W to Odessa Ukraine via Corinth ANAN JAPAN 894 Canal 1499 335236N 1344420E See Oran Algeria 444 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points APIA SAMOA 5Palermo Sicily 292 ANTOFAGASTA CHILE Narvik Norway 1211 Guinea 375Palma Balearic Islands 307 233900S 702520E to Newcastle England 351 Sao Tome Sao Tome Gulf ofPiraievs Greece south of Oostende Belgium 79 Guinea 421 Greece 854 Junction Points Oslo Norway 630 Sassandra Ivory Coast 603Piraievs Greece via Corinth Plymouth England 366 Sekondi Ghana 316 Canal 797 Panama Panama 2140 Portland England 292 Tema Ghana 209Port St Louis du Rhone France Punta Arenas Chile 1996 Portsmouth England 242 Victoria Cameroon 400 419 Rotterdam Netherlands 121 Willemstad Curacao 4345Rijeka Croatia 1000 Ports Southampton England 260Savona Italy 451 Stavanger Norway 525 APARRI Croatia 874 Acapulco Mexico 2984 Wilhelmshaven Germany 324 182215N 1213645E toSiracusa Sicily 401 Amapala Honduras 2460 Zeebrugge Belgium 64Sousse Tunisia 255 Arica Chile 325 Junction PointsSplit Croatia 859 Caldera Chile 215 AOMORI JAPANTarabulus Libya 440 Callao Peru 813 405010N 1404430E to Honshu Japan 1418Taranto Italy 620 Chanaral Chile 173 Selat Lombok Indonesia Greece south of Coquimbo Chile 396 Ports Panama Panama 8996 Greece 1063 Corinto Nicaragua 2400 Singapore Greece via Corinth Esmeraldas Ecuador 1703 Akita Japan 158 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1877 Canal 1046 Guayaquil Ecuador 1470 Bukhta Shelikohova Kuril Islands Torres Strait Australia 2356Toulon France 390 Guaymas Mexico 3894 Russia 899Trieste Italy 1034 Iquique Chile 224 Kasatka Japan 441 PortsTunis Tunisia 167 Los Angeles California USA Komatsushima Japan 813Valencia Spain 426 4430 Matsugahana Japan 350 Apra Guam Mariana Malta 352 Lota Chile 828 Pago Pago American Samoa 1370Venezia Italy 1044 Matarani Peru 423 4358 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1413Volos Greece south of Greece Monterey California USA Shiogama Japan 311 Kobe Japan 1222 1004 4682 Tomari Japan 335 Manila Philippines 1386Volos Greece via Corinth Pago Pago American Samoa San Diego California USA Canal 987 5605 6306 APAPA NIGERIA Pisco Peru 713 62223N 32415E to Yap Caroline Islands 1125 Portland Oregon USA 5383 Zamboanga Philippines 873ANNAPOLIS MARYLANDUSA Puntarenas Costa Rica 2215 Junction Points 385900N 762845W For Salina Cruz Mexico 2799 APIA SAMOAocean distance via the Chesapeake San Antonio Chile 600 Bishop Rock England 3817 134900S 1714530W toBay subtract 20 miles from San Diego California USA Cape of Good Hope South distances For ocean 4360 3523 Junction via the C D Canal add San Francisco California USA Fastnet Rock Ireland 387020 miles to Baltimore distances 4762 Grand Banks South 3969 Panama Panama 5710 San Jose Guatemala 2557 Ile dOuessant France 3777 Punta Arenas Chile 5207 San Juan Peru 575 Inishtrahull Ireland 4161 Torres Strait Australia via RaineANTALYA TURKEY 365022N 303800E to Santa Barbara California USA Panama Panama 5063 Island entrance 2763 4497 Pentland Firth Scotland 4865 Junction Points Talcahuano Chile 802 Punta Arenas Chile 5225 Ports Valparaiso Chile 576 Strait of Gibraltar 3117Port Said Egypt 346 Straits of Florida 5222 Acapulco Mexico 4638Strait of Gibraltar 1822 ANTWERP BELGIUM Yucatan Channel 5346 Apra Guam 3080 511400N 42400E to Auckland New Zealand 1581 Ports Ports Avarua Cook Islands 819 Junction Points Baie TaioHae Marquesa Egypt 349 Abidjan Ivory Coast 490 1886Beirut Lebanon 322 Bishop Rock England 449 Accra Ghana 221 Brisbane Australia 2177Piraievs Greece 383 Ile dOuessant France 441 Baltimore Maryland USA Callao Peru 5492 East 5085 Christmas Island Line Islands Entrance Germany 398 Benguela Angola 1284 1274ANTIBES FRANCE 433530N 70802E See Pentland Firth Scotland 553 Boma Congo 933 Enderbury Island PhoenixNice France Skagens Odde Denmark 528 Boston Massachusetts USA Islands 641 4765 Funafuti Tuvalu 632 Ports Calabar Nigeria 305 Hakodate Japan 4252ANTILLA CUBA 204930N 754500W to Charleston South Carolina Hobart Tasmania 2776 Aberdeen Scotland 450 USA 5070 Hong Kong China 4869 Junction Points Amsterdam Netherlands 148 Colon Panama 5155 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2260 Belfast Northern Ireland 722 Douala Cameroon 424 Johnston Island 1838Panama Panama 887 Bergen Norway 602 Georgetown Ascension Island Levuka Fiji Islands 600Straits of Florida 491 Bremerhaven Germany 333 1368 Los Angeles California USA Cherbourg France 281 Grand Bassam Ivory Coast 478 4181 Ports Dover England 137 Douala Cameroon 449 Malakal Palau Islands 3446 Dundee Scotland 442 Marshall Liberia 903 Melbourne Australia 2834Baltimore Maryland USA via Dunkerque France 102 Matadi Congo 1002 Midway Island 2546 Crooked Island Passage 1151 Egersund Norway 484 Monrovia Liberia 928 Nagasaki Japan 4414Boston Massachusetts USA Emden Germany 276 Natal Brazil 2432 Noumea New Caledonia 1371 1408 Esbjerg Denmark 362 New York New York USA Nukualofa Tonga Islands 508Charleston South Carolina Hamburg Germany 382 4885 Pago Pago American Samoa 80 USA 813 Hartlepool England 325 Norfolk Virginia USA 4943 Papeete French Polynesia 1301Colon Panama 844 Harwich England 97 Philadelphia Pennsylvania West Florida USA 434 Hull England 265 USA 4983 Russia 4292Matanzas Cuba 407 Inverness Scotland 554 Pointe Noire Congo 838 Ponape Caroline Islands 2189New York New York USA Kristiansand Norway 488 Port Harcourt Nigeria 319 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 2232 1226 Le Havre France 244 Port of Spain Trinidad 3910 Raoul Island Kermadec Pennsylvania Leith Scotland 453 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands 1008 USA 1197 Liverpool England 698 1981 Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 1520Port Antonio Jamaica 288 London England 193 Santa Isabel Bioko Equatorial Salina Cruz Mexico 4886 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points6 APRA GUAM MARIANA ISLANDSSan Diego California USA Melbourne Australia 3631 Africa 3324 London England 551 4195 Midway Island 2301 Fastnet Rock Ireland 4046 Oslo Norway 120San Francisco California USA Nagasaki Japan 1445 Grand Banks South 3436 4161 Nagoya Japan 1378 Ile dOuessant France 3988 ARGENTIA CANADASeattle Washington USA 4613 Naha Ryukyu Islands 1236 Inishtrahull Ireland 4320 471800N 535900W toSelwyn Bay Solomon Islands Nakagusuku Ryukyu Islands Panama Panama 3526 1582 1216 Pentland Firth Scotland 4602 Junction PointsShanghai China 4715 Nandi Bay Fiji Islands 2886 Punta Arenas Chile 3045Suva Fiji Islands 647 Nome Alaska USA 3686 Strait of Gibraltar 3366 Bishop Rock England 1949Sydney Australia 2355 Noumea New Caledonia 2528 Straits of Florida 3822 Cape of Good Hope SouthTalomako Vanuatu 1255 Nukualofa Tonga Islands 3202 Yucatan Channel 3869 Africa 6294Valparaiso Chile 5453 Olongapo Philippines north of Fastnet Rock Ireland 1819Vancouver Canada 4675 Luzon 1663 Ports Inishtrahull Ireland 1874Wellington New Zealand 1872 Pago Pago American Samoa Montreal Canada 943Yap Caroline Islands 3303 3156 Accra Ghana 2411 Pentland Firth Scotland 2012Yokohama Japan 4057 Papeete French Polynesia 4335 Baltimore Maryland USA Strait of Gibraltar 2302 4040 Straits of Florida 2011APRA GUAM MARIANA Russia 2475 Belem Brazil 1442ISLANDS Ponape Caroline Islands 906 Bridgetown Barbados 2324 Ports 132700N 1443700E to Port Darwin Australia via Selat Buenos Aires Argentina 2016 Sele 1925 Cape Town South Africa 3321 Arkhangelsk Russia 3306 Junction Points Prince Rupert Canada 4586 Colon Panama 3536 Boston Massachusetts USA Qingdao China 1900 Dakar Senegal 1944 801Panama Panama 7988 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 1187 Freetown Sierra Leone 1841 Charleston South CarolinaPunta Arenas Chile 8144 Raoul Island Kermadec Islands La Habana Cuba 3775 USA 1489Singapore via Sulu Sea 2585 3369 Lisboa Portugal 3394 Colon Panama 2640 Rongelap Marshall Islands 1341 Miami Florida USA 3785 Guantanamo Cuba 1976 Ports Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 4513 New York New York USA Halifax Canada 448 San Diego California USA 4034 Ivittuut Greenland 1023Apia Samoa 3080 5379 Portland Maine USA 3977 Key West Florida USA 1953Auckland New Zealand 3497 San Francisco California USA Salvador Brazil 161 Lisboa Portugal 2101Avarua Cook Islands 3889 5053 Washington DC USA 4024 New York New York USABaie TaioHae Marquesa Islands Seattle Washington USA 4948 1009 4698 Selwyn Bay Solomon Islands ARBATAX ITALY Norfolk Virginia USA 1189Barbers Point Hawaii USA 1762 395640N 94245E to Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3303 Semarang Indonesia 2464 USA 1159Bikini Marshall Islands 1263 Seward Alaska USA 4079 Junction Points Portsmouth New Australia 2659 Shanghai China 1687 USA 779Callao Peru 8372 Shimizu Honshu Japan 1351 Port Said Egypt 1248 Reykjavik Iceland 1584Canton Phoenix Islands 2789 Shimonoseki Japan 1451 Strait of Gibraltar 810 San Juan Puerto Rico 1840Cebu Philippines 1344 Sitka Alaska USA 4407Chimbote Peru 8264 Sorong Irian Jaya Indonesia Ports ARGOSTOLION GREECEChimu Wan Ryukyu Islands 1171 380823N 202735E to 1228 Sukarnopura Irian Jaya Alexandria Egypt 1142Christmas Island Line Islands Indonesia 1010 Algiers Algeria 389 Junction Points 3518 Surabaya Indonesia 2334 Ayios Nikolaos Kriti 846Dagu China 2133 Suva Fiji Islands 2784 Barcelona Spain 294 Port Said Egypt 754Dalian China 1974 Sydney Australia 3006 Beirut Lebanon 1320 Strait of Gibraltar via Strait ofDutch Harbor Alaska USA Talomako Vanuatu 2177 Ceuta Morocco 784 Messina 1292 3403 Tinian Mariana Islands 127 Derince Turkey 1139Enderbury Island Phoenix Tokuyama Japan 1427 Iraklion Kriti 804 Ports Islands 2827 Truk Caroline Islands 590 Kerch Ukraine 1546Eniwetak Marshall Islands 1066 Valdivostok Russia via Tsugaru Marseille France 306 Algiers Algeria 862Funafuti Tuvalu 2455 Kaikyo 2155 Sibenik Croatia 771 Alicante Spain 1015Guayaquil Ecuador 8147 Valparaiso Chile 8510 Tarabulus Lebanon 1332 Arzew Algeria 1038Hakodate Japan 1739 Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 2112 Banghazi Libya 366Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2304 Vladivostok Russia via ARDROSSAN SCOTLAND Barcelona Spain 923Hobart Tasmania 3683 Shimonoseki Kaikyo 2019 553830N 44930W to Batumi Georgia 1183Hong Kong China 1822 Wake Island 1334 Beirut Lebanon 811Honolulu Hawaii USA 3318 Weihaewei China via Tokara Junction Points Ceuta Morocco 1268Iloilo Philippines 1366 Kaikyo 1901 Iraklion Kriti 299Incheon South Korea via Tokara Wotho Marshall Islands 1294 Bishop Rock England 350 Izmir Turkey 444 Kaikyo 1837 Wotje Island Marshall Islands Fastnet Rock Ireland 348 Marseille France 827Iwakuni Japan 1437 1547 Inishtrahull Ireland 95 Napoli Italy 423Jakarta Indonesia via Makasser Xiamen China 1669 Pentland Firth Scotland 282 Oran Algeria 1058 Strait 2639 Yap Caroline Islands 458Johnston Island 2665 Yantai China via Tokara Ports ARICA CHILEKaneohe Bay Hawaii USA Kaikyo 1935 182800S 702000W to 3354 Yokkaichi Japan 1364 Dublin Ireland 153Kiska Alaska USA 2822 Yokohama Japan 1352 Glasgow Scotland 43 Junction PointsKobe Japan 1386 Zamboanga Philippines south of Liverpool England 180Kodiak Alaska USA 3928 Mindanao 1467 Panama Panama 1921Kure Japan 1460 Zamboanga Philippines via ARENDAL NORWAY Punta Arenas Chile 2301Kwajalein Marshall Islands 1405 Surigao Strait 1484 582730N 84630E toLae Papau New Guinea 1315 PortsLevuka Fiji Islands 2847 ARACAJU BRAZIL Junction PointsLo hsingta Maoti China 1617 105853S 365926W to Acapulco Mexico 2768Malakal Palau Islands 706 Pentland Firth Scotland 452 Antofagasta Chile 325Manila Philippines north of Junction Points Caldera Chile 522 Luzon 1742 Ports Callao Peru 593Manila Philippines via San Bishop Rock England 4021 Chanaral Chile 478 Bernardino Strait 1499 Cape of Good Hope South Bergen Norway 254 Coquimbo Chile 702 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND 7Corinto Nicaragua 1711 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Junction Points Suao Kang Ecuador 1484 4530Guayaquil Ecuador 1251 Fastnet Rock Ireland 1355 Cape of Good Hope South Africa AUCKLAND NEW ZEALANDGuaymas Mexico 3681 Grand Banks South 1934 5258 365000S 1744700E toIquique Chile 110 Ile dOuessant France 1248 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5426Los Angeles California USA Inishtrahull Ireland 1643 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4688 Junction Points 4219 Panama Panama 3891 Port Said Egypt 3212Lota Chile 1134 Pentland Firth Scotland 1896 Singapore 3872 Cape Leeuwin Australia 3029Monterey California USA Punta Arenas Chile 5777 Selat Sunda Indonesia 4098 Panama Panama 6516 4471 Strait of Gibraltar 576 Torres Strait Australia 6256 Punta Arenas Chile via 30SPisco Peru 492 Straits of Florida 3681 6132Puntarenas Costa Rica 1996 Ports Punta Arenas Chile via 49SSalina Cruz Mexico 2579 Ports 4814San Diego California USA Belawan Indonesia 3606 Torres Strait Australia via Raine 4149 Aaiun Western Sahara 111 Calcutta India 3581 Island entrance 2485San Francisco California USA Casablanca Morocco 435 Fremantle Australia 5429 Wilson Promontory Australia 4551 Dakar Senegal 912 Port Darwin Australia 5701 1503San Jose Guatemala 2338 Lagos Nigeria 2547 Rangoon Burma 3641Santa Barbara California USA Monrovia Liberia 1622 Sabang Indonesia 3340 Ports 4286 New York New York USATalara Peru 1103 3005 ASHDOD ISRAEL Apia Samoa 1581Talcahuano Chile 1108 Recife Brazil 2540 315100N 343900E to Apra Guam 3497Valparaiso Chile 882 Savannah Georgia USA 3496 Avarua Cook Islands 1631 Junction Points Brisbane Australia RUSSIA ARUBA Callao Peru 5834 643200N 403100E to See Sint Nicolaashaven Port Said Egypt 126 Dagu China 5648 Strait of Gibraltar 2031 Dalian China via Vitiaz Strait Junction Points ARZEW ALGERIA 5489 355130N 01800W to Ports Dalian China west of NewBishop Rock England 2263 Ireland Ireland 1900 Junction Points Alexandria Egypt 266 Dutch Harbor Alaska USAPentland Firth Scotland 1663 Beirut Lebanon 136 5578Strait of Gibraltar 3225 Port Said Egypt 1692 Famagusta Cyprus 203 Fanning Island 2854Straits of Florida 5208 Strait of Gibraltar 275 Fethiye Turkey 416 Guayaquil Ecuador 6087 Izmir Turkey 668 Hakodate Japan 5104 Ports Ports Hobart Tasmania 1521 ASSAB ETHIOPIA Hong Kong China 5060Argentia Canada 3306 Algiers Algeria 186 130000N 424530E to Honolulu Hawaii USA 3820Berlevag Norway 540 Alicante Spain 152 Jaluit Marshall Islands 2595Boston Massachusetts USA Bejaia Algeria 294 Junction Points Kobe Japan 4875 4014 Melilla Morocco 146 Kodiak Alaska USA 5942Charleston South Carolina Cape of Good Hope South Africa Levuka Fiji Islands 1175 USA 4692 AS SALIF YEMEN 4056 Los Angeles California USAColon Panama 5820 151800N 424000E to Port Said Egypt 1258 5658Dikson Russia 1105 Singapore 3769 Melbourne Australia Denmark 1805 Junction Points Midway Island 3937Guantanamo Cuba 5156 Ports Nagasaki Japan via Canada 3663 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Kaikyo and Koshiki KaikyoHull England 1926 4181 Aden Yemen 150 4930Iokanga Russia 271 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5204 Port Sudan Sudan 524 Nagasaki Japan via TokaraIvittuut Greenland direct 2573 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4684 Kaikyo 4963Ivittuut Greenland via 75 miles Port Said Egypt 1127 ASSENS DENMARK Nandi Bay Fiji Islands 1224 off Kap Farvel 2683 Singapore north of Scorta and 551615N 95307E to Nelson New Zealand 633Key West Florida USA 5150 Strait of Malacca 3887 Nome Alaska USA 6159Liverpool England 2075 Selat Sunda Indonesia 4673 Junction Points Nukualofa Tonga Islands 1009London England 2061 Torres Strait Australia 6247 Pago Pago American Svalbard 1051 East 1565Mys Chelyuskin Russia 1469 Ports Entrance Germany 65 Papeete French Polynesia 2216New York New York USA Skagens Odde Denmark 187 clear of general maximum Aden Yemen 249 Russia 5466 winter solid pack ice in vicinity Aseb Ethiopia 138 Ports Ponape Caroline Islands 2813 of Iceland 4320 Jubail Saudi Arabia 2059 Portland Oregon USA 6075New York New York USA Mitsiwa Ethiopia 186 Gdansk Poland 370 Prince Rupert Canada 6209 4216 Goteborg Sweden 197 Qingdao China 5378Norfolk Virginia USA 4399 AS SUKHAYRAH TUNISIA Lubeck Germany 127 Rabaul Papua New Guinea Pennsylvania 341800N 100900E to Raoul Island Kermadec Islands USA 4369 ASTORIA OREGON USA 592Portsmouth New Hampshire Junction Points 461140N 1235000W San Diego California USA USA 3992 Subtract 83 miles from Portland 5655Reykjavik Iceland direct 1874 Port Said Egypt 1156 distances San Francisco California USAReykjavik Iceland south of Strait of Gibraltar 1072 5680 Iceland 1901 Seattle Washington USA 6170 ATUCHA ARGENTINASan Juan Puerto Rico 5001 Ports Add 80 miles to Buenos Aires Seward Alaska USA 6093 distances via Mitre Channel Shanghai China via VitiazARRECIFE DE LANZAROTE Banghazi Libya 523 Strait 5149CANARY ISLANDS Messina Sicily 406 Shanghai China west of New 285715N 133211W to ATUMI JAPAN Ireland 5148 Tunis Tunisia 301 343947N 1370454E Shimonoseki Japan 4944 Subtract 32 miles from Nagoya Junction Points Sitka Alaska USA 6176 ASH SHUWAYKH KUWAIT distances 292121N 475608E to Suva Fiji Islands 1149Bishop Rock England 1289 Sydney Australia 1280 AUAO CHAING TAIWAN Truk Caroline Islands 3000 243600N 1215200E See JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points8 AUGUSTA Chile 5247 Ile dOuessant France 536 Junction Points BAHIA DE LAS Canada 6191 Inishtrahull Ireland 942 DOMINICAN Russia 5516 Panama Panama 4186 Port Said Egypt 431 181330N 703130W toWake Island 3409 Pentland Firth Scotland 1194 Strait of Gibraltar 1554Wellington New Zealand 563 Punta Arenas Chile 6513 Junction PointsXiamen China 4990 Strait of Gibraltar 416 PortsYokohama Japan 4789 Straits of Florida 3778 Panama Panama 810 Alexandria Egypt 343 Ports Antibes France 1063 PortsAUGUSTA SICILY 371336N 151255E to Arzew Algeria 1295 Argentia Canada 2006 Batumi Georgia 1035 Barranquilla Colombia 508 Junction Points Bathurst Gambia 1740 Cartagena Spain 1313 Kingston Jamaica 378 Belem Brazil 3327 Castellammare di Stabia Italy 712 San Juan Puerto Rico 273Port Said Egypt 932 Bordeaux France 573 Corinth Canal west side Willemstad Curacao 392Strait of Gibraltar 1065 Boston Massachusetts USA Korinthos Greece 416 2735 Genova Italy 1026 BAHIA DE SAMANA Ports Buenos Aires Argentina 5435 Istanbul Turkey 449 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Cadiz Spain 375 Limassol Greece 376 191000N 691300W toAlexandria Egypt 819 Cape Town South Africa 5270 Mersin Turkey 457 Casablanca Morocco 457 Oran Algeria 791 Junction PointsBaniyas Syria 1028Palermo Sicily 187 Charleston South Carolina Tangier Morocco 1554 USA 3360 Toulon France 1084 Panama Panama 1015Sete France 703 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Venezia Italy 912 Straits of Florida 864Taranto Italy 243Valencia Spain 801 3194 Colon Panama via Mona PortsValletta Malta 98 AYN SUKHNAH EGYPT Passage 8417 293347N 322543E to Dakar Senegal 1623 New York New York USAAVARUA COOK ISLANDS 1328 211130S 1594600W to El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 229 Junction Points Freetown Sierra Leone 2134 Nuevitas Cuba 510 Funchal Madeira Island 619 San Juan Puerto Rico 185 Junction Points Cape of Good Hope South Georgetown Guyana 3323 Africa 5204Panama Panama 5092 Guantanamo Cuba 4105 Cape Leeuwin Australia 6228 BAHIA HONDA CUBAPunta Arenas Chile 4429 Halifax Canada 2420 Port Said Egypt 102 225720N 831030W to Jacksonville Florida USA Singapore 4911 3512 Selat Sunda Indonesia 5697 Ports Ports Le Havre France 783 Torres Strait Australia 7271 Monrovia Liberia 2336 Guantanamo Cuba via west endApia Samoa 819 New York New York USA Ports of Cuba 723Apra Guam 3889 2898 Guantanamo Cuba via OldAuckland New Zealand 1631 Port Castries St Lucia 3149 Aden Yemen 1273 Bahama Channel and Australia via Howe Recife Brazil 3261 Assab Ethiopia 1150 Passage 643 Channel and Main Channel San Juan Puerto Rico 3209 Colombo Sri Lanka 3361 New York New York USA via 2618 Takoradi Ghana 2923 Jubail Saudi Arabia 3083 outside route 1226Callao Peru 4733Hakodate Japan 5022 Tulear Madagascar 3873Hobart Tasmania 2962 AVILES SPAIN BAIE TAIOHAEHong Kong China 5674 434500N 55500W to MARQUESA ISLANDS AZ ZARQA ISLAND UNITED 85600S 1400500W toHonolulu Hawaii USA 2553 ARAB EMIRATESLevuka Fiji Islands 1268 Junction Points 250000N 530320E See Junction PointsLos Angeles California USA Zirku Petroleum Port 4064 Ile dOuessant France 307 Panama Panama 3826Melbourne Australia via South Strait of Gibraltar 722 BACHAQUERO VENEZUELA Channel 3090 95645N 710900W Add PortsMidway Island 3140 Ports 124 miles to Maracaibo Japan 5219 Apia Samoa 1886Noumea New Caledonia 1887 Bordeaux France 303 BAGNOLI ITALY Apra Guam 4698Pago Pago American Samoa 750 El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 133 404815N 141000E See Honolulu Hawaii USA 2102Papeete French Polynesia 618 St Nazaire France 274 Napoli Los Angeles California 2858 Russia 4951 AVONMOUTH ENGLAND BAHIA BLANCA Noumea New Caledonia 3183Ponape Caroline Islands 3001 513030N 24300W to ARGENTINA Papeete French Polynesia 761Rabaul Papua New Guinea 2993 384745S 621600W to San Francisco California USASan Francisco California USA Junction Points 2987 4124 Junction PointsSeattle Washington USA 4700 Bishop Rock England 191Shanghai China 5533 Fastnet Rock Ireland 202 Panama Panama 5776 BAJO GRANDESuva Fiji Islands via Oneata Pentland Firth Scotland 624 VENEZUELA Punta Arenas Chile 1004 103030N 1713600W Passage 1256 Add 8 miles to Australia 2690 Ports Ports Chile 4632Wellington New Zealand 1804 Barrow in Furness England 288 Baltimore Maryland USAYokohama Japan 4849 Belfast Northern Ireland 308 6228 BAKER ISLAND NORTH Dublin Ireland 220 PACIFIC Boston Massachusetts USA 01330N 1762800W toAVEIRO PORTUGAL Fishguard Wales 145 6125 403920N 84740W to Glasgow Scotland 390 Buenos Aires Argentina 564 Ports Holyhead Wales 217 Montevideo Uruguay 466 Junction Points Liverpool England 282 New York New York USA Howland Island 37 Londonderry Northern Ireland 6154 Noumea New Caledonia 1707Bishop Rock England 568 384 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Suva Fiji Islands 1202Cape of Good Hope South USA 6201 Sydney Australia 2752 Africa 5266 AYIOS NIKOLAOS GREECE Santos Brazil 1292Fastnet Rock Ireland 644 351138N 254320E toGrand Banks South 1834 BALBOA PANAMA 85730N 793415W See JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points BANGHAZI LIBYA 9Panama Panama to which add 5 Luderitz Bay Namibia 6538 BANDAR ABBAS IRAN Portsmiles for Pacific Ocean distances Manzanillo Cuba via Windward 270800N 561900E toand from which subtract 5 miles for Passage 1494 Baltimore Maryland USAAtlantic Ocean distances Manzanillo Dominican Republic Junction Points 1140 1223 Boston Massachusetts USA via Maracaibo Venezuela via Port Said Egypt 2842 Crooked Island Passage INDONESIA Windward Passage 1804 Singapore 3381 Charleston South Carolina USA 11600S 1164830E to Montecristi Dominican Republic via Crooked Island Passage 1213 Ports 802 Junction Points Montevideo Uruguay 5831 New York New York USA Nassau Bahamas via Northeast Aden Yemen 1453 1216Selat Lombok Indonesia 472 Providence Channel 880 Al Basrah Iraq 572 Norfolk Virginia USA viaSingapore via Selat Riouw 1053 Nuevitas Cuba 1198 Karachi Pakistan 643 Crooked Island Passage 1018Selat Sunda Indonesia 837 Paamiut Frederikshaab Philadelphia Pennsylvania USASelat Wetar Indonesia 870 Greenland 2261 BANDAR AL MISHAB SAUDI via Crooked Island Passage Paramaribo Suriname 2321 ARABIA 1188 Ports Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1653 281006N 484237E to Savannah Georgia USA via Ponce Puerto Rico 1427 Crooked Island Passage 801Belawan Indonesia 1422 Ponta Delgada Azores 2529 Junction PointsManila Philippines 1057 Port au Prince Haiti 1301 BANGHAZI LIBYAMogpo South Korea 2308 Port of Spain Trinidad 1918 Cape of Good Hope South Africa 320653N 200306E to Port Antonio Jamaica 1350 5221 Port Castries St Lucia 1741 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5388 Junction MARYLANDUSA Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Selat Lombok Indonesia 4879 391600N 763430W to 3095 Port Said Egypt 3023 Port Said Egypt 673 Progreso Mexico 1530 Singapore 3835 Strait of Gibraltar 1356 Junction Points Puerto Barrios Guatemala via Selat Sunda Indonesia 4060 Straits of Florida 1725 Torres Strait Australia 6219 PortsBishop Rock England 3224 Puerto Cabello Venezuela 1818Fastnet Rock Ireland 3102 Puerto Cortes Honduras 1690 Ports Alexandria Egypt Ireland 3206 Recife Brazil 3772 Algiers Algeria 927Montreal Canada via Strait of Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4844 Aden Yemen 1985 Alicante Spain 1094 Canso 1769 Salvador Brazil 4163 Al Aqabah Jordan 3242 Ancona Italy 800Panama Panama 1944 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua via Colombo Sri Lanka 2248 Annaba Algeria 702Pentland Firth Scotland 3401 Straits of Florida 1968 Massawa Ethiopia 2418 As Sukhayrah Tunisia 523Punta Arenas Chile 7021 San Juan Puerto Rico 1374 Port Sudan Sudan 2651 Baniyas Syria 834Strait of Gibraltar 3466 Santa Marta Colombia via Banzart Tunisia 597Straits of Florida 1102 Crooked Island Passage and BANDAR KHOMEINI IRAN Barcelona Spain 1025 Windward Passage 1710 302630N 490500E to Bari Italy 593 Ports Santiago de Cuba Cuba 1289 Beirut Lebanon 806 Santo Domingo Dominican Junction Points Brindisi Italy 535Antilla Cuba 1151 Republic 1451 Cartagena Spain 1119Bahia Blanca Argentina 6228 Santos Brazil 5031 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Catania Sicily 406Banes Cuba 1140 Sao Luiz Brazil 3117 5169 Ceuta Morocco 1336Baracoa Cuba 1153 St Georges Grenada 1843 Port Said Egypt 3322 Derince Turkey 750Belem Brazil 2953 St John Canada via Nantucket Singapore 3872 Famagusta Cyprus 768Belize Belize via Straits of Light Vessel 860 Fethiye Turkey 548 Florida 1625 St Johns Canada 1400 Ports Genova Italy 912Bocas del Toro Panama via Vitoria Brazil 4581 Gibraltar 1338 Crooked Island Passage and Walvisbaai Namibia 6385 Al Basrah Iraq 154 Haifa Israel 783 Windward Passage 1975 Willemstad Curacao 1733 Al Manamah Bahrain 288 Iraklion Kriti 370Bordeaux France 3308 Bushehr Iran 158 Istanbul Turkey 716Brest France 3308 BANANA CONGO Izmir Turkey 561Bridgetown Barbados 1853 60231S 122240E to BANDARE MAH SHAHR Kalamai Greece 313Buenos Aires Argentina 5945 IRAN La Spezia Italy 876Cadiz Spain 3434 Junction Points 302740N 491030E Add Livorno Italy 841CapHaitien Haiti 1227 6 miles to Bandar Khomeini Malaga Spain 1286Cape Town South Africa 6912 Bishop Rock England 4500 distances Marseille France 1004Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Cape of Good Hope South Africa Matruh Egypt 267 1417 4229 BANDJERMASIN Messina Sicily Canada 1134 Fastnet Rock Ireland 4553 KALIMANTAN INDONESIA Napoli Italy 602Cienfuegos Cuba via Windward Grand Banks South 4649 32000S 1143300E to Odessa Ukraine 1064 Passage 1589 Ile dOuessant France 4459 Oran Algeria 1124Colon Panama via Crooked Inishtrahull Ireland 4869 Junction Points Palermo Sicily 547 Island Passage and Windward Panama Panama 5707 Palma Balearic Islands 970 Passage 1901 Pentland Firth Scotland 5158 Selat Lombok Indonesia 357 Piraievs Greece 404Fort de France Martinique 1718 Punta Arenas Chile 5001 Singapore 830 Reggio Di Calabria Sicily 425Funchal Madeira Island 3028 Strait of Gibraltar 3799 Selat Sunda Indonesia 775 Rijeka Croatia 868Georgetown Guyana 2211 Straits of Florida 5871 Torres Strait Australia 1785 Savona Italy 922Halifax Canada 911 Yucatan Channel 5980 Sibenik Croatia 741Hamilton Bermuda 794 Ports Siracusa Sicily 381Horta Fayal Azores 2409 Ports Split Croatia 726Jacmel Haiti 1416 Makassar Sulawesi 399 Tarabulus Libya 354Kingston Jamaica via Crooked Abidjan Ivory Coast 1194 Taranto Italy 523 Island Passage and Windward Cape Town South Africa 1705 BANES CUBA Thessaloniki Greece 611 Passage 1401 Lagos Nigeria 921 205520N 754220W to Toulon France 972La Guaira Venezuela 1813 Monrovia Liberia 1578 Trieste Italy 901Lagos Nigeria 5063 New York New York USA Junction Points Tubruq Libya 248Las Palmas Canary Islands 3251 5534 Tunis Tunisia 585Les Cayes Haiti 1374 Recife Brazil 2815 Straits of Florida 483 Valencia Spain 1094Limon Costa Rica 1974 Takoradi Ghana 1070 Valletta Malta 359Luanda Angola 5850 Venezia Italy 911 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points10 BANGKOK THAILANDVolos Greece 552 Junction Points BAR MONTENEGRO Strait of Gibraltar 534 420507N 190526E toBANGKOK THAILAND Bishop Rock England 159 Ports 134300N 1003100E to Cape of Good Hope South Junction Points Africa 5867 Alcudia Balearic Islands 114 Junction Points Fastnet Rock Ireland 22 Port Said Egypt 995 Alexandria Egypt 1482 Grand Banks South 1720 Strait of Gibraltar via Strait of Algiers Algeria 282Singapore 842 Ile dOuessant France 236 Messina 1379 Alicante Spain 228Selat Sunda Indonesia 1292 Inishtrahull Ireland 313 Strait of Gibraltar via Strait of Almeria Spain 371 Punta Arenas Chile 7067 Sicily 1414 Ancona Italy 1212 Ports Strait of Gibraltar 1082 Annaba Algeria 386 Ports Banghazi Libya Ports Banzart Tunisia 442 Russia 3639 Algiers Algeria 943 Bari Italy 1005Busan South Korea 2533 Casablanca Morocco 1080 Arzew Algeria 1119 Batumi Georgia south ofIncheon South Korea 2591 Dakar Senegal 2247 Barcelona Spain 1003 Greece 2073Kompong Som Cambodia 300 Galway Ireland 173 Catania Sicily 353 Batumi Georgia via CorinthLos Angeles California USA Lisboa Spain 779 Haifa Israel 1053 Canal 2032 via Balintang Channel 7775 Natal Brazil 3698 Izmir Turkey 691 Beaulieu France 280Manila Philippines 1435 St Johns Canada 1674 Kerch Ukraine 1285 Beirut Lebanon 1703Mogpo South Korea 2438 Tromso Norway 1453 Limassol Cyprus 940 Brindisi Italy 947Nampo North Korea 2652 Messina Sicily 335 Cagliari Sardinia Patrai Greece 291 Cartagena Spain 282 BANZART TUNISIA Russia 4252 371413N 95100E to Tangier Morocco 1382 Ceuta Morocco 515Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 817 Venezia Italy 367 Genova Italy 356Vladivostok Russia 3035 Junction Points Villefranche France 849 Gibraltar 516Weonsan North Korea 2885 GolfeJuan France 268 Port Said Egypt 1184 BARACOA CUBA Haifa Israel 1699BANIYAS SYRIA Strait of Gibraltar 769 202130N 743015W to Hyeres France 218 351100N 355700E to Iraklion Kriti 1186 Ports Junction Points Istanbul Turkey south of Junction Points Greece 1486 Alexandria Egypt 1064 Straits of Florida 540 Istanbul Turkey via CorinthPort Said Egypt 299 Algiers Algeria 340 Canal 1445Strait of Gibraltar 2045 Alicante Spain 507 Ports Izmir Turkey south of Greece Ancona Italy 842 1332 Ports Annaba Algeria 116 Baltimore Maryland USA Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Banghazi Libya 597 1153 1290Augusta Sicily 1028 Barcelona Spain 442 Key West Florida USA 490 La Spezia Italy 383Banghazi Libya 834 Bari Italy 635 Kingston Jamaica 265 Livorno Italy 386Haifa Israel 153 Bastia Corsica 333 New York New York USA Mahon Balearic Islands 144Marseille France 1610 Beirut Lebanon 1276 1226 Malaga Spain Greece 792 Brindisi Italy 577 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Marseille France 189Tunis Tunisia 1275 Cagliari Sardinia 126 USA 1198 Menton France 285 Cartagena Spain 532 Messina Sicily 681BANJUL GAMBIA Ceuta Morocco 750 BARAHONA DOMINICAN Monaco Monaco 280 133143N 163505W to Genova Italy 437 REPUBLIC Napoli Italy 559 Haifa Israel 1273 181230N 710330W to Odessa Ukraine south of Junction Points Iraklion Kriti 758 Greece 1834 Istanbul Turkey 1063 Junction Points Odessa Ukraine via CorinthBishop Rock England 2294 Izmir Turkey 909 Canal 1793Cape of Good Hope South La Spezia Italy 414 Panama Panama 796 Oran Algeria 365 Africa 3492 Livorno Italy 382 Palermo Sicily 574Fastnet Rock Ireland 2354 Malaga Spain 699 Ports Palma Balearic Islands 140Grand Banks South 2467 Marseille France 428 Piraievs Greece south ofIle dOuessant France 2261 Messina Sicily 364 Barranquilla Colombia 497 Greece Ireland 2671 Napoli Italy 300 Kingston Jamaica 364 Piraievs Greece via CorinthPanama Panama 3753 Odessa Ukraine 1411 San Juan Puerto Rico 294 Canal 1091Pentland Firth Scotland 2960 Olbia Sardinia 236 Willemstad Curacao 395 Port St Louis du Rhone FrancePunta Arenas Chile 4890 Oran Algeria 538 178Strait of Gibraltar 1601 Palermo Sicily 192 BARBERS POINT HAWAII Port Vendres France 108Straits of Florida 3780 Palma Balearic Islands 384 USA Rijeka Croatia 1279Yucatan Channel 4031 Piraievs Greece south of 211651N 1580600W to Savona Italy 341 Greece 749 Sibenik Croatia 1153 Piraievs Greece via Corinth Junction Points Siracusa Sicily 752 Ports Canal 692 Skikda Algeria 354 Rijeka Croatia 910 Panama Panama 4694 Split Croatia 1138Cadiz Spain 1599 Sant Antioco Ponti Sardinia 132 Singapore via Sulu Sea 5866 St Raphael France 251Casablanca Morocco 1460Freetown Sierra Leone 401 Savona Italy 440 Tarabulus Libya 762 Sibenik Croatia 783 Ports Taranto Italy 900Funchal Madeira Islands 1183Lisboa Portugal 1644 Siracusa Sicily 296 Thessaloniki Greece south of Split Croatia 768 Apra Guam 3303 Greece 1380Marshall Liberia 646 Tarabulus Libya 335 San Francisco California USA Thessaloniki Greece via CorinthNew York New York USA Taranto Italy 530 2100 Canal 1339 3414 Thessaloniki Greece 958 Yokohama Japan via great Toulon France 205Pointe Noire Congo 2152 Toulon France 405 circle 3382 Trieste Italy 1313Ponta Delgada Azores 1531Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Trieste Italy 943 Tunis Tunisia 492 527 Valencia Spain 506 BARCELONA SPAIN Valencia Spain 165Vigo Spain 2572 Valletta Malta 247 412200N 21100E to Valletta Malta 671 Venezia Italy 953 Venezia Italy 1323 Volos Greece 899 Junction Points Villefranche France 277BANTRY BAY IRELAND 514100N 92700W to Port Said Egypt 1600 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points BATH MAINE USA 11Volos Greece south of Greece Greece 746 Ports Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 31 1322 Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Roseau Dominica 48Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Canal 650 Avonmouth England 288 San Juan Puerto Rico 314 1280 Toulon France 870 Belfast Northern Ireland 116 Trieste Italy 321 Brest France 416 BASSETERRE SAINT KITTSBARCELONA VENEZUELA Tunis Tunisia 622 Cardiff Wales 273 AND NEVIS 101000N 644400W to Valencia Spain 1088 Cherbourg France 448 171730N 624300W to Valletta Malta 427 Cobh Ireland 252 Junction Points Venezia Italy 329 Dublin Ireland 122 Ports Volos Greece south of Greece Fishguard Wales 157Panama Panama 1014 687 Glasgow Scotland 172 Hamilton Bermuda 941Yucatan Channel 1378 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal London England 665 New York New York USA via 591 Southampton England 485 Anegada Channel 1531 Ports Swansea Wales 242 Port au Prince Haiti 419 BARRANQUILLA San Juan Puerto Rico Colombia 661 COLOMBIA BARROW ISLANDPort of Spain Trinidad 218 105800N 744530W to AUSTRALIA BASTIA de Cuba Cuba 936 204830S 1153330E to 424145N 92730E to Junction PointsBARI ITALY Junction Points Junction Points 410822N 165134E to Yucatan Channel 881 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Port Said Egypt 1337 Junction Points Ports 5032 Strait of Gibraltar 868 Cape Leeuwin Australia 906Port Said Egypt 999 Almirante Panama 477 Selat Lombok Indonesia 730 PortsStrait of Gibraltar 1374 Amuay Venezuela 325 Port Said Egypt 6028 Bahia de las Calderas Dominican Selat Sunda Indonesia 1129 Banzart Tunisia 333 Ports Republic 508 Torres Strait Australia 1750 Genova Italy 108 Barahona Dominican Republic Napoli Italy 258Alexandria Egypt 890 497 PortsAlgiers Algeria 946 Barcelona Venezuela 661 BASUO GANG CHINAAlicante Spain 1100 Carupano Venezuela 734 Aden Yemen 4641 190630N 1083700E toAncona Italy 216 Casilda Cuba 732 Bombay India 3551Annaba Algeria 726 Catia la Mar Venezuela 524 Busan South Korea via west of Junction PointsBanghazi Libya 593 Charleston South Carolina Timor Korea Strait 3484Banzart Tunisia 635 USA 1391 Colombo Sri Lanka 2680 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1588Barcelona Spain 1005 Cienfuegos Cuba 755 Fremantle Australia 771Beirut Lebanon south of Colon Panama 336 Geraldton Australia 569 Ports Greece 1069 Fortaleza Brazil 685 Port Headland Australia 188Beirut Lebanon via Corinth Galveston Texas USA 1577 San Francisco California USA Haiphong Vietnam 156 Canal 1038 Guantanamo Cuba 534 via west of Timor 7646 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 708Cagliari Sardinia 652 Hamilton Bermuda 1465 Hong Kong China 408Cartagena Spain 1131 Kingston Jamaica 442 BARRY WALES Kaohsiung Kang Taiwan 811Ceuta Morocco 1354 La Guaira Venezuela 531 512340N Croatia 108 La Romana Dominican Republic Subtract 6 miles from Cardiff BATA EQUATORIAL GUINEAGenova Italy 810 569 distances 15227N 94535E toGibraltar 1356 New Orleans Louisiana USAHaifa Israel 1065 1458 BASRA IRAQ Junction PointsIraklion Kriti 554 New York New York USA 303000N 474900E SeeIstanbul Turkey south of 1801 Al Basrah Cape of Good Hope South Africa Greece 851 Oranjestad Aruba 506 2291Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 857 Ile dOuessant France 4173 BASSEIN BURMA Canal 755 Port au Prince Haiti 592 164700N 944400E toIzmir Turkey south of Greece Puerto de Hierro Venezuela 838 Ports 697 Puerto Cortes Honduras 873 Junction PointsIzmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Rio Haina Dominican Republic Douala Cameroon 141 601 536 Port Said Egypt 4638 Matadi Congo 663La Spezia Italy 775 San Juan Puerto Rico 705 Singapore 1137Livorno Italy 739 Santa Maria Cuba 753 BATANGAS LUZONMalaga Spain 1303 Santiago de Cuba Cuba 549 Ports France 902 Santo Domingo Dominican 134520N 1210200E toMessina Sicily 329 Republic 538 Calcutta India 643Napoli Italy 500 St Louis Marie Galante 857 Colombo Sri Lanka 1194 PortsOdessa Ukraine south of Surgidero de Batabano Cuba 944 Penang Malaysia 786 Greece 1200 Turiamo Venezuela 504 Cebu Philippines 309Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Veracruz Mexico 1525 Iloilo Philippines 270 BASSENS FRANCE Canal 1103 Willemstad Curacao 389 445400N 03215W Jolo Philippines 480Oran Algeria 1142 Subtract 3 12 miles from Bordeaux Tacloban Philippines 293Palermo Sicily 445 BARROSSO TERMINAL distances Zamboanga Philippines 436Palma Balearic Islands 963 BRAZILPiraievs Greece south of 234800S 452400W See BATH MAINE USA Sao Sebastiao BASSETERRE Greece 538 GUADELOUPE 435400N 694830W toPiraievs Greece via Corinth 155945N 614415W to Canal 402 BARROW IN FURNESS Junction PointsRijeka Croatia 288 ENGLAND Junction PointsSavona Italy 820 540530N 31330W to Bishop Rock England 2738Sibenik Croatia 167 Straits of Florida 1317Siracusa Sicily 350 Junction Points PortsSplit Croatia 155 PortsTarabulus Libya 613 Bishop Rock England 303 St John Canada 206Taranto Italy 208 Fastnet Rock Ireland 302 New York New York USA Greece south of Inishtrahull Ireland 186 Anegada Channel 1624 Pentland Firth Scotland 427 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points12 BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA USABATON ROUGE LOUISIANA Ports Brindisi Italy south of Greece BELAWAN INDONESIAUSA 1011 34700N 984040E to 302700N 910600W Add Aberdeen Scotland 398 Brindisi Italy via Corinth Canal115 miles to New Orleans Arkhangelsk Russia 2030 980 Junction Cardiff Wales 495 Cartagena Spain 1797 Hull England 209 Ceuta Morocco 2014 Cape of Good Hope SouthBATUMI GEORGIA Oslo Norway 619 Dubrovnik Croatia south of Africa 5246 413846N 413851E to Wilhelmshaven Germany 331 Greece 1107 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1342 Zeebrugge Belgium 100 Dubrovnik Croatia via Corinth Port Said Egypt 4688 Junction Points Canal 1074 Singapore 368 Genova Italy 1508 Selat Sunda Indonesia 870 BEIHAI CHINAPort Said Egypt 1391 212900N 1090200E to Gibraltar 2017 Torres Strait Australia via SelatStrait of Gibraltar 2408 Haifa Israel 76 Riouw and Selat Karimata Junction Points Iraklion Kriti 526 2839 Ports Iskenderun Turkey 180 Singapore 1332 Istanbul Turkey 896 PortsAlgiers Algeria south of Greece Izmir Turkey 651 1980 Ports Kavala Greece 756 Aden Yemen 3299Algiers Algeria via Corinth La Spezia Italy 1473 Al Basrah Iraq 3553 Canal 1963 Cebu Philippines 1220 Larnaca Cyprus 112 Al Manamah Bahrain 3316Barcelona Spain south of Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 837 Livorno Italy 1437 Balikpapan Kalimantan 1422 Greece 2073 Hong Kong China 391 Malaga Spain 1964 Beira Mozambique 4187Barcelona Spain via Corinth Marseille France 1600 Berbera Somalia 3313 Canal 2032 Mersin Turkey 179 Bombay India 2109 BEIRA Kriti 1032 194930S 344930E to Messina Sicily 1027 Bushehr Iran 3372Istanbul Turkey 591 Napoli Italy 1198 Calcutta India 1326Izmir Turkey 880 Junction Points Odessa Ukraine 1194 Calicut India 1609Marseille France south of Oran Algeria 1803 Colombo Sri Lanka 1240 Greece 1970 Cape of Good Hope South Palermo Sicily 1143 Dar es Salaam Tanzania 3709Marseille France via Corinth Africa 1454 Palma Balearic Islands 1648 Diego Garcia Chagos Canal 1929 Port Said Egypt 3990 Piraievs Greece 647 Archipelago Russia 255 Singapore 4520 Rhodes Greece 393 East London South Africa 4749Odessa Ukraine 569 Rijeka Croatia south of Greece Fort Dauphin Madagascar 3642Tarabulus Libya 1540 Ports 1345 Jakarta Indonesia Greece 926 Rijeka Croatia via Corinth Kakinada India 1261Trieste Italy south of Greece Aden Yemen 2610 Canal 1312 Karachi Pakistan 2550 1749 Belawan Indonesia 4187 Savona Italy 1519 Madras India 1252Trieste Italy via Corinth Canal Fremantle Australia 4351 Sibenik Croatia south of Majunga Madagascar 3512 1650 Inhambane Mozambique 259 Greece 1218 Malacca Malaysia 253 Lindi Tanzania 832 Sibenik Croatia via Corinth Maputo Mozambique 4436BAYONNE FRANCE Majunga Madagascar 732 Canal 1184 Mocambique Mozambique 3747 432940N 12830W to Malacca Malaysia 4405 Siracusa Sicily 1013 Mombasa Kenya 3654 Manakara Madagascar 974 Split Croatia south of Greece Mosselbaai South Africa 5051 Junction Points Maputo Mozambique 476 1203 Port Elizabeth South Africa 4876 Mocambique Mozambique 476 Split Croatia via Corinth Canal Port Louis Mauritius 2997Ile dOuessant France 345 Mombasa Kenya 1146 1169 Rangoon Burma 802Strait of Gibraltar 912 Penang Malaysia north of Tarabulus Libya 1129 Sabang Indonesia 268 Madagascar 4232 Taranto Italy south of Greece Surabaya Indonesia 1132 Ports Port Darwin Australia 5553 1023 Tamatave Madagascar 3342 Port Louis Mauritius 1448 Taranto Italy via Corinth Canal Tanga Tanzania 3704Bordeaux France 172 Quelimane Mozambique 123 1000 Victoria Seychelles 2734El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 322 Sabang Indonesia 3921 Tarragona Spain 1738 Zamboanga Philippines 1570Horta Azores 1277 Tamatave Madagascar 1239 Thessaloniki Greece 783 Zanzibar Tanzania 3727 Tulear Madagascar 539 Toulon France 1568BAYONNE NEW JERSEY Trieste Italy south of Greece BELEM BRAZILUSA BEIRUT LEBANON 1379 12700S 483020W to 404100N 740100W For 335412N 353046E to Trieste Italy via Corinth Canalocean distance subtract 2 12 miles 1346 Junction Pointsfrom New York distances Junction Points Tubruq Libya 595 Tunis Tunisia 1263 Bishop Rock England 3760BAYTOWN TEXAS USA Port Said Egypt 230 Valencia Spain 1770 Cape of Good Hope South 294339N 960121W Strait of Gibraltar 2034 Valletta Malta 1049 Africa 4368Subtract 17 miles from Houston Venezia Italy south of Greece Fastnet Rock Ireland 3741distances Ports 1387 Ile dOuessant France 3748 Venezia Italy via Corinth Canal Inishtrahull Ireland 3972BEAUMONT TEXAS USA Ajaccio Corsica 1437 1356 Montreal Canada via Cabot 300440N 940510W Add Alexandria Egypt 341 Volos Greece 725 Strait 368024 miles to Port Arthur distances Algiers Algeria 1605 Montreal Canada via Strait of Alicante Spain 1772 BEJAIA ALGERIA Canso 3709 Ancona Italy south of Greece 364500N 50530E to Pentland Firth Scotland 4219BEE NESS ENGLAND 512518N 03900E to 1276 Punta Arenas Chile 4363 Ancona Italy via Corinth Canal Junction Points Strait of Gibraltar 3285 Junction Points 1245 Straits of Florida 2653 Annaba Turkey 1381 Port Said Egypt 1423 Yucatan Channel 2671Bishop Rock England 386 Antalya Turkey 322 Strait of Gibraltar 545Ile dOuessant France 370 Ashdod Israel 136 East Banghazi Libya 806 Ports Entrance Germany 412 Banzart Tunisia 1276 Baltimore Maryland USAPentland Firth Scotland 509 Barcelona Spain 1703 Annaba Algeria 156 2953Skagens Odde Denmark 527 Bari Italy south of Greece 1069 Arzew Algeria 294 Bordeaux France 3868 Bari Italy via Corinth Canal Palma Balearic Islands 212 Boston Massachusetts USA 1038 2970 Bridgetown Barbados 1154 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points UKRAINE 13Buenos Aires Argentina 3274 Junction Points BENICIA CALIFORNIA Reykjavik Iceland 872Cabedelo Brazil 1021 USA Risor Norway 279Cadiz Spain 3286 Montreal Canada via Strait of 380230N 1220800W Rotterdam Netherlands 533Charleston South Carolina Canso 2985 Add 24 miles to San Francisco Sandefjorden Norway 317 USA 2773 Panama Panama 859 distances Iceland 634Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Yucatan Channel 337 Skien Norway 317 1598 BERBERA SOMALIA Sogndal Norway 152Cienfuegos Cuba 2460 Ports 102630N 450100E to Southampton England 713Colon Panama 2320 Stavanger Norway via innerDakar Senegal 2104 Baltimore Maryland USA via Junction Points lead 111Georgetown Guyana 896 Straits of Florida 1625 Stavanger Norway via Cuba 2148 Boston Massachusetts USA via Singapore 3646 lead 115Guiria Venezuela 1226 Straits of Florida and Yucatan Tonsberg Norway 329Halifax Canada 2904 Channel 1934 Ports Torshavn Faroe Islands 372Hamilton Bermuda 2274 Brunswick Georgia USA via Tromso Norway Florida USA Straits of Florida 1072 Belawan Indonesia 3313 Trondheim Norway 321 2773 Campeche Mexico west of Banco Fremantle Australia 4933 Tvedestrand Norway 272Key West Florida USA 2603 Chinchorro and Isla de Malacca Malaysia 3531 Wilhelmshaven Germany 441Kingston Jamaica 2159 Cozumel 609 Penang Malaysia 3358 Zeebrugge Belgium 558La Habana Cuba 2613 CapHaitien Haiti 950 Port Darwin Australia 5384Lisboa Portugal 3251 Carmen Mexico west of Banco Sabang Indonesia 3047 BHAVNAGAR INDIALuderitz Bay Namibia 4076 Chinchorro and Isla de 214815N 720900E toMaceio Brazil 1211 Cozumel 688 BERGEN NORWAYNatal Brazil 954 Cartagena Colombia 904 602400N 51900E to PortsNew Amsterdam Guyana 859 Charlotte Amalie Virgin IslandsNew York New York USA 1368 Junction Points Aden Yemen 1707 2975 Cienfuegos Cuba 545 Bombay India 204Norfolk Virginia USA 2832 Colon Panama 816 Bishop Rock England 911 Colombo Sri Lanka 1073Paramaribo Suriname 747 Galveston Texas USA 935 Ile dOuessant France 894 Karachi Pakistan Pennsylvania Gulfport Mississippi USA 838 Pentland Firth Scotland 296 USA 2950 Jacksonville Florida USA Skagens Odde Denmark 305 BIKINI MARSHALLPonta Delgada Azores 2678 1047 ISLANDSPort au Prince Haiti 2192 Key West Florida USA 590 Ports 113130N 1653300E toPort of Spain Trinidad 1212 Kingston Jamaica 685Port Castries St Lucia 1265 La Guaira Venezuela 1328 Aberdeen Scotland 309 Junction New Hampshire La Habana Cuba 528 Akureyri Iceland 803 USA 2959 Matagorda Bay Texas USA Alesund Norway 167 Panama Panama 4915Puerto de Hierro Venezuela 1215 west of Banco Chinchorro and Amsterdam Netherlands 502 Singapore 3591Recife Brazil 1084 Isla de Cozumel 957 Antwerp Belgium 602Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2174 Mathew Town Great Inagua Arendal Norway 254 PortsSanta Cruz de Tenerife Canary Island 902 Blyth England 400 Islands 2599 Miami Florida USA 734 Bodo Norway 521 Apra Guam 1263Santo Domingo Dominican Mobile Alabama USA 846 Bremerhaven Germany 447 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2179 Republic 1819 New Orleans Louisiana USA Calais France 588Sao Luiz Brazil 372 via South Pass 850 Cherbourg France 734 BILBAO SPAINSt Helena Island 4329 Norfolk Virginia USA 1503 Dover England 590 432030N 30200W toSt John Canada 2998 Pensacola Florida USA 826 Dunkerque France 585St Johns Canada 2968 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1578 Emden Germany 457 Junction PointsSt Johns Antigua 1433 Port au Prince Haiti north of Esbjerg Denmark 361Vigo Spain 3398 Jamaica 933 Farsund Norway 182 Ile dOuessant France 346 Port au Prince Haiti south of Flekkefjorden Norway 170 Strait of Gibraltar 854BELFAST NORTHERN Jamaica 953 Fredrikstad Norway 335IRELAND Port of Spain Trinidad 1637 Goteborg Sweden 356 Ports 543700N 55400W to Port Castries St Lucia 1609 Grimstad Norway 250 Portland Maine USA 1967 Hafnarfjordhur Iceland 884 Boston Massachusetts USA Junction Points Puerto Cabello Venezuela 1289 Hamburg Germany 486 2987 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua Hammerfest Norway 817 Huelva Spain 804Bishop Rock England 320 619 Harstad Norway 673 La Pallice France 214Fastnet Rock Ireland 311 Santo Domingo Dominican Hirtshals Denmark 280 Lorient France Ireland 97 Republic 1088 Hull England 474 Marin Spain 387Pentland Firth Scotland 341 Tampico Mexico 927 Hvalfjordhur Iceland 887 New York New York USA Tuxpan Mexico 897 Keflavik Iceland 875 3147 Ports Veracruz Mexico 862 Kragero Norway 289 Setubal Portugal 612 Willemstad Curacao 1178 Kristiansand Norway 226 Villagarcia Spain 357Antwerp Belgium 722 Kristiansund Norway 232Avonmouth England 308 BELLINGHAM Larvik Norway 317 BILHORODBarrow in Furness England 116 WASHINGTON USA Le Havre France 702 DNISTROVSKYY UKRAINECardiff Wales 293 484500N 1223000W to Leith Scotland 386 461133N 302155E toCobh Ireland 264 Lillesand Norway 241Fishguard Wales 182 Ports London England 613 Junction PointsLe Harve France 542 Longyearbyen Svalbard 1124Limerick Ireland north of Nanaimo Canada 76 Mandal Norway 201 Port Said Egypt 1168 Ireland 376 Vancouver Canada 70 Molde Norway 201 Strait of Gibraltar via Northern Ireland Victoria Canada 52 Mosjoen Norway 473 Canal 4035 via Rathlin Sound 102 Yokohama Japan 4245 Murmansk Russia 1105 Strait of Gibraltar south ofMilford Haven Wales 222 Namsos Norway 384 Greece 4095Stornoway Scotland 234 BELOMORSK RUSSIA Narvik Norway 624Workington England 87 643200N 344800E Add Newcastle England 403 Ports 67 miles to Arkhangelsk distances Oostende Belgium 563BELIZE BELIZE Oslo Norway 378 Alexandria Egypt 1106 172800N 881100W to Plymouth England 819 Beirut Lebanon 1218 Portland England 745 Constanta Romania 153 Portsmouth England 695 Haifa Israel 1219 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points14 BISHOP ROCK Turkey 360 Dieppe France 297 Recife Brazil 3775 Sydney Australia 1105Palermo Sicily via Corinth Douglas Isle of Man 276 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4846 Wellington New Zealand 455 Canal 1239 Dover England 323 Rotterdam Netherlands 454Palermo Sicily south of Greece Dublin Ireland 232 San Juan Puerto Rico 3390 BLYTH ENGLAND 1303 Dundee Scotland 713 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary 550745N 13000W toTunis Tunisia via Corinth Dunkerque France 355 Islands 1356 Canal 1381 Egersund Norway 797 Santo Domingo Dominican Junction PointsTunis Tunisia south of Greece El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 394 Republic 3585 1415 Emden Germany 606 Seaham Harbor England 625 Bishop Rock England 610Volos Greece 693 Esbjerg Denmark 688 Shoreham By Sea England 249 Pentland Firth Scotland 290 Fishguard Wales 161 Southampton England 232BISHOP ROCK ENGLAND Fleetwood England 307 St Johns Canada 1804 Ports 494500N 63500W to Freetown Sierra Leone 2673 St Malo France 90 Funchal Madeira Island 1136 Stavanger Norway 836 Bergen Norway 400 Junction Points Georgetown Guyana 3643 Sunderland England 605 Leith Scotland 96 Glasgow Scotland 402 Swansea Wales 155 London England 318Cape of Good Hope South Granville France 267 Tromso Norway 1597 Africa 5790 Guantanamo Cuba via Windward Trondheim Norway 1202 BOCA DE TANAMO CUBAFastnet Rock Ireland 149 Passage 3714 Vigo Spain 484 204200N 752000W toGrand Banks South 1830 Halifax Canada 2336 Villa do Porto Santa MariaIle dOuessant France 80 Hamburg Germany 717 Azores 1128 Junction Ireland 395 Hamilton Bermuda 2769 Walvisbaai Namibia 5165Montreal Canada via Cape Hartlepool England 594 Washington DC USA 3221 Panama Panama 869 Race 2844 Holyhead Wales 232 Waterford Ireland 137 Straits of Florida East Horta Fayal Azores 1158 Wilhelmshaven Germany 651 Entrance Germany 727 Hull England 531 Wilmington North Carolina PortsPanama Panama via Mona Ivittuut Greenland via 75 miles USA 3304 Passage 4388 off Kap Farvel 1652 Zarate Argentina 6075 Kingston Jamaica 318Pentland Firth Scotland via Irish Ivittuut Greenland direct 1608 Zeebrugge Belgium 393 La Habana Cuba 444 Sea 636 Jacksonville Florida USA San Juan Puerto Rico 549Punta Arenas Chile 7019 3569 BISSAU Odde Denmark 851 Key West Florida USA via 115100N 153800W to BOCA GRANDE FLORIDAStrait of Gibraltar 969 Florida Strait 3807 USAStraits of Florida 3859 Kingston Jamaica via Windward Junction Points 264000N 821927W toYucatan Channel 4176 Passage 3866 Kristiansand Norway 809 Cape of Good Hope South Junction Points Ports La Guaira Venezuela 3777 Africa 3518 La Habana Cuba via Florida Ile dOuessant France 2401 Straits of Florida 148Amsterdam Netherlands 481 Strait 3868 Yucatan Channel 329Antwerp Belgium 449 Las Palmas Canary Islands 1360 PortsArdrossan Scotland 350 Le Havre France 263 PortsArgentia Canada 1949 Leith Scotland 708 Natal Brazil Russia 2263 Lisboa Portugal 710 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Campeche Mexico 658Avonmouth England 191 Liverpool England 297 631 Tampico Mexico 891Baltimore Maryland USA London England 413 3208 Londonderry Northern Ireland BJORNOYA SVALBARD BOCAS DEL TOROBarrow in Furness England 303 396 742945N 191230E to PANAMABath Maine USA 2696 Lorient France 202 92000N 821400W toBelem Brazil 3769 Methil Scotland 698 PortsBelfast Northern Ireland 320 Miami Florida USA via Junction PointsBergen Norway 911 Florida Strait 3663 Reykjavik Iceland north ofBlyth England 610 Middlesbrough England 591 Iceland 1152 Panama Panama 187Bodo Norway 1405 Milford Haven Wales 129 Reykjavik Iceland south ofBordeaux France 397 Montevideo Uruguay 5834 Iceland 1234 PortsBoston Massachusetts USA Narvik Norway 1505 Tromso Norway 306 2769 New London Connecticut Vadso Norway 373 Baltimore Maryland USABoulogne France 322 USA 2849 Vardo Norway 328 Germany 657 New York New York USA Boston Massachusetts USABuenos Aires Argentina 5947 2937 BLAYE FRANCE 2231Cadiz Spain 930 Newcastle England 616 450730N 04015W For Charleston South Carolina USACaen France 264 Newport Wales 177 ocean distances subtract 13 mile via Windward Passage andCairn Ryan Scotland 330 Norfolk Virginia USA 3101 from Bordeaux distances Crooked Island Passage 1638Calais France 333 Oostende Belgium 400 Colon Panama 144CapHaitien Haiti 3565 Oslo Norway 947 Halifax Canada 2369 BLUFF HARBOR NEWCape Town South Africa 5772 Paramaribo Suriname 3602 ZEALAND Kingston Jamaica 604Cardiff Wales 176 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 463550S 1682030E to La Habana Cuba 981Cartagena Colombia 4138 USA 3082 Mobile Alabama USA 1340Charleston South Carolina Plymouth England 106 Junction Points New Orleans Louisiana USA USA 3368 Ponta Delgada Azores 1103 via South Pass and Amalie Virgin Islands Port au Prince Haiti via Cape Leeuwin Australia 2484 route 1353 3369 Windward Passage 3743 Torres Strait Australia 2797 New York New York USA viaCherbourg France 197 Port of Spain Trinidad 3603 Wilson Promontory Australia Windward Passage and Virgin Islands Port Talbot Wales 149 1135 Island Passage 2048 3370 Portland England 181 Norfolk Virginia USA viaCienfuegos Cuba via Windward Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Ports Windward Passage and Crooked Passage 4063 2165 Island Passage 1853Cobh Ireland 143 Portsmouth England via Needles Botany Bay Australia 1097 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USAColon Panama via Mona Channel 225 Dunedin New Zealand 147 via Windward Passage and Passage 4408 Praia Da Vitoria Terceira Azores Hobart Australia 930 Crooked Island Passage 2020Dakar Senegal 2195 1128 Melbourne Australia 1211 Savannah Georgia USA viaDartmouth England 122 Providence Rhode Island USA New Plymouth New Zealand 618 Windward Passage and CrookedDen Helder Netherlands 509 2841 Picton New Zealand 465 Island Passage 1637 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points BOTAS TURKEY 15BODO NORWAY Al Jubayl Saudi Arabia 2353 Halifax Canada via Cape Race Cape Town South Africa 6707 671700N 142230E to Belawan Indonesia 2109 2663 Cartagena Colombia via Crooked Bhavnager India 204 Horta Fayal Azores 1348 Island Passage 2036 Junction Points Calcutta India 2128 La Guaira Venezuela 3993 Casablanca Morocco 2981 Cochin India 392 La Habana Cuba north of Little Charlotte Amalie Virgin IslandsBishop Rock England 1405 Colombo Sri Lanka 895 Bahama Bank 4153 1513 Dampier Australia 3624 La Habana Cuba via Northeast Charlottetown Canada via Strait Ports Dar es Salaam Tanzania 2500 Providence Channel 4188 of Canso 621 Diego Garcia Chagos La Pallice France 103 Cienfuegos Cuba via WindwardBergen Norway 521 Archipelago 1603 Lagos Nigeria 3817 Passage Norway 733 Durban South Africa 3826 Lisboa Portugal 732 Colon Panama via CrookedOslo Norway 885 Fateh Terminal United Arab Luanda Angola 4623 Island Passage 2157 Emirates 1146 New London Connecticut Dakar Senegal 3221BOHANG SOUTH KOREA Fremantle Australia 3984 USA 3153 Fort de France Martinique 1799 360245N 1292330E to Galle Sri Lanka 944 New Orleans Louisiana USA Freetown Sierra Leone 3656 Karachi Pakistan 504 4692 Georgetown Guyana 2282 Ports Madras India 1482 New York New York USA Guantanamo Cuba 1495 Malacca Malaysia 2327 3241 Halifax Canada 380Hakodate Japan 665 Marmagao India 235 Norfolk Virginia USA 3405 Hamilton Bermuda 704Incheon South Korea 511 Massawa Ethiopia 2050 Panama Panama via Mona Ivittuut Greenland 1731Maizuru Japan 313 Mina al Ahmadi Kuwait 1517 Passage 4597 Jacmel Haiti Japan 164 Mina Abd Allah Kuwait 1514 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Kingston Jamaica via Crooked Mina Az Zawr Kuwait 1495 USA 3386 Island Passage 1657BOMA CONGO Mombasa Kenya 2400 Pictou Canada 2655 La Guaira Venezuela 1955 60040S 121625E to Okha India 341 Point Noire Congo 4437 La Habana Cuba 1415 Penang Malaysia 2154 Ponta Delgada Azores 1256 Lagos Nigeria 4774 Junction Points Port Darwin Australia 4193 Providence Rhode Island USA Las Piedras Venezuela 1907 Port Louis Mauritius 2517 3145 Les Cayes Haiti 1630Bishop Rock England 4493 Port Said Egypt 3046 Puerto de Pasajes Spain 178 Limon Costa Rica via CrookedCape of Good Hope South Africa Port Sudan Sudan 2310 Recife Brazil 3823 Island Passage 2230 4223 Port Victoria Mahe Seychelles Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4908 Lisboa Portugal 2801Fastnet Rock Ireland 4546 1752 San Sebastian Spain 210 Liverpool Canada 317Grand Banks South 4642 Rangoon Burma 2139 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Luderitz Bay Namibia 6302Ile dOuessant France 4452 Ras al Khafji Saudi Arabia 1491 Islands 1406 Maracaibo Venezuela Ireland 4862 Sabang Indonesia 1843 St Nazaire France 184 Montecristi Dominican RepublicPanama Panama 5670 Tamatave Madagascar 2621 Washington DC USA 3543 1415Pentland Firth Scotland 5151 Trincomalee Sri Lanka 1218 Wilmington North Carolina Montevideo Uruguay 5728Punta Arenas Chile 4998 Weipa Australia via south of USA 3638 Murmansk Russia 3719Strait of Gibraltar 3792 Java 4844 Nassau Bahamas 1173Straits of Florida 5864 Yenbo Indonesia 2503 BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Nuevitas Cuba 1454Yucatan Channel 5969 Zanzibar Tanzania 2517 USA Paramaribo Suriname 2380 422200N 710300W to Parrsboro Canada 349 Ports BONNY NIGERIA Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1742 42721N 71022E Subtract Junction Points Ponce Puerto Rico 1563Abidjan Ivory Coast 1187 28 miles from Port Harcourt Ponta Delgada Azores 2088Amboim Angola 356 distances Bishop Rock England 2769 Port au Prince Haiti 1557Bridgetown Barbados 4478 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Port of Spain Trinidad 2022Cabinda Cabinda 89 6722 Port Antonio Jamaica via BORDEAUX FRANCECape Town South Africa 3747 445100N 03400W to Fastnet Rock Ireland 2647 Crooked Island Passage 1606Dakar Senegal 2284 Inishtrahull Ireland 2751 Port Castries St Lucia 1812Douala Cameroon 742 Junction Points Montreal Canada via Cabot Progreso Mexico 1838Lagos Nigeria 977 Strait 1308 Puerto Cabello Venezuela viaLuanda Angola 190 Bishop Rock England 397 Montreal Canada via Strait of Mona Passage 1976Monrovia Liberia 1576 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Canso 1248 Recife Brazil 3669New York New York USA 5838 Panama Panama via Crooked Reykjavik Iceland via Cape 5567 Ile dOuessant France 321 Island Passage 2200 Race 2293Pointe Noire Congo 140 Montreal Canada via Cape Pentland Firth Scotland 2947 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4739Port Gentil Gabon 470 Race 3171 Punta Arenas Chile 6918 Salvador Brazil 4060Recife Brazil 2808 Panama Panama via Mona Strait of Gibraltar 3008 San Juan Puerto Rico 1486Sao Tome Sao Tome 563 Passage 4597 Straits of Florida 1408 Santa Cruz de Tenerife CanarySt Helena Island 1232 Punta Arenas Chile 7074 Yucatan Channel via outside Islands 2777Takoradi Ghana 1064 Strait of Gibraltar 1010 route Southbound 1595 Santa Marta Colombia via Straits of Florida 4172 Crooked Island Passage 1966BOMBAY INDIA Ports Santiago de Cuba Cuba via 185600N 725100E to Ports Crooked Island Passage 1545 Antilla Cuba 1408 Santo Domingo Dominican Junction Points Abidjan Ivory Coast 3376 Argentia Canada 801 Republic 1599 Accra Ghana 3603 Arkhangelsk Russia 4014 Santos Brazil 4928Cape of Good Hope South Africa Baltimore Maryland USA Bahia Blanca Argentina 6125 Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 1853 via west of Madagascar 4554 3528 Banes Cuba via Crooked Island St Georges Grenada 1932Cape Leeuwin Australia 4059 Bayonne France 200 Passage 1398 St John Canada 286Port Said Egypt 3046 Belem Brazil 3868 Belem Brazil 2970 St Johns Canada 885Singapore 2441 Boston Massachusetts USA Belize Belize via Straits of Sydney Canada 597Selat Sunda Indonesia 2664 3073 Florida and Yucatan Channel Vigo Spain 2746Torres Strait Australia south of Buenos Aires Argentina 6009 1934 Walvisbaai Namibia 6131 Java and Timor 4849 Cadiz Spain 952 Bilbao Spain 2979 Willemstad Curacao 1881 Cape Town South Africa 5820 Bocas del Toro Panama via Yarmouth Canada 237 Ports Charleston South Carolina Crooked Island Passage 2231 USA 3700 Bordeaux France 3073 BOTAS TURKEYAbadan Iran 1357 Dakar Senegal 2243 Brest France 2854 365037N 355705E toAd Damman Saudi Arabia 1373 Fort de France Martinique 3607 Bridgetown Barbados 1899Aden Yemen 1657 Funchal Madeira Island 1192 Buenos Aires Argentina 5842Al Basrah Iraq 1594 Cadiz Spain 2992 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points16 BOTWOOD CANADA Junction Points Junction Points Dundee Scotland 437 Ports Dunkerque France 321Port Said Egypt 390 Bishop Rock England 377 Egersund Norway 312 Aarhus Denmark 211Strait of Gibraltar 2049 Fastnet Rock Ireland 377 Emden Germany 128 Bergen Norway 316 Inishtrahull Ireland 125 Hakonsvern Norway 442 Kokkola Finland via The Sound Ports Hartlepool England 355 958 Ports Harwich England 309 Kotka Finland via The SoundBeirut Lebanon 178 Hull England 332 827Istanbul Turkey 846 Ardrossan Scotland 33 Inverness Scotland 514 Narvik Norway 914Piraievs Greece 650 Avonmouth England 384 Kristiansand Norway 292 SanktPeterburg Russia via TheTarabulus Libya 1147 Cardiff Wales 368 Le Havre France 453 Sound 916 Cobn Ireland 329 Leith Scotland 442 Stavanger Norway 234BOTWOOD CANADA Fishguard Wales 248 London England 375 Tallinn Estonia via The Sound 490900N 552024W to Glasgow Scotland 10 Narvik Norway 1058 752 Stornoway Scotland 273 Newcastle England 374 Vassa Finland via The Sound Junction Points Oostende Belgium 299 899 BRAKE GERMANY Oslo Norway 427Bishop Rock England 1868 531955N 82930E Add Plymouth England 573 Rock Ireland 1731 14 l2 miles to Bremerhaven Portland England 499 CONNECTICUT USAGrand Banks South 560 distances Portsmouth England 446 411018N 731048W toInishtrahull Ireland 1759 Rotterdam Netherlands 256Montreal Canada via Cabot Sandefjorden Norway 373 Junction Points BRASS RIVER OFFSHORE Strait 1329 TERMINAL NIGERIA Skien Norway 372Montreal Canada via Strait of 40400N 61717E to Southampton England 464 Panama Panama 2118 Belle Isle 1024 Stavanger Norway 366Panama Panama 3360 Junction Points Zeebrugge Belgium 287 PortsPentland Firth Scotland 2151Strait of Gibraltar 2309 Bishop Rock England 3971 BREMERTON Halifax Canada 552Straits of Florida 2736 Cape of Good Hope South WASHINGTON USA La Habana Cuba 1292 Africa 3534 473330N 1223800W For Ports Fastnet Rock Ireland 4024 distances outside Puget Sound add BRIDGETOWN BARBADOS Grand Banks South 4123 9 miles to Seattle distances 130500N 593700W toBoston Massachusetts USA Ile dOuessant France 3863 1147 Inishtrahull Ireland 4315 BREST FRANCE Junction PointsColon Panama 2947 Panama Panama 5216 482230N 43300W toHalifax Canada 782 Pentland Firth Scotland 5019 Panama Panama 1280Ilulissat Jakobshavn Greenland Punta Arenas Chile 5226 Junction Points Straits of Florida 1511 1237 Strait of Gibraltar 3271 Yucatan Channel 1549Keflavik Iceland 1390 Straits of Florida 5376 Cape of Good Hope SouthNew York New York USA Yucatan Channel 5500 Africa 5757 Ports 1304 Ile dOuessant France 55Ponta Delgada Azores 2675 Ports Straits of Florida 3953 Baltimore Maryland USAPort of Spain Trinidad 2512 1853Reykjavik Iceland 1472 Abidjan Ivory Coast 632 Ports Belem Brazil 1154Upernavik Greenland 1417 Boston Massachusetts USA Boma Congo 4478 4931 Baltimore Maryland USA Boston Massachusetts USABOULOGNE FRANCE Cape Town South Africa 2385 3302 1899 504330N 13600E to Casablanca Morocco 3266 Barrow in Furness England 416 Charleston South Carolina Dakar Senegal 1783 Boston Massachusetts USA USA 1628 Junction Points Monrovia Liberia 1053 2838 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands New York New York USA Cardiff Wales 277 442Bishop Rock England 322 5028 Charleston South Carolina Colon Panama 1237 Norfolk Virginia USA 5124 USA 3452 Fort de France Martinique 130 Ports Port of Spain Trinidad 4054 Colon Panama via Mona Georgetown Guyana 389 Recife Brazil 2570 Passage 4420 Halifax Canada 1906Cardiff Wales 429 Takoradi Ghana 482 Fishguard Wales 274 Hamilton Bermuda 1208Dublin Ireland 496 Funchal Madeira Island 1110 Jacksonville Florida USAGlassgow Scotland 672 BREMEN GERMANY Guantanamo Cuba 3784 1617Hull England 225 530630N 84500E For Holyhead Wales 345 Key West Florida USA 1459Le Havre France 98 ocean distances add 34 miles to Liverpool England 410 Kingstown St Vincent 98Manchester England 601 Bremerhaven distances New York New York USA Montevideo Uruguay 4096Plymouth England 226 3017 Nassau Bahamas England 120 Philadelphia Pennsylvania New York New York USA BREMERHAVEN England 113 533300N 83330E to USA 3160 1829 Reykjavik Iceland 1181 Paramaribo Suriname 496BOWEN AUSTRALIA Junction Points Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4841 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 200130S 1481500E to Rotterdam Netherlands 457 USA 1839 Bishop Rock England 657 Rouen France 342 Port au Prince Haiti 1070 Junction Points Ile dOuessant France 647 St Malo France 177 Port of Spain Trinidad via Boca East Yarmouth England 440 Grande 211Cape Leeuwin Australia 2975 Entrance Germany 129 Port Castries St Lucia north ofTorres Strait Australia 760 Pentland Firth Scotland 507 BREVIK NORWAY St Lucia 110 Skagens Odde Denmark 320 590300N 94130E to Port Castries St Lucia south of Ports St Lucia 115 Ports Junction Points Recife Brazil 2054Brisbane Australia 610 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3157Bunbury Australia 3072 Aberdeen Scotland 425 Bishop Rock England 886 Salvador Brazil 2476Noumea New Caledonia 1342 Amsterdam Netherlands 223 Ile dOuessant France 871 San Juan Puerto Rico west of St Antwerp Belgium 333 NordOstsee Kanal East Croix Island and VirginBOWLING SCOTLAND Bergen Norway 447 Entrance Germany 307 Passage 517 555545N 42907W to Cherbourg France 485 Pentland Firth Scotland 451 Santa Barbara de Samana Dover England 341 Skagens Odde Denmark 82 Dominican Republic 675 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points BUENAVENTURA COLOMBIA 17Savannah Georgia USA 1646 Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Portland Oregon USA 6421 PortsSt Georges Grenada north of Canal 1045 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 1434 island 144 Oran Algeria 1084 Raoul Island Kermadec Islands Campeche Mexico 552St Georges Grenada south of Palermo Sicily 387 1566 Coatzacoalcas Mexico 517 island 152 Palma Balearic Islands 905 Rockhampton Australia 391 Tampico Mexico 267 Pescara Italy 209 San Diego California USABRIGHTON TRINIDAD Piraievs Greece south of 6306 BRUGGE BELGIUM 101534N 613738W to Greece 480 San Francisco California USA 511325N 31325E Add 8 Piraievs Greece via Corinth 6193 miles to Zeebrugge distances Junction Points Canal 343 Seattle Washington USA 6471 Rijeka Croatia 342 Shanghai China 4243 BRUNSWICK GEORGIABishop Rock England 3610 Savona Italy 762 Suva Fiji Islands 1548 USACape of Good Hope South Africa ShengJin Albania 103 Sydney Australia 529 310800N 812940W to 5391 Sibenik Croatia 217 Townsville Australia 677Panama Panama 1208 Siracusa Sicily 292 Urangan Australia 282 Junction PointsPunta Arenas Chile 5438 Split Croatia 202 Wellington New Zealand 1453Strait of Gibraltar 3409 Tarabulus Libya 555 Yokohama Japan 3925 Montreal Canada 2074Straits of Florida via Mona Taranto Italy 150 Panama Panama via Windward Passage 1539 Thessaloniki Greece south of BRISTOL ENGLAND Passage and Crooked IslandYucatan Channel 1523 Greece 688 512700N 23730W For Passage 1581 Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth ocean distances add 6 miles to Straits of Florida 548 Ports Canal 592 Avonmouth distances Toulon France 812 PortsAlvaro Obregon Mexico 2066 Trieste Italy 376 BRIXHAM ENGLANDBelize Belize 1643 Tunis Tunisia 564 502457N 32742W to Belize Belize via Straits ofBoston Massachusetts USA Valencia Spain 1048 Florida 1072 2028 Valletta Malta 369 Junction Points Belize Belize via WindwardLa Habana Cuba via Old Bahama Venezia Italy 386 Passage 1661 Channel and Mona Passage Volos Greece south of Greece Bishop Rock England 128 Buenos Aires Argentina 5845 1500 629 Ile dOuessant France 141 Cape Town South Africa 6857Limetree Bay Virgin Islands 480 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal East Cartagena Colombia 1417Monrovia Liberia 3051 533 Entrance Germany 679 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Pennsylvania USA Zadar Croatia 280 Pentland Firth Scotland 737 1190 via Virgin Passage 1944 Skagens Odde Denmark 757 Colon Panama via WindwardSan Juan Puerto Rico 574 BRISBANE AUSTRALIA Passage 1538Veracruz Mexico 2182 272800S 1530330E to Ports Halifax Canada 1210Willemstad Curacao 456 Kingston Jamaica 1038 Junction Points Cherbourg France 81 Las Palmas Canary Islands 3442BRINDISI ITALY Cobh Ireland 246 Limon Costa Rica 1611 403830N 175703E to Panama Panama 7687 Dover England 197 Montevideo Uruguay 5731 Punta Arenas Chile via 30S Kings Lynn England 405 Port of Spain Trinidad 1694 Junction Points 7369 Le Havre France 148 Port Castries St Lucia 1529 Punta Arenas Chile via 49S Recife Brazil 3672Port Said Egypt 941 6063 BROOKLYN NEW YORK Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4744Strait of Gibraltar 1315 Torres Strait Australia via inner USA Salvador Brazil 4063 route 1348 404000N 740100W For San Juan Puerto Rico 1132 Ports Wilson Promontory Australia 931 ocean distances subtract 1 l4 miles Santiago de Cuba Cuba 926 from New York distances Santo Domingo Egypt 831 Ports Republic 1179Algiers Algeria 888 BROOME AUSTRALIA Tampico Mexico 1387Alicante Spain 1042 Apia Samoa 2177 175900S 1221000E to Veracruz Mexico 1351Ancona Italy 274 Apra Guam 2659Annaba Algeria 668 Auckland New Zealand 1340 Junction Points BRUSSELS Libya 535 Avarua Cook Islands 2618 505000N 42000E SeeBanzart Tunisia 577 Bowen Australia 610 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Spain 947 Cairns Harbor Australia 827 5460Beirut Lebanon 1011 Christmas Island Line Islands Cape Leeuwin Australia 1316 BRUXELLES Spain 1073 3379 Selat Lombok Indonesia 673 505000N 42000E AddCeuta Morocco 1296 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Port Said Egypt 6328 29 miles to Antwerp Italy 375 5369 Selat Sunda Indonesia Italy 568 Funafuti Tuvalu 1895 Torres Strait Australia 1419 BUCHANAN LIBERIAGenova Italy 752 Gladstone Harbor Australia 314 55130N 100330W toGibraltar 1298 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4117 PortsHaifa Israel 1007 Jaluit Marshall Islands 2231 Junction PointsIraklion Kriti 496 Lae Papau New Guinea 1560 Colombo Sri Lanka 2943Istanbul Turkey south of Levuka Fiji Islands 1569 Flying Fish Cove Christmas Cape of Good Hope South Africa Greece 793 Los Angeles California USA Island 1059 2912Istanbul Turkey via Corinth 6274 Fremantle Australia 1183 Ile dOuessant France 2904 Canal 697 Lucinda Australia 804 Port Darwin Australia 694Izmir Turkey south of Greece Mackay Australia 512 Thursday Island Australia 1385 Ports 639 Malakal Palau Islands 2642 Zanzibar Tanzania 4820Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Midway Island 3757 Dakar Senegal 755 543 Nandi Bay Fiji Islands 1618 BROWNSVILLE TEXAS Takoradi Ghana 197Kerkira Greece 123 Nelson New Zealand 1380 USALa Spezia Italy 717 Nonouti Gilbert Islands 2032 255706N 972400W to BUCKNER BAY OKINAWALivorno Italy 681 Noumea New Caledonia 807 JIMA RYUKYU ISLANDSMalaga Spain 1245 Nukualofa Tonga Islands 1819 Junction Points See Nakagusuku WanMarseille France 844 Omura Bonin Islands 3455Messina Sicily 270 Pago Pago American Samoa Straits of Florida 793 Italy 442 2221 Yucatan Channel 729 COLOMBIAOdessa Ukraine south of Papeete French Polynesia 3234 35400N 770430W to Greece 1142 Ponape Caroline Islands 2108 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points18 BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA Junction Points Puerto Deseado Argentina 965 Route 8249 BURNIE HARBOR Puerto Madryn Argentina 748 Punta Arenas Chile via Cook Panama 352 Quequen Argentina 350 Strait 6062 410300S 1455500E to Recife Brazil 2181 Torres Strait Australia 1182 Ports Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1151 Wilson Promontory Australia Junction Points Rio Gallegos Argentina 1231 1089Callao Peru 1126 Rio Grande Argentina 1306 Wilson Promontory Australia 116Golfito Costa Rica 426 Rio Grande Brazil 440 PortsGuayaquil Ecuador 578 Salvador Brazil 1849 PortsLa Libertad Ecuador 445 San Juan Puerto Rico 4713 Arica Chile via Curtis ChannelSan Francisco California USA Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary and north of New Zealand Hobart Tasmania 332 3383 Island 4619 7263 Melbourne Australia 223 Santo Domingo Dominican Brisbane Australia 265 Sydney Australia 525BUENOS AIRES Republic 4881 Hobart Tasmania 1296ARGENTINA Santos Brazil 1006 Mollendo Peru via Curtis BURNSIDE LOUISIANA 343500S 582200W to Savannah Georgia USA 5854 Channel and north of New USA St Helena Island 3052 Zealand 7244 300800N 905500W Add Junction Points St John Canada 5853 Sydney Australia 679 63 miles to New Orleans distances St Johns Canada 5663 Tumaco Colombia via CurtisBishop Rock England 5947 Sydney Canada 5749 Channel 7574 BURUTU NIGERIACape of Good Hope South Ushuaia Argentina 1447 Valparaiso Chile via Cook Strait 52545N 50628E to Africa 3704 Vigo Spain 5518 and Curtis Channel 6615Ile dOuessant France 5916 Wilmington North Carolina Junction Ireland 6243 USA 5805 BUR IBRAHIM EGYPTMontreal Canada 6455 295530N 323230E For Bishop Rock England 3908Pentland Firth Scotland 6491 distances via Red Sea subtract 88 Cape of Good Hope South BUKHTA NAGAYEVAPunta Arenas Chile 1394 RUSSIA miles from Port Said distances Africa 3499Strait of Gibraltar 5280 593300N 1504500E to Fastnet Rock Ireland 3961Straits of Florida 5713 Grand Banks South 4060 BUR SAFAGA EGYPT Ile dOuessant France 3868Yucatan Channel 5723 Ports 264400N 335630E to Inishtrahull Ireland 4252 Ports Moskalvo Russia 472 Panama Panama 5153 Junction Points Pentland Firth Scotland 4956Bahia Blanca Argentina 564 Russia 864 Punta Arenas Chile 5246 Cape of Good Hope SouthBaltimore Maryland USA Zaliv Urkt Russia 441 Strait of Gibraltar 3207 Africa 5016 5945 Straits of Florida 5313 Port Said Egypt 310Belem Brazil 3274 Yucatan Channel 5437 BUKTA SHELIKHOVA Singapore 4729Bordeaux France 6009 KURIL ISLANDS RUSSIABoston Massachusetts USA 502300N 1553700E to Ports Ports 5842Brunswick Georgia USA 5845 Ports Abidjan Ivory Coast 565 Aden Yemen 1109Cadiz Spain 5293 Cape Town South Africa 4475 Port Sudan Sudan 508Caleta Olivia Argentina 865 Casablanca Morocco 3207Cape Town South Africa 3720 Russia 934 Dakar Senegal 1653 Aomori Honshu Japan 899 BUREA SWEDEN Monrovia Liberia 986Cartagena Colombia 5154 643710N 211425E toCharleston South Carolina Attu Island Alaska USA 675 New York New York USA USA 5822 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA 4982 Junction Amalie Virgin Islands 1411 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 4648 Hakodate Japan 865 USA 5080 Canada 5831 Kholmsk Russia 709 Recife Brazil 2525 Entrance Germany 844Cienfuegos Cuba 5526 Kiska Alaska USA 867 Skagens Odde Denmark via TheColon Panama 5385 Korsakov Sakhalin Russia 616 Sound 90 BUSAN SOUTH KOREAComodoro Rivadavia Argentina Muroran Japan 858 350600N 1290300E to 927 Russia PortsDakar Senegal 3864 north of Sakhalin 676 Junction PointsFreetown Sierra Leone 3712 Otaru Japan 788 Helsinki Finland 404Funchal Madeira Island 4823 Singapore 2502 Kobenhavn Denmark 774Georgetown Guyana 3954 Russia 224 Selat Sunda Indonesia 2855 Reposaari Finland 222Guantanamo Cuba 5213 Vladivostok Russia 1122 Selat Wetar Indonesia via Stockholm Sweden 389Halifax Canada 5731 Wakkanai Japan 643 Molucca Passage and SelatHamilton Bermuda 5211 Manipa 2632 BURGAS BULGARIAHorta Azores 4997 BUNBURY AUSTRALIA 422850N 272713E toJacksonville Florida USA 331750S 1153840E to Ports 5808 Junction PointsKey West Florida USA 5661 Junction Points Jamaica 5224 Russia 1118 Port Said Egypt 930La Habana Cuba 5671 Cape Leeuwin Australia 97 Bangkok Thailand outer bar Strait of Gibraltar south ofLisboa Portugal 5339 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1510 2533 Greece 1965Mar del Plata Argentina 276 Port Said Egypt 6343 Chongjin North Korea 417Natal Brazil 2329 Dagu China viaMaenggol PortsNew York New York USA Ports Sudo 702 5871 Dalian China via Maenggol Alexandria Egypt 848Norfolk Virginia USA 5824 Bowen Australia 3072 Sudo 543 Algiers Algeria 1510Paramaribo Suriname 3813 Port Adelaide Australia 1260 Gunsan South Korea 376 Antibes France Pennsylvania Port Darwin Australia 1906 Hakodate Japan 686 Banzart Tunisia 1179 USA 5918 HigashiIwase Japan 492 Bari Italy 968Ponta Delgada Azores 4975 BUNDABERG AUSTRALIA Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1999 Es Sider Libya 959Port au Prince Haiti 5258 244529S 1522733E to Hong Kong China 1144 Haifa Israel 942Port Castries St Lucia 4375 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3973 Iskenderun Turkey 936Portland Maine USA 5873 Junction Points Hualien Kang Taiwan 782 Istanbul Turkey 126Puerto Concepcion Argentina 806 Incheon South Korea via Napoli Italy 1100Puerto Cortes Honduras 5909 Panama Panama via Central Maenggol Sudo 402 Novorossiysk Russia 476 Jakarta Indonesia 2836 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points CALCUTTA INDIA 19Kimchaek North Korea 351 CABIMAS VENEZUELA Ile dOuessant France 240 Hamilton Bermuda 1126Kobe Japan 361 102300N 712800W Add Houston Texas 986Kushiro Japan 876 21 miles to Maracaibo distances Ports Jacksonville Florida USA viaLo hsingta Maoti China 762 Florida Strait 519Los Angeles California USA CABINDA CABINDA Calais France 133 La Habana Cuba 203 5229 53200S 121100E to Cardiff Wales 367 Lagos Nigeria 4999Maizuru Japan 333 Chatham England 190 Manzanillo Dominican RepublicManila Philippines 1402 Ports Cherbourg France 73 479Moji Japan 123 Cobh Ireland 368 Montreal Canada 2511Mogpo South Korea 225 Amboim Angola 339 Dartmouth England 172 Nuevitas Cuba 181Nagasaki Japan 163 Boma Congo 89 Dover England 140 Pepel Sierra Leone 3930Naha Ryukyu Islands 550 Douala Cameroon 668 Southampton England 119 Walvisbaai Namibia via MonaNakhodka Russia 508 Port Gentil Gabon 393 Passage 6142Nampo North Korea via CAGLIARI SARDINIA Maenggol Sudo 496 CADIZ SPAIN 391230N 90630E to CAIRN RYAN SCOTLANDNanao Japan 476 363200N 61700W to 545800N 50200W toNiigata Japan 516 Junction PointsPago Pago American Samoa via Junction Points Junction Points Bungo Suido 4561 Port Said Egypt Bishop Rock England 930 Strait of Gibraltar 750 Bishop Rock England 330 Russia 1731 Ile dOuessant France 894 Fastnet Rock Ireland 338Port Darwin Australia via Montreal Canada 3209 Ports Inishtrahull Ireland 91 Molucca Passage 2937 Strait of Gibraltar 50 Pentland Firth Scotland 340Qingdao China 497 Straits of Florida 3978 Alexandria Egypt China via Algiers Algeria 332 Ports Maenggol Sudo 650 Ports Alicante Spain 473Rumoi Japan 793 Banzart Tunisia 126 Glasgow Scotland 82Sakata Japan 577 Baltimore Maryland USA Barcelona Spain 379San Francisco California USA 3437 Bari Italy 652 CAIRNS HARBOR 4914 Banjul Gambia 1587 Cannes France 347 China north of Cheju Belem Brazil 3286 Castellammare di Stabia Italy 276 165100S 1454900E to Do and via South Channel Belize Belize via Providence Catania Sicily 377 491 Channels 4485 Ceuta Morocco 731 Junction PointsTaitung Kang Taiwan 860 Boston Massachusetts USA Civitavecchia Italy 239Tongyeong South Korea 63 2992 Constanta Romania south of Torres Strait Australia 505Ube Japan 143 Brest France 887 Greece 1330 Wilson Promontory AustraliaUnggi North Korea 452 Bridgeport Connecticut USA Constanta Romania via Corinth Russia 514 3119 Canal 1289Wakamatsu Japan 120 Buenos Aires Argentina 5293 Genova Italy 359 PortsWeihai China 474 Cape Town South Africa 5078 Istanbul Turkey south ofWeonsan North Korea 308 Casablanca Morocco 192 Greece 1133 Brisbane Australia 827Xiamen China 885 Charleston South Carolina Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Noumea New Caledonia 1250Yantai China via Maenggol USA 3578 Canal 1092 Wellington New Zealand 2122 Sudo 508 Colon Panama 4286 La Spezia Italy 336Yeosu South Korea 97 Dakar Senegal 1500 Livorno Italy 304 CALABAR Japan 665 Freetown Sierra Leone 1979 Marseille France 360 45815N 81900E to Funchal Madeira Island 579 Messina Sicily 328BUSHEHR IRAN Halifax Canada 2664 Napoli Italy 272 Junction Points 285830N 504500E to Horta Azores 1070 Nice France 354 Jacksonville Florida USA Oran Algeria 525 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Junction Points 3710 Palermo Sicily 221 2458 Lisboa Portugal 253 Piraievs Greece south of Ile dOuessant France 4054Cape of Good Hope South Africa Luanda Angola 3898 Greece 820 Strait of Gibraltar 3420 5032 Manzanillo Dominican Republic Piraievs Greece via 3737 3583 Canal 738 Ports New York New York USA Savona Italy 362 Ports 3155 Sete France 402 Lagos Nigeria 391 Norfolk Virginia USA 3303 Toulon France 337 Matadi Congo 818Bandar Khomeini Iran 158 Oporto Portugal 399 Tunis Tunisia 169Belawan Indonesia 3372 Pepel Sierra Leone 2001 Valencia Spain 461 CALAIS FRANCECalcutta India 3414 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Valletta Malta 331 505800N 15100E toFremantle Australia 5259 USA 3296 Venezia Italy 970Malacca Malaysia 3590 Ponta Delgada Azores 930 Volos Greece south of Greece Junction PointsPenang Malaysia 3417 Port Stanley Falkland Islands 969Port Darwin Australia 5446 5955 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Bishop Rock England 333Rangoon Burma 3425 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands 927 Ile dOuessant France 321Sabang Indonesia 3106 1547 East Qaanaaq Thule Greenland 3322 CAIBARIEN CUBA Entrance Germany 408CABEDELO BRAZIL Recife Brazil 3125 223200N 792800W to 65800S 345040W to Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4192 Ports San Juan Puerto Rico 3313 Junction Points Junction Points Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Bergen Norway 588 Islands 702 Panama Panama 1138 Egersund Norway 475Cape of Good Hope South Africa Santander Spain 789 Straits of Florida 252 Kristiansand Norway 486 3374 Vigo Spain 463 Oslo Norway 634Panama Panama 3149 Walvisbaai Namibia 4466 Ports Plymouth England 244Punta Arenas Chile 3327 Portland England 170 CAEN FRANCE Casablanca Morocco 3814 Stavanger Norway 515 Ports 491100N 02000W to Dakar Senegal 3567 Freeport Bahamas via Florida CALCUTTA INDIABelem Brazil 1021 Junction Points Strait 272 223300N 88l900E toSalvador Brazil 468 Freetown Sierra Leone 3916 Bishop Rock England 264 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points20 CALDERA CHILE Junction Points Bahia de las Calderas Dominican Matarani Peru 462 Londonderry Northern Ireland 82 Republic Midway Island 6280Cape of Good Hope South Africa Monterey California USA CAMPECHE MEXICO via east of Madagascar 5444 CALETA OLIVIA 3907 195100N 904500W toCape Leeuwin Australia 3796 ARGENTINA Nome Alaska USA 6578Selat Lombok Indonesia via 462557S 672932W to Noumea New Caledonia 6541 Junction Points Malacca Sapudi and Selat Papeete French Polynesia 4192 Lombok 2608 Junction Points Pimentel Peru 363 Panama Panama 1210Port Said Egypt 4691 Pisco Peru 128 Yucatan Channel 291Singapore 1649 Panama Panama 6204 Ponape Caroline Islands 7515Selat Sunda Indonesia 2140 Punta Arenas Chile 570 Portland Oregon USA 4611 Ports Prince Rupert Canada 5047 Ports Ports Puerto Masachapa Nicaragua Belize Belize west of Banco 1583 Chinchorro and Isla deAden Yemen 3304 Buenos Aires Argentina 865 Puerto Sandino Nicaragua 1608 Cozumel 609Akyab Burma 402 Puntarenas Costa Rica 1421 Cienfuegos Cuba 691Al Basrah Iraq 3593 CALICUT INDIA Quepos Costa Rica 1387 Colon Panama 1167Al Manamah Bahrain 3355 111500N 754400E to Rabaul Papua New Guinea 7713 Galveston Texas USA 617Assab Ethiopia 3446 Salaverry Peru 266 Gulfport Mississippi USA 652Bandar Abbas Iran 3058 Junction Points Salina Cruz Mexico 2005 Key West Florida USA 632Bassein Burma 643 San Antonio Chile 1328 La Guaira Venezuela 1635Belawan Indonesia 1326 Selat Lombok Indonesia 2916 San Diego California USA La Habana Cuba 561Bombay India 2128 Singapore 1942 3585 Mobile Alabama USA 674Bushehr Iran 3414 San Francisco California USA New Orleans Louisiana USAChalna Mungla Anchorage Ports 3989 via Southwest Pass 650 Bangladesh 288 San Jose Guatemala 1763 Pensacola Florida USA 670Chittagong Bangladesh 367 Belawan Indonesia 1604 San Juan Peru 248 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1806Colombo Sri Lanka 1258 Bombay India 506 San Lorenzo Honduras 1701 Port au Prince Haiti 1140Dumai Indonesia 1579 Calcutta India 1612 Santa Barbara California USA Port of Spain Trinidad 1913Fremantle Australia 3693 Chittagong Bangladesh 1664 3722 Port Castries St Lucia 1848Kakinada India 522 Dar es Salaam Tanzania 2432 Seattle Washington USA 4764 Puerto Cabello Venezuela 1595Karachi Pakistan 2578 Fremantle Australia 3484 Seward Alaska USA 5660 Santo Domingo India 769 Galle Sri Lanka 437 Sitka Alaska USA 5255 Republic 1364Malacca Malaysia 1523 Jakarta Indonesia via Selat Suva Fiji Islands 5995 Tampico Mexico 430Massawa Ethiopia 3696 Sunda 2208 Talacahuano Chile 1508 Tuxpan Mexico 375Mocambique Mozambique 3831 Malacca Malaysia 1827 Talara Peru 534 Veracruz Mexico 307Mombasa Kenya via One and Mombasa Kenya 2342 Valparaiso Chile 1306 Willemstad Curacao 1527 Half Degree Channel 3703 Penang Malaysia 1654 Wellington New Zealand 5721Moulmein Burma 824 Port Darwin Australia 3683 CANAKKLE TURKEYPenang Malaysia 1294 Rangoon Burma 1617 CAMDEN NEW JERSEY 400900N 262400E ForPhuket Thailand 1124 Sebang Indonesia 1343 USA ports outside the Black Sea and SeaPort Blair Andaman Islands 775 395700N 750800W Use of Marmara subtract 133 Y2 milesPort Louis Mauritius 3212 CALLAO PERU Philadelphia distances from Istanbul distancesPort Swettenham Malaysia 1444 120300S 771000W toRangoon Burma 787 CAMP LLOYD GREENLAND CANNES FRANCESabang Indonesia via Duncan Junction Points 665730N 505625W to 433200N 70103E to Passage 1120Singapore 1650 Panama Panama 1350 Junction Points Junction India 458 Punta Arenas Chile 2671Yenbo Saudi Arabia 4148 Torres Strait Australia 8206 Pentland Firth Scotland 1828 Port Said Egypt 1472Zanzibar Tanzania via One and Wilson Promontory Australia via Strait of Gibraltar 2676 Strait of Gibraltar 773 Half Degree Channel 3776 Cook Strait 7261 Ports PortsCALDERA CHILE Ports 270345S 705030W to Churchill Canada 1434 Algiers Algeria 446 Acapulco Mexico 2198 Reykjavik Iceland 1274 Cagliari Sardinia 347 Junction Points Amapala Honduras 1665 St Johns Canada 1198 Genova Italy 107 Antofagasta Chile 813 Livorno Italy 149Panama Panama 2302 Apia Samoa 5492 CAMPANA ARGENTINA Napoli Italy 381Punta Arenas Chile 1795 Apra Guam 8372 340550S 585742W Add Oran Algeria 594 Arica Chile 593 155 miles to Buenos Aires Palma Balearic Islands 357 Ports Auckland New Zealand 5834 distances or add 60 miles via Mitre Piraievs Greece south of Avarua Cook Islands 4733 Channel Greece Chile 215 Buenaventura Colombia 1126 Piraievs Greece via CorinthArica Chile 522 Caldera Chile 980 CAMPBELTOWN Canal 942Callao Peru 980 Chimbote Peru 206 SCOTLAND Sete France 171Coquimbo Chile 196 Coquimbo Chile 1136 552553N 53238W toGuayaquil Ecuador 1632 Corinto Nicaragua 1606 CANSO CANAL PORTIquique Chile 420 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Junction Points HAWBESBURG CANADALota Chile 628 5988 454245N 612906W toMollendo Peru 606 Esmeraldas Ecuador 909 Bishop Rock England 353Pisco Peru 880 Guayaquil Ecuador 712 Fastnet Rock Ireland 342 Junction PointsSan Diego California USA Guaymas Mexico 3117 Inishtrahull Ireland 82 4492 Honolulu Hawaii USA 5161 Cape of Good Hope SouthSan Francisco California USA Iquique Chile 659 Ports Africa 6484 4894 Jaluit Marshall Islands 6832 Grand Banks South 531Talcahuano Chile 602 La Libertad Ecuador 682 Belfast Northern Ireland 53 Panama Panama via Chile 376 La Palma Panama 1336 Cardiff Wales 333 Passage 2424 Levuka Fiji Islands 6002 Cobh Ireland 289 Pentland Firth Scotland 468CALDERA BAY Los Angeles California USA Dublin Ireland 141 Punta Arenas Chile 6971DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 3655 Glasgow Scotland 73 Straits of Florida 1730 181330N 703130W See Lota Chile 1530 Liverpool England 165 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points CAPE OF GOOD HOPE SOUTH AFRICA 21 Ports Halifax Canada 413 Mina Abd Allah Kuwait 5437 Strait of Gibraltar 5082 Hamilton Bermuda 651 Mina Az Zawr Kuwait 5418 Straits of Florida 6770Argentia Canada 357 Murmansk Russia 3834 Nelson New Zealand 2794 Selat Sunda Indonesia 5164Baltimore Maryland USA 975 New York New York USA 174 Port des Galets Reunion Island Torres Strait Australia 6854Bridgetown Barbados 1965 Portland Maine USA 119 3241 Selat Wetar Indonesia 6768Guantanamo Cuba 1771 Reykjavik Iceland 2341 Port Adelaide Australia 1165 Wilson Promontory AustraliaNew York New York USA 675 Yarmouth Canada 228 Port Augusta Australia 1252 5530Port Castries St Lucia 1908 Port Darwin Australia 1978 Yucatan Channel 6770Santo Domingo Dominican CAPE COD CANAL SOUTH Port Lincoln Australia 1100 Republic 1855 END MASSACHUSETTS Port Louis Mauritius via rhumb PortsSt Johns Canada 452 USA line 3214Wilmington North Carolina 413749N 704152W to Port Refuge Cocos Islands 1678 Abidjan Ivory Coast 2712 USA 1074 Portland Australia 1304 Ad Dammam Saudi Arabia 4960 Junction Points Rangoon Burma 3359 Aden Yemen alternate 4235CAPHAITIEN HAITI Rapid Bay Australia 1131 Aden Yemen 3980 194600N 721130W to Cape of Good Hope South Africa Ras al Khafji Saudi Arabia 5414 Agadir Morocco 4719 6711 Ras Tannurah Saudi Arabia 5316 Al Basrah Iraq 5232 Junction Points Grand Banks South 923 Sabang Indonesia 2711 Al Gurdagah Egypt 5041 Montreal Canada 1432 Simons Bay South Africa 4572 Al Hudaydah Yemen 4137Bishop Rock England 3565 Panama Panama 2054 Stenhouse Bay Australia 1077 Al Manamah Al Bahrain 4957Panama Panama 860 Punta Arenas Chile 7046 Strahan Australia 1492 Al Mukha Yemen 4043Straits of Florida 604 Straits of Florida 1270 Tjilatjap Indonesia 1616 Albany Australia 4740 Townsville Australia 3023 Anecho Togo 2615 Ports Ports Umm Said Qatar 5245 Argentia Canada 6294 Wallaroo Australia 1153 Assab Ethiopia 4056Baltimore Maryland USA Antilla Cuba 1274 Wellington New Zealand 2863 Baltimore Maryland USA 1227 Bahia Blanca Argentina 6335 Yampi Sound Australia 1588 6924Belize Belize 950 Belem Brazil 2855 Bandar Khomeini Iran insideCarmen Mexico 1228 Buenos Aires Argentina 6031 Agulhas Current 5190 CAPE LOPEZ GABONCartagena Colombia 697 Fort de France Martinique 1698 03743S 84319E to Bandar Khomeini Iran Amalie Virgin Islands Kingston Jamaica 1564 Agulhas Current 5395 442 La Habana Cuba 1272 Junction Points Bata Equatorial Guinea 2291Cienfuegos Cuba 543 Montevideo Uraguay 5928 Beira Mozambique 1454Colon Panama 817 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Bishop Rock England 4147 Belawan Indonesia 5246Dakar Senegal 3154 USA 338 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Belem Brazil 4368Guantanamo Cuba 175 Port Castries St Lucia 1733 2105 Bissau GuineaBissau 3518Gulfport Mississippi USA Recife Brazil 3633 Fastnet Rock Ireland 4200 Bolama GuineaBissau 3403 1145 San Juan Puerto Rico 1410 Grand Banks South 4299 Boma Congo 1775Key West Florida USA via Old Ile dOuessant France 4107 Bombay India east of Bahama Channel 619 CAPE LEEUWIN Inishtrahull Ireland 4491 Madagascar 4822Kingston Jamaica 326 AUSTRALIA Panama Panama 5393 Bombay India west ofLa Habana Cuba 631 343200S 1150800E to Pentland Firth Scotland 5195 Madagascar 4581New York New York USA Punta Arenas Chile 5102 Bordeaux France 5838 1283 Junction Points Strait of Gibraltar 3447 Boston Massachusetts Pennsylvania Straits of Florida 5552 6731 USA 1245 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Yucatan Channel 5676 Brest France 5770Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe via via 30S 5068 Buchanan Liberia 2919 Mona Passage 703 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1571 Ports Buenos Aires Argentina 3815Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe via Port Said Egypt 6389 Bur Safaga Egypt 5016 Virgin Passage 702 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1815 Abidjan Ivory Coast 841 Bushehr Iran 5053Ponta Delgada Azores 2646 Torres Strait Australia 2717 Cape Town South Africa 2081 Cabedelo Brazil 3374Port au Prince Haiti 195 Selat Wetar Indonesia 1954 Douala Cameroon 288 Calabar Nigeria 2458Port of Spain Trinidad 888 Wilson Promontory Australia Lagos Nigeria 529 Calcutta India 5603Port Castries St Lucia 764 1524 Libreville Gabon 52 Cape Town South Africa 45Puerto Cabello Venezuela 752 Monrovia Liberia 1269 Chalna Mungla AnchorageSan Juan Puerto Rico 372 Ports New York New York USA Bangladesh 5458Santo Domingo Dominican 5243 Charleston South Carolina Republic 392 Aden Yemen north of Chagos Paramaribo Surinam 3866 USA 6838Willemstad Curacao via Mona Archipelago 4958 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 7178 Chittagong Bangladesh 5492 Passage 674 Aden Yemen south of Chagos Salvador Brazil 2903 Cobh Ireland 5892Willemstad Curacao via Archipelago 4973 Savannah Georgia USA 5517 Colombo Sri Lanka 4475 Windward Passage 697 Albany Australia 168 Colon Panama 6444 Auckland New Zealand 3029 Cotonou Benin 2560 Bluff Harbor New Zealand 2484 CAPE OF GOOD HOPECAPE COD CANAL NORTH SOUTH AFRICA Dakar Senegal 3610 Bombay India 4059 342200S 182300E to Dar es Salaam Tanzania 2330END Bowen Australia 2975 Djibouti Djibouti 4089 414640N 702920W to Bunbury Australia 97 Junction Points Durban South Africa 764 Calcutta India 3796 East London South Africa 508 Junction Points Colombo Sri Lanka 3203 Bishop Rock England 5790 Eilat Israel 5155 Dunedin New Zealand 2622 Cape Leeuwin Australia via El Jadida Morocco 4941Cape of Good Hope South Africa Flying Fish Cove Christmas 41S 4660 Fedala Morocco 4951 6742 Island 1540 Fastnet Rock Ireland 5880 Flying Fish Cove ChristmasGrand Banks South 924 Fremantle Australia 181 Grand Banks South 5954 Island Line Islands 4923Montreal Canada 1419 Geraldton Australia 356 Ile dOuessant France 5746 Fort Dauphin Madagascar 1614Panama Panama 2070 Gladstone Harbor Australia 2688 Inishtrahull Ireland 6141 Freetown Sierra Leone 3190Punta Arenas Chile 7073 Hobart Tasmania 1628 Selat Lombok Indonesia 5461 Fremantle Australia 4755Straits of Florida 1284 Karachi Pakistan 4512 Montreal Canada via Cabot Funchal Madeira Island 4689 Launceston Tasmania 1577 Strait 7134 Georgetown Ascension Island Ports Lyttelton New Zealand 2792 Panama Panama 6466 2409 Madras India 3480 Pentland Firth Scotland 6389 Georgetown Guyana 5026Argentia Canada 838 Massawa Ethiopia 5390 Port Said Egypt 5340 Greenville Liberia Russia 4201 Melbourne Australia 1497 Punta Arenas Chile 4262 Halifax Canada 6502Boston Massachusetts USA 77 Mina al Ahmadi Kuwait 5440 Singapore 5579 Hamilton Bermuda 6169 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points22 CAPE ST JACQUES VIETNAMHorta Azores 5152 Victoria Seychelles 2892 USA 6820 Colon Panama 1246Inhambane Mozambique 1228 Zanzibar Tanzania 2358 Galveston Texas USA Florida USA CARDENAS CUBA Gulfport Mississippi USA 725 6862 CAPE ST JACQUES 230330N 811130W to Key West Florida USA 708Kakinada India 5023 VIETNAM Kingston Jamaica 1056Karachi Pakistan 4668 102030N 1070400E See Junction Points La Guaira Venezuela 1714Kenitra Morocco 5056 Vung Tao La Habana Cuba 639Larache Morocco 5049 Straits of Florida 140 Mobile Alabama USA 749Lindi Tanzania 2155 CAPE TOWN SOUTH Yucatan Channel 269 New Orleans Louisiana USALisboa Portugal 5152 AFRICA 723Lobito Angola 1440 335400S 182600E to Ports Pensacola Florida USA 745Longji Cameroon 2359 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1885Luanda Angola 1627 Junction Points Cienfuegos Cuba 905 Port au Prince Haiti 1219Luderitz Bay Namibia 511 Guantanamo Cuba 539 Port of Spain Trinidad 1992Madras India east of Bishop Rock England 5772 Hamilton Bermuda 1122 Port Castries St Lucia 1927 Madagascar 4956 Cape of Good Hope South Kingston Jamaica 703 Santo Domingo Malaysia 5464 Africa 35 La Habana Cuba 88 Republic 1437Manakara Madagascar 1779 Ile dOuessant France 5743 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Tampico Mexico 401Maputo Mozambique 1057 Montreal Canada via Cabot USA 1124 Tuxpan Mexico 333Marmagao India 4447 Strait 7118 Port au Prince Haiti 603 Veracruz Mexico 242Marshall Liberia 2927 Panama Panama 6472 San Juan Puerto Rico 917 Willemstad Curacao 1599Mawa Ethiopia 4367 Punta Arenas Chile 4631 Santo Domingo Gabon 1942 Strait of Gibraltar 5064 Republic 887 Florida USA 6685 Straits of Florida 6766 NORTHERN IRELANDMina al Ahmadi Kuwait 5104 Yucatan Channel 6776 CARDIFF WALES 544144N 54550W SeeMina Abd Allah Kuwait 5101 512700N 30900W to BelfastMina Az Zawr Kuwait 5082 Mozambique 1807 Junction Points CARTAGENA Angola 1239 Abidjan Ivory Coast 2679 102420N 73200W toMogadishu Somalia 2855 Baltimore Maryland USA Bishop Rock England 176Mombasa Kenya 2472 6912 Fastnet Rock Ireland 246 Junction Uruguay 3701 Boma Congo 1760 Pentland Firth Scotland 609Mosselbaai South Africa 206 Bordeaux France 5820 Bishop Rock England 4138Mtwara Tanzania 2111 Boston Massachusetts USA Ports Panama Panama 324New York New York USA 6707 Strait of Gibraltar 4087 6801 Brunswick Georgia USA 6857 Bantry Bay Ireland 280 Yucatan Channel 891Norfolk Virginia USA 6802 Buenos Aires Argentina 3831 Barrow in Furness England 273Paranagua Brazil 3496 Cadiz Spain 5078 Belfast Northern Ireland 293 PortsPenang Malaysia 5291 Charleston South Carolina Boulogne France Pennsylvania USA 6830 Brest France 277 Belize Belize 904 USA 6874 Cienfuegos Cuba 6580 Cherbourg France 309 Boston Massachusetts USA viaPort des Galets Reunion Island Cobh Ireland 5894 Cobh Ireland 204 Windward Passage and Crooked 2120 Colon Panama 6429 Cork Ireland 210 Island Passage 2036Port of Spain Trinidad 5337 Dakar Senegal 3593 Dartmouth England 239 Brunswick Georgia USA 1417Port Adelaide Australia 5754 El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain Douglas Isle of Man 246 Buenos Aires Argentina 5240Port Blair Andaman Islands 5075 5421 Dublin Ireland 205 CapHaitien Haiti 697Port Darwin Australia 6100 Freetown Sierra Leone 3164 Fishguard Wales 130 Charleston South Carolina USAPort Elizabeth South Africa 390 Funchal Madeira Island 4680 Glasgow Scotland 375 via Windward Passage andPort Etienne Mauritania 4018 Guantanamo Cuba 6260 Holyhead Wales 202 Crooked Island Passage 1443Port Louis Mauritius 2382 Halifax Canada 6490 Liverpool England 267 Charlotte Amalie Virgin IslandsPort Nolloth South Africa 325 Jacksonville Florida USA London England 526 811Port Refuge Cocos Islands 4428 6854 Londonderry Northern Ireland Cienfuegos Cuba 778Porto Alegre Brazil 3625 Kingston Jamaica 6278 369 Colon Panama 281Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands La Habana Cuba 6724 Manchester England 314 Galveston Texas USA 1583 3958 Lisboa Portugal 5134 Southampton England 346 Guantanamo Cuba 586Portsmouth New Hampshire Luanda Angola 1601 Swansea Wales 46 Gulfport Mississippi USA USA 6732 Luderitz Bay Namibia 479 Waterford Ireland 160 1449Rabat Morocco 5036 Montevideo Uruguay 3608 Jacksonville Florida USARangoon Burma east of New York New York USA CARIPITO VENEZUELA 1395 Madagascar 5610 6786 100915N 630200W Add Key West Florida USA viaRas al Khafji Saudi Arabia 5078 Norfolk Virginia USA 6790 5 miles to Guanoco distances Windward Passage and OldRas as Sidr Egypt 5189 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Bahama Channel 1130Ras Gharib Egypt 5114 USA 6867 Kingston Jamaica 479 CARMEN MEXICORas Tannurah Saudi Arabia 4980 Ponta Delgada Azores 5040 183800N 915000W to La Guaira Venezuela 612Recife Brazil 3324 Portland Maine USA 6709 La Habana Cuba via Old BahamaRio de Janeiro Brazil 3323 Recife Brazil 3318 Junction Points Channel and WindwardSabang Indonesia 4980 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3273 Passage 1142Safi Morocco 4870 San Juan Puerto Rico 5767 Panama Panama 1289 Limon Costa Rica 447Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Maracaibo Venezuela 465 Islands 4453 Islands 4435 Ports Mobile Alabama USA 1450Simons Bay South Africa Suakin Santo Domingo Dominican New Orleans Louisiana USA Sudan 4538 Republic 5934 Belize Belize west of Banco via Yucatan Channel andSulima Sierra Leone 3060 Santos Brazil 3409 Chinchoro and Isla de Southwest Pass 1468Swakopmund South Africa 743 Savannah Georgia USA 6864 Cozumel 688 New York New York USA viaTabu Ivory Coast 2751 St Helena Island 1697 CapHaitien Haiti 1228 Windward Passage 1853Tamatave Madagascar 2104 St John Canada 6667 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Norfolk Virginia USA viaTanga Tanzania 2425 St Johns Canada 6205 via Yucatan Channel and south Windward Passage 1658Telukbayur Indonesia 4979 Swakopmund South Africa 719 of Hispaniola 1675 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USATema Ghana 2619 Sydney Canada 6425 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands via Windward Passage 1825Tulear Madagascar 1509 Vigo Spain 5322 via Yucatan Channel and Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 941Umm Said Qatar 4909 Willemstad Curacao 5740 Windward Passage 1658 Porlamar Margarita Cameroon 2399 Wilmington North Carolina Cienfuegos Cuba 770 785 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points CEBU PHILIPPINES 23Port au Prince Haiti 639 Split Croatia 1264 Batumi Georgia 2127 Marseille France 627Port of Spain Trinidad 932 Tarabulus Libya 856 Castellammare di Stabia Italy 692 Messina Sicily 53Port Castries St Lucia 933 Taranto Italy 1025 Es Sider Libya 1075 Napoli Italy 225Portsmouth New Hampshire Thessaloniki Greece south of Fiumicino Italy 565 Palermo Sicily 170 USA via Windward Passage Greece 1479 Melilla Morocco 339 Pula Croatia 594 and Crooked Island Passage Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Savona Italy 468 2053 Canal 1462 Tubruq Libya 1251 CATIA LA MARPuerto Barrios Guatemala 901 Toulon France 471 Cortes Honduras 854 Trieste Italy 1439 CASTRIES ST LUCIA 103630N 670300W toPuerto Mexico Mexico 1484 Tunis Tunisia 583 140l00N 610000W SeePunta Cardon Venezuela 397 Valencia Spain 152 Port Castries Junction PointsSan Juan Puerto Rico 782 Valletta Malta 768Santo Domingo Dominican Venezia Italy 1449 Panama Panama 873 CASTROURDIALES SPAIN Republic 610 Volos Greece south of Greece 432240N 31215W to Yucatan Channel 1240Savannah Georgia USA 1442 1420Tampa Florida USA 1295 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Junction Points PortsTampico Mexico 1575 1403Tuxpan Mexico 1545 Bishop Rock England 407 Barranquilla Colombia 524Veracruz Mexico 1510 CASABLANCA MOROCCO Cape of Good Hope South Africa Port of Spain Trinidad 335Washington DC USA via 333700N 73600W to 5693 San Juan Puerto Rico 556 Windward Passage 1794 Fastnet Rock Ireland 543Willemstad Curacao 471 Junction Points Grand Banks South 2029 CAYMAN BRAC North Carolina Ile dOuessant France 331 ISLANDS USA 1494 Ile dOuessant France 960 Inishtrahull Ireland 846 194150N 795345W to Strait of Gibraltar 166 Montreal Canada via Strait ofCARTAGENA SPAIN Belle Isle 2965 Junction Points 373544N 05900W to Ports Panama Panama 4496 Pentland Firth Scotland 1147 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Junction Points Agadir Morocco 257 Punta Arenas Chile 6918 6522 Amboim Angola 3945 Strait of Gibraltar 863 Grand Banks South 2162Port Said Egypt 1705 Cadiz Spain 192 Straits of Florida 4128 Panama Panama 649Strait of Gibraltar 259 Ceuta Morocco 189 Punta Arenas Chile 6686 Dakar Senegal 1333 Ports Strait of Gibraltar 4017 Ports Freetown Sierra Leone 1812 Yucatan Channel 316 Funchal Madeira Island 476 Boston Massachusetts USAAlexandria Egypt 1585 Gijon Spain 763 2934 PortsAlgeciras Spain 238 Lisboa Portugal 324 Huelva Spain 819Algiers Algeria 208 Ponta Delgada Azores 915 La Pallice France 187 Accra Ghana 4899Ancona Italy 1338 Port Etienne Mauritania 1032 Lisboa Portugal 594 Boston Massachusetts USAAnnaba Algeria 440 Porto Grande Sao Vicente Cape Lorient France 262 1823Banghazi Libya 1119 Verde Islands 1387 Marin Spain 418 Cape Town South Africa 6512Banzart Tunisia 532 Rota Spain 202 New York New York USA Colon Panama 621Barcelona Spain 282 Safi Morocco 134 3087 New York New York USABari Italy 1131 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1898Beirut Lebanon 1797 Islands 548 USA 3239 Port of Spain Trinidad 1194Brindisi Italy 1073 Setubal Portugal 313 Quiberon France 246 Recife Brazil 3278Ceuta Morocco 240 Tangier Morocco 166 Stanley Falkland Islands 6548 Savannah Georgia USA 1333Dubrovnik Croatia 1177 Vigo Spain 545 Villagarcia Spain 368Genova Italy 616 Vila Real de Santo Antonio CEBU 241 Portugal 218 101730N 1235430E to CATANIA SICILYHaifa Israel 1794 Villa Cisneros Western Sahara 372935N 150546E toIraklion Kriti 1279 769 Junction PointsIstanbul Turkey south of Junction Points Greece 1573 CASILDA CUBA Selat Lombok Indonesia 1278Istanbul Turkey via Corinth 214500N 795920W to Port Said Egypt 942 Singapore 1355 Canal 1567 Strait of Gibraltar 1081Izmir Turkey south of Greece Junction Points Ports 1430 PortsIzmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Panama Panama 792 Apra Guam 1344 1413 Yucatan Channel 307 Ajaccio Corsica 464 Bataan Philippines 390La Spezia Italy 640 Alexandria Egypt 828 Batangas Philippines 309Livorno Italy 636 Ports Almeria Spain 919 Beihai China 1220Malaga Spain 189 Banghazi Libya 406 Da Nang Vietnam 1049Marseille France 460 Barranquilla Colombia 732 Cagliari Sardinia 377 Dagu China 1907Messina Sicily 806 Kingston Jamaica 372 Genova Italy 35 Dalian China via San Italy 756 Santiago de Cuba Cuba 288 Belfast Northern Ireland 293 Strait 1764Odessa Ukraine south of Boulogne France 431 Davao Philippines 439 Greece 1932 Brest France 277 Haiphong Vietnam via Jintotolo CASTELLON SPAINOdessa Ukraine via Corinth 395809N 00139W to Cherbourg France 309 Channel Romblon Island Verde Canal 1915 Cobh Ireland 204 Island Passage and south ofOran Algeria 115 Junction Points Cork Ireland 210 Hainan Tao 1331Palermo Sicily 697 Dartmouth England 239 Hakodate Japan 2177Palma Balearic Islands 222 Port Said Egypt 1668 Belfast Northern Ireland 293 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam viaPiraievs Greece south of Strait of Gibraltar 429 Boulogne France 431 Jintotolo Channel and Mindoro Greece 1271 Brest France 277 Strait N of North DangerPiraievs Greece via Corinth Ports Cherbourg France 309 Reef 1152 Canal 1214 Cobh Ireland 204 Hong Kong China via VerdeRijeka Croatia 1405 Ajaccio Corsica 419 Cork Ireland 210 Island Passage and Italy 601 Alexandria Egypt 1545 Dartmouth England 239 Channel 960Sibenik Croatia 1279 Antibes France 392 Kerkira Greece 290 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4610Siracusa Sicily 817 Arzew Algeria 249 Livorno Italy 464 Incheon Korea 1656Skikda Algeria 395 Banghazi Libya 1080 Malaga Spain 1012 Iloilo Philippines 176 Jakarta Indonesia via Lumbucan JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points24 CEUTA MOROCCO Channel 1563 Piraievs Greece south of Ports Island Passage 865Kobe Japan 1601 Greece 1488 Nuevitas Cuba via Straits ofLo hsingta Maoti China via Piraievs Greece via Corinth Antofagasta Chile 173 Florida Nicholas Channel and Balintang Channel 1051 Canal 1431 Arica Chile 478 Old Bahama ChannelManila Philippines via Verde Rijeka Croatia 1628 Valparaiso Chile 416 southbound 763 Island Passage and Jintotolo Savona Italy 834 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1443 Channel 391 Sibenik Croatia 1502 CHARLESTON SOUTH Ponce Puerto Rico 1168Masbate Philippines 183 Siracusa Sicily 1035 CAROLINA USA Ponta Delgada Azores 2 644Nagasaki Japan 1406 Split Croatia 1487 324700N 795500W to Port au Prince Haiti Tangier Morocco 29 Port of Spain Trinidad 1682 Russia 3101 Tarabulus Libya 1074 Junction Points Port Antonio Jamaica viaPortland Oregon USA 6001 Taranto Italy 1249 Crooked Island Passage 1013Pulupandan Philippines 225 Thessaloniki Greece south of Bishop Rock England 3375 Port Castries St Lucia 1532Shanghai China via San Greece 1696 Cape of Good Hope South Recife Brazil 3649 Bernardino Strait Steep Island Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Africa 6838 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4717 Pass and Paichieh Hsia 1322 Canal 1679 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3262 Salvador Brazil 4040Shantou China via Verde Island Toulon France 704 Inishtrahull Ireland 3360 San Juan Puerto Rico 1138 Passage and Jintotolo Channel Trieste Italy 1662 Montreal Canada via Strait of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary 952 Tunis Tunisia 801 Canso 1940 Islands Japan 1547 Valencia Spain 385 Panama Panama 1607 Santa Marta Colombia viaTanshui Taiwan via Penghu Valletta Malta 986 Pentland Firth Scotland 3540 Crooked Island Passage 1373 Lieh Tao and Balintang Venezia Italy 1672 Punta Arenas Chile 6898 Santiago de Cuba Cuba via Channel 1006 Volos Greece south of Greece Strait of Gibraltar 3613 Crooked Island Passage 952Vladivostok Russia 2026 1637 Straits of Florida 637 Santo Domingo China 1679 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Yucatan Channel 819 Republic 1190Xiamen China via Balintang 1620 Santos Brazil 4908 Channel 965 Ports Willemstad Curacao via MonaYantai China 1713 CHAH BAHAR IRAN Passage 1472Yokohama Japan via San 251800N 603140E to Antilla Cuba via Crooked Island Willemstad Curacao via Bernardino Strait 1766 Passage 813 Windward Passage 1446Yokoshima Japan via San Junction Points Argentia Canada 1489 Bernardino Strait 1571 Arkhangelsk Russia 4692 CHARLOTTE AMALIE STZamboanga Philippines 260 Cape of Good Hope South Banes Cuba via Crooked Island THOMAS VIRGIN ISLANDS Africa 4862 Passage 802 182000N 645600W toCEUTA MOROCCO Cape Leeuwin Australia 4746 Barranquilla Colombia 1391 355325N 51845W to Port Said Egypt 2626 Belem Brazil 2786 Junction Points Selat Lombok Indonesia 3972 Bocas del Toro Panama 1638 Junction Points Selat Sunda Indonesia 3351 Bordeaux France 3683 Bishop Rock England 3369 Singapore 3144 Brest France 3465 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3279Port Said Egypt 1923 Torres Strait Australia 5543 Bridgetown Barbados 1628 Inishtrahull Ireland 3427Strait of Gibraltar 23 Buenos Aires Argentina 5817 Montreal Canada 2405 Ports Cadiz Spain 3563 Panama Panama 1072 Ports Cape Town South Africa 6830 Pentland Firth Scotland 3616 Aden Yemen 1276 Cartagena Colombia via Crooked Punta Arenas Chile 5765Alexandria Egypt 1802 Al Basrah Iraq 802 Island Passage 1443 Strait of Gibraltar 3323Algiers Algeria 417 Colombo Sri Lanka 1578 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Straits of Florida 1087Alicante Spain 299 Karachi Pakistan 357 1192 Yucatan Channel 1200Ancona Italy 1561 Charlottetown Canada 1313Annaba Algeria 656 CHALNA MUNGLA Cienfuegos Cuba southbound via PortsBanghazi Libya 1336 ANCHORAGE BANGLADESH Straits of Florida and YucatanBanzart Tunisia 750 222800N 893500E to Channel 1104 Baltimore Maryland USABarcelona Spain 515 Cienfuegos Cuba via Crooked 1417Bari Italy 1354 Junction Points Island Passage and Windward Belem Brazil 1598Beirut Lebanon 2014 Passage 1264 Belize Belize 1368Brindisi Italy 1296 Cape of Good Hope South Colon Panama via Crooked Boston Massachusetts USACagliari Sardinia 731 Africa 5458 Island Passage 1564 1513Cartagena Spain 240 Port Said Egypt 4705 Colon Panama via Yucatan Bridgetown Barbados 442Casablanca Morocco 189 Singapore 1578 Channel 1636 Brunswick Georgia USA 1190Genova Italy 849 Dakar Senegal 3557 Buenos Aires Argentina 4689Haifa Israel 2012 Ports Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 610 CapHaitien Haiti 442Iraklion Kriti 1496 Gibara Cuba via Crooked Island Carmen Mexico south ofIstanbul Turkey south of Calcutta India 288 Passage 806 Hispaniola and via Yucatan Greece 1802 Penang Malaysia 1228 Guantanamo Cuba via Crooked Channel 1675Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Island Passage 900 Carmen Mexico via Yucatan Canal 1785 CHAMPERICO Halifax Canada 1077 Channel and WindwardIzmir Turkey south of Greece GUATEMALA Kingston Jamaica via Crooked Passage 1658 1648 141730N 915600W to Island Passage 1064 Cartagena Colombia 811Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal La Guaira Venezuela 1549 Charleston South Carolina 1630 Junction Points La Habana Cuba southbound via USA 1192La Spezia Italy 872 Straits of Florida 648 Charlottetown Canada 1778Livorno Italy 868 Panama Panama 954 Lagos Nigeria 5065 Cienfuegos Cuba 973Marseille France 692 Las Palmas Canary Islands 3341 Colon Panama 1029Melilla Morocco 131 Ports Limon Costa Rica via Crooked Dakar Senegal 2751Messina Sicily 1029 Island Passage 1637 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 704Napoli Italy 982 Acapulco Mexico 494 Lisboa Portugal 3397 Georgetown Guyana 814Odessa Ukraine south of Brito Nicaragua 399 Manzanillo Cuba via Crooked Guantanamo Cuba north of Greece 2150 Mazatlan Mexico 1078 Island Passage and Canal de Hispaniola and Virgin PassageOdessa Ukraine via Corinth Balandras 1105 607 Canal 2133 CHANARAL CHILE Maracaibo Venezuela 1467 Halifax Canada 1595Oran Algeria 232 262100S 703930W to Montevideo Uruguay 5708 Hamilton Bermuda 872Palermo Sicily 921 Nassau Bahamas 507 Jacksonville Florida USAPalma Balearic Islands 452 Nuevitas Cuba via Crooked 1181 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points CHRISTIANSTED ST CROIX 25Key West Florida USA 1036 CHATHAM CANADA Misumi Japan 654 CHINGTAO CHINAKingston Jamaica 705 470208N 652800W to Naha Ryukyu Islands 337 360530N 120l900E SeeLa Cuaira Venezuela 479 Sanmen Wen China 248 Qingdao ChinaLa Habana Cuba 1048 Junction Points Shanghai China 447Las Palmas Canary Islands 2791 Uno Japan 903 CHINHUANGTAO CHINALisboa Portugal 3147 Grand Banks South 744 Wenzhou China 204 395500N 1193630E SeeMiami Florida USA 991 Montreal Canada 685 Xiamen China 227 Qinhuangdao Uruguay 4575 Panama Panama 2797 Yulin Gang Hainan Dao ChinaNew Amsterdam Guyana 903 Pentland Firth Scotland 2265 830 CHIN HAI SOUTH KOREANew York New York USA Punta Arenas Chile 7250 380840N 128283E See 1434 Straits of Florida 1988 Jinhae South Korea CHIBAI JAPANNorfolk Virginia USA 1296 352800N Pennsylvania Ports Add 4 miles to Yokohama CHINNAMPO NORTH USA 1434 distances KOREAPointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 267 Boston Massachusetts USA 384300N 1252500E SeePort au Prince Haiti 628 977 Nampo Colon Panama 2796 CHICOUTIMI CANADAPort of Spain Trinidad 518 482600N 710337W toPort Castries St Lucia 346 La Guaira Venezuela 2498 Natal Brazil 3684 CHIOGGIA ITALYPortland Maine USA 1557 Junction Points 451400N 121730E toPortsmouth New Hampshire New York New York USA USA 1534 1150 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Junction PointsPuerto Cabello Venezuela 506 Port Castries St Lucia 2254 6982Puerto Cortes Honduras 1343 Port of Spain Trinidad 2455 Grand Banks South 1012 Port Said Egypt 1307Recife Brazil 2516 San Juan Puerto Rico 2025 Montreal Canada 260 Strait of Gibraltar 1682Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3588 Yarmouth Canada 783 Panama Panama 3077Salvador Brazil 2907 Pentland Firth Scotland 2435 PortsSan Juan del Norte Nicaragua CHATHAM ENGLAND Punta Arenas Chile 7515 1199 512400N 03300E Straits of Florida 2405 Ancona Italy 111Santa Barbara de Samana Subtract 23 miles from London Brindisi Italy 375 Dominican Republic 261 distances Ports Rijeka Croatia 126Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Islands 2764 CHENCHANG CHINA Angmagssalik Greenland 1873 Domingo Dominican 321300N 1102400E See Argentia Canada 847 BANGLADESH Republic 300 Zhenjiang China Belem Brazil 3491 221845N 914900E toSavannah Georgia USA 1210 Cape Town South Africa 6965Tuxpan Mexico via Old Bahama CHERBOURG FRANCE Colon Panama 3111 Junction Points Channel 1890 493900N 13700W to Hamilton Bermuda 1468Tuxpan Mexico via Yucatan La Habana Cuba 2408 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Channel and north of Junction Points Montevideo Uruguay 6354 5492 Hispaniola 1867 New York New York USA Port Said Egypt 4739Willemstad Curacao 457 Bishop Rock England 197 1374 Singapore 1517 East Portland Maine USA Entrance Germany 554 Recife Brazil via Cabot Strait PortsCANADA Skagens Odde Denmark 671 4120 461400N 630700W to Bombay India 2160 Ports CHIMBOTE PERU Calcutta India 367 Junction Points 90500S 783600W to Calicut India 1664 Amsterdam Netherlands 305 Cochin India 1578Montreal Canada 708 Antwerp Belgium 281 Junction Points Madras India 891Panama Panama via Strait of Barrow in Furness England 448 Malacca Malaysia 1391 Canso and Crooked Island Bergen Norway 734 Panama Panama 1158 Marmagao India 1940 Passage 2578 Bremerhaven Germany 488 Punta Arenas Chile 2843 Penang Malaysia 1167Punta Arenas Chile 6907 Caen France 73 Port Kelang Malaysia 1311 Cardiff Wales 309 Ports Viskakhapatman India 578 Ports Cobh Ireland 315 Dieppe France 105 Apra Guam 8264 CHONGJIN NORTH KOREABaltimore Maryland USA Dover England 146 Callao Peru 206 414630N 1294930E to 1142 Dunkerque France 179 Honolulu Hawaii USA 5015Boston Massachusetts USA via Egersund Norway 621 Pago Pago American Samoa Ports Strait of Canso 621 Emden Germany 428 5389Buenos Aires Argentina 5831 Esbjerg Denmark 514 Papeete French Polynesia 4157 Busan South Korea 417Charleston South Carolina Fecamp France 79 San Diego California USA Hakodate Japan 509 USA 1313 Fishguard Walff 306 3402 Maizuru Japan 463Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Hamburg Germany 543 San Francisco California USA Shimonoseki Japan 480 1778 Holyhead Wales 377 3804 Vladivostok Russia 135Colon Panama via Strait of Canso Kristiansand Norway 632 Valparaiso Chile 1490 and Crooked Island Passage Liverpool England 442 Wellington New Zealand 5781 CHRISTIANSHAAB 2535 Oostende Belgium 203 Canada 268 Oslo Norway 784 644900N 511130W See CHIMU WAN OKINAWAKey West Florida USA 1788 Rotterdam Netherlands 282 JIMA RYUKYU ISLANDS Qasigiannguit GreenlandLa Habana Cuba 1846 Stavanger Norway 661 262600N 1280000E toMontevideo Uruguay 5717 Wilhelmshaven Germany 472 CHRISTIANSTED ST CROIXNew York New York USA via Zeebrugge Belgium 218 Junction Points 174520N 644200W to Strait of Canso Pennsylvania CHILUNG TAIWAN Singapore 2046 Junction Points USA 982 250810N 1214400E toPortland Maine USA via Strait Ports Bishop Rock England 3370 of Canso 579 PortsRecife Brazil 3658 Apra Guam 1228 PortsRio de Janeiro Brazil 4730 Dagu China 1013 Manila Philippines 947Salvador Brazil 4049 Dalian China 852 Shanghai China 527 Guantanamo Cuba north ofSavannah Georgia USA 1386 Macau China 516 Yokohama Japan 830 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points26 CHRISTMAS ISLAND LINE ISLANDS Hispaniola and Virgin Passage Panama Panama 815 Junction Points Felixstowe England 493 635 Pentland Firth Scotland 4234 Fishguard Wales 131Horta Azores 2259 Strait of Gibraltar 4102 Port Said Egypt 1243 Galway Ireland 222Key West Florida USA via Old Yucatan Channel 285 Strait of Gibraltar 907 Glasgow Scotland 346 Bahama Channel and Virgin Holyhead Wales 182 Passage 1064 Ports Ports Inverness Scotland via PentlandNew York New York USA via Firth 659 Virgin Passage 1465 Almirante Panama 788 Ajaccio Corsica 180 Leith England via PentlandSan Juan Puerto Rico 104 Baltimore Maryland USA Alicante Spain 616 Firth 765Santa Barbara de Samana 1578 Bonifacio Corsica 131 Limerick Ireland 221 Dominican Republic 289 Barranquilla Colombia 755 Brindisi Italy 568 Liverpool England 246 Belem Brazil 2527 Cagliari Sardinia 239 Londonderry Northern ISLAND LINE Belize Belize 545 Genova Italy 191 340ISLANDS Boston Massachusetts USA via Haifa Israel 1321 Newport Wales 210 15800N 1572800W to Yucatan Channel 1903 Istanbul Turkey south of Plymouth England 215 Buenos Aires Argentina 5590 Greece 1107 Junction Points Campeche Mexico 691 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth COCHIN INDIA CapHaitien Haiti 543 Canal 1066 95800N 761520E toPanama Panama 4751 Cape Town South Africa 6610 Livorno Italy 120 Cardenas Cuba 905 Marseille France 316 Junction Points Ports Carmen Mexico 770 Menton France 180 Cartagena Colombia 778 Messina Sicily 308 Port Said Egypt 3237Apia Samoa 1274 Charleston South Carolina USA Napoli Italy 152 Singapore 1853Apra Guam 3518 via Straits of Florida 1107 Odessa Ukraine south ofBrisbane Australia 3379 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Greece 1456 PortsEnderbury Island Phoenix 973 Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Islands 878 Colon Panama 772 Canal 1414 Bombay India 585Honolulu Hawaii USA 1161 Covenas Colombia 814 Oran Algeria 703 Colombo Sri Lanka 318Jarvis Island 209 Fort de France Martinique 1240 Palermo Sicily 253 Karachi Pakistan 1044Johnston Island 1137 Galveston Texas USA 989 Patrai Greece 612 Marmagao India 365Midway Island 1949 Guantanamo Cuba 366 Pozzuoli Italy 147 Trincomalee Sri Lanka 606Pago Pago American Samoa Gulfport Mississippi USA 851 Salerno Italy 204 1256 Halifax Canada via Straits of Sfax Tunisia 520 COLOMBO SRI LANKAPapeete French Polynesia 1266 Florida 2102 Siracusa Sicily 373 65700N 795100E toPearl Harbor Hawaii USA Hamilton Bermuda 1346 Valletta Malta 421 1157 La Guaira Venezuela 1050 Viareggio Italy 480 Junction PointsSan Francisco California USA La Habana Cuba 482 2895 Manzanillo Cuba 266 COATZACOALCOS MEXICO Cape of Good Hope South Africa Matanzas Cuba 526 180800N 942445W to east of Madagascar 4317CHURCHILL CANADA Miami Florida USA 683 Cape Leeuwin Australia 3203 584640N 941142W to Montego Bay Jamaica 262 Junction Points Port Said Egypt south of Nassau Bahamas 868 Socotra 3481 Junction Points New York New York USA Panama Panama 1420 Singapore 1581 1657 Straits of Florida 757 Selat Sunda Indonesia Ireland via 75 miles Norfolk Virginia USA 1456 Yucatan Channel 625 Torres Strait Australia south of off Kap Farvel 2760 Nuevitas Cuba 649 Java and Timor 3978Pentland Firth Scotland via 75 Pensacola Florida USA 825 Ports miles off Kap Farvel 2820 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Ports via Crooked Island Passage and Cartagena Colombia 1484 Ports Windward Passage 1654 Colon Panama 1396 Aden Yemen south of Socotra Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Galveston Texas USA 680 2094Aasiaat Egedesminde via Yucatan Channel 1627 La Habana Cuba 840 Akyab Burma 1225 Greenland 1485 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1204 Mobile Alabama USA 834 Al Basrah Iraq 2359Camp Lloyd Greenland 1434 Port au Prince Haiti 534 New Orleans Louisiana USA Bassein Burma 1194Goose Bay Canada 1557 Port of Spain Trinidad 1310 801 Belawan Indonesia 1240Ilulissat Jakobshavn Greenland Port Castries St Lucia 1246 Norfolk Virginia USA 1736 Bhavnagar India 1073 1532 Puerto Cabello Venezuela 1015 Pensacola Florida USA 836 Bombay India Greenland Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4490 Port of Spain Trinidad 2137 Calcutta India 1258 1326 San Juan Puerto Rico south of Port Arthur Texas USA 708 Cochin India 318Maniitsoq Greenland 1341 Hispaniola 930 Tampico Mexico 320 Dar es Salaam Tanzania 2565Nanortalik Greenland 1511 San Juan Puerto Rico via Veracruz Mexico 127 Diego Garcia Greenland 1513 Windward Passage and north of Archipelago 974Nuuk Godthaab Greenland Hispaniola 903 COBH IRELAND Dumai Indonesia 1496 1331 Santa Maria Cuba 149 515050N 81800W to Durban South Africa via east ofQaanaaq Thule Greenland Santiago de Cuba Cuba 334 Madagascar 3615 1909 Santo Domingo Dominican Junction Points Flying Fish Cove Greenland 1523 Republic 716 Island Indian Ocean 1888Reykjavik Iceland via 75 miles Tampico Mexico 1009 Bishop Rock England 143 Fremantle Australia 3122 off Kap Farvel 2290 Tuxpan Mexico 979 Cape of Good Hope South Karachi Pakistan 1344Ritenbenk Greenland 1695 Veracruz Mexico 944 Africa 5892 Madras India 611Shelburne Canada 2467 Willemstad Curacao 900 Fastnet Rock Ireland 64 Malacca Malaysia 1458Sisimiut Greenland 1384 Pentland Firth Scotland 578 Marmagao India 671Upernavik Greenland 1669 CIUDAD BOLIVAR Massawa Ethiopia 2486 VENEZUELA Ports Mombasa Kenya 2518CIENFUEGOS CUBA 80800N 633300W Add Negappattinam India 476 220830N 802700W to 58 miles to San Felix distances Barrow in Furness England 252 New Mangalore India 499 Belfast Northern Ireland 264 Okha India 1183 Junction Points CIVITAVECCHIA ITALY Cape Town South Africa 5894 Penang Malaysia 1285 420536N 114715E to Cardiff Wales 204 Phuket Thailand 1192Bishop Rock England 4056 Cherbourg France 315 Port Darwin Australia 3314Fastnet Rock Ireland 3950 Dublin Ireland 176 Port Louis Mauritius Ireland 4054 Falmouth England 182 Port Refuge Cocos Islands 1539 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points COOS BAY OREGON USA 27Rangoon Burma 1268 Funchal Madeira Island 3742 Tampico Mexico 1485 Norfolk Virginia USA 3746Sabang Indonesia 976 Georgetown Ascension Island Tela Honduras 706 Oporto Portugal 2105Tamatave Madagascar 2351 4181 Tuxpan Mexico 1455 Philadelphia Tanzania 2564 Georgetown Guyana 1515 Veracruz Mexico 1420 USA Sri Lanka 347 Guantanamo Cuba 689 Vigo Spain 4194 Pointe Noire Congo 1793Victoria Seychelles 1652 Gulfport Mississippi USA Willemstad Curacao 698 Ponta Delgada Azores India 880 1388 Wilmington North Carolina Port Harcourt Nigeria 1392Zanzibar Tanzania 2627 Halifax Canada 2295 USA via Windward Passage Port of Spain Trinidad 2856 Hamilton Bermuda 1659 1613 Porto Grande Cape Verde IslandsCOLON PANAMA Horta Azores 3260 Wilmington North Carolina 792 92200N 795500W to Ivittuut Greenland 3536 USA via Yucatan Channel Portsmouth New Hampshire Jacksonville Florida USA 1730 USA 3605 Junction Points 1516 Yarmouth Canada 2210 Recife Brazil 1645 Jacmel Haiti 683 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2627Bishop Rock England via Mona Key West Florida USA 1065 COLONIA URUGUAY St Helena Island 1600 Passage 4344 Kingston Jamaica 551 343000S 575215W Takoradi Ghana 872Cape of Good Hope South Africa La Ceiba Honduras 666 Subtract 25 miles from Buenos 6488 La Guaira Venezuela 841 Aires distances CONCHAN PERUFastnet Rock Ireland via Caicos Lagos Nigeria 5049 121000S 770000W See Passage 4244 Les Cayes Haiti 645 COME BY CHANCE Ireland via Mona Limon Costa Rica 190 CANADA Passage 4393 Lisboa Portugal via Mona 474800N 540125W Add CONSTANTA Ireland via Windward Passage 4152 23 miles to Argentia distances 440956N 284014E to Passage 4362 Liverpool Canada 2244Montreal Canada via Strait of Manzanillo Cuba 689 COMODORO RIVADAVIA Junction Points Canso 3126 Maracaibo Venezuela 693 Panama 44 Miami Florida USA 1214 455135S 672635W to Port Said Egypt 1000Pentland Firth Scotland via Mona Mobile Alabama USA 1393 Strait of Gibraltar 2018 Passage 4594 Montecristi Dominican Republic Junction PointsPentland Firth Scotland via 83 Ports Windward Passage 4529 Montevideo Uruguay 5349 Panama Panama 6185Punta Arenas Chile east of South Nassau Bahamas via Windward Punta Arenas Chile 585 Cagliari Sardinia south of America 6543 Passage 1166 Greece 1317Strait of Gibraltar via Mona New Orleans Louisiana USA Ports Iskenderun Turkey 1044 Passage 4308 1389 Istanbul Turkey 201Yucatan Channel 812 New York New York USA via Buenos Aires Argentina 927 Kerch Ukraine 370 Crooked Island Passage 1974 Larnaca Cyprus 962 Ports Norfolk Virginia USA via CONAKRY GUINEA Mersin Turkey 986 Windward Passage 1779 93030N 134335W to Nice France south of GreeceAntilla Cuba 844 Norfolk Virginia USA via 1509Argentia Canada 2640 Yucatan Channel 2006 Junction Points Novorossiysk Russia 403Arkhangelsk Russia 5820 Pensacola Florida USA 1369 Odessa Ukraine 186Baltimore Maryland USA via Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Bishop Rock England 2626 Patrai Greece south of Greece Windward Passage 1901 via Windward Passage 1946 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Colombia 336 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1168 3209 Patrai Greece via Corinth CanalBelem Brazil 2403 Ponta Delgada Azores 3379 Fastnet Rock Ireland 2689 653Belize Belize 816 Porlamar Venezuela 1012 Grand Banks South 2765 Pula Croatia south of GreeceBocas del Toro Panama 144 Port of Spain Trinidad 1159 Ile dOuessant France 2584 1305Bordeaux France via Mona Port Antonio Jamaica 582 Inishtrahull Ireland 3029 Pula Croatia via Corinth Canal Passage 4593 Port Arthur Texas USA 1485 Panama Panama 3926 1206Bordeaux France via Windward Port Castries St Lucia 1160 Pentland Firth Scotland 3357 RostovnaDonu Russia 572 Passage 4643 Portland Bight Jamaica 536 Punta Arenas Chile 5142 Sevastopol Ukraine 212Boston Massachusetts USA via Portland Maine USA 2198 Strait of Gibraltar 1931 Windward Passage 2157 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Straits of Florida 4038 CONTRECOEUR CANADABrest France 4420 3240 Yucatan Channel 4220 455300N Barbados 1237 Portsmouth New Hampshire Subtract 25 miles from Georgia USA via USA via Windward Passage Ports distances Windward Passage 1538 2174Buenos Aires Argentina 5385 Progreso Mexico 1026 Accra Ghana 995 COOS BAY OREGON USACadiz Spain 14286 Puerto Barrios Guatemala 78 Bathurst Gambia 345 432214N 1242300W toCampeche Mexico 1167 Puerto Cabello Venezuela 802 Boston Massachusetts USACapHaitien Haiti 817 Puerto Cortes Honduras 733 3612 Junction PointsCape Town South Africa 6494 Recife Brazil 3295 Buenos Aires Argentina 3755Carmen Mexico 1246 Reykjavik Iceland 4098 Cadiz Spain 1952 Panama Panama 3589Cartagena Colombia 281 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4367 Cape Town South Africa 3189 Punta Arenas Chile 6549Charleston South Carolina USA Salvador Brazil 3698 Casablanca Morocco 1809 Singapore via San Bernardino via Windward Passage 1564 San Juan Puerto Rico 993 Colon Panama 3954 Strait 7284Charleston South Carolina USA Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Dakar Senegal 443 Singapore via 30N 180 and via Yucatan Channel 1636 Islands 3776 Funchal Madeira Island 1506 Balintang Channel 7512Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Santa Marta Colombia 365 Georgetown Ascension Island Torres Strait Australia 6057 1029 Santiago de Cuba Cuba 683 1048 Wilson Promontory Canada 2535 Santo Domingo Dominican Grand Bassam Ivory Coast 760 6920Cienfuegos Cuba 772 Republic 802 Guantanamo Cuba Mexico 1396 Santos Brazil 4566 Huelva Spain 1941 PortsCorpus Christi Texas USA Savannah Georgia USA via Key West Florida USA 4013 1548 Yucatan Channel 1607 Las Palmas Canary Islands 1306 Antofagasta Chile 5120Dakar Senegal 3694 Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 633 Lisboa Portugal 1962 Auckland New Zealand 5853El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain St Georges Grenada 1118 Marshall Liberia 321 Brisbane Australia 6253 4222 St John Canada 2294 Monrovia Liberia 294 Callao Peru 4344Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 998 St Johns Canada 2695 Natal Brazil 2137 Guayaquil Ecuador 3920Fort de France Martinique 1159 St Johns Antigua 1158 New York New York USA Honolulu Hawaii 2150Freetown Sierra Leone 3976 Sydney Canada 2482 3713 Kobe Japan 4565 Tampa Florida USA 1216 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points28 COPENHAGEN Japan 4302 Monterey California USA Junction Points Kobe Japan 1034 2533 Lohsingta Maoti China 1029COPENHAGEN DENMARK Pisco Peru 1718 Cape of Good Hope South Manila Philippines east of 554200N 123606E See Puerto Armuelles Panama 409 Africa 857 Taiwan 1722Kobenhavn Puntarenas Costa Rica 262 Ile dOuessant France 3747 Manila Philippines via Formosa Salina Cruz Mexico 525 Strait 1732COQUIMBO CHILE San Diego California USA Ports Mogpo South Korea south of 295700S 712100W to 2211 Kasa Do 536 San Francisco California USA Douala Cameroon 486 Nagasaki Japan 754 Junction Points 2613 Monrovia Liberia 893 Nakagusuku Ryukyu Islands San Jose Guatemala 238 1026Panama Panama 2448 Santa Barbara California USA COURTENAY BAY NEW Nampo North Korea 369Punta Arenas Chile 1623 2348 BRUNSWICK CANADA RussiaTorres Strait Australia 8107 Valparaiso Chile 2875 451613N 660235W See 1961Wilson Promontory Australia St John Noumea New Caledonia 4667 6730 CORK IRELAND Pago Pago American Samoa 515400N 82730W Add COVENAS COLOMBIA 5194 Ports 9 miles to Cobh distances 92500N 754110W to Papeete French Polynesia 6281 Mexico 3259 CORNER BROOK CANADA Junction Points Russia via La Perouse Chile 396 485730N 575646W to 2419Arica Chile 702 Panama Panama 308 Chile 196 Junction Points Yucatan Channel 924 Russia via Peru 1136 2444Corinto Nicaragua 2711 Inishtrahull Ireland via Strait of Ports Port Darwin Australia 3363Esmeraldas Ecuador 2014 Belle Isle 1906 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 3294Guayaquil Ecuador 1781 Montreal Canada 740 Cienfuegos Cuba 814 Qingdao China 436Guaymas Mexico 4153 Panama Panama 2707 Kingston Jamaica 528 Qinhuangdao China 131Iquique Chile 602 Pentland Firth Scotland via Strait Port of Spain Trinidad 968 San Francisco California USALota Chile 455 of Belle Isle 2001 via Osumi Kaikyo 5856Monterey California USA Straits of Florida 2035 COWES ENGLAND San Francisco California USA 4927 504604N 11751W See via TsugaruKaikyo 5615Pisco Peru 1036 Ports Southampton Seattle Washington USA viaPuntarenas Costa Rica 2526 La Perouse Strait and north ofSalina Cruz Mexico 3091 Angmagssalik Greenland 1304 CRISTOBAL PANAMA Aleutian Islands 5286San Diego California USA Argentia Canada 413 92200N 795500W See Seattle Washington USA via 4605 Belem Brazil 3121 Colon Osumi Kaikyo and South ofSan Francisco California USA Boston Massachusetts USA Aleutian Islands 5596 5007 835 Seattle Washington USA via CUXHAVEN GERMANYSan Jose Guatemala 2864 Buenos Aires Argentina 6131 535200N 84300E TsugaruKaikyo and north ofSanta Barbara California USA Colon Panama 2691 Subtract 56 miles from Hamburg Aleutian Islands 5290 4742 Hamilton Bermuda 1098 distances TsugaruKaikyo and south ofTalcahuano Chile 428 Murmansk Russia 2988 Aleutian Islands 5351Valparaiso Chile 203 New York New York USA 999 Shanghai China 720 DAGU CHINA Shimonoseki Japan 790 Reykjavik Iceland via Strait of 385915N 1174045E toCORDOVA ALASKA USA Belle Isle 1516 Surabaya Indonesia 3174 603245N 1454630W to Wilmington North Carolina Suva Fiji Islands 4898 Junction Points USA 1393 Sydney Australia via Vitiaz Ports Strait 5135 Panama Panama via Osumi CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS Tianjin China 48 Kaikyo 9002Ketchikan Alaska USA 656 USA Valparaiso Chile via Shimonoseki Panama Panama via TsugaruKiska Alaska USA 1435 274900N 972400W to Kaikyo 10482 Kaikyo 8786Nome Alaska USA 1409 Vladivostok Russia 1212 Punta Arenas Chile 10280Seattle Washington USA 1216 Junction Points Weonsan North Korea 1007 Singapore 2770 Xiamen China 1169 Straits of Florida 803 Yantai China 205CORINTO NICARAGUA Ports 122815N 871100W to Yucatan Channel 764 Yokohama Japan via Osumi Kaikyo 1394 Junction Points Ports Russia via Maenggol Sudo 1807 DAGU BAR CHINAPanama Panama 683 Colon Panama 1548 Apra Guam 2133 385615N 1175845EPunta Arenas Chile 4180 La Habana Cuba 864 Auckland New Zealand via Vitiaz Subtract 36 miles from Tianjin Tampico Mexico 366 Strait 5648 distances Ports Busan South Korea via Maenggol CORUNNA SPAIN Sudo 702 DAKAR Mexico 792 432200N 82400W to Cebu Philippines via San 144100N 172600W toAmapala Honduras 72 Bernardino Strait Chile 2400 Junction Points Chilung Taiwan 1013 Junction PointsArica Chile 2181 Dalian China 207Brito Nicaragua 107 Ile dOuessant France 331 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA via Bishop Rock England 2195Callao Peru 1606 La Perouse Strait 3594 Cape of Good Hope SouthCoquimbo Chile 2711 Ports Hakodate Japan 1385 Africa 3610Esmeraldas Ecuador 823 Hong Kong China 1418 Ile dOuessant France 2152Guayaquil Ecuador 1071 Horta Azores 967 Honolulu Hawaii USA via Inishtrahull Ireland 2546Guaymas Mexico 1738 New York New York USA Osumi Kaikyo 4677 Montreal Canada 3566Iquique Chile 2247 2917 Honolulu Hawaii USA via Panama Panama 3738La Libertad El Salvador 141 San Juan Puerto Rico 3255 Shimonoseki Kaikyo 4628 Pentland Firth Scotland 2794La Union El Salvador 73 Santander Spain 224 Iloilo Philippines via San Punta Arenas Chile 4928Los Angeles California USA Bernardino Strait 1929 Strait of Gibraltar 1487 2281 COTONOU BENIN Incheon South Korea 465 Straits of Florida via NorthwestLota Chile 3081 62100N 22630E to Jakarta Indonesia 3088 Providence Channel 3768 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points DERINCE TURKEY 29 Ports Inishtrahull Ireland via Strait of Portland Oregon USA 5240 London England 292 Belle Isle 2187 Qingdao China 277 Southampton England 100Abidjan Ivory Coast 1166 Montreal Canada 636 Qinhuangdao China 145Agadir Morocco 1109 Panama Panama via Windward San Francisco California USA DARWIN AUSTRALIABelem Brazil 2104 Passage 2836 via Osumi Kaikyo 5697 122830S 1305000E SeeBolama GuineaBissau 272 Pentland Firth Scotland via Strait San Francisco California USA Port DarwinBordeaux France 2243 Belle Isle 2282 via TsugaruKaikyo 5456Boston Massachusetts USA Punta Arenas Chile 7274 Seattle Washington USA via DAS ISLAND UNITED ARAB 3221 Straits of Florida 2164 La Perouse Strait and north of Liberia 755 Aleutian Islands 5127 250804N 525525E toBuenos Aires Argentina 3864 Ports Seattle Washington USA viaCadiz Spain 1500 Osumi Kaikyo and south of Junction Haiti 3154 Angmagssalik Greenland 1568 Aleutian Islands 5437Cape Town South Africa 3593 Argentia Canada 605 Seattle Washington USA via Cape of Good Hope South Morocco 1333 Bordeaux France via Strait of TsugaruKaikyo and north of 4820Charleston South Carolina Belle Isle 2677 Aleutian Islands 5131 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5156 USA 3557 Boston Massachusetts USA Seattle Washington USA via Selat Lombok Indonesia 4403Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands 964 TsugaruKaikyo and south of Port Said Egypt 3002 2751 Colon Panama 2819 Aleutian Islands 5192 Singapore 3541Colon Panama 3694 Hamilton Bermuda 1227 Shanghai China 560 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3748El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain Montevideo Uruguay 6113 Sydney Australia via west of New Torres Strait Australia 6005 1843 Murmansk Russia 3292 Ireland 5015El Jadida Morocco 1317 New York New York USA Sydney Australia via Vitiaz PortsFedala Morocco 1338 1128 Strait 4976Freetown Sierra Leone 496 Norfolk Virginia USA 1338 Valparaiso Chile via Shimonoseki Aden Yemen 1613Funchal Madeira Island 1091 Kaikyo 10324 Belawan Indonesia 3210Galway Ireland 2383 DALIAN CHINA Valparaiso Chile via Tokara Bombay India 1233Greenville Liberia 831 385600N 1213900E to Kaikyo 10366 Fremantle Australia 5087Guantanamo Cuba 3312 Vladivostok Russia 1057 Penang Malaysia 3250Halifax Canada 2956 Junction Points Weonsan North Korea 848 Port Sudan 2266Horta Azores 1559 Xiamen China 1008Huelva Spain 1521 Panama Panama via Osumi Yokohama Japan via Osumi DAVAO Florida USA Kaikyo 8843 Kaikyo 1235 70438N 1253738E to 3650 Panama Panama via TsugaruKenitra Morocco 1432 Kaikyo 8627 DALIEN CHINA Junction PointsKey West Florida USA 3709 Punta Arenas Chile 10121 385600N 1213900E SeeKingston Jamaica 3436 Singapore 2612 Dalian Singapore 1532La Guaira Venezuela 2911 Torres Strait Australia 1628Larache Morocco 1425 Ports DANANG Gabon 1982 160630N 1081200E to PortsLisboa Portugal 1544 Liberia 724 Russia 1648 Ports Cebu Philippines 439Monrovia Liberia 693 Apra Guam 1974 Hong Kong China 1382Natal Brazil 1620 Auckland New Zealand via Vitiaz Cebu Philippines 1049 Makasar Sulawesi 929New York New York USA Strait 5489 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 518 Manila Philippines 831 3335 Auckland New Zealand west of Hong Kong China 520 Sorong Indonesia 601Norfolk Virginia USA 3408 New Ireland 5469 Manila Philippines 758Oporto Portugal 1682 Busan South Korea via Maenggol DEEPWATER POINT NEWParamaribo Suriname 2315 Sudo 543 DAR ES SALAAM TANZANIA JERSEY Pennsylvania Chilung Taiwan 852 64930S 391730E to 394136N 753042W USA 3441 Dagu China 207 Subtract 27 miles fromPonta Delgada Azores 1459 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA via Junction Points Philadelphia distancesPort of Spain Trinidad 2628 La Perouse Strait 3435Port Castries St Lucia 2543 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA via Cape of Good Hope South Africa DELFZIJL Etienne Mauritania 394 TsugaruKaikyo 3437 2330 532030N New Hampshire US Gunsan South Korea 294 Port Said Egypt 3238 Subtract 10 miles from Emden A 3219 Hakodate Japan 1226 Singapore 4042 Germany Cortes Honduras 4077 Honolulu Hawaii USA viaRabat Morocco 1412 Shimonoseki Kaikyo 4470 Ports DEN HELDERRecife Brazil 1717 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4531 NETHERLANDSRio de Janeiro Brazil 2763 Incheon South Korea 290 Aden Yemen 1751 525800N 44522E toSafi Morocco 1228 Kobe Japan 877 Belawan Indonesia 3709San Juan Puerto Rico 2812 Lianyungang China 348 Colombo Sri Lanka 2565 Junction PointsSanta Cruz de Tenerife Canary Lohsingta Maoti China 871 Fremantle Australia 4513 Islands 846 Manila Philippines east of Malacca Malaysia 3927 Bishop Rock England 509Santo Domingo Dominican Taiwan 1561 Mocambique Mozambique 533 East Republic 3036 Manila Philippines via Formosa Mtwara Tanzania 230 Entrance Germany 263St Johns Canada 2646 Strait 1571 Penang Malaysia 3754 Pentland Firth Scotland 447Sulima Sierra Leone 589 Masan South Korea 546 Port Darwin Australia 5428Tangier Morocco 1483 Mogpo South Korea via south of Sabang Indonesia 3443 PortsVigo Spain 1744 Kasa Do 377Villa Cisneros Western Sahara Moji Japan 633 Hamburg Germany 249 DARTMOUTH ENGLAND 578 Nampo North Korea 180 502100N 33420W to Rotterdam Netherlands 97 Pago Pago American SamoaDALHOUSIE CANADA 5035 Junction Points DERINCE TURKEY 480315N 661500W to 404435N 294930E to Russia via La Perouse Strait Bishop Rock England 122 Junction Points 2260 Ile dOuessant France 135 Junction Points Banks South 770 Russia via TsugaruKaikyo Ports Port Said Egypt 837Fastnet Rock Ireland via Strait of 2285 Strait of Gibraltar south of Belle Isle 2183 Port Darwin Australia 3204 Le Havre France 151 Greece 1855 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points30 DEVONPORT ENGLANDStrait of Gibraltar via Corinth DIEPPE FRANCE Fastnet Rock Ireland 274 Junction Points Canal 1838 495658N 10500E to Inishtrahull Ireland 156 Pentland Firth Scotland 397 Bishop Rock England 232 Ports Junction Points Fastnet Rock Ireland 223 Ports Inishtrahull Ireland 184Banghazi Libya 750 Bishop Rock England 297 Pentland Firth Scotland 424Genova Italy south of Greece Ile dOuessant France 270 Cardiff Wales 246 1325 Fishguard Wales 131 PortsGenova Italy via Corinth Canal Ports Holyhead Wales 51 1283 Liverpool England 68 Ardrossan Scotland 153Malaga Spain south of Greece Cherbourg France 105 Avonmouth England 220 1785 Plymouth England 206 Barrow in Furness England 122 DOVER ENGLANDMalaga Spain via Corinth 510700N 12000E to Cardiff Wales 205 Canal 1768 DIGBY CANADA Cobh Ireland 176Patrai Greece south of Greece 444238N 654627W Junction Points Londonderry Northern Ireland 648 Subtract 76 miles from Parrsboro 189Patrai Greece via Corinth Canal distances Bishop Rock England 323 Newport Wales 219 489 Ile dOuessant France 306 Port Talbot Wales Russia 685 DIKSON RUSSIA East Waterford Ireland 113Sfax Tunisia 1081 733000N 802800E to Entrance Germany Greece 372 Skagens Odde Denmark 527 DUBROVNIK CROATIA Ports 423824N 180655E toDEVONPORT ENGLAND Ports 502200N 41100W Add 2 Arkhangelsk Russia 1105 Junction Pointsmiles to Plymouth distances Berlevag Norway 1069 Amsterdam Netherlands 161 Hull England 2552 Antwerp Belgium 137 Port Said Egypt south ofDHEKELIA CYPRUS Longyearbyen Svalbard 1148 Bergen Norway 590 Greece 1038 345758N 334357E to Murmansk Russia 1025 Bremerhaven Germany 341 Port Said Egypt via Corinth Mys Chelyuskin Russia 457 Caen France 140 Canal 1025 Junction Points Cherbourg France 146 Strait of Gibraltar 1420 DJIBOUTI DJIBOUTI Egersund Norway 477Port Said Egypt 241 113630N 430800E to Emden Germany 284 PortsStrait of Gibraltar 1959 Esbjerg Denmark 370 Junction Points Granville France 181 Bari Italy 108 Ports Hamburg Germany 399 Barletta Italy 113 Cape of Good Hope South Kristiansand Norway 488 Beirut Lebanon 1092Ajaccio Corsica 233 Africa 4063 Oslo Norway 640 Cartagena Spain 1177Algiers Algeria 1514 Port Said Egypt 1374 Plymouth England 229 Genova Italy 856Bari Italy 978 Singapore north of Socotra and Portland England 155 Kerkira Greece 208Ceuta Morocco 1921 Strait of Malacca 3769 Portsmouth England 105 Manfredonia Italy 117Corfu Greece 819 Rotterdam Netherlands 138 Rijeka Croatia 276Derince Turkey 763 Ports Southampton England 123 Sibenik Croatia 144Famagusta Cyprus 36 St Malo France 228 Venezia Italy 320Kerch Ukraine 793 Aden Yemen 133 Stavanger Norway 517Egypt 352 Wilhelmshaven Germany 328 DUDINKA RUSSIAMoni Anchorage Cyprus 34 DONGES FRANCE 692400N 86l000E AddRavenna Italy 1255 471818N 20430W Add 6 DRAMMEN HARBOR 298 miles to Dikson Morocco 1948 miles to St Nazaire distances NORWAYTaranto Italy 933 594418N 101432E to DUMAI Greece 690 DORDRECHT 14200N 1012800E toTunis Tunisia 1172 NETHERLANDS Junction Points 514845N 43915E Add 9 Junction Points miles to Rotterdam distances Bishop Rock England via DoverDIAMANTE ARGENTINA 320348S 603924W Add Strait 943 Port Said Egypt 4943286 miles to Buenos Aires DOUALA CAMEROON Ile dOuessant France via Dover Singapore 200distances 40300N 94100E to Strait 929 East Ports Junction Points Entrance Germany via StoreDIEGO GARCIA CHAGOS Baelt 358ARCHIPELAGO Al Basrah Iraq 3824 71840S 722800E to Straits of Florida 5526 East Calcutta India 1579 Entrance Germany via The Cochin India 1779 Junction Points Ports Sound 430 Colombo Sri Lanka 1496 Pentland Firth Scotland 504 Madras India 1512Singapore via Udjung Masam Anecho Togo 526 Skagens Odde Denmark 121 Vishakhapatnam India 1499 Muka 2224 Bata Equatorial Guinea 141 Boma Congo 742 Ports DUN LAOGHAIRE IRELAND Ports Cabinda Cabinda 668 531810N 60740W See Cotonou Benin 486 Aarhus Denmark 250 DublinAden Yemen 2116 Kribi Cameroon 87 Antwerp Belgium 647Belawan Indonesia 1860 Lagos Nigeria 442 Bergen Norway 368 Bremerhaven Germany 418 DUNDEE Sri Lanka 974 Libreville Gabon 228 562745N 25640W toFremantle Australia 2850 Mayumba Gabon 513 Calais France 624Hobart Tasmania via Pointe Noire Congo 613 Kobenhavn Denmark 262 Junction Points DEntrecasteaux Channel Port Gentil Gabon 297 London England 656 4501 Sao Tome Sao Tome 285 Narvik Norway 966 Bishop Rock England 713Malacca Malaysia 2078 Wilhelmshaven Germany 413 Ile dOuessant France 698Penang Malaysia 1905 Zeebrugge Belgium 593 East DOUGLAS ISLE OF MANPort Darwin Australia 3483 540900N 42800W to Entrance Germany 501Sabang Indonesia 1594 DUBLIN IRELAND Pentland Firth Scotland 179Victoria Seychelles 1032 Junction Points 532045N 61300W to Skagens Odde Denmark 455 Bishop Rock England 276 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points EL FERROL DEL CAUDILLO SPAIN 31 Ports DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA Kasatka Japan 1846 Junction Points 295200S 310200E to Kiska Alaska USA 596Amsterdam Netherlands 374 Kobe Japan 2833 Panama Panama 2785Antwerp Belgium 442 Junction Points Los Angeles California USABremerhaven Germany 437 2382 PortsDunkerque France 402 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Manila Philippines north ofEmden Germany 400 764 Luzon 4233 Islas Juan Fernandez 1633Esbjerg Denmark 394 Port Said Egypt 4567 Matsugahana Japan 1917Hamburg Germany 485 Singapore 4872 Melbourne Australia 6321 England 240 Midway Island 1651 GREENLANDLe Havre France 505 Ports Nagasaki Japan South of 684233N 525312W SeeLondon England 420 Kyushu 3181 Belgium 398 Albany Australia 4275 Nagasaki Japan via England 621 Bombay India 3829 Kaikyo 3011 EGERSUND NORWAYPortland England 547 Colombo Sri Lanka 3704 Noumea New Caledonia 4857 582700N 60000E toPortsmouth England 497 East London South Africa 258 Pago Pago American SamoaRotterdam Netherlands 383 Fremantle Australia 4243 4132 Junction England 515 Karachi Pakistan 3915 Papeete French Polynesia Germany 430 Malacca Malaysia 4757 Petersburg Alaska USA 1215 Bishop Rock England via Belgium 394 Maputo Mozambique 307 Channel 797 Mombasa Kenya 1718 Russia 1249 Ile dOuessant France 781 Penang Malaysia 4584 Port Darwin Australia 5332 Pentland Firth Scotland 298DUNEDIN NEW ZEALAND 455300S 1703100E to Port des Galets Reunion Island Prince Rupert Canada 1274 Skagens Odde Denmark 165 1418 Qingdao China 3385 Junction Points Port Adelaide Australia 5160 San Diego California USA Ports Port Darwin Australia 5561 2465Cape Leeuwin Australia 2622 Port Louis Mauritius 1560 San Francisco California USA Aberdeen Scotland 273Torres Strait Australia 2872 Sabang Indonesia 4273 2051 Amsterdam Netherlands 380 Telukbayur Indonesia 4307 Sand Bay Alaska USA 397 Antwerp Belgium 484 Ports Zanzibar Tanzania 1607 Sasebo Japan via Osumi Bremerhaven Germany 312 Kaikyo 3207 Calais France 475Brisbane Australia 1606 DURRES ALBANIA Seattle Washington USA 1707 Cherbourg France 621Burnie Harbor Tasmania via 411815N 192715E to Shanghai China via La Perouse Dover England 477 Bank Strait 1193 Strait 3375 Dunkerque France 469Geelong Australia via Banks Junction Points Shanghai China via Tsugaru Emden Germany 327 Strait 1341 Kaikyo 3377 Esbjerg Denmark 226Hobart Tasmania 1068 Port Said Egypt 951 Shimonoseki Japan 2892 Hamburg Germany 351Melbourne Australia 1309 Strait of Gibraltar 1349 Surabaya Indonesia 5555 Hull England 378Noumea New Caledonia 1552 Suva Fiji Islands 4493 Kristiansand Norway 86 Ports Sweeper Cove Alaska USA Le Havre France 589DUNKERQUE FRANCE 407 Leith Scotland 336 510300N 22200E to Crotone Italy 172 Sydney Australia 5761 London England 501 Manfredonia Italy 161 Tomari Japan 1978 Newcastle England 329 Junction Points Monopoli Italy 100 Truk Caroline Islands 3493 Oostende Belgium 447 Piraievs Greece via Corinth Unalakleet Alaska USA 752 Oslo Norway 238Bishop Rock England 355 Canal 339 Valparaiso Chile 7140 Plymouth England 706Ile dOuessant France 351 Ploce Croatia 214 Vancouver Canada 1724 Portland England East Preveza Greece 181 Vladivostok Russia 2518 Portsmouth England 582 Entrance Germany 386 Salamis Greece 343 Wake Island 2463 Rotterdam Netherlands 412Pentland Firth Scotland 525 Split Croatia 216 Whittier Alaska USA 817 Southampton England 600Skagens Odde Denmark 511 Taranto Italy 183 Xiamen China via La Perouse Wilhelmshaven Germany 306 Strait 3771 Zeebrugge Belgium 440 Ports DUTCH HARBOR ALASKA Xiamen China via Tsugaru USA Kaikyo 3770 EILAT ISRAELAberdeen Scotland 418 535400N 1663000W to Yokohama Japan 2551 293242N 345700E toAmsterdam Netherlands 135Antwerp Belgium 102 Junction Points Junction Points EAST LONDON SOUTHBergen Norway 585 Germany 321 Panama Panama 5246 330130S 275430E to Cape of Good Hope South France 179 Punta Arenas Chile 8063 5155Dundee Scotland 402 Singapore 5364 Junction Points Port Said Egypt 381Egersund Norway 469 Singapore 4868Emden Germany 264 Ports Cape of Good Hope South AfricaEsbjerg Denmark 350 508 PortsHamburg Germany 374 Anadyrskiy Limen Russia 824 Port Said Egypt 4830Hartlepool England 281 Apra Guam 3403 Singapore 5082 Aden Yemen 1247Hull England 223 Auckland New Zealand 5578Inverness Scotland 526 Brisbane Australia 5369 Ports Bukhta Shelihova Kuril Islands EL AAIUN Norway 475 SAHARALe Havre France 144 Russia 1411 Belawan Indonesia 4749 270537N 132655W SeeLeith Scotland 399 Callao Peru 5988 Durban South Africa 258 AaiunLondon England 112 Dagu China 3594 Fremantle Australia 4304Newcastle England 307 Dalian China via La Perouse Inhambane Mozambique 722 Strait 3435 EL FERROL DEL CAUDILLOOslo Norway 617 Malacca Malaysia 4967 SPAINPlymouth England 264 Dalian China via Tsugaru Penang Malaysia 4967 432830N 81500W toPortland England 190 Kaikyo 3437 Port Darwin Australia 5673Portsmouth England 150 Guayaquil Ecuador 5552 Port Elizabeth South Africa 131 Junction England 168 Hakodate Japan 2228Stavanger Norway 510 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 4894 EASTER ISLAND SOUTH Bishop Rock England Germany 308 Hobart Tasmania 6365 PACIFIC Ile dOuessant France 343 Hong Kong China 4026 270830S 1092630W to Honolulu Hawaii USA 2040 Juneau Alaska USA 1136 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points32 EL JADIDA MOROCCO Ports Harwich England 252 Algiers Algeria 917 Boston Massachusetts USA Hull England 279 Ancona Italy 883 4851Aviles Spain 133 Inverness Scotland 487 Ashdod Israel 885 Colon Panama 5238Bayonne France 322 Kristiansand Norway 316 Banzart Tunisia 585 Douala Cameroon 343Cape Town South Africa 5421 Le Havre France 396 Beirut Lebanon 920 Monrovia Liberia 1012Colon Panama 4222 Leith Scotland 403 Cartagena Spain 1100 Natal Brazil 2514Dakar Senegal 1843 London England 318 Castellon Spain 1075 New York New York USAHorta Azores 970 Newcastle England 329 Dhekelia Cyprus 846 4968Lisboa Portugal 356 Oostende Belgium 242 Genova Italy 950 Norfolk Virginia USA 5013Natal Brazil 3312 Oslo Norway 451 Istanbul Turkey 833 Philadelphia Delgada Azores 870 Plymouth England 513 Kherson Ukraine 1255 USA 5081Puerto de Pasajes Spain 300 Portland England 439 Marsaxlokk Malta 360 Port of Spain Trinidad 4022San Sebastian Spain 302 Portsmouth England 389 Sekondi Ghana 402St Johns Canada 1861 Rotterdam Netherlands 199 ESBJERG DENMARK Takoradi Ghana 404Viana do Castello Portugal 155 Southampton England 407 552730N 82630E to Stavanger Norway 376 ESMERALDAS ECUADOREL JADIDA MOROCCO Wilhelmshaven Germany 120 Junction Points 10127N 793936W to 331525N 83000W to Zeebrugge Belgium 230 Bishop Rock England 688 Junction Points Junction Points ENDERBURY ISLAND Ile dOuessant France 676 PHOENIX ISLANDS East Panama Panama 474Cape of Good Hope South 30800S 1710600W to Entrance Germany 372 Punta Arenas Chile 3486 Africa 4941 Pentland Firth Scotland 443 Torres Strait Australia 8449Ile dOuessant France 998 Junction Points Skagens Odde Denmark 234 Wilson Promontory Australia 7570 Ports Panama Panama 5599 Ports PortsDakar Senegal 1317 Ports Aberdeen Scotland 373Tangier Morocco 207 Amsterdam Netherlands 255 Acapulco Mexico 1527 Apia Samoa 641 Antwerp Belgium 362 Antofagasta Chile 1703EL SEGUNDO CALIFORNIA Apra Guam 2827 Bergen Norway 361 Arica Chile 1484USA Christmas Island Line Islands Cherbourg France 514 Callao Peru 909 335433N 1182731W to 878 Dover England 370 Coquimbo Chile 2014 Seattle Washington USA 4047 Dundee Scotland 394 Corinto Nicaragua 823 Junction Points Dunkerque France 350 Guayaquil Ecuador 356 ENIWETAK MARSHALL Egersund Norway 226 Guaymas Mexico 2467Panama Panama 2922 ISLANDS Emden Germany 172 Iquique Chile 1550Punta Arenas Chile 5883 112551N 1622130E to Hamburg Germany 172 Lota Chile 2388Singapore via Balintang Hartlepool England 336 Monterey California USA Channel 7642 Junction Points Harwich England 338 3262Singapore via 30N 180 and Hull England 334 Pisco Peru 1021 Balintang Channel 7867 Panama Panama 7086 Inverness Scotland 455 Puntarenas Costa Rica 614Torres Strait Australia 6432 Kristiansand Norway 206 Salina Cruz Mexico 1290Wilson Promontory Australia Ports Le Havre France 482 San Diego California USA 6863 Leith Scotland 403 2940 Apra Guam 1066 London England 403 San Francisco California USA Ports Honolulu Hawaii USA 2375 Newcastle England 349 3342 Pearl Harbor Hawaii USA Oostende Belgium 328 San Jose Guatemala 1016Guaymas Mexico 1230 2347 Oslo Norway 341 Talcahuano Chile 2368Honolulu Hawaii USA 2218 San Francisco California USA Plymouth England 599 Valparaiso Chile 2179Melbourne Australia 7003 4282 Portland England 525Sydney Australia 6506 Portsmouth England 475 ESPERANCE Chile 4941 ENSENADA MEXICO Rotterdam Netherlands 287 335200S 1215428E toValparaiso Chile 4817 315130N 1163800W to Southampton England 493Yokohama Japan 4829 Savanger Norway 278 Junction Points Junction Points Wilhelmshaven Germany 129EMDEN GERMANY Zeebrugge Belgium 318 Cape Leeuwin Australia 367 532100N 71200E to Panama Panama 2791 Wilson Promontory Australia ESCRAVOS NIGERIA 1266 Junction Points Ports 053224N 45942E to PortsBishop Rock England 606 Acapulco Mexico 1369 Junction PointsIle dOuessant France 590 Los Angeles California USA Adelaide Australia East 151 Bishop Rock England 3902 Albany Australia 224 Entrance Germany 197 Port Hueneme California USA Cape of Good Hope South Murnie Tasmania 1275Pentland Firth Scotland 484 194 Africa 2510 Melbourne Australia 1239Skagens Odde Denmark 344 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3955 ENSTED DENMARK Grand Banks South 4054 EUREKA CALIFORNIA Ports 550500N 92500E See Ile dOuessant France 3861 USA Abenra Inishtrahull Ireland 4246 404800N 1241000W toAberdeen Scotland 394 Panama Panama 5150Antwerp Belgium 276 ES SIDER LIBYA Pentland Firth Scotland 4960 Junction PointsBergen Norway 457 303800N 182200E to Punta Arenas Chile Germany 128 Strait of Gibraltar 3201 Panama Panama 3438Cherbourg France 428 Junction Points Straits of Florida 5306 Punta Arenas Chile 6438Dover England 284 Yucatan Channel 5431 Singapore via San Scotland 400 Port Said Egypt 796 Strait 7352Dunkerque France 264 Strait of Gibraltar 1356 Ports Singapore via 30N 180 andEgersund Norway 327 Balintang Channel 7532Esbjerg Denmark 172 Ports Abidjan Ivory Coast 550 Torres Strait Australia 6030Hamburg Germany 185 Accra Ghana 311 Wilson Promontory England 308 Alexandria Egypt 657 Boma Congo 866 6843 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points FETHIYE TURKEY 33 Ports Dublin Ireland 248 Straits of Florida 3761 Port Said Egypt 2915 Hull England 464 Yucatan Channel 4058 Singapore Chile 4963 Liverpool England 313 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3661Auckland New Zealand 5746 London England 351 Ports Torres Strait Australia via SouthBrisbane Australia 6188 Plymouth England 37 of Java 5863Guaymas Mexico 1675 Southampton England 160 Ardrossan Scotland 348Ho Chi Minh Vietnam via Argentia Canada 1819 Ports Tsugaru Strait 6720 FAMAGUSTA CYPRUS Avonmouth England 262Honolulu Hawaii USA 2080 350720N 335640E to Baltimore Maryland USA Aden Yemen 1526Manzanillo Mexico 1750 3098 Belawan Indonesia 3123Valparaiso Chile 5335 Junction Points Barrow in Furness England 302 Bombay India 1146Zamboanga Philippines 6313 Belem Brazil 3741 Fremantle Australia 5000 Port Said Egypt 257 Belfast Northern Ireland 311 Penang Malaysia 3163EVERETT WASHINGTON Strait of Gibraltar 1991 Boston Massachusetts USAUSA 2633 FECAMP FRANCE 475853N 1221406W Ports Cairn Ryan Scotland 338 494600N 02145E toSubtract 9 miles from Seattle Cardiff Wales 246Washington distances Alexandria Egypt 340 Charleston South Carolina Junction Points Ashdod Israel 203 USA 3239FAABORG DENMARK Banghazi Libya 768 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Ile dOuessant France 246 550540N 101422E See Marseille France 1558 3279 EastFaborg Denmark Piraievs Greece 604 Cienfuegos Cuba 3992 Entrance Germany 482 Cobh Ireland 64FABORG DENMARK FANNING ISLAND NORTH Colon Panama 4243 Ports 550540N 101422E to PACIFIC Douglas Isle of Man 274 35130N 1592145W to Dublin Ireland 223 Cherbourg France 79 Junction Points Fishguard Wales 180 Plymouth England 183 Junction Points Fleetwood England 315 Rotterdam Netherlands East Funchal Madeira Island 1177 Entrance Germany 53 Panama Panama 4805 Galway Ireland 166 FELIXSTOWE ENGLANDSkagens Odde Denmark 234 Glasgow Scotland 395 515656N 1l900E to Ports Guantanamo Cuba 3626 Ports Halifax Canada 2315 Junction Points Auckland New Zealand 2854 Hamilton Bermuda 2655Gdansk Poland 368 Honolulu Hawaii USA 1056 Holyhead Wales 232 Bishop Rock England 377Goteborg Sweden 222 Johnston Island North Pacific Jacksonville Florida USA Ile dOuessant France 303Lubeck Germany 102 1032 3407 East Wellington New Zealand 3114 Key West Florida USA 3685 Entrance Germany Kingston Jamaica 3748 Pentland Firth Scotland 460GREENLAND FARGE GERMANY La Habana Cuba 3721 Skagens Odde Denmark 478 634100N 513400W See 531200N 83100E Add Limerick Ireland Greenland 23 miles to Bremerhaven distances Liverpool England 295 Ports Londonderry Northern IrelandFALL RIVER FARSUND NORWAY via west coast of Ireland 371 Amsterdam Netherlands USA 580540N 64830E to Mathew Town Great Inagua Antwerp Belgium 141 414221N 71l000W to Island 3467 Bergen Norway 544 Junction Points Miami Florida USA 3554 Emden Germany 251 Junction Points Milford Haven Wales 178 Rotterdam Netherlands 121 Pentland Firth Scotland 332 New London Connecticut USA Stavanger Norway 477Cape of Good Hope South Africa Skagens Odde Denmark 132 2723 Wilhelmshaven Germany 300 6732 New York New York USAGrand Banks South 975 Ports 2805 FELTON CUBAPanama Panama 2089 Newport Wales 258 205000N 754400W SeePunta Arenas Chile 7063 Bergen Norway 182 Norfolk Virginia USA 2977 AntillaStraits of Florida 1264 London England 497 Paramaribo Suriname 3554 Oslo Norway 198 Philadelphia Pennsylvania FERNANDINA FLORIDA Ports USA 2957 USA FASLANE BAY SCOTLAND Port au Prince Haiti 3619 304100N 812740W toArgentia Canada 851 560400N 44900W Port Talbot Wales 218Belem Brazil 3393 Subtract 11 miles from Glasgow Providence Rhode Island USA PortsBuenos Aires Argentina 6048 distances 2712Cape Town South Africa 6717 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4873 Nassau Bahamas 450Dakar Senegal 3235 San Juan Puerto Rico via Mona San Juan Puerto Rico 1115 FASTNET ROCK IRELANDHalifax Canada 435 512000N 93600W to Passage 3299Libreville Gabon 5217 Santo Domingo Dominican FERNANDO DE NORONHANew York New York USA 172 Junction Points Republic 3491 BRAZILPort of Spain Trinidad 1932 Swansea Wales 217 35000S 322500W toRecife Brazil 3656 Bishop Rock England 149 Washington DC USA 3112Walvisbaai Namibia 6154 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Waterford Ireland 110 Ports 5880 Willemstad Curacao 3708FALMOUTH ENGLAND Grand Banks South 1714 Wilmington North Carolina Kingston St Vincent 1320 500920N 50330W to Ile dOuessant France 225 USA 3183 New York New York USA Inishtrahull Ireland 335 3517 Junction Points Panama Panama via Mona FATEH TERMINAL UNITED Recife Brazil 300 Passage 4247 ARAB EMIRATES Santos Brazil 1560Ile dOuessant France 100 Punta Arenas Chile 7051 253600N 543100E to Montreal Canada 2872 FETHIYE TURKEY Ports Pentland Firth Scotland via east Junction Points 363730N 290720E to coast of Ireland 625Brest France 137 Pentland Firth Scotland via west Cape of Good Hope South Africa Junction PointsCardiff Wales 181 coast of Ireland 578 4733Cobh Ireland 182 Strait of Gibraltar 1068 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5069 Port Said Egypt 375 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4314 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points34 FIGUERA DA FOZ PORTUGALStrait of Gibraltar 1712 Genova Italy 217 FORCADOS OFFSHORE New York New York USA Iraklion Kriti 771 TERMINAL NIGERIA 1717 Ports Kerch Ukraine 1513 51000N 50845E to Norfolk Virginia USA 1597 La Nouvelle France 423 Nuevitas Cuba 1035Ashdod Yam Israel 416 Mersa El Hamra Egypt 1058 Junction Points Philadelphia Pennsylvania USABanghazi Libya 548 Mitilini Greece 875 via Anegada Channel 1724Piraievs Greece 305 Oran Algeria 710 Bishop Rock England 3908 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 108 Poti Georgia 1675 Cape of Good Hope South Ponce Puerto Rico 381 Ravenna Italy 866 Africa 2495 Port Castries St Lucia 37FIGUERA DA FOZ Fastnet Rock Ireland 3961PORTUGAL Tunis Tunisia 296 Roseau Dominica 50 400823N 85238W to Grand Banks South 4060 San Juan Puerto Rico 385 Ile dOuessant France 3868 Santiago de Cuba Cuba 951 FLEETWOOD ENGLAND Inishtrahull Ireland 4252 Junction Points 535500N 30000W to Willemstad Curacao 495 Panama Panama 5153Bishop Rock England 598 Junction Points Pentland Firth Scotland 4956 Punta Arenas Chile 5234 FORT LAUDERDALECape of Good Hope South FLORIDA USA Africa 5236 Bishop Rock England 307 Strait of Gibraltar 3208 260536N 800448W toFastnet Rock Ireland 674 Fastnet Rock Ireland 315 Straits of Florida 5312Grand Banks South 1840 Inishtrahull Ireland 189 Yucatan Channel 5437 Junction PointsIle dOuessant France 565 Pentland Firth Scotland Ireland 970 Ports Cape of Good Hope SouthPanama Panama 4178 Ports Africa 6697Pentland Firth Scotland 1224 Abidjan Ivory Coast 566 Grand Banks South 1778Punta Arenas Chile 6483 Southampton England 485 Accra Ghana 320 Panama Panama 1236Strait of Gibraltar 386 Boston Massachusetts USA Punta Arenas Chile 6874Straits of Florida 3779 4843 Strait of Gibraltar 3778 FLEKKEFJORDEN NORWAY Dakar Senegal 1653 581735N 63930E to Straits of Florida 238 Ports Freetown Sierra Leone 1207 Junction Points Lisboa Portugal 3220 PortsCadiz Spain 341 Natal Brazil 2536Conakey Guinea 2045 Pentland Firth Scotland 325 New York New York USA Cape Town South Africa 6688Dakar Senegal 1616 Skagens Odde Denmark 155 4905 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 283Freetown Sierra Leone 2105 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Georgetown Guyana 1894Funchal Madeira Island 594 Ports USA 5080 Hamilton Bermuda 883Lisboa Portugal 109 Port of Spain Trinidad 4114 Kingston Jamaica 769New York New York USA Bergen Norway 170 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands La Habana Cuba 236 2904 London England 479 2745 Lagos Nigeria 5069Ponta Delgada Azores 795 Oslo Norway 219 Takoradi Ghana 416 Matadi Congo 5758Recife Brazil 3232 Port of Spain Trinidad 1504Tangier Morocco 385 FLENSBURG GERMANY FORT DAUPHIN Recife Brazil 3459 544750N 92615E to MADAGASCAR San Juan Puerto Rico 900 250100S 470100E toFISHGUARD WALES 520030N 45830W to Junction Points FORTLIBERATE HAITI Junction Points 194130N 715020W to Junction Points East Cape of Good Hope South Junction Points Entrance Germany 52Bishop Rock England 161 Africa 1614 Skagens Odde Denmark 260Fastnet Rock Ireland 180 Port Said Egypt 4035 Panama Panama 881Pentland Firth Scotland 497 Singapore 3975 Straits of Florida 692 Ports Ports Ports Ports Gdynia Poland 358 Goteborg Sweden 272Avonmouth England 145 Belawan Indonesia 3642 New York New York USA Lubeck Germany 131Barrow in Furness England 157 Fremantle Australia 3593 1283Belfast Northern Ireland 182 Malacca Malaysia 3860 Nuevitas Cuba 339 FLORIDA STRAITS USA Penang Malaysia 3687Brest France 274 242500N 830000W See San Juan Puerto Rico 373Cardiff Wales 130 Port Darwin Australia 4775 Straits of Florida Sabang Indonesia 3376Cherbourg France 306 FORTALEZA BRAZILCobh Ireland 131 34200S 383100W to FLOTTA TERMINAL FORT DE FRANCEDouglas Isle of Man 131 Scotland 247 MARTINIQUE Junction Points 585214N 30642W See 143600N 610415W toLondon England 523 Scapa England 343 Punta Arenas Chile 3654 Junction PointsSwansea Wales 100 FLUSHING NETHERLANDS 512630N 33600E See Ports Panama Panama 1202FIUMICINO ITALY Vlissingen Straits of Florida 1389 41445N 120937E to Belem Brazil 685 New York New York USA FLYING FISH COVE Ports Junction Points 3304 CHRISTMAS ISLAND 102500S 1054300E to Recife Brazil 425 Baltimore Maryland USAPort Said Egypt 1217 1718Strait of Gibraltar 918 Junction Points FRAY BENTOS URUGUAY Bordeaux France 3607 Boston Massachusetts USA 330658S 581957W Add Ports Cape of Good Hope South 213 miles to Montevideo distances 1799 Africa 4923 Bridgetown Barbados 130 or 145 miles to Buenos AiresAjaccio Corsica 187 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1540 distances Cienfuegos Cuba 1240Antalya Turkey 1067 Selat Lombok Indonesia 603 Colon Panama 1159Banzart Tunisia 273 Selat Sunda Indonesia 281 FREDERICIA DENMARK Kingstown St Vincent 89Bar Montenegro 608 553345N 94535E to La Habana Cuba via MonaCartagena Spain 664 Ports Passage and Old BahamaCorinth Canal west side Channel 1350 Korinthos Greece 645 Colombo Sri Lanka 1888 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points GAETA ITALY 35 Junction Points FREETOWN SIERRA LEONE Beira Mozambique 4351 Apra Guam 2455 083000N 131400W to Berbera Somalia 4933 Brisbane Australia East Bombay India 3986 Hong Kong China 4247 Entrance Germany 85 Junction Points Bushehr Iran 5259 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2249Skagens Odde Denmark 169 Calcutta India via west of Jaluit Marshall Islands 1041 Bishop Rock England 2673 Sumatra 3693 Midway Island 2220 Ports Cape of Good Hope South Africa Calicut India 3484 Noumea New Caledonia 1132 3190 Colombo Sri Lanka 3122 Papeete French Polynesia 1910Gdynia Poland 384 Ile dOuessant France 2630 Dar es Salaam Tanzania 4513 San Francisco California USAGoteborg Sweden 181 Inishtrahull Ireland 3024 Diego Garcia Chagos 4295Lubeck Germany 155 Montreal Canada 4019 Archipelago 2850 Seattle Washington USA 4640 Pentland Firth Scotland 3272 Durban South Africa 4244 Punta Arenas Chile 4731 East London South Africa FUNCHAL Strait of Gibraltar 1966 Fort Dauphin Madagascar 3593 ISLAND 615900N 494300W See Straits of Florida 4137 Geraldton Australia 213 323800N 165430W toPaamuit Greenland Yucatan Channel 4229 Kakinada India 3515 Karachi Pakistan 4446 Junction Points Ports Madras India Majunga Madagascar 4132 Bishop Rock England 1136 572600N 103315E to Accra Ghana 955 Maputo Mozambique 4283 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Banjul Gambia 450 Mocambique Mozambique 4367 4689 Junction Points Boston Massachusetts USA Mombasa Kenya 4564 Fastnet Rock Ireland 1177 3656 Mosselbaai South Africa 4525 Ile dOuessant France East Buenos Aires Argentina 3712 Port Darwin Australia 1847 Inishtrahull Ireland 1466 Entrance Germany 200 Cadiz Spain 1979 Port Louis Mauritius north of Montreal Canada 2850Skagens Odde Denmark 24 Cape Town South Africa 3164 Mauritius 3202 Pentland Firth Scotland 1714 Casablanca Morocco 1812 Port Louis Mauritius south of Punta Arenas Chile 5894 Ports Colon Panama 3976 Mauritius 3217 Strait of Gibraltar 589 Dakar Senegal 496 Rangoon Burma west of Straits of Florida Russia 1805 Funchal Madeira Island 1573 Sumatra 3248Gdynia Poland 395 Georgetown Ascension Island Sabang Indonesia 2601 PortsKobenhavn Denmark 142 996 Surabaya Indonesia via BaliLubeck Germany 170 Guantanamo Cuba 3650 Strait and north of Madura Baltimore Maryland USA Huelva Spain 1999 1674 ST CROIX Key West Florida USA 4076 Surabaya Indonesia via Bali Banjul Gambia 1182 174300N 645320W to Las Palmas Canary Islands 1317 Strait and south of Madura Bordeaux France 1192 Lisboa Portugal 2023 1627 Boston Massachusetts USA Ports Marshall Liberia 293 Tamatave Madagascar 3650 2604 Monrovia Liberia 264 Tanga Tanzania 4583 Brest France 1110Roseau Dominica 252 Natal Brazil 1569 Tjilatjap Indonesia 1519 Buenos Aires Argentina 4823 New York New York USA Victoria Seychelles 3752 Cadiz Spain 579FREDRIKSTAD NORWAY 3757 Wyndham Australia 1780 Cape Town South Africa 4680 591210N 105700E to Norfolk Virginia USA 3821 Yampi Sound Australia 586 Casablanca Morocco 476 Oporto Portugal 2161 Zanzibar Tanzania 4536 Colon Panama 3742 Junction Points Philadelphia Pennsylvania Dakar Senegal 1091 USA 3862 Freetown Sierra Leone 1573 FUCHOU CHINABishop Rock England 918 Pointe Noire Congo 1788 260330N 1191900E See Guantanamo Cuba 3194Ile dOuessant France 904 Ponta Delgada Azores 1941 Fuzhou China Horta Azores East Port of Spain Trinidad 2896 Huelva Spain 578 Entrance via Store Baelt Port Harcourt Nigeria 1397 Key West Florida USA 3445 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands FUJAYRAH UNITED ARAB Germany 330 EMIRATES Kingston Jamaica East 871 250900N 562645E to Las Palmas Canary Islands 282 Entrance via The Sound Portsmouth New Hampshire Lisboa Portugal 532 Germany 402 USA 3654 Junction Points New York New York USAPentland Firth Scotland 488 Recife Brazil 1632 direct 2761Skagens Odde Denmark 93 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2613 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Norfolk Virginia USA 2907 San Juan Puerto Rico 3141 4645 Oporto Portugal 650 Ports Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Cape Leeuwin Australia 4909 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Islands 1342 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4127 USA 2901Bergen Norway 335 St Helena Island 1564 Port Said Egypt 2447 Plymouth England 1234Oslo Norway 57 Takoradi Ghana 859 Singapore 3356 Ponta Delgada Azores 550 Vigo Spain 2223 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3509 Port of Spain Trinidad 2819FREEPORT BAHAMAS Torres Strait Australia 5701 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands 263100N 784645W to FREMANTLE AUSTRALIA 1043 320300S 1154420E to Ports Praia Cape Verde Islands 1128 Junction Points Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3722 Junction Points Aden Yemen 1377 San Juan Puerto Rico 2773Panama Panama via Windward Belawan Indonesia 2973 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Passage 1280 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Calcutta India 2961 Islands 258Straits of Florida 278 4755 Fremantle Australia 7614 Tangier Morocco 588Yucatan Channel 456 Cape Leeuwin Australia 181 Penang Malaysia 3007 Vigo Spain 702 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1440 Ports Port Said Egypt 6310 FUZHOU CHINA FUNAFUTI TUVALU Selat Sunda Indonesia 1691 83045S 1791215E to 260330N Maryland USA 841 Torres Strait Australia 2531 Fuzhou is 9 miles above Lo Florida USA 304 Junction Points ta Maoti on the River Min See LoLa Habana Cuba 286 Ports hsingta Pennsylvania Panama Panama 6217 USA 890 Aden Yemen north of Chagos GAETA ITALYSan Juan Puerto Rico 872 Archipelago 4921 Ports 411300N 133500E toWilmington North Carolina Al Basrah Iraq 5440 USA 487 Al Manamah Bahrain 5203 Apia Samoa 632 Albany Australia 349 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points36 GALEOTA POINT TRINIDAD Junction Points Ports Helsinki Finland 292 Singapore via Karimata Strait Riga Latvia 355 2019Port Said Egypt 1150 Barranquilla Colombia 1577 Stockholm Sweden 153 Torres Strait Australia 1062Strait of Gibraltar 986 Belize Belize 935 Selat Wetar Indonesia 680 Campeche Mexico 617 GDANSK POLAND Ports Carmen Mexico 661 542200N 184000E to Ports Cartagena Colombia 1583Livorno Italy 228 Cienfuegos Cuba 989 Junction Points Anchorage Alaska USA 5529Messina Sicily 209 Coatzacoalcos Mexico 680 Balikpapan Kalimantan 1276Tunis Tunisia 315 La Habana Cuba 769 East Hong Kong China 1783 Limon Costa Rica 1394 Entrance Germany 344 Jakarta Indonesia 1686GALEOTA POINT TRINIDAD Maracaibo Venezuela 1810 Skagens Odde Denmark via Store Manila Philippines 2531 100755N 610055W to Puerto Barrios Guatemala 1041 Baelt 533 San Francisco California USA Puerto Cabello Venezuela 1899 Skagens Odde Denmark via The 6260 Junction Points Puerto Cortes Honduras 1001 Sound 418 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua via GEELONG Rock England 3603 inside route 1344 Ports 380800S 1442200E AddCape of Good Hope South Santa Marta Colombia 1588 6 miles to Melbourne distances Africa 5320 Tampico Mexico 473 Assens Denmark 370Panama Panama 1273 Tuxpan Mexico 530 Faborg Denmark 368 GELA ITALYPunta Arenas Chile 5365 Veracruz Mexico 623 Kobenhavn Denmark 468 370335N 141352E toStrait of Gibraltar 3367 Oslo Norway via Store BaeltStraits of Florida via Mona GALWAY IRELAND 657 Junction Points Passage 1588 531500N 90300W to Oslo Norway via The SoundYucatan Channel 1595 540 Port Said Egypt 981 Junction Points Szczecin Poland 240 Strait of Gibraltar 968 Ports Fastnet Rock Ireland 166 GDYNIA POLAND PortsBaltimore Maryland USA Inishtrahull Ireland 231 543200N 183300E to 1983 Strait of Gibraltar 1184 Ajaccio Corsica 417Campeche Mexico 2107 Junction Points Antalya Turkey Florida USA Ports Bar Montenegro 443 1748 East Batumi Georgia 1439La Habana Cuba via Mona Dakar Senegal 2383 Entrance Germany 339 Canakkle Turkey 719 Passage and Old Bahama Natal Brazil 3786 Skagens Odde Denmark 528 Constanta Romania 1049 Channel 1548 St Johns Canada 1678 Famagusta Cyprus Pennsylvania Tromso Norway 1352 Ports Jaffa Israel 1061 USA 1999 Malaga Spain 899San Juan Puerto Rico 637 GAMBA GABON Aalborg Denmark via The Marseille France 584Veracruz Mexico 2236 24932S 95646E to Sound 389 Thessaloniki Greece 749Willemstad Curacao 542 Flensburg Germany 358 Tubruq Libya 577 Junction Points Fredericia Denmark 384GALLE SRI LANKA Frederikshavn Denmark 395 GELIBOLU TURKEY 60145N 801320E to Bishop Rock England 4255 Gavle Sweden 438 402418N 264000E Cape of Good Hope South Grena Denmark 361 Subtract 113 miles from Istanbul Junction Points Africa 1967 Hamina Finland 512 distances for ports outside the Fastnet Rock Ireland 4307 Hango Finland 356 Black Sea and Sea of 1502 Grand Banks South 4407 Helsinki Finland 415 Ile dOuessant France 3835 Kobenhavn Denmark 464 GEMLICK TURKEY Ports Inishtrahull Ireland 4598 Korsor Denmark 344 402546N 290906E to Panama Panama 5099 Kyndbyvaerkets Denmark 334Bombay India 944 Pentland Firth Scotland 5321 Lubeck Germany 328 Junction PointsCalicut India 437 Punta Arenas Chile 5051 Masnedsund Denmark 330Karachi Pakistan 1393 Strait of Gibraltar 3554 Middlefart Denmark 396 Port Said Egypt 805Trincomalee Sri Lanka 255 Straits of Florida 5659 Musko Island Sweden 288 Strait of Gibraltar south of Yucatan Channel 5784 Naestved Denmark 383 Greece 1841GALLIPOLI ITALY Nakskov Denmark 335 400200N 175900E to Ports Odense Denmark 438 Ports Oxelosund Sweden 266 Junction Points Accra Ghana 789 Peenemunde Germany 220 Alexandria Egypt 722 Cape Town South Africa 1943 Pitea Sweden 687 Barcelona Spain 1469Port Said Egypt 908 Dakar Senegal 2045 Porkkala Finland 412 Beirut Lebanon 810Strait of Gibraltar 1246 Douala Cameroon 459 Randers Denmark 403 Canakkle Turkey 133 Freetown Sierra Leone 1588 Ruchi Russia 530 Napoli Italy 974 Ports Monrovia Liberia 1363 Sassnitz Germany 203 Oran Algeria 1580 New York New York USA Sonderborg Denmark 360 Piraievs Greece 352Durres Albania 137 5330 Stralsund Germany 245 Tangiers Morocco 1824Izmir Turkey south of Greece Sao Tome Sao Tome 260 Sundsvall Sweden 507 Tarabulus Libya 948 606 Takoradi Ghana 1051 Tallinn Estonia 392 Toulon France 1343Messina Sicily 201 Travemunde Germany 307 Volos Greece 324 GAVLE SWEDEN Umea Sweden 574 Zelinika Montenegro 868GALVESTON TEXAS USA 604128N 171350E to Ventspils Latvia 204 291900N 944700W to GENERAL SANTOS CITY Junction Points GEBE ISLAND INDONESIA PHILIPPINES Junction Points 00350S 1292244E to 60615N 1251007E to EastPanama Panama 1536 Entrance Germany 615 Junction Points Junction PointsStraits of Florida 698 Skagens Odde Denmark 676Yucatan Channel 696 Honshu Japan 2187 Honshu Japan 2048 Ports Selat Lombok Indonesia 1078 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1096 Panama Panama 9116 Panama Panama 9384 Gdynia Poland 438 Punta Arenas Chile 8757 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points GIZAN SAUDI ARABIA 37Singapore 1431 Rijeka Croatia 1085 Guantanamo Cuba 1316 Port Antonia Jamaica 323Selat Sunda Indonesia 1570 Sete France 266 Hamilton Bermuda 1591 Sibenik Croatia 958 Horta Azores 2488 GIBRALTAR Ports Siracusa Sicily 557 Jacksonville Florida USA 360800N 62130W to Split Croatia 943 1980Cebu Philippines 450 St Raphael France 118 Key West Florida USA 1818 Junction PointsHonolulu Hawaii USA 4583 Tarabulus Libya 719 Kingston Jamaica 1334Makassar Sulawesi 840 Taranto Italy 705 La Habana Cuba 1830 Port Said Egypt 1925Manila Philippines 773 Thessaloniki Greece south of Limon Costa Rica 1547 Strait of Gibraltar 24Manzanillo Mexico 7702 Greece 1186 Lisboa Portugal 3264Monterey California USA Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Miami Florida USA 1788 Ports 6402 Canal 1144 Montevideo Uruguay 3840 Toulon France 171 Natal Brazil 1630 Alexandria Egypt 1805GENOVA ITALY Trieste Italy 1118 New York New York USA Algiers Algeria 420 442352N 85520E to Tubruq Libya 1048 2217 Alicante Spain 300 Tunis Tunisia 472 Norfolk Virginia USA 2090 Ancona Italy 1563 Junction Points Valencia Spain 512 Paramaribo Suriname 215 Annaba Algeria 658 Valletta Malta 584 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Banghazi Libya 1338Port Said Egypt 1426 Venezia Italy 1128 USA 2223 Barcelona Spain 516Strait of Gibraltar 868 Villefranche France 88 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 606 Bari Italy 1356 Volos Greece south of Greece Port of Spain Trinidad 376 Beirut Lebanon 2017 Ports 1127 Port Castries St Lucia 482 Brindisi Italy 1298 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Portsmouth New Hampshire Cartagena Spain 241Ajaccio Corsica 170 1085 USA 2284 Genova Italy 850Alexandria Egypt 1316 Puerto Cortes Honduras 1933 Guantanamo Cuba via TurksAlgiers Algeria 531 GEORGETOWN Recife Brazil 1781 Island Passage 3767Alicante Spain 564 ASCENSION ISLAND Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2853 Haifa Israel 2014Ancona Italy 1010 75500S 142500W to Salvador Brazil 2172 Iraklion Kriti 1499Annaba Algeria 458 San Juan Puerto Rico 876 Istanbul Turkey 1804Banghazi Libya 912 Junction Points Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 856 Izmir Turkey south of GreeceBanzart Tunisia 437 St Johns Antigua 689 1650Barcelona Spain 356 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Wilmington North Carolina La Spezia Italy 873Bari Italy 810 2409 USA 2011 Livorno Italy 869Bastia Corsica 108 Marseille France 693Beirut Lebanon 1508 Ports GERALDTON AUSTRALIA Messina Sicily 1031Bonifacio Corsica 199 284700S 1143500E to Napoli Italy 983Brindisi Italy 752 Boma Congo 1608 Odessa Ukraine 2152Cagliari Sardinia 359 Colon Panama 4181 Junction Points Oran Algeria 237Cannes France 107 Freetown Sierra Leone 996 Palermo Sicily 922Cartagena Spain 616 Lagos Nigeria 1375 Cape Leeuwin Australia 356 Palma Balearic Islands 453Catania Sicily 535 Luanda Angola 1657 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1242 Piraievs Greece south ofCeuta Morocco 849 Malabo Equatorial Guinea 1561 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1494 Greece Italy 191 Montevideo Uruguay 2824 Piraievs Greece via CorinthDerince Turkey south of Greece New York New York USA Ports Canal 1433 1325 4395 Rijeka Croatia 1630Derince Turkey via Corinth Philadelphia Pennsylvania Albany Australia 525 Savona Italy 835 Canal 1283 USA 4469 Fremantle Australia 213 Sfax Tunisia 1026Dubrovnik Croatia 856 Recife Brazil 1226 Port Darwin Australia 1638 Sibenik Croatia 1504Gibraltar 850 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1900 Siracusa Sicily 1037GolfeJuan France 101 St Helena Island 707 GHAZAOUET ALGERIA Split Croatia 1489Haifa Israel 1505 350618N 15130W to Tarabulus Libya 1076Hyeres France 147 GEORGETOWN GUYANA Taranto Italy 1250Iraklion Kriti 991 64900N 581000W to Junction Points Thessaloniki Greece south ofIstanbul Turkey south of Greece 1698 Greece 1291 Junction Points Port Said Egypt 1784 Thessaloniki Greece via Turkey via Corinth Strait of Gibraltar 199 Canal 1682 Canal 1250 Bishop Rock England 3643 Toulon France 705Izmir Turkey south of Greece Cape of Good Hope South Africa Ports Trieste Italy 166 1137 5026 Tunis Tunisia 803Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Inishtrahull Ireland 3779 Algiers Algeria 278 Valencia Spain 386 1095 Montreal Canada 3077 Alicante Spain 209 Valletta Malta 988Malaga Spain 798 Panama Panama 1558 Malaga Spain 158 Venezia Italy 1674Marseille France 204 Pentland Firth Scotland 4001 Volos Greece south of GreeceMessina Sicily 492 Punta Arenas Chile east of South GHENT BELGIUM 1640Napoli Italy 338 America 5030 510300N 34400E Volos Greece via Corinth CanalNice France 89 Strait of Gibraltar 3358 Subtract 17 miles from Antwerp 1623Odessa Ukraine south of Straits of Florida via Mona distances Greece 1639 Passage 1869 GIJON SPAINOdessa Ukraine via Corinth Yucatan Channel 1846 433300N 504030W to GIBARA CUBA Canal 1598 210630N 760700W toOlbia Sardinia 221 Ports Junction PointsOran Algeria 686 Junction PointsPalermo Sicily 431 Baltimore Maryland USA Ile dOuessant France 294Palma Balearic Islands 448 2211 Straits of Florida 447Piraievs Greece south of Belem Brazil 896 Ports Greece 978 Boston Massachusetts USA PortsPiraievs Greece via Corinth 2282 Casablanca Morocco 763 Canal 896 Bridgetown Barbados 389 Charleston South Carolina Horta Azores 1092Port St Louis du Rhone France Buenos Aires Argentina 3954 USA 806 St Nazaire France 274 221 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands New York New York USAPorto Vecchio di Piombino Italy 814 1216 GIZAN SAUDI ARABIA 116 Colon Panama 1515 Nuevitas Cuba 82 165315N 422320E to Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 1484 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points38 GLADSTONE HARBOR AUSTRALIA Junction Points Junction Points Junction Points Junction PointsCape of Good Hope South Panama Panama 334 Cape of Good Hope South Cape of Good Hope South Africa 4344 Africa 6489 Africa 2826Cape Leeuwin Australia 5324 Ports Cape Leeuwin Australia 2457 Ile dOuessant France 2981Selat Lombok Indonesia 4764 Torres Strait Australia 346Port Said Egypt 1130 Acapulco Mexico 1123 Selat Wetar Indonesia 611 PortsSingapore 4008 Ampala Honduras 432Selat Sunda Indonesia 4217 Buenaventura Colombia 426 Ports Dakar Senegal 831Torres Strait Australia 6443 La Union El Salvador 4326 Takoradi Ghana 461 Ambon Indonesia 767 Ports GONAIVES HAITI Colombo Sri Lanka 3700 GRENA DENMARK 192700N 724200W to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2484 562445N 105620E toAden Yemen 400 Hong Kong China 2583Al Aqabah Jordan 988 Junction Points Manila Philippines 2034 Junction PointsMassawa Ethiopia 222 Port Darwin Australia 460Port Sudan Sudan 403 Panama Panama 805 East GRAND BANKS SOUTH Entrance Germany 140GLADSTONE HARBOR Ports 423000N 500000W to Skagens Odde Denmark 115AUSTRALIA 235000S 1511530E to Kingston Jamaica 263 Junction Points Ports New York New York USA Junction Points 1328 Bishop Rock England 1830 Gdynia Poland 361 Port au Prince Haiti 70 Cape of Good Hope South Goteborg Sweden 102Cape Leeuwin Australia 2688 Africa 5954 Lubeck Germany 169Torres Strait Australia 1085 GOOD HOPE LOUISIANA Fastnet Rock Ireland 1714 USA Ile dOuessant France 1877 GRIMSBY ENGLAND Ports 295935N 902400W Add Inishtrahull Ireland 1809 533600N 00l00W 24 miles to New Orleans distances Montreal Canada 1335 Subtract 14 miles from HullBrisbane Australia 314 Panama Panama 2555 distancesPort Moresby Papua New Guinea GOOLE ENGLAND Pentland Firth Scotland 1998 1389 534200N 05100W Add Punta Arenas Chile 6440 GRIMSTAD New Zealand 1678 27 miles to Hull distances Strait of Gibraltar 2070 582020N 83605E to Straits of Florida 1990GLASGOW SCOTLAND GOOSE BAY CANADA Junction Points 555145N 41800W to 532200N 601800W to Ports Pentland Firth Scotland 399 Junction Points Junction Points Belem Brazil 2638 Boston Massachusetts USA PortsBishop Rock England 402 Inishtrahull Ireland 1812 932Fastnet Rock Ireland 395 Strait of Gibraltar 2538 Dakar Senegal 2336 Bergen Norway Ireland 146 Galway Ireland 1741 London England 542Pentland Firth Scotland via The Ports Lisboa Portugal 1858 Oslo Norway 135 Minch 384 St Johns Canada 325 Churchill Canada 1557 GROTON CONNECTICUT Ports Reykjavik Iceland 1332 GRANGEMOUTH USA St Johns Canada 588 SCOTLAND 412130N 720515W UseArdrossan Scotland 43 560200N 34120W For New London England 390 distances outside the Firth of Forth GOTEBORG SWEDENBarrow in Furness England 172 574200N 115700E to add 15 miles to Leith distances GUANICA PUERTO RICOBoulogne France 672 175800N 665530W toCairn Ryan Scotland 82 Junction Points GRANTON Wales 375 555916N 31313W See PortsCobh Ireland 346 East LeithFishguard Wales 247 Entrance Germany 230 Santiago de Cuba Cuba north ofLondonderry Northern Ireland Skagens Odde Denmark 42 Hispaniola and via Windward GRANVILLE FRANCE 143 485000N 13615W to Passage 572Reykjavik Iceland 860 Ports Santiago de Cuba Cuba south ofStornoway Scotland 283 Junction Points Hispaniola 584 Assens Denmark 197GLOUCESTER ENGLAND Bergen Norway 356 Bishop Rock England 267 GUANTA VENEZUELA 515200N 21300W Add Faborg Denmark 222 Ile dOuessant France 158 101443N 643530W Add34 miles to Avonmouth distances Flensburg Germany 272 1 mile to Puerto la Cruz distances Fredericia Denmark 181 PortsGODHAVN GREENLAND Grena Denmark 102 GUANTANAMO CUBA 691400N 533200W See Haderslev Denmark 203 Dover England 181 195400N 751100W toQeqertarsauq Greenland Hobro Denmark 123 Le Havre France 173 Kolding Denmark 330 Plymouth England 149 Junction PointsGODTHAB GREENLAND Middlefart Denmark 173 641045N 514514W See Naestved Denmark 199 GRAVESEND ENGLAND Bishop Rock England viaNuuk Greenland Nakskov Denmark 201 512645N 02230E Windward Passage 3714 Oslo Norway 159 Subtract 16 miles from London Fastnet Rock Ireland viaGOLCUK TURKEY Sonderborg Denmark 239 distances Windward Passage 3597 404400N 294900E Add Vejle Denmark 176 Inishtrahull Ireland via Windward34 miles to Istanbul distances for GREENOCK SCOTLAND Passage 3722ports outside the Black Sea and Sea GOTHENBURG SWEDEN 555700N 44500W Panama Panama 752of Marmara 574200N 115700E See Subtract 17 miles from Glasgow Pentland Firth Scotland 3869 Goteborg Sweden distances Strait of Gibraltar 3737GOLFITO COSTA RICA Straits of Florida 638 83830N 831030W to GOVE HARBOR AUSTRALIA GREENVILLE LIBERIA Yucatan Channel 582 121033S 1363843E to 45930N 90255W to JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points HAIFA ISRAEL 39 Ports Hispaniola 537 Wake Island 6843 Campeche Mexico 652 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Yokohama Japan 7987 CapHaitien Haiti 1145Argentia Canada 1976 Islands 3265 Carmen Mexico 725Arkhangelsk Russia 5156 Santa Cruz del Sur Cuba 222 GUAYMAS MEXICO Cartagena Colombia 1449Bahia Honda Cuba 643 Santo Domingo Dominican 275500N 1105400W to Cienfuegos Cuba Colombia 534 Republic 397 Colon Panama 1370Belem Brazil 2214 Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 544 Junction Points La Habana Cuba 564Boston Massachusetts USA via St Johns Antigua 837 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe via Windward Passage Crooked Tampico Mexico 1297 Honshu Japan 6030 Old Bahama Channel and Mona Island Passage and Nantucket Veracruz Mexico 1228 Panama Panama 2370 Passage 1823 Light Buoy 1495 Willemstad Curacao 595 Punta Arenas Chile 5401 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe viaBrest France 3784 Torres Strait Australia 7234 Virgin Passage and Old BahamaBuenos Aires Argentina 5278 GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR TsugaruKaikyo Japan 5850 Channel 1822CapHaitien Haiti 175 21200S 795300W to Wilson Promontory Australia Port au Prince Haiti via OldCape Town South Africa 6290 7354 Bahama Channel and Cuba 539 Junction Points Passage 1176Cartagena Colombia 586 Ports Tampico Mexico 725Charleston South Carolina USA Panama Panama 824 Tuxpan Mexico 751 via Windward Passage and Punta Arenas Chile 3307 Acapulco Mexico 958 Veracruz Mexico 800 Crooked Island Passage 900 Singapore via Surigao Strait Antofagasta Chile 3894Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands 10726 Arica Chile 3681 GUNSAN SOUTH KOREA north of Hispaniola and Puerto Torres Strait Australia via Raine Callao Peru 3117 355918N 1264300E to Rico 607 Island entrance 8270 Coquimbo Chile St Croix north of Corinto Nicaragua 1738 Ports Hispaniola and Puerto Rico Ports Esmeraldas Ecuador 2467 635 Guayaquil Ecuador 2640 Busan South Korea St Croix south of Acapulco Mexico 1708 Iquique Chile 3750 Dalien China 294 Hispaniola 689 Amapala Honduras 1167 Los Angeles California USA Sasebo Japan 343Cienfuegos Cuba 366 Antofagasta Chile 1470 1158 Shanghai China 457Colon Panama 689 Apra Guam 8147 Lota Chile 4442 Yeosu South Korea 245Dakar Senegal 3312 Arica Chile 1251 Mazatlan Mexico 388Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 334 Auckland New Zealand 6087 Monterey California USA HABANA CUBAFreetown Sierra Leone 3650 Buenaventura Colombia 608 1410 230800N 822030W SeeFunchal Madeira Island 3194 Caldera Chile 1632 Pisco Peru 3227 La Habana CubaGeorgetown Guyana 1316 Callao Peru 712 Puntarenas Costa Rica 1956Gibraltar via Turks Island Coquimbo Chile 1781 Salina Cruz Mexico 1260 HACHINOHE JAPAN Passage 3767 Corinto Nicaragua 1071 San Diego California USA 403200N 1413300E toHalifax Canada 1634 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA 1088Hamilton Bermuda 992 5552 San Francisco California USA PortsHorta Azores via Mouchoir Esmeraldas Ecuador 356 1490 Passage 2666 Guaymas Mexico 2640 San Jose Guatemala 1520 Hakodate Japan 108Ivittuut Greenland 2873 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam north of Santa Barbara California USA Muroran Japan Florida USA 851 Luzon 10321 1225 Nagoya Japan 577Key West Florida USA via Old Hong Kong China 9505 Talcahuano Chile 4428 Naha Ryukyu Islands 1239 Bahama Channel 587 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4853 Valparaiso Chile 4291 Yokohama Japan 436Kingston Jamaica 180 Iquique Chile 1317Kralendijk Bonaire 620 Kodiak Alaska USA 5212 GUIRIA VENEZUELA HADERSLEV DENMARKLa Guaira Venezuela 737 Los Angeles California USA 103445N 621615W to 551512N 93045E toLa Habana Cuba via Old Bahama 3218 Channel 600 Lota Chile 2155 Junction Points Junction PointsLisboa Portugal 3570 Manila Philippines 9615Manzanillo Cuba 206 Midway Island 5944 Bishop Rock England 3598 EastMatanzas Cuba 553 Monterey California USA Cape of Good Hope South Africa Entrance Germany 72Miami Florida USA 582 3434 5396 Skagens Odde Denmark 216Monrovia Liberia 3828 Noumea New Caledonia 6686 Grand Banks South 2010Montevideo Uruguay 5I67 Pago Pago American Samoa Ile dOuessant France 3616 PortsNassau Bahamas 503 5450 Panama Panama 1200New York New York USA Papeete French Polynesia 4237 Punta Arenas Chile 5562 Goteborg Sweden 203 1312 Pisco Peru 788 Strait of Gibraltar 3430 Kobenhavn Denmark 175Norfolk Virginia USA 1117 Puerto Bolivar Ecuador 64 Straits of Florida 2099 Lubeck Germany 137Nuevitas Cuba 284 Portland Oregon USA 4169 Yucatan Channel 1471Oranjestad St Eustatius 771 Puntarenas Costa Rica 787 HAIFA Pennsylvania USA Qingdao China 8880 Ports 324925N 350000E to via Windward Passage and Salaverry Peru 440 Crooked Island Passage 1284 Salina Cruz Mexico 1495 Belem Brazil 1226 Junction PointsPointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 879 San Diego California USA La Guaira Venezuela 339Ponce Puerto Rico north of 3112 Recife Brazil 2208 Port Said Egypt 171 Hispaniola and Mona Passage San Francisco California USA Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3284 Strait of Gibraltar 2031 540 3548 Rio Grande Brazil 3984Porlamar Venezuela 884 San Jose Guatemala 1242 Santos Brazil 3467 PortsPort au Prince Haiti 179 Santa Barbara California USAPort of Spain Trinidad 987 3249 GULFPORT MISSISSIPPI Alexandria Egypt 295Port Castries St Lucia 922 Seattle Washington USA 4326 USA Algiers Algeria 1602Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Shanghai China 8872 302130N 890530W to Alicante Spain 1769 2853 Sitka Alaska USA 4817 Ancona Italy South of New Hampshire Suva Fiji Islands 6067 Junction Points 1272 USA via Crooked Island Sydney Australia 7268 Ancona Italy via Corinth Canal Passage and Nantucket Light Talara Peru 180 Straits of Florida 494 1248 Buoy 1512 Talcahuano Chile 2135 Yucatan Channel 534 Annaba Algeria 1378Puerto Cortes Honduras 770 Truk Caroline Islands 7752 Banghazi Libya 783Reykjavik Iceland 3434 Valparaiso Chile 1980 Ports Baniyas Syria 153Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4170 Vladivostok Russia 8044 Banzart Tunisia 1273San Juan Puerto Rico north of Belize Belize 838 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points40 HAINES ALASKA USABarcelona Spain 1699 HAIPHONG VIETNAM Kochi Japan east of Honshu 832 HALDIA INDIABari Italy south of Greece 1065 205200N 1064100E to Kochi Japan via Shimonoseki 220030N 880300E toBari Italy via Corinth Canal Kaikyo 894 1041 Ports Kushiro Japan 210 Junction PointsBeirut Lebanon 76 Levuka Fiji Islands 4271Brindisi Italy south of Greece Cebu Philippines via Jintotolo Lohsingta Maoti China 1429 Cape of Good Hope South 1007 Channel Romblon and Verde Los Angeles California USA Africa 5438Brindisi Italy via Corinth Canal Island Passage 1276 4576 Cape Leeuwin Australia 3740 983 ChangKan China 156 Maizuru Japan 460 Selat Lombok Indonesia 2815Cartagena Spain 1794 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 802 Manila Philippines 2066 Port Said Egypt Morocco 2012 Hong Kong China 477 Matsugahana Japan 316 south of Socotra Italy 1321 Kobe Japan 1833 Midway Island 2198 Port Said Egypt North ofGenova Italy 1505 Manila Philippines 936 Miike Japan 864 Socotra 4656Gibraltar 2014 Qui Nhon Vietnam 469 Mogpo South Korea 897 Port Said Egypt Kriti 522 Sanya Gang China 253 Nagasaki Japan 801 South of Socotra 4639Istanbul Turkey 849 Shanghai China via Paichieh Nakhodka Russia 377 Singapore 1593Izmir Turkey 654 Hsia Steep Island Passage and Nanao Japan 337 Selat Sunda Indonesia 2084Kyrenia Cyprus 246 Hainan Tao 1285 Nevelsk Russia 389La Spezia Italy 1469 Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 597 Niigata Japan 247 PortsLivorno Italy 1433 Nome Alaska USA 2347Malaga Spain 1961 HAKATA JAPAN Noumea New Caledonia via Akyab Sittwe Harbor Burma 46Marseille France 1596 333645N 1302315E to Canal Woodin and Canal de la Al Basrah Iraq 3537Matruh Egypt 410 Havannah 4176 Assab Ethiopia 3390Messina Sicily 1023 Ports Pago Pago American Samoa Belawan Indonesia 1270Napoli Italy 1194 4326 Bombay India 2070Odessa Ukraine 1197 Hakodate Japan 709 Papeete French Polynesia 5249 Chittagong Bangladesh 311Oran Algeria 1800 Kobe Japan 304 Colombo Sri Lanka 1202Palermo Sicily 1139 Misumi Japan 161 Russia 1075 Dumai Indonesia 1523Palma Balearic Islands 1645 Nagasaki Japan 121 Ponape Caroline Islands 2298 Fremantle Australia 3637Piraievs Greece 650 Ube Japan 84 Port Darwin Australia via Selat Mombasa Kenya 3647Rijeka Croatia south of Greece Yokohama Japan 608 Sele 3422 Penang Malaysia 1238 1342 Prince Rupert Canada north of Yenbo Saudi Arabia 4092Rijeka Croatia via Corinth HAKODATE JAPAN Aleutian Islands 3487 Zanzibar Tanzania 3720 Canal 1315 414700N 1404300E to Prince Rupert Canada south ofSavona Italy 1515 Aleutian Islands 3569 HALIFAX CANADASayda Lebanon 49 Junction Points Pabaul Papua New Guinea 2894 443900N 633400W toSibenik Croatia south of Sumoi Japan 248 Greece 1214 Panama Panama 7417 Skata Japan 189 Junction PointsSibenik Croatia via Corinth Punta Arenas Chile 9457 San Francisco California USA Canal 1187 Singapore via Sea of Japan 4247 Bishop Rock England 2480Siracusa Sicily 1013 3160 Seattle Washington USA north Cape of Good Hope SouthSplit Croatia south of Greece of Aleutian Islands 3922 Africa 6502 1199 Ports Seattle Washington USA via Fastnet Rock Ireland 2364Split Croatia via Corinth Canal composite sailing at 50N Inishtrahull Ireland 2462 1172 Akita Japan 150 3982 Montreal Canada via CabotTarabulus Lebanon 118 Seward Alaska USA via south Strait 955Tarabulus Libya 1109 Russia 631 of Aleutian Islands 3069 Montreal Canada via Strait ofTaranto Italy south of Greece Apia Samoa 4252 Shanghai China 1166 Canso 895 1020 Apra Guam 1739 Shimonoseki Japan 683 Panama Panama 2338Taranto Italy via Corinth Canal Auckland New Zealand 5104 Shiogama Japan 281 Pentland Firth Scotland 2642 1003 Avarua Cook Islands 5022 Sitka Alaska USA south of Punta Arenas Chile Greece 786 Bohang South Korea 665 Aleutian Islands 3392 Strait of Gibraltar 2708Toulon France 1565 Bukhta Shelikohova Kuril Islands Sydney Australia 4688 Straits of Florida 1610Trieste Italy south of Greece Russia 865 Tanshui Taiwan 1384 Yucatan Channel 1796 1375 Busan South Korea 686 Tomari Japan 301Trieste Italy via Corinth Canal Cebu Philippines via outside Tsuruga Japan 447 Ports 1348 route 2208 Uglegorsk Russia 536Tunis Tunisia 1260 Cebu Philippines via Sea of Ulsan South Korea 661 Argentia Canada 448Valencia Spain 1767 Japan 2177 Unggi North Korea 486 Arkhangelsk Russia 3663Valletta Malta 1038 Chongjin North Korea 509 Valparaiso Chile 9197 Baltimore Maryland USA 911Venezia Italy south of Greece Dagu China 1385 Vladivostok Russia 437 Belem Brazil 2904 1383 Dalian China 1226 Weihai China 1169 Bocas del Toro Panama 2369Venezia Italy via Corinth Canal Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Weonsan North Korea 638 Bordeaux France 2786 1359 2228 Xiamen China 1559 Boston Massachusetts USAVolos Greece 728 Hachinohe Japan 108 Yantai China 1203 380Yumurtalik Turkey 240 Hakata Japan 709 Yokohama Japan 533 Bridgeport Connecticut USA HigashiIwase Japan 380 552HAINES ALASKA USA Hiroshima Japan 787 HAKONSVERN NORWAY Bridgetown Barbados 1906 591355N 1352610W to Hong Kong China 1810 602030N 51430E to Brunswick Georgia USA 1210 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3314 Buenos Aires Argentina 5731 Junction Points Iloilo Philippines via Sea of Junction Points Cadiz Spain 2674 Japan 2199 Cape Town South Africa 6492Panama Panama 4386 Incheon South Korea 1080 Pentland Firth Scotland 287 Charleston South CarolinaPunta Arenas Chile 7545 Kakarta Indonesia east of Skagens Odde Denmark 296 USA 1077 Direction Island and Selat Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Ports Gaspar 3468 Ports 1595 Kaluit Marshall Islands 2670 Charlottetown Canada via Chile 6145 Kagoshima Japan 946 Bremerhaven Germany 442 of Canso 268Vancouver Canada via Queen Kamaishi Japan 192 London England 616 Cienfuegos Cuba 1998 Charlotte Sound 822 Kasatka Japan 407 Oslo Norway 371 Colon Panama 2295Victoria Canada 861 Kimchaek North Korea 540 Dakar Senegal 2956 Kiska Alaska USA 1656 Guantanamo Cuba 1634 Kobe Japan east of Honshu 816 Hamilton Bermuda 756 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points HAVANA CUBA 41Ivittuut Greenland 1380 Colombo Sri Lanka 2011 Passage 1659 Junction Florida USA Karachi Pakistan 819 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 813 1255 Tulear Madagascar 3488 Georgetown Guyana 1591 EastKey West Florida USA 1556 Umm Said Qatar 73 Guantanamo Cuba via Caicos Entrance Germany 564Kingston Jamaica 1795 Passage 992 Skagens Odde Denmark 625La Guaira Venezuela 2060 HAMBURG GERMANY Halifax Canada 756La Habana Cuba 1614 533230N 96900E to Key West Florida USA 1091 PortsLimon Costa Rica 2368 Kingston Jamaica 1144Lisboa Portugal 2500 Junction Points La Guaira Venezuela 1335 Gdynia Poland 356Miami Florida USA 1413 La Habana Cuba 1150 RanktPeterburg Russia 233Montevideo Uruguay 5617 Bishop Rock England 717 Limon Costa Rica 1715 Stockholm Sweden 178Murmansk Russia 3368 Ile dOuessant France 703 Manzanillo Cuba 1187New Haven Connecticut USA East Matanzas Cuba 1129 HANKOU CHINA 540 Entrance Germany 91 Miami Florida USA 956 303400N 1141730E AddNew York New York USA 600 Pentland Firth Scotland 555 Montevideo Uruguay 5097 592 miles to Shanghai distances forNorfolk Virginia USA 790 Skagens Odde Denmark 360 Nassau Bahamas 829 arrival Ports outside the ChangPaamiut Frederickshaab New London Connecticut USA Chiang Yangtze River Greenland 1406 Ports 667Parrsboro Canada 330 New York New York USA 697 Pennsylvania Aberdeen Scotland 473 Norfolk Virginia USA 683 USA 746 Amsterdam Netherlands 274 Nuevitas Cuba 988 Banjing China 385Ponta Delgada Azores 1785 Antwerp Belgium 386 Paramaribo Suriname 1694 Shanghai China 592Port au Prince Haiti 1671 Bergen Norway 486 Philadelphia of Spain Trinidad 2059 Cherbourg France 538 USA 746 HARSTAD NORWAYPort Castries St Lucia 1850 Den Helder Netherlands 249 Plymouth Montserrat 966 684515N 163430E toPortland Maine USA 338 Dover England 399 Port au Prince Haiti 1016Portsmouth New Hampshire Dundee Scotland 485 Port of Spain Trinidad 1346 Junction Points USA 359 Dunkerque France 374 Port Castries St Lucia 1149Recife Brazil 3558 Egersund Norway 351 Portsmouth New Hampshire Skagens Odde Denmark 911Reykjavik Iceland 1941 Emden Germany 185 USA 723Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4630 Esbjerg Denmark 172 Recife Brazil 3038 PortsSalvador Brazil 3949 Hartlepool England 406 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4110San Juan Puerto Rico 1580 Harwich England 362 Roseau Dominica 1061 Bergen Norway 673Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Hull England 384 San Juan Puerto Rico 856 Hammerfest Norway 200 Islands 2480 Inverness Scotland 562 Santiago de Cuba Cuba 1031Santiago de Cuba Cuba 1683 Kristiansand Norway 333 Santo Domingo Dominican HARTLEPOOL ENGLANDSanto Domingo Dominican Le Havre France 511 Republic 992 544160N 11130W to Republic 1709 Leith Scotland 486 Saint Nicolaashaven Aruba 1263Savannah Georgia USA 1150 London England 425 St Georges Grenada 1256 Junction PointsSt John Canada 278 Newcastle England 424 Washington DC USA 806St Johns Canada 531 Oslo Norway 461 Wilmington North Carolina Bishop Rock England 594Vigo Spain 2454 Plymouth England 628 USA 746 Ile dOuessant France 579Wilmington North Carolina Portland England 554 Skagens Odde Denmark 438 USA 1016 Portsmouth England 504 HAMINA FINLAND Rotterdam Netherlands 307 603040N 271100E to PortsHALMSTAD SWEDEN Southampton England 522 563906N 125036E to Stavanger Norway 403 Junction Points Amsterdam Netherlands 260 Wilhelmshaven Germany 111 Antwerp Belgium 325 Junction Points Zeebrugge Belgium 342 East Bremerhaven Germany 355 Entrance Germany 747 Dunkerque France East HAMILTON BERMUDA Skagens Odde Denmark 797 Emden Germany 308 Entrance Germany 188 321730N 644700W to Esbjerg Denmark 336Skagens Odde Denmark 101 Ports Hamburg Germany 406 Junction Points Le Havre France 386 Ports Gdynia Poland 512 Oostende Belgium 265 Bishop Rock England 2769 Riga Latvia 384 Plymouth England 502Oslo Norway 225 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Stockholm Sweden 325 Portland England 428Stockholm Sweden 481 6169 Portsmouth England 378Szczecin Poland 227 Fastnet Rock Ireland 2651 HAMMERFEST NORWAY Rotterdam Netherlands 269 Inishtrahull Ireland 2749 704000N 234100E to Southampton England 396HALSINGBORG SWEDEN Montreal Canada 1621 Wilhelmshaven Germany 348 560230N 124130E See Panama Panama 1702 Ports Zeebrugge Belgium 263Helsingborg Sweden Pentland Firth Scotland 2929 Punta Arenas Chile 6287 Bergen Norway 817 HARWICH ENGLANDHALUL ISLAND QATAR Strait of Gibraltar 2903 Harstad Norway 200 515700N 11700E to 254025N 522716E to Straits of Florida 1151 Oslo Norway 1187 Yucatan Channel 1321 Tromso Norway 124 Junction Points Junction Points Ports HAMPTON ROADS Skagens Odde Denmark 487Cape of Good Hope South Africa VIRGINIA USA 4836 Baltimore Maryland USA 805 365700N 762200W PortsCape Leeuwin Australia 5172 Barranquilla Colombia 1465 Subtract 6 miles from NorfolkSelat Lombok Indonesia 4415 Belem Brazil 2274 distances Amsterdam Netherlands 145Port Said Egypt 3018 Boston Massachusetts USA Antwerp Belgium 97Singapore 3557 704 HAMRA EGYPT Bremerhaven Germany 309Selat Sunda Indonesia 3764 Bridgetown Barbados 1208 305842N 285212E See Emden Germany 252 Buenos Aires Argentina 5211 Mersa Al Hamra Esbjerg Denmark 338 Ports Cardenas Cuba 1119 Hamburg Germany 362 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands HANGO FINLAND Wilhelmshaven Germany 296Assab Ethiopia 1773 872 594903N 225600E toBelawan Indonesia 3226 Cienfuegos Cuba 1346 HAVANA CUBACalcutta India 3234 Colon Panama via Caicos 230800N 822030W See JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points42 HELSINGBORG SWEDENLa Habana HIGASHIIWASE JAPAN Junction Points Albany Australia 1494 364600N 1371400E to Apia Samoa SWEDEN Selat Lombok Indonesia 1408 Apra Guam 3683 560230N 124130E to Ports Panama Panama 10017 Auckland New Zealand 1521 Singapore 649 Avarua Cook Islands 2962 Junction Points Busan South Korea 492 Torres Strait Australia 2629 Burnie Harbor Australia 332 Hakodate Japan 380 Diego Garcia Chagos East Shanghai China 966 Ports east point via DEntrecasteaux Entrance Germany 176 Shimonoseki Japan 466 Channel 4501Skagens Odde Denmark 128 Vladivostok Russia 471 Dunedin New Zealand 1068 Russia 3105 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Ports HIGASHIIWASE JAPAN Apra Guam 2304 6365 344645N 1343800E to Beihai China 837 Honolulu Hawaii USA Norway 220 Busan South Korea 1999 Jaluit Marshall Islands 3223Oslo Norway 250 Ports Cebu Philippines north of North Levuka Fiji Islands 2239Stockholm Sweden 436 Danger Reef Via Mindoro Melbourne Australia 472 Kobe Japan 34 Strait and Jintotolo Channel Midway Island 4740 Kure Japan 126 1152 Noumea New Caledonia 1604HELSINGOR DENMARK 560200N 123720E to Nagasaki Japan 373 Changkan China 708 Pago Pago American Samoa Nagoya Japan 259 Da Nang Vietnam 519 2783 Junction Points Sakaide Japan 89 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Papeete French Polynesia 3563 Shimotsui Japan 88 4894 Ponape Caroline Islands East Yokohama Japan 368 Guayaquil Ecuador 10321 Port Augusta Australia 947 Entrance Germany 175 Haiphong Vietnam 802 Port Kembla Australia 593Skagens Odde Denmark 127 HILO HAWAII USA Hong Kong China 917 Port Lincoln Australia 830 194400N 1550500W to Honolulu Hawaii USA 5542 Portland Australia 540 Ports Iloilo Philippines 1051 Rapid Bay Australia 719 Junction Points Incheon South Korea 2057 Suva Fiji Islands Norway 219 Iwakuni Japan 2108 Sydney Australia 638Oslo Norway 249 Panama Panama 4527 Jakarta Indonesia 1025 Wellington New Zealand 1288Stockholm Sweden via Store Kodiak Alaska USA 5484 Baelt 629 Ports Kompong Som Cambodia 419 HOBOKEN NEW Sweden via The Los Angeles California via San USA Sound 445 San Diego California USA Bernardino Strait 7403 404500N 740100W For 2175 Malakal Palau Islands 1801 ocean distances add 3 miles to New San Jose Guatemala 3690 Manila Philippines 907 York FINLAND 600920N 246540E to Seattle Washington USA 2387 Midway Island 4421 Mogpo South Korea 1904 HOLSTEINSBORG Junction Points HIROSHIMA JAPAN Nampo North Korea 2118 GREENLAND 342045N 1322815E to Nha Trang Bay Vietnam 264 605642N 534100W East Olongapo Philippines 872 Sisimiut Greenland Entrance Germany 625 Junction Points Pago Pago American SamoaSkagens Odde Denmark via Store 5216 HOLYHEAD WALES Baelt 817 Selat Lombok Indonesia via Palembang Indonesia 869 531930N 43800W toSkagens Odde Denmark via The south of Mindanao 2908 Papeete French Polynesia 6443 Sound 687 Panama Panama via east of Junction Points Honshu 8167 Russia via Chetvertyy Kurilsky Ports Punta Arenas Chile 9551 Proliv La Perouse Strait and Bishop Rock England 232 Singapore east of Kyushu 2622 Korea Strait 3718 Fastnet Rock Ireland 232Gavle Sweden 292 Singapore west of Kyushu 2637 Qingdao China 1969 Inishtrahull Ireland 181Gdynia Poland 415 Qui Nhon Vietnam 361 Pentland Firth Scotland 422Kobenhavn Denmark 772 Ports San Diego California USAKotka Finland 99 7267 Sweden 307 Hakodate Japan 787 San Fernando Philippines Sweden 403 Kobe Japan 179 San Francisco California USA Avonmouth England 217Oulu Finland 598 Nagasaki Japan via Kudako 6878 Brest France 345Oxelosund Sweden 268 Suido 285 Sanya Gang China 624 Cardiff Wales Russia 172 Nagasaki Japan via Moroshima Sitka Alaska USA 5963 Cherbourg France 377Stockholm Sweden 239 Suido 275 Surabaya Indonesia 1206 Cobh Ireland Finland 293 Nagasaki Japan via Nuwashima Suva Fiji Islands 4679 Douglas Isle of Man 51 Suido 277 Tandjung Uban Indonesia 633 Liverpool England 72 Nagasaki Japan via Obatake Seto Truk Caroline Islands via San London England 594HEYSHAM ENGLAND 540300N 25410W to and north of Kasasa Jima 264 Bernardino Strait 2799 Southampton England 414 Yokohama Japan 519 TsoYing Taiwan 1131 Swansea Wales 171 Junction Points Vladivostok Russia 2501 HIRTSHALS DENMARK Wake Island 3580 HONAWAR INDIABishop Rock England 315 573600N 95800E to Weonsan North Korea 2305 141600N 742550E toFastnet Rock Ireland 309 Yokohama Japan Ireland 216 Junction Points Zhenjiang China 838 Junction PointsPentland Firth Scotland 435 Pentland Firth Scotland 429 HOBART TASMANIA Cape of Good Hope South Ports Skagens Odde Denmark 30 425300S 1472100E to Africa 4458 Cape Leeuwin Australia 3775Ardrossan Scotland 173 Ports Junction Points Port Said Egypt 3087Belfast Northern Ireland 137 Singapore 2147Brest France 422 Bergen Norway 280 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1628Cardiff Wales 280 London England 541 Panama Panama 7630 PortsCobh Ireland 248 Oslo Norway 145 Torres Strait Australia 2271Fishguard Wales 153 Ail Basrah Iraq 1826Newport Wales 290 HO CHI MINH VIETNAM Ports Bombay India 306Waterford Ireland 196 104600N 1064215E to Calcutta India 1817 Aden Yemen 6598 Colombo Sri Lanka 590 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points HORNEFORS SWEDEN 43Darwin Australia 3925 Aleutian Islands 5367 Apra Guam 3318 Raoul Island Kermadec Australia 3696 Qingdao China 1120 Auckland New Zealand 3820 3246Okha India 579 Qui Nhon Vietnam 592 Avarua Cook Islands 2553 Rongelap Marshall Islands Sri Lanka 979 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 2764 Baie TaioHae Marquesa Islands Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 2358Victoria Seychelles 1600 San Diego California USA 2102 Saipan Mariana Islands 3230 6439 Bikini Marshall Islands 2179 Salina Cruz Mexico 3580HONFLEUR FRANCE San Fernando Philippines 489 Brisbane Australia via Northwest San Diego California USA 492500N 01400E See Le San Francisco California USA Channel 4117 2278Havre via Osumi Kaikyo 6044 Brito Nicaragua 4155 San Francisco California USA Sanmen Wen China 650 Busan South Korea 3973 2091HONG KONG CHINA Sanya Gang China 391 Butaritari Gilbert Islands 2050 Sandakan Sabah 5044 221700N 114l000E to Seattle Washington USA via Callao Peru 5161 Sasebo Japan via Osumi Osumi Kaikyo and composite Cebu Philippines 4610 Kaikyo 4009 Junction Points sailing 5768 Chimbote Peru 5015 Seattle Washington USA 2409 Seward Alaska USA south of Christmas Island Line Islands Selwyn Bay Solomon IslandsSelat Lombok Indonesia via Aleutian Islands 4867 1161 3047 Linapacan Strait 2029 Shanghai China via Steep Island Dagu China via Osumi Kaikyo Seward Alaska USA 2373Panama Panama 9195 and Paichieh Hsia 824 4677 Shanghai China via OsumiSingapore 1454 Shimonoseki Japan 1179 Dagu China via Shimonoseki Kaikyo 4336Selat Sunda Indonesia 1807 Sitka Alaska USA north of Kaikyo 4628 Shanghai China 4396Torres Strait Australia 2725 Aleutian Islands 5095 Dalian China 4531 Shimonoseki Japan via Bungo Sitka Alaska USA south of Dalian China via Shimonoseki Suido 3854 Ports Aleutian Islands 5191 Kaikyo 4470 Sitka Alaska USA 2386 Suao Kang Taiwan 554 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Surabaya Indonesia Surabaya Indonesia 1925 2040 Suva Fiji Islands 2776 Russia 2250 Suva Fiji Islands 4541 Eniwetak Marshall Islands 2375 Sweeper Cove Alaska USAApia Samoa 4868 Truk Caroline Islands 2376 Fanning Island North Pacific 1945Apra Guam 1822 Tsoying Taiwan 343 1056 Sydney Australia 4420Auckland New Zealand 5060 Valparaiso Chile 10218 Funafuti Tuvalu 2249 Talara Peru 4806Avarua Cook Islands 5674 Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 707 Guayaquil Ecuador 4853 Tinian Mariana Islands 3230Beihai China 391 Vladivostok Russia 1646 Hakodate Japan 3314 Truk Caroline Islands 3028Busan South Korea 1144 Wake Island 2940 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 5542 Unalakleet Alaska USA 2407Cebu Philippines via Verde Island Weihai China 1190 Hobart Tasmania 4930 Valparaiso Chile 5919 Passage and Jintotolo Channel Wenzhou China 595 Hong Kong China 4857 Vancouver Canada 2423 960 Weonsan North Korea 1450 Hot Springs Bay Alaska USA Victoria Canada 2349ChangKan China 408 Xiamen China 290 2076 Vladivostok Russia 3725Da Nang Vietnam 520 Yantai China 1224 Howland Island 1650 Wake Island 2004Dagu China 1418 Yokohama Japan 1585 Iloilo Philippines 4632 Wellington New Zealand 4113Davao Philippines 1382 Zhenjiang China 245 Incheon South Korea via Whittier Alaska USA 2474Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Maenggol Suido and Bungo Weonsan North Korea 3933 4026 HONIARA SOLOMON Suido 4323 Wotho Marshall Islands 2187Funafuti Tuvalu 4247 ISLANDS Incheon South Korea via Osumi Wotje Island Marshall Ecuador 9505 92539S 1595751E to Kaikyo 4385 1992Haiphong Vietnam via West Islas Juan Fernandez 5595 Xiamen China 4592 Lamma Channel and Hainan Junction Points Jaluit Marshall Islands 2096 Yap Caroline Islands 3757 Strait 477 Johnston Island 717 Yantai China via Osumi KaikyoHakodate Japan 1810 Panama Panama via Central Kiska Alaska USA 2185 4483Ho Chi Minh Vietnam west of Route 7469 Kobe Japan 3669 Yokohama Japan via rhumb Paracel Islands 917 Punta Arenas Chile 6502 Kodiak Alaska USA 2231 line 3520Honolulu Hawaii USA 4857 Torres Strait Australia 1179 Koniya Ryukyu Islands 3948 Yokohama Japan 3395Hualien Kang Taiwan 518 Wilson Promontory Australia Levuka Fiji Islands 2730Incheon South Korea 1202 2072 Lohsingta Maoti China 4487 HONSHU JAPANJakarta Indonesia 1782 Los Angeles California USA 350000N 1403000E toJaluit Marshall Islands 3370 Ports 2228Kobe Japan 1372 Malakal Palau Islands 3997 Junction PointsKodiak Alaska USA 4616 Botany Bay Australia 1605 Manila Philippines north ofLevuka Fiji Islands 4574 Burnie Harbor Australia 2106 Luzon 4869 Selat Lombok Indonesia 3059Lo hsingta Maoti China 459 Hobart Tasmania 2218 Manila Philippines via San Panama Panama 7614Los Angeles California USA Melbourne Australia 2166 Bernardino Strait 4767 Punta Arenas Chile 9286 6380 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 582 Midway Island 1149 Singapore 2879Manila Philippines 631 Yokohama Japan 2935 Mogpo South Korea via Sundra Strait Indonesia 3171Midway Island 3728 Zamboanga Philippines 2483 Changjuk Sudo and Mango Torres Strait Australia 3265Mogpo South Korea 1049 Strait 4146 TsugaruKaikyo Japan 484Nagasaki Japan 1069 HONOLULU HAWAII USA Nagasaki Japan 3986 Selat Wetar Indonesia 2838Nampo North Korea 1263 211830N 1575215W to Naknek Alaska USA 2404 Wilson Promontory AustraliaNha Trang Bay Vietnam 678 Nampo North Korea 4417 Russia Junction Points Nome Alaska USA 2674 2394 Noumea New Caledonia 3371 PortsNome Alaska USA 4145 Panama Panama 4685 Nukualafa Tonga Islands 2749Noumea New Caledonia 4107 Punta Arenas Chile 6370 Ocean Island 2480 Davao Philippines 1986Olongapo Philippines 580 Singapore via Sulu Sea 5881 Pago Pago American Samoa Honolulu Hawaii USA 3311Pago Pago American Samoa Torres Strait Australia via 2276 Kobe Japan 417 4948 Bougainville Strait and China Papeete French Polynesia 2381 San Francisco California USAPapeete French Polynesia 6132 Strait 4191 4454Penghu Kang Taiwan 314 Wilson Promontory Australia Russia 2762 Seattle Washington USA 4792 Ponape Caroline Islands 2685 Russia 2863 Port Hueneme California USA HORNEFORS SWEDENPonape Caroline Islands 2710 Ports 2170 633637N 195529E toPort Darwin Australia 2363 Portland Oregon USA 2332Prince Rupert Canada north of Acapulco Mexico 3289 Prince Rupert Canada 2393 Junction Points Aleutian Islands 5286 Qingdao China 4456Prince Rupert Canada south of Russia 3589 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 3357 East Apia Samoa 2260 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points44 HORSENS DENMARK Entrance Germany 767 Santander Spain 1090 HUELVA SPAIN Junction PointsSkagens Odde Denmark via The Sekondi Ghana 2838 371500N 65730W to Sound 828 Setubal Portugal 939 Bishop Rock England via Dover Viana do Castello Portugal 935 Junction Points Strait 890 Ports Vigo Spain 938 Ile dOuessant France via Dover Vila Real de Santo Antonio Strait of Gibraltar 102 Strait 876Burea Sweden 122 Portugal 1046 EastHelsinki Finland 383 Villagarcia Spain 946 Ports Entrance Germany 476Reposaari Finland 143 Willemstad Curacao 2683 Pentland Firth Scotland Russia 534 Bilbao Spain 804 Skagens Odde Denmark 282Stockholm Sweden 315 Dakar Senegal 1521 HORTEN NORWAY 592500N 102950E Freetown Sierra Leone 1999 Ports Subtract 30 12 miles from Oslo Funchal Madeira Island 578HORSENS DENMARK 555122N 95230E to distances Lisboa Portugal 235 Aberdeen Scotland 540 Ponta Delgada Azores 914 Amsterdam Netherlands 757 Junction Points Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Antwerp Belgium 882 HOSOSIMA KO JAPAN 1561 322638N 1314148E Brevik Norway East Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Dunkerque France 858 Subtract 62 miles from Oita Entrance Germany 131 Islands 715 Hamburg Germany 729 distances when Odde Denmark 170 Vigo Spain 453 Hull England 700 southbound and subtract 34 miles from Oita distances when traveling Narvik Norway 375 Ports eastbound HUENEME CALIFORNIA Reykjavik Iceland 924 USA Zeebrugge Belgium 824Klaipeda Lithuania 459 340900N 1191224W See HOUSTON TEXAS USA Port Sweden 567 294500N 951720W Add HVALFJORDHUR Poland 268 47 miles to Galveston distances 641830N 220500W to HULL ENGLANDHORTA FAYAL AZORES 534430N 01800W to Junction Points HOWLAND ISLAND 383200N 283700W to 04800N 1763800W to Junction Points Pentland Firth Scotland 660 Junction Points Ports Strait of Gibraltar 1944 Bishop Rock England 531Bishop Rock England 1158 Ile dOuessant France 523 Ports Baker Island 37 Skagens Odde Denmark 462Cape of Good Hope South Canton Phoenix Islands 367 Africa 5152 Honolulu Hawaii USA 1650 Bergen Norway Ireland 1329 Ports Murmansk Russia 1531 Pago Pago American Samoa 989Montreal Canada via Cabot Wake Island 1485 St Johns Canada 1437 Strait 2145 Amsterdam Netherlands 212Pentland Firth Scotland 1575 Antwerp Belgium 265 HSIAMEN CHINA HYERES FRANCEStrait of Gibraltar 1102 Arkhangelsk Russia 1926 430500N 61200E to 242700N 1180400E See Bergen Norway 471Straits of Florida 2913 Xiamen China Boulogne France 225 Junction Points Ports Bremerhaven Germany 332 HUALIEN KANG TAIWAN Dikson Russia 2552 Port Said Egypt 1474Baltimore Maryland USA 235830N 1213700E to Dundee Scotland 240 Strait of Gibraltar 725 2409 Dunkerque France 223 Ports Egersund Norway 378Bayonne France 1277 PortsBordeaux France 1348 Emden Germany 279 Busan South Korea 782 Esbjerg Denmark 334Buenos Aires Argentina 4997 Annaba Algeria 384 Hong Kong China 518 Falmouth England 464Cadiz Spain 1070 Barcelona Spain 218 Manila Philippines 648 Hamburg Germany St Croix 2259 Genova Italy 147 Mingdao China 792 Kristiansand Norway 407Colon Panama 3260 Shanghai China 533 Le Havre France 326Corunna Spain 967 IGARKA RUSSIADakar Senegal 1559 Leith Scotland 237 672800N 863500E AddEl Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 970 HUANGPU CHINA London England 239 434 miles to Dikson Madeira Island 677 230542N 1132630E See Newcastle England 143Georgetown Guyana 2488 Huangpu Oostende Belgium 207 Oslo Norway 559 IJMUIDEN Spain 1092 522800N Cuba via Mouchoir HUANG PU CHINA Plymouth England 442 Subtract 14 miles from Amsterdam Passage 2666 230542N 1132630E Portland England 368 distancesKey West Florida USA via Subtract 10 miles from Kuangchou Portsmouth England 318 Providence channels 2854 distances Rosyth Scotland 248 Rotterdam Netherlands 211 ILE DOUESSANT FRANCE Kingston Jamaica 2818 484000N 53000W toLas Palmas Canary Islands 914 HUDIKSVALL SWEDEN Southampton England 336Lisboa Portugal 917 614400N 170700E to Stavanger Norway 408 Junction PointsMarin Spain 944 Trondheim Norway 752Milford Haven Wales 1266 Junction Points Wilhelmshaven Germany 323 Bishop Rock England 80New York New York USA Zeebrugge Belgium 205 Cape of Good Hope South 2098 East Africa 5746Ponta Delgada Azores 153 Entrance Germany 668 HUNGNAM NORTH KOREA Fastnet Rock Ireland 225Port of Spain Trinidad 2461 Skagens Odde Denmark via The 394900N 1273700E to Grand Banks South 1877Port Castries St Lucia 2265 Sound 730 Montreal Canada via Strait ofPort Harcourt Nigeria 3391 Ports Belle Isle 2901Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Ports East 1316 Busan South Korea 328 Entrance Germany 716Puerto de Pasajes Spain 1260 Helsinki Finland 315 Hakodate Japan 623 Panama Panama via MonaRio de Janeiro Brazil 3897 Odense Denmark 701 Korsakov Sakhalin Russia 794 Passage 4374Rota Spain 1096 Porvoo Finland 342 Shimonoseki Japan 397 Pentland Firth Scotland 872San Juan Puerto Rico 2294 Rostock Germany 588 Vladivostok Russia 298 Punta Arenas Chile 6986San Sebastian Spain 957 SanktPeterburg Russia 458 Skagens Odde Denmark 833Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Tallinn Estonia 293 HUSNES NORWAY Strait of Gibraltar 918 Islands 881 Varberg Sweden via The Sound 595200N 54600E to 648 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points INCHEON SOUTH KOREA 45 Ports Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4815 San Francisco California USA Ports Rota Spain 885 6174Aberdeen Scotland 715 Rotterdam Netherlands 444 Vladivostok Russia 2161 Churchill Canada 1532Agadir Morocco 1136 Safi Morocco 1023 Reykjavik Iceland 1418Amsterdam Netherlands 465 Salvador Brazil 4134 ILO PERU St Johns Canada 1341Anecho Togo 3704 San Sebastian Spain 353 173809S 712058W toAntwerp Belgium 441 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary IMABARI JAPANAviles Spain 307 Islands 1320 Junction Points 340415N 1330030E toBata Equatorial Guinea 4l73 Santander Spain 323Bayonne France 345 Santos Brazil 5002 Panama Panama 1851 PortsBelem Brazil 3748 Sekondi Ghana 3424 Punta Arenas Chile 2341Bergen Norway 894 Setubal Portugal 672 Torres Strait Australia 8347 Kobe Japan 120Bilbao Spain 346 Shoreham By Sea England 245 Wilson Promontory Australia via Kure Japan 63Bissau GuineaBissau 2401 Sidi Ifni Morocco 1196 30S 7421 Nagoya Japan 341Bordeaux France 321 Southampton England 223 Wilson Promontory Australia via Shimonoseki Japan 123Bremerhaven Germany 647 St Helena Island 4120 40S 7160 Yokohama Japan 454Brest France 55 St Malo France 141Buchanan Liberia 2904 St Nazaire France 184 Ports IMMINGHAM ENGLANDBuenos Aires Argentina 5916 Stavanger Norway 823 533800N 01100WCadiz Spain 894 Tema Ghana 3597 Antofagasta Chile 367 Subtract 8 miles from HullCaen France 240 Viana do Castello Portugal 467 Arica Chile 85 Nigeria 4054 Victoria Cameroon 4126 Callao Peru 503Calais France 321 Vigo Spain 439 Corinto Nicaragua 2102 INCHEON SOUTH KOREACape Town South Africa 5743 Vila Real de Santo Antonio Pisco Peru 382 372800N 1263700E toCasablanca Morocco 960 Portugal 836 San Nicolas Peru 276Corunna Spain 331 Villagarcia Spain 433 Supe Bay Peru 623 Junction PointsCotonou Benin 3747 Wilhelmshaven Germany 639 Talcahhuano Chile 1147Dakar Senegal 2152 Willemstad Curacao 3821 Valparaiso Chile 929 Selat Lombok Indonesia 2885Dartmouth England 135 Zeebrugge Belgium 380 Panama Panama 8474Dieppe France 270 ILOILO PANAY Singapore 2560Dover England 306 ILLICHIVSK UKRAINE PHILIPPINES Selat Sunda Indonesia 2913Dundee Scotland 698 BLACK SEA 104200N 1223440E to Selat Wetar Indonesia viaDunkerque France 351 461800N 304546E to Molucca Passage and SelatEgersund Norway 783 Junction Points Manipa 2767El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 343 Junction PointsEl Jadida Morocco 998 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1247 PortsEmden Germany 590 Port Said Egypt 1168 Panama Panama 9235Esbjerg Denmark 676 Strait of Gibraltar via Corinth Singapore via Lumbucan England 100 Canal 4035 Channel 1268 Russia via Maenggoi SudoFecamp France 246 Strait of Gibraltar south of 1507Fedala Morocco 944 Greece 4095 Ports Apra Guam via Kaikyo StraitFreetown Sierra Leone 2630 1835Funchal Madeira Island 1098 Ports Apra Guam 1366 Bangkok Thailand 2591Gijon France 294 Batangas Philippines 270 Bohang South Korea 51Granville France 158 Alexandria Egypt 1106 Cebu Philippines 176 Busan South Korea 402Greenville Liberia 2981 Beirut Lebanon 1216 Dagu China 1929 Cebu Philippine via SanHamburg Germany 703 Constanta Romania 158 Hakodate Japan via Sea of Bernardino Strait 1656Hartlepool England 579 Haifa Israel 1219 Japan 2199 Dagu China 465Hull England 523 Iraklion Kriti 817 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1051 Dalian China 290Kenitra Morocco 954 Istanbul Turkey 360 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4632 Hakodate Japan Norway 794 Napoli Italy via Corinth Canal Incheon South Korea 1678 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2057La Pallice France 245 1298 Jakarta Indonesia via Lumbucan Hong Kong China 1202Lagos Nigeria 3746 Napoli Italy south of Greece Channel and Selat Gaspar Honolulu Hawaii USA viaLarache Morocco 926 1361 1476 Maenggol Sudo and BungoLe Havre France 243 Valencia Spain via Corinth Kobe Japan 1623 Suido 4323Leith Scotland 696 Canal 1893 Kota Kinabalu Sabah 501 Honolulu Hawaii USA viaLisboa Portugal 666 Valencia Spain south of Greece Kuching Sarawak 948 Osumi Kaikyo 4387Lobito Angola 4670 1953 Lo hsingta Maoti China via Iloilo Philippines 1678London England 398 Balintang Channel 1073 Jakarta Indonesia 2894Longji Cameroon 4179 ILIGAN PHILIPPINES Manila Philippines via Verde Kobe Japan 733Lorient France 107 81350N 1241350E to Island Passage 361 Lianyungang China 389Marin Ponte Vedra Bay Spain Nagasaki Japan 1428 Lo hsingta Maoti China 818 437 Junction Points Manila Philippines 1498Mayumba Gabon 4437 Russia 3123 Masan South Korea 403Mocamedes Angola 4697 Honshu Japan 1843 San Francisco California USA Misumi Japan 478Montevideo Uruguay 5802 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1265 6168 Mogpo South Korea via south ofNarvik Norway 1498 Panama Panama 9449 Shanghai China 1343 Kasa Do 236Natal Brazil 3619 Punta Arenas Chile 9053 Shimonoseki Japan 1569 Mogpo South Korea via England 604 Singapore 1343 Vladivostok Russia 2048 Suido 189Oostende Belgium 365 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1587 Weihai China 1701 Moji Japan 485Oporto Portugal 494 Torres Strait Australia 1953 Xiamen China 987 Nagasaki Japan 453Oslo Norway 944 TsugaruKaikyo Japan 2312 Yantai China 1735 Nampo North Korea 216Paramaribo Suriname 3613 Selat Wetar Indonesia 1351 Yokohama Japan 1784 Osaka Japan 721Plymouth England 117 Zamboanga Philippines 241 Delgada Azores 1101 Ports Russia via La Perouse StraitPort Etienne Mauritania 1826 ILULISSAT JAKOBSHAVN and Maenggol Sudo 2120Port Harcourt Nigeria 3974 GREENLAND Grande Cape Verde Islands Russia 2763 691330N 510530W to Russia via Osumi Kaikyo 2137 Busan Korea 1644 2449Portsmouth England 227 Manila Philippines 555 Junction Points de Passajes Spain 340 Nagasaki Japan 1530 Russia via Morocco 954 Puerto Princesa Philippines 365 Pentland Firth Scotland 1972 2136Recife Brazil 3743 Strait of Gibraltar 2819 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points46 INISHTRAHULL IRELANDPort Darwin Australia via off Kap Farvel 1450 Punta Arenas Chile 2201 Junction Points Molucca Passage 3072 Jacksonville Florida USAQingdao China 333 3499 Ports Straits of Florida 195Qinhuangdao China 406 Key West Florida USA 3777 Yucatan Channel 329Sanmen Wen China 628 Kingston Jamaica 3853 Acapulco Mexico 2834Shanghai China via Nan Shui La Habana Cuba 3843 Amapala Honduras 2303 Ports Tao 503 Limerick Ireland 279 Antofagasta Chile 224Shimonoseki Japan 489 Lisboa Portugal 1093 Arica Chile 110 Jacksonville Florida USA 507Suao Kang Taiwan 823 Liverpool England 210 Caldera Chile 420 La Habana Cuba 151TsoYing Taiwan 975 Miami Florida USA 3777 Callao Peru 659 Nuevitas Cuba 212Ulsan South Korea 435 Milford Haven Wales 286 Coquimbo Chile 602Vladivostok Russia via Malmul New Haven Connecticut USA Corinto Nicaragua 2247 ISABEL SEGUNDA ISLA DE Sudo 911 2867 Esmeraldas Ecuador 1550 VIEQUES PUERTO RICOWeihai China 238 New London Connecticut Guayaquil Ecuador 1317 181000N 652800W toWenzhou China 723 USA 2815 Guaymas Mexico 3750Weonsan North Korea via New York New York USA Lota Chile 1033 Junction Points Maenggol Sudo 707 2896 Monterey California USAXiamen China 943 Newport Wales 371 4540 Panama Panama 1060Yantai China 273 Norfolk Virginia USA 3069 Pisco Peru 560 Straits of Florida 1064Yokohama Japan via Maemul Philadelphia Pennsylvania Puntarenas Costa Rica 2062 Sudo and Bungo Suido 1016 USA 3049 Salina Cruz Mexico 2645 PortsYokohama Japan via Naikai Port of Spain Trinidad 3706 San Diego California USA 1070 Port Au Prince Haiti 3724 4218 New York New York USA Port Castries St Lucia 3499 San Francisco California USA IRELAND Port Talbot Wales 331 4620 Port of Spain Trinidad 531 552500N 73000W to Providence Rhode Island USA San Jose Guatemala 2404 Willemstad Curacao 446 2804 Talcahuano Chile 1008 Junction Points Qeqertarsuaq Godhavn Valparaiso Chile 782 ISKENDERUN TURKEY Greenland via 75 miles off Kap Yokohama Japan 9026 363600N 361100E toBishop Rock England 395 Farvel 1953Cape of Good Hope South Qeqertarsuaq Godhavn IRAKLION KRITI Junction Points Africa 6141 Greenland 1901 352041N 250824E toFastnet Rock Ireland 335 Recife Brazil 4071 Port Said Egypt 381Grand Banks South 1809 Reykjavik Iceland 729 Junction Points Strait of Gibraltar 2054Montreal Canada via Strait of Rio de Janeiro Brazil 5143 Belle Isle 2545 San Juan Puerto Rico 3436 Port Said Egypt 455 PortsPentland Firth Scotland 272 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Strait of Gibraltar 1516Punta Arenas Chile 7315 Islands 1704 Beirut Lebanon 180Strait of Gibraltar 1350 Santo Domingo Dominican Ports Constanta Romania 1044 Republic 3621 Istanbul Turkey 847 Ports St Johns Canada 1720 Al Latakia Syria 527 Izmir Turkey 652 Washington DC USA 3204 Alexandria Egypt 372 Nice France 1553Adrossan Scotland 95 Waterford Ireland 276 Algiers Algeria 1087 Patrai Greece south of GreeceArgentia Canada 1874 Wilmington North Carolina 3275 Kalamai Greece 197 846Arkhangelsk Russia 1900 Khalkis Greece 210 Patrai Greece via Corinth CanalBaltimore Maryland USA INVERGORDON SCOTLAND Kyrenia Cyprus 406 748 3190 574100N 41000W La Spezia Italy 956 Piraievs Greece 656Barrow in Furness England 186 Subtract 6 miles from Inverness Limassol Cyprus 405 Pula Croatia south of GreeceBelem Brazil 3972 distances Livorno Italy 920 1341Belfast Northern Ireland 97 Malaga Spain 1446 Pula Croatia via Corinth CanalBoston Massachusetts USA INVERNESS SCOTLAND Marseille France 1083 1301 2723 572900N 41400W to Matruh Egypt 308 RostovnaDonu Russia 1483Buenos Aires Argentina 6243 Messina Sicily 510 Sete France 1675Cairn Ryan Scotland 91 Junction Points Napoli Italy 681 Sfax Tunisia 1282Charleston South Carolina Navplion Greece 237 Tarabulus Libya 1167 USA 3331 Skagens Odde Denmark 481 Odessa Ukraine 793 Thessaloniki Greece 784Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Oran Algeria 1284 Tubruq Libya 667 3427 Ports Palermo Sicily 626Churchill Canada via 75 miles off Palma Balearic Islands 1130 ISLA DE PASCUA SOUTH Kap Farvel 2760 Amsterdam Netherlands 482 Piraievs Greece 175 Cuba 4055 Antwerp Belgium 554 Rhodes Greece 171 270830S 1092630W SeeColon Panama via Mona Bremerhaven Germany 514 Rijeka Croatia 831 Easter Island Passage 4393 Dunkerque France 526 Salamis Greece 190Colon Panama via Windward Emden Germany 487 Savona Italy 1002 ISLAS JUAN FERNANDEZ Passage 4362 Esbjerg Denmark 455 Sibenik Croatia 704 SOUTH PACIFICDakar Senegal 2546 Hamburg Germany 562 Siracusa Sicily 495 333800S 784940W toDouglas Isle of Man 156 Oostende Belgium 510 Split Croatia 689Dublin Ireland 184 Rotterdam Netherlands 496 Tarabulus Libya 630 PortsFleetwood England 189 Wilhelmshaven Germany 508 Taranto Italy 509Freetown Sierra Leone 3024 Zeebrugge Belgium 506 Thessaloniki Greece 351 Easter Island 1633Funchal Madeira Island 1466 Toulon France 1051 Honolulu Hawaii USA 5595Galway Ireland 231 Trieste Italy 865 Puerto Montt Chile 616 IPSWICH Guyana 3779 520300N 11000E Add 8 Tunis Tunisia 745 Valparaiso Chile 364Glasgow Scotland 146 miles to Harwich distances Valencia Spain 1252Goose Bay Canada 1812 Valletta Malta 528 ISTANBUL Cuba 3690 Venezia Italy 872 410115N 285909E to IQUIQUE CHILEHalifax Canada 2406 201200S 701000W to Volos Greece 292Hamilton Bermuda 2747 Yumurtalik Turkey 540 Junction PointsHolyhead Wales 181 Junction PointsHorta Azores 1329 ISABEL DE SAGUA CUBA Port Said Egypt 804Ivittuut Greenland direct 1392 Panama Panama 1987 225700N 800024W to Strait of Gibraltar 1821Ivittuut Greenland via 75 miles JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points JAKARTA INDONESIA 47 Ports Trieste Italy via Corinth Canal Alicante Spain 1405 Junction Points 1063 Ancona Italy 904Alexandria Egypt 742 Tunis Tunisia 1050 Annaba Algeria 1014 Bishop Rock England Greece 200 Valencia Spain 1558 Ashdod Israel 668 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaAlgiers Algeria south of Greece Valletta Malta 837 Banghazi Libya 561 6862 1393 Venezia Italy south of Greece Banzart Tunisia 909 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3413Algiers Algeria via Corinth 1169 Barcelona Spain 1332 Inishtrahull Ireland 3511 Canal 1376 Venezia Italy via Corinth Canal Bari Italy 697 Montreal Canada 2119Alicante Spain 1560 1073 Batumi Georgia 880 Panama Panama 1559Almeria Spain 1659 Volos Greece 329 Beirut Lebanon 651 Pentland Firth Scotland 3691Ancona Italy south of Greece Brindisi Italy 639 Punta Arenas Chile 6917 1058 ITOZAKICHO JAPAN Cartagena Spain 1430 Strait of Gibraltar 3740Ancona Italy via Corinth Canal 342300N 1330600E to Ceuta Morocco 1648 Straits of Florida 523 96 Ermoupolis Greece 158Annaba Algeria 1168 Ports Genova Italy 1137 PortsBanghazi Libya 716 Gibraltar 1650Banzart Tunisia 1063 Kobe Japan 113 Haifa Israel 654 Belem Brazil 2773Barcelona Spain 1486 Kure Japan 73 Iraklion Kriti 262 Belize Belize 1047Bari Italy south of Greece 851 Sasebo Japan 271 Ikenderun Turkey 652 Bridgetown Barbados 1617Bari Italy via Corinth Canal 755 Shimonoseki Japan 133 Istanbul Turkey 292 Buenos Aires Argentina 5841Batumi Georgia 591 Shiogama Japan 662 Kavala Greece 209 Caibarien Cuba 526Beirut Lebanon 896 Yokohama Japan 446 Khalkis Greece 210 Cape Town South Africa 6854Brindisi Italy south of Greece Kyrenia Cyprus 524 Cartagena Colombia 1395 793 IVITTUUT GREENLAND La Spezia Italy 1101 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Italy via Corinth Canal 611230N 481000W to Larnaca Cyprus 570 1181 697 Limassol Cyprus 530 Colon Panama via Sardinia 1133 Junction Points Livorno Italy 1066 Island Passage 1516Cartagena Spain 1573 Malaga Spain 1597 Colon Panama via YucatanCatania Sicily 810 Bishop Rock England 1608 Marseille France 1229 Channel 1535Ceuta Morocco 1802 Inishtrahull Ireland 1392 Mersin Turkey 594 Dakar Senegal Italy south of Montreal Canada 1472 Messina Sicily 655 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 559 Greece 1107 Pentland Firth Scotland 1440 Mitilini Greece 60 Georgetown Guyana Italy via Corinth Strait of Gibraltar 2283 Napoli Italy 827 Guantanamo Cuba via Crooked Canal 1066 Straits of Florida 2925 Navplion Greece 258 Island Passage 851Constanta Romania 201 Odessa Ukraine 640 Halifax Canada 1255Genova Italy 1291 Ports Oran Algeria 1436 Isabel De Sagua Cuba 507Gibraltar 1804 Palermo Sicily 772 Kingston Jamaica via CrookedHaifa Israel 849 Argentia Canada 1023 Palma Balearic Islands 1290 Island Passage 1016Iraklion Kriti 445 Arkhangelsk Russia 2573 Piraievs Greece 210 La Habana Cuba 528Iskenderun Turkey 847 Boston Massachusetts USA Rethimnon Kriti 277 Las Palmas Canary Islands 3467Izmir Turkey 292 1731 Rhodes Greece 256 Limon Costa Rica 1589La Spezia Italy 1256 Colon Panama 3536 Rijeka Croatia south of Greece Lisboa Portugal 3548Larnaca Cyprus 766 Guantanamo Cuba 2873 974 Miller Anchorage Bahamas 507Livorno Italy 1220 Halifax Canada 1380 Rijeka Croatia via Corinth Montevideo Uruguay 5727Malaga Spain 1752 Murmansk Russia 2201 Canal 875 Nassau Bahamas 456Marseille France 1383 New York New York USA Salamis Greece 225 Ponce Puerto Rico 1146Mersin Turkey 789 1933 Savona Italy 1147 Port of Spain Trinidad 1685Messina Sicily 810 Norfolk Virginia USA 2116 Sibenik Croatia south of Port Castries St Lucia 1520Napoli Italy 981 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Greece 846 Recife Brazil 3668Nice France 1321 USA 2086 Sibenik Croatia via Corinth Rio de Janeiro Brazil Russia 460 Portsmouth New Hampshire Canal 747 San Juan Puerto Rico 1121Odessa Ukraine 352 USA 1709 Siracusa Sicily 644 Santiago de Cuba Cuba viaOran Algeria 1590 Qeqertarsuaq Godhavn Soudha Kriti 281 Crooked Island Passage 904Palermo Sicily 926 Greenland 560 Split Croatia south of Greece Santo Domingo DominicanPalma Balearic Islands 1446 Reykjavik Iceland 887 831 Republic 1166Piraievs Greece 364 San Juan Puerto Rico 2720 Split Croatia via Corinth Canal Tampico Mexico 1361Pula Croatia 1124 St Johns Canada 849 732Rhodes Greece 445 Tarabulus Libya 799 JAKARTA Croatia south of Greece IWAKUNI JAPAN Taranto Italy south of Greece 60600S 1065300E to 1128 34l000N 1321700E to 652Rijeka Croatia via Corinth Taranto Italy via Corinth Canal Junction Points Canal 1029 Ports 56RostovnaDonu Russia 640 Thessaloniki Greece 259 Selat Lombok Indonesia 615Savona Italy 1301 Apra Guam 1437 Toulon France 1197 Port Said Egypt 5293Sete France 1442 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2108 Trieste Italy south of Greece Singapore 525Sibenik Croatia south of Kobe Japan 166 1007 Selat Sunda Indonesia 77 Greece 1001 Shimonoseki Japan 93 Trieste Italy via Corinth Canal Torres Strait Australia 2152Sibenik Croatia via Corinth Yokohama Japan 497 908 Selat Wetar Indonesia 1247 Canal 902 Tunis Tunisia 896Siracusa Sicily 798 IZMIR TURKEY Valencia Spain 1403 PortsSplit Croatia south of Greece 382539N 210758E to Valletta Malta 683 986 Venezia Italy south of Greece Aleksandrovsk Croatia via Corinth Canal Junction Points 1015 Russia 3942 887 Venezia Italy via Corinth Canal Apra Guam via Makassar Libya 953 Port Said Egypt 608 919 2639Taranto Italy south of Greece Strait of Gibraltar south of Volos Greece 226 Belawan Indonesia 864 806 Greece 1667 Yumurtalik Turkey 639 Busan South Korea 2836Taranto Italy via Corinth Canal Cebu Philippines via Lumbucan 717 Ports JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Channel Greece 338 USA Dagu China 3088Toulon France 1351 Alexandria Egypt 547 301900N 813900W to Hakodate Japan 3468Trieste Italy south of Greece Algiers Algeria 1238 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1025 1162 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points48 JAKOBSHAVN GREENLANDHong Kong China 1782 Melbourne Australia via South Junction Points Philippines via Lumbucan Channel 3181 GREENLAND Channel and Selat Gaspar Midway Island 1535 Port Said Egypt 722 604300N 460230W See 1476 Nagasaki Japan via Osumi Qaqortoq South Korea 2865 Kaikyo 2808 PortsKobe Japan via Balintang Pago Pago American Samoa JUNEAU ALASKA USA Channel 2987 1700 Aden Yemen 707 581745N 1342500W toKota Kinabalu Sabah 999 Pearl Harbor Hawaii USA Al Aqabah Jordan 573Kuching Sarawak 627 2101 Massawa Ethiopia 364 PortsMalacca Malaysia 613 Port Sudan Sudan 161Manila Philippines via Palawan Russia 2883 Prince Rupert Canada 322 Passage 1559 Ponape Caroline Islands 698 Vancouver Canada 761 JINHAE SOUTH KOREAMogpo North Korea 2741 Saipan Mariana Islands 1545 350840N Japan 2712 San Francisco California USA Subtract 3 miles from Masan KAGOSHIMA JAPANNampo North Korea 2955 4150 distances 313530N 1303350E toPalembang Indonesia 358 Seattle Washington USA Shanghai China via Southeast Junction Points JOHNSTON ISLAND NORTH Russia east of Japan and Pass 3138 PACIFIC Balintang Channel 4530 Sydney Australia via Southeast 164500N 1693030W to Selat Lombok Indonesia Pass 2623 south of Mindanao 2761 Russia via La Perouse Strait Tinian Mariana Islands 1536 Junction Points Panama Panama 8207 4555 Truk Caroline Islands 1078 Punta Arenas Chile 9477Port Darwin Australia 1706 Valparaiso Chile 7034 Panama Panama 5359 Singapore via Oregon USA via Wake Island 831 Channel 2464 Balintang Channel 7415 Yokohama Japan via Southeast Ports Singapore 2401San Diego California USA Pass 2442 7985 Apia Samoa 1838 PortsSan Francisco California USA JARVIS ISLAND LINE Apra Guam 2665 via Balintang Channel 7642 ISLANDS Christmas Island Line Island Hakodate Japan 946San Francisco California USA 02230S 1600145W to 1137 Kamaishi Japan 875 via Makassar Strait 7641 Fanning Island 1032 Kobe Japan via Bungo SuidoSemarang Indonesia 236 Junction Points Funafuti Tuvalu 1654 422Shanghai China 2522 Honolulu Hawaii USA 717 Kobe Japan via Japan 2838 Panama Panama 4804 Jarvis Island 1173 Suido 379Sorido Indonesia 1879 Kahului Hawaii USA 798 Komatsushima Japan 344Sukarnopura Indonesia 2187 Ports Midway Island 821 Kure Japan 296Tanshui Taiwan 2094 Papeete French Polynesia 2371 Misumi Japan 184Tjirebon Indonesia 156 Christmas Island Line Islands San Francisco California USA Nagasaki Japan 168Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 1103 209 2779 Niihana Japan 318Vladivostok Russia 3338 Johnston Island North Pacific Seattle Washington USA 3018 Shimonoseki Japan via BungoWeihai China 2860 1173 Suido 295Weonsan North Korea 3142 Pago Pago American Samoa Shimonoseki Japan west of JOLO China 1971 1050 60330N 1205945E to Kyushu 306Yantai China 2894 Tokuyama Japan 263Yokohama Japan 3194 JAZIREHYE LAVAN IRAN Ports Ube Japan 280 264705N 532015E See Yokkaichi Japan 476JAKOBSHAVN Lavan Island Batangas Philippines 480 Yokohama Japan 594GREENLAND Manila Philippines via Apo West 691330N 510530W See JAZIREHYE SIRRI IRAN Pass 550 KAHULUI MAUI Greenland 255425N 543344E to Sandakan Sabah 180 USA Tacloban Philippines 442 205400N 1562831W toJAKOBSTAD FINLAND Junction Points Zamboanga Philippines 85 634300N 224130E to Junction Points Cape of Good Hope South JUBAIL SAUDI ARABIA Ports Africa 4831 Panama Panama 4605 270100N 494200E See Cape Leeuwin Australia 5071 Al JubaylOulu Finland 133 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4285 PortsVassa Finland 99 Port Said Egypt 2785 JUCARO CUBA Singapore 3518 Johnston Island 798 213541N 785115W to Midway Island 1266JALUIT MARSHALL Selat Sunda Indonesia 3667ISLANDS Torres Strait Australia 5901 Seattle Washington USA 2364 Junction Points 55500N 1693830E to Yokohama Japan 3496 Ports Cape of Good Hope South Junction Points Africa 6559 KAKINADA INDIA Belawan Indonesia 3179 Grand Banks South 2240 170000N 822000E toPanama Panama 6666 Calcutta India 3154 Panama Panama 764Punta Arenas Chile 6815 Malacca Malaysia 3382 Junction Points Punta Arenas Chile 6730 Port Darwin Australia 5274 Strait of Gibraltar 4096 Ports Rangoon Burma 3214 Cape of Good Hope South Yucatan Channel 362 Sabang Indonesia 2913 Africa 5023Auckland New Zealand via Selat Lombok Indonesia 2567 Ports Southeast Pass 2595 Singapore 1593 JERSEY CITY NEW JERSEYBrisbane Australia via Main and USA Belize British Honduras 582 Howe Channels 2231 404300N 740200W For Ports Boston Massachusetts USACallao Peru 6832 ocean distances add 1 12 miles to 1788Funafuti Tuvalu 1041 New York distances Belawan Indonesia 1261 Cape Town South Africa 6552Hakodate Japan 2670 Calcutta India 522 Halifax Canada 1991Hobart Tasmania via Southeast Fremantle Australia 3515 JIDDAH SAUDI ARABIA Port au Prince Haiti 465 Pass 3223 212800N 390920E to Madras India 276 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4551Hong Kong China via Southeast Malacca Malaysia 1478 Savannah Georgia USA 1302 Pass 3370 Penang Malaysia 1273Honolulu Hawaii USA 2096 Sabang Indonesia 1019 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points KASIM MARINE TERMINAL INDONESIA 49KALAMAI GREECE Ports Ports Galle Sri Lanka 1393 370102N 220638E to Madras India 1908 Kobenhavn Denmark 115 Apra Guam 3354 Malacca Malaysia 2768 Junction Points Stockholm Sweden 531 Seattle Washington USA 2388 Marmagao India 690 Swinoujscie Poland 175 Yokohama Japan 3406 Massawa Ethiopia 1865Port Said Egypt 644 Mombasa Kenya 2361Strait of Gibraltar 1370 Okha India 194 KAMAISHI JAPAN 391618N 1415336E to GREENLAND Penang Malaysia 2595 Ports 634100N 513400W to Port Darwin Australia south of Junction Points Java and Timor Islands 4624Banghazi Libya 313 Junction Points Rangoon Burma 2561Iraklion Kriti 197 Selat Lombok Indonesia south of Sabang Indonesia 2284Messina Sicily 355 Mindanao 3331 Pentland Firth Scotland 1597 Tamatave Madagascar 2788Taranto Italy 351 Panama Panama 7422 Strait of Gibraltar 2444 Trincomalee Sri Lanka 1667Tunis Tunisia 599 Punta Arenas Chile 9316 Singapore via Balintang Ports KARDELJEVO CROATIAKALI LIMENES KRITI Channel 3171 430300N 172542E SeeGREECE Churchill Canada 1326 Ploce 345545N 244915E to Ports Reykjavik Iceland 1043 St Johns Canada 969 Junction Points KARLSHAMN SWEDEN Hakodate Japan 192 560750N 145338E to Kagoshima Japan 875 KANKESANTURAI SRIPort Said Egypt 446 Kobe Japan 631 LANKA Junction PointsStrait of Gibraltar 1504 Nagasaki Japan 972 94925N 800310E to Yokohama Japan 348 East Ports Junction Points Entrance Germany 228 KAMSAR GUINEA Skagens Odde Denmark via TheAlexandria Egypt 338 Cape of Good Hope South Africa 103900N 143700W to Sound 289Algiers Algeria 1071 4545Alicante Spain 1231 Junction Points Cape Leeuwin Australia 3353 PortsAshdod Israel 525 Selat Lombok Indonesia 2487Barcelona Spain 1156 Bishop Rock England 2562 Port Said Egypt 3553 Hango Finland 378Beirut Lebanon 533 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Singapore 1543 Horsens Denmark via TheCartagena Spain 157 3294 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1852 Sound 284Ceuta Morocco 1478 Fastnet Rock Ireland 2625 Torres Strait Australia 4096 Kobenhavn Denmark via TheGemlik Turkey 528 Grand Banks South 2701 Sound 146Istanbul Turkey 525 Ile dOuessant France 2520 Ports Lubeck Germany 213Marseille France 1005 Inishtrahull Ireland 2965 Odense Denmark 282Moni Anchorage Cyprus 435 Panama Panama 3866 Bombay India 992 SanktPeterburg Russia 591Napoli Italy 671 Pentland Firth Scotland 3187 Calcutta India 900 Slagen Norway via The SoundTangier Morocco 1505 Punta Arenas Chile 5172 Colombo Sri Lanka 196 374Trieste Italy 852 Strait of Gibraltar 1867 Karachi Pakistan 1424 Varberg Sweden via The Sound Straits of Florida 3985 Telukbayur Indonesia 1376 371KALININGRAD RUSSIA Yucatan Channel 4145 Trincomalee Sri Lanka 131 544230N 202800E Add21 12 miles to Baltiysk distances KARLSKRONA SWEDEN Ports KAOHSIUNG KANG 56l000N 153600E to TAIWANKALMAR SWEDEN Abidjan Ivory Coast 803 223700N 1201600E to Junction Points 563945N 162230E to Accra Ghana 1077 Buenos Aires Argentina 3777 Ports East Junction Points Cape Town South Africa 3273 Entrance Germany 235 Casablanca Morocco 1732 ChangKan China 811 Skagens Odde Denmark East Dakar Senegal 368 Nha Trang Bay Vietnam 895 Entrance Germany 289 Key West Florida USA 3933 San Fernando Philippines 356 PortsSkagens Odde Denmark via Store Lisboa Portugal 1882 Sanya Gang China 682 Baelt 470 Monrovia Liberia 375 Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 915 Kobenhavn Denmark 148Skagens Odde Denmark via The Natal Brazil 1576 SanktPeterburg Russia 563 Sound 342 New York New York USA KARACHI PAKISTAN Stockholm Sweden 270 3633 244900N 665820E to Ports Norfolk Virginia USA 3667 Junction Points KASHIMA KO JAPAN Port Harcourt Nigeria 1475 355845N 1404235E toDrammen Norway via The Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Sound 455 713 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Junction Norway via The Takoradi Ghana 955 4658 Sound 430 Cape Leeuwin Australia 4512 Selat Lombok Indonesia viaHalden Norway via The Sound Port Said Egypt 2865 KANDALAKSHA RUSSIA south of Mindanao 3127 430 670800N 332400E Add Singapore 2882 Panama Panama 7567Moss Norway via The Sound 101 miles to Arkhangelsk Torres Strait Australia south of Punta Arenas Chile 9252 432 distances Java and Timor 5298 Singapore via BalintangOslo Norway via Store Baelt Channel 2968 596 PortsOslo Norway via The Sound KANDLA INDIA 230200N 701330E Add Ports 464 Aden Yemen 1472 76 l2 miles to Okha distances Al Basrah Iraq 1177 Aomori Japan 420KALUNDBORG DENMARK Bandar Abbas Iran 643 KANEOHE BAY HAWAII Kobe Japan 423 554007N 110500E to Belawan Indonesia 2550 USA Nagoya Japan 288 Bhavnagar India 481 212623N 1574700W to Shimonoseki Japan 613 Junction Points Bombay India 504 Yokohama Japan 144 Calcutta India 2578 Junction East Cochin India 1044 Entrance Germany 111 Colombo Sri Lanka 1344 KASIM MARINE TERMINAL Panama Panama 4686 Odde Denmark 141 Durban South Africa 3887 11800S 1310100E to Fremantle Australia 4437 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points50 KAUNAKAKAI HAWAII USA Junction Points Murmansk Russia 1521 KEY WEST FLORIDA USA Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4611 St Johns Canada 1404 243330N 814830W to San Juan Puerto Rico 966Honshu Japan 2724 Santa Barbara de SamanaSelat Lombok Indonesia 1260 Junction Points Dominican Republic 811 KENITRA MOROCCOPanama Panama 9108 341613N 63500W to Santiago de Cuba Cuba via westSingapore 2128 Bishop Rock England 3783 end of Cuba 796Selat Sunda Indonesia 2091 Junction Points Fastnet Rock Ireland 3783 Santiago de Cuba Cuba viaTorres Strait Australia 1030 Inishtrahull Ireland 3767 Windward Passage 637Selat Wetar Indonesia 741 Cape of Good Hope South Montreal Canada 2466 Santo Domingo Dominican Africa 5056 Panama Panama 1108 Republic 936 Ports Ile dOuessant France 954 Pentland Firth Scotland 4000 Tampico Mexico 907 Strait of Gibraltar 3949 Tuxpan Mexico 891Balikpapan Indonesia 998 Ports Straits of Florida 73 Veracruz Mexico 869Busan Korea 2384 Yucatan Channel 251 Willemstad Curacao viaHong Kong Hong Kong 1832 Casablanca Morocco 69 Windward Passage 1134Kobe Japan 2258 Dakar Senegal 1389 PortsSemarang Indonesia 1391 Tangier Morocco 117 KHALKIS GREECEUjung Pandang Indonesia 842 Antilla Cuba 434 382740N 233515E toVinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 1669 Argentia Canada 1953 KERCH GEORGIAWyndham Australia 870 452116N 362840E to Arkhangelsk Russia 5150 Junction PointsYokohama Japan 2342 Baracoa Cuba 490 Junction Points Belem Brazil 2603 Port Said Egypt 630 Belize Belize via main ship Strait of Gibraltar 1562KAUNAKAKAI HAWAIIUSA Port Said Egypt 1238 channel 590 210500N 1570200W to Strait of Gibraltar 2256 Bridgetown Barbados 1459 Ports Buenos Aires Argentina 5712 Junction Points Ports Campeche Mexico via main ship Iraklion Kriti 210 channel 632 Izmir Turkey 210Panama Panama 4633 Almeria Spain 2094 CapHaitien Haiti via Old Volos Greece 88 Constanta Romania 370 Bahama Channel 619 Ports Istanbul Turkey 439 Carmen Mexico via main ship KHARG ISLAND IRAN Mersin Turkey 1214 channel 708 291334N 501634E toMidway Island 1220 Nice France south of Greece Cartagena Colombia via OldSeattle Washington USA 2398 1756 Bahama Channel 1130 Junction PointsYokohama Japan 3454 Nice France via Corinth Canal Cartagena Colombia via Yucatan 1714 Channel 1144 Cape of Good Hope SouthKAVALA GREECE Patrai Greece south of Greece Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Africa 5153 405550N 242411E to 1047 1036 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5393 Patrai Greece via Corinth Canal Charlottetown Canada 1788 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4582 Junction Points 890 Christiansted Virgin Islands Port Said Egypt 2955 Pula Croatia south of Greece 1064 Singapore 3768Port Said Egypt 714 1543 Colon Panama via ship channel Selat Sunda Indonesia 3993Strait of Gibraltar south of Pula Croatia via Corinth Canal and Yucatan Channel 1065 Torres Strait Australia south of Greece 1706 1444 Dakar Senegal 3709 Java 6151Strait of Gibraltar via Corinth RostovnaDonu Russia 208 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 485 Canal 1689 Sete France south of Greece Freetown Sierra Leone 4076 Ports 1877 Funchal Madeira Island 3445 Ports Sete France via Corinth Canal Georgetown Guyana 1818 Aden Yemen 1087 1836 Guantanamo Cuba via Old Belawan Indonesia 3404Algiers Algeria south of Greece Bahama Channel 587 Calcutta India 3412 1277 Halifax Canada 1602 Malacca Malaysia 3612 KERET RUSSIAAlgiers Algeria via Corinth 661700N 333500E Add Hamilton Bermuda 1093 Port Darwin Australia south of Canal 1260 54 miles to Arkhangelsk distances Horta Azores 2857 Java 5480Beirut Lebanon 756 Kingston Jamaica via Windward Rangoon Burma 3417Izmir Turkey 209 Passage 752 Sabang Indonesia 3144 KERKIRA GREECE Kingston Jamaica via Greece 249 393745N 195435E toSiracusa Sicily south of Greece Channel 802 KHAWRALAMAYA IRAQ 682 La Guaira Venezuela via Old 294823N 484820E Junction PointsSiracusa Sicily via Corinth Bahama Channel 1280 Subtract 76 miles from Al Basrah Canal 656 La Habana Cuba 92 Port Said Egypt Greece 160 Lisboa Portugal 3765 Strait of Gibraltar 1324 KHOLMSK SAKHALINVolos Greece 162 Nuevitas Cuba 331 RUSSIA Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1296 470300N 1420245E to PortsKAWASAKI JAPAN Ponce Puerto Rico via Old 353000N 1394500E Use Bahama Channel and Mona Ports Brindisi Italy 123Yokohama distances Passage 969 Catania Sicily 290 Port au Prince Haiti via Old Bukhta Shelikohova Kuril Islands Dubrovnik Croatia 208 Bahama Channel 650 Russia 707KEELUNG TAIWAN Patrai Greece 138 250810N 1214400E See Port of Spain Trinidad via Old Matsugahana Japan 361 Taranto Italy 167ChiLung Taiwan Bahama Channel and Mona Tomari Japan 314 Passage 1484 KETCHIKAN ALASKA Port of Spain Trinidad via OldKEFLAVIK ICELAND USA Bahama Channel and Windward KHORRAMSHAHR IRAN 640000N 223325W to 552030N 1313845W to 302530N 481000E Passage 1534 Subtract 181 12 miles from Al Ports Port of Spain Trinidad via Old Junction Points Basrah distances Bahama Channel 650 Cordova Alaska USA 656 Port Castries St Lucia 1358Pentland Firth Scotland 671 KIEL GERMANY Seattle Washington USA 634 Puerto Cabello Venezuela via OldStrait of Gibraltar 1947 542000N 100930E For Sitka Alaska USA 224 Bahama Channel and Windward Passage 1248 distance via Fjord add 1 l2 miles to Ports Whittier Alaska USA 1839 East Recife Brazil via Old Bahama Channel and Mona Passage Entrance For distance via NordBergen Norway 875 OstseeKanal add 2 12 miles to 3539 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points KLAKSVIG FAROE ISLANDS East Passage 802 USA 1655 KISMAAYO Yucatan Channel 550 Puerto Barrios Guatemala 715 02356S 423220E to Puerto Cabello Venezuela 697 Ports Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua 451 Junction PointsKIIRE JAPAN 312442N 1303317E Puerto Colombia Colombia 438Subtract 9 miles from Kagoshima Almirante Panama 657 Puerto Cortes Honduras 671 Cape of Good Hope South Moa Cuba 301 Puerto Vita Cuba 364 2685 Bahia de las Calderas Dominican Punta Cardon Venezuela 530 Cape Leeuwin Australia 4534 Republic 378 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4194 Port Said Egypt 2713KIMCHAEK NORTH KOREA Singapore 3791 403915N 1291230E to Baltimore Maryland USA via Rio Haina Dominican Republic Windward Passage 1401 417 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3812 Ports Baracoa Cuba 265 San Juan Puerto Rico north of Barahona Dominican Republic Hispaniola 685 PortsBusan South Korea 351 364 San Juan Puerto Rico south ofHakodate Japan 540 Barranquilla Colombia 442 Hispaniola 643 Aden Yemen 1326Maizuru Japan 431 Belem Brazil 2231 San Pedro de Macoris Dominican Bombay India Japan 421 Belize Belize 685 Republic 461 Calicut India Russia 206 Boca de Tanamo Cuba 318 Santa Lucia Cuba 651 Colombo Sri Lanka 2291Yeosu South Korea 439 Bocas del Toro Panama 604 Santiago de Cuba Cuba 176 Durban South Africa 1940 Boston Massachusetts USA Santo Domingo Dominican Madras India 2841 1657 Republic 430 Tulear Madagascar 1395KIN WAN JAPAN 262400N 275800E to Brunswick Georgia USA 1038 Savannah Georgia USA via Buenos Aires Argentina 5295 Windward Passage 1063 KITIMAT CANADA Junction Points CapHaitien Haiti 326 Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 528 535925N 1284843W to Cape Town South Africa 6314 St John Canada 1794Honshu Japan 826 Cardenas Cuba 703 St Johns Antigua 870 Junction PointsSelat Lombok Indonesia south of Carmen Mexico 1056 St Louis Marie Galante 903 Mindanao 2391 Cartagena Colombia 479 St Marc Haiti 254 Selat Lombok Indonesia viaPanama Panama 8451 Casilda Cuba 372 Sydney Canada 1982 Makassar Strait 6930Punta Arenas Chile 9415 Charleston South Carolina USA Tampico Mexico 1252 Panama Panama 4304Singapore via Balintang via Windward Passage 1064 Tuxpan Mexico 1243 Punta Arenas Chile 7264 Channel 2094 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Veracruz Mexico 1210 Singapore via Strait Australia 2640 70 Wilmington North Carolina Channel Japan 1189 Colon Panama 551 USA via Crooked Island Selat Sunda Indonesia via Covenas Colombia 528 Passage 1115 Balintang Channel 7393 Ports Dakar Senegal 3436 Yarmouth Canada 1710 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 498 PortsApia Samoa 4266 Funchal Madeira Island 3349 KINGSTOWN ST New Zealand 4912 Georgetown Guyana 1334 130900N 611400W to Anchorage Alaska 1055Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1595 Gonaives Haiti 263 Callao Peru 5006Honolulu Hawaii USA 4058 Guantanamo Cuba 180 Ports Guaymas Mexico 2510Valparaiso Chile 9788 Halifax Canada 1795 Honolulu Hawaii 2399Wellington New Zealand 5117 Hamilton Bermuda 1144 Bridgetown Barbados 98 Los Angeles California USA Horta Azores 2818 Fernando de Noronha 1320 1391 Jacksonville Florida USA via Fort de France Martinique 89 Manila Philippines via BalintangKINGS LYNN ENGLAND Channel 5637 524530N 02328E to Windward Passage 1016 Hamilton Bermuda 1185 Key West Florida USA via New York New York USA Mollendo Peru 5422 Junction Points Windward Passage 752 1791 Yokohama Japan 3941 Key West Florida USA via Port Castries St Lucia 60Bishop Rock England 522 Yucatan Channel 802 KLAIPEDA LITHUANIAIle dOuessant France 516 La Guaira Venezuela 732 KINUURA JAPAN 554300N 210700E East La Habana Cuba via Windward 344814N 1365729E Entrance Germany 406 Passage 762 Subtract 23 miles from Nagoya Junction PointsPentland Firth Scotland 401 La Habana Cuba via Yucatan Odde Denmark 473 Channel 737 East La Romana Dominican Republic Entrance Germany 400 KIRKENES NORWAY Ports 47 694345N 300200E to Skagens Odde Denmark via Store Lake Charles Louisiana USA Baelt 592Amsterdam Netherlands 203 1190 Ports Skagens Odde Denmark via TheAntwerp Belgium 450 Limon Costa Rica 605 Sound and north of BornholmBergen Norway 583 Lisboa Portugal 3725 Longyearbyen Svalbard 637 462Emden Germany 281 Liverpool Canada 1744 Pechenga Russia 53Leith Scotland 263 Manzanillo Cuba 283 PortsLondon England 233 Matanzas Cuba 717 KISKA ALASKA USA Horsens Denmark 459Oostende Belgium 206 Miami Florida USA 746 515900N 1773230E Germany 319 Miragoane Haiti 243 Koge Denmark 350Zeebrugge Belgium 211 Nassau Bahamas 667 Ports Oslo Norway via Store Baelt and New York New York USA via south of Bornholm 716 Windward Passage 1474 Anadyrskiy Zaliv Russia 804 Oxelosund Sweden 232KINGSTON JAMAICA Rostock Germany 347 175730N 764700W to Norfolk Virginia USA via Apra Guam 2822 Windward Passage 1279 Bukhta Shelikhova Kuril Islands Junction Points Nuevitas Cuba 448 Russia 863 KLAKSVIG FAROE Oranjestad Aruba 223 Hakodate Japan 1656 ISLANDSBishop Rock England via Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Honolulu Hawaii USA 2185 621428N 63545W to Windward Passage 3866 via Windward Passage 1446 Kasatka Japan 1274 Pina Panama 578 Junction PointsFastnet Rock Ireland via Manila Philippines 3664 Windward Passage 3748 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 910 Matsugahana Japan 1345 Port au Prince Haiti 277 Cape of Good Hope South Ireland 3852 Midway Island 1453 Port de Paix Haiti 432 6535Panama Panama 594 Port of Spain Trinidad 1003 Grand Banks South 1925Pentland Firth Scotland 4032 Russia 724 Port Castries St Lucia 950 Inishtrahull Ireland 410Strait of Gibraltar 3891 Tomari Japan 1406 Portland Maine USA 1679 Montreal Canada via Strait ofStraits of Florida via Windward Yokohama Japan 1997 Portsmouth New Hampshire Belle Isle 2481 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points52 KOBE JAPANPentland Firth Scotland 233 San Diego California USA Kaikyo 366 from Kokura subtract 7 miles fromPunta Arenas Chile 7887 5204 Yokohama Japan 372 Moji Odde Denmark 864 San Francisco California USAStrait of Gibraltar 1789 4819 KODIAK ALASKA USA KOLDING DENMARK Seattle Washington USA north 574700N 1522500W to 552940N 93000E to Ports of Aleutian Islands 4527 Seattle Washington USA south Junction Points Junction PointsAberdeen Scotland 359 of Aleutian Islands 4559Alesund Norway 355 Shanghai China via Naikai 789 Panama Panama 4907 Germany 570 Shanghai China via Osumi Singapore 6020 Entrance Germany via LilleDover England 746 Kaikyo 826 Baelt 83Le Havre France 851 Shimizu Honshu Japan 279 Ports EastLondon England 781 Shimonoseki Japan 241 Entrance Germany via StoreMurmansk Russia 1164 Sydney Australia 4384 Apra Guam 3928 Baelt 152Reykjavik Iceland 482 Tanshui China via Osumi Auckland New Zealand 5942 Skagens Odde Denmark via StoreTorshavn Faroe Islands 16 Kaikyo 933 Guayaquil Ecuador 5212 Baelt and Deep Water Route Uno Japan 71 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 5484 193KOBE JAPAN Valparaiso Chile 9534 Hong Kong China 4616 344000N 1351200E to Vancouver Canada 4541 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2231 Ports Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 2013 Juneau Alaska USA 610 Junction Points Vladivostok Russia via Naikai Malakal Palau Islands 4579 Goteborg Sweden 330 805 Manila Philippines north of Swinoujscie Poland 253Panama Panama 7964 Weihai China via Naikai 806 Aleutian Islands 4823Punta Arenas Chile 9429 Xiamen China via Osumi Midway Island 2088 KOLE 2689 Kaikyo 1117 Noumea New Caledonia 5281 41230N 83305E to Yantai China 840 Pago Pago American Samoa Ports Yokohama Japan 357 4441 Junction Points Papeete French Polynesia KOBENHAVN DENMARK Port Darwin Australia 5859 Bishop Rock England 4265 Russia 1384 554200N 123606E to Qingdao China 3975 Cape of Good Hope SouthApra Guam 1386 Shanghai China 3967 Africa 2646Auckland New Zealand 4875 Junction Points Surabaya Indonesia 6086 Fastnet Rock Ireland 4175Busan South Korea 361 Suva Fiji Islands 4853 Grand Banks South 4326Cebu Philippines via San East Sydney Australia 6222 Ile dOuessant France 4106 Bernardino Strait 1601 Entrance via Store Baelt Truk Caroline Islands 4008 Inishtrahull Ireland 4438Dagu China via Naikai 1034 Germany 202 Valparaiso Chile 6803 Panama Panama 5329Dalian China 877 East Vladivostok Russia 3105 Pentland Firth Scotland 4998Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Entrance via The Sound Wake Island 2961 Punta Arenas Chile 5326 2833 Germany 162 Yokohama Japan north of Strait of Gibraltar 3853Haiphong Vietnam via Osumi Skagens Odde Denmark 150 Aleutian Islands 3141 Straits of Florida 5501 Kaikyo and Hainan Strait Yucatan Channel 5651 1833 Ports KOGE DENMARKHakata Japan 304 552715N 121200E to PortsHakodate Japan 816 Aalborg Denmark 138Hirohata Japan 34 Aarhus Denmark 108 Junction Points Abidjan Ivory Coast 761Hiroshima Japan 179 Abenra Denmark 204 Kribi Cameroon 114Hong Kong China via Osumi Frederikshavn Denmark 142 East Lagos Nigeria 361 Kaikyo 1372 Gdansk Poland 468 Entrance Germany 153 Libreville Gabon 255Honolulu Hawaii USA 3669 Gdynia Poland 464 Skagens Odde Denmark 161 Lome Togo 460Iloilo Philippines via San Haderslev Denmark 175 Pointe Noire Congo 612 Bernardino Strait 1623 Helsinki Finland 772 Ports Tome Sao Tome 232Imabari Japan 120 Kalundborg Denmark 115Incheon South Korea 733 Karlskrona Sweden 148 Klaipeda Lithuania 350 KOMATSUSHIMA Japan 113 Lubeck Germany 148 Swinoujscie Poland 156 340100N 1343600E toIwakuni Japan 166 Oslo Norway 272Jakarta Indonesia via Balintang Peenemunde Germany 128 KOKKOLA FINLAND Ports Channel 2987 Riga Latvia 696 635000N 230800E toKagoshima Japan via Bungo Rostock Germany 231 Aomori Japan 813 Suido 422 SanktPeterburg Russia 917 Junction Points Kagoshima Japan 344Kagoshima Japan via Sassnitz Germany 95 Kure Japan 217 Tomogashima Suido 379 Stockholm Sweden via Store East Osaka Japan 58Kamaishi Japan 631 Baelt and Dalaro Kanal 603 Entrance Germany 836 Yokohama Japan 320Kushiro Japan 876 Stockholm Sweden via Store Skagens Odde Denmark via TheLo hsingta Maoti China via Baelt and Sandotvarden 646 Sound 897 KOMPONG SOM Osumi Kaikyo 1003 Stralsund Germany 81 CAMBODIALos Angeles California USA Travemunde Germany via Store Ports 103900N 1033000E to 5185 Baelt 234Manila Philippines via Balintang Travemunde Germany via The Halmstad Sweden via The Junction Points Channel 1563 Sound 139 Sound 803Miike Japan 462 Vejle Denmark 149 Hamina Finland 554 Singapore 638Nagasaki Japan 400 Wismar Germany 132 Helsinki Finland 498 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1096Nagoya Japan 245 Kobenhavn Denmark via TheNiihana Japan 113 KOCHI JAPAN Sound 741 PortsPago Pago American Samoa 333206N 1333330E to Limhamn Sweden via The 4308 Sound 741 Bangkok Thailand Ports Rauma Finland 230 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 419 Russia 1705 Vassa Finland 115 Makassar Sulawesi 1584Port Darwin Australia via Selat Hakodate Japan east of Honshu Sele 2901 832 KOKURA JAPAN KONIYA RYUKYU Oregon USA 4590 Hakodate Japan via Shimonoseki 335500N 1305200E 280830N 1291845E toRajin North Korea 754 Kaikyo 894 Eastbound from Kokura add 7Sakaide Japan 107 Nagasaki Japan via Osumi miles to Moji distances Westbound JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points LA CEIBA HONDURAS 53 Ports Makassar Sulawesi via west of Malabo Equatorial Guinea 106 Junction Points Palawan 616 Port Gentil Gabon 231Honolulu Hawaii USA 3948 Sandakan Sabah via Balabac Takoradi Ghana 704 Selat Lombok Indonesia 974Midway Island 2799 Strait 261 Singapore 443Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Zamboanga Philippines 442 KRISTIANSAND NORWAY 3063 580830N 75940E to PortsSaipan Mariana Islands 1199 KOTKA FINLANDWake Island 2107 602700N 265900E to Junction Points Iloilo Philippines 948 Jakarta Indonesia 627KOPER SLOVENIA Junction Points Bishop Rock England 309 Olongapo Philippines 992 453348N 134215E to Ile dOuessant France 794 Zamboanga Philippines 863 East Pentland Firth Scotland 372 Junction Points Entrance Germany 694 Skagens Odde Denmark 92 KUNSAN JAPAN Skagens Odde Denmark 755 355918N 1264300E SeePort Said Egypt via south of Ports Gunsan South Korea Greece 1310 PortsStrait of Gibraltar 1682 Aberdeen Scotland 338 KURE JAPAN Helsinki Finland 99 Amsterdam Netherlands 381 341400N 1323200E to Ports Riga Latvia 296 Antwerp Belgium 488 Stockholm Sweden 311 Bergen Norway 226 PortsAjaccio Corsica 1033 Vysotsk Russia 69 Bodo Norway 733Algiers Algeria 1236 Bremerhaven Germany 292 Apra Guam 1460Ashdod Israel 1367 KOVDA RUSSIA Calais France 486 Hirohata Japan 126Barcelona Spain 1296 664200N 325200E Add Cherbourg France 632 Imabari Japan 63Dhekelia Cyprus 1283 76 l2 miles to Arkhangelsk Dover England 488 Itozakicho Japan 73Famagusta Cyprus 1313 distances Dunkerque France 475 Kagoshima Japan 296Istanbul Turkey 1148 Egersund Norway 86 Komatsushima Japan 217Mersa El Hamra Egypt 1155 KPEME TOGO Emden Germany 316 Niihana Japan 76Messina Sicily Italy 621 61122N 013020E to Esbjerg Denmark 206 Sakaide Japan 107Oran Algeria 1432 Hamburg Germany 333 Shimizu Honshu Japan 141Ravenna Italy 91 Junction Points Hull England 407 Shimonoseki Japan 116Tunis Tunisia 917 Kristiansund Norway 447 Tokuyama Japan 76Villefranche France 1136 Bishop Rock England 4099 Le Havre France 600 Uno Japan 117 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Leith Scotland 394 Wakamatsu Japan 125KORSAKOV SAKHALIN 2615 London England 514 Yokohama Japan 515RUSSIA Fastnet Rock Ireland 3884 Newcastle England 376 463730N 1424530E to Grand Banks South 4036 Oostende Belgium 453 KUSHIRO JAPAN Ile dOuessant France 3815 Oslo Norway 163 425800N 1442130E to Ports Inishtrahull Ireland 4147 Plymouth England 717 Panama Panama 5038 Portland England 643 PortsBukhta Shelikhova Kuril Islands Pentland Firth Scotland 4707 Portsmouth England 593 Russia 618 Punta Arenas Chile 5180 Rotterdam Netherlands 413 Busan South Korea 876Matsugahana Japan 279 Strait of Gibraltar 3562 Southampton England 611 Hakodate Japan 210Nevelsk Russia 115 Straits of Florida 5210 Stavanger Norway 142 Kobe Japan 876Sovetskaya Gavan Russia 264 Yucatan Channel 5360 Trondheim Norway 436 Vladivostok Russia 624Tomari Japan 239 Wilhelmshaven Germany 286 Yokohama Japan 594 PortsKORSOR DENMARK KRISTIANSUND NORWAY KWA IBO NIGERIA 552007N 110748E to Abidjan Ivory Coast 405 630640N 74500E to 42140N 80000E See Accra Ghana 159 Qua Iboe Junction Points Cape Town South Africa 1316 Ports New York New York USA KYNDBY East 4800 Bergen Norway 232 554836N 115248E to Entrance Germany 73 Pointe Noire Congo 903 Kristiansand Norway 447Skagens Odde Denmark 162 Takoradi Ghana 255 Oslo Norway 599 Junction Points Stavanger Norway 332 Ports East KRAGERO NORWAY 585140N 92335E to KRISTINESTAD FINLAND Entrance Germany 164Gdynia Poland 344 621545N 212230E to Skagens Odde Denmark 136Stockholm Sweden 524 Junction Poland 239 Junction Points Ports Pentland Firth Scotland 441KOTA KINABALU East Gdynia Poland 334MALAYSIA Ports entrance Germany 703 Stockholm Sweden 493 60032N 1160437E to Skagens Odde Denmark via the Swinoujscie Poland 197 Bergen Norway 289 Sound 764 Junction Points London England 582 KYOMIPO NORTH KOREA Oslo Norway 95 Ports 384400N 1253700E AddSelat Lombok Indonesia via Balabac Strait 1362 16 miles to Nampo distances KRALENDIJK BONAIRE Gdynia Poland 473Panama Panama via Surigao Helsinki Finland 279 120930N 681640W to LA CEIBA HONDURAS Strait 9860 Kobenhavn Denmark 587Singapore 807 154630N 865000W to Ports Kotka Finland 342Selat Sunda Indonesia 1031 Oulu Finland 214 Junction Points Guantanamo Cuba 620 SanktPeterburg Russia 433 Ports Stockholm Sweden 232 Panama Panama 709Cebu Philippines via Balabac KRIBI CAMEROON 25600N 95400E to KUNG THEP THAILAND Ports Strait 589 See BangkokHo Chi Minh Vietnam 761 PortsHonolulu Hawaii USA via Colon Panama 666 Surigao Strait 5092 KUCHING SARAWAK New York New York USA Douala Cameroon 81 13335N 1102035E to 1743 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points54 LA GUAIRA Cabezas Nicaragua 316 LA HABANA CUBA Nuevitas Cuba 344 Puntarenas Costa Rica 383 230800N 822030W to Pensacola Florida USA 515 Salina Cruz Mexico 391LA GUAIRA VENEZUELA Philadelphia Pennsylvania San Juan del Sur Nicaragua 239 103700N 665630W to Junction Points USA 1162 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe via LA NOUVELLE FRANCE Junction Points Cape of Good Hope South Mona Passage 1309 430047N 30425E to Africa 6786 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe viaBishop Rock England 3777 Grand Banks South 1991 Virgin Passage 1308 Junction PointsMontreal Canada 2941 Montreal Canada via Strait of Ponce Puerto Rico via OldPanama Panama 884 Canso 2473 Bahama Channel and Mona Port Said Egypt 1582Strait of Gibraltar 3634 Punta Arenas Chile east of South Passage 981 Strait of Gibraltar 658Straits of Florida via Windward America 6800 Port au Prince Haiti 662 Passage 1331 Strait of Gibraltar 4024 Port of Spain Trinidad via Old PortsYucatan Channel 1242 Straits of Florida 87 Bahama Channel and Mona Yucatan Channel 186 Passage 1494 Alexandria Egypt 1480 Ports Port Arthur Texas USA 749 Algiers Algeria 382 Ports Port Castries St Lucia via Mona Antibes France 208Amuay Venezuela 276 Passage 1370 Barcelona Spain 132Baltimore Maryland USA Belem Brazil 2654 Progreso Mexico 430 Famagusta Cyprus 1617 1813 Belize Belize 528 Puerto Barrios Guatemala 608 Genova Italy Colombia 531 Boca de Tanamo Cuba 444 Puerto Cabello Venezuela via Old Haifa Israel 1664Belize Belize 1328 Bocas del Toro Panama 981 Bahama Channel and Windward Istanbul Turkey 1453Boston Massachusetts USA Bordeaux France 4217 Passage 1260 Marseille France 101 1955 Boston Massachusetts USA Puerto Manati Cuba 353 Messina Italy 654Campeche Mexico 1635 1428 Puerto Siboney Cuba via Yucatan Rhodes Greece 1293Carmen Mexico 1714 Bridgeport Connecticut USA Channel 729 Tarabulus Libya 802Cartagena Colombia 614 1292 Puerto Vita Cuba 400 Yumurtalik Turkey 1669Charleston South Carolina Buenos Aires Argentina 5724 Recife Brazil via Old Bahama USA 1549 Caibarien Cuba 208 Channel and Mona Passage LA PALLICE Amalie Virgin Islands Campeche Mexico 561 3551 460936N 11321W to 479 CapHaitien Haiti 631 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4623Cienfuegos Cuba 1050 Cape Town South Africa 6736 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua via Junction PointsColon Panama 841 Cardenas Cuba 88 inside 871Dakar Senegal 2911 Carmen Mexico 639 San Juan Puerto Rico via Old Ile dOuessant France 245Guantanamo Cuba 737 Cartagena Colombia via Old Bahama Channel 978 Strait of Gibraltar 950Guiria Venezuela 339 Bahama Channel 1142 Santa Cruz del Sur Cuba 542Gulfport Mississippi USA via Charleston South Carolina Santiago de Cuba Cuba via Ports Old Bahama Channel and USA 645 Windward Passage 650 Windward Passage 1806 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Santiago de Cuba Cuba via Bilbao Spain 214Gulfport Mississippi USA via 1048 Yucatan Channel 733 Bordeaux France 111 Yucatan Channel 1801 Charlottetown Canada 1846 Santo Domingo Dominican Santander Spain 201Halifax Canada 2060 Cienfuegos Cuba 482 Republic 946 St Nazaire France 108Hamilton Bermuda 1335 Coatzacoalcos Mexico north of Savannah Georgia USA 606Key West Florida USA via Old Banco de Campeche 840 St Pierre Martinique 1339 LA PAMPILLA PERU Bahama Channel and Windward Corpus Christi Texas USA 864 Tampa Florida USA 307 115500S 770900W See Passage 1280 Fort de France Martinique via Tampico Mexico 864 CallaoKingston Jamaica 732 Old Bahama Channel and Mona Tuxpan Mexico 847La Habana Cuba via Old Bahama Passage 1350 Veracruz Mexico 814 Fort de France Martinique via LA PLATA ARGENTINA Channel and Windward Willemstad Curacao 1144 344700S 575115W Passage 1292 Yucatan Channel 1655 Wilmington North Carolina Subtract 28 miles from BuenosNew York New York USA via Galveston Texas USA 769 USA 1767 Aires distances Mona Passage 1848 Georgetown Guyana 1830Norfolk Virginia USA 1687 Guantanamo Cuba via Old LA ISABEL DE SAGUA CUBA LA ROCHELLE Aruba 207 Bahama Channel and Windward 225700N 800024E See Passage 600 460900N 10900W Add 2Paramaribo Suriname 832 Isabel de Sagua Cuba miles to La Pallice Venezuela 359 Gulfport Mississippi USA Pennsylvania Halifax Canada 1640 Hamilton Bermuda 1158 LA LIBERTAD ECUADOR LA ROMANA DOMINICAN USA 1838 2114S 805500W to Isabel de Sagua Cuba 151 REPUBLICPointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 467 182400N 685700W toPort au Prince Haiti 801 Jacksonville Florida USA 528 Junction PointsPort of Spain Trinidad south of Key West Florida USA 92 Kingston Jamaica via Windward Junction Points Isla de Margarita 329 Panama Panama 674Port Castries St Lucia 405 Passage 762 Punta Arenas Chile 3258 Kingston Jamaica via Yucatan Panama Panama 889Puerto la Cruz Venezuela 145Puerto Cortes Honduras 1294 Channel 737 Ports La Guaira Venezuela via Old PortsPuerto Sucre Venezuela 205San Felix Venezuela 673 Bahama Channel and Windward Buenaventura Colombia 445 Passage 1292 Barranquilla Colombia 569San Juan del Norte Nicaragua Callao Peru 682 Kingston Jamaica 470 1026 Lake Charles Louisiana USA Lobitos Peru 149 750 San Juan Puerto Rico 191San Juan Puerto Rico 506 Negritos Peru 158 Willemstad Curacao 391Santo Domingo Dominican Limon Costa Rica 1170 Republic 502 Maracaibo Venezuela 1173 Miami Florida USA 222 LA LIBERTAD EL LA SALINA Georgia USA via SALVADOR Mobile Alabama USA 553 102200N 712800W Add Mona Passage 1575 132830N 891915W to Nassau Bahamas via Northwest 21 miles to Maracaibo distancesSint Nicolaashaven Aruba 207St Georges Grenada 322 Providence Channel 390 Junction PointsSt John Canada 2086 New Haven Connecticut USA LA SPEZIA ITALYSydney Canada 2215 1280 440533N 94930E to Panama Panama 806Tuxpan Mexico 1923 New Orleans Louisiana USA 602 Junction PointsVeracruz Mexico 1888 Curacao 150 New York New York USA 1199 Port Said Egypt 1391 Corinto Nicaragua 141 Norfolk Virginia USA 992 Strait of Gibraltar 891 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points LAVAN ISLAND IRAN 55 Ports Ports Stockholm Sweden 424 USA 3341 Szczecin Poland 170 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Egypt 1280 Apra Guam 1315 2791Algiers Algeria 540 Brisbane Australia 1560 LARNACA CYPRUS Freetown Sierra Leone 1317Alicante Spain 588 Noumea New Caledonia 1519 345444N 333823E to Funchal Madeira Island 282Ancona Italy 979 Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Horta Azores 914Annaba Algeria 463 2635 Junction Points Jacksonville Florida USABanghazi Libya 876 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 448 3467Banzart Tunisia 414 Wellington New Zealand 2635 Port Said Egypt 231 Lisboa Portugal 712Barcelona Spain 383 Strait of Gibraltar 1953 New York New York USABari Italy 775 LAGOS NIGERIA 2965Beirut Lebanon 1473 62700N 32300E to Ports Norfolk Virginia USA 3130Brindisi Italy 717 Plymouth England 1432Cagliari Sardinia 336 Junction Points Al Latakia Syria 114 Ponta Delgada Azores 774Cartagena Spain 640 Beirut Lebanon 112 Recife Brazil di Stabia Italy 308 Ile dOuessant France 3746 Constanta Romania 962 Savannah Georgia USA 3409Ceuta Morocco 872 Strait of Gibraltar 3100 Istanbul Turkey 766Gibraltar 873 Straits of Florida 5225 Izmir Turkey 570 LAS PIEDRAS VENEZUELAHaifa Israel 1469 Mersin Turkey 149 114215N 701315W toIraklion Kriti 956 Ports Nice France 1457Istanbul Turkey south of Patrai Greece via south of Ports Greece 1256 Accra Ghana 229 Greece 750Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Baltimore Maryland USA Patrai Greece via Corinth Canal Boston Massachusetts USA Canal 1214 5063 658 1907Izmir Turkey south of Greece Benguela Angola 1289 Piraievs Greece 566 Maracaibo Venezuela 126 1101 Boma Congo 977 Pula Croatia via south of New York New York USAIzmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Boston Massachusetts USA Greece 1245 1796 1060 4774 Pula Croatia via Corinth Canal Philadelphia Spain 821 Calabar Nigeria 391 1212 USA 1786Marseille France 231 Charleston South Carolina RostovnaDonu Russia 1402Messina Sicily 450 USA 5065 Sete France 1579 LATCHI CYPRUSNapoli Italy 302 Colon Panama 5050 Sfax Tunisia 1163 350600N 322700E SeeOdessa Ukraine south of Douala Cameroon 442 Tarabulus Libya 1050 Khrysokhou Bay Cyprus Greece 1604 Georgetown Ascension Island Thessaloniki Greece 703Odessa Ukraine via Corinth 1375 LAUNCESTON TASMANIA Canal 1562 Longji Cameroon 463 LARNE ENGLAND 412700S 1470700E toOran Algeria 701 Malabo Equatorial Guinea 384 545200N 54740W toPalermo Sicily 395 Mocamedes Angola 1399 Junction PointsPalma Balearic Islands 474 Natal Brazil 2425 Junction PointsPiraievs Greece south of New York New York USA Cape Leeuwin Australia 1577 Greece 942 4883 Bishop Rock England 323 Torres Strait Australia 2278Piraievs Greece via Corinth Norfolk Virginia USA 4941 Fastnet Rock Ireland 312 Canal 860 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Inishtrahull Ireland 86 PortsRijeka Croatia 1049 USA 4985Sibenik Croatia 923 Pointe Noire Congo 851 Ports Melbourne Australia 246Siracusa Sicily 521 Port of Spain Trinidad 3950 Sydney Australia 514Split Croatia 908 Port Harcourt Nigeria 318 Cardiff Wales 295 Wellington New Zealand 1326Tarabulus Libya 790 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Cobh Ireland 251Taranto Italy 669 1991 Londonderry Northern Ireland 71 LAUTOKA HARBOR Greece south of Sao Tome Sao Tome Gulf of Milford Haven Wales 220 ISLANDS Greece 1150 Guinea 422 Stornoway Scotland 219 173609S 1772616E toThessaloniki Greece via Corinth Sekondi Ghana 317 Workington England 85 Canal 1109 Tema Ghana 216 Junction PointsToulon France 199 Victoria Cameroon 410 LARVIK NORWAYTrieste Italy 1083 Willemstad Curacao 4359 590300N 100135E to Torres Strait Australia 2204Tunis Tunisia 448 Wilson Promontory Spain 538 LAKE CHARLES Junction Points 2070Valletta Malta 554 LOUISIANA USAVenezia Italy 1093 301330N 931400W to Pentland Firth Scotland 461 PortsVolos Greece south of Greece 1091 Junction Points Ports Apra Guam 2899Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Sydney Australia 1732 1050 Straits of Florida 677 Bergen Norway 317 Wellington New Zealand 1554 Yucatan Channel 689 London England 604LA UNION EL SALVADOR Oslo Norway 72 LAVAN ISLAND IRAN 132000N 874900W to Ports 264705N 532015E to LAS PALMAS CANARY Junction Points Kingston Jamaica 1190 ISLANDS Junction Points La Habana Cuba 750 280830N 152500W toPanama Panama 748 Veracruz Mexico 688 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Junction Points 4785 Ports LAND SKRONA SWEDEN Cape Leeuwin Australia 5121 555208N 124900E to Bishop Rock England 1360 Port Said Egypt 2967Corinto Nicaragua 73 Strait of Gibraltar 681 Singapore 3506Golfito Costa Rica 432 Junction Points Straits of Florida 3713 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3713San Francisco California USA 2586 East Ports Ports Entrance Germany 167LAE PAPUA NEW GUINEA Skagens Odde Denmark 137 Baltimore Maryland USA Abadan Iran 349 64430S 1470100E to 3251 Aden Yemen 1578 Ports Brunswick Georgia USA 3442 Assab Ethiopia 1722 Charleston South Carolina Bandar Abbas Iran 198 Oslo Norway 261 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points56 LAZARO CARDENAS MEXICOBelawan Indonesia 3175 Junction Points LES CAYES HAITI LIBREVILLE GABONBombay India 1198 18l000N 734500W to 02200N 92500E toCalcutta India 3183 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1667 Singapore 1611 Junction Points PortsLAZARO CARDENASMEXICO Ports Panama Panama 688 Dakar Senegal 1982 175544N 1021109W to Straits of Florida 738 Douala Cameroon 228 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1177 Pointe Noire Congo 399 Junction Points Iloilo Philippines 226 Ports Manila Philippines 370 LICATA SICILY ITALYHonshu Japan 6026 Baltimore Maryland USA 370515N 135630E toPanama Panama 1568 1374 LEITH SCOTLANDPunta Arenas Chile 4681 555900N 31030W to Boston Massachusetts USA Junction PointsTorres Strait Australia 7122 Japan 5817 Junction Points Colon Panama 645 Port Said Egypt 993Wilson Promontory Australia New York New York USA Strait of Gibraltar 958 7092 Bishop Rock England 708 1447 Ile dOuessant France 696 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ports Ports Skagens Odde Denmark 472 USA 1419 Port au Prince Haiti 202 Messina Sicily 173Amapala Honduras 988 Ports Tunis Tunisia 187Ensenada Mexico 1253 LESNOY RUSSIA Valletta Malta 78Honolulu Hawaii USA 3153 Amsterdam Netherlands 372 664042N 342200E AddMollendo Peru 2786 Antwerp Belgium 453 49 miles to Arkhangelsk distances LIENYUN CHINAMonterey California USA Bergen Norway 386 334430N 1192730E See 1637 Blyth England 96 LEVUKA FIJI ISLANDS Lianyungang ChinaTalara Peru 1832 Bremerhaven Germany 442 174030S 1785115E toValparaiso Chile 3525 Dunkerque France 399 LILLESAND NORWAY Egersund Norway 336 Junction Points 581450N 82300E toLE HAVRE FRANCE Emden Germany 403 492900N 00600E to Esbjerg Denmark 403 Panama Panama via Ndaveta Junction Points Hamburg Germany 486 Namuka 6288 Junction Points Hull England 237 Punta Arenas Chile 5342 Pentland Firth Scotland 390 Kristiansand Norway 394 Torres Strait Australia via Raine Skagens Odde Denmark 80Bishop Rock England 263 Le Havre France 503 Island entrance 2268Ile dOuessant France 243 London England 417 East Middlesbrough England 133 Ports Entrance Germany 522 Oostende Belgium 396 Bergen Norway 241Skagens Odde Denmark 554 Oslo Norway 546 Apia Samoa 600 London England 533 Plymouth England 619 Apra Guam 2847 Oslo Norway 144 Ports Portland England 545 Auckland New Zealand 1175 Portsmouth England 495 Avarua Cook Islands 1268 LIMASSOL CYPRUSAberdeen Scotland 522 Rotterdam Netherlands 381 Brisbane Australia 1569 344000N 330300E toAmsterdam Netherlands 273 Seaham Harbor England 117 Callao Peru 6002Antwerp Belgium 244 Southampton England 513 Hakodate Japan 4271 Junction PointsBelfast Northern Ireland 542 Stavanger Norway 346 Hobart Tasmania 2237Bergen Norway 702 Wilhelmshaven Germany 435 Hong Kong China west side of Port Said Egypt 208Bremerhaven Germany 453 Zeebrugge Belgium 392 Santa Cruz Island 4574 Strait of Gibraltar 1914Dartmouth England 151 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2730Dundee Scotland 505 LEIXOES PORTUGAL Melbourne Australia 2274 PortsDunkerque France 144 411040N 84200W to Midway Island 2833Egersund Norway 589 Nagasaki Japan via Tanegashima Alexandria Egypt 272Emden Germany 396 Ports Kaikyo 4260 Iraklion Kriti 405Esbjerg Denmark 482 Noumea New Caledonia via Izmir Turkey 530Granville France 173 Gijon Spain 309 Havannah Passage and WoodinHamburg Germany 511 Lisboa Portugal 180 Passage 776 LIMERICK England 386 Puerto de Pasajes Spain 473 Pago Pago American Samoa 643 523940N 83815W toHull England 326 Rota Spain 454 Papeete French Polynesia Norway 600 Tangier Morocco 436 Junction PointsLeith Scotland 503 Russia 4518Liverpool England 510 LERWICK SCOTLAND Ponape Caroline Islands 2024 Fastnet Rock Ireland 157London England 205 600710N 10732W to Rabaul Papua New Guinea 1836 Inishtrahull Ireland 279Narvik Norway 1304 Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 2060 Pentland Firth Scotland 538Newcastle England 411 Junction Points San Francisco California USAOostende Belgium 168 4705 PortsOslo Norway 752 Bishop Rock England 899 Seattle Washington USA 5120Plymouth England 177 Ile dOuessant France 881 Shanghai China 4528 Belfast Northern Ireland north ofRotterdam Netherlands 250 East Sydney Australia 1779 Ireland 376Shoreham By Sea England 90 Entrance Germany 568 Valparaiso Chile 5753 Cobh Ireland 221St Malo France 156 Pentland Firth Scotland 118 Yokohama Japan 4015Stavanger Norway 629 Skagens Odde Denmark 123 LIMETREE BAY ST Germany 440 LIANYUNGANG CHINA VIRGIN Belgium 186 Ports 344430N 1192730E to 174039N 644412W toLE VERDON FRANCE Bergen Norway 204 Ports Junction Points 453300N 10230W Drammen Norway 471Subtract 50 miles from Bordeaux Emden Germany 504 Dalian China 348 Bishop Rock England 3352distances Hull England 427 Incheon South Korea 389 Panama Panama 1060 Oslo Norway 481 Nagasaki Japan 558 Punta Arenas Chile 5720LEGASPI PORT Shanghai China 414 Strait of Gibraltar Straits of Florida 1126 130900N 1234530E to JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points LOHSINGTA MAOTI CHINA 57 Ports LINGKAS KALIMANTAN Islands 714 Ports INDONESIA Viana do Castello Portugal 210Baltimore Maryland USA 31700N 1173500E to Vigo Spain 247 Alexandria Egypt 1244 1454 Villa do Porto Azores 771 Algiers Algeria 528Buenos Aires Argentina 4648 Junction Points Villagarcia Spain 264 Alicante Spain Florida USA Anaba Algeria 431 1216 Selat Lombok Indonesia 830 Ancona Italy 946 Singapore 1286 LISBON Pennsylvania 384200N 90800W See Banghazi Libya 841 USA 1474 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1191 Banzart Tunisia 382 LisboaPort of Spain Trinidad 470 Barcelona Spain 386Willemstad Curacao 428 Ports Bari Italy 739 LITTLE CREEK VIRGINIA USA Beirut Lebanon 1437 Manila Philippines 785 Brindisi Italy 681LIMHAMN SWEDEN 365600N 761040W Tjilatjap Indonesia 1217 Cagliari Sardinia 304 553530N 125540E to Subtract 13 l2 miles from Norfolk distances Cannes France 149 Junction Points LISBOA PORTUGAL Cartagena Spain 636 384200N 90800W to Catania Sicily 464 LIVERPOOL East 440230N 644200W to Ceuta Morocco 868 Entrance Germany 159 Junction Points Civitavecchia Italy 120Skagens Odde Denmark 159 Ports Gaeta Italy 228 Bishop Rock England 710 Gibraltar 869 Ports Cape of Good Hope South Africa Haifa Israel 1433 Boston Massachusetts USA 5152 Iraklion Kriti 920 325Oslo Norway 279 Ile dOuessant France 666 Istanbul Turkey south of Colon Panama 2244Stockholm Sweden 427 Inishtrahull Ireland 1093 Greece 1220 Kingston Jamaica Poland 128 Montreal Canada 3032 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth New York New York USA 536 Pentland Firth Scotland 1341 Canal 1178 Norfolk Virginia USA 715 Punta Arenas Chile 6398 Izmir Turkey south of GreeceLIMON COSTA RICA Philadelphia Pennsylvania Strait of Gibraltar 286 1066 95930N 830100W to USA 686 Straits of Florida 3823 Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal San Juan Puerto Rico 1540 Junction Points St John Canada 212 1024 Ports Malaga Spain 817 Sydney Canada 293Panama Panama 234 Marseille France 236Yucatan Channel 732 Argentia Canada via Cape Messina Sicily 414 Race 2101 LIVERPOOL ENGLAND 532700N 30100W to Napoli Italy 267 Ports Banjul Gambia 1632 Nice France 134 Belem Brazil 3251 Odessa Ukraine south of Junction Maryland USA via Bordeaux France 733 Greece 1568 Windward Passage and Crooked Boston Massachusetts USA Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Bishop Rock England 297 Island Passage 1974 2817 Canal 1527 Fastnet Rock Ireland 295Boston Massachusetts USA via Buenos Aires Argentina 5339 Oran Algeria 691 Inishtrahull Ireland north of Isle Windward Passage and Crooked Cadiz Spain 253 Palermo Sicily 359 of Man 210 Island Passage 2230 Cape Town South Africa 5134 Palma Balearic Islands 470 Pentland Firth Scotland south ofBrunswick Georgia USA 1611 Casablanca Morocco 324 Piraievs Greece south of Isle of Man 460Cartagena Colombia 447 Charleston South Carolina Greece 906 Pentland Firth Scotland via TheCharleston South Carolina USA USA 3385 Piraievs Greece via Corinth Minch 451 via Windward Passage and Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Canal 825 Crooked Island Passage 1637 3147 Rijeka Croatia 1013 PortsColon Panama 190 Colon Panama via Mona Sete France 298Galveston Texas USA 1394 Passage 4152 Sibenik Croatia 887 Antwerp Belgium 698Georgetown Guyana 1647 Dakar Senegal 1544 Siracusa Sicily 486 Ardrossan Scotland 180Halifax Canada 2368 El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 356 Split Croatia 872 Arkhangelsk Russia 2075Hamilton Bermuda via Windward Freetown Sierra Leone 2023 Tarabulus Libya 754 Avonmouth England 282 Passage 1715 Funchal Madeira Island 532 Taranto Italy 634 Brest France Florida USA Georgetown Guyana 3264 Thessaloniki Greece south of Cardiff Wales 267 1589 Guantanamo Cuba 3570 Greece 1114 Cherbourg France 442Kingston Jamaica 605 Halifax Canada 2484 Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Cobh Ireland 246La Habana Cuba 1170 Horta Azores 917 Canal 1073 Douglas Isle of Man 68Mobile Alabama USA via Huelva Spain 235 Toulon France 204 Falmouth England 313 inside route 1292 Jacksonville Florida USA Trieste Italy 1047 Holyhead Wales 72New York New York USA via 3539 Tunis Tunisia 417 Kingston Jamaica 1744 Windward Passage and Crooked Key West Florida USA 3765 Valencia Spain 539 Le Havre France 510 Island Passage 2047 Kingston Jamaica 3725 Valletta Malta 519 London England 659Norfolk Virginia USA via Las Palmas Canary Islands 712 Venezia Italy 1057 Londonderry Northern Ireland Windward Passage and Crooked Marin Spain 255 Villefranche France 133 215 Island Passage 1852 Monrovia Liberia 2225 Volos Greece south of Greece Milford Haven Wales 197Pensacola Florida USA 1256 New York New York USA 1056 Murmansk Russia Pennsylvania USA 2980 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Newport Wales 284 via Windward Passage and Norfolk Virginia USA 3129 1014 Port Talbot Wales 244 Crooked Island Passage 2019 Oporto Portugal 176 Southampton England 479Port of Spain Trinidad 1313 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Swansea Wales 236 LOHSINGTA MAOTIPort Castries St Lucia 1316 USA 3122 CHINA Waterford Ireland 189Puerto Cortes Honduras 623 Ponta Delgada Azores 783 255900N 1192630E toSan Juan Puerto Rico via Mona Port of Spain Trinidad 3287 Port Castries St Lucia 3111 LIVORNO ITALY Passage 1119 433306N 101745E to Junction PointsSavannah Georgia USA via Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Windward Passage 1636 1555 Singapore 1817 Junction PointsVeracruz Mexico 1338 Praia Da Vitoria North Carolina Azores 850 Ports Port Said Egypt 1355 USA 1680 Recife Brazil 3156 Strait of Gibraltar 887 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4219 San Juan Puerto Rico 3185 Russia 1868 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Apra Guam 1617 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points58 LOBITO ANGOLABusan South Korea 762 Dartmouth England 292 Ile dOuessant France 4179 Baie TaioHae Marquesa IslandsCebu Philippines via Balintang Dundee Scotland 420 2858 Channel 1051 Dunkerque France 112 Ports Bangkok Thailand via BalintangDagu China via Steep Island Egersund Norway 501 Channel 7775 Passage 1029 Emden Germany 318 Lagos Nigeria 463 Brisbane Australia 6274Dalian China 871 Esbjerg Denmark 403 Matadi Congo 731 Busan South Korea 5229Hakodate Japan 1429 Falmouth England 351 Callao Peru 3655Hong Kong China 459 Farsund Norway 497 LONGYEARBYEN Corinto Nicaragua 2281Honolulu Hawaii USA 4487 Fishguard Wales 523 SVALBARD Dutch Harbor Alaska USAIloilo Philippines via Balintang Flekkefjorden Norway 479 781430N 153400E to 2382 Channel 1073 Grimstad Norway 542 Ensenada Mexico 151Incheon South Korea 818 Hakonsvern Norway 616 Ports Guayaquil Ecuador 3218Kobe Japan 1003 Hamburg Germany 425 Guaymas Mexico 1158Manila Philippines 787 Hirtshals Denmark 541 Arkhangelsk Russia 1051 Hakodate Japan 4576Mogpo South Korea 665 Holyhead Wales 594 Bergen Norway 1124 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam via SanNagasaki Japan 691 Hull England 240 Dikson Russia 1148 Bernardino Strait 7403Nampo North Korea 879 Kristiansand Norway 514 Inverness Scotland 1340 Hong Kong China Kragero Norway 582 Kirkenes Norway 637 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2228 Russia 2481 Larvik Norway 604 Murmansk Russia 695 Kobe Japan 5185Qingdao China via Steep Island Le Havre France 205 Narvik Norway 659 Manila Philippines north of Passage 715 Leith Scotland 417 Oslo Norway 1482 Luzon China 977 Lillesand Norway 533 Pechenga Russia 638 Manila Philippines via SanShanghai China 440 Liverpool England 659 Reykjavik Iceland north of Bernardino Strait Japan 799 Mandal Norway 503 Iceland 1160 Manzanillo Mexico Russia 1264 Methil Scotland 407 Reykjavik Iceland South of Mazatlan Mexico 1011Weihai China via Steep Island Middlesbrough England 293 Iceland 1310 Melbourne Australia 7032 Passage 801 Narvik Norway 1215 Tromso Norway 556 Nagasaki Japan 5572Weonsan North Korea 1068 Newcastle England 325 Trondheim Norway 943 Nampo North Korea 5711Xiamen China 200 Oostende Belgium 123 Vardo Norway 586 Newcastle Australia 6456Yantai China 835 Oslo Norway 650 Nome Alaska USA 2968Yokohama Japan 1217 Plymouth England 321 LOOP TERMINAL GULF OF Noumea New Caledonia 5521 Portland England 247 MEXICO USA Nukualofa Tonga Islands 4633LOBITO ANGOLA Portsmouth England 197 285211N 895516W to Ocean Island 4553 122000S 133400E to Risor Norway 572 Pago Pago American Samoa Rotterdam Netherlands 184 Junction Points 4163 Junction Points Sandefjorden Norway 610 Papeete French Polynesia 3571 Seaham Harbor England 318 Straits of Florida 472 Pearl Harbor Hawaii USACape of Good Hope South Shoreham By Sea England 161 Yucatan Channel 503 2233 Africa 1440 Skien Norway 609 Petropavlovsk KamchatskiyIle dOuessant France 4670 Southampton England 215 Ports Russia 3615 Stavanger Norway 539 Prince Rupert Canada 1432 Ports Stockholm Sweden 1251 Campeche Mexico 545 Puerto Armuelles Panama 2645 Sunderland England 312 La Habana Cuba 547 Puntarenas Costa Rica 2499Accra Ghana 1356 Tonsberg Norway 624 Tampico Mexico 602 Salina Cruz Mexico 1803Luanda Angola 237 Tvedestrand Norway 565 Veracruz Mexico 679 San Jose Guatemala 2054Pointe Noire Congo 473 Wilhelmshaven Germany 362 Santa Rosalia Mexico 1192 Zeebrugge Belgium 131 LORIENT FRANCE Seward Alaska USA 2045LOME TOGO 474345N 32151W to Shanghai China 5810 60700N 11330E to LONDONDERRY Sitka Alaska USA 1640 NORTHERN IRELAND Junction Points Surabaya Indonesia via Makassar Ports 550000N 71900W to Strait 7622 Bishop Rock England 202 Suva Fiji Islands 4788Malabo Equatorial Guinea 480 Junction Points Ile dOuessant France 107 Sydney Australia 6511Monrovia Liberia 789 Valparaiso Chile 4808Pointe Noire Congo 910 Bishop Rock England 396 Ports Victoria Canada 1091Takoradi Ghana 200 Fastnet Rock Ireland west of Vladivostok Russia 4981 Ireland 371 Bilbao Spain 274 Wellington New Zealand 5857LONDON ENGLAND Pentland Firth Scotland 310 Weonsan North Korea 5181 513000N 00100E to LOS ANGELES Yokohama Japan 4839 Ports CALIFORNIA USA Junction Points 334500N 1181615W to LOTA CHILE Avonmouth England 384 370540S 730940W toBishop Rock England 413 Belfast Northern Ireland via Junction PointsIle dOuessant France 397 Rathlin Sound 102 Junction East Cardiff Wales 369 Panama Panama 2913 Entrance Germany 439 Cobh Ireland 340 Punta Arenas Chile 5871 Panama Panama 2825Pentland Firth Scotland 536 Dublin Ireland 189 Singapore via San Bernardino Punta Arenas Chile 1191Skagens Odde Denmark 554 Glasgow Scotland 145 Strait 7867 Liverpool England 215 Selat Sunda Indonesia via Ports Ports Makassar Strait 7976 LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA Wilson Promontory Australia Acapulco Mexico 3573Aberdeen Scotland 429 USA 6879 Antofagasta Chile 828Alesund Norway 733 334612N 1181318W Arica Chile 1134Amsterdam Netherlands 208 Use Los Angeles distances Ports Caldera Chile 628Antwerp Belgium 193 Callao Peru 1530Arendal Norway 551 LONGJI CAMEROON Acapulco Mexico 1501 Coquimbo Chile 455Arkhangelsk Russia 2061 30500N 95720E to Corinto Nicaragua 3081Barrow in Furness England 665 Russia 4687 Esmeraldas Ecuador 2388Bergen Norway 613 Junction Points Antofagasta Chile 4430 Guayaquil Ecuador 2155Blyth England 318 Apia Samoa 4181 Guaymas Mexico Germany 375 Cape of Good Hope South Arica Chile 4219 Iquique Chile 1033Cardiff Wales 526 Africa 2359 Auckland New Zealand 5658 Avarua Cook Islands 4064 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points MAKASSAR SULAWESI 59Monterey California USA Inaderslev Denmark 137 MAASSLUIS Victoria 1202 Kobenhavn Denmark 148 Peru 1432 Middlefart Denmark 149 515545N 41512E MAHON Costa Rica 2899 Naestved Denmark 136 Subtract 8 l2 miles from Rotterdam ISLANDSSalina Cruz Mexico 3430 Stockholm Sweden 491 distances 395202N 41845E toSan Diego California USA Vejle Denmark 173 4881 MACEIO BRAZIL Junction PointsSan Francisco California USA LUCINDA AUSTRALIA 94100S 354400W to 5282 183115S 1462000E to Port Said Egypt 1472San Jose Guatemala 3220 Junction Points Strait of Gibraltar 542Santa Barbara California USA Junction Points 5018 Punta Arenas Chile 3138 Chile 50 Torres Strait Australia 634Valparaiso Chile 268 Wilson Promontory Australia Ports Alexandria Egypt 1349 1621 Banghazi Libya 896 Belem Brazil 1211 Ceuta Morocco 388LOWESTOFT ENGLAND 522941N 14706E to Ports Rio de Janeiro Brazil 972 Genova Italy 340 Salvador Brazil 285 Malaga Spain 517 Junction Points Brisbane Australia 804 Trieste Italy 1314 Wellington New Zealand 2102 MACKAY AUSTRALIA Tunis Tunisia 372Bishop Rock England 418 210915S 1491400E toIle dOuessant France 404 LULEA SWEDEN MAIZURU East 653430N 22l000E to Junction Points 353100N 1352000E to Entrance Germany 350Pentland Firth Scotland 424 Junction Points Torres Strait Australia 864 PortsSkagens Odde Denmark 452 East Ports Akita Japan 352 Ports Entrance Germany 875 Bohang South Korea 313 Skagens Odde Denmark via Store Brisbane Australia 512 Busan South Korea 333Aberdeen Scotland 320 Baelt 1067 Noumea New Caledonia 1253 Changjon North Korea 411Bremerhaven Germany 279 Skagens Odde Denmark via The Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Chongjin North Korea 463Calais France 90 Sound 941 1168 Hakodate Japan 460Emden Germany 221 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 1871 Kimchaek North Korea 431London England 110 Ports Nanao Japan 213Rotterdam Netherlands 108 MACKENZIE GUYANA Niigata Japan 256Trondheim Norway 776 Bergen Norway via The Sound 60000N 581700W Add Sakata Japan Germany 263 1247 66 miles to Georgetown distances Shanghai China 800Zeebrugge Belgium 94 Oslo Norway via Store Baelt Shimonoseki Japan 302 1195 MADRAS INDIA Ulsan South Korea 315LUANDA ANGOLA Oslo Norway via The Sound 130600N 801800E to Unggi North Korea 474 84700S 131500E to 1062 Vladivostok Russia 485 Stavanger Norway via The Junction Points Wakamatsu Japan 299 Junction Points Sound 1172 Trondheim Norway via The Cape of Good Hope South Africa MAJUNGA MADAGASCARCape of Good Hope South Africa Sound 1543 via east of Madagascar 4790 154400S 461800E to 1627 Cape Leeuwin Australia 3480 LYSEKIL SWEDEN Selat Lombok Indonesia 2559 Junction Points Ports 581600N 112600E to Port Said Egypt 4037 Singapore 1583 Port Said Egypt 3471Boma Congo 190 Junction Points Singapore 3845Cape Town South Africa 1601 Ascension Island East Ports 1657 Entrance Germany via Store Aden Yemen 2650Lobito Angola 237 Baelt 267 Belawan Indonesia 1252 Beira Mozambique 732New York New York USA East Bombay India 1482 Belawan Indonesia 3512 5670 Entrance Germany via The Calcutta India 769 Fremantle Australia 4132Pointe Noire Congo 266 Sound 340 Colombo Sri Lanka 611 Malacca Malaysia 3710Port Harcourt Nigeria 941 Fremantle Australia 3389 Maputo Mozambique 1034Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Ports Kakinada India 276 Penang Malaysia 3557 2778 Karachi Pakistan 1908 Port Darwin Australia 5069 Bergen Norway 330 Malacca Malaysia 1470 Sabang Indonesia 3246LUBECK GERMANY Flensburg Germany 270 Moulmein Burma 1043 Tulear Madagascar 625 535244N 104127E to Fredericia Denmark 191 Penang Malaysia 1285 Oslo Norway 114 Port Blair Andaman Islands 758 MAKASSAR SULAWESI Junction Points Port Darwin Australia 3483 50800S 1192400E to LYTTELTON NEW Port Dickson Malaysia East ZEALAND Port Swettenham Malaysia 1384 Junction Points Entrance Germany 98 433625S 1724300E to Rangoon Burma 1003Skagens Odde Denmark 263 Sabang Indonesia 994 Selat Lombok Indonesia 339 Junction Points Trincomalee Sri Lanka 288 Panama Panama via Selat Salajar Ports Vishakhapatnam India 332 and Selat Sagewin 9855 Cape Leeuwin Australia 2792 Singapore via Selat Riouw 1070Aalborg Denmark via Store Torres Strait Australia 2849 MAGADAN RUSSIA Selat Sunda Indonesia 861 Baelt 248 593300N 1504500E See Selat Wetar Indonesia 614Abenra Denmark 131 Ports Bukhta NagayeveAssens Denmark 127 PortsFaborg Denmark 102 Melbourne Australia 1518 MAGALLANES CHILEFlensburg Germany 131 Port Augusta Australia 2082 531000S 705400W See Bandjermasin Denmark 155 Sydney Australia 1419 Punta Arenas Indonesia Denmark 155 Wellington New Zealand 174 Belawan Indonesia 1439Gdynia Poland 328 Davao Philippines 929 MAHE Denmark 169 43640S 552900E See Kompong Som Cambodia 1584 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points60 MALABO EQUATORIAL GUINEAManila Philippines via Mindoro Strait of Gibraltar 78 MALDOGADO URUGUAY Strait of Gibraltar 2547 Strait and Sibutu Passage 35600S 550000W to 1232 Ports PortsMogpo South Korea 2483 Junction PointsSemarang Indonesia 596 Alexandria Egypt 1752 Churchill Canada 1341Sorido Indonesia 1180 Algiers Algeria 368 Panama Panama 5352 Reykjavik Iceland 1146Sorong Indonesia 872 Alicante Spain 248 Punta Arenas Chile 1321 St Johns Canada 1075Tandjung Uban Indonesia 1075 Ancona Italy 1510Tjirebon Indonesia 156 Annaba Algeria 607 Ports MANILA Taiwan 1757 Banghazi Libya 1286 143500N 1205800E to Banzart Tunisia 699 Santos Brazil 1172MALABO EQUATORIAL Barcelona Spain 464 Junction PointsGUINEA Bari Italy 1303 MALMO SWEDEN 34530N 84630E to Beirut Lebanon 1964 553700N 130000E to Selat Lombok Indonesia via Brindisi Italy 1245 Sibutu Passage 1514 Ports Cartagena Spain 189 Junction Points Panama Panama north of Catania Sicily 1012 Luzon 9347Boma Congo 689 Derince Turkey 1785 East Panama Panama via SanGeorgetown Ascension Island Genova Italy 798 Entrance Germany via Store Bernardino Strait 9370 1561 Ghazaouet Algeria 158 Baelt 205 Singapore 1330Kribi Cameroon 106 Haifa Israel 1961 Skagens Odde Denmark 155 Selat Sunda Indonesia viaLagos Nigeria 384 Iraklion Kriti 1446 Palawan Passage and SelatLome Togo 480 Istanbul Turkey 1752 Ports Gaspar 1578St Helena Island 1472 Izmir Turkey 1597 Torres Strait Australia via Basilan La Spezia Italy 821 Oslo Norway 278 Strait 2193MALACCA MALAYSIA Livorno Italy 817 Stockholm Sweden via Drogen 21000N 1021400E to Marseille France 641 Channel 435 Ports Melilla Morocco 116 Stockholm Sweden via Flint Junction Points Mers el Kebir Algeria 194 Channel 422 Messina Sicily 979 Russia 2507Cape of Good Hope South Napoli Italy 932 MALTEPE TURKEY Ambon Indonesia 1260 Africa 5464 Odessa Ukraine 2100 405400N 290800E Add Apra Guam north of LuzonSelat Lombok Indonesia 1091 Oran Algeria 195 5 miles to Istanbul distances for 1742Port Said Egypt 4906 Palermo Sicily 870 Ports outside of the Black Sea and Apra Guam via San 117 Palma Balearic Islands 401 Sea of Marmara Strait 1499Selat Sunda Indonesia 619 Piraievs Greece south of Balikpapan Kalimantan Strait Australia 2588 Greece 1438 MANAUS BRAZIL via Sibutu Passage 1057 Piraievs Greece via Corinth 30800S 600100W Add Bangkok Thailand 1435 Ports Canal 1381 920 miles to Belem distances Busan South Korea 1402 Rijeka Croatia 1578 Cebu Philippines 404Aden Yemen 3517 Savona Italy 783 MANCHESTER ENGLAND Chimu Wan Ryukyu Islands 947Al Basrah Iraq 3771 Sibenik Croatia 1452 532900N 21400W Add Da Nang Vietnam 758Al Manamah Bahrain 3534 Siracusa Sicily 985 39 miles to Liverpool distances Dagu China east of TaiwanAlbany Australia 2602 Split Croatia 1436 1722Beira Mozambique 4405 Tarabulus Libya 1024 Dagu China via Formosa Strait MANDAL NORWAYBelawan Indonesia 253 Taranto Italy 1198 580130N 72720E to 1732Berbera Somalia 3531 Tarragona Spain 431 Dalian China east of TaiwanBombay India 2327 Thessaloniki Greece 1646 Junction Points 1561Bushehr Iran 3590 Toulon France 652 Dalian China via India 1523 Trieste Italy 1611 Pentland Firth Scotland 351 Strait 1571Calicut India 1827 Valencia Spain 334 Skagens Odde Denmark 110 Davao Philippines 831Colombo Sri Lanka 1458 Valletta Malta 928 Dutch Harbor Alaska USADar es Salaam Tanzania 3927 Venezia Italy 1621 Ports north of Luzon 4233Diego Garcia Chagos Villa Sanjurjo Morocco 93 Guayaquil Ecuador 9615 Archipelago 2078 Volos Greece 1587 Bergen Norway 201 Haiphong Vietnam South of HaiDurban South Africa 4757 London England 503 nan Tao 936East London South Africa 4967 MALAKAL PALAU ISLANDS Oslo Norway 177 Hakodate Japan 2066Fort Dauphin Madagascar 3860 72000N 1342630E to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 907Jakarta Indonesia 613 Hong Kong China 631 MANFREDONIA ITALYKakinada India 1478 Junction Points 413715N 155530E to Honolulu Hawaii USA north ofKarachi Pakistan 2768 Luzon 4869Madras India 1470 Panama Panama 8674 Junction Points Honolulu Hawaii USA via SanMajunga Madagascar 3730 Singapore via Basilan Strait Bernardino Strait 4767Maputo Mozambique 4654 2006 Port Said Egypt 1045 HuaLien Kang Taiwan 648Mocambique Mozambique 3965 Strait of Gibraltar 1419 Iloilo Philippines via VerdeMombasa Kenya 3872 Ports Island Passage and South Africa 5269 Ports Channel 361Penang Malaysia 252 Apia Samoa 3446 Incheon South Korea 1498Port Louis Mauritius 3215 Apra Guam 706 Ancona Italy 195 Jakarta Indonesia via PalawanRangoon Burma 986 Brisbane Australia 2642 Dubrovnik Croatia 117 Passage 1559Sabang Indonesia 486 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1801 Durres Albania 161 Jolo Philippines 550Surabaya Indonesia 881 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3997 Kiska Alaska USA 3664Tamatave Madagascar 3560 Kodiak Alaska USA 4579 Kobe Japan via Seychelles 2952 MANGALORE INDIA Manila Philippines via Verde 125532N 744800E See Channel 1563Zanzibar Tanzania 3945 Island Passage and San Kodiak Alaska USA 4823 New Mangalore Bernardino strait 1044 Lo hsingta Maoti China 787MALAGA SPAIN Noumea New Caledonia 2612 Los Angeles California USA 34244N 42700W to Ponape Caroline Islands 1418 MANIITSOQ GREENLAND via north of Luzon 6530 652436N 525412W to Surabaya Indonesia 1656 Los Angeles California USA Junction Points Suva Fiji Islands 3041 via San Bernardino Strait Junction Points Yokohama Japan 1731 6588Port Said Egypt 1873 Makassar Sulawesi via Sibutu Pentland Firth Scotland 1700 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points MARSEILLE FRANCE 61 Passage 1232 Yokohama Japan via Balintang Santos Brazil 1363 MARMAGAO INDIAMalakal Palau Islands via San Channel 1758 152500N 734730E to Bernardino Strait 1044 Zamboanga Philippines 532 MARACAIBO Island north of Luzon 103800N 713700W to Junction Points 3752 MANZANILLO CUBAMidway Island via San 202100N 770900W to Junction Points Cape of Good Hope South Africa Bernardino Strait 3685 4447Mogpo South Korea 1338 Junction Points Montreal Canada 2931 Port Said Egypt 3078Moji Japan 1436 Panama Panama 737 Singapore 2217Nagasaki Japan 1298 Panama Panama 732 Straits of Florida via Ryukyu Islands 935 Yucatan Channel 482 Passage 1205 PortsNampo North Korea 1559 Yucatan Channel 1096Nha Trang Bay Vietnam 706 Ports Bombay India 235Nome Alaska USA 4379 Ports Colombo Sri Lanka 671Noumea New Caledonia 3616 Charleston South Carolina Karachi Pakistan 690Pago Pago American Samoa via USA 1105 Baltimore Maryland USA via Okha India 533 San Bernardino Strait 4519 Cienfuegos Cuba 266 Windward Passage 1804 Trincomalee Sri Lanka 968Papeete French Polynesia 5728 Colon Panama 689 Boston Massachusetts USAPenghu Kang Taiwan 606 Guantanamo Cuba 206 2001 MARSA AL Hamilton Bermuda 1187 Cartagena Colombia 465 LIBYA Russia via Chetvertyy Kurilsky Kingston Jamaica 283 Charleston South Carolina 302815N 193245E to Proliv and La Perouse Strait Port au Prince Haiti 372 USA 1467 3117 San Juan Puerto Rico 738 Colon Panama 693 Junction PointsPort Darwin Australia via Basilan Santiago de Cuba Cuba 168 Galveston Texas USA 1810 Strait and Selat Manipa 1834 Santo Domingo Dominican La Habana Cuba 1173 Port Said Egypt 782Portland Oregon USA 6024 Republic 558 Las Piedras Venezuela 126 Strait of Gibraltar 1408Prince Rupert Canada north of Willemstad Curacao 746 New Orleans Louisiana USA Luzon and south of Aleutian via South Pass 1629 Ports Islands 5546 MANZANILLO MEXICO New York New York USAPrince Rupert Canada via 1890 Alexandria Egypt 640 190330N 1041950W to alternate route north of Aleutian Norfolk Virginia USA 1682 Barcelona Spain 1056 Islands 5493 Ports Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Beirut Lebanon 903Pulupandan Philippines 363 via Windward Passage 1849 Genova Italy 986Qingdao China 1422 Acapulco Mexico 295 Portland Maine USA 2042 Haifa Israel 881Rabaul Papua New Guinea 2281 Los Angeles California USA Puerto Padre Cuba 834 Messina Sicily 503San Diego California USA 1205 Santo Domingo Dominican Palma Balearic Islands 1009 6604 Mazatlan Mexico 297 Republic 496 Venezia Italy 1014San Fernando Philippines 207 San Diego California USA Savannah Georgia USA 1466 Volvos Greece 655San Francisco California via San 1136 Willemstad Curacao 222 Bernardino Strait 6299 San Francisco California USA MARSAXLOKK MALTASan Francisco California USA 1538 354854N 143306E to MARCUS HOOK via Balintang Channel 6221 San Jose Guatemala 840 PENNSYLVANIA USASanya Gang China 714 394812N 752512W Junction PointsSasebo Japan 1349 MAPUTO MOZAMBIQUE Subtract 18 miles fromSeattle Washington USA north Philadelphia distances Port Said Egypt 942 255830S 323400E to of Luzon 5959 Strait of Gibraltar 1017Seattle Washington USA via Junction Points MARE ISLAND San Bernardino Strait 6077 CALIFORNIA USA PortsSeward Alaska USA north of Cape of Good Hope South Africa 38360N 1221600W Add Luzon and south of Aleutian 1057 22 miles to San Francisco Messina Sicily 164 Islands 5046 Port Said Egypt 4348 distances Tarabulus Libya 191Shanghai China east of Taiwan Singapore 4769 Tunis Tunisia 246 1156 MARIEL CUBAShanghai China via Formosa Ports 230000N 824515W to MARSEILLE FRANCE Strait 1166 43l910N 52117E toShimonoseki Japan 1424 Aden Yemen 2973 Junction PointsSitka Alaska USA north of Beira Mozambique 476 Junction Points Aleutian Islands 5302 Belawan Indonesia 4436 Straits of Florida 86Sitka Alaska USA south of Durban South Africa 307 Yucatan Channel 164 Port Said Egypt 1518 Aleutian Islands 5370 Fremantle Australia 4283 Strait of Gibraltar 711Suao Kang Taiwan 684 Majunga Madagascar 1034 PortsSurabaya Indonesia 1540 Malacca Malaysia 4654 PortsSuva Fiji Islands 4048 Mombasa Kenya 1508 Kingston Jamaica 716Tandjung Uban Indonesia 1328 Penang Malaysia 4481 Nuevitas Cuba 366 Ajaccio Corsica 188Tarakan Indonesia 785 Port Darwin Australia 5539 San Juan Puerto Rico 999 Alexandria Egypt 1407Truk Caroline Islands 1994 Port Louis Mauritius 1448 Swan Island Honduras 437 Algiers Algeria 410TsoYing Taiwan 552 Sabang Indonesia 4170 Alicante Spain 406Valparaiso Chile via San Tamatave Madagascar 1242 Ancona Italy 1109 MARIN PONTE VEDRA BAY Bernardino Strait 9710 Zanzibar Tanzania 1388 SPAIN Annaba Algeria 409Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 710 422400N 84300W to Banghazi Libya Russia 1912 Baniyas Syria 1610 MAR DEL PLATA Banzart Tunisia 428Wake Island Pacific 2772 ARGENTINA Junction PointsWeihai China east of Taiwan 380200S 573100W to Barcelona Spain 189 1498 Ile dOuessant France 437 Bari Italy 902Weihai China via Formosa Junction Points Strait of Gibraltar 517 Batumi Georgia south of Strait 1508 Greece 1970Weonsan North Korea 1708 Panama Panama 5543 Ports Batumi Georgia via CorinthWotje Island Marshall Islands Punta Arenas Chile 1112 Canal 1929 3027 Bilbao Spain 387 Beirut Lebanon 1600Xiamen China 662 Ports Horta Azores 944 Bonifacio Corsica 213Yantai China east of Formosa Lisboa Portugal 255 Brindisi Italy 844 1532 Buenos Aires Argentina 276 Cagliari Sardinia 360Yap Caroline Islands 1154 Cartagena Spain 460 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points62 MASAN SOUTH KOREACatania Sicily 627 Ports Ports MAYAQUEZ PUERTO RICOCeuta Morocco 692 181321N 671150W Italy 316 Cebu Philippines 183 Belize Belize 957Famagusta Cyprus 1558 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1065 Tampico Mexico 380 Junction PointsGenova Italy 204 Honolulu Hawaii USA via San Tuxpan Mexico 445Gibraltar 693 Bernardino Strait 4492 Veracruz Mexico 549 Bishop Rock England 3504Haifa Israel 1596 Kota Kinabalu Malaysia via Cape of Good Hope SouthIraklion Kriti 1083 Balabac Strait 684 Africa 5823 MATANZAS CUBAIstanbul Turkey south of Sandakan Sabah 584 230330N 813330W to Fastnet Rock Ireland 3409 Greece 1383 Zamboanga Philippines 406 Grand Banks South 1752Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Junction Points Ile dOuessant France 3536 Canal 1342 Panama Panama 910 MASNEDSUND DENMARKIzmir Turkey south of Greece 555948N 115236E to Straits of Florida 119 Punta Arenas Chile 5991 1229 Yucatan Channel 241 Strait of Gibraltar 3471Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Junction Points Straits of Florida 968 1187 PortsLa Spezia Italy 231 East PortsLivorno Italy 236 Entrance Germany 149 Antilla Cuba 407Mahon Balearic Islands 219 Skagens Odde Denmark 122 Cienfuegos Cuba 526 Abraham Bay Bahamas 411Malaga Spain 641 Guantanamo Cuba 553 Belem Brazil 1688Messina Sicily 577 Ports Hamilton Bermuda 1131 Dakar Senegal 2960Napoli Italy 456 Kingston Jamaica 717 Freetown Sierra Leone 3293Odessa Ukraine south of Gdynia Poland 330 New Orleans Louisiana USA Georgetown Guyana 938 Greece 1731 Stockholm Sweden 531 641 Halifax Canada 1628Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Swinoujscie Poland 193 New York New York USA Horta Azores 2419 Canal 1690 1167 New York New York USAOran Algeria 536 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1527 MASSAWA Sicily 495 153645N 392830E to USA 1147 Portland Maine USA 1535Palma Balearic Islands 300 Port au Prince Haiti 617Piraievs Greece south of Junction Points Puerto Padre Cuba 330 MAYPORT FLORIDA USA Greece 1069 San Juan Puerto Rico 931 302342N Greece via Corinth Cape of Good Hope South Santo Domingo Dominican Subtract 18 miles from Jacksonville Canal 988 Africa 4341 Republic 901 distancesPort Vendres France 109 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5345 Tampa Florida USA viaPorto Vecchio di Piombino Italy Port Said Egypt 1041 Northwest Channel 325 MAZATLAN MEXICO 247 Singapore 4020 Tampico Mexico 914 231015N 1062630W toRijeka Croatia 1176 Torres Strait Australia via EightSavona Italy 189 Degree Channel 6420 MATARANI PERU Junction PointsSayda Lebanon 1596 165936S 720712W toSibenik Croatia 1050 Ports Panama Panama 2006Siracusa Sicily 649 Junction PointsSkikda Algeria 398 Aden Yemen 400 PortsSplit Croatia 1035 Al Aqabah Jordan 897 Panama Panama 1790Tarabulus Lebanon 1613 Al Basrah Iraq 2372 Punta Arenas Chile 2380 Acapulco Mexico 595Tarabulus Libya 745 Bombay India 2050 Torres Strait Australia 8324 Amapala Honduras 1350Taranto Italy 797 Calcutta India 3695 Wilson Promontory Australia via Champerico Guatemala Greece south of Colombo Sri Lanka 2481 30S 7398 Guaymas Mexico 388 Greece 1278 Jiddah Saudi Arabia 364 Wilson Promontory Australia via Los Angeles California Greece via Corinth Karachi Pakistan 1865 40S 7154 1011 Canal 1236 Mombasa Kenya 2006 Manzanillo Mexico 297Trieste Italy 1210 Port Darwin Australia via One Ports San Diego California USA 939Tunis Tunisia 476 and Half Degree Channel San Francisco California USAValencia Spain 347 5749 Antofagasta Chile 423 1337Valletta Malta 637 Port Sudan Sudan 306 Callao Peru 462 San Jose Guatemala 1149Venezia Italy 1220 Rangoon Burma 3705 Yokohama Japan 5782Viareggio Italy 238 MATHEW TOWN GREATVolos Greece south of Greece MATADI CONGO INAGUA ISLAND MEGARA GREECE 1219 54900S 132700E to 205730N 734040W to 375837N 232133E toVolos Greece via Corinth Canal 1177 Ports Junction Points Junction PointsMASAN SOUTH KOREA Bata Equatorial Guinea 663 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3467 Port Said Egypt 617 351100N 1283500E to Calabar Nigeria 818 Strait of Gibraltar south of Cape Town South Africa 1827 Ports Greece 1541 Ports Longji Cameroon 731 Mayumba Gabon 282 Belize Belize 902 PortsDalian China 546 Port Nolloth South Africa 1559 New York New York USA viaIncheon South Korea 403 Swakopmund South Africa 1144 Crooked Island Passage 1205 Algiers Algeria Japan 146 Victoria Cameroon 770 Alicante Spain 1240Tsuruga Japan 385 MATRUH EGYPT Arzew Algeria Russia 542 MATAGORDA BAY TEXAS 312230N 271430E to Barcelona Spain 1162 USA Cagliari Sardinia 814MASBATE PHILIPPINES 282000N 962300W to Junction Points Kerch Ukraine 801 122247N 1233650E to La Spezia Italy 942 Junction Points Port Said Egypt 281 Navarino Bay Greece 194 Junction Points Strait of Gibraltar 1695 Split Croatia 684 Panama Panama 1558 Tangier Morocco 1511Selat Lombok Indonesia 1479 Straits of Florida 754 Ports Toulon France 1036Panama Panama 9223 Yucatan Channel 729 Tubruq Libya 368Punta Arenas Chile 9067 Banghazi Libya 267Singapore 1492 Haifa Israel 410 MELBOURNE AUSTRALIASelat Sunda Indonesia 1755 Iraklion Kriti 308 374915S 1445600E to JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points MIDWAY ISLAND NORTH PACIFIC 63 Junction Points Junction Points As Sukhayrah Tunisia 406 Ports Banghazi Libya 430Cape Leeuwin Australia 1497 Port Said Egypt 1714 Banzart Tunisia 364 London England 407Panama Panama via Foveaux Strait of Gibraltar 252 Barcelona Spain 681 Strait 7928 Bari Italy 329 MIAMI FLORIDA USAWilson Promontory Australia 154 Ports Beirut Lebanon 1027 254700N 801100W to Brindisi Italy 270 Ports Alicante Spain 160 Cagliari Sardinia 328 Junction Points Malaga Spain 194 Cartagena Spain 806Adelaide Australia 512 Melilla Morocco 119 Catania Sicily 53 Bishop Rock England 3634Albany Australia 1363 Ceuta Morocco 1029 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaApia Samoa 2834 MERSA AL HAMRA EGYPT Civitavecchia Italy 308 6685Apra Guam 3631 305842N 285212E to Crotone Italy 367 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3578Auckland New Zealand 1649 Gaeta Italy 209 Inishtrahull Ireland 3618Avarua Cook Islands 3090 Junction Points Genova Italy 492 Pentland Firth Scotland 3856Bluff Harbor New Zealand 1211 Gibraltar 1031 Straits of Florida 217Burnie Harbor Australia 223 Port Said Egypt 211 Haifa Israel 1023 Yucatan Channel 387Dunedin New Zealand 1309 Strait of Gibraltar 1778 Iraklion Kriti 510Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Istanbul Turkey south of Ports 6321 Ports Greece 810Hobart Tasmania 472 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Belize Belize 734Honolulu Hawaii USA 4942 Ajaccio Corsica 1197 Canal 768 Charlotte Amalie Virgin IslandsJaluit Marshall Islands 3181 Algiers Algeria 1347 Izmir Turkey south of Greece 991Launceston Tasmania 246 Alicante Spain 1510 655 Cienfuegos Cuba via WindwardLevuka Fiji Islands 2274 Argostolion Greece 603 Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Passage 947Los Angeles California USA Bari Italy 849 614 Cienfuegos Cuba via Yucatan 7032 Batumi Georgia 1298 Kalamai Greece 355 Channel 671Lyttelton New Zealand 1518 Es Sider Libya 612 La Spezia Italy 450 Colon Panama via WindwardLoumea New Caledonia 1595 Haifa Israel 346 Licata Sicily 173 Passage 1249Pago Pago American Samoa Izmir Turkey 524 Livorno Italy 414 Colon Panama via Yucatan 2851 Malaga Spain 1708 Malaga Spain 979 Channel 1214Papeete French Polynesia 3691 Palma Balearic Islands 1383 Marsaxlokk Malta 164 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 354Penang Malaysia 4181 Tuapse Russia 1203 Marseille France 577 Georgetown Guyana 1788Ponape Caroline Islands 3078 Tunis Tunisia 1004 Napoli Italy 175 Guantanamo Cuba 582Port Lincoln Australia 588 Volos Greece 605 Nice France 515 Halifax Canada 1413Port Pirie Australia 689 Odessa Ukraine south of Hamilton Bermuda 956Portland Australia 206 MERSIN TURKEY Greece 1158 Kingston Jamaica 746Pabaul Papua New Guinea 2408 364726N 343807E to Odessa Ukraine via Corinth La Habana Cuba 216Rapid Bay Australia 458 Canal 1116 Nassau Bahamas 191San Francisco California USA Junction Points Oran Algeria 818 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1247 6970 Palermo Sicily 120 Port au Prince Haiti 643Seattle Washington USA 7332 Port Said Egypt 358 Palma Balearic Islands 639 Port of Spain Trinidad 1482Whyalla Australia 665 Strait of Gibraltar 1996 Piraievs Greece south of Greece Port Castries St Lucia 1352 496 Recife Brazil 3500MELILLA MOROCCO Ports Piraievs Greece via Corinth San Juan Puerto Rico 960 351730N 25600W to Canal 414 Santiago de Cuba Cuba 630 Al Latakia Syria 94 Pozzuoli Italy 177 Santo Domingo Dominican Junction Points Beirut Lebanon 179 Preveza Greece 274 Republic 930 Constanta Romania 986 Rethimnon Kriti 479Port Said Egypt 1821 Istanbul Turkey 789 Rijeka Croatia 603 MIDDLEFART DENMARKStrait of Gibraltar 153 Izmir Turkey 594 Salerno Italy 158 553030N 94414E to Kerch Ukraine 1214 Savona Italy 496 Ports Larnaca Cyprus 149 Sete France 636 Junction Points Nice France 1495 Sibenik Croatia 477Alicante Spain 224 Patrai Greece south of Greece Siracusa Sicily 75 EastArzew Algeria 145 789 Soudha Kriti 473 Entrance Germany 84Ceuta Morocco 131 Patrai Greece via Corinth Canal Split Croatia 462 Skagens Odde Denmark 186Malaga Spain 116 690 Tarabulus Libya 344Mers el Kebir Algeria 154 Piraievs Greece 598 Taranto Italy 223 Algeria 119 Pula Croatia south of Greece Thessaloniki Greece south ofOran Algeria 120 1260 Greece 704 Gdynia Poland 396Villa Sanjurjo Morocco 64 Pula Croatia via Corinth Canal Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Goteborg Sweden 173 1244 Canal 663 Lubeck Germany 149MENTON FRANCE RostovnaDonu Russia 1426 Toulon France 546 434630N 73040E to Tarabulus Libya 1109 Trapani Sicily 177 MIDDLESBROUGH Thessaloniki Greece 726 Trieste Italy 637 ENGLAND Junction Points Tunis Tunisia 302 543445N 11300W to MESSINA SICILY ITALY Valencia Spain 764Port Said Egypt 1449 381128N 153344E to Valletta Malta 156 Junction PointsStrait of Gibraltar 791 Venezia Italy 647 Junction Points Volos Greece south of Greece Bishop Rock England 591 Ports 645 Pentland Firth Scotland 326 Port Said Egypt 945 Volos Greece via Corinth CanalBarcelona Spain 285 Strait of Gibraltar 1049 604 Italy 180Palma Balearic Islands 382 Ports METHIL SCOTLAND Leith Scotland 133 561100N 30000W to London England 293MERS EL KEBIR ALGERIA Alexandria Egypt 834 354400N 04200W to Algiers Algeria 621 Junction Points MIDWAY ISLAND NORTH Alicante Spain 776 PACIFIC Ancona Italy 536 Bishop Rock England 698 281300N 1772200W to Annaba Algeria 401 Pentland Firth Scotland 246 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points64 MIIKE JAPAN Junction Points MILAZZO SICILY ITALY Ports Cape Leeuwin Australia 5418 381300N 151500E to Port Said Egypt 3264Panama Panama 5707 Aden Yemen 1894 Singapore 3803Punta Arenas Chile 7382 Junction Points Bombay India 1514Singapore via Surigao Strait Ports 4828 Port Said Egypt 973 MINA AL AHMADI KUWAIT Strait of Gibraltar 1025 290400N 481000E to Aden Yemen 1873 Ports Bombay India 1495 Ports Junction PointsApia Samoa 2546 MINA SULMAN BAHRAYNApra Guam 2301 Napoli Italy 54 Cape of Good Hope South 261700N 503230E SeeAuckland New Zealand 3937 Palermo Sicily 97 Africa 5104 Al ManamahAvarua Cook Islands 3140 Taranto Italy 316 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5440Brisbane Australia 3757 Port Said Egypt 3286 MINATITLAN MEXICOCallao Peru 6280 MILFORD HAVEN WALES Singapore 3825 180000N 943200W AddChristmas Island Line Islands 514200N 50200W to 18 miles to Coatzacoalcos 1949 Ports distancesDutch Harbor Alaska USA Junction Points 1651 Abadan Iraq 110 Bishop Rock England 129 MIRAGOANE HAITIFunafuti Tuvalu 2220 Al Basrah Iraq 140 182730N 730600W toGuayaquil Ecuador 5944 Fastnet Rock Ireland 178 Bandar Abbas Iraq 497Hakodate Japan 2198 Inishtrahull Ireland 286 Bandar Mahshahr Iraq 128 PortsHo Chi Minh Vietnam 4421 Bombay India 1517Hobart Tasmania 4740 Ports Cochin India 1993 Kingston Jamaica 243Hong Kong China 3728 Ras Bahregan Iraq 116 San Juan Puerto Rico 526Honolulu Hawaii USA 1149 Belfast Northern Ireland 222 Santo Domingo Marshall Islands 1534 Horta Azores 1266 MINA RAYSUT OMAN Republic 407Johnston Island 821 Liverpool England 197 165658N 540200E toKahului Hawaii USA 1266 MISUMI Hawaii USA MILLER ANCHORAGE Junction Points 323600N 1302800E to 1220 ELEUTHERA ISLANDKiska Alaska USA 1453 BAHAMA ISLANDS Cape of Good Hope South 243915N 761130W to PortsKodiak Alaska USA 2088 Africa 3991Koniya Ryukyu Islands 2799 Cape Leeuwin Australia 4791 Chilung Taiwan 654Levuka Fiji Islands 2833 Junction Points Selat Lombok Indonesia 4049 Hakata Japan 161Manila Philippines north of Port Said Egypt 1979 Incheon South Korea 478 Luzon 3752 Panama Panama 1115 Singapore 3178 Kagoshima Japan 184Manila Philippines via San Straits of Florida 495 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3409 Shanghai China 490 Bernardino Strait 3685 Torres Strait Australia 5627Nagasaki Japan 2830 PortsNoumea New Caledonia 3207 MITILINI GREECE Ports 390613N 263323E toPago Pago American Samoa Jacksonville Florida USA 507 2593 Nuevitas Cuba 363 Aden Yemen 601 Junction PointsPapeete French Polynesia 3190 San Juan Puerto Rico 714 Al Bashrah Iraq Bombay India 1081 Port Said Egypt 592 Russia 1831 MILNER BAY AUSTRALIA Calcutta India 2566 135630S 1362500E to Strait of Gibraltar south ofPonape Caroline Islands 1882 Colombo Sri Lanka 1628 Greece 1528Port Darwin Australia via Selat Fremantle Australia 4767 Strait of Gibraltar via Corinth Sele 4188 Junction Points Penang Malaysia 2878 Canal 1631Qingdao China 3303 Rangoon Burma 2794Rabaul Papua New Guinea 2688 Cape of Good Hope South Africa 6656 PortsSan Diego California USA MINA SAQR UNITED ARAB 3097 Cape Leeuwin Australia 2557 EMIRATES Iraklion Greece 229San Francisco California USA Honshu Japan 3295 260008N 560154E to Port Said Egypt via South of Iskenderun Turkey 612 2792 Izmir Turkey 84Seattle Washington USA 2817 Java 7269 Junction Points Torres Strait Australia 375 Mersin Turkey 551Shanghai China 3184 Piraievs Greece 191Sitka Alaska USA 2473 Tetar Passage Indonesia 728 Cape of Good Hope South Thessaloniki Greece 232Surabaya Indonesia via Makassar Africa 4766 Strait 4632 Ports Cape Leeuwin Australia 4933Suva Fiji Islands 2872 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4176 MOA CUBA Belawan Indonesia 2736 204000N 745400W toSydney Australia 4138 Port Said Egypt 2568Truk Caroline Islands 2146 Geraldton Australia 2220 Singapore 3380 Hong Kong China via Basilan Junction Chile 7042 Selat Sunda Indonesia Russia 2612 Strait 2656 Torres Strait Australia 5764 Manila Philippines via San Panama Panama 853Wake Island Pacific 1034 Straits of Florida 510Yokohama Japan 2250 Bernardino Strait 2310 Ports Port Darwin Australia 683 Tjilatjap Indonesia 1838 PortsMIIKE JAPAN Aden Yemen 1531 Zamboanga Philippines via North Belawan Indonesia 3114 330040N 1302505E to Kingston Jamaica 301 of Celebes 1602 Bombay India 1069 Nuevitas Cuba 154 Ports Fremantle Australia 4937 San Juan Puerto Rico 533 MINA ABD ALLAH KUWAIT Penang Malaysia 3150Hakodate Japan 864 290100N 481200E toKobe Japan 462 MOBILE ALABAMA USA MINA SAUD KUWAIT 304230N 880230W toNagasaki Japan 82 Junction Points 284500N 482400E toShimonoseki Japan 222 Junction PointsYokohama Japan via Bungo Cape of Good Hope South Junction Points Suido 766 Africa 5101 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5437 Straits of Florida 471Yokohama Japan via Osumi Cape of Good Hope South Yucatan Channel 558 Kaikyo 725 Port Said Egypt 3283 Africa 5082 Singapore 3822 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points MONROVIA LIBERIA 65 Ports MOGPO SOUTH KOREA MOI RANA NORWAY Rangoon Burma 3714 344645N 1262300E to 661831N 140657E to Sabang Indonesia 3388Belize Belize 845 Tanga Tanzania 69Bocas del Toro Panama 1340 Junction Points Junction PointsCampeche Mexico 674 MON FALCONE ITALYCarmen Mexico 749 Selat Lombok Indonesia 2725 Bishop Rock England via Dover 464556N 133345E SeeCartagena Colombia 1450 Singapore 2407 Strait 1382 Mexico 834 Selat Sunda Indonesia 2760 Ile dOuessant France 1367Colon Panama 1371 Selat Wetar Indonesia via East Molucca Passage 2632 Entrance Germany 971 MONACO MONACOLa Habana Cuba 553 434400N 72600E toLimon Costa Rica 1292 Pentland Firth Scotland 685Puerto Barrios Guatemala 950 Ports Skagens Odde Denmark 776 Junction PointsPuerto Cortes Honduras 915Tampico Mexico 750 Ports Port Said Egypt 1450Tuxpan Mexico 776 Russia 1330 Strait of Gibraltar 792Veracruz Mexico 825 Balikpapan Kalimantan Bergen Norway 474 Indonesia 2308 Brevik Norway 762 Ports Bangkok Thailand 2438 Hammerfest Norway Busan South Korea 225 Hull England 908 Barcelona Spain 280 150100S 404300E to Dagu China south of Kasa Do Oslo Norway 824 Napoli Italy 363 536 Reykjavik Iceland 10l0 Palma Balearic Islands 377 Junction Points Dalian China south of Kasa Do Zeebrugge Belgium 1018 377 Hakodate Japan 897 MONI ANCHORAGECape of Good Hope South Africa MOJI JAPAN CYPRUS 1807 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1904 33630N 1305730E to 344144N 331111E toPort Said Egypt 3522 Hong Kong China 1049Singapore 4080 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4146 Ports Junction Points Incheon South Korea south of Ka Ports Do 236 Busan South Korea 123 Port Said Egypt 219 Incheon South Korea via Myondo Dalian China 633 Strait of Gibraltar 1931Beira Mozambique 476 Do 189 Incheon South Korea 485Belawan Indonesia 3747 Jakarta Indonesia 2741 Manila Philippines 1436 PortsDar es Salaam Tanzania 533 Lo hsingta Maoti China 665 Nagasaki Japan 152Fremantle Australia north of Makassar Sulawesi 2483 Tianjin China 840 Alexandria Egypt 274 Madagascar 4367 Manila Philippines east of Uglegorsk Russia 1100 Algiers Algeria 1482Malacca Malaysia 3965 Taiwan 1338 Yantai China 600 Banghazi Libya 692Mtwara Tanzania 327 Nagasaki Japan 261 Barcelona Spain 1567Penang Malaysia 3792 Nampo North Korea south of MOKPO SOUTH KOREA Bari Italy 946Port Darwin Australia via 20 Kasa Do 320 344645N 1262300E See Brindisi Italy 890 miles north of Scott Reef Nampo North Korea via Myondo Mogpo Cartagena Spain 1675 5304 Sudo 288 Derince Turkey 731Sabang Indonesia 3481 Osaka Japan 544 MOLDE NORWAY Izmir Turkey 510Tulear Madagascar 532 624406N 71000E to Marseille France 1480Victoria Seychelles 1085 Russia via La Perouse Strait Tangier Morocco 1917 1943 Junction Points Tunis Tunisia 1140MOCAMEDES ANGOLA Yumurtalik Turkey 186 151120S 120815E to Russia via Myongyangdo Pentland Firth Scotland 412 1923 Skagens Odde Denmark 492 MONOPOLI ITALY Junction Points Port Darwin Australia 2916 406720N 171830E to Qingdao China 336 PortsCape of Good Hope South Africa Qinhuangdao China south of Kasa Junction Points 1239 Do 484 Bergen Norway 201Ile dOuessant France 4697 San Francisco California USA Reykjavik Iceland 875 Port Said Egypt 953 5125 Strait of Gibraltar 1346 Ports Shanghai China via South MOMBASA KENYA Channel 369 40330S 394115E to PortsLagos Nigeria 1399 Tongyeong South Korea 189Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Vladivostok Russia 726 Junction Points Ancona Italy 239 2939 Weihai China south of Kasa Do Durres Albania 100Walvisbaai Namibia 518 308 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Split Croatia 173 Weonsan North Korea 530 2472MOENGO SURINAME Xiamen China 790 Port Said Egypt 3006 Yantai China south of Kasa Do MONROVIA LIBERIA 53742N 542439W Add Singapore 3987 62000N 104900W to88 l2 miles to Paramaribo 342distances Yeosu South Korea 151 Ports Ports Yokohama Japan 838MOGADISHU SOMALIA Aden Yemen 1619 Anecho Togo 850 20121N 452102E to MOHAMMEDIA MOROCCO Beira Mozambique 1146 Cotonou Benin 893 334252N 72352W to Belawan Indonesia 3654 Dakar Senegal 693 Junction Points Bombay India 2404 Freetown Sierra Leone 264 Junction Points Calcutta India via One and Half Guantanamo Cuba 3828Cape of Good Hope South Africa Degree Channel 3703 Lisboa Portugal 2225 2855 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Colombo Sri Lanka 2555 Lome Togo 789Port Said Egypt 2493 4951 Durban South Africa 1718 Natal Brazil 1629Singapore 3611 Ile dOuessant France 944 Fremantle Australia 4564 New York New York USA Karachi Pakistan 2361 3965 Ports Ports Malacca Malaysia 3872 Pointe Noire Congo 1525 Maputo Mozambique 1508 Port of Spain Trinidad 3045Aden Yemen 1106 Dakar Senegal 1338 Massawa Ethiopia 2006 Porto Grande Cape Verde IslandsMombasa Kenya 502 Tangier Morocco 158 Mogadishu Somalia 502 1069 Penang Malaysia 3699 Sekondi Ghana 599 Port Darwin Australia 5434 Takoradi Ghana 597 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points66 MONTEGO BAY JAMAICAMONTEGO BAY JAMAICA Fastnet Rock Ireland via Strait of Strait 2901 MORMUGAO INDIA 182915N 775730W to Belle Isle 2539 Port Castries St Lucia via Strait 152500N 734730E See Grand Banks South 1335 of Canso 2642 Marmagao India Junction Points Ile dOuessant France via Strait Portland Maine USA 1206 of Belle Isle 2901 Punta Arenas Chile via Cabot MORRO REDONDOStraits of Florida 642 Inishtrahull Ireland via Strait of Strait 7527 MEXICOYucatan Channel 450 Belle Isle 2545 Qaqortog Julianehaab Greenland 280320N 1151016W to Panama Panama via Crooked via Strait of Belle Isle 1470 Ports Island Passage and Windward Recife Brazil via Cabot Strait Junction Points Passage 3204 4283Cienfuegos Cuba 262 Pentland Firth Scotland via Strait Reykjavik Iceland via Strait of Honshu Japan 5088Santa Cruz del Sur Cuba 134 of Belle Isle 2641 Belle Isle 2130 Panama Panama 2593Santiago de Cuba Cuba 154 Straits of Florida via Cabot Rio de Janeiro Brazil 5342 Punta Arenas Chile 5505 Strait 2531 Salvador Brazil 4656 Torres Strait Australia 6543MONTEVIDEO URUGUAY Straits of Florida via Strait of San Juan del Norte Nicaragua via TsugaruKaikyo Japan 4883 345430S 561330W to Canso 2467 Strait of Canso and Crooked Wilson Promontory Australia Island Passage 3220 6812 Junction Points Ports Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Islands 3011 PortsBishop Rock England 5834 Argentia Canada 943 Santo Domingo DominicanCape of Good Hope South Baltimore Maryland USA Republic via Cabot Strait Amapala Honduras 1952 Africa 3591 1820 2579 Ensenada Mexico 241Ile dOuessant France 5802 Belem Brazil via Cabot Strait Santos Brazil 5544 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2351Montreal Canada 6344 3680 Savannah Georgia USA 2078 Monterey California USA 635Panama Panama 5379 Belize Belize via Straits of Shelburne Canada 1050 Talara Peru 2831Punta Arenas Chile 1300 Florida 3034 St Johns Canada via Cape Valparaiso Chile 4515Strait of Gibraltar 5178 Bordeaux France via Cape Race 1038Straits of Florida 5598 Race 3171 Vigo Spain via Cape Race MOSJOEN NORWAYYucatan Channel 5609 Boston Massachusetts USA 2873 655118N 131105E to 1309 Willemstad Curacao via Cabot Ports Brunswick Georgia USA 2074 Strait 2866 Junction Points Buenos Aires Argentina viaAngra dos Reis Brazil 1031 Cabot Strait 6455 MONTROSE SCOTLAND Pentland Firth Scotland 651Bahia Blanca Argentina 466 Cadiz Spain 3110 564215N 22540W to Skagens Odde Denmark 732Baltimore Maryland USA Cape Town South Africa via 5831 Cabot Strait 7118 Junction Points PortsBoston Massachusetts USA Charleston South Carolina USA 5728 via Strait of Canso 2000 Bishop Rock England 706 Bergen Norway 473Bridgetown Barbados 4096 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Ile dOuessant France 698 Reykjavik Iceland 1023Brunswick Georgia USA 5731 via Strait of Canso 2405 EastCape Town South Africa 3608 Charlottetown Canada 698 Entrance Germany 489 MOSKALVO South Carolina Colon Panama via Strait of Pentland Firth Scotland 152 533400N 1422900E to USA 5708 Canso 3126 Skagens Odde Denmark 433Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Dakar Senegal 3562 Ports 4530 Freetown Sierra Leone 4019 Canada 5717 Funchal Madeira Island 2877 Panama 5267 Georgetown Guyana 3108 Amsterdam Netherlands 372 Russia 230Georgetown Ascension Island Halifax Canada via Cabot Strait Antwerp Belgium 457 Bukhta Russia 472 2824 958 Bremerhaven Germany 431 Yokohama Japan 1453Georgetown Guyana 3840 Hamilton Bermuda via Strait of Dundee Scotland 30Guantanamo Cuba 5167 Canso 1621 Oostende Belgium 393 MOSS NORWAYHalifax Canada 5617 Horta Azores via Cabot Strait Rotterdam Netherlands 385 592618N Bermuda 5097 2145 Wilhelmshaven Germany 423 Subtract 19 miles from Florida USA Ivittuut Greenland via Strait of Zeebrugge Belgium 398 distances 5727 Belle Isle 1472New York New York USA Jacksonville Florida USA via MOSSELBAAI SOUTH MOREHEAD CITY NORTH 5749 Cabot Strait 2199 CAROLINA USA AFRICANorfolk Virginia USA 5710 Key West Florida USA via 343910N 764033W to 34l000S 220900E toParanagua Brazil 797 Straits of Florida Pennsylvania La Guaira Venezuela via Strait of Junction Points Junction Points USA 5804 Canso 2941Port Castries St Lucia 4261 La Habana Cuba via Straits of Cape of Good Hope South Cape of Good Hope SouthPortland Maine USA 5759 Florida 2528 Africa 6763 Africa 206Porto Alegre Brazil 482 Lisboa Portugal via Cape Race Grand Banks South 1335 Singapore 5384Recife Brazil 2067 2941 Montreal Canada 1861Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1037 Maracaibo Venezuela via Mona Panama Panama 1670 PortsRio Grande Brazil 313 Passage 2995 Punta Arenas Chile 6864Salvador Brazil 1735 Montevideo Uruguay 6344 Strait of Gibraltar 3392 Belawan Indonesia 5051Santos Brazil 893 Murmansk Russia 3870 Straits of Florida 793 Fremantle Australia 4525Savannah Georgia USA 5740 New York New York USA Malacca Malaysia 5269St Helena Island 2936 1516 Ports Penang Malaysia 5096Valparaiso Chile 2740 Norfolk Virginia USA via Port Darwin Australia 5929Wilmington North Carolina Cabot Strait 1697 Cape Town South Africa 6752 Sabang Indonesia 4785 USA 5691 Paamiut Frederikshaab Georgetown Guyana 2121 Greenland 1901 Halifax Canada 885 MOSSELBAY SOUTHMONTREAL CANADA Panama Panama via Crooked Hamilton Bermuda 611 AFRICA 453010N 733300W to Island Passage 3204 Limon Costa Rica 1730 34l000S 220900E See Paramaribo Suriname 3184 Monrovia Liberia 4028 Mosselbaai Junction Points Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Port of Spain Trinidad 1966 via Cabot Strait 1665 San Juan Puerto Rico 1123 MOSTAGANEM ALGERIABishop Rock England via Strait Ponta Delgada Azores 2283 355612N 00422E to of Belle Isle 2681 Port of Spain Trinidad via Cabot JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points NAKHODKA RUSSIA 67 Junction Points New York New York USA NAGASAKI JAPAN Sele 2785 south of Iceland 3948 324430N 1295215E to Qinhuangdao China 702Port Said Egypt 1678 Nuuk Godthab Greenland 2598 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 2612Strait of Gibraltar 283 Oslo Norway 1450 Junction Points San Francisco California USA Philadelphia Pennsylvania via Osumi Strait 5151 Ports USA 4042 Panama Panama east of Honshu San Francisco California USA Portland Maine USA 3677 8299 via Tsugaru Strait 5030Algiers Algeria 172 Reykjavik Iceland north of Panama Panama west of Seattle Washington USA viaAlicante Spain 148 Iceland 1501 Honshu 8200 Tsugaru Strait and north ofMelilla Morocco 154 Reykjavik Iceland south of Punta Arenas Chile 9567 Aleutian Islands 4705 Iceland 1529 Singapore east of Taiwan 2413 Seattle Washington USA via Iceland 1173 Singapore via Formosa Strait Tsugaru Strait and south ofMOURILYAN AUSTRALIA 173608S 1460759E See Stavanger Norway 1199 2427 Aleutian Islands 4765Innisfail Qaanaaq Thule Greenland 3462 Shanghai China 463 Trondheim Norway 875 Ports Shimonoseki Japan 159MTWARA TANZANIA Sydney Australia 4439 Valparaiso Chile 9806 101530S 401304E to MURORAN JAPAN 421920N 1405840E to Russia 1253 Vladivostok Russia 657 Junction Points Apia Samoa 4414 Weihai China 526 Ports Apra Guam 1445 Weonsan North Korea 452Cape of Good Hope South Africa Auckland New Zealand via Xiamen China 810 2111 Bukhta Shelikhova Kuril Islands Koshiki Kaikyo and Yantai China 560Port Said Egypt 3265 Russia 859 Tanegashima Kaikyo 4930 Yokohama Japan via OsumiSingapore 4042 Hachinohe Japan 123 Auckland New Zealand via Kaikyo 691 Hakodate Japan 64 Tokara Kaikyo 4963 Ports Kastka Japan 401 Avarua Cook Islands 5219 NAGOYA JAPAN Kawasaki Japan 551 Busan South Korea 163 350500N 1365300E toDar es Salaam Tanzania 230 Matsugahana Japan 310 Cebu Philippines via SanMocambique Mozambique 327 Moji Japan via Shimonoseki Bernardino Strait 1406 Ports Strait 736 Dagu China 754 Osaka Japan 834 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Apra Guam 1378MUBARRAZ ISLAND south of Kyushu 3181UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Sasebo Japan via Korean Strait Hachinohe Japan 577 242655N 533200E to 831 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA via Hirohata Japan 259 Shimonoseki Japan 736 TsugaruKaikyo 3011 Imabari Japan 341 Junction Points Tokyo Japan 557 Hakata Japan 121 Kawasaki Japan 218 Tomari Japan 295 Hakodate Japan 801 Kobe Japan 245Cape of Good Hope South Africa Hirohata Japan 373 Kure Japan 412 5078 Hiroshima Japan via Kudako Moji Japan 433 MUTRAH OMANCape Leeuwin Australia 5170 233813N 583450E to Suido 285 Nagasaki Japan via OsumiSelat Lombok Indonesia 4372 Hiroshima Japan via Moroshima Strait 577Port Said Egypt 2969 Junction Points Suido 275 Shimizu Honshu Japan 143Singapore 3549 Hiroshima Japan via Nuwashima Shimonoseki Japan 434Selat Sunda Indonesia 3774 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Suido 277 Ube Japan 419Torres Strait Australia 5994 4487 Hiroshima Japan via Obatake Yokohama Japan 214 Cape Leeuwin Australia 4760 Seto and north of Kasasa Jima Ports Selat Lombok Indonesia 3982 264 NAHA OKINAWA JIMA Port Said Egypt 2289 Hong Kong China 1069 RYUKYU ISLANDSAden Yemen 1743 Singapore 3207 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3986 261220N 1274011E toAl Basrah Iraq 474 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3364 Iloilo Philippines 1428Belawan Indonesia 3257 Torres Strait Australia 5590 Incheon South Korea 453 PortsBombay India 1226 Jakarta Indonesia 2712Calcutta India 2957 Ports Jaluit Marshall Islands 2808 Apra Guam 1236Fremantle Australia 5086 Kagoshima Japan 168 Busan South Korea 550Penang Malaysia 3250 Aden Yemen 1254 Kamaishi Japan 972 Chilung Taiwan 337Port Darwin Australia 5333 Al Basrah Iraq 847 Kobe Japan 400 Hachinohe Japan 1239 Belawan Indonesia 2866 Kochi Japan 363 Shanghai China 479 Karachi Pakistan 496 Levuka Fiji Islands via Shimonoseki Japan 530MURMANSK RUSSIA 685830N 330300E to Malacca Malaysia 3068 Tanegashima Kaikyo 4260 Penang Malaysia 2902 Lianyungang China 558 NAJKIN NORTH KOREA Junction Points Lo hsingta Maoti China 691 421400N 1301800E to Los Angeles California USA MYRTLE GROVEMontreal Canada 3870 LOUISIANA USA 5572 Ports 293832N 895650W Manila Philippines 1298 Ports Subtract 34 miles from New Midway Island 2830 Kobe Japan 754 Orleans distances Miike Japan 82 Tongyeong South Korea 501Akureyri Iceland 1256 Mogpo South Korea 261 Ulsan South Korea 418Bergen Norway 1105 Moji Japan 152 Yeosu South Korea 535 NAESTVED DENMARKBoston Massachusetts USA 551333N 114524E to Noumea New Caledonia via 3719 Bougainville Strait 3967 NAKAGUSUKU OKINAWADikson Russia 1025 Junction Points Pago Pago American Samoa JIMA RYUKYU Greenland 2395 4489 261700N 1275300E toHalifax Canada 3368 East Papeete French Polynesia Iceland 1531 Entrance Germany 74 PortsIvittuut Greenland direct 2201 Skagens Odde Denmark 212 Russia via La Perouse StraitIvittuut Greenland via 75 miles 1845 Apra Guam 1216 off Kap Farvel 2310 Ports Dagu China 1026Keflavik Iceland 1503 Russia via Osumi Kaikyo Manila Philippines 935Liverpool England 1703 Gdynia Poland 383 2039 Shanghai China Svalbard 695 Goteborg Sweden 1396 Yokohama Japan 839Mys Chelyuskin Russia 1390 Lubeck Germany 136 Russia via Tsugaru StraitNew York New York USA 1858 NAKHODKA RUSSIA north of Iceland 3844 Ponape Caroline Islands 2256 424907N 1325352E to Port Darwin Australia via Selat JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points68 NAKNEK ALASKA USA Ports Yantai China 205 Ports Porto di Milazzo Sicily 54 Yokohama Japan 1109 Porto Vecchio di Piombino ItalyBusan South Korea 508 Apia Samoa 1710 227Hakodate Japan 62 NAMSOS NORWAY Auckland New Zealand via Vitia Reggio Di Calabria Sicily 179Shanghai China 991 642800N 112925E to and Surigao Straits 4532 Rijeka Croatia 775Shimonoseki Japan 552 Callao Peru 5660 Savona Italy 350 Junction Points Los Angeles California USA Sete France 515NAKNEK ALASKA USA 5684 Sibenik Croatia 648 584200N 1571500W to Pentland Firth Scotland 615 San Francisco California USA Siracusa Sicily 247 Skagens Odde Denmark 696 5731 Split Croatia 633 Junction Points Suva Fiji Islands 1341 Tarabulus Libya 516 Ports Sydney Australia via Cook Taranto Italy 395Panama Panama 5604 Strait 1436 Thessaloniki Greece south of Bergen Norway 384 Yokohama Japan via Greece 876 Ports Bougainville Strait 5086 Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth NANCHING CHINA Canal 834Honolulu Hawaii USA 2404 320600N 1184400E See NAPLES ITALY Toulon France 424Kodiak Alaska USA 881 Nanjing China 405019N 141620E See Trapani Italy 198San Diego California USA Napoli Trieste Italy 808 2788 NANAIMO CANADA Tunis Tunisia 313Seattle Washington USA 2020 491000N 1235545W to NAPOLI ITALY Valencia Spain 690 405019N 141620E to Valletta Malta 327NAKSKOV DENMARK Ports Venezia Italy 818 545000N 110730E to Junction Points Villa San Giovanni Italy 173 Bellingham Washington USA Villefranche France 369 Junction Points 76 Port Said Egypt 1116 Volos Greece south of Greece New Westminster Canada 47 Strait of Gibraltar 1001 East Port Angeles Washington Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Entrance Germany 46 USA 98 Ports 775Skagens Odde Denmark 213 Prince Rupert Canada 453 Seattle Washington USA 132 Al Latakia Syria 1191 NARSARSUAQ Ports Vancouver Canada 35 Alexandria Egypt 1005 GREENLAND Victoria Canada 86 Algiers Algeria 582 610945N 452745W toGdynia Poland 335 Alicante Spain 723Goteborg Sweden 201 Ancona Italy 707 Junction Points NANAO Poland 190 370340N 1365800E to Annaba Algeria 388 Banghazi Libya 602 Pentland Firth Scotland 1384NAMPO NORTH KOREA Ports Banzart Tunisia 300 Strait of Gibraltar 2257 384300N 1252500E to Barcelona Spain 559 Busan South Korea 476 Bari Italy 500 Ports Junction Points Hakodate Japan 337 Basti Corsica 258 Maizuru Japan 213 Beirut Lebanon 1198 Churchill Canada 1513Selat Lombok Indonesia 2946 Shimonoseki Japan 453 Brindisi Italy 442 Reykjavik Iceland 830Singapore 2621 Vladivostok Russia 460 Cagliari Sardinia 272 St Johns Canada 916Selat Sunda Indonesia 2974 Cannes France 381Selat Wetar Indonesia via Selat NANCHITAL MEXICO Cartagena Spain 756 NARVIK NORWAY Manipa 2861 180000N 942700W Add Catania Sicily 225 682530N 172500E to 3 miles to Coatzacoalcos distances Ceuta Morocco 982 Ports Civitavecchia Italy 152 Junction Points Genova Italy 338 NANJING CHINA Bishop Rock England via 320600N 1184400E Add Gibraltar 983 Russia 1601 Haifa Israel 1194 Channel 1505 177 miles to Shanghai Thailand outer bar Iraklion Kriti 681 Ile dOuessant France 1498 2652 Istanbul Turkey south ofBusan South Korea via Maenggol NANORTALIK GREENLAND Greece 981 Ports 600830N 451435W to Sudo 496 Istanbul Turkey via CorinthDagu China 369 Canal 940 Aberdeen England 869 Junction Points Antwerp Belgium 1211Dalian China 180 Izmir Turkey south of GreeceHo Chi Minh Vietnam 2118 827 Bergen Norway 824 Pentland Firth Scotland 1291 Bremerhaven Germany 1058Hong Kong China 1263 Strait of Gibraltar 2138 Izmir Turkey via Corinth CanalHonolulu Hawaii USA 4417 785 Dundee England 920Incheon South Korea 216 La Spezia Italy 302 Le Havre France 1304 Ports Leith England 948Jakarta Indonesia 2955 Livorno Italy 267Lo hsingta Maoti China 879 Malaga Spain 932 London England 1215 Churchill Canada 1511 Longyearbyen Svalbard 659Los Angeles California USA Reykjavik Iceland 737 Marseille France 456 5711 Messina Sicily 175 Oslo Norway 993 St Johns Canada 821 Pechenga Russia 500Manila Philippines 1559 Monaco Monaco 363Mogpo South Korea south of Nice France 369 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Kasa Do 320 NANTES FRANCE Odessa Ukraine south of USA 3911 471142N 13515W Add Rotterdam Netherlands 1139Mogpo South Korea via Myondo Greece 1329 29 miles to St Nazaire distances Stavanger Norway 713 Sudo 288 Odessa Ukraine via Canal 1288 Stockholm Sweden 1612 Russia 2214 NAPIEIR NEW ZEALAND Olbia Sardinia 222 Teesport England 993Qingdao China 309 392800S 1765721E to Oran Algeria 775 Trondheim Norway 408Qinhuangdao China 307 Palermo Sicily 170Shanghai China 561 Junction Points Palma Balearic Islands 582 NASIPIT China 1113 Patrai Greece 485 85927N 1252003E toVladivostok Russia 997 Panama Panama 6441 Piraievs Greece south ofWeihai China 172 Punta Arenas Chile 4490 Junction Points Greece 667Weonsan North Korea via Torres Strait Australia via Cook Piraievs Greece via Corinth Maenggol Sudo 801 Strait 2827 Honshu Japan 1770 Canal 586Xiamen China 1004 Wilson Promontory Australia via Selat Lombok Indonesia 1332 Port Vendres France 521 Cook Strait 1547 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points NEW YORK NEW YORK USA 69Panama Panama 9376 New York New York USA Hakodate Japan 389 Junction PointsPunta Arenas Chile 8880 3532 Korsakov Sakhalin Russia 115Singapore 1410 Paramaribo Suriname 1476 Niigata Japan 549 Panama Panama via South PassSelat Sunda Indonesia 1655 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1228 Otaru Japan 213 1433Torres Strait Australia 1783 St Johns Canada 3341 Straits of Florida via South Pass NEW AMSTERDAM 524 Ports NAVARINO BAY GREECE GUYANA Yucatan Channel 577 365412N 214043E to 62500N 572836W Ports Russia 2706 Junction Points Junction PointsHo Chi Minh Vietnam 1166 Barranquilla Colombia 1458Honolulu Hawaii USA 4471 Port Said Egypt 655 Panama Panama 1581 Belize Belize via South PassManila Philippines 633 Strait of Gibraltar 1337 Yucatan Channel 1907 850Tarakan Indonesia 1070 Bocas del Toro Panama via Russia 2124 Ports Ports Pass and inside route 1353Weonsan Korea 1976 Campeche Mexico via Southwest Alexandria Egypt 539 Belem Brazil 859 Pass 650NASSAU BAHAMA ISLANDS Algiers Algeria 902 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Carmen Mexico 723 250510N 771950W to Alicante Spain 1065 903 Cartagena Colombia 1468 Ashdod Israel 719 Port of Spain Trinidad 437 Coatzacoalcos Mexico 801 Junction Points Bari Italy 350 Colon Panama 1389 Beirut Lebanon 715 NEW HAVEN La Habana Cuba via South PassPanama Panama via Windward Cannes France 1210 CONNECTICUT USA 602 Passage 1210 Dhekelia Cyprus 635 411724N 755430W to Maracaibo Venezuela via SouthStraits of Florida 393 Es Sider Libya 413 Pass 1629Yucatan Channel 556 Iskenderun Turkey 501 Junction Points Matanzas Cuba 641 Limassol Cyprus 598 Progreso Mexico 556 Ports Moni Anchorage Cyprus 603 Inishtrahull Ireland 2867 Puerto Barrios Guatemala 961 Tangier Morocco 1336 Panama Panama 2106 Puerto Cortes Honduras viaBaltimore Maryland USA 880 Tarabulus Lebanon 728 Strait of Gibraltar 3161 South Pass 916Boston Massachusetts USA San Juan del Norte Nicaragua 1173 Ports 1262 NAVLAKHI Barbados 1284 225752N 702632E Tampico Mexico via South Carolina Subtract 90 miles from Okha Halifax Canada 540 Pass 711 USA 507 distances La Habana Cuba 1280 Tela Honduras 915Cienfuegos Cuba 868 Tuxpan Mexico via SouthwestColon Panama 1178 NAVPLION GREECE NEW LONDON Pass 739Fernandina Florida USA 450 373345N 224700E to CONNECTICUT USA Veracruz Mexico via Cuba 503 412130N 720530W to Pass 789Hamilton Bermuda 829 Junction Florida USA via Junction Points NEW PLYMOUTH NEW Northeast Providence Channel Port Said Egypt 617 ZEALAND 456 Bishop Rock England 2849 390208S 1740230E to Strait of Gibraltar 1484Kingston Jamaica 667 Fastnet Rock Ireland 2727La Habana Cuba 390 Inishtrahull Ireland 2831 Junction Points PortsMiami Florida USA 191 Pentland Firth Scotland 3041New York New York USA 962 Strait of Gibraltar 3106 Panama Panama 6712 Iraklion Kriti 237Norfolk Virginia USA 758 Izmir Turkey 258 Punta Arenas Chile via 50SNuevitas Cuba 454 Ports 4690 Piraievs Greece Pennsylvania Torres Strait Australia 2502 USA 930 Bordeaux France 3153 Wilson Promontory Australia NEGAPPATTINAM INDIA Hamilton Bermuda 667Port au Prince Haiti 564 104600N 795500E to 1282San Juan Puerto Rico 799Santiago de Cuba Cuba 566 Junction Points NEW MANGALORE INDIA PortsSanto Domingo Dominican 12532N 744800E to Republic 851 Singapore 1568 Hobart Tasmania 1213Savannah Georgia USA 503 Junction Points Kobe Japan via North Carolina Ports Strait 4946 USA 561 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Melbourne Australia via west of 4523 Timor 1410 Colombo Sri Lanka 476 Cape Leeuwin Australia 3695 Suva Fiji Islands 1317NATAL BRAZIL 54500S 351100W to Selat Lombok Indonesia 2939 Sydney Australia 1124 NELSON NEW ZEALAND Port Said Egypt 3091 Yokohama Japan via 411400S 1731500E to Singapore 2124 Junction Points Bougainville Strait 4881 Selat Sunda Indonesia 2308 Junction PointsIle dOuessant France 3619 Torres Strait Australia 4549 NEW Arenas Chile 3400 Cape Leeuwin Australia 2794 CANADAStrait of Gibraltar 3003 Ports 491200N 1225430W to Torres Strait Australia 2646 Ports Al Basrah Iraq 1907 Ports Ports Bombay India 402Belem Brazil 954 Calcutta India 1487 Nanaimo Canada 47 Auckland New Zealand 633Bissau GuineaBissau 1604 Colombo Sri Lanka 495 Port Angeles Washington USA Brisbane Australia 1380Buenos Aires Argentina 2329 Okha India 659 90 Sydney Australia 1166Dakar Senegal 1620 Trincomalee Sri Lanka 703 Prince Rupert Canada 492El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain Victoria Seychelles 1562 Seattle Washington USA 126 NEVELSK RUSSIA 3312 464000N 1415100E toFreetown Sierra Leone 1569 NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA NEW YORK NEW YORKGalway Ireland 3786 Ports USA USAGeorgetown Guyana 1630 295700N 900330W to 404200N 740100W toLagos Nigeria 2425 Akita Japan 450Monrovia Liberia 1629 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points70 NEWARK NEW JERSEY USA Junction Points Grand Turk Grand Turk Island Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4770 Ports 1167 Roosevelt Roads Puerto RicoBishop Rock England 2937 Guantanamo Cuba via Crooked 1429 Amsterdam Netherlands 286Cape of Good Hope South Island Passage 1312 Salvador Brazil 4089 Antwerp Belgium 351 Africa 6814 Halifax Canada 600 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua via Bergen Norway 403Fastnet Rock Ireland 2815 Hamilton Bermuda 697 Crooked Island Passage 2032 Bremerhaven Germany Ireland 2919 Horta Fayal Azores 2098 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua via Dunkerque France 307Montreal Canada 1516 Isabel Segunda Isla de Vieques Straits of Florida southbound Egersund Norway 329Panama Panama via Windward 1430 2047 Emden Germany 329 Passage 2016 Ivittuut Greenland 1933 San Juan Puerto Rico 1399 Esbjerg Denmark 349Pentland Firth Scotland 3120 Jacmel Haiti 1489 Santa Barbara de Samana Hamburg Germany 424Punta Arenas Chile 6916 Kingston Jamaica via Crooked Dominican Republic 1334 Hull England 143Strait of Gibraltar 3180 Island Passage 1474 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Kristiansand Norway 376Straits of Florida 1237 Kingstown St Vincent 1791 Islands 2936 Le Havre France 411Yucatan Channel 1366 La Ceiba Honduras 1743 Santa Marta Colombia via London England 325 La Guaira Venezuela via Mona Crooked Island Passage 1783 Oostende Belgium 291 Ports Passage 1848 Santiago de Cuba Cuba via Oslo Norway 528 La Habana Cuba 1186 Crooked Island Passage 1362 Plymouth England 524Abraham Bay Bahamas 1115 Lagos Nigeria 4883 Santo Domingo Dominican Portland England 453Antilla Cuba 1226 Las Cayes Haiti 1447 Republic 1489 Portsmouth England 403Argentia Canada 1009 Las Palmas Canary Islands 2965 Santos Brazil 4957 Rotterdam Netherlands 285Arkhangelsk Russia Clear of Las Piedras Venezuela 1796 Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba via Southampton England 421 general maximum winter solid Limon Costa Rica via Crooked Mona Passage 1761 Stavanger Norway 349 pack ice in the vicinity of Island Passage 2047 Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba via Wilhelmshaven Germany 367 Iceland 4320 Lisboa Portugal 2980 Windward Passage 1805 Zeebrugge Belgium 289Arkhangelsk Russia 4216 Liverpool Canada 536 St John Canada via VineyardBahia de Samana Dominican Luanda Angola 5670 Sound and Long Island Sound NEWPORT RHODE ISLAND Republic 1328 Luderitz Bay Namibia 6393 486 USABahia Blanca Argentina 6154 Maracaibo Venezuela 1890 St John Canada Nantucket Light 412950N 711950WBahia Honda Cuba outside Matanzas Cuba 1167 Buoy 545 Subtract 20 miles from Providence 1226 Mathew Town Great Inagua Island St Johns Canada 1093 distancesBanes Cuba via Crooked Island via Crooked Island Passage St Johns Antigua via Anegada Passage 1216 1205 Channel 1572 NEWPORT WALESBaracoa Cuba 1226 Monrovia Liberia 3965 St Pierre Martinique via 513320N 25800W toBarranquilla Colombia 1801 Montecristi Dominican Republic Anegada Channel 1705BasseTerre Guadeloupe via 1265 Sydney Canada 808 Junction Points Anegada Channel 1624 Montevideo Uruguay 5753 Vigo Spain 2914Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis Murmansk Russia north of Villa do Porto Azores 2279 Bishop Rock England 177 1531 Iceland 3844 Vitoria Brazil 4507 Fastnet Rock Ireland 258Belem Brazil 3015 Murmansk Russia south of Walvisbaai Namibia 6228 Inishtrahull Ireland 371Bilbao Spain 3160 Iceland 3948 Willemstad Curacao 1771Bocas del Toro Panama via Nassau Bahamas via Northwest Yarmouth Canada Nantucket Ports Crooked Island Passage 2048 Providence Channel 962 Light Buoy 464Boma Congo 5591 Natal Brazil 3541 Yarmouth Canada via Pollok Rip Cardiff Wales 16Bordeaux France 3241 Nuevitas Cuba via Crooked Channel 440 Cobh Ireland 210Brest France 3022 Island Passage 1274 Cork Ireland 220Bridgetown Barbados 1829 Oporto Portugal 2953 NEWARK NEW JERSEY Dover England 439Buenos Aires Argentina 5871 Paamiut Frederikshaab USA Dublin Ireland 219Cadiz Spain 3155 Greenland 1959 404200N 740900W See Falmouth England 191CapHaitien Haiti 1283 Paramaribo Suriname 2334 Port Newark Limerick Ireland 418Cape Town South Africa 6786 Parrsboro Canada 591 Liverpool England 284Cartagena Colombia via Crooked Plymouth Montserrat 1574 NEWCASTLE AUSTRALIA Manchester England 324 Island Passage 1853 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1652 325530S 1514700E to Plymouth England 224Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Ponce Puerto Rico via Mona Portsmouth England 341 1434 Passage 1462 Junction Points Southampton England Canada via Strait Ponta Delgada Azores 2246 Waterford Ireland 170 of Canso 832 Porlamar Venezuela via Virgin Panama Panama Virgin Islands via Passage 1879 NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA Virgin Passage 1465 Port au Prince Haiti via Crooked Ports USACienfuegos Cuba via Crooked Island Passage 1372 365800N 762600W Island Passage 1682 Port of Spain Trinidad via Virgin Los Angeles California USA Subtract 3 miles from NorfolkColon Panama via Crooked Passage 1939 6456 distances Island Passage 1974 Port Antonio Jamaica via Portland Oregon USA 6833Colon Panama via Yucatan Crooked Island Passage 1423 San Francisco California USA NHA BE VIETNAM Channel 2176 Port Castries St Lucia 1747 6467 104200N Spain 2917 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Subtract 9 miles from Ho Chi MinhDakar Senegal 3335 2913 NEWCASTLE CANADA Harbor Bahamas 1048 Praia Da Vitoria Terceira Azores 470004N 653400W AddFernando de Noronha 3517 2173 4 miles to Chatham distances NHA TRANG BAY VIETNAMFort de France Martinique via Progreso Mexico 1609 121500N 1091300E to Anegada Channel 1717 Puerto Barrios Guatemala via NEWCASTLE ENGLANDFort Liberte Haiti 1283 Straits of Florida southbound 545800N 13500W to Junction Brazil 3304 1804Freetown Sierra Leone 3757 Puerto Cortes Honduras via Junction Points Singapore 769Funchal Madeira Island 2761 Straits of Florida Ascension Island 1764 Bishop Rock England 616 Ports 4395 Puerto Manati Cuba 1244 Ile dOuessant France 604Georgetown Guyana 2317 Qaqortoq Julianehaab East Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 264Gibara Cuba via Crooked Island Greenland 1911 Entrance Germany 439 Hong Kong China 678 Passage 1216 Recife Brazil 3698 Pentland Firth Scotland 265 Kaohsiung Kang Taiwan 895Gonaives Haiti 1328 Reykjavik Iceland 2495 Skagens Odde Denmark 445 Manila Philippines 706 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points NORFOLK VIRGINIA USA 71NICE FRANCE Manzanillo Mexico 3351 Junction Points Rauma Finland 678 434140N 71707E to Mollendo Peru 6213 Riga Latvia 555 Quepos Costa Rica 4665 Bishop Rock England 727 Ronne Denmark 175 Junction Points Victoria Canada 1311 Ile dOuessant France 716 Rostock Germany 92 Pentland Firth Scotland 565 Rotterdam Netherlands 323Port Said Egypt 1456 Skagens Odde Denmark 224 Ruchi Russia 766 of Gibraltar 788 RUSSIA SanktPeterburg Russia 779 530730N 1404300E to Ports Sonderborg Denmark 46 Ports Southampton England 533 Junction Points Aalborg Denmark 207 Stockholm Sweden 503Ajaccio Corsica 138 Aarhus Denmark 131 Stralsund Germany 104Almeria Spain 627 Panama Panama via Unimak Abenra Denmark 66 Sundsvall Sweden 684Cagliari Sardinia 354 Pass 7296 Amsterdam Netherlands 291 Swinoujscie Poland Italy 220 Antwerp Belgium 398 Szczecin Poland 222Constanta Romania south of Ports Assens Denmark 65 Tallinn Estonia 603 Greece 1518 Baltiysk Russia 353 Travemunde Germany 88Constanta Romania via Corinth Bremerhaven Germany 129 Trelleborg Sweden 141 Canal 1476 Russia via South Channel 162 Calais France 408 Turku Finland 576Genova Italy 89 Bukhta Shelikhova Kuril Islands Cherbourg France 554 Umea Sweden 751Iraklion Kriti 1012 Russia north of Sakhalin 677 Den Helder Netherlands 263 Uusikaupunki Finland 624Iskenderun Turkey 1553 Dagu China 1961 Dover England 410 Vaa Finland 744Istanbul Turkey south of Hong Kong China via South Dundee Scotland 501 Vejle Denmark 106 Greece 1321 Channel 2394 Dunkerque France 386 Ventspils Latvia 434Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Matsugahana Japan 741 Emden Germany 197 Wilhelmshaven Germany 126 Canal 1279 Pago Pago American Samoa via Esbjerg Denmark 372 Wismar Germany 84Izmir Turkey 1160 Nemuro Strait and La Perouse Faborg Denmark 53 Zeebrugge Belgium 354Kerch Ukraine south of Greece Strait 4913 Fecamp France 482 1756 Qingdao China 1750 Flensburg Germany 52 NORDENHAM GERMANYKerch Ukraine via Corinth San Francisco California USA Fredericia Denmark 85 532900N 82940E Add 5 Canal 1714 via Unimak Pass 4099 Frederikshavn Denmark 200 12 miles to Cyprus 1457 Seattle Washington USA via Gavle Sweden 615 Italy 134 Unimak Pass 3748 Gdansk Poland 344Marsaxlokk Malta 596 Shanghai China 1742 Gdynia Poland 339Mersin Turkey 1495 NORFOLK VIRGINIA USA Sovetskaya Gavan Russia via Goteborg Sweden 230 365100N 761800W toMessina Sicily 515 South Channel 276 Grena Denmark 140Milos Greece 970 Tomari Japan 694 Haderslev Denmark 72 Junction PointsNapoli Italy 369 Xiamen China via South Halmsted Sweden 188Patrai Greece 825 Channel 2138 Hamburg Germany 91 Bishop Rock England 3101Sant Antioco Ponti Sardinia 310 Zaliv Urkt Russia north of Hamina Finland 747 Cape of Good Hope South Greece 1210 Sakhalin 209 Hango Finland 564 6802Valletta Malta 592 Helsingborg Sweden 176 Fastnet Rock Ireland 2979 NOME ALASKA USA Helsingor Denmark 175 Inishtrahull Ireland 3083NIIGATA JAPAN 642900N 1652500W to Helsinki Finland 625 Montreal Canada via Cabot 375800N 1390400E to Horsens Denmark 131 Strait 1700 Junction Points Kalmar Sweden 289 Panama Panama via Windward Junction Points Kalundborg Denmark 111 Passage 1825 Panama Panama 5834 Karlskrona Sweden 235 Pentland Firth Scotland 3280Panama Panama via Tsugaru Klaipeda Lithuania 400 Punta Arenas Chile 6900 Kaikyo 7648 Ports Kobenhavn Denmark via Store Strait of Gibraltar 3335Punta Arenas Chile via Tsugaru Baelt 202 Straits of Florida via outer route Kaikyo 9687 Apra Guam 3686 Kobenhavn Denmark via The 980Singapore 2976 Auckland New Zealand 6159 Sound 162 Yucatan Channel 1l65 Callao Peru 6578 Koge Denmark 153 Ports Cordova Alaska USA 1409 Kolding Denmark 86 Ports Hakodate Japan 2347 Korsor Denmark 73Busan South Korea 516 Hong Kong China 4145 Kotka Finland 694 Argentia Canada 1189Hakodate Japan 247 Honolulu Hawaii USA via Kyndbyvaerkets Denmark 164 Arkhangelsk Russia 4399Incheon South Korea 894 Unimak Pass 2674 Landskrona Sweden 167 Banes Cuba via Crooked IslandKawasaki Japan via Balintang Los Angeles California USA Le Havre France 522 Passage 1018 Channel 762 2968 Limhamn Sweden 159 Belem Brazil 2832Maizuru Japan 256 Manila Philippines 4379 London England 439 Belize Belize 1503Muroran Japan via Balintang Pago Pago American Samoa Lubeck Germany 99 Bocas del Toro Panama via Channel 293 4748 Lulea Sweden 875 Crooked Island Passage 1853Nagoya Japan via Balintang Malmo Sweden 205 Bordeaux France 3405 Channel 906 Russia 1317 Masnedsund Denmark 149 Buenos Aires Argentina 5786Nevelsk Russia 549 Pevek Russia 700 Middlefart Denmark 84 Cadiz Spain 3303Osaka Japan via Shimonoseki Prince Rupert Canada 1846 Musko Island Sweden 473 Cape Town South Africa 6790 Strait 743 San Francisco California USA Naestved Denmark 94 Cartagena Colombia via Japan 492 2636 Nakskov Denmark 46 Island Passage Russia 453 Sasebo Japan via Osumi Newcastle England 439 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Kaikyo 3373 Norrkoping Sweden 459 1296NIKISKI ALASKA USA Seattle Washington USA via Odense Denmark 117 Cienfuegos Cuba via Windward 604030N 1512430W to Juan de Fuca Strait 2288 Oostende Belgium 364 Passage 1482 Sydney Australia 6280 Ornskolosvik Sweden 733 Coatzacoalcos Mexico 1736 Junction Points Valparaiso Chile 7728 Oulu Finland 918 Colon Panama via Crooked Vancouver Canada 2304 Oxelosund Sweden 420 Island Passage 1779Panama Panama 5055 Yokohama Japan 2696 Peenemunde Germany 155 Dakar Senegal 3408Punta Arenas Chile 7947 Pitea Sweden 864 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 848 Plymouth England 639 Fort de France Martinique 1597 Ports EAST ENTRANCE Porkkala Finland 647 Freetown Sierra Leone 3821 GERMANY Portland England 565 Funchal Madeira Island Chile 6572 542200N 100900E to Portsmouth England 515 Georgetown Guyana 2090Callao Peru 5794 Randers Denmark 188 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points72 NORRKOPING Cuba 1117 Junction Points Torres Strait Australia via Raine Junction PointsHalifax Canada 790 Island entrance 1622Hamilton Bermuda 683 Bishop Rock England 1812 Port Said Egypt 1260Ivittuut Greenland 2116 Cape of Good Hope South Ports Strait of Gibraltar south ofKingston Jamaica via Crooked Africa 4379 Greece 2277 Island Passage 1279 Fastnet Rock Ireland 1865 Apia Samoa 1371 Strait of Gibraltar via CorinthLa Guaira Venezuela 1687 Grand Banks South 2104 Apra Guam 2528 Canal 2260La Habana Cuba southbound Ile dOuessant France 1770 Auckland New Zealand 998 outside 985 Inishtrahull Ireland 2133 Avarua Cook Islands 1887 PortsLagos Nigeria 4941 Panama Panama 3697 Baie TaioHae Marquesa IslandsLas Palmas Canary Islands 3130 Pentland Firth Scotland 2437 3183 Batumi Georgia 255Limon Costa Rica via Crooked Punta Arenas Chile 5296 Baker Island 1707 Constanta Romania 403 Island Passage 1852 Strait of Gibraltar 1160 Bowen Australia 1342 Istanbul Turkey 460Lisboa Portugal 3129 Straits of Florida 3667 Brisbane Australia 807 Odessa Ukraine 369Liverpool Canada 724 Yucatan Channel 3985 Cairns Harbor Australia 1250 Thessaloniki Greece 794Livingston Guatemala 1595 Callao Peru 6541Maracaibo Venezuela 1682 Ports Dagu China 4667 NUEVA GERONA CUBAMontevideo Uruguay 5710 Dunedin New Zealand 1552 215500N 824800WNassau Bahamas 758 Accra Ghana 1756 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Subtract 82 miles from Cuba 1076 Boma Congo 2666 4857 de Batabano Canada 784 Casablanca Morocco 936 Funafuti Tuvalu 1132Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1527 Dakar Senegal 373 Guayaquil Ecuador 6686 NUEVA PALMIRA URUGUAYPonta Delgada Azores 2401 Freetown Sierra Leone 850 Hakodate Japan via Canal 335254S 582528W AddPort au Prince Haiti 1178 Galway Ireland 1979 Woodin and Canal de la 155 miles to Montevideo distancesPort Antonio Jamaica via Greenville Liberia 1166 Havannah 4176 Crooked Island Passage 1228 Lisboa Portugal 1149 Hobart Tasmania 1604 NUEVITAS CUBAPort Castries St Lucia 1720 Monrovia Liberia 1061 Hong Kong China 4107 213240N 771240W toPort of Spain Trinidad 1799 Port of Spain Trinidad 2634 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3371Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Tangier Morocco 1085 Kodiak Alaska USA 5281 Junction Points 2971 Vigo Spain 1352 Lae Papua New Guinea 1519Puerto Barrios Guatemala 1603 Lele Caroline Islands 1722 Straits of Florida 386Puerto Cortes Honduras via NOUAKCHOTT Levuka Fiji Islands 776 Yucatan Channel 528 Straits of Florida 1568 MAURITANIA Los Angeles California USARecife Brazil 3651 180202N 160202W to 5521 PortsReykjavik Iceland 2677 Mackay Australia 1253Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4723 Junction Points Malakal Palau Islands 2612 Abraham Bay Bahamas 243Salvador Brazil 4042 Manila Philippines 3616 Bahia de Samana DominicanSan Juan del Norte Nicaragua via Bishop Rock England 2044 Melbourne Australia 1595 Republic 510 Straits of Florida 1846 Cape of Good Hope South Midway Island 3207 Baltimore Maryland USA viaSan Juan del Norte Nicaragua via Africa 4248 Nagasaki Japan via Bougainville Florida Strait 1187 Windward Passage 1837 Fastnet Rock Ireland 2068 Strait 3967 Boston Massachusetts USASan Juan Puerto Rico 1252 Grand Banks South 2275 Nukualofa Tonga Islands 1059 1447Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Ile dOuessant France 1971 Pago Pago American Samoa via Caibarien Cuba 181 Islands 3057 Inishtrahull Ireland 2335 Kandavu Passage 1416 Casilda Cuba via WindwardSanta Marta Colombia via Panama Panama 3752 Papeete French Polynesia 2497 Passage 610 Crooked Island Passage 1588 Pentland Firth Scotland 2637 Charleston South de Cuba Cuba 1167 Punta Arenas Chile 5164 Russia 4587 USA 750Santo Domingo Dominican Strait of Gibraltar 1329 Ponape Caroline Islands 1892 Cienfuegos Cuba 649 Republic 1329 Straits of Florida 3777 Port Augusta Australia 2179 Fort de France Martinique 1035Santos Brazil 4910 Yucatan Channel 4052 Qingdao China 4416 Fort Liberte Haiti 339Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba via Rabaul Papua New Guinea 1383 Gibara Cuba 82 Mona Passage 1600 Ports Raoul Kermadec Islands 957 Guantanamo Cuba 284Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba via Rockhampton Australia 902 Hamilton Bermuda 988 Windward Passage 1611 Accra Ghana 1605 Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 2737 Hopetown Bahamas 452St John Canada 731 Boma Congo 4250 San Diego California USA Isabel de Sagua Cuba 212St Johns Canada 1277 Cape Town South Africa 5547 5491 Key West Florida USA 331Sydney Canada 996 Casablanca Morocco 1114 San Francisco California USA Kingston Jamaica 448Takoradi Ghana 4620 Dakar Senegal 217 5410 La Habana Cuba 344Vigo Spain 3099 Freetown Sierra Leone 699 Seattle Washington USA 5760 Manzanillo Cuba via Curacao 1611 Galway Ireland 2167 Shanghai China 4185 Passage 531Yarmouth Canada 656 Lagos Nigeria 1823 Sitka Alaska USA 5613 Mariel Cuba 366 New York New York USA Suva Fiji Islands 734 Miller Anchorage Bahamas 363NORRKOPING SWEDEN 3256 Sydney Australia 1069 Nassau Bahamas 454 583600N 161254E to Port of Spain Trinidad 2674 Talomako Vanuatu 524 New York New York USA via Qua Iboe Nigeria 2078 Townsville Australia 1155 Florida Strait 1264 Junction Points Recife Brazil 1252 Truk Caroline Islands 2068 Nicaro Cuba 132 Sassandra Ivory Coast 1250 Valparaiso Chile 6115 Norfolk Virginia USA East Vigo Spain 1530 Vladivostok Russia 4590 Florida Strait 1064 Entrance Germany 459 Villa Cisneros Western Sahara Wake Island Pacific 2551 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USASkagens Odde Denmark 520 367 Wallaroo Australia 2099 via Florida Strait 1235 Wotje Island Marshall Islands Port au Prince Haiti 348 Ports NOUMEA NEW CALEDONIA 1972 Port Antonio Jamaica 398 221630S 1662700E to Xiamen China 4031 Puerto Cayo Mao Cuba 154Helsinki Finland 307 Yap Island Caroline Islands 2568 San Juan Puerto Rico 663Riga Latvia 300 Junction Points Yokohama Japan via Santa Lucia Cuba 447Stockholm Sweden 143 Bougainville Strait 3837 Santo Domingo Dominican Panama Panama 6982 Republic 632NOUADHIBOU Punta Arenas Chile composite NOVOROSSIYSK RUSSIA St Marc Haiti 306MAURITANIA sailing with 49S the limiting 444300N 0374700E to 205240N 170012W to latitude 5745 Punta Arenas Chile via great NUKUALOFA TONGA ISLANDS circle 5527 210730S 1751200W to JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points OOSTENDE BELGIUM 73 Junction Points Ports Greece 1792 Ports Palma Balearic Islands viaPanama Panama 5953 Gdynia Poland 438 Corinth Canal 1751 Bombay India 341 Stockholm Sweden 609 Piraievs Greece 712 Colombo Sri Lanka 1183 Ports Swinoujscie Poland 293 Rijeka Croatia south of Greece Karachi Pakistan 194 1476 Garmgao India 533Apia Samoa 509 ODESSA UKRAINE Rijeka Croatia via CorinthApra Guam 3202 462947N 304440E to Canal 1377 OKHA SAKHALIN RUSSIAAuckland New Zealand 1099 Savona Italy south of Greece 533400N 1430500E toBrisbane Australia 1827 Junction Points 1650Burnie Harbor Australia 2318 Savona Italy via Corinth Canal PortsFremantle Australia via Bass Port Said Egypt 1152 1608 Strait 3970 Strait of Gibraltar 2169 Sibenik Croatia south of Bukhta Nagayeva Russia 441Geelong Australia 2420 Greece 1349 RussiaHobart Tasmania 2328 Ports Sibenik Croatia via Corinth north of Sakhalin 209Honolulu Hawaii USA 2749 Canal 1250Los Angeles California USA Alexandria Egypt 1090 Siracusa Sicily south of Greece OLBIA SARDINIA 4633 Algiers Algeria 1741 1146 405518N 93124E toNoumea New Caledonia 1059 Alicante Spain 1908 Siracusa Sicily via CorinthPago Pago American Samoa 490 Ancona Italy south of Greece Canal 1120 Junction PointsPapeete French Polynesia 1468 1407 Split Croatia south of GreecePonape Caroline Islands 2341 Ancona Italy via Corinth Canal 1334 Port Said Egypt 1278Port Kembla Australia 1981 1310 Split Croatia via Corinth Canal Strait of Gibraltar 828Suva Fiji islands 416 Annaba Algeria 1516 1235 Banghazi Libya 1064 Tarabulus Libya 1301 PortsNUUK GODTHAB Banzart Tunisia 1411 Taranto Italy south of Barcelona Spain south of 1154 Banzart Tunisia 236 641045N 514515W to Greece 1737 Taranto Italy via Corinth Canal Genova Italy 221 Barcelona Spain via Corinth 1065 Napoli Italy 222 Junction Points Canal 1793 Thessaloniki Greece 686 Bari Italy south of Greece 1200 Toulon France south of Greece OLONGAPO Firth Scotland 1630 Bari Italy via Corinth Canal 1699 144900N 1201630E toStrait of Gibraltar 2477 1103 Toulon France via Corinth Batumi Georgia 569 Canal 1658 Junction Points Ports Beirut Lebanon 1194 Trieste Italy south of Greece Brindisi Italy 1142 1510 Singapore 1335Churchill Canada 1331 Cartagena Spain 1932 Trieste Italy via Corinth CanalReykjavik Iceland 1076 Ceuta Morocco 2150 1411 PortsSt Johns Canada 1005 Civitavecchia Italy south of Tunis Tunisia 1399 Greece 1456 Valencia Spain south of Greece Apra Guam north of LuzonNYKOBING DENMARK Civitavecchia Italy via Corinth 1906 1663 555448N 114042E Add Canal 1414 Valencia Spain via Corinth Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 87212 miles to Masnedsund distances Constanta Romania 186 Canal 1876 Hong Kong China 580 Genova Italy south of Greece Valletta Malta 1185 Kuching Sarawak 992OAKLAND CALIFORNIA 1639 Venezia Italy south of Greece Pago Pago American Samoa viaUSA Genova Italy via Corinth Canal 1518 San Bernardino Strait 4622 374812N 1221930W 1598 Venezia Italy via Corinth CanalAdd 3 miles to San Francisco Gibraltar south of Greece 2152 1421 OLYMPIA Gibraltar via Corinth Canal Volos Greece 677 USA 2135 470306N 1225418WOCEAN ISLAND PACIFIC Haifa Israel 1197 OITA JAPAN Add 44 miles to Seattle distances 05230S 1693500E to Iraklion Kriti 793 331700N 1314000E to Istanbul Turkey 352 ONEGA RUSSIA Junction Points Izmir Turkey 640 Junction Points 635400N 380600E Add La Spezia Italy south of Greece 102 miles to Panama 6724 1604 Selat Lombok Indonesia via distances La Spezia Italy via Corinth south of Mindanao 2843 Ports Canal 1562 Panama Panama via east of OOSTENDE BELGIUM Livorno Italy south of Greece Honshu 8101 511400N 25500E toHonolulu Hawaii USA 2480 1568 Punta Arenas Chile 9485Los Angeles California USA Livorno Italy via Corinth Canal Singapore east of Kyushu 2556 Junction Points 4553 1527Pago Pago American Samoa Malga Spain 2100 Ports Bishop Rock England 400 1409 Marseille France south of Ile dOuessant France 365Papeete French Polynesia 2609 Greece 1731 Aomori Japan 773 EastSan Francisco California USA Marseille France via Corinth Hiroshima Japan 92 Entrance Germany 364 4406 Canal 1690 Kobe Japan 214 Pentland Firth Scotland 509Seattle Washington USA 4611 Messina Sicily south of Greece Kokura Japan 86 Skagens Odde Denmark 489Suva Fiji Islands 1207 1158 Nagoya Japan 381Yokohama Japan 2761 Messina Sicily via Corinth Shimonoseki Japan 81 Ports Canal 1116 Ube Japan 69ODENSE DENMARK Napoli Italy south of Greece Yokohama Japan 489 Aberdeen Scotland 406 552440N 102300E to 1329 Yokoshima Japan 116 Amsterdam Netherlands 117 Napoli Italy via Corinth Canal Yokosuka Japan 483 Antwerp Belgium 79 Junction Points 1288 Bergen Norway 563 Novorossiysk Russia 369 OKHA INDIA Bremerhaven Germany East Oran Algeria 1938 222830N 690515E to Cherbourg France 203 Entrance Germany 117 Palermo Sicily south of Greece Dundee Scotland 398Skagens Odde Denmark 126 1274 Junction Points Egersund Norway 447 Palermo Sicily via Corinth Emden Germany 242 Canal 1232 Port Said Egypt 2887 Esbjerg Denmark 328 Palma Balearic Islands south of Hartlepool England 265 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points74 OPORTO PORTUGALHull England 207 Beirut Lebanon 1803 Ports Baltiysk Russia via The SoundInverness Scotland 510 Brindisi Italy 1084 Norway 453 Cagliari Sardinia 525 Guantanamo Cuba 771 Bergen Norway 378Le Havre France 168 Cannes France 594 Port of Spain Trinidad 432 Bodo Norway 885Leith Scotland 396 Cartagena Spain 115 Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua 1195 Bremerhaven Germany 427London England 123 Ceuta Morocco 232 San Juan Puerto Rico 195 Calais France 634Newcastle England 291 Civitavecchia Italy 703 Cherbourg France 784Oslo Norway 596 Genova Italy 686 ORMOS NAVARINOU Dover England 640Plymouth England 288 Gibraltar 237 GREECE Dunkerque France 617Portland England 214 Haifa Israel 1800 365412N 214043E See Egersund Norway 238Portsmouth England 174 Iraklion Kriti 1284 Navarino Bay Emden Germany 451Rotterdam Netherlands 86 Istanbul Turkey south of Esbjerg Denmark 341Southampton England 192 Greece 1590 ORMOS SOUDHAS KRITI Farsund Norway 198Stavanger Norway 488 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth 352930N 240445E See Flekkefjorden Norway Germany 286 Canal 1573 Soudha Fredrikstad Norway 57 Izmir Turkey south of Greece Gdansk Poland via Store BaeltOPORTO PORTUGAL 1436 ORNSKOLDSVIK SWEDEN 657 410830N 84100W to Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal 631637N 184420E to Gdansk Poland via The Sound 1418 540 Junction Points La Spezia Italy 701 Junction Points Goteborg Sweden 159 Livorno Italy 691 Hakonsvern Norway 371Ile dOuessant France 494 Malaga Spain 195 East Halmstad Sweden 225Strait of Gibraltar 432 Marseille France 536 Entrance Germany 733 Hamburg Germany 461 Melilla Morocco 120 Skagens Odde Denmark 798 Hammerfest Norway 1187 Ports Messina Sicily 818 Helsingborg Sweden 250 Napoli Italy 775 Ports Helsingor Denmark 249Cadiz Spain 399 Odessa Ukraine 1939 Hirtshals Denmark 145Dakar Senegal 1682 Palermo Sicily 709 Helsinki Finland 403 Hull England 559Freetown Sierra Leone 2161 Palma Balearic Islands 281 Riga Latvia 461 Kalmar Sweden via Store BaeltFunchal Madeira Island 650 Piraievs Greece south of Stockholm Sweden 274 596Lisboa Portugal 176 Greece 1276 Kalmar Sweden via The SoundNew York New York USA Piraievs Greece via Corinth OSAKA JAPAN 464 2923 Canal 1219 343800N 1352600E to Klaipeda Lithuania via StorePonta Delgada Azores 815 Rijeka Croatia 1417 Baelt and south of BornholmPuerto de Pasajes Spain 473 Savona Italy 672 Junction Points 716Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Sibenik Croatia 1290 Klaipeda Lithuania via The Islands 849 Siracusa Sicily 823 Panama Panama 7969 Sound 584Vigo Spain 74 Skikda Algeria 398 Kobenhavn Denmark 272 Split Croatia 1275 Ports Kragero Norway 95OPUA NEW ZEALAND Tarabulus Libya 862 Kristiansand Norway 163 351850S 1740725E to Taranto Italy 1037 Kristiansund Norway 539 Tarragona Spain 336 Russia 1394 Landskrona Sweden 26l Junction Points Thessaloniki Greece 1484 Incheon South Korea 721 Larvik Norway 72 Toulon France 545 Komatsushima Japan 58 Le Havre France 752Panama Panama 6675 Trieste Italy 1450 Mogpo South Korea 544 Leith Scotland 76Punta Arenas Chile via 50S Tunis Tunisia 589 Pago Pago American Samoa Lillesand Norway 144 4760 Valencia Spain 238 4307 Limhamn Sweden 279Torres Strait Australia 2472 Valletta Malta 774 London England 650Wilson Promontory Australia Venezia Italy 1460 Russia 1709 Longyearbyen Svalbard 1482 1419 Volos Greece south of Greece Shimotsui Japan 116 Lulea Sweden via Store Baelt 1426 Vladivostok Russia 815 1192 Ports Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Weonsan North Korea 627 Lulea Sweden via The Sound 1408 Yokkaichi Japan 236 1063Auckland New Zealand 115 Yokohama Japan via Kii Suido Malmo Sweden 278Chimbote Peru 5911 ORANGE TEXAS USA 359 Mandal Norway 177Hobart Tasmania 1431 300520N 934400W Add Murmansk Russia 1469Honolulu Hawaii USA 3753 20 miles to Port Arthur distances Narvik Norway 988 OSLO NORWAYLos Angeles California 5625 595420N 104400E to Newcastle England 528Seattle Washington USA 6218 ORANJESTAD ARUBA Oostende Belgium 596Yokohama Japan 4742 123115N 700245W to Junction Points Plymouth England 869 Portland England 795ORAN ALGERIA Junction Points Bishop Rock England 947 Portsmouth England 745 354252N 03800W to Ile dOuessant France 946 Reykjavik Iceland 1173 Panama Panama 661 East Riga Latvia via Store Baelt 871 Junction Points Yucatan Channel 1024 Entrance Germany via Store Riga Latvia via The Sound 739 Baelt 368 Risor Norway 106Port Said Egypt 1711 Ports East Ronne Denmark via Store BaeltStrait of Gibraltar 282 Entrance Germany via The 491 Barranquilla Colombia 506 Sound 441 Rosyth Scotland 550 Ports Kingston Jamaica 223 Pentland Firth Scotland 524 Rotterdam Netherlands 554 La Guaira Venezuela 207 Skagens Odde Denmark 131 SanktPeterburg Russia via StoreAlcudia Balearic Islands 281 Baelt 1095Alexandria Egypt 1590 ORANJESTAD ST Ports SanktPeterburg Russia via TheAlgeciras Spain 229 EUSTATIUS Sound 963Algiers Algeria 205 172900N 625900W to Aarhus Denmark 255 Southampton England 763Alicante Spain 159 Aberdeen Scotland 490 Stavanger Norway 294Ancona Italy 1349 Junction Points Amsterdam Netherlands 522 Stockholm Sweden viaAnnaba Algeria 444 Antwerp Belgium 630 Huvudskar 683Banghazi Libya 1124 Straits of Florida 1207 Arendal Norway 120 Stockholm Sweden viaBanzart Tunisia 538 Baltiysk Russia via Store Baelt Sandhamnsleden 689Barcelona Spain 365 668 Stockholm Sweden via StoreBari Italy 1142 Baelt 819 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points PALM BEACH FLORIDA USA 75Swinoujscie Poland via Store Skagens Odde Denmark 481 Nagasaki Japan 4489 Brindisi Italy 387 Baelt 503 Russia Cagliari Sardinia 221Swinoujscie Poland via The Ports via Nemuro Strait and La Cartagena Spain 697 Sound 397 Perouse Strait 4913 Catania Sicily 170Szczecin Poland via The Sound Gdynia Poland 266 Nome Alaska USA 4748 Ceuta Morocco 921 431 Helsinki Finland 268 Noumea New Caledonia via Civitavecchia Italy 253Travemunde Germany via Store Klaipeda Lithuania 232 Kandavu Passage 1416 Genova Italy 431 Baelt 389 Nukualofa Tonga Islands 490 Gibraltar 922Travemunde Germany via The PAAMIUT Ocean Island 1409 Haifa Israel 1139 Sound 410 FREDERIKSHAAB Olongapo Philippines via San Iraklion Kriti 626Trelleborg Sweden via Store GREENLAND Bernardino Strait 4622 Istanbul Turkey south of Baelt 465 615900N 494300W to Osaka Japan 4307 Greece 926Trelleborg Sweden via The Papeete French Polynesia 1236 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Sound 314 Junction Points Canal 884Tromso Norway 1069 Russia 4350 Izmir Turkey south of Norway 688 Montreal Canada 1901 Ponape Caroline Islands 2266 772Turku Finland via Store Baelt Panama Panama 3558 Portland Oregon USA 4525 Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal 892 Prince Rupert Canada 4652 730Turku Finland via The Sound Ports Qingdao China 4969 La Spezia Italy 395 764 Salina Cruz Mexico 4839 Livorno Italy 359Tvedestrand Norway 121 Baltimore Maryland USA San Diego California USA Malaga Spain Finland via Store 2261 4176 Marseille France 495 Baelt 939 Halifax Canada 1406 San Francisco California USA Messina Sicily Finland via The New York New York USA 4130 Napoli Italy 170 Sound 808 1959 Seattle Washington USA 4611 Odessa Ukraine south ofVysotsk Russia via Store Baelt Seward Alaska USA 4589 Greece 1274 1047 PADANG INDONESIA Shanghai China via Tokara Odessa Ukraine via CorinthVysotsk Russia via The Sound 10000S 1002200E See Kaikyo 4794 Canal 1232 92 Telukbayur Shimonoseki Japan 4440 Oran Algeria Germany 421 Sitka Alaska USA 4635 Palma Balearic Islands 531Zeebrugge Belgium 586 PAGO PAGO AMERICAN Suva Fiji Islands 688 Piraievs Greece south of SAMOA Sydney Australia 2377 Greece 612OSTRICA LOUISIANA USA 141630S 1704100W to Truk Caroline Islands 2603 Piraievs Greece via Corinth 292149N 893116W Valparaiso Chile 5378 Canal 531Subtract 62 miles from New Junction Points Vancouver Canada 4637 Porto di Milazzo Sicily 97Orleans distances Victoria Canada 4563 Reggio Di Calabria Sicily 124 Panama Panama 5656 Vladivostok Russia 4739 Rijeka Croatia 719 Punta Arenas Chile 5181 Wake Island 2436 Salerno Italy 167OTAGO HARBOR NEWZEALAND Torres Strait Australia via Raine Wellington New Zealand 1847 Savona Italy 434 454447S 1704328E See Island entrance 2848 Weonsan North Korea 4816 Sibenik Croatia 593Port Chalmers Wilson Promontory Australia Wotje Island Marshall Islands Siracusa Sicily 192 2707 1856 Split Croatia 578OTARU JAPAN China 4819 Tarabulus Libya 460 431200N 1410100E to Ports Xiamen Marshall Islands 1700 Taranto Italy 339 Yokohama Japan 4135 Terracina Italy 191 Ports Acapulco Mexico 4595 Thessaloniki Greece south of PALEMBANG INDONESIA Greece 820Bukhta Shelikhova Kuril Islands Russia via Nemuro Strait and 30000S 1044500E to Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Russia 784 La Perouse Strait 4765 Canal 779Matsugahana Japan 435 Antofagasta Chile 5604 Junction Points Toulon France 464Nevelsk Russia 213 Aomori Japan 4358 Trieste Italy 753Rumoi Japan 57 Apia Samoa 80 Singapore 304 Tunis Tunisia 193Shanghai China 1233 Apra Guam 3156 Selat Sunda Indonesia 362 Valencia Spain 656Tomari Japan 387 Auckland New Zealand 1565 Valletta Malta 242Unggi Korea 188 Avarua Cook Islands 750 Ports Venezia Italy 763 Brisbane Australia 2221 Villa San Giovanni Italy 118 Busan South Korea via Bungo Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 869 Volos Greece south of GreeceOUESSANT ILE DE FRANCE Suido 4561 484000N 53000W See Jakarta Indonesia 358 761 Canton Phoenix Islands 711 Surabaya Indonesia 638 Volos Greece via Corinth CanalIle dOuessant Chimbote Peru 5389 720 Christmas Island Line IslandsOULU FINLAND PALERMO SICILY ITALY 1256 380743N 132212E to PALM BEACH FLORIDA 650200N 252300E to Dagu China 5194 USA Dalian China 5035 Junction Points 264618N 800132W to Junction Points Dutch Harbor Alaska USA 4132 Port Said Egypt 1061 Junction East Guayaquil Ecuador 5450 Strait of Gibraltar 940 Entrance Germany 918 Hakodate Japan 4326 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaSkagens Odde Denmark 979 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 5216 Ports 6771 Hobart Tasmania 2783 Grand Banks South 1743 Ports Hong Kong China 4948 Alexandria Egypt 950 Montreal Canada 2360 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2276 Algeciras Spain 924 Panama Panama 1312Helsinki Finland 598 Howland Island 989 Algiers Algeria 513 Punta Arenas Chile 6920Jakobstad Finland 133 Jailut Marshall Islands 1700 Alicante Spain 667 Strait of Gibraltar 3824Stockholm Sweden 456 Jarvis Island 1050 Ancona Italy 652 Straits of Florida 300 Kobe Japan 4308 Annaba Algeria 292OXELOSUND SWEDEN Kodiak Alaska USA 4441 Ports 583952N 170632E to Augusta Sicily 187 Levuka Fiji Islands 643 Banghazi Libya 547 Los Angeles California USA Banzart Tunisia 192 Accra Ghana 4937 Junction Points 4163 Barcelona Spain 574 Casablanca Morocco 3709 Manila Philippines 4519 Bari Italy 445 Dakar Senegal East Melbourne Australia 2851 Beirut Lebanon 1143 Halifax Canada 1336 Entrance Germany 420 Midway Island Pacific 2593 Hamilton Bermuda 862 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points76 PALMA BALEARIC Jamaica 836 PALUA VENEZUELA Caibarien Cuba 1138 Kingston Jamaica 594La Habana Cuba 302 82145N 624130W Caldera Chile 2302 Kobe Japan 7964Nassau Bahamas 328 Subtract 2 miles from Puerto Ordaz Caleta Olivia Argentina 6204 Kodiak Alaska USA 4907 distances Callao Peru 1350 La Ceiba Honduras 709PALMA BALEARIC Campeche Mexico 1210 La Guaira Venezuela 884ISLANDS PANAMA PANAMA CapHaitien Haiti 860 La Libertad Ecuador 674 393352N 23817E to 85300N 793100W to Cape Town South Africa 6508 La Libertad El Salvador 806 Carmen Mexico 1289 La Palma Panama 104 Junction Points Junction Points Cartagena Colombia 324 La Romana Dominican Republic Casilda Cuba 792 889Port Said Egypt 1555 Bishop Rock England via Mona Catia la Mar Venezuela 873 La Union El Salvador 748Strait of Gibraltar 471 Passage 4388 Champerico Guatemala 954 Les Cayes Haiti 688 Cape of Good Hope South Charleston South Carolina Levuka Fuji Islands 6288 Ports Africa 6466 USA 1607 Limon Costa Rica 234 Fastnet Rock Ireland via Mona Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Los Angeles California USAAlexandria Egypt 1435 Passage 4247 1072 2913Alicante Spain 173 Grand Banks South 2555 Charlottetown Canada 2578 Lota Chile 2825Almeria Spain 308 Honshu Japan 7614 Chimbote Peru 1158 Lucea Jamaica 579Ancona Italy 1170 Ile dOuessant France via Mona Christmas Island Line Islands Makassar Sulawesi via SelatAnnaba Algeria 307 Passage 4374 4751 Sagewin and Selat Libya 970 Montreal Canada 3204 Cienfuegos Cuba 815 9855Banzart Tunisia 384 Punta Arenas Chile 3932 Coatzacoalcos Mexico 1420 Malakal Palau Islands 8674Barcelona Spain 140 Singapore via San Bernardino Colon Panama 44 Manila Philippines via BalintangBari Italy 963 Strait 10505 Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina Channel 9347Beirut Lebanon 1648 Strait of Gibraltar via Anegada 6185 Manila Philippines via SanBejaia Algeria 212 Channel 4351 Coquimbo Chile 2448 Bernardino Strait 9370Brindisi Italy 905 Torres Strait Australia via Raine Corinto Nicaragua 683 Manzanillo Cuba 732Cannes France 357 Island entrance 8451 Covenas Colombia 308 Mar del Plata Argentina 5543Cartagena Spain 222 TsugaruKaikyo Japan 8004 Dagu China via Osumi Kaikyo Maracaibo Venezuela 737Ceuta Morocco 452 Wilson Promontory Australia via 9002 Matagorda Bay Texas USAGenova Italy 448 Cook Strait 7842 Dagu China via Tsugaru 1558Gibraltar 453 Wilson Promontory Australia via Kaikyo 8786 Matarani Peru 1790Haifa Israel 1645 Foveaux Strait 7770 Dakar Senegal 3738 Mazatlan Mexico 2006Iraklion Kriti 1130 Yucatan Channel 855 Dalian China via Osumi Melbourne Australia via Turkey south of Kaikyo 8843 Strait 7928 Greece 1446 Ports Dalian China via Tsugaru Midway Island 5707Istanbul Turkey via Corinth Kaikyo 8627 Miller Anchorage Bahamas 1115 Canal Izmir Turkey south of Abraham Bay Bahamas 922 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Montecristi Dominican Republic Greece 1290 Acajutla El Salvador 833 5246 881Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Acapulco Mexico 1426 Enderbury Island Phoenix Monterey California USA 1248 Almirante Panama 198 Islands 5599 3165La Spezia Italy 474 Amapala Honduras 745 Eniwetak Marshall Islands 7086 Montevideo Uruguay 5379Livorno Italy 470 Amuay Venezuela 678 Ensenada Mexico 2791 Nagasaki Japan east of HonshuMalaga Spain 401 Angra dos Reis Brazil 4557 Esmeraldas Ecuador 472 8200Marseille France 300 Antilla Cuba 887 Fanning Island 4805 Nagasaki Japan west of HonshuMenton France 382 Antofagasta Chile 2140 Fort de France Martinique 1202 8299Messina Sicily 639 Apia Samoa 5710 Fort Liberte Haiti 881 Naknek Alaska USA 5604Monaco Monaco 377 Apra Guam 7988 Funafuti Tuvalu 6217 Nassau Bahamas via WindwardNapoli Italy 582 Arica Chile 1921 Galveston Texas USA 1536 Passage 1210Odessa Ukraine south of Auckland New Zealand 6516 Georgetown Guyana 1558 New Amsterdam Guyana 1581 Greece 1792 Avarua Cook Islands 5092 Golfito Costa Rica 334 New Haven Connecticut USAOdessa Ukraine via Corinth Bahia de Samana Dominican Gonaives Haiti 805 2106 Canal 1751 Republic 1015 Guantanamo Cuba 732 New Orleans Louisiana USAOran Algeria 281 Bahia Blanca Argentina 5776 Guayaquil Ecuador 824 northbound via South PassPalermo Sicily 531 Bahia de las Calderas Dominican Guaymas Mexico 2370 1444Piraievs Greece via Corinth Republic 810 Guiria Venezuela 1200 New York New York USA via Canal 1049 Baie TaioHae Marquesa Islands Gulfport Mississippi USA Windward Passage and south of Greece 1131 3826 northbound 1431 Island Passage 2018Rijeka Croatia 1238 Moa Cuba 853 Hakodate Japan 7417 Newcastle Australia 7654Sant Antioco Ponti Sardinia 298 Baltimore Maryland USA via Halifax Canada 2338 Nicaro Cuba 881Savona Italy 433 Windward Passage and Crooked Hamilton Bermuda 1702 RussiaSibenik Croatia 1112 Island Passage 1944 Hilo Hawaii USA 4527 south of Aleutian Sicily 668 Barahona Dominican Republic Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 10017 7293Split Croatia 1096 796 Hobart Tasmania 7630 RussiaSt Raphael France 347 Barbers Point Hawaii USA Hong Kong China 9195 via Unimak Passage 7296Tarabulus Libya 708 4694 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4685 Nome Alaska USA 5834Taranto Italy 858 Barcelona Venezuela 1014 Iloilo Philippines 9235 Norfolk Virginia USA viaTarragona Spain 131 Belize Belize 859 Incheon South Korea 8474 Windward Passage and Greece south of Bikini Marshall Islands 4915 Iquique Chile 1987 Island Passage 1822 Greece 1339 Boca de Tanamo Cuba 869 Isabel Segunda Isla de Vieques Noumea New Caledonia Greece via Corinth Bocas del Toro Panama 187 1060 Nukualofa Tonga Islands 5953 Canal 1297 Bordeaux France via Mona Jacksonville Florida USA Ocean Island 6724Toulon France 308 Passage 4641 1559 Omura Japan 7766Trieste Italy 1271 Boston Massachusetts USA via Jaluit Marshall Islands 6666 Oranjestad Aruba 661Tunis Tunisia 435 Crooked Island Passage 2200 Jarvis Island 1173 Osaka Japan 7969Valencia Spain 146 Bridgeport Connecticut USA Johnston Island 5359 Paamiut Malta 619 2118 Kahului Hawaii USA 4605 Greenland 3558Venezia Italy 1281 Bridgetown Barbados 1280 Kaneohe Bay Hawaii USA Pago Pago American SamoaVolos Greece south of Greece Brisbane Australia 7687 4686 5656 1280 Brunswick Georgia USA 1581 Kaunakakai Hawaii USA Papeete French Polynesia 4493Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Buenaventura Colombia 352 4633 Paramaribo Suriname 1691 1238 Cabedelo Brazil 3149 Key West Florida USA 1108 Paranagua Brazil 4607 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points PARANAGUA BRAZIL 77Pearl Harbor Hawaii USA Island Passage 1606 Strait 1096 Truk Caroline Islands 3788 4692 Seattle Washington USA 4020 Kota Kinabalu Malaysia via Valparaiso Chile 4254Pedregal Panama 308 Seward Alaska USA 4916 Gaspar Strait 1063 Vladivostok Russia Shanghai China via Osumi Masbate Philippines via Gaspar Wake Island 3401 Russia 6492 Kaikyo 8648 Strait 1738 Wellington New Zealand Pennsylvania USA Shanghai China via Tsugaru Sandakan Sabah via Balabac and Xiamen China 6001 via Windward Passage and Kaikyo 8566 Gaspar Straits 1363 Yap Island Caroline Islands 4585 Crooked island Passage 1989 Shimonoseki Japan east of Tawau Malaysia via Makasar Yokohama Japan 5140Pisco Peru 1458 Honshu 8153 345Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1211 Shimonoseki Japan west of PARADIP INDIAPonape Caroline Islands 7321 Honshu 8081 PANSIO FINLAND 201510N 864200E toPonce Puerto Rico 976 Sitka Alaska USA 4524 602612N 220854E UsePort au Prince Haiti 817 Skagway Alaska USA 4739 Turku distances Junction PointsPort Antonio Jamaica 625 St Gorges Grenada 1161Port Castries St Lucia 1203 St John Canada 2361 PAPEETE TAHITI FRENCH Cape of Good Hope South AfricaPort Hueneme California USA St Johns Canada 2742 POLYNESIA 5352 2958 St Marc Haiti 796 173200S 1493400W to Cape Leeuwin Australia 3667Port Limon Costa Rica 218 Suva Fiji Islands 6325 Selat Lombok Indonesia 2707Port Newark New Jersey USA Swan Island Honduras 605 Junction Points Port Said Egypt 4241 2021 Sweeper Cove Alaska USA Singapore 1529Port Pirie Australia 8467 5586 Panama Panama 4493 Selat Sunda Indonesia 2084Port of Spain Trinidad 1202 Sydney Australia 7674 Punta Arenas Chile 4233 Torres Strait Australia 4297Portland Maine USA via Talara Peru 826 Torres Strait Australia 4053 Crooked Island Passage 2241 Talcahuano Chile 2805 Wilson Promontory Australia PortsPortland Oregon USA 3869 Taltal Chile 2225 3546Porto Alegre Brazil 5148 Tampico Mexico 1528 Aden Yemen 2789Prince Rupert Canada 4303 Tela Honduras 749 Ports Akyab Burma 349Progreso Mexico 1069 Tocopilla Chile 2068 Bombay India 1727Puerto de Hierro Venezuela 1192 Truk Caroline Islands 7685 Acapulco Mexico 3595 Calcutta India 186Puerto la Cruz Venezuela 1016 Turbo Colombia 311 Apia Samoa 1301 Colombo Sri Lanka 969Puerto Armuelles Panama 306 Turiamo Venezuela 858 Apra Guam 4335 Port Darwin Australia 3634Puerto Barrios Guatemala 823 Tuxpan Mexico 1498 Auckland New Zealand 2216 Rangoon Burma 724Puerto Bolivar 774 Unalakleet Alaska USA 5967 Avarua Cook Islands 618 Tuticorin India 883Puerto Cabello Venezuela 845 Valparaiso Chile 2616 Baie TaioHae Marquesa IslandsPuerto Cabezas Nicaragua 390 Vancouver Canada 4032 761 PARAMARIBO SURINAMEPuerto Cortez Honduras 776 Veracruz Mexico 1463 Brisbane Australia 3234 54920N 550900W toPuerto Deseado Argentina 6222 Victoria Canada 3962 Callao Peru 4192Puerto Madryn Argentina 6012 Vladivostok Russia north of Chimbote Peru 4157 Junction PointsPuerto Manati Cuba 959 Aleutian Islands and La Perouse Christmas Island Line IslandsPuerto Montt Chile 3177 Strait 7757 1266 Bishop Rock England 3602Puerto Padre Cuba 948 Vladivostok Russia south of Dagu China 6281 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3554Puerto Sandino Nicaragua 649 Aleutian Islands and La Perouse Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Ile dOuessant France 3613Puerto Sucre Venezuela 1035 Strait 7739 4400 Montreal Canada via Strait ofPuerto Vita Cuba 915 Vladivostok Russia via Tsugaru Funafuti Tuvalu 1910 Canso 3150Punta Cardon Venezuela 674 Kaikyo 7833 Guayaquil Ecuador 4237 Panama Panama 1691Puntarenas Costa Rica 471 Vladivostok Russia 8340 Hakodate Japan 5249 Strait of Gibraltar 3275Quepos Costa Rica 415 Wake Island 6673 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 6443 Straits of Florida via MonaQingdao China 8575 Washington DC USA 1957 Hobart Tasmania 3563 Passage 2014Rabaul Papua New Guinea 7807 Wellington New Zealand 6505 Hong Kong China 6132Raoul Island Kermadec Islands Whittier Alaska USA 4958 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2381 Ports 6125 Willemstad Curacao 742 Johnston Island 2371Rio Gallegos Argentina 6455 Wilmington North Carolina Kodiak Alaska USA 4532 Baltimore Maryland USARio Haina Dominican Republic USA 1656 Levuka Fiji Islands 1831 2321 845 Weonsan North Korea 8038 Los Angeles California USA Belem Brazil 747Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico Wotho Marshall Islands 4882 3671 Boston Massachusetts USA 1054 Xiamen China via Osumi Manila Philippines 5728 2380Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 4256 Kaikyo 8943 Melbourne Australia 3691 Bridgetown Barbados 496Salaverry Peru 1109 Xiamen China via Tsugaru Midway Island 3190 Buenos Aires Argentina 3813Salina Cruz Mexico 1170 Kaikyo 8959 Nagasaki Japan 5572 Dakar Senegal 2315Salvador Brazil 3741 Yokohama Japan 7682 Noumea New Caledonia 2497 Georgetown Guyana 215San Antonio Chile 2644 Zamboanga Philippines 9431 Nukualofa Tonga Islands 1468 Hamilton Bermuda 1694San Diego California USA Ocean Island 2609 La Guaira Venezuela 832 2843 PANAMBURU INDIA Pago Pago American Samoa Natal Brazil 1476San Felix Venezuela 1535 125700N 744820E See 1236 New York New York USASan Francisco California USA New Mangalore 2334 3245 Russia 5009 Philadelphia Jose Guatemala 886 PANJANG INDONESIA Ponape Caroline Islands 3430 USA 2327San Juan del Sur Nicaragua 590 62822S 1051858E to Qingdao China 6046 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 737San Juan Peru 1590 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 3527 Port of Spain Trinidad 546San Juan Puerto Rico 1036 Junction Points Raoul Island Kermadec Islands Puerto Cabello Venezuela 887San Lorenzo Honduras 762 1706 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2713Santa Barbara California USA Cape Leeuwin Australia 1829 Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 244 St Georges Grenada 560 2980 Selat Lombok Indonesia 718 San Diego California USA St Johns Canada 2518Santa Cruz del Sur Cuba 731 Singapore 574 3554 Willemstad Curacao 955Santa Maria Cuba 814 Selat Sunda Indonesia 51 San Francisco California USA Wilmington North CarolinaSanta Rosalia Mexico 2390 Torres Strait Australia 2259 3663 USA 2148Santiago de Cuba Cuba 726 Seattle Washington USA 4296Santo Domingo Dominican Ports Seward Alaska USA 4661 PARANAGUA BRAZIL Republic 846 Shanghai China 5907 253000S 483100W toSantos Brazil 4609 Cebu Philippines via Balabac Sitka Alaska USA 4537Savannah Georgia USA via Strait 1654 Suva Fiji Islands 1838 Windward Passage and Crooked Ho Chi Minh Vietnam via Gaspar Sydney Australia 3308 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points78 PARANAM SURINAME Junction Points Kerch Ukraine south of Greece Madagascar 4232 Villa Cisneros Western Sahara 1049 Berbera Somalia South of 2274Cape of Good Hope South Kerch Ukraine via Corinth Socotra 3358 Africa 3496 Canal 890 Bombay India 2154 PENSACOLA FLORIDAPanama Panama 4607 Kerkira Greece 138 Bushehr Iran 3417 USAPunta Arenas Chile 2001 Larnaca Cyprus south of Calcutta India 1294 302400N 871300W to Greece 750 Calicut India 1654 Ports Larnaca Cyprus via Corinth Chalna Bangladesh 1228 Junction Points Canal 658 Chittagong Bangladesh 1167Montevideo Uruguay 797 Mersin Turkey south of Greece Colombo Sri Lanka 1285 Straits of Florida 431Santos Brazil 163 789 Dar es Salaam Tanzania 3754 Yucatan Channel 531 Mersin Turkey via Corinth Diego Garcia ChagosPARANAM SURINAME Canal 690 Archipelago 1905 Ports 53630N 550512W Add Napoli Italy 485 Durban South Africa 458421 miles to Paramaribo distances Nice France 825 East London South Africa 4794 Belize Belize 826 Pula Croatia 555 Fort Dauphin Madagascar 3687 Campeche Mexico 670 Kakinada India 1273 Carmen Mexico 745PARRSBORO CANADA 452200N 641800W to PAULILLAC FRANCE Karachi Pakistan 2595 Cienfuegos Cuba 825 451200N 04345W Madras India 1283 Coatzacoalcos Mexico 836 Ports Subtract 24 l2 miles from Majunga Madagascar 3557 Colon Panama 1344 Bordeaux distances Malacca Malaysia 252 La Habana Cuba 515Boston Massachusetts USA Maputo Mozambique South of Limon Costa Rica 1265 349 Madagascar 4481 Tampico Mexico 759 PEARL HARBOR HAWAIIHalifax Canada 330 USA Melbourne Australia 4181 Tuxpan Mexico 785New York New York USA 591 212000N 1575820W to Mocambique Mozambique 3792 Veracruz Mexico 831Norfolk Virginia USA 784 Mombasa Kenya Pennsylvania Junction Points Mosselbaai South Africa 5096 PENTLAND FIRTH USA 743 Phuket Thailand 187 SCOTLANDSt John Canada 80 Panama Panama 4692 Port Elizabeth South Africa 4921 584200N 32000W toSydney Canada 545 Port Louis Mauritius 3042 Ports Port Swettenham Malaysia 172 Junction PointsPASADENA TEXAS USA Rangoon Burma 757 Amapala Honduras 4045 Sabang Indonesia 313 Bishop Rock England 636 294300N 951300W Christmas Island Line Islands Tamatave Madagascar 3387 Cape of Good Hope SouthSubtract 5 miles from Houston 1157 Tanga Tanzania north of Pemba Africa 6389distances Eniwetak Marshall Islands 2347 Island 3749 Fastnet Rock Ireland east of Jaluit Marshall Islands 2101 Telukbayur Indonesia 931 Ireland 625PASAJES DE SAN JUAN Fastnet Rock Ireland west ofSPAIN Los Angeles California USA Victoria Seychelles 2779 2233 Zanzibar Tanzania 3772 Ireland 578 431930N 15500W See San Diego California USA Grand Banks South 1998Puerto de Pasajes 2285 PENARTH WALES Ile dOuessant France 872 512645N 31000W Inishtrahull Ireland 272PASCAGOULA MISSISSIPPI Montreal Canada via Strait ofUSA PECHENGA RUSSIA Subtract 1 mile from Cardiff 693500N 311700E to distances Belle Isle 2614 302100N 883400W to East Junction Points Junction Points Entrance Germany 565 PENNINGTON TERMINAL NIGERIA Punta Arenas Chile 7563Straits of Florida 469 Skagens Odde Denmark 1325 41440N 53645E to Skagens Odde Denmark 450Yucatan Channel 554 Strait of Gibraltar 1598 Ports Junction Points Straits of Florida 4012 Ports Kirkens Norway 53 Bishop Rock England 4092 PortsCampeche Mexico 676 Longyearbyen Svalbard 638 Cape of Good Hope Mexico 860 Narvik Norway 500 Africa 2434 Aasiaat Mexico 780 Reykjavik Iceland 1460 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3998 Greenland 1925 Grand Banks South 4065 Akureyri Iceland 702 Ile dOuessant France 3929 Amsterdam Netherlands 481PATRAI GREECE PEIHAI CHINA 202900N 1090200E See Inishtrahull Ireland 4262 Antwerp Belgium 553 381508N 214353E to Beihai China Panama Panama 5153 Ardrossan Scotland 282 Junction Points Pentland Firth Scotland 4821 Arendal Norway 452 Punta Arenas Chile 5214 Argentia Canada 2012 PEMBA MOZAMBIQUE Arkhangelsk Russia 1663Port Said Egypt south of 125814S 402923E See Strait of Gibraltar 3676 Greece 762 Straits of Florida 5325 Avonmouth England 624 Porto AmeliaPort Said Egypt via Corinth Yucatan Channel 5474 Baltimore Maryland USA Canal 690 3365 PENANG MALAYSIA Barrow in Furness England 427Strait of Gibraltar 1350 52500N 1002100E to Ports Belem Brazil 4219 Ports Abidjan Ivory Coast 585 Belfast Northern Ireland 341 Junction Points Accra Ghana 356 Bergen Norway Italy 612 Boma Congo 762 Berlevag Norway 1150 Cape of Good Hope SouthConstanta Romania via Corinth Cape Town South Africa 2405 Blyth England 290 Africa 5291 Canal 653 Dakar Senegal 1712 Boston Massachusetts USA Port Said Egypt 4733Constanta Romania south of Freetown Sierra Leone 1250 2900 Singapore 367 Greece 811 Jacksonville Florida USA Bremerhaven Germany 507Derince Turkey south of 5246 Buenos Aires Argentina 6491 Ports Greece 648 Lisboa Portugal 3235 Cairn Ryan Scotland 340Derince Turkey via Corinth Monrovia Liberia 1030 Camp Lloyd Greenland 1828 Aden Yemen 3344 Canal 489 New York New York USA Cardiff Wales 609 Akyab Burma 1215Iskenderun Turkey south of 4974 Charleston South Carolina Al Basrah Iraq 3598 Greece 846 Port of Spain Trinidad 4023 USA 3506 Al Manamah Bahrain 3361Iskenderun Turkey via Corinth Recife Brazil 2533 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Bassein Burma 786 Canal 748 Tangier Morocco 3171 3616 Beira Mozambique north of Churchill Canada via 75 miles off JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points PETROPAVLOVSK KAMCHATSKIY RUSSIA 79 Kap Farvel 2820 Providence Rhode Island USA Ports and via Balintang Cuba 4229 2979 4530Cobh Ireland 578 Qaanaaq Thule Greenland 2456 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Jakarta Indonesia via La PerouseColon Panama via Mona Qasigiannguit Greenland 1963 1215 Strait 4555 Passage 4594 Recife Brazil 4319 Seattle Washington USA 771 Jaluit Marshall Islands 2883Dakar Senegal 2794 Reykjavik Iceland 687 Valdez Alaska USA 539 Kiska Alaska USA 724Den Helder Netherlands 447 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 5391 Victoria Canada 719 Kobe Japan 1705Douglas Isle of Man 397 Risor Norway 429 Levuka Fiji Islands 4518Dublin Ireland 427 Rosyth Scotland 263 PETROPAVLOVSK Lo hsingta Maoti China viaDundee Scotland 179 Rotterdam Netherlands 495 KAMCHATSKIY RUSSIA Chetvertyy Kurilskiy Proliv andDunkerque France 525 San Juan Puerto Rico 3645 530000N 1583800E to La Perouse Strait 2481Egersund Norway 298 Sandefjorden Norway 518 Los Angeles California USAEmden Germany 484 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Junction Points 3615Esbjerg Denmark 443 Islands 1952 Manila Philippines east of JapanFarsund Norway 332 Savannah Georgia USA 3594 Panama Panama via Unimak and via Balintang Wales 497 Seaham Harbor England 259 Pass 6492 3112Fleetwood England 437 Iceland 500 Singapore east of Japan and via Manila Philippines Norway 325 Shoreham By Sea England 633 Balintang Channel 4241 Chetvertyy Kurilskiy Proliv andFredrikstad Norway 531 Sisimiut Greenland 1802 Singapore east of Japan and via La Perouse Strait 3117Freetown Sierra Leone 3272 Skien Norway 466 Osumi Kaikyo and Formosa Manila Philippines via SanFunchal Madeira Island 1714 Stornoway Scotland 54 Strait 4293 Bernardino Strait 3256Georgetown Guyana 4001 Sunderland England 304 Singapore via Pervyy Kurliskiy Manila Philippines via TsugaruGlasgow Scotland via The Swansea Wales 578 Proliv and La Perouse Strait Kaikyo 3124 Minch 384 Tonsberg Norway 532 4194 Matsugahana Japan 765Guantanamo Cuba 3864 Torshavn Faroe Islands 224 Singapore via TsugaruKaikyo Midway Island Pacific 1831Hakonsvern Norway 287 Tvedestrand Norway 421 and Formosa Strait 4227 Mogpo South Korea via LaHalifax Canada 2580 Upernavik Greenland 2164 Selat Sunda Indonesia via Soya Perouse Strait and Germany 555 Vardo Norway 1253 Strait 4574 Sudo 1943Hamilton Bermuda 2921 Washington DC USA 3379 Selat Wetar Australia via Mogpo South Korea viaHirtshals Denmark 429 Wilhelmshaven Germany 501 Dampier Strait and Selat Myongyangdo 1923Holyhead Wales 422 Wilmington North Carolina Manipa 4106 Nagasaki Japan via La PerouseHorta Azores 1575 USA 3450 Strait Iceland 660 Zeebrugge Belgium 505 Ports Nagasaki Japan via OsumiIlulissat Jakobshavn Greenland Kaikyo 2039 1972 PEPEL SIERRA LEONE Nagasaki Japan via Greenland direct 1440 83458N 130400W to Russia via Chetvertyy Kaikyo 1858Ivittuut Greenland via 75 miles Kurilskiy Proliv and La Perouse Nampo North Korea 2214 off Kap Farvel 1510 Junction Points Strait 1158 Nome Alaska USA Florida USA Apia Samoa 4292 Noumea New Caledonia 4587 3677 Bishop Rock England 2688 Apra Guam 2475 Osaka Japan via Kii Greenland Cape of Good Hope South Africa Auckland New Zealand 5466 1709 1597 3594 Avarua Cook Islands 4951 Pago Pago American SamoaKeflavik Iceland 671 Fastnet Rock Ireland 2753 Bangkok Thailand outer bar via 4350Key West Florida USA 3952 Grand Banks South 2828 La Perouse Strait 4252 Papeete French Polynesia 5009Kingston Jamaica 4027 Ile dOuessant France 2648 Bukhta Nagayeva Russia 864 Ponape Caroline Islands 2762Kragero Norway 441 Inishtrahull Ireland 3053 Busan South Korea via Prince Rupert Canada Norway 371 Panama Panama 3977 Chetvertyy Kurilskiy Proliv and Unimak Pass 2504La Habana Cuba 4018 Pentland Firth Scotland 3383 La Perouse Strait 1731 Qingdao China via Norway 461 Punta Arenas Chile 5042 Cebu Philippines 3101 Kurilskiy Proliv and La Norway 390 Strait of Gibraltar 1991 Dagu China via La Perouse Strait 2215Limerick Ireland 538 Straits of Florida 4118 Strait 2419 Qinhuangdao China viaLisboa Portugal 1341 Yucatan Channel 4257 Dagu China via Tsugaru Chetvertyy Kurilskiy Proliv LaLiverpool England north of Isle Kaikyo 2444 Perouse Strait and Maenggol of Man 451 Ports Dalian China via La Perouse Sudo 2360Liverpool England south of Isle Strait 2260 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 3555 of Man 460 Accra Ghana 924 Dalian China via Tsugaru San Diego California USALondon England 536 Boston Massachusetts USA Kaikyo 2285 Northern Ireland 3681 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA San Francisco California USA 310 Cristobal Panama 3991 1249 via Unimak Pass 3292Mandal Norway 351 Dakar Senegal 479 Hakodate Japan 1075 Seattle Washington USA viaManiitsoq Greenland 1700 Freetown Sierra Leone 11 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam via Unimak Pass 2939Methil Scotland 246 Galway Ireland 2937 Chetvertyy Kurilskiy Proliv La Seward Alaska USA viaMiami Florida USA 3821 Lagos Nigeria 1142 Perouse Strait and Korea Strait Unimak Pass England 326 Lisboa Portugal 2002 3718 Shanghai China via La PerouseMolde Norway 412 Lome Togo 1019 Hong Kong China via Osumi Strait 2200Mosjoen Norway 651 Natal Brazil 1580 Kaikyo 2938 Shanghai China via TsugaruNamsos Norway 615 New York New York USA Hong Kong China via Chetvertyy Kaikyo 2224Nanortalik Greenland 1291 3752 Kurilskiy Proliv and La Perouse Shimonoseki Japan via Greenland 1384 Port of Spain Trinidad 2866 Strait 2863 Kaikyo 1739New London Connecticut USA Takoradi Ghana 818 Hong Kong China via Tsugaru Sitka Alaska USA 2314 2990 Kaikyo 2870 Suva Fiji Islands 4460New York New York USA PERTH AUSTRALIA Honolulu Hawaii USA 2762 Tomari Japan 822 3071 315730S 1155100E Add Iloilo Philippines 3123 Vladivostok Russia viaNewcastle England 265 12 miles to Fremantle distances Incheon South Korea via La Chetvertyy Kurilskiy Proliv andNorfolk Virginia USA 3244 Perouse Strait and Maenggol La Perouse Strait 1348Nuuk Godthab Greenland 1630 Sudo 2120 Weihai China via Maenggol PETERSBURG ALASKAOostende Belgium 509 USA Incheon South Korea via Sudo 2192Oslo Norway 524 565856N 1325750W to Chetvertyy Kurilskiy Proliv and Weihai China via Pennsylvania La Perouse Strait 2114 Kurilskiy Proliv and La Perouse USA 3224 Incheon South Korea via Strait 2215Port au Prince Haiti 3898 TsugaruKaikyo 2138 Weonsan North Korea 1609Port of Spain Trinidad 3913 Jakarta Indonesia east of Japan Xiamen China via La PerousePort Castries St Lucia 3704 Strait 2596 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points80 PEVEK RUSSIAXiamen China via Osumi Halifax Canada 746 Yarmouth Canada 616 Greece 1172 Kaikyo 2684 Hamilton Bermuda 746 Barcelona Spain via CorinthXiamen China via Tsugaru Ivittuut Greenland 2086 PHNOM PENH CAMBODIA Canal 1091 Kaikyo 2617 Jacmel Haiti 1461 113600N 1045400E Via Bari Italy south of Greece 538Yantai China via Maenggol Kingston Jamaica via Crooked Vung Tau pilot station Bari Italy via Corinth Canal 402 Sudo 2226 Island Passage 1446 102030N 1070400E Add Beirut Lebanon 647Yantai China via Chetvertyy La Guaira Venezuela 1838 157 12 miles to Ho Chi Minh Brindisi Italy south of Greece Kurilskiy Proliv and La Perouse La Habana Cuba 1156 distances 480 Strait 2249 Lagos Nigeria 4985 Brindisi Italy via Corinth CanalYantai China via Tsugaru Las Piedras Venezuela 1786 PHUKET THAILAND 343 Kaikyo 2263 Les Cayes Haiti 1419 75000N 982600E to Cagliari Sardinia south ofYokohama Japan 1422 Limon Costa Rica via Crooked Greece 820 Island Passage 2019 Junction Points Cagliari Sardinia via CorinthPEVEK RUSSIA Lisboa Portugal 3112 Canal 738 694340N 1702800E to Liverpool Canada 686 Port Said Egypt 4629 Cannes France south of Greece Maracaibo Venezuela via Singapore 538 1023 Ports Windward Passage 1849 Cannes France via Corinth Matanzas Cuba 1147 Ports Canal 942Ambarchik Russia 201 Montecristi Dominican Republic Cartagena Spain south ofNome Alaska USA 700 1250 Calcutta India 1124 Greece Russia 719 Montevideo Uruguay 5804 Colombo Sri Lanka 1192 Cartagena Spain via CorinthTiksi Russia 854 Murmansk Russia 4042 Penang Malaysia 187 Canal 1214 Narvik Norway 3880 Ceuta Morocco south of Nassau Bahamas 930 PIMENTEL PERU USA Nuevitas Cuba 1243 65000S 795800W to Ceuta Morocco via Corinth 395700N 750800W to Paramaribo Suriname 2327 Canal 1431 Parrsboro Canada 743 Ports Durres Albania 339 Junction Points Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 1658 Ermoupolis Greece 84 Ponce Puerto Rico 1454 Callao Peru 363 Famagusta Cyprus 604Bishop Rock England 3092 Ponta Delgada Azores 2388 Salaverry Peru 104 Fethiye Turkey 305Cape of Good Hope South Porlamar Venezuela via Virgin Talara Peru 182 Genova Italy south of Greece Africa 6874 Passage 1878 978Fastnet Rock Ireland 2985 Port au Prince Haiti via Crooked Genova Italy via Corinth Canal PINA Ireland 3083 Island Passage 1343 92000N 800500W to 896Montreal Canada via Cabot Port of Spain Trinidad 1938 Gibraltar south of Greece 1490 Strait 1671 Port Antonio Jamaica via Junction Points Gibraltar via Corinth CanalPanama Panama 1989 Crooked Island Passage 1395 1433Pentland Firth Scotland 3263 Port Castries St Lucia 1753 Yucatan Channel 816 Haifa Israel 650Punta Arenas Chile 6994 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Iraklion Kriti 175Strait of Gibraltar 3320 3011 Ports Iskenderun Turkey 656Straits of Florida 1150 Puerto la Cruz Venezuela 1900 Istanbul Turkey 364Yucatan Channel outside route Puerto Barrios Guatemala via Cienfuegos Cuba 777 Izmir Turkey 210 1336 Straits of Florida southbound Kingston Jamaica 558 Kavala Greece 249 1774 San Juan Puerto Rico 1219 La Spezia Italy south of Greece Ports Puerto Cabello Venezuela via 942 Mona Passage 1845 La Spezia Italy via Corinth PIRAIEVS GREECEAntilla Cuba 1197 Puerto Cortes Honduras 1739 375626N 233808E to Canal 860Argentia Canada 1159 Puerto Sucre Venezuela 1907 Larnaca Cyprus 566Arkhangelsk Russia 4369 Recife Brazil 3745 Junction Points Livorno Italy south of GreeceBahia Blanca Argentina 6201 Reykjavik Iceland 2648 906Banes Cuba via Crooked Island Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4817 Port Said Egypt 599 Livorno Italy via Corinth Canal Passage 1188 Salvador Brazil 4136 Strait of Gibraltar south of 825Baracoa Cuba 1198 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua via Greece 1508 Malaga Spain south of GreeceBelem Brazil 2950 Crooked Island Passage 2004 Strait of Gibraltar via Corinth 1438Bocas del Toro Panama 2020 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua via Canal 1451 Malaga Spain via France 3406 Straits of Florida southbound Canal 1381Brest France 3183 2017 Ports Marseille France south ofBridgetown Barbados 1839 San Juan Puerto Rico 1395 Greece 1069Buenos Aires Argentina 5918 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Alexandria Egypt 515 Marseille France via CorinthCadiz Spain 3286 Islands 3062 Algiers Algeria south of Greece Canal 988CapHaitien Haiti 1245 Santa Marta Colombia via 1079 Mersin Turkey 598Cape Town South Africa 6861 Crooked Island Passage and Algiers Algeria via Corinth Messina Sicily south of GreeceCardenas Cuba 1124 Windward Passage 1755 Canal 1022 496Cartagena Colombia via Crooked Santander Spain 3272 Alicante Spain south of Greece Messina Sicily via Corinth Island Passage 1825 Santiago de Cuba Cuba via 1246 Canal 414Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Crooked Island Passage 1334 Alicante Spain via Corinth Mitilini Greece 191 1434 Santo Domingo Dominican Canal 1186 Napoli Italy south of Canada 982 Republic 1480 Ancona Italy south of Greece 667Cienfuegos Cuba via Crooked Santos Brazil 5004 745 Napoli Italy via Corinth Canal Island Passage 1654 Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 1732 Ancona Italy via Corinth Canal 586Colon Panama via Crooked St Georges Grenada 1848 608 Navplion Greece 142 Island Passage 1946 St Helena Island 5169 Annaba Algeria south of Odessa Ukraine 712Dakar Senegal 3441 St John Canada via Nantucket Greece 854 Oran Algeria south of Harbor Bahamas 1018 Light Buoy 698 Annaba Algeria via Corinth 1276Fort de France Martinique via St John Canada via Vineyard Canal 797 Oran Algeria via Corinth Canal Anegada Channel 1724 Sound 673 Antalya Turkey 383 1219Freetown Sierra Leone 3862 St Johns Canada 1254 Banghazi Libya 404 Palermo Sicily south of GreeceFunchal Madeira Island 2901 Sydney Canada 958 Banzart Tunisia south of 612Georgetown Ascension Island Vigo Spain 3066 Greece 749 Palermo Sicily via Corinth 4469 Vitoria Brazil 4554 Banzart Tunisia via Corinth Canal 531Georgetown Guyana 2223 Walvisbaai Namibia 6318 Canal 692 Palma Balearic Islands south ofGuantanamo Cuba 1284 Willemstad Curacao 1762 Barcelona Spain south of Greece 1131 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points PONAPE CAROLINE ISLANDS 81Palma Balearic Islands via Arica Chile 492 Hamburg Germany 628 Gulfport Mississippi USA via Corinth Canal 1049 Caldera Chile 880 Hartlepool England 502 Virgin Passage 1822Preveza Greece 197 Callao Peru 128 Hull England 442 Key West Florida USA viaRethimnon Kriti 151 Coquimbo Chile 1036 Kristiansand Norway 717 Mona Passage 1297Rhodes Greece 261 Corinto Nicaragua 1718 Las Palmas Canary Islands 1432 Key West Florida USA viaRijeka Croatia south of Greece Esmeraldas Ecuador 1021 Le Havre France 177 Virgin Passage 1296 814 Guayaquil Ecuador 788 Leith Scotland 619 Kingston Jamaica 910Rijeka Croatia via Corinth Guaymas Mexico 3227 London England 321 La Guaira Venezuela 467 Canal 675 Iquique Chile 560 Newcastle England 524 La Habana Cuba via VirginSarande Albania 253 Lota Chile 1432 Oostende Belgium 288 Passage 1308Savona Italy south of Greece Monterey California USA Oslo Norway 869 Miami Florida USA 1247 988 4017 Rotterdam Netherlands 367 New York New York USASavona Italy via Corinth Canal Puntarenas Costa Rica 1533 Shoreham By Sea England 162 1652 906 Salina Cruz Mexico 2117 Southampton England 134 Norfolk Virginia USA 1527Sibenik Croatia south of San Diego California USA Stavanger Norway 746 Paramaribo Suriname 737 Greece 687 3695 Wilhelmshaven Germany 557 Philadelphia Croatia via Corinth San Francisco California USA Zeebrugge Belgium 303 USA 1658 Canal 548 4097 Plymouth Montserrat 84Siracusa Sicily south of Greece San Jose Guatemala 1875 PLYMOUTH MONTSERRAT Port au Prince Haiti south of 484 Santa Barbara California USA 164210N 621330W to Hispaniola 945Siracusa Sicily via Corinth 3832 Port of Spain Trinidad 358 Canal 418 Talcahuano Chile 1411 Ports Port Castries St Lucia 141Soudha Kriti 159 Valparaiso Chile 1207 Puerto Cabello Venezuela 520Split Croatia south of Greece Hamilton Bermuda 966 Roseau Dominica 60 672 PITEA SWEDEN New York New York USA San Juan del Norte NicaraguaSplit Croatia via Corinth Canal 651740N 212820E to 1574 1345 533 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 84 San Juan Puerto Rico 333Tarabulus Libya 640 Junction Points Santo Domingo Italy south of Greece POHANG SOUTH KOREA Republic 520 493 East 360242N 1292330E See Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 550Taranto Italy via Corinth Canal Entrance Germany 864 Bohang South Korea St Johns Antigua east of 363 Skagens Odde Denmark 925 Guadeloupe Greece 259 POINT COMFORT TEXAS St Johns Antigua west ofToulon France south of Greece Ports USA Guadeloupe 110 1038 283544N 963351W to Tuxpan Mexico 2094Toulon France via Corinth Gdynia Poland 678 Willemstad Curacao 517 Canal 956 SanktPeterburg Russia 678 Junction PointsTrieste Italy south of Greece Stockholm Sweden 402 POINTE NOIRE CONGO 848 Straits of Florida 797 44700S 115000E toTrieste Italy via Corinth Canal PLOCE CROATIA Yucatan Channel 761 709 430300N 172542E to PortsTubruq Libya 359 PortsTunis Tunisia south of Greece Junction Points Accra Ghana 952 737 Campeche Mexico 601 Banjul Gambia 2175Tunis Tunisia via Corinth Canal Port Said Egypt 1132 Coatzacoalcos Mexico 650 Boma Congo 140 680 Strait of Gibraltar 1487 Douala Cameroon 613Valencia Spain south of Greece POINTE A PITRE Freetown Sierra Leone 1788 1244 Ports GUADELOUPE Lagos Nigeria 851Valencia Spain via Corinth 161400N 613230W to Libreville Gabon 399 Canal 1174 Ancona Italy 167 Lobito Angola 473Valletta Malta 524 Durres Albania 214 Junction Points Lome Togo 910Venezia Italy south of Greece Rijeka Croatia 230 Luanda Angola 266 856 Panama Panama 1211 Monrovia Liberia 1525Venezia Italy via Corinth Canal PLYMOUTH ENGLAND Straits of Florida via Mona Port Gentil Gabon 341 719 502140N 40910W to Passage 1348 Port Harcourt Nigeria 677Vlores Albania 295 Straits of Florida via Virgin Rio Grande Brazil 3938Volos Greece 200 Junction Points Passage 1347 Sao Tome Sao Tome Gulf of Yucatan Channel south of Guinea 436PISAGUA CHILE Bishop Rock England 106 Hispaniola 1410 Sekondi Ghana 997 193430S 701400W to Ile dOuessant France 117 Takoradi Ghana 1001 East Ports Junction Points Entrance Germany 639 POLYARNYY RUSSIA Skagens Odde Denmark 756 Baltimore Maryland USA 691210N 332936EPanama Panama 1962 1653 Subtract 19 miles from Murmansk Ports Barranquilla Colombia 857 distances Ports BasseTerre Guadeloupe 31 Aberdeen Scotland 638 Belize Belize 1578 PONAPE CAROLINESan Francisco California USA Amsterdam Netherlands 390 Boston Massachusetts USA ISLANDS 4593 Antwerp Belgium 366 1742 65915N 1591330E to Bergen Norway 819 Campeche Mexico 1806PISCO PERU Bremerhaven Germany 573 CapHaitien Haiti via Virgin Junction Points 134330S 761430W to Calais France 244 Passage 702 Dieppe France 206 Carmen Mexico 1885 Panama Panama 7321 Junction Points Dover England 229 Cartagena Colombia 941 Punta Arenas Chile 7260 Dundee Scotland 621 Charleston South CarolinaPanama Panama 1458 Dunkerque France 264 USA 1443 PortsPunta Arenas Chile 2578 Egersund Nor way 706 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Emden Germany 513 267 Apia Samoa 2189 Ports Esbjerg Denmark 599 Cienfuegos Cuba 1204 Apra Guam 901 Fecamp France 183 Colon Panama 1168 Auckland New Zealand 2813Acapulco Mexico 2309 Funchal Madeira Island 1234 Fort de France Martinique 108 Avarua Cook Islands Chile 713 Granville France 149 Georgetown Guyana 606 Brisbane Australia 2108 Guantanamo Cuba 879 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points82 PONCE PUERTO RICOCallao Peru 7515 Ports PORLAMAR MARGARITA Junction PointsHakodate Japan 2298 Tasmania 3130 Baltimore Maryland USA 105600N 635000W to Cape of Good Hope SouthHong Kong China 2710 2529 Africa 2078Honolulu Hawaii USA 2685 Banjul Gambia 1551 Junction Points Cape Leeuwin Australia 4546Jaluit Marshall Islands 698 Belem Brazil 2678 Selat Lombok Indonesia 4442Levuka Fiji Islands 2024 Bordeaux France 1256 Straits of Florida via Mona Port Said Egypt 3558Malakal Palau Islands 1418 Boston Massachusetts USA Passage 1454 Singapore 4099Melbourne Australia 3078 2088 Yucatan Channel 1407 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3887Midway Island Pacific 1882 Buenos Aires Argentina 4975 Torres Strait Australia 5976Nagasaki Japan 2256 Cadiz Spain 931 PortsNonouti Gilbert Islands 1082 CapHaitien Haiti 2646 PortsNoumea New Caledonia 1892 Cape Town South Africa 5040 Cartagena Colombia 785Nukualofa Tonga Islands 2341 Casablanca Morocco 915 Colon Panama 1012 Antsirana Madagascar 572Pago Pago American Samoa Charleston South Carolina Guantanamo Cuba 884 Belawan Indonesia 3777 2266 USA 2644 New York New York USA via Manakara Madagascar 1230Papeete French Polynesia 3430 Colon Panama 3379 Virgin Passage 1879 Port Darwin Australia Dakar Senegal 1459 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Sabang Indonesia 3459 Russia 2762 El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 870 via Virgin Passage 1878 Tulear Madagascar 651Rabaul Papua New Guinea 853 Freetown Sierra Leone 1941 Santa Barbara de Samana Victoria Seychelles 1018San Francisco California USA Funchal Madeira Island 550 Dominican Republic 610 4641 Halifax Canada 1774 PORT ANGELESSeattle Washington USA 4696 Horta Azores 153 PORT ADELAIDE WASHINGTON USAShanghai China 2545 Huelva Spain 914 AUSTRALIA 480800N 1232700W toSydney Australia 2514 Las Palmas Canary Islands 774 345030S 1383000E to For ocean distances subtract 60Truk Caroline Islands 383 Lisboa Portugal 783 miles from Seattle Chile 7631 New York New York USA Junction PointsYokohama Japan 1998 2247 Ports Norfolk Virginia USA 2398 Cape of Good Hope South Oporto Portugal 815 Africa 5754 Nanaimo Canada 98PONCE PUERTO RICO Cape Leeuwin Australia 1165 175830N 663700W to Philadelphia Pennsylvania 2388 New Westminster Canada 90 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Selat Sunda Indonesia 2980 Vancouver Canada 93 1253 Wilson Promontory Australia 537 Victoria Canada 20 Junction Points Recife Brazil 2803 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3875 PortsPanama Panama 976 PORT ANTONIO JAMAICAStraits of Florida 1020 San Juan Puerto Rico 2412 181135N 762700W to Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Albany Australia 1024 Islands 740 Botany Bay Australia 957 Junction Points Ports Santo Domingo Dominican Bunbury Australia 1260 Republic 2620 Dampier Australia 2182 Panama Panama 625Baltimore Maryland USA St Johns Canada 1326 Durban South Africa 5160 Straits of Florida 751 1427 Vigo Spain 828 Fremantle Australia 1343 Yucatan Channel 536Boston Massachusetts USA Geelong Australia 518 1563 Hobart Tasmania 756 South Carolina POOLE ENGLAND Melbourne Australia 512 USA 1168 504300N 15933W to Newcastle Australia 1028 Antilla Cuba 288Fort de France Martinique 381 Port Darwin Australia 3136 Baltimore Maryland USA viaGuantanamo Cuba north of Junction Points Port Kembla Australia 928 Windward Passage and Crooked Hispaniola and via Mona Port Pirie Australia 274 Island Passage 1350 Passage 540 Bishop Rock England 204 Strahan Australia 593 Boston Massachusetts USA Florida USA Ile dOuessant France 190 Whyalla Australia 256 Windward Passage and Crooked 1146 EastKey West Florida USA 969 Entrance Germany 550 Island Passage 1606La Habana Cuba via Old Bahama Pentland Firth Scotland 686 PORT ALICE CANADA Charleston South Carolina USA Channel and Mona Passage Skagens Odde Denmark 690 502256N 1272712W to via Windward Passage and 981 Crooked Island Passage 1013New York New York USA Ports Junction Points Gibara Cuba 323 1462 New York New York Pennsylvania Aberdeen Scotland via The Panama Panama 4057 1423 USA 1454 Sound 549 Punta Arenas Chile 7017 Norfolk Virginia USA viaRio de Janeiro Brazil 3659 Caen France 113 Singapore via Balintang Windward Passage and de Cuba Cuba north of Dover England 134 Channel 6989 Island Passage 1228 Hispaniola and via Windward Hull England 338 Torres Strait Australia 6076 Nuevitas Cuba 398 Passage 587 Leith Scotland 525 Wilson Promontory Australia Philadelphia Pennsylvania USASantiago de Cuba Cuba south of Oostende Belgium 193 7074 via Crooked Island Passage Hispaniola 599 Southampton England 34 1395Santo Domingo Dominican Ports Savannah Georgia USA via Republic 196 PORKKALA FINLAND Windward Passage and Georgia USA 1180 Anchorage Alaska 1160 Island Passage 1012 595906N 242806E toWillemstad Curacao 399 Callao Peru 4800 Guaymas Mexico 2304 Junction Points PORT ARTHUR TEXAS Honolulu Hawaii 2281PONTA DELGADA AZORES USA Los Angeles California 1185 295200N 935600W to 374400N 254000W to East Manila Philippines via Balintang Entrance Germany 647 Channel 5684 Junction Points Junction Points Skagens Odde Denmark 697 Mollendo Peru 5216 Yokohama Japan 3988 Straits of Florida 677Bishop Rock England 1103 PortsIle dOuessant France 1101 Yucatan Channel 681Montreal Canada 2331 Gdynia Poland 412 PORT AMELIAStrait of Gibraltar 964 Riga Latvia 284 MOZAMBIQUE Ports 125814S 402923E toStraits of Florida 3052 Stockholm Sweden 216 Cienfuegos Cuba via Yucatan Peninsula 976 Coatzacoalcos Mexico 708 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points PORT DARWIN AUSTRALIA 83Colon Panama 1485 Puerto Cabello Venezuela 769 Colon Panama 1160 Junction PointsLa Habana Cuba 749 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4221 Dakar Senegal 2543Nuevitas Cuba 1055 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 1049 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaSantiago de Cuba Cuba via 840 Fort de France Martinique 37 6100 Yucatan Peninsula 1231 San Juan Puerto Rico 552 Georgetown Guyana 482 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1978Tampico Mexico 522 San Pedro de Macoris Dominican Guantanamo Cuba 922 Selat Lombok Indonesia south ofTuxpan Mexico 572 Republic 473 Halifax Canada 1850 Pulau Roti 926Veracruz Mexico 659 Santo Domingo Dominican Hamilton Bermuda 1149 Port Said Egypt via south of Republic 449 Horta Azores 2265 Java 6743PORT AU PRINCE HAITI Tuxpan Mexico 1428 Jacksonville Florida USA Selat Sunda Indonesia via south 183330N 722130W to Willemstad Curacao 647 1520 of Java 1623 Key West Florida USA via Torres Strait Australia via Junction Points PORT AUGUSTA Mona Passage 1358 Clarence Strait and Dundas AUSTRALIA Kingston Jamaica 950 Strait 735Bishop Rock England 3725 322940S 1374530E to Kingstown St Vincent 60 Selat Wetar Indonesia via west ofFastnet Rock Ireland via La Guaira Venezuela 405 Bathurst Island 326 Windward Passage 3622 Junction Points La Habana Cuba via Ireland via Windward Passage 1370 Ports Passage 3750 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1237 Limon Costa Rica 1316Panama Panama 817 Singapore 3580 Lisboa Portugal 3111 Aden Yemen via south of JavaPentland Firth Scotland 3903 Miami Florida USA 1352 5356Strait of Gibraltar 3757 Ports Montevideo Uruguay 4261 Al Basrah Iraq 5650Straits of Florida 701 New York New York USA Al Manamah Bahrain 5390Yucatan Channel 741 Hobart Tasmania 947 1747 Albany Australia 2152 Lyttelton New Zealand 2082 Norfolk Virginia USA 1620 Ports Noumea New Caledonia 2179 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Russia 4041 Sydney Australia 1164 USA 1753 Ambon Indonesia 579Baltimore Maryland USA Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 141 Apra Guam via Selat Sele 1925 1301 PORT BLAIR ANDAMAN Port au Prince Haiti 950 Beira Mozambique Colombia 592 ISLANDS Port of Spain Trinidad east of Berbera Somalia 5384Belem Brazil 2258 114000N 924600E to Grenadine Islands 231 Bombay India 4193Belize Belize north of Jamaica Port of Spain Trinidad west of Bunbury Australia 1906 933 Junction Points Grenadine Islands 230 Busan South Korea 2937Belize Belize south of Jamaica Portsmouth New Hampshire Bushehr Iran 5446 953 Cape of Good Hope South Africa USA 1822 Calicut India 3683Boston Massachusetts USA 5075 Puerto Cabello Venezuela 465 Colombo Sri Lanka 3320 1557 Port Said Egypt 4353 Puerto Cortes Honduras 1578 Dagu China 3363Bridgetown Barbados 1070 Singapore 929 Recife Brazil 2202 Dalian China 3204Buenos Aires Argentina 5322 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3274 Dar es Salaam Tanzania 5428Campeche Mexico 1140 Ports Salvador Brazil 2593 Diego Garcia Haiti 195 San Juan del Norte Nicaragua Archipelago 3483Cardenas Cuba 603 Calcutta India 775 1344 Durban South Africa 5561Carmen Mexico 1219 Madras India 758 San Juan Puerto Rico west of Dutch Harbor Alaska USACartagena Colombia 639 Saint Croix and Virgin 5332Charleston South Carolina PORT CASTRIES ST LUCIA Passage 418 East London South Africa 5673 USA 961 140100N 610000W to Santo Domingo Dominican El Ferrol del Caudillo SpainCharlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Republic 578 1843 628 Junction Points Savannah Georgia USA 1548 Fort Dauphin Madagascar 4775Cienfuegos Cuba 534 Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 532 Fremantle Australia 1847Gonaives Haiti 70 Bishop Rock England 3405 St Johns Antigua 204 Geraldton Australia 1638Guantanamo Cuba 179 Inishtrahull Ireland 3499 St Pierre Martinique 46 Hakodate Japan via Selat SeleGulfport Mississippi USA via Montreal Canada 2642 Sydney Canada 1967 3422 Windward Passage 1176 Panama Panama 1203 Tuxpan Mexico 2136 Hong Kong China 2363Halifax Canada 1671 Pentland Firth Scotland 3704 Willemstad Curacao 489 Incheon South Korea viaHamilton Bermuda 1016 Punta Arenas Chile 5451 Molucca Passage 3072Jacmel Haiti 271 Strait of Gibraltar 3236 PORT CHALMERS NEW Jakarta Indonesia 1706Key West Florida USA via Old Straits of Florida via Mona ZEALAND Karachi Pakistan 4653 Bahama Channel 650 Passage 1409 454847S 1703743E to Kobe Japan via Selat Sele 2901Kingston Jamaica 277 Yucatan Channel 1452 Kodiak Alaska USA 5859La Guaira Venezuela 801 Junction Points Madras India 3483La Habana Cuba 662 Ports Majunga Madagascar 5069Les Cayes Haiti 202 Panama Panama 6659 Manila Philippines 1834Manzanillo Cuba 372 Baltimore Maryland USA Punta Arenas Chile 4548 Maputo Mozambique 5539Matanzas Cuba 617 1741 Torres Strait Australia 2815 Massawa Ethiopia via south ofMiami Florida USA 643 Belem Brazil 1265 Torres Strait Australia via Cook Java 5747Nassau Bahamas 564 Belize Belize 1609 Strait 2942 Midway Island 4188New York New York USA Boston Massachusetts USA Wilson Promontory Australia Mocambique Mozambique 5304 1372 1812 1201 Mogpo South Korea 2916Norfolk Virginia USA 1178 Bridgetown Barbados north of St Mombasa Kenya 5434Nuevitas Cuba 348 Lucia 110 Ports Mosselbaai South Africa Pennsylvania USA Bridgetown Barbados south of St Nagasaki Japan via Selat Sele via Crooked Island Passage Lucia 115 Auckland New Zealand via east 2785 1343 Brunswick Georgia USA 1529 of New Zealand 840 Port Elizabeth South Africa 5767Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe south Buenos Aires Argentina 4375 Hobart Tasmania 1061 Port Louis Mauritius north of of Hispaniola 945 Campeche Mexico 1848 Melbourne Australia via Banks Scott Reef 4252Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe via CapHaitien Haiti 767 Strait 1339 Port Louis Mauritius south of Windward Passage and Mona Carmen Mexico 1927 Noumea New Caledonia via Scott Reef 4246 Passage 889 Cartagena Colombia 933 Cook Strait 1545 Qingdao China 3062Port Castries St Lucia via Charleston South Carolina San Diego California USA Windward Passage and Mona USA 1532 PORT DARWIN AUSTRALIA 7297 Passage 950 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands 122830S 1305000E to San Francisco California USAPort of Spain Trinidad 1053 346 6984 Cienfuegos Cuba 1246 Seattle Washington USA 6892 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points84 PORT DES GALETS REUNION ISLANDShanghai China 2804 Horta Azores 3391 Villa Cisneros Western Sahara Fort Dauphin Madagascar 654Shimonoseki Japan via Selat Lagos Nigeria 318 892 Fremantle Australia north of Sele 2883 Luanda Angola 941 Mauritius 3202Sitka Alaska USA 6338 Pointe Noire Congo 677 PORT KELANG MALAYSIA Fremantle Australia south ofTamatave Madagascar 4702 30000N 1012400E to Mauritius 3217Tanga Tanzania 5466 PORT HEDLAND Malacca Malaysia 3215Tjilatjap Indonesia 1321 AUSTRALIA Junction Points Maputo Mozambique 1448Truk Caroline Islands via Selat 201745S 1183450E to Penang Malaysia 3042 Sele 2142 Cape of Good Hope South Port Adelaide Australia 4323Victoria Seychelles 4494 Junction Points Africa 5369 Port Darwin Australia north ofVinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 2169 Port Said Egypt 4817 Scott Reef Russia via Higashi Cape of Good Hope South Singapore 220 Port Darwin Australia south of Suido 3426 Africa 5225 Scott Reef Russia via Selat Cape Leeuwin Australia 1104 Ports Sabang Indonesia 2731 Sele 3445 Selat Lombok Indonesia 715 Tamatave Madagascar 474Wake Island 3187 Port Said Egypt 6187 Aden Yemen 3430 Victoria Seychelles 943Weonsan North Korea 3242 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1208 Akyab Sittwe Harbor Burma Wellington New Zealand 5900Wyndham Australia 274 Torres Strait Australia 1637 Bombay India 2238 Zanzibar Tanzania 1388Xiamen China 2411 Chittagong Bangladesh 1311Yampi Sound Australia 1457 Ports Rangoon Burma 911 PORT MORESBY PAPUAYokohama Japan via Selat Sele Trincomalee Sri Lanka 1253 NEW GUINEA 2989 Aden Yemen 4800 92845S 1470840E toZamboanga Philippines 1303 Bombay India 3702 PORT KEMBLA Tanzania 5452 Busan South Korea via west of 342830S 1505300E to Junction Points Timor and Korea Strait 3484PORT DES GALETS Colombo Sri Lanka 2833 Junction Points Panama Panama 8292REUNION ISLAND Fremantle Australia 972 Punta Arenas Chile via 50S 205515S 551730E to Geraldton Australia 769 Selat Lombok Indonesia 3388 6897 San Francisco California USA Torres Strait Australia 1817 Torres Strait Australia 339 Junction Points via west of Timor 7646 Wilson Promontory Australia Ports 2287Cape of Good Hope South PORT HUENEME Africa 2120 CALIFORNIA USA Hobart Tasmania 593 PortsCape Leeuwin Australia 3241 340900N 1191224W to Nukualofa Tonga Islands 1987Port Said Egypt 3747 Wellington New Zealand 1229 Gladstone Harbor Australia 1389Singapore 3450 Junction Points Koniya Ryukyu Islands 3063 PORT LAVACA TEXAS Lae Papua New Guinea 1044 Ports Panama Panama 2958 USA Mackay Australia 1168 283544N 963351W See Port Pirie Australia 2754Durban South Africa 1418 Ports Point Comfort Townsville Australia 595PORT ETIENNE Ensenada Mexico 194 PORT NADOR MOROCCO PORT Honolulu Hawaii USA 2170 PHILIPPINES 351700N 25600W See 204000N 170412W to Sweeper Cove Alaska USA 130900N 1234530E See Melilla 2686 Legaspi Port Junction Points Vancouver Canada 1102 PORT NECHES TEXAS PORT LINCOLN USACape of Good Hope South PORT KAMSAR GUINEA AUSTRALIA 295935N 935620W Add Africa 4018 103900N 143700W to 344300S 1355200E to 13 miles to Port Arthur distancesIle dOuessant France 1826 Junction Points Junction Points PORT NEWARK NEW Ports JERSEY USA Bishop Rock England 2560 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1100 404200N 740900W ForCasablanca Morocco 1032 Cape of Good Hope South Torres Strait Australia 2811 ocean distances add 4 12 miles toDakar Senegal 394 Africa 3294 New York distances Fastnet Rock Ireland 2625 PortsPORT EVERGLADES Grand Banks South 2701 PORT OF SPAIN USA Ile dOuessant France 2520 Albany Australia 953 103845N 613100W to 260536N 800448W See Inishtrahull Ireland 2925 Hobart Tasmania 830Fort Lauderdale Panama Panama 3863 Melbourne Australia 588 Junction Points Pentland Firth Scotland 3256PORT GENTIL GABON Punta Arenas Chile 5098 PORT LOUIS MAURITIUS Bishop Rock England 3603 04300S 84730E to Strait of Gibraltar 1867 200915S 572945E to Cape of Good Hope South Straits of Florida 3984 Africa 5393 Ports Yucatan Channel 4143 Junction Points Inishtrahull Ireland 3706 Montreal Canada via CabotBoma Congo 470 Ports Cape of Good Hope South Strait 2901Cabinda Cabinda 393 Africa 2266 Panama Panama 1202Douala Cameroon 29 Abidjan Ivory Coast 834 Cape Leeuwin Australia 3165 Pentland Firth Scotland 3913Kribi Cameroon 231 Agadir Morocco 1422 Singapore 3333 Punta Arenas Chile 5430Pointe Noire Congo 341 Belem Brazil 2171 Torres Strait Australia 4933 Strait of Gibraltar 3403 Bordeaux France 2493 Straits of Florida via MonaPORT HARCOURT NIGERIA Buenos Aires Argentina 3747 Ports Passage 1533 44615N 70012E to Cape Town South Africa 3274 Yucatan Channel 1517 Dakar Senegal 330 Aden Yemen 2341 Junction Points Freetown Sierra Leone 153 Albany Australia 3340 Ports Galway Ireland 2692 Beira Mozambique 1448Ile dOuessant France 3974 Libreville Gabon 1652 Belawan Indonesia 2997 Baltimore Maryland USA Monrovia Liberia 372 Bombay India 2517 1918 Ports New York New York USA Calcutta India 3212 Barcelona Venezuela 218 3634 Colombo Sri Lanka 2098 Basseterre Saint Kitts and NevisFreetown Sierra Leone 1397 San Juan Puerto Rico 3018 Durban South Africa 1560 419 Tangier Morocco 1788 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points PORT SAID EGYPT 85Belem Brazil 1212 St John Canada 2113 Aden Yemen 1400 Kalamai Greece 644Belize Belize 1637 St Johns Canada 2288 Ajaccio Corsica 1355 Karachi Pakistan 2865Boston Massachusetts USA St Johns Antigua 411 Akyab Burma 4672 Kavala Greece 714 2022 Sydney Canada 2189 Al Aqabah Jordan 380 Kerch Ukraine 1238Bridgetown Barbados via Boca Takoradi Ghana 3632 Al Basrah Iraq 3371 Kerkira Greece south of Greece Grande 211 Turiamo Venezuela 384 Al Latakia Syria 310 848Brunswick Georgia USA 1694 Tuxpan Mexico 2201 Al Manamah Bahrain 3132 Kerkira Greece via Mexico 1913 Veracruz Mexico 2182 Alcudia Balearic Islands 1536 Canal 826CapHaitien Haiti 888 Willemstad Curacao 456 Alexandria Egypt 164 Khalkis Greece 630Cape Town South Africa 5387 Wilmington North Carolina Greece 699 Kyrenia Cyprus 297Carmen Mexico 1992 USA 1703 Algeciras Spain 1927 La Spezia Italy 1391Cartagena Colombia 932 Algiers Algeria 1514 Larnaca Cyprus 231Carupano Venezuela 109 PORT PIRIE AUSTRALIA Alicante Spain 1680 Licata Sicily 993Catia la Mar Venezuela 335 331020S 1380045E to Almeria Spain 1780 Limassol Cyprus 208Charleston South Carolina Ancona Italy 1206 Livorno Italy 1355 USA 1682 Junction Points Annaba Algeria 1289 Madras India north of Amalie Virgin Islands Antalya Turkey 346 4037 518 Panama Panama 8467 Arzew Algeria 1692 Mahon Balearic Islands 1484Cienfuegos Cuba 1310 Singapore 3564 As Sukhayrah Tunisia 1156 Majunga Madagascar Mexico 2137 Ashdod Israel 126 Malacca Malaysia 4891Colon Panama 1159 Ports Assab Ethiopia 1258 Malaga Spain 1873Covenas Colombia 968 Augusta Sicily 932 Manfredonia Italy 1045Dakar Senegal 2628 Melbourne Australia 689 Bandar Abbas Iran 2842 Maputo Mozambique 4348Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 1170 Port Adelaide Australia 246 Bandar Khomeini Iran 3322 Marmagao India 3078Freetown Sierra Leone 2896 Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Banghazi Libya 673 Marsaxlokk Malta 942Funchal Madeira Island 2819 2754 Baniyas Syria 299 Marseille France 1518Georgetown Guyana via Serpents Banzart Tunisia 1184 Massawa Ethiopia 1041 Mouth 376 PORT RAYSUT OMAN Barcelona Spain 1600 Matruh Egypt 281Guantanamo Cuba 987 165658N 540200E See Bari Italy 999 Melilla Morocco 1821Halifax Canada 2059 Mina Raysut Barletta Italy 1023 Menton France 791Hamilton Bermuda 1346 Bassein Burma 4638 Mers el Kebir Algeria 1714Horta Azores 2461 PORT REFUGE COCOS Bastia Corsica 1337 Mersin Turkey 359Isabel Segunda Isla de Vieques ISLANDS Batumi Georgia 1391 Messina Sicily 945 531 120520S 965154E to Beaulieu France 1453 Mina al Ahmadi Kuwait Florida USA Beira Mozambique 3990 Mina Abd Allah Kuwait 3283 1685 Junction Points Beirut Lebanon 230 Mina Az Zawr Kuwait 3264Key West Florida USA via Bejaia Algeria 1423 Mocambique Mozambique 3522 Mona Passage and Old Bahama Cape of Good Hope South Africa Belawan Indonesia 4668 Mogadishu Somalia 2493 Channel 1484 4428 Bombay India 3046 Mombasa Kenya 3006Kingston Jamaica 1003 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1678 Bonifacio Corsica 1307 Monaco Monaco 1450La Guaira Venezuela south of Isla Selat Lombok Indonesia 1132 Brindisi Italy 941 Monopoli Italy 953 de Margarita 329 Selat Sunda Indonesia 647 Bunbury Australia 6343 Mostaganem Algeria 1678La Habana Cuba via Old Bahama Bur Safaga Egypt 310 Mtwara Tanzania 3265 Channel and Mona Passage Ports Cagliari Sardinia 1255 Napoli Italy 1116 1494 Calcutta India 4691 Navplion Greece 613Lagos Nigeria 3950 Colombo Sri Lanka 1539 Cannes France 1472 Nice France 1456Limon Costa Rica 1313 Cartagena Spain 1705 Novorossiysk Russia 1260Lisboa Portugal 3287 PORT ROYAL JAMAICA Catania Sicily 942 Odessa Ukraine 1152Miami Florida USA 1482 175600N 765100W Ceuta Morocco 1923 Okha India 2887Monrovia Liberia 3045 Subtract 5 miles from Kingston Chalna Bangladesh 4705 Olbia Sardinia 1278New Amsterdam Guyana 437 distances Chioggia Italy 1307 Oran Algeria 1711New York New York USA via Chittagong Bangladesh 4739 Palermo Sicily 1061 Virgin Passage 1939 Civitavecchia Italy 1243 Palma Balearic Islands 1555 PORT SAN CARLOSNorfolk Virginia USA 1799 FALKLAND ISLANDS Cochin India 3237 Patrai Greece via south ofOranjestad St Eustatius 432 513000S 590000W See Colombo Sri Lanka 3481 Greece 762Paramaribo Suriname 546 Stanley Falkland Islands Constanta Romania 1000 Patrai Greece via Corinth Pennsylvania USA Dar es Salaam Tanzania 3238 690 via Virgin Passage 1938 Darnah Libya 514 Penang Malaysia 4733 PORT SAID EGYPTPointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 358 311600N 321900E to Derince Turkey 837 Phuket Thailand 4629Port au Prince Haiti 1053 Djibouti Djibouti 1374 Piraievs Greece 599Port Castries St Lucia east of Junction Points Dubrovnik Croatia 1038 Ploce Croatia 1132 Grenadine Islands 231 Dumai Indonesia 4943 Port des Galets Reunion IslandsPort Castries St Lucia west of Cape of Good Hope South Africa Durban South Africa 4567 3747 Grenadine Islands 230 5340 Durres Albania 951 Port Blair Andaman Islands 4353Portsmouth New Hampshire Cape Leeuwin Australia 6389 East London South Africa 4830 Port Darwin Australia via Eight USA 2024 Selat Lombok Indonesia 5892 Ermoupolis Greece 535 Degree Channel 6764Puerto la Cruz Venezuela 214 Singapore 5035 Famagusta Cyprus 257 Port St Louis du Rhone FrancePuerto Cabello Venezuela 395 Strait of Gibraltar 1943 Fethiye Turkey 375 1535Puerto Cortes Honduras 1599 Selat Sunda Indonesia via Eight Fort Dauphin Madagascar 4035 Port Sudan Sudan 788Puerto Sucre Venezuela 200 Degree Channel 5224 Fremantle Australia 6310 Port Swettenham Malaysia 4817Punta Cardon Venezuela 574 Selat Sunda Indonesia via One Gaeta Italy 1150 Port Vendres France 1583Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3271 and Half Degree Channel Genova Italy 1426 Porto Empedocle Sicily 1017Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico 525 5335 Ghazaouet Algeria 1784 Porto Vecchio di Piombino ItalySan Juan del Norte Nicaragua Torres Strait Australia via Eight Gibraltar 1925 1315 1342 Degree Channel 7423 GolfeJuan France 1462 Pozzuoli Italy 1118San Juan Puerto Rico 574 Torres Strait Australia via One Haifa Israel 171 Preveza Greece 806Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary and Half Degree Channel Hyeres Greece 1474 Pula Croatia south of Greece Islands 2804 7409 Iraklion Kriti 455 1256Santo Domingo Dominican Iskenderun Turkey 381 Pula Croatia via Corinth Canal Republic 681 Ports Istanbul Turkey 804 1244Savannah Georgia USA 1714 Izmir Turkey 608 Qabis Tunisia 1149Sint Nicolaashaven Aruba 515 Ad Damman Saudi Arabia 3142 Jakarta Indonesia 5293 Rangoon Burma 4696St Georges Grenada 102 Jiddah Saudi Arabia 722 Ras as Sidr Egypt 112 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points86 PORT ST LOUIS DU RHONE FRANCERas Gharib Egypt 187 Ports PORTVENDRES FRANCE Buenos Aires Argentina 5873Ras Tannurah Saudi Arabia 3162 423130N 30700E to Cape Town South Africa 6709Reggio Di Calabria Sicily 939 Aden Yemen 668 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Kriti 489 Assab Ethiopia 524 Junction Points 1557Rhodes Greece 376 Bur Safaga Egypt 508 Charlottetown Canada via StraitRijeka Croatia south of Greece Jiddah Saudi Arabia 161 Port Said Egypt 1583 of Canso 579 1276 Massawa Ethiopia 306 Strait of Gibraltar 633 Colon Panama 2198Rijeka Croatia via Corinth Halifax Canada 338 Canal 1263 Ports Kingston Jamaica 1679 PORT Russia 1440 LOUISIANA USA Maracaibo Venezuela 2042Sabang Indonesia 4422 292836N 894109W Barcelona Spain 108 Montevideo Uruguay 5759Salamis Greece 614 Subtract 50 miles from New Marseille France 109 Murmansk Russia 3677Salerno Italy 1098 Orleans distances Napoli Italy 521 Recife Brazil 3700Sant Antioco Ponti Sardinia Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4772 1282 PORT SWETTENHAM PORTLAND AUSTRALIA Salvador Brazil 4091Sarande Albania 863 MALAYA MALAYSIA 382030S 1413700E to San Juan Puerto Rico 1531Savona Italy 1437 30000N 1012300E to Santos Brazil 4959Sayda Lebanon 205 Junction Points St John Canada 215Sete France 1577 Junction Points Sydney Canada 556Sevastopol Ukraine 1105 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1304 Willemstad Curacao 1921Sfax Tunisia 1131 Port Said Egypt 4817 Torres Strait Australia 2429 Yarmouth Canada 185Shengjin Albania 988 Singapore 210Sibenik Croatia south of Ports PORTLAND OREGON USA Greece 1148 Ports 453300N 1224145W toSibenik Croatia via Corinth Hobart Tasmania 540 Canal 1136 Calcutta India 1444 Melbourne Australia 206 Junction PointsSimons Bay South Africa 5315 Madras India 1384 Port Adelaide Australia 321Siracusa Sicily 924 Penang Malaysia 172 Panama Panama 3869Skikda Algeria 1337 PORTLAND ENGLAND Punta Arenas Chile 6813Soudha Kriti 507 PORT TALBOT WALES 503500N 22600W to Singapore 7142Sousse Tunisia 1133 513525N 34724W to Wilson Promontory AustraliaSplit Croatia 1133 Junction Points 7121St Raphael France 1475 Junction PointsSuakin Sudan 813 Bishop Rock England 181 PortsTamatave Madagascar 3584 Bishop Rock England 149 EastTanga Tanzania 3068 Inishtrahull Ireland 331 Entrance Germany 565 Antofagasta Chile 5383Tarabulus Lebanon 268 Skagens Odde Denmark 682 Auckland New Zealand 6075Tarabulus Libya 998 Ports Brisbane Australia 6421Taranto Italy 954 Ports Brito Nicaragua 3333Tarragona Spain 1634 Dublin Ireland 179 Callao Peru 4611Terracina Italy 1162 Liverpool England 244 Aberdeen Scotland 564 Cebu Philippines Greece 741 Amsterdam Netherlands 316 Dalian China 5240Toulon France 1486 PORT TAMPA FLORIDA Antwerp Belgium 292 Guayaquil Ecuador 4169Trapani Sicily 1100 USA Bergen Norway 745 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2332Trieste Italy 1310 215140N 823320W Bremerhaven Germany 499 Jakarta Indonesia via Libya 445 Subtract 5 miles from Tampa Calais France 170 Channel and composite 7415Tulear Madagascar 3966 distances Dover England 155 Kobe Japan 4590Tunis Tunisia 1172 Dundee Scotland 547 Manila Philippines via BabuyanUmm Said Qatar 3091 PORT TARANAKI NEW Dunkerque France 190 Channel 6024Valencia Spain 1679 ZEALAND Egersund Norway 632 Newcastle Australia 6833Valletta Malta 946 390208S 1740230E See Emden Germany 439 Pago Pago American SamoaVenezia Italy 1317 New Plymouth Esbjerg Denmark 525 4525Viareggio Italy 1716 Hamburg Germany 554 Sydney Australia 6737Villa San Giovanni Italy 944 PORT TOWNSEND Hartlepool England 428 Valparaiso Chile 5764Villa Sanjurjo Morocco 1868 WASHINGTON USA Hull England 368 Vancouver Canada France 1455 480630N 1224500W Kristiansand Norway 643 Vladivostok Russia north of theVlores Albania 973 Subtract 36 miles from Seattle Leith Scotland 545 Aleutian Islands 4278Volos Greece 683 distances London England 247 Wellington New Zealand 6327Yumurtalik Turkey 372 Newcastle England 453 Yokohama Japan 4323Zadar Croatia 1214 PORT WALCOT Oostende Belgium 214 AUSTRALIA Oslo Norway 795 PORTO ALEGRE BRAZILPORT ST LOUIS DU RHONE 203158S 1171400E to Rotterdam Netherlands 293 300200S 511400W toFRANCE Southampton England 57 432300N 44800E to Junction Points Stavanger Norway 672 Junction Points Wilhelmshaven Germany 483 Junction Points Cape of Good Hope South Zeebrugge Belgium 229 Cape of Good Hope South Africa 5137 Africa 3625Port Said Egypt 1535 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1005 PORTLAND MAINE USA Panama Panama 5148Strait of Gibraltar 703 Port Said Egypt 6170 433930N 701445W to Punta Arenas Chile 1686 Selat Lombok Indonesia 707 Ports Selat Sunda Indonesia 3346 Junction Points Ports Selat Wetar Indonesia 942Annaba Algeria 419 Torres Strait Australia 1662 Montreal Canada 1206 Montevideo Uruguay 482Barcelona Spain 178 Panama Panama via Crooked Santos Brazil 758Genova Italy 221 Ports Island Passage 2241 Pentland Firth Scotland 2910 PORTO DI BARLETTAPORT SUDAN SUDAN Al Basrah Iraq 5133 Punta Arenas Chile 6949 ITALY 193700N 371345E to Fremantle Australia 873 Straits of Florida 1450 412000N 161730E to Geraldton Australia 671 Junction Points Mombasa Kenya 4624 Ports Junction Points Port Darwin Australia 953Port Said Egypt 788 Victoria Seychelles 3730 Belize Belize 1967 Port Said Egypt 1023 Zanzibar Tanzania 4796 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points PRIMORSK RUSSIA 87Strait of Gibraltar 1398 USA 3057 Yucatan Channel 1612 Junction Points Ports PORTO VECCHIO DI Ports Selat Lombok Indonesia via PIOMBINO ITALY Makassar Strait 7218Ancona Italy 199 425600N 103300E to Argentia Canada 779 Panama Panama 4107Dubrovnik Croatia 113 Arkhangelsk Russia 3992 Punta Arenas Chile 7067Taranto Italy 232 Junction Points Belem Brazil 2959 Singapore via Balintang Cartagena Colombia 2053 Channel 7281PORTO DI BRINDISI ITALY Port Said Egypt 1315 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Selat Sunda Indonesia via 403838N 175703E See Strait of Gibraltar 897 1534 Balintang Channel 7645Brindisi Colon Panama 2174 Ports Dakar Senegal 3219 PortsPORTO EMPEDOCLE Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 1252SICILY ITALY Genova Italy 116 Freetown Sierra Leone 3654 Anchorage Alaska USA via 371630N 133200E to Marseille France 247 Georgetown Guyana 2284 Queen Charlotte Sound 1278 Napoli Italy 227 Guantanamo Cuba via Crooked Auckland New Zealand 6244 Junction Points Island Passage 1512 Brisbane Australia 6543 PORTOVESME ITALY Halifax Canada 359 Chimbote Peru 4642Port Said Egypt 1017 391131N 82229E to Hamilton Bermuda 723 Guaymas Mexico 2333Strait of Gibraltar 937 Ivittuut Greenland 1709 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2476 Junction Points Kingston Jamaica 1655 Sydney Australia 6879 Ports Port Castries St Lucia 1822 Tokyo Japan via Queen Charlotte Port Said Egypt 1298 Port of Spain Trinidad 2024 Sound 4123Tarabulus Libya 263 Strait of Gibraltar 701 Reykjavik Iceland 2271Tunis Tunisia 167 San Juan Puerto Rico 1507 POZZUOLI ITALYValletta Malta 97 Ports St John Canada 248 404930N 140700E to Sydney Canada 576PORTO GRANDE SAO Alexandria Egypt 1160 Junction PointsVICENTE CAPE VERDE Barcelona Spain 311 PORVOO FINLANDISLANDS Beirut Lebanon 1387 601800N 253300E to Port Said Egypt Strait of 165300N 250020W to Istanbul Turkey 1336 Gibraltar 995 Marseille France 282 Junction Points Junction Points Trieste Italy 2700 Ports EastBishop Rock England 2165 PORTSMOUTH ENGLAND Entrance Germany 660 Civitavecchia Italy 147Cape of Good Hope South Africa 504800N 10640W to Skagens Odde Denmark via The Messina Sicily 177 3958 Sound 722 Tunis Tunisia 308Ile dOuessant France 2137 Junction PointsStrait of Gibraltar 1539 Ports PRAIA DA VITORIAStraits of Florida 3308 Bishop Rock England via TERCEIRA AZORES Needles Channel 225 Halmstad Sweden via The 384345N 270310W to Ports Ile dOuessant France 227 Sound 644 East Hamina Finland 83 Junction PointsAccra Ghana 1760 Entrance Germany 515 Helsinki Finland 56Baltimore Maryland USA Skagens Odde Denmark 632 Kobenhavn Denmark via The Bishop Rock England 1128 3095 Sound 582 Strait of Gibraltar 1034Banjul Gambia 553 Ports Kokkola Finland 525 Straits of Florida 3017Bissau GuineaBissau 651 Lulea Sweden 584Cadiz Spain 1547 Aberdeen Scotland 514 Varberg Sweden via The Sound Morocco 1387 Amsterdam Netherlands 266 666Colon Panama 3246 Antwerp Belgium 242 Lisboa Portugal 850Freetown Sierra Leone 871 Bergen Norway 695 New York New York USA POTI GEORGIAFunchal Madeira Island 1043 Bremerhaven Germany 446 420951N 413835E to 2173Guantanamo Cuba 2853 Dover England 105Horta Azores 1316 Dundee Scotland 497 Junction Points PRAIA SAO TIAGO CAPEHuelva Spain 1561 Dunkerque France 150 VERDE ISLANDSLagos Nigeria 1991 Egersund Norway 582 Port Said Egypt 1399 145415N 233030W toLisboa Portugal 1555 Emden Germany 389 Strait of Gibraltar via CorinthLuanda Angola 2778 Esbjerg Denmark 475 Canal 4266 PortsMocamedes Angola 2939 Hamburg Germany 504 Strait of Gibraltar south ofMonrovia Liberia 1069 Hartlepool England 378 Greece 4326 Funchal Madeira Island 1128New York New York USA Hull England 318 2913 Kristiansand Norway 593 Ports PREVEZA GREECENorfolk Virginia USA 2971 Leith Scotland 495 385715N 204520E toPhiladelphia Pennsylvania London England 197 Alexandria Egypt 1337 USA 3011 Newcastle England 403 Beirut Lebanon 1448 Junction PointsPonta Delgada Azores 1253 Oostende Belgium 174 Constanta Romania 581Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2687 Oslo Norway 745 Haifa Israel 1450 Port Said Egypt 806Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Rotterdam Netherlands 243 Iraklion Kriti 1049 Strait of Gibraltar 1319 Islands 849 Stavanger Norway 622 Istanbul Turkey 591Sao Tome Sao Tome Gulf of Wilhelmshaven Germany 433 Napoli Italy via Corinth Canal Ports Guinea 2208 Zeebrugge Belgium 179 1530Savannah Georgia USA 3169 Napoli Italy south of Greece Durres Albania 181Sidi Ifni Morocco 1117 PORTSMOUTH NEW 1593 Messina Sicily 274St Louis Senegal 496 HAMPSHIRE USA Valencia Spain via Corinth Piraievs Greece via CorinthSydney Canada 2503 430440N 704430W to Canal 2125 Canal 197Takoradi Ghana 1673 Valencia Spain south of GreeceTangier Morocco 1536 Junction Points 2185 PRIMORSK RUSSIAVigo Spain 1737 602130N 283600E ViaVilla Cisneros Western Sahara Cape of Good Hope South Africa Ostrov Rondo pilot station POWELL RIVER CANADA 650 6732 495200N 1243400W to Subtract 1 mile from North Carolina Straits of Florida 1461 distances JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points88 PRINCE RUPERT CANADAPRINCE RUPERT CANADA Pentland Firth Scotland 3047 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands PUERTO DE HIERRO 541900N 1302000W to Strait of Gibraltar 3122 506 VENEZUELA Cienfuegos Cuba 1015 103700N 620530W to Junction Points Ports Colon Panama 802 Galveston Texas USA 1899 Junction PointsPanama Panama 4303 Bordeaux France 3145 Key West Florida USA via OldPunta Arenas Chile 7247 Bahama Channel and Windward Panama Panama 1192Singapore 6683 Passage 1248 Straits of Florida 2086 PROVIDENIYA RUSSIA 642200N 1731730W to Kingston Jamaica 697 Ports La Habana Cuba via Old Bahama Ports Ports Channel and WindwardApra Guam 4586 Passage 1260 Barranquilla Colombia 838Auckland New Zealand 6209 Anadyrskiy Zaliv Russia 254 Paramaribo Suriname 887 Belem Brazil 1215Callao Peru 5047 Pevek Russia 719 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USADutch Harbor Alaska USA Tiksi Russia 1500 via Mona Passage 1845 PUERTO DE LA LUZ 1274 Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 520 CANARY Japan alternate route Port au Prince Haiti 769 280830N 152500W See PUERTO ARMUELLES Las Palmas north of Aleutian Islands 3487 PANAMA Port Castries St Lucia 465Hakodate Japan south of Aleutian 81615N 825130W to Port of Spain Trinidad 395 Islands 3525 Santo Domingo Dominican PUERTO DE PASAJES SPAINHong Kong China alternate route Junction Points Republic 492 431930N 15500W to north of Aleutian Islands 5286 Tuxpan Mexico 1883Hong Kong China south of Panama Panama 306 Veracruz Mexico 1848 Junction Points Aleutian Islands 5323 Willemstad Curacao 116Honolulu Hawaii USA 2393 Ports Ile dOuessant France 340Juneau Alaska USA 322 Strait of Gibraltar 894 PUERTO CABEZASLos Angeles California USA Corinto Nicaragua 409 NICARAGUA 1432 Los Angeles California USA 140100N 832230W to PortsManila Philippines south of 2645 Aleutian Islands and north of San Francisco California USA Junction Points Bordeaux France 178 Luzon 5510 2973 El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 300Nanaimo Canada 453 Panama Panama 390 Horta Azores 1260New Westminster Canada 492 PUERTO BARRIOSNome Alaska USA 1846 GUATEMALA Ports PUERTO DESEADOPago Pago American Samoa 154300N 883700W to ARGENTINA 4652 Kingston Jamaica 451 474520S 655505W Junction Points La Ceiba Honduras 316 Russia via Unimak Pass 2504 Oranjestad St Eustatius 1195 Junction PointsSan Francisco California USA Panama Panama 823 1090 Yucatan Channel 439 Panama Panama 6222 PUERTO CORTESSeattle Washington USA 577 HONDURAS Punta Arenas Chile 440Seward Alaska USA 734 Ports 155000N 875720W toSitka Alaska USA 285 PortsSydney Australia 6671 Baltimore Maryland USA Junction Chile 6199 1725 Buenos Aires Argentina 965Vancouver Canada 477 Cartagena Colombia 901 Panama Panama 776Victoria Canada 531 Colon Panama 780 Yucatan Channel 399 PUERTO LA CRUZYokohama Japan alternate route Galveston Texas USA 1041 VENEZUELA north of Aleutian Islands 3810 Kingston Jamaica 715 Ports 101450N 643557W toYokohama Japan south of La Habana Cuba 608 Aleutian Islands 3827 Mobile Alabama USA 950 Baltimore Maryland USA Junction Points New Orleans Louisiana USA 1690 via South Pass 955 Barranquilla Colombia 873 Panama Panama 1016PROGRESO MEXICO 212100N 894000W to New York New York USA Buenos Aires Argentina 5909 Yucatan Channel 1381 1804 Cartagena Colombia 854 Junction Points Norfolk Virginia USA 1603 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Ports Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1343Panama Panama 1069 USA 1774 Colon Panama 733 La Guaira Venezuela 145 Santiago de Cuba Cuba 792 Dakar Senegal 4077 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ports Savannah Georgia USA 1224 Galveston Texas USA 1001 USA 1900 Veracruz Mexico 985 Georgetown Guyana 1933 Port of Spain Trinidad 214Baltimore Maryland USA Guantanamo Cuba 770 1530 PUERTO CABELLO Kingston Jamaica 671 PUERTO MADRYNBoston Massachusetts USA VENEZUELA La Guaira Venezuela 1294 ARGENTINA 1838 102915N 680030W to Limon Costa Rica 623 424545S 650135W toColon Panama 1026 Mobile Alabama USA 915La Habana Cuba 430 Junction Points New Orleans Louisiana USA Junction PointsNew Orleans Louisiana USA via South Pass 916 556 Panama Panama 845 New York New York USA Panama Panama 6012New York New York USA Straits of Florida via Windward 1764 Punta Arenas Chile 760 1609 Passage 1299 Norfolk Virginia USA 1568Tampico Mexico 469 Yucatan Channel 1203 Philadelphia Pennsylvania PortsVeracruz Mexico 401 USA 1739 Ports Port Castries St Lucia 1578 Buenos Aires Argentina 748PROVIDENCE RHODE Port of Spain Trinidad 1599ISLAND USA Baltimore Maryland USA Recife Brazil 3737 PUERTO MANATI CUBA 414830N 712400W to 1818 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4813 212140N 764920W to Belize Belize 1289 San Juan Puerto Rico 1284 Junction Points Boston Massachusetts USA via Savannah Georgia USA 1189 Junction Points Mona Passage 1976 St Johns Antigua 1511Bishop Rock England 2841 Campeche Mexico 1595 Swan Island Honduras 254 Panama Panama 959Fastnet Rock Ireland 2719 CapHaitien Haiti 752 Tampico Mexico 993 Straits of Florida Ireland 2823 Veracruz Mexico 948 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points PUNTA ARENAS CHILE 89 Ports Ports Larnaca Cyprus 1245 Cape Town South Africa 4279 Mersin Turkey 1260 Charleston South CarolinaLa Habana Cuba 353 Patrai Greece 555 USA 6868New York New York USA Russia 2800 RostovnaDonu Russia south of Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands 1244 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 836 Greece 1745 5714San Juan Puerto Rico 639 Manila Philippines 364 RostovnaDonu Russia via Charlottetown Canada 6907 Shanghai China 1622 Corinth Canal 1646 Chimbote Peru 2843PUERTO MIRANDA Vladivostok Russia 2217 Sete France 1216 Colon Panama 6451VENEZUELA Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina 104530N 713315W PUERTO SANDINO PULUPANDAN PHILIPPINES 585Subtract 8 12 miles from NICARAGUA 103100N 1224730E to Coquimbo Chile 1623Maracaibo distances 120900N 864930W to Corinto Nicaragua 4180 Junction Points Dagu China north of MarshallPUERTO MONTT CHILE Junction Points Islands 10843 412900S 725700W to Singapore 1504 Dakar Senegal 4928 Panama Panama 649 Torres Strait Australia 1962 Dalian China 10687 Junction Points Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Ports Ports 8063Panama Panama 3177 Esmeraldas Ecuador 3486Punta Arenas Chile 992 Acapulco Mexico 825 Cebu Philippines 225 Fortaleza Brazil 3654 Callao Peru 1608 Manila Philippines 363 Freetown Sierra Leone 4731 Ports Zamboanga Philippines 237 Funchal Madeira Island 5894 PUERTO SUCRE Georgetown Guyana 5030Islas Juan Fernandez 616 VENEZUELA PUNTA ARENAS CHILE Guayaquil Ecuador 3307Valparaiso Chile 623 102745N 641143W to 531000S 705400W to Guaymas Mexico 5401 Hakodate Japan via 30S 9672 Junction Points Junction Points Halifax Canada 6799PUERTO ORDAZVENEZUELA Hamilton Bermuda 6273 82100N 624300W Add 4 Panama Panama 1035 Bishop Rock England 7019 Honolulu Hawaii USA viamiles to San Felix distances Yucatan Channel 1399 Cape of Good Hope South Africa 30S 6414 4262 Iquique Chile 2201 Ports Fastnet Rock Ireland 7051 Jacksonville Florida USAPUERTO PADRE CUBA 211300N 763400W to Grand Banks South 6440 6879 La Guaira Venezuela 205 Honshu Japan 9286 Jaluit Marshall Islands 6815 Junction Points Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ile dOuessant France 6986 Kobe Japan via 30S 9872 USA 1907 Inishtrahull Ireland 7315 La Habana Cuba via Old BahamaPanama Panama 948 Port of Spain Trinidad 200 Montreal Canada 7515 Channel and east of SouthStraits of Florida 409 Panama Panama 3932 America 6742 PUERTO TANAMO CUBA Pentland Firth Scotland 7563 La Libertad Ecuador 3258 Ports 204200N 752000W See Strait of Gibraltar 6352 Levuka Fiji Islands 5342 Boca de Tanamo Cuba Straits of Florida 6783 Lisboa Portugal 6398Maracaibo Venezuela 834 Torres Strait Australia via 30S Los Angeles California USAMatanzas Cuba 330 PUERTO VITA CUBA and Raine Island entrance 5871San Juan Puerto Rico 625 210445N 755708W to 7217 Lota Chile 1191 TsugaruKaikyo Japan 9449 Maceio Brazil 3137PUERTO PLATA Junction Points Wilson Promontory Australia via Mar del Plata Argentina 1112DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Foveaux Strait and 49S 5820 Matarani Peru 2380 194900N 704130W to Straits of Florida 455 Wilson Promontory Australia via Midway Island 7382 30S and Cook Strait 7460 Monterey California USA Junction Points Ports Wilson Promontory Australia via 6113 60S 5305 Montevideo Uruguay via west ofPanama Panama 942 Charleston South Carolina Yucatan Channel 6794 English Bank 1300Straits of Florida 764 USA 814 Nagasaki Japan via 30S New York New York USA Ports 10126 Ports 1224 Natal Brazil 3400 Nuevitas Cuba 90 Acapulco Mexico 4582 New York New York USABaltimore Maryland USA Port Antonia Jamaica 315 Angra dos Reis Brazil 2212 6934 1215 Antofagasta Chile 1996 Norfolk Virginia USA 6880Guantanamo Cuba via Windward PULA CROATIA Apia Samoa 5207 Noumea New Caledonia 5527 Passage 262 445208N 135007E to Apra Guam 8071 Pago Pago American SamoaNew York New York USA Arica Chile 2301 5181 1270 Junction Points Auckland New Zealand via Papeete French Polynesia Pennsylvania 30S 6132 Paranagua Brazil 2001 USA 1250 Port Said Egypt 1256 Auckland New Zealand via Philadelphia de Cuba Cuba 311 Strait of Gibraltar 1628 49S 4814 USA 6978Santo Domingo Dominican Avarua Cook Islands 4429 Pisco Peru 2578 Republic 295 Ports Bahia Blanca Argentina 1004 Ponape Caroline Islands 7260 Baltimore Maryland USA Port Castries St Lucia 5451PUERTO PRINCESA Catania Sicily 594 7002 Port of Spain Trinidad Constanta Romania south of Belem Brazil 4363 Portland Maine USA 6939 94431N 1184326E to Greece 1305 Bordeaux France 7074 Portland Oregon USA 6813 Constanta Romania via Corinth Boston Massachusetts USA Porto Alegre Brazil 1686 Junction Points Canal 1206 6910 Porto Concepcion Argentina 624 Iskenderun Turkey south of Brisbane Australia via 30S Prince Rupert Canada 7247Honshu Japan 2044 Greece 1341 7369 Puerto Deseado Argentina 440Selat Lombok Indonesia 1168 Iskenderun Turkey via Corinth Brisbane Australia via 49S Puerto Madryn Argentina 760Panama Panama 9742 Canal 1301 6063 Puerto Montt Chile 992Punta Arenas Chile 9346 Istanbul Turkey 1124 Buenos Aires Argentina 1394 Puntarenas Costa Rica 4010Singapore 1060 Kerch Ukraine south of Greece Cabedelo Cuba 3327 Quequen Argentina 1053Selat Sunda Indonesia 1373 1543 Caldera Chile 1795 Rabaul Papua New Guinea viaTorres Strait Australia 1906 Kerch Ukraine via Corinth Caleta Olivia Argentina 570 30S 7980 Canal 1444 Callao Peru 2671 Recife Brazil 3252 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2238 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points90 PUNTA CARDON VENEZUELARio Gallegos Argentina 202 Callao Peru 1421 Junction Points Truk Caroline Islands 2459Rio Grande Argentina 220 Coquimbo Chile 2526 Valparaiso Chile 10274Salina Cruz Mexico 4478 Corinto Nicaragua 262 Pentland Firth Scotland 1963 Vladivostok Russia 998Salvador Brazil 2920 Esmeraldas Ecuador 614 Strait of Gibraltar 2679 Wake Island 2614San Antonio Chile 1410 Guayaquil Ecuador 878 Weihai China 205San Diego California USA Guaymas Mexico 1956 Ports Weonsan South Korea 802 5801 Iquique Chile 2062 Yantai China 239San Francisco California USA La Libertad El Salvador 383 Churchill Canada 1523 Yokohama Japan 1160 6188 Los Angeles California USA Reykjavik Iceland 1278 Yongjia China 623San Jose Guatemala 4296 2499 St Johns Canada 1333San Juan Peru 1660 Lota Chile 2899 QINHUANGDAO CHINASanta Barbara California USA Monterey California USA QEQERTARSUAQ 395500N 1193630E to 5938 2751 GODHAVN GREENLANDSanta Cruz de Tenerife Canary Pisco Peru 1533 691400N 533200W to Ports Islands 5690 San Diego California USASavannah Georgia USA 6898 2429 Junction Points Washington USA 6964 San Francisco California USA Russia 1755Seward Alaska USA 7859 2831 Inishtrahull Ireland via 75 miles Busan South Korea 650Shanghai China via 30S San Jose Guatemala 465 off Kap Farvel 1953 Dagu China 131 10465 San Juan del Sur Nicaragua 171 Inishtrahull Ireland 1901 Dalian China 145Shimonoseki Japan via 30S Santa Barbara California USA Incheon South Korea 406 10038 2566 Ports Lo hsingta Maoti China viaSitka Alaska USA 7455 Talcahuano Chile 2879 Steep Island Pass 977St Johns Canada 6735 Valparaiso Chile 2690 Ivittuut Greenland 560 Mogpo South Korea south ofSuva Fiji Islands 5444 Reykjavik Iceland via 75 miles Kasa Do 484Sydney Australia via 30S and PUSAN SOUTH KOREA off Kap Farvel 1483 Nagasaki Japan 702 north of New Zealand 7301 350600N 1290300E See Reykjavik Iceland 1396 Nampo North Korea 307Sydney Australia via 60S Busan South Korea 5398 QINGDAO CHINA Russia 2368Talcahuano Chile 1269 QAANAAQ THULE 360530N 1201900E to Qingdao China 381Tocopilla Chile 2177 GREENLAND Shanghai China 668Valparaiso Chile 1432 763252N 686230W to Junction Points Vladivostok Russia via Canada 6978 Sudo 1l51Wellington New Zealand via Junction Points Panama Panama 8575 Weihai China 191 30S 6141 Singapore 2466 Weonsan South Korea 995Wellington New Zealand via Pentland Firth Scotland 2456 Xiamen China 1114 50S 4634 Strait of Gibraltar 3299 Ports Yantai China 168Wilmington North Carolina USA 6853 Ports QUA IBOE NIGERIAXiamen China 10537 Russia 1602 42140N 80000E toYokohama Japan via 30S Churchill Canada 1909 Apra Guam 1900 9642 Reykjavik Iceland 1898 Auckland New Zealand 5378 Junction Points St Johns Canada 1800 Busan South Korea 497PUNTA CARDON Dagu China 436 Bishop Rock England 4258VENEZUELA QABIS TUNISIA Dalian China 277 Cape of Good Hope South 113730N 701430W to 335364N 100730E to Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Africa 2658 3385 Fastnet Rock Ireland 4164 Junction Points Junction Points Guayaquil Ecuador 8880 Grand Banks South 4315 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1969 Ile dOuessant France 4095Panama Panama 674 Port Said Egypt 1149 Hong Kong China 1120 Inishtrahull Ireland 4427Yucatan Channel 1055 Strait of Gibraltar 1073 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4456 Panama Panama 5319 Hualien Kang Taiwan 792 Pentland Firth Scotland 4987 Ports Ports Incheon South Korea 333 Punta Arenas Chile 5316 Kodiak Alaska USA 3975 Strait of Gibraltar 3502Cartagena Colombia 397 Tarabulus Libya 174 Lo hsingta Maoti China 715 Straits of Florida 5490Kingston Jamaica 530 Tunis Tunisia 302 Manila Philippines 1422 Yucatan Channel 5640Port of Spain Trinidad 574 Valletta Malta 232 Midway Island 3303 Mogpo South Korea 336 PortsPUNTA DE PIEDRAS QAQORTOQ JULIANEHAB Nampo North Korea 309VENEZUELA GREENLAND Russia Abidjan Ivory Coast 725 114212N 701330W Add 604300N 460230W to 1750 Accra Ghana 5042 miles to Amuay distances Noumea New Caledonia 4416 Cape Town South Africa 2384 Junction Points Pago Pago American Samoa Cotonou Dahomey 377PUNTA PALMAS DEL SUR 4969 Lagos Nigeria 334VENEZUELA Montreal Canada via Strait of Papeete French Polynesia 6046 Libreville Gabon 254 102428N 713318W Add Belle Isle 1470 New York New York USA15 miles to Maracaibo distances Russia 2215 5121 Ports Port Darwin Australia 3062 Philadelphia COSTA RICA Qinhuangdao China 381 USA 7399 96800N 845000W to New York New York USA Rabaul Papua New Guinea 3043 Sao Tome Sao Tome 246 1911 San Diego California USA Takoradi Ghana 587 Junction Points Reykjavik Iceland direct 795 5805 Reykjavik Iceland via 75 miles San Francisco California USA QUEPOS COSTA RICAPanama Panama 471 off Kap Farvel 892 5403 92500N 841000W toPunta Arenas Chile 4010 St Johns Canada 827 Sanmen Wen China 528 Shanghai China 401 Junction Points Ports QASIGIANNGUIT Sitka Alaska USA 4454 GREENLAND Suao Kang Taiwan 756 Panama Panama 415Acapulco Mexico 1011 684900N 511130W to Surabaya Indonesia 2864Amapala Honduras 329 Suva Fiji Islands 4662 Chile 2215 Sydney Australia 4871Arica Chile 1996 Taitung Kang Taiwan 870 Acapulco Mexico 1043 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points RAS AL KETHIB YEMEN 91Callao Peru 1387 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5414 Punta Arenas Chile via 49S Ports Port Said Egypt 3260 7036QUEQUEN ARGENTINA Singapore 3799 Gdynia Poland 403 383500S 584130W to Ports Stockholm Sweden 604 Ports Swinoujscie Poland 266 Junction Points Apia Samoa 2232 Aden Yemen 1871 Apra Guam 1187 RANGOON BURMAPanama Panama 5202 Bombay India 1491 Auckland New Zealand 2345 164600N 96l000E toPunta Arenas Chile 1053 Avarua Cook Islands 2993 RAS AS SIDR EGYPT Brisbane Australia 1434 Junction Points Ports 293436N 324200E to Callao Peru 7713 Dagu China 3294 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaBuenos Aires Argentina 350 Junction Points Hakodate Japan 2894 east of Madagascar 5443Santos Brazil 1437 Hong Kong China 2764 Cape Leeuwin Australia west of Cape of Good Hope South Africa Honolulu Hawaii USA 3355 Sumatra 3359QUI NHON VIETNAM 5189 Lae Papua New Guinea 448 Port Said Egypt 4696 134500N 1091500E to Port Said Egypt 112 Levuka Fiji Islands 1836 Singapore 1109 Singapore 4902 Mackay Australia 1871 Junction Points Manila Philippines 2281 Ports Ports Melbourne Australia 2408Singapore 856 Midway Island 2688 Aden Yemen 3309Selat Sunda Indonesia 1241 Aden Yemen 1282 Nagasaki Japan 2612 Al Basrah Iraq 3603 Noumea New Caledonia 1383 Al Manamah Bahrain 3329 Ports RAS GHARIB EGYPT Papeete French Polynesia 3527 Belawan Indonesia 803 282030N 330700E to Bombay India 2139Haiphong Vietnam 469 Russia 3555 Bushehr Iran 3425Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 361 Junction Points Ponape Caroline Islands 853 Calcutta India 787Hong Kong China 592 Qingdao China 3043 Colombo Sri Lanka 1268 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 3743 Fremantle Australia west ofQUINFUGUENA ANGOLA 5114 San Francisco California USA Sumatra 3248 61928S 121420E to Port Said Egypt 187 5396 Karachi Pakistan 2561 Singapore 4827 Seattle Washington USA 5509 Madras India 1003 Junction Points Sorong New Guinea 1304 Malacca Malaysia 986 Ports Sydney Australia 1844 Massawa Ethiopia 3701Bishop Rock England 4518 Talomako Vanuatu 1104 Mombasa Kenya 3714Cape of Good Hope South Africa Aden Yemen 1207 Valparaiso Chile 7461 Penang Malaysia 757 1777 Wallaroo Australia 2911 Sabang Indonesia 664Fastnet Rock Ireland 4534 RAS SHUKHAYR EGYPT Whyalla Australia 2957 Zanzibar Tanzania 3787Grand Banks South 4669 280704N 331904E to Xiamen China 2659Ile dOuessant France 4465 Yap Islands Caroline Islands RAOUL Ireland 4798 Junction Points 1196 KERMADEC ISLANDSPanama Panama 5672 Yokohama Japan 2526 291600S 1775700W toPentland Firth Scotland 5357 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaPunta Arenas Chile 4985 5200 RABIGH SAUDI ARABIA Junction PointsStrait of Gibraltar 4213 Cape Leeuwin Australia 6094 224358N 385805E toStraits of Florida 5844 Selat Lombok Indonesia 5557 Panama Panama 6125Yucatan Channel 5994 Port Said Egypt 203 Junction Points Singapore 4848 Ports Ports Selat Sunda Indonesia 5057 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Torres Strait Australia 7226 4932 Apia Samoa 1008Abidjan Ivory Coast 1197 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5732 Apra Guam 3369Boma Congo 56 Ports Selat Lombok Indonesia 5194 Auckland New Zealand 597Cape Town South Africa 1727 Port Said Egypt 650 Brisbane Australia via HoweDakar Senegal 2261 Aden Yemen 1191 Singapore 4374 Channel and Main Sierra Leone 1799 Assab Ethiopia 1055 Selat Sunda Indonesia 4568 1566Georgetown Ascension Island Calcutta India 4488 Torres Strait Australia 6788 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3246 1590 Kharg Island Iran 2993 Noumea New Caledonia 957Lisboa Portugal 3784 Massawa Ethiopia 857 Ports Papeete French Polynesia 1706Moni Matadi Congo 78 Suva Fiji Islands 701New York New York USA RAS TANNURAH SAUDI Aden Yemen 754 Sydney Australia 1600 5528 ARABIA Al Jubayl Saudi Arabia 2679Pointe Noire Congo 97 263900N 501000E to Assab Ethiopia 633 RAPID BAY AUSTRALIAPort Harcourt Nigeria 745 Bombay India 2403 353130S 1381130E toPorto Grande Cape Verde Islands Junction Points Massawa Ethiopia 428 2630 Port Darwin Australia 6119 Junction PointsTangier Morocco 3720 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Penang Malaysia 4077Vigo Spain 3988 4980 Port Sudan 212 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1131 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5316 Rangoon Burma 4077 Selat Sunda Indonesia 2946QUONSET POINT RHODE Port Said Egypt 3162ISLAND USA Singapore 3701 RADA DI VADO ITALY Ports 413500N 712400W 441600N 82700E UseSubtract 13 miles from Providence Ports Savona distances Albany Australia 990distances Hobart Tasmania 719 Al Basrah Iraq 295 RANDERS DENMARK Melbourne Australia 458RAS AL KHAFJI SAUDI 562748N 100348E toARABIA RABAUL PAPUA NEW RAS AL KETHIB YEMEN 282400N 483300E to GUINEA Junction Points 145558N 425350E to 41230S 1521200E to Junction Points East Junction Points Junction Points Entrance Germany 188Cape of Good Hope South Africa Skagens Odde Denmark 96 Cape of Good Hope South Africa 5078 Panama Panama 7807 4398 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points92 RAS AL MISHAB SAUDI ARABIACape Leeuwin Australia 5198 Kherson Ukraine 1542 REGGIO DI CALABRIA Iceland 1501Selat Lombok Indonesia 4660 Megara Greece 813 ITALY Murmansk Russia south ofPort Said Egypt 1149 Palma Balearic Islands 1226 380735N 153900E to Iceland 1529Singapore 3840 Split Croatia 203 Namsos Norway 1018Selat Sunda Indonesia 4034 Tarabulus Libya 884 Junction Points Nanortalik Greenland 737Torres Strait Australia 6254 Yumurtalik Turkey 1336 Narsarsuaq Greenland 830 Port Said Egypt 939 New York New York USA Ports Strait of Gibraltar 1052 2495 RECIFE BRAZIL 80300S 345200W to Norfolk Virginia USA 2677Aden Yemen 220 Ports Nuuk Godthab Greenland 1076Al Jubayl Saudi Arabia 2145 Junction Points Oslo Norway 1173Assab Ethiopia 116 Banghazi Libya 425 Pechenga Russia 1460Massawa Ethiopia 203 Bishop Rock England 3775 Napoli Italy 179 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Cape of Good Hope South Palermo Sicily 124 USA 2648RAS AL MISHAB SAUDI Africa 3324 Portsmouth New Ile dOuessant France 3743 RETHIMNON KRITI USA 2271 281006N 484237E See Inishtrahull Ireland 4071 352230N 242800E to Qaanaaq Thule Al Mishab Montreal Canada via Cabot 1898 Strait 4283 Junction Points Qaqortoq Julianehaab GreenlandRAS AL UNUF LIBYA Pentland Firth Scotland 4319 via 75 miles off Kap Farvel 303145N 183430E to Punta Arenas Chile 3252 Port Said Egypt 489 892 Strait of Gibraltar 3116 Strait of Gibraltar 1485 Qaqortoq Julianehaab Junction Points Straits of Florida via Mona Greenland 795 Passage 3540 Ports Qasigiannguit Greenland 1278Port Said Egypt 807 Qeqertarsuaq GodhavnStrait of Gibraltar 1367 Ports Izmir Turkey 277 Greenland via 75 miles off Kap Messina Sicily 479 Farvel 1483 Ports Baltimore Maryland USA Piraievs Greece 151 Qeqertarsuaq Godhavn 3772 Greenland 1396Alexandria Egypt 656 Belem Brazil 1084 REYKJAVIK ICELAND Qutdligssat Greenland 1552Barcelona Spain 1015 Bordeaux France 3823 640900N 215600W to Ritenbenk Greenland 1581Genova Italy 832 Boston Massachusetts USA Shelburne Canada 2047Iskenderun Turkey 970 3669 Junction Points Sisimiut Greenland 1248Kerkira Greece 549 Bridgetown Barbados 2054 St Johns Canada 1416Limassol Cyprus 808 Brunswick Georgia USA 3672 Inishtrahull Ireland 729 Stornoway Scotland 647Messina Italy 478 Buenos Aires Argentina 2181 Montreal Canada via Strait of Torshavn Faroe Islands 516Tangier Morocco 1364 Cadiz Spain 3125 Belle Isle 2130 Trondheim Norway 969Trieste Italy 990 Cape Town South Africa 3318 Pentland Firth Scotland 687 Upernavik Greenland 1610 Charleston South Carolina Strait of Gibraltar 1905 USA 3624 Straits of Florida 3487RAS SILATA LEBANON RHODES GREECE 341645N 353900E See Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands 362700N 281354E toShikka 2471 Ports Charlottetown Canada 3658 Junction Points Colon Panama 3212 Aasiaat NORTH KOREA Greenland 1371 421400N 1301800E See Dakar Senegal 1717 Port Said Egypt 377 Fernando de Noronha 300 Alesund Norway 848 Strait of Gibraltar 1664Najkin Fortaleza Brazil 425 Argentia Canada 1584 Freetown Sierra Leone 1632 Arkhangelsk Russia north of PortsRAUMA FINLAND Iceland 1874 610730N 212615E to Georgetown Ascension Island 1226 Arkhangelsk Russia south of Algiers Algeria 1224 Georgetown Guyana 1781 Iceland 1901 Barcelona Spain 1309 Junction Points Bergen Norway 872 Guiria Venezuela 2208 Beirut Lebanon 393 Halifax Canada 3558 Bjornoya Island north of Iceland Brindisi Italy East 1152 Entrance Germany 678 Hamilton Bermuda 3038 Cannes France 1163 Jacksonville Florida USA Bjornoya Island 1234 Ceuta Morocco 1631 3636 Boston Massachusetts USA Haifa Israel 394 Ports 2293 Key West Florida USA 3488 Iraklion Kriti 171 La Habana Cuba 3499 Brest France 1193 Istanbul Turkey 445Peenemunde Germany 555 Camp Lloyd Greenland 1274Stockholm Sweden 230 Las Palmas Canary Islands 2453 Izmir Turkey 256 Lisboa Portugal 3156 Churchill Canada via 75 miles off Kerch Georgia 863Turku Finland 98 Kap Farvel 2290Vaasa Finland 160 Miami Florida USA 3456 Messina Sicily Italy 639 Montevideo Uruguay 2067 Colon Panama 4098 Piraievs Greece 261 New York New York USA Frederiksdal Greenland 714 Tarabulus Libya 780RAVENNA ITALY Glasgow Scotland 860 442230N 121224E to 3698 Thessaloniki Greece 388 Norfolk Virginia USA 3651 Goose Bay Canada 1332 Venezia Italy 1008 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Guantanamo Cuba 3434 Junction Points Halifax Canada 1941 USA 3745 RIBADEO SPAIN Ponta Delgada Azores 2803 Ilulissat Jakobshavn Greenland 433325N 70150W toPort Said Egypt 1287 1418Strait of Gibraltar via Strait of Port Castries St Lucia 2151 Portland Maine USA 3700 Iokanga Russia 1646 Junction Points Messina 1652 Ivittuut Greenland via 75 milesStrait of Gibraltar via Strait of Puerto Cortes Honduras 3737 Salvador Brazil 399 off Kap Farvel 980 Bishop Rock England 372 Sicily 1688 Ivittuut Greenland 887 San Juan Puerto Rico outside all Cape of Good Hope South islands 2609 Greenland Africa 6031 Ports 1043 Savannah Georgia USA 3681 Fastnet Rock Ireland 479 St Johns Canada 3491 Longyearbyen Svalbard north of Grand Banks South 1865Ajaccio Corsica 1005 Iceland 1160Alexandria Egypt 1159 Sydney Canada 3553 Ile dOuessant France 313 Vigo Spain 3346 Longyearbyen Svalbard south of Inishtrahull Ireland 764Ancona Italy 71 Iceland 1310Beirut Lebanon 1335 Washington DC USA 3787 Montreal Canada via Strait of Maniitsoq Greenland 1146 Belle Isle 3060Ceuta Morocco 1613 Molde Norway 875Haifa Israel 1331 Panama Panama 4338 Mosjoen Norway 1023 Pentland Firth Scotland 1096Izmir Turkey 967 Murmansk Russia north of JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points ROCKHAMPTON AUSTRALIA 93Punta Arenas Chile 6788 RIJEKA CROATIA Junction Points St John Canada 4752Strait of Gibraltar 725 451937N 142551E to St Johns Canada 4563 Bishop Rock England 4846 Sydney Canada 4648 Ports Junction Points Cape of Good Hope South Africa Vigo Spain 4418 3267 Wilmington North Maryland USA Port Said Egypt 1276 Fastnet Rock Ireland 4873 USA 4704 3215 Strait of Gibraltar 1648 Ile dOuessant France 4815Belem Brazil 3519 Inishtrahull Ireland 5143 RIO GALLEGOSCape Town South Africa 5457 Ports Montreal Canada via Cabot Morocco 700 Strait 5215 513640S 691210W toCharleston South Carolina Alexandria Egypt 1166 Pentland Firth Scotland 5391 USA 3388 Algiers Algeria 1220 Punta Arenas Chile 2238 Junction Panama 4275 Alicante Spain 1375 Strait of Gibraltar 4180Dakar Senegal 1879 Ancona Italy 112 Straits of Florida via Mona Panama Panama 6455Freetown Sierra Leone 2354 Annaba Algeria 1000 Passage 4612 Punta Arenas Chile 202Lisboa Portugal 377 Banghazi Libya 868 Yucatan Channel 4622New York New York USA Banzart Tunisia 910 Ports 5125 Barcelona Spain 1279 PortsRecife Brazil 3486 Bari Italy 288 Buenos Aires Argentina 1231Vigo Spain 178 Beirut Lebanon 1345 Baltimore Maryland USA Brindisi Italy 342 4844 RIO GRANDE BRAZIL Cartagena Spain 1405 Belem Brazil 2174 320300S 520430W toRICHARDS BAY SOUTHAFRICA Ceuta Morocco 1628 Bordeaux France 4908 285107S 320745E to Chioggia Italy 126 Boston Massachusetts USA Ports Dubrovnik Croatia 276 4738 Junction Points Genova Italy 1085 Brest France 4841 Buenos Aires Argentina 440 Gibraltar 1630 Bridgetown Barbados 3157 Guiria Venezuela 3984Cape of Good Hope South Africa Haifa Israel south of Greece Brunswick Georgia USA 4744 Montevideo Uruguay 313 959 1342 Buenos Aires Argentina 1151 Pointe Noire Congo 3938Cape Leeuwin Australia 4129 Haifa Israel via Corinth Canal Cadiz Spain 4192 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 750Selat Lombok Indonesia 4811 1315 Cape Town South Africa 3273 Santos Brazil 602Port Said Egypt 5917 Iraklion Kriti 831 Charleston South 4837 Istanbul Turkey south of USA 4696 RIO HAINA Strait Indonesia 4370 Greece 1128 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands REPUBLICTorres Strait Australia 6259 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth 3542 182520N 700020W to Canal 1029 Charlottetown Canada 4730 Ports Izmir Turkey south of Greece Cienfuegos Cuba 4426 Junction Points 974 Colon Panama 4284Albany Australia 5031 Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Dakar Senegal 2763 Panama Panama 845Bombay India 3725 875 Freetown Sierra Leone 2613East London South Africa 336 La Spezia Italy 1049 Funchal Madeira Island 3722 PortsFremantle Australia 4210 Livorno Italy 1013 Georgetown Ascension IslandKarachi Pakistan 3824 Malaga Spain 1578 1900 Barranquilla Colombia 536Mombasa Kenya 1644 Marseille France 1176 Georgetown Guyana 2853 Kingston Jamaica 417Port Adelaide Australia 5259 Messina Sicily 603 Guantanamo Cuba 4106 San Juan Puerto Rico 249Port Darwin Australia 5505 Napoli Italy 774 Guiria Venezuela 3284 Willemstad Curacao 394Sabang Indonesia 4208 Odessa Ukraine south of Halifax Canada 4630Zanzibar Tanzania 1535 Greece 1476 Hamilton Bermuda 4110 RISOR NORWAY Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Horta Azores 3897 584312N 91440E toRICHMOND CALIFORNIA Canal 1377 Jacksonville Florida USAUSA Oran Algeria 1417 4707 Junction Points 375412N 1222148W Palermo Sicily 719 Key West Florida USA 4560Add 9 miles to San Francisco Palma Balearic Islands 1235 Kingston Jamaica 4124 Pentland Firth Scotland 429distances Piraievs Greece south of La Habana Cuba 4570 Skagens Odde Denmark 73 Greece 814 Lisboa Portugal 4219RIGA LATVIA Piraievs Greece via Corinth Maceio Brazil 972 Ports 565730N 240530E to Canal 675 Montevideo Uruguay 1037 Ploce Croatia 230 Natal Brazil 1228 Bergen Norway 279 Junction Points Savona Italy 1095 New York New York USA London England 572 Sibenik Croatia 158 4762 Oslo Norway East Siracusa Sicily 624 Norfolk Virginia USA 4723 Entrance Germany 555 Split Croatia 176 Paramaribo Suriname 2713 ROAD HARBOR TORTOLASkagens Odde Denmark via Store Tarabulus Libya 887 Philadelphia Pennsylvania BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Baelt 747 Taranto Italy 482 USA 4817 182500N 643700W SeeSkagens Odde Denmark via The Thessaloniki Greece south of Ponce Puerto Rico 3659 Port Purcell Sound 617 Greece 1023 Ponta Delgada Azores 3875 Thessaloniki Greece via Corinth Port au Prince Haiti 4157 ROCHEFORT FRANCE Ports Canal 924 Port Castries St Lucia 3274 455612N 05715W Add Toulon France 1145 Port of Spain Trinidad 3178 17 miles to La Pallice distancesGavle Sweden 355 Trieste Italy 120 Portland Maine USA 4772Hamina Finland 384 Tunis Tunisia 897 Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands ROCHESTER Denmark 696 Valencia Spain 1363 2687 512330N 03012EKotka Finland 296 Valletta Malta 701 Puerto Cortes Honduras 4813 Subtract 19 miles from LondonMusko Island Sweden 250 Venezia Italy 132 Rio Grande Brazil 750 Sweden 300 Volos Greece via south of Salvador Brazil Sweden 461 Greece 964 San Juan Puerto Rico 3613 Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Norway via Store Baelt Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary AUSTRALIA 871 865 Islands 3518 232300S 1503200E toOslo Norway via The Sound Santo Domingo Dominican 739 RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL Republic 3780 Junction PointsPorkkala Finland 284 225330S 431100W to Savannah Georgia USA 4726Ruches Russia 403 St Helena Island 2161 Torres Strait Australia 1034 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points94 ROMANA DOMINICAN REPUBLICWilson Promontory Australia Ports Ile dOuessant France 444 Junction Points 1213 East Klaipeda Lithuania 347 Entrance Germany 323 Cape of Good Hope South Ports Kobenhavn Denmark 231 Pentland Firth Scotland 495 Africa 4980 Stockholm Sweden 456 Skagens Odde Denmark 447 Cape Leeuwin Australia 2711Brisbane Australia 391 Selat Lombok Indonesia 1575Noumea New Caledonia 902 ROSTOVNADONU RUSSIA Ports Port Said Egypt 4422Wellington New Zealand 1685 471130N 394010E to Singapore 601 Aberdeen Scotland 391 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1103ROMANA DOMINICAN Junction Points Amsterdam Netherlands 67 Torres Strait Australia 3072REPUBLIC Antwerp Belgium via 182500N 685710W to Port Said Egypt 1440 Westkapelle 117 Ports Strait of Gibraltar 2458 Bergen Norway 533 Ports Bremerhaven Germany 256 Aden Yemen 3033 Ports Brest France 457 Al Basrah Iraq 3287San Pedro de Macoris Dominican Cherbourg France 282 Al Manamah Bahrain 3050 Republic 21 Constanta Romania 572 Den Helder Netherlands 97 Beira Mozambique 3921Santo Domingo Dominican Derince Turkey 685 Dover England 138 Belawan Indonesia 268 Republic 61 Iskenderun Turkey 1483 Dundee Scotland 383 Berbera Somalia 3047 Istanbul Turkey 640 Egersund Norway 412 Bombay India 1843RONNE BORNHOLM Kerch Georgia 208 Emden Germany 199 Bushehr Iran 3106DENMARK Larnaca Cyprus 1402 Esbjerg Denmark 287 Calcutta India via Duncan 550600N 144140E to Mersin Turkey 1426 Fecamp France 228 Passage 1131 Pula Croatia south of Greece Hamburg Germany 307 Calicut India 1343 Junction Points 1745 Hartlepool England 269 Dar es Salaam Tanzania 3443 Pula Croatia via Corinth Canal Hull England 211 Diego Garcia East 1646 Inverness Scotland 496 Archipelago 1594 Entrance Germany 175 Sfax Tunisia 1684 Kristiansand Norway 413 Durban South Africa 4273Skagens Odde Denmark via Store Le Havre France 250 Fort Dauphin Madagascar 3376 Baelt 367 Leith Scotland 381 Fremantle Australia 2601 ROSYTH Odde Denmark via The 560115N 32700W to London England 184 Kakinada India 1019 Sound 244 Narvik Norway 1139 Karachi Pakistan 2284 Junction Points Newcastle England 285 Madras India 994 Ports Oostende Belgium 86 Majunga Madagascar 3246 Pentland Firth Scotland 263 Oslo Norway 554 Malacca Malaysia 486Oslo Norway via Store Baelt Skagens Odde Denmark 478 Plymouth England 367 Maputo Mozambique 3481 491 Portland England 293 Mocambique Mozambique 3481Oslo Norway via The Sound Ports Portsmouth England 243 Mombasa Kenya 3388 366 Rosyth Scotland 393 Mosselbaai South Africa 4785 Hull England 248 Seaham Harbor England 278 Penang Malaysia 313ROOSEVELT ROADS Oslo Norway 550 Southampton England 261 Port Elizabeth South Africa 4610PUERTO RICO Rotterdam Netherlands 393 Stavanger Norway 455 Port Louis Mauritius 2731 18l000N 653400W to Sunderland England 286 Rangoon Burma 664 ROTA SPAIN Vardo Norway 1513 Tamatave Madagascar 3076 Junction Points Wilhelmshaven Germany 243 Victoria Seychelles 2468 363715N 62000W to Zeebrugge Belgium 73 Zanzibar Tanzania 346lPanama Panama 1054 Junction PointsStraits of Florida 1063 ROUEN FRANCE SAFI MOROCCO Ile dOuessant France 885 492630N 10400E Add 321835N 91515W to Ports Strait of Gibraltar 70 69 miles to Le Havre distances Junction PointsNew York New York USA Ports 1429 RUCHI RUSSIA 594530N 282500E to Cape of Good Hope SouthPort of Spain Trinidad 525 Casablanca Morocco 202 Africa 4870Willemstad Curacao 440 Horta Azores 1096 Junction Points Ile dOuessant France 1023ROSARIO ARGENTINA ROTOAVA ILES TUAMOTU East Ports 325630S 603800W Add 160230S 1453700W to Entrance Germany 766191 miles to Buenos Aires Skagens Odde Denmark 816 Casablanca Morocco 134distances Junction Points Dakar Senegal 1228 PortsROSEAU DOMINICA Panama Panama 4256 SAIDA LEBANON 151715N 612400W to Gdynia Poland 530 333202N 351949E See Ports Riga Latvia 403 Sayda Ports Stockholm Sweden 344 Apia Samoa 1520 SAIPAN MARIANA Guadeloupe 48 Apra Guam 9513 151340N 1454400E to RUMOI JAPANFort de France Martinique 50 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2358 435730N 1413800E toFrederiksted St Croix 252 Levuka Fiji Islands 2060 PortsHamilton Bermuda 1061 Noumea New Caledonia 2737 PortsPointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 60 Papeete French Polynesia 244 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3230 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 3743 Busan South Korea 793 Jaluit Marshall Islands 1545ROSTOCK GERMANY San Francisco California USA Hakodate Japan 248 Koniya Ryukyu Islands 730 540552N 120900E to 3503 Otaru Japan 57 Sydney Australia 3077 Shimonoseki Japan 812 Truk Caroline Islands 610 Junction Points Vladivostok Russia 452 ROTTERDAM NETHERLANDS SAKAIDE East 515400N 42800E to 341945N 1335130E to SABANG INDONESIA Entrance Germany 92 55330N 951915E toSkagens Odde Denmark 254 Junction Points Ports Bishop Rock England 454 Hirohata Japan 89 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA USA 95Kobe Japan 107 Straits of Florida 6738 Junction Points Grand Banks South 1846Kure Japan 107 Yucatan Channel 6783 Ile dOuessant France 308Shimonoseki Japan 169 Ile dOuessant France 4134 Inishtrahull Ireland 749Yokohama Japan via Kii Suido Ports Montreal Canada via Cabot Panama Panama 4288 449 Strait 4673 Pentland Firth Scotland 1082 Accra Ghana 4090 Panama Panama 3741 Punta Arenas Chile 6769SAKATA JAPAN Baltimore Maryland USA Punta Arenas Chile 2920 Strait of Gibraltar 706 385530N 1394800E to 6846 Strait of Gibraltar 3516 Straits of Florida 3855 Cape Town South Africa 57 Straits of Florida 3931 Ports Cristobal Panama 6392 Ports Galway Ireland 5894 PortsBusan South Korea 577 Natal Brazil 3374 Bilbao Spain 197Hakodate Japan 189 New York New York USA Angra dos Reis Brazil 902 Bordeaux France 303Maizuru Japan 314 6729 Baltimore Maryland USA Boston Massachusetts USAShimonoseki Japan 554 Port of Spain Trinidad 5265 4163 Russia 442 Victoria Cameroon 2302 Boston Massachusetts USA Cape Town South Africa 5438 4060 Casablanca Morocco 683SALAMIS GREECE SALEEF YEMEN Bridgetown Barbados 2476 Dakar Senegal 1863 375730N 232912E to 151800N 424000E See Brunswick Georgia USA 4063 Huelva Spain 573 As Salif Buenos Aires Argentina 1849 La Pallice France 303 Junction Points Cabedelo Brazil 468 Lorient France 297 SALERNO ITALY Charleston South Carolina Marin Spain 154Port Said Egypt 614 404015N 144500E to USA 4040 Norfolk Virginia USA 5230Strait of Gibraltar 1520 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Setubal Portugal 397 Junction Points 2907 Villagarcia Spain 143 Ports Charlottetown Canada 4049 Port Said Egypt 1095 Colon Panama 3608 SAN DIEGO Albania 343 Strait of Gibraltar 1018 Georgetown Guyana 2172 USAIraklion Kriti 190 Halifax Canada 3949 324300N 1171030W toIzmir Turkey 225 Ports Maceio Brazil 285 Montevideo Uruguay 1735 Junction PERU Civitavecchia Italy 204 New York New York USA 81430S 785800W to Messina Sicily 158 4089 Panama Panama 2843 Palermo Sicily 167 Norfolk Virginia USA 4042 Punta Arenas Chile 5801 Junction Points Philadelphia Pennsylvania Singapore 7736 USA 4136 Wilson Promontory Australia SALINA CRUZ MEXICOPanama Panama 1109 161000N 951200W to Port Castries St Lucia 2593 south of Fiji Islands 6873 Portland Maine USA 4091 Ports Junction Points Recife Brazil 399 Ports Rio de Janeiro Brazil 748Callao Peru 266 Panama Panama 1170 Savannah Georgia USA 4072 Acapulco Mexico 1431Guayaquil Ecuador 440 Punta Arenas Chile 4478 Sydney Canada 3967 Peru 104 Vitoria Brazil 477 Russia 4779San Francisco California USA Ports Wilmington North Carolina 4023 Amapala Honduras 2181 3750 Antofagasta Chile 4360 Acapulco Mexico 314 SAMBU INDONESIA Apia Samoa 4195 Antofagasta Chile 2799 11000N 1035400E Use Apra Guam 5379SALAWATI INDONESIA 12100S 1305900E to Apia Samoa 4886 Singapore distances Arica Chile 4149 Arica Chile 2579 Auckland New Zealand 5655 Junction Points Callao Peru 2005 Baie du Controleur Marquesa SAMSON POINT Coquimbo Chile 3091 AUSTRALIA Islands 2828Honshu Japan 2308 Corinto Nicaragua 525 203158S 1171400E See Brisbane Australia 6306Selat Lombok Indonesia 1099 Esmeraldas Ecuador 1290 Port Walcott Brito Nicaragua 2307Panama Panama 9134 Guayaquil Ecuador 1495 Caldera Chile 4492Singapore via Karimata Strait Guaymas Mexico 1260 Callao Peru 3585 SAMSUN TURKEY 2047 Honolulu Hawaii USA 3580 411936N 362200E Add Canton Phoenix Islands 3755Torres Strait Australia 925 Iquique Chile 2645 370 miles to Istanbul distances for Chimbote Peru 3402Selat Wetar Indonesia 495 La Libertad El Salvador 391 ports outside the Black Sea Coquimbo Chile 4605 Los Angeles California USA Corinto Nicaragua 2211 Ports 1803 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA SAN ANTONIO CHILE 2465 Lota Chile 3430 333500S 713900W toDavao Philippines 623 Monterey California USA Esmeraldas Ecuador 2940Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1770 2055 Junction Points Guayaquil Ecuador 3112Manila Philippines 1298 Pago Pago American Samoa Guaymas Mexico 1088San Francisco California USA 4839 Panama Panama 2644 Hilo Hawaii USA 2175 6582 Pisco Peru 2117 Punta Arenas Chile 1410 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 7267Yokohama Japan 2332 San Diego California USA Hong Kong China via Tsugaru 1733 Ports Kaikyo 6439 San Francisco California USA Honolulu Hawaii USA 2278SALDANHA BAY SOUTHAFRICA 2132 Antofagasta Chile 600 Iquique Chile 4218 330525S 175220E to San Juan del Sur Nicaragua 619 Callao Peru 1328 Jakarta Indonesia 7985 Santa Barbara California USA Tocopilla Chile 692 Kobe Japan 5204 Junction Points 1820 Kodiak Alaska 2121 Talcahuano Chile 3414 Lota Chile 4881 SAN CIPRIAN SPAIN Manila Philippines via Rock England 5752 Valparaiso Chile 3247 434220N 072532W toFastnet Rock Ireland 5792 Channel 6604Grand Banks South 5880 Junction Points Manzanillo Mexico 1136 SALINAS ECUADORIle dOuessant France 5709 21200S 805900W Use Mazatlan Mexico Ireland 6065 La Libertad distances Bishop Rock England 365 Midway Island 3097Panama Panama 6449 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Naknek Alaska USA 2788Punta Arenas Chile 4255 6011 Noumea New Caledonia 5491 SALVADOR BRAZIL Pago Pago American SamoaStrait of Gibraltar 5031 125800S 383100W to Fastnet Rock Ireland 466 4176 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points96 SAN FELIX French Polynesia 3554 Arica Chile 4551 Rabaul Papua New Guinea 5396 Santa Barbara California USAPearl Harbor Hawaii USA Attu Island Alaska USA via Rotoava Iles Tuamotu 3503 2130 2285 Amukta Pass 2765 Salaverry Peru 3750 Talcahuano Chile Auckland New Zealand 5680 Salina Cruz Mexico 2135 Valparaiso Chile 3024 Russia 3707 Avarua Cook Islands 4124 San Jose Guatemala 2395Pisco Peru 3695 Baie du Controleur Marquesa Sasebo Japan via Osumi SAN JUAN PERUPort Darwin Australia north of Islands 2986 Kaikyo 5185 152036S 750936W to New Guinea 7297 Bai TaioHae Marquesa Islands Seward Alaska USA 1701Puntarenas Costa Rica 2429 2987 Shanghai China via Tsugaru Junction PointsQingdao China 5805 Barbers Point Hawaii USA Strait 5398Salina Cruz Mexico 1733 2100 Shantou China via Osumi Panama Panama 1590San Jose Guatemala 1993 Brisbane Australia west of Kaikyo 5900 Punta Arenas Chile 1660Shanghai China via Tsugaru DEntrecasteaux Reefs and Shimonoseki Japan via Tsugaru Kaikyo 5793 south of Bellona Reefs 6193 Kaikyo 4910 PortsSitka Alaska 1725 Buenaventura Colombia 3383 Sitka Alaska USA 1302Surabaya Indonesia 7691 Busan South Korea 4914 Surabaya Indonesia 7343 Antofagasta Chile 575Suva Fiji Islands 4804 Caldera Chile 4894 Suva Fiji Islands 4749 Callao Peru 248Sydney Australia north of Fiji Callao Peru 3989 Sydney Australia 6448 Islands 6530 Canton Phoenix Islands 3663 Talara Peru 3494 SAN JUAN PUERTO RICOTalcahuano Chile 4869 Chimbote Peru 3804 Talcahuano Chile 5270 182750N 660640W toTruk Caroline Islands 5216 Christmas Island Line Islands Taltal Chile 4838Unalakleet Alaska USA 2791 2895 Tocopilla Chile 4699 Junction Russia 5062 Coquimbo Chile 5007 Truk Caroline Islands 4931Valparaiso Chile 4738 Corinto Nicaragua 2613 Valparaiso Chile 5140 Bishop Rock England 3390Wake Island 4112 Dagu China via Osumi Kaikyo Vancouver Canada via Active Fastnet Rock Ireland via MonaYokohama Japan 4923 5856 Pass 812 Passage 3299 Dagu China via Tsugaru Vancouver Canada via Haro Inishtrahull Ireland 3436SAN FELIX VENEZUELA Kaikyo 5615 Strait 823 Panama Panama 1036 82230N 624000W to Dalian China via Tsugaru Strait Victoria Canada 745 Pentland Firth Scotland 3638 5456 Vladivostok Russia via La Strait of Gibraltar 3336 Junction Points Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Perouse Strait and Proliv Straits of Florida 1017 2051 Kruzenshterna 4563 Yucatan Channel 1111Panama Panama 1535 Eniwetak Marshall Islands 4282 Vladivostok Russia via LaYucatan Channel 1861 Esmeraldas Ecuador 3342 Perouse Strait Chetvertyy Ports Funafuti Tuvalu 4295 Kurilskiy Proliv and Unimak Ports Guaymas Mexico 1490 Pass 4570 Abraham Bay Bahamas 476 Hakodate Japan 4246 Wake Island 3821 Argentia Canada 1840Belem Brazil 1222 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 6878 Weihai China via Tsugaru Arkhangelsk Russia 5001La Guaira Venezuela 673 Hong Kong China 6044 Kaikyo 5402 Moa Cuba 533 Honolulu Hawaii USA 2091 Wellington New Zealand 5900 Bahia de las Calderas DominicanSAN FERNANDO Iloilo Philippines 6168 Weonsan North Korea 4866 Republic 273PHILIPPINES Iquique Chile 4620 Xiamen China via Osumi Bahia de Samana Dominican 163800N 1201800E to Jakarta Indonesia via Balintang Kaikyo 5797 Republic 185 Channel 7642 Xiamen China via Tsugaru Baltimore Maryland USA Junction Points Jaluit Marshall Islands 4150 Kaikyo 5788 1374 Johnston Island 2779 Yokohama Japan 4536 Barahona Dominican 1379 Juneau Alaska USA 1371 294 Kiska Alaska USA 2629 SAN JOSE GUATEMALA Barranquilla Colombia 705 Ports Kobe Japan 4819 135500N 904945W to BasseTerre Guadeloupe 314 Kodiak Alaska USA 1693 Basseterre Saint Kitts and NevisHo Chi Minh Vietnam 927 La Union El Salvador 2586 Junction Points 214Hong Kong China 489 Levuka Fiji Islands 4705 Belem Brazil 1692Kaohsiung Kang Taiwan 356 Lota Chile 5282 Panama Panama 886 Boca de Tanamo Cuba 549Manila Philippines 207 Manila Philippines via Balintang Punta Arenas Chile 4296 Boston Massachusetts USA Channel 6221 1486SAN FRANCISCO Manila Philippines via San Ports Bridgetown Barbados west of StCALIFORNIA USA Bernardino Strait 6299 Croix and via Virgin Passage 374830N 1222400W to Manzanillo Mexico 1538 Acapulco Mexico 574 517 Mazatlan Mexico 1337 Amapala Honduras 204 Brunswick Georgia USA 1132 Junction Points Melbourne Australia via South Antofagasta Chile 2557 Buenos Aires Argentina 4753 Channel 6970 Arica Chile 2338 Cadiz Spain 3312Panama Panama 3245 Midway Island 2792 Callao Peru 1763 CapHaitien Haiti 372Punta Arenas Chile 6188 Mogpo South Korea 5125 Coquimbo Chile 2864 Cape Town South Africa 5772Singapore via Balintang Nagasaki Japan 5029 Corinto Nicaragua 238 Cardenas Cuba 917 Channel 7353 Newcastle Australia 6467 Esmeraldas Ecuador 1016 Cartagena Colombia 782Singapore via Tawitawi Island Russia Guayaquil Ecuador 1242 Catia la Mar Venezuela 556 7735 via Unimak Pass 4099 Guaymas Mexico 1520 Charleston South CarolinaTorres Strait Australia 6249 Nome Alaska USA 2636 Hilo Hawaii USA 3690 USA 1138Wilson Promontory Australia Noumea New Caledonia 5410 Iquique Chile 2404 Christiansted St Croix 104 6817 Ocean Island 4406 Los Angeles California USA Cienfuegos Cuba north of Pago Pago American Samoa 2054 Hispaniola 903 Ports 4150 Lota Chile 3220 Cienfuegos Cuba south of Papeete French Polynesia 3663 Manzanillo Mexico 840 Hispaniola 930Acajutla El Salvador 2446 Mazatlan Mexico 1149 Colon Panama 993Acapulco Mexico 1833 Russia via Unimak Pass 3292 Monterey California USA Corunna Spain Pisco Peru 4097 2315 Dakar Senegal 2812 Russia 4372 Ponape Caroline Islands 4641 Pisco Peru 1875 Elizabeth Harbor Bahamas 642Amapala Honduras 2586 Port Darwin Australia 6984 Puntarenas Costa Rica 465 Fernandina Florida USA 1115Anchorage Alaska USA 1872 Prince Rupert Canada 1090 San Diego California USA Fort de France Martinique 385Antofagasta Chile 4762 Puerto Armuelles Panama 2973 1993 Fort Liberte Haiti 373Apia Samoa 4161 Puntarenas Costa Rica 2831 San Francisco California USA Freetown Sierra Leone 3141Apra Guam 5053 Qingdao China 5403 2395 Funchal Madeira Island 2773 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points SAINT ANTIOCO PONTI SARDINIA 97Georgetown Guyana 876 USA 1153 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Sanya Gang Cuba via north of Yarmouth Canada 1525 2735 Hispaniola 537 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3413 SANDAKAN SABAHHalifax Canada 1 580 SAN JUAN DEL SUR Grand Banks South 3552 55000N 1180700E toHamilton Bermuda 856 NICARAGUA Ile dOuessant France 3344Hopetown Bahamas 802 111515N 855310W to Inishtrahull Ireland 3677 Junction PointsHorta Azores 2294 Panama Panama 4555Ivittuut Greenland 2720 Junction Points Pentland Firth Scotland 4236 Selat Lombok Indonesia Florida USA Punta Arenas Chile 4811 Makassar Strait 1010 1121 Panama Panama 590 Strait of Gibraltar 3091 Panama Panama via SurigaoKey West Florida USA 966 Straits of Florida 4727 Strait 9618Kingston Jamaica north of Ports Yucatan Channel 4876 Singapore via Balabac Strait Hispaniola 685 1130Kingston Jamaica south of La Libertad El Salvador 239 Ports Selat Sunda Indonesia via Hispaniola 643 Puntarenas Costa Rica 171 Balabac Strait 1368La Guaira Venezuela 506 Salina Cruz Mexico 619 Abidjan Ivory Coast 157 Torres Strait Australia 1853La Habana Cuba 978 Accra Ghana 398La Romana Dominican Republic SAN LORENZO ARGENTINA Bordeaux France 3160 Ports 191 324400S 604332W Add Cape Town South Africa 2718Limon Costa Rica 1119 238 miles to Buenos Aires Dakar Senegal 994 Honolulu Hawaii USA 5044Lisboa Portugal 3185 distances or add 202 miles via the Freetown Sierra Leone 532 Jolo Philippines 180Liverpool Canada 1540 Miter Channel Galway Ireland 3356 Victoria Sabah 412Manzanillo Cuba 738 Lagos Nigeria 616 Zamboanga Philippines 251Mariel Cuba 999 SAN LORENZO HONDURAS Monrovia Liberia 312Matanzas Cuba 931 132500N 872500 to Natal Brazil 1826 SANDEFJORDEN NORWAYMiami Florida USA 960 New York New York USA 590725N 101350E toMiller Anchorage Bahamas 714 Junction Points 4284Miragoane Haiti 526 Nouadhibou Mauritania 1368 Junction PointsNassau Bahamas 799 Panama Panama 762 Port of Spain Trinidad 3302New York New York USA Tangier Morocco 2304 Pentland Firth Scotland 518 1399 PortsNicaro Lengua de Pajaro Cuba SAN PEDRO DE MACORIS Ports 561 Acapulco Mexico 791 DOMINICAN Virginia USA 1252 Callao Peru 1701 182645N 691820W to Bergen Norway 317Nuevitas Cuba 663 Bremerhaven Germany 373Oranjestad St Eustatius 195 SAN LORENZO Ports London England Pennsylvania VENEZUELA USA 1395 94700N 710530W Add Kingston Jamaica 461 Panama 1219 95 miles to Maracaibo distances Port au Prince Haiti 473 RUSSIAPointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 333 Romana Dominican Republic 21 595500N 301500E toPonce Puerto Rico 157 SAN NICOLAS ARGENTINA San Juan Puerto Rico 199Ponta Delgada Azores 2412 331930S 601300W Add Junction PointsPort au Prince Haiti 552 188 miles to Buenos Aires SAN SEBASTIAN SPAINPort Castries St Lucia via Virgin distances 431900N 15930W to East Passage and west of St Croix Entrance Germany 779 418 Junction Points Skagens Odde Denmark via Store SAN NICOLAS PERUPort of Spain Trinidad 574 151442S 751426W to Baelt 971Portland Maine USA 1531 Ile dOuessant France 353 Skagens Odde Denmark via ThePortsmouth New Hampshire Junction Points Strait of Gibraltar 892 Sound 841 USA 1507Puerto Cortes Honduras 1284 Panama Panama 1573 Ports PortsPuerto Manati Cuba 639 Punta Arenas Chile 2469Puerto Padre Cuba 625 Torres Strait Australia 8209 Bordeaux France 210 Hango Finland 233Puerto Vita Cuba 592 Wilson Promontory Australia via El Ferrol del Caudillo Spain 302 Helsinki Finland 172Recife Brazil via outside all 30S 8119 Horta Azores 957 Karlskrona Sweden 563 islands 2609 Wilson Promontory Australia via Kobenhavn Denmark 917Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3652 40S 7099 SAN VICENTE CHILE Oslo Norway via Store BaeltRio Haina Dominican Republic 364355S 731000W to 1095 249 Ports Oslo Norway via The SoundSan Pedro de Macoris Dominican Junction Points 963 Republic 199 Antofagasta Chile 571 Pitea Sweden 687Santa Barbara de Samana Arica Chile 350 Panama Panama 2800 Stockholm Sweden 386 Dominican Republic 190 Callao Peru 230 Punta Arenas Chile 1210 Sundsvall Sweden 507Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Corinto Nicaragua 1837 Wilson Promontory Australia via Tallinn Estonia 189 Islands 2820 Pisco Peru 135 Cook Strait 6485 Umea Sweden 574Santa Lucia Cuba 1079 Salina Cruz Mexico 902 Ventspils Latvia 374Santiago de Cuba Cuba north of Supe Bay Peru 314 Ports Hispaniola and via Windward Talcahuano Chile 1300 SANMEN WEN CHINA Passage 584 Valparaiso Chile 1089 Antofagasta Chile 791 290300N 1214500E toSantiago de Cuba Cuba south of Arica Chile 1104 Hispaniola 637 Corinto Nicaragua 3063 Ports SAN PEDRO ARGENTINASanto Domingo Dominican 334200S 593900W Add Kodiak Alaska 6943 Republic 232 151 miles to Buenos Aires Pisco Peru 1428 Chilung Taiwan 248Savannah Georgia USA 1153 distances Wellington New Zealand 4878 Hong Kong China 650St John Canada 1614 Yokohama Japan 9248 Incheon South Korea 628St Johns Antigua 265 Nagoya Japan 143St Pierre Martinique 374 SAN PEDRO IVORY COAST Qingdao China 528 44400N 63624W to SANMEN WEN CHINASydney Canada 1728 290300N 1214500E See Shanghai China 270Tela Honduras 1258 Junction Points Sanmen Wen ChinaVeracruz Mexico 1780 SAINT ANTIOCO PONTIVigo Spain 3228 Bishop Rock England 3397 SANYA CHIANG CHINA Curacao 485 181400N 1092600E See 390312N 82812E toWilmington North Carolina JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points98 SANTA BARBARA CALIFORNIA USA Junction Points Norfolk Virginia USA 3057 Charleston South Carolina USA Junction Points Oporto Portugal 849 via Windward Passage andPort Said Egypt 1282 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Crooked Island Passage 1373 Ile dOuessant France 323Strait of Gibraltar 715 USA 3062 Colon Panama 365 Port of Spain Trinidad 2804 Galveston Texas USA 1588 Ports Ports Porto Grande Sao Vincente Cape New York New York USA via Verde Islands 849 Windward Passage and Crooked Barranquilla Colombia 753Banzart Tunisia 132 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3518 Island Passage 1783 Cienfuegos Cuba 149Nice France 310 San Juan Puerto Rico 2820 Norfolk Virginia USA via Santiago de Cuba Cuba 300Palma Balearic Islands 298 St Johns Canada 2053 Windward Passage and Takoradi Ghana 2119 Crooked Island Passage 1588 SANTIAGO DE CUBA CUBASANTA BARBARA Vigo Spain 909 200100N 755015W toCALIFORNIA USA SANTA ROSALIA MEXICO 342400N 1194100W to SANTA CRUZ DEL SUR 272000N 1121600W to Junction Points CUBA Junction Points 204000N 775900W to Junction Points Panama Panama 726 Straits of Florida via WindwardPanama Panama 2980 Junction Points Panama Panama 2390 Passage 676Punta Arenas Chile 5938 Yucatan Channel 548 Panama Panama 731 Ports Ports Yucatan Channel 416 Ports Acapulco Mexico 976Acapulco Mexico 1568 Ports Los Angeles California USA Amuay Venezuela 600Antofagasta Chile 4497 1192 Baltimore Maryland USAArica Chile 4286 Guantanamo Cuba 222 1289Callao Peru 3722 La Habana Cuba 542 SANTAN TERMINAL Barcelona Venezuela 936Coquimbo Chile 4742 Montego Bay Jamaica 134 INDONESIA Barranquilla Colombia 549Corinto Nicaragua 2348 00600S 1173200E to Boston Massachusetts USA viaEsmeraldas Ecuador 3077 SANTA FE ARGENTINA Nantucket Light Buoy 1545Guayaquil Ecuador 3249 313900S 604200W Add Junction Points Brunswick Georgia USA 926Guaymas Mexico 1225 258 miles to Buenos Aires Casilda Cuba 288Iquique Chile 4355 distances Honshu Japan 2543 Charleston South Carolina USALota Chile 5018 Selat Lombok Indonesia 586 via Crooked Island PassagePisco Peru 3832 SANTA LUCIA CUBA Singapore via Makassar and 952Puntarenas Costa Rica 2566 224200N 835830W to Karimata Straits 1387 Cienfuegos Cuba 334Salina Cruz Mexico 1870 Selat Sunda Indonesia 1008 Colon Panama 683San Jose Guatemala 2130 Junction Points Selat Wetar Indonesia 914 Fort de France Martinique 951Talcahuano Chile 5006 Guanica Puerto Rico via north ofValparaiso Chile 4875 Straits of Florida 120 Ports Hispaniola 572 Yucatan Channel 99 Guanica Puerto Rico via south ofSANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE Davao Philippines 741 Hispaniola 584CANARY ISLANDS Ports Hong Kong China 1502 Halifax Canada 1683 283800N 161400W to Honolulu Hawaii USA 5112 Hamilton Bermuda 1031 Kingston Jamaica 651 Makasar Celebes 422 Jacksonville Florida USA via Junction Points Nuevitas Cuba 447 Manila Philippines 952 Windward Passage 904 San Juan Puerto Rico 1079 Sorong New Guinea 953 Key West Florida USA viaBishop Rock England 1356 Windward Passage 637Cape of Good Hope South SANTANA BRAZIL Kingston Jamaica 176 SANTA MARIA CUBA Africa 4453 211700N 783400W to 00409S 510644W to La Habana Cuba 650Ile dOuessant France 1320 Manzanillo Cuba Ireland 1704 Junction Points Junction Points Miami Florida USA 630Montreal Canada 3009 Montego Bay Jamaica 154Pentland Firth Scotland 1952 Panama Panama 814 Bishop Rock England 3782 Nassau Bahamas 566Punta Arenas Chile 5690 Yucatan Channel 381 Cape of Good Hope South New York New York USAStrait of Gibraltar 697 Africa 4546 1362Straits of Florida 3614 Ports Fastnet Rock Ireland 3754 Norfolk Virginia USA 1167 Grand Banks South 2595 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Ports Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA Ile dOuessant France 3776 via Crooked Island Passage via Windward Passage and Inishtrahull Ireland 3980 1334Belem Brazil 2599 Crooked Island Passage 1755 Montreal Canada 3648 Ponce Puerto Rico 587Bordeaux France 1406 Santo Domingo Dominican Panama Panama 2253 Puerto Barrios Guatemala 792Boston Massachusetts USA Republic 504 Pentland Firth Scotland 4228 San Juan Puerto Rico 584 2777 Savannah Georgia USA via Punta Arenas Chile 4545 Santa Maria Cuba 300Buenos Aires Argentina 4619 Windward Passage and Crooked Strait of Gibraltar 3226 Santo Domingo DominicanCadiz Spain 702 Island Passage 1372 Straits of Florida 2710 Republic 429Cape Town South Africa 4435 Veracruz Mexico 1537 Yucatan Channel 2722 Savannah Georgia USA viaCasablanca Morocco 548 Crooked Island Passage 951Charleston South Carolina Ports Willemstad Curacao 627 SANTA MARTA COLOMBIA USA 3275 111500N 741300W to Wilmington North Amalie Virgin Islands Bordeaux France 3874 USA 1003 2764 Junction Points Buenos Aires Argentina 3534Colon Panama 3776 Dakar Senegal 2039 SANTO DOMINGODakar Senegal 846 Yucatan Channel 892 Halifax Canada 2831 DOMINICAN Sierra Leone 1342 Kingston Jamaica 2091 182800N 695230W toFunchal Madeira Island 258 Ports Lisboa Portugal 2527Guantanamo Cuba 3265 Natal Brazil 1220 Junction PointsHalifax Canada 2478 Baltimore Maryland USA via New York New York USAHorta Azores 881 Windward Passage and Crooked 2924 Bishop Rock England 3585Huelva Spain 715 Island Passage 1710 Fastnet Rock Ireland 3491Lisboa Portugal 714 Boston Massachusetts USA via SANTANDER SPAIN Inishtrahull Ireland via MonaMiami Florida USA 3427 Windward Passage and Crooked 432730N 34800W to Passage 3641New York New York USA Island Passage 1966 Montreal Canada via Mona 2936 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points SAVONA ITALY 99 Passage 2579 SANTO TOMAS DE Monrovia Liberia 3096 via Osumi Kaikyo 5185Panama Panama 846 CASTILLA GUATEMALA New York New York USA Valparaiso Chile via OsumiPentland Firth Scotland 3820 154230N 883700W Add 5205 Kaikyo 9836Strait of Gibraltar 3549 2 miles to Puerto Barrios Rio Grande Brazil 483 Wakamatsu Japan 136Straits of Florida via Mona Passage 1036 SANTOS BRAZIL SAO SEBASTIAO BRAZIL SAVANNAH GEORGIA USAStraits of Florida via Windward 235600S 461900W to 234818S 452211W to 320500N 810600W to Passage 986Yucatan Channel 929 Junction Points Junction Points Junction Points Ports Ile dOuessant France 5002 Bishop Rock England 5027 Montreal Canada 2078 Montreal Canada 5544 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Panama Panama 1606Baltimore Maryland USA Panama Panama 4609 3349 Pentland Firth Scotland 3613 1451 Strait of Gibraltar 4378 Fastnet Rock Ireland 5051 Punta Arenas Chile Colombia 538 Straits of Florida 4799 Grand Banks South 4441 Straits of Florida 603Belem Brazil 1866 Ile dOuessant France 4994Belize Belize 1088 Ports Inishtrahull Ireland 5326 PortsBoston Massachusetts USA Panama Panama 4582 1599 Bahia Blanca Argentina 1292 Pentland Firth Scotland 5597 Banes Cuba via Crooked Georgia USA 1179 Baltimore Maryland USA Punta Arenas Chile 2112 Passage 801Buenos Aires Argentina 4929 5031 Strait of Gibraltar 4371 Bocas del Toro Panama viaCampeche Mexico 1364 Boston Massachusetts USA Straits of Florida 4836 Crooked Island Passage 1637CapHaitien Haiti 392 4928 Yucatan Channel 4869 Bridgetown Barbados 1646Cape Town South Africa 5948 Buenos Aires Argentina 1006 Buenos Aires Argentina via northCardenas Cuba 887 Cape Town South Africa 3409 Ports of English Bank 5854Carmen Mexico 1437 Charleston South Carolina Cape Town South Africa 6864Cartagena Colombia 610 USA 4908 Abidjan Ivory Coast 3015 Cartagena Colombia via South Carolina Colon Panama 4476 Bahia Blanca Argentina 1371 Island Passage 1442 USA 1190 Fernando de Noronha 1560 Cape Town South Africa 3355 Charlotte Amalie Virgin Amalie Virgin Islands Guiria Venezuela 3467 Colon Panama 4590 1210 300 Mar del Plata Argentina 1363 Dakar Senegal 7380 Charlottetown Canada 1386Cienfuegos Cuba 716 Montevideo Uruguay 893 Maldonado Uruguay 5269 Colon Panama 1563Colon Panama 802 New York New York USA New York New York USA Halifax Canada 1164Dakar Senegal 3036 4957 5044 Kingston Jamaica via Cuba 397 Norfolk Virginia USA 4910 Recife Brazil 1250 Island Passage 1063Halifax Canada 1709 Paranagua Brazil 163 San Julian Argentina 1861 La Guaira Venezuela via MonaHamilton Bermuda 992 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Passage Florida USA USA 5004 La Habana Cuba 606 SAO TOME SAO TOME 1166 Portland Maine USA 4959 GULF OF GUINEA Las Palmas Canary Islands 3409Key West Florida USA via Old Porto Alegre Brazil 758 02100N 64500E to Limon Costa Rica via Crooked Bahama Channel and Windward Quequen Argentina 1437 Island Passage 1636 Passage 936 Rio Grande Brazil 586 Ports Maracaibo Venezuela 1466Kingston Jamaica 430 Savannah Georgia USA 4940 Montevideo Uruguay 5740La Guaira Venezuela 502 Boma Congo 563 Nassau Bahamas 503La Habana Cuba via Windward SANYA GANG CHINA Douala Cameroon 285 Ponce Puerto Rico 1180 Passage 946 181400N 1092600E to Lagos Nigeria 422 Port Antonio Jamaica viaManzanillo Cuba 558 Pointe Noire Congo 436 Crooked Island Passage 1012Maracaibo Venezuela 496 Ports Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands Port Castries St Lucia 1548Matanzas Cuba 901 2208 Port of Spain Trinidad 1714Miami Florida 930 Haiphong Vietnam 253 Porto Grande Cape Verde Haiti 407 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 624 SARANDE ALBANIA 3169Nassau Bahamas 851 Hong Kong China 391 395200N 200030E to Puerto Barrios Guatemala viaNew York New York USA Kaohsiung Kang Taiwan 682 Straits of Florida 1224 1489 Manila Philippines 714 Junction Points Puerto Cortes Honduras viaNorfolk Virginia USA 1329 Straits of Florida 1189Nuevitas Cuba 632 SAO FRANCISCO DO SUL Port Said Egypt 863 Recife Brazil Pennsylvania USA BRAZIL Strait of Gibraltar 1311 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4753 via Mona Passage 1480 261332S 483822W to Salvador Brazil 4072Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe 520 Ports San Juan Puerto Rico 1153Ponce Puerto Rico 196 Junction Points Santa Marta Colombia viaPonta Delgada Azores 2620 Piraievs Greece via Corinth Crooked Island Passage 1372Port au Prince Haiti 453 Bishop Rock England 5210 Canal 253 Santiago de Cuba via CrookedPort Castries St Lucia 578 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Split Croatia 293 Island Passage 951Port of Spain Trinidad 681 3445 Taranto Italy 154 Santo Domingo Cabello Venezuela 492 Fastnet Rock Ireland 5236 Republic 1204Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3829 Grand Banks South 4613 Santos Brazil 4940 SASEBO JAPANRomana Dominican Republic 61 Ile dOuessant France 5177 330900N 1294300E to St John Canada via NantucketSan Juan del Norte Nicaragua Inishtrahull Ireland 5514 Light Buoy 1113 924 Panama Panama 4681 Ports Tampico Mexico 1432San Juan Puerto Rico 232 Pentland Firth Scotland 5799 Willemstad Curacao 1444Santa Marta Colombia 504 Punta Arenas Chile 1984 Acapulco Mexico via OsumiSantiago de Cuba Cuba 429 Strait of Gibraltar 4559 Kaikyo 6918 SAVONA ITALYSavannah Georgia USA 1204 Straits of Florida 5066 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA via 441844N 82929E toSt John Canada 1733 Yucatan Channel 5073 Osumi Kaikyo 3207Sydney Canada 1867 Gunsan South Korea 343 Junction PointsTuxpan Mexico 1624 Ports Honolulu Hawaii USA viaVeracruz Mexico 1596 Osumi Kaikyo 4009 Port Said Egypt 1437Willemstad Curacao 397 Buenos Aires Argentina 950 Itozakicho Japan 271 Strait of Gibraltar 852Wilmington North Carolina Cape Town South Africa 6671 Manila Philippines 1349 USA 1210 Charleston South Carolina Nome Alaska USA via Osumi Ports USA 5103 Kaikyo 3373 Colon Panama 4671 San Francisco California USA Alexandria Egypt 1326 Maldonado Uruguay 709 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points100 SAYDA LEBANONAlgiers Algeria 518 Junction Points Canton Phoenix Islands 4049 Kaikyo and composite Spain 549 Cordova Alaska USA 1216 4366Ancona Italy 1028 Bishop Rock England 640 Dagu China via La Perouse Strait Wake Island 3820Annaba Algeria 451 Ile dOuessant France 632 and north of Aleutian Islands Weihai China via La Libya 922 East 5285 Strait north of Aleutian IslandsBanzart Tunisia 440 Entrance Germany 569 Dalian China via La Perouse and via Unimak Pass 5054Barcelona Spain 341 Pentland Firth Scotland 16 Strait and north of Aleutian Weihai China via TsugaruBari Italy 820 Skagens Odde Denmark 454 Islands 5127 Kaikyo and north of AleutianBeirut Lebanon 1519 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA Islands 5059Brindisi Italy 762 Ports 1707 Weihai China via Sardinia 362 Enderbury Island Phoenix Kaikyo and south of Spain 601 Amsterdam Netherlands 485 Islands 4047 Islands 5089Ceuta Morocco 834 Antwerp Belgium 573 Funafuti Tuvalu 4640 Wellington New Zealand 6433Gibraltar 835 Bergen Norway 286 Guayaquil Ecuador 4326 Whittier Alaska USA 1241Haifa Israel 1515 Calais France 526 Hakodate Japan 3941 Wrangell Alaska USA 713Iraklion Kriti 1002 Emden Germany 490 Jaluit Marshall Islands 4296 Xiamen China via La Turkey south of Oslo Norway 532 Johnston Island 3018 Strait and north of Aleutian Greece 1301 Juneau Alaska USA 873 Islands 5463Istanbul Turkey via Corinth SEAHAM HARBOR Kahului Hawaii USA 2364 Xiamen China via Osumi Kaikyo Canal 1260 ENGLAND Kaneohe Bay Hawaii USA and south of Aleutian IslandsIzmir Turkey south of Greece 545014N 11910W to 2388 5515 1147 Kaunakakai Hawaii USA Xiamen China via TsugaruIzmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Junction Points 2398 Kaikyo and north of Aleutian 1106 Ketchikan Alaska USA 634 Islands 5464Malaga Spain 783 Bishop Rock England 625 Kobe Japan south of Aleutian Xiamen China via France 189 Pentland Firth Scotland 259 Islands 4534 Kaikyo and south of Sicily 496 Kodiak Alaska USA 1257 Islands 5494Napoli Italy 350 Ports Levuka Fiji Islands 5120 Yakutat Alaska USA 1003Odessa Ukraine south of Manila Philippines via Balintang Yokohama Japan north of Greece 1650 Leith Scotland 117 Channel 5630 Aleutian Islands 4245Odessa Ukraine via Corinth London England 308 Melbourne Australia 7332 Canal 1608 Rotterdam Netherlands 278 Midway Island 2817 SELAT LOMBOKOran Algeria 672 Nagasaki Japan via Tsugaru Sicily 434 SEARSPORT MAINE USA Kaikyo and north of Aleutian 85000S 1154300E toPalma Balearic Islands 433 442539N 685358W to Islands 4705Piraievs Greece south of Nagasaki Japan via Tsugaru Junction Points Greece 988 Junction Points Kaikyo and south of Greece via Corinth Islands 4735 Cape of Good Hope South Canal 906 Grand Banks South 865 Naknek Alaska USA 2020 Africa 5461Rijeka Croatia 1095 Montreal Canada 1360 Nanaimo Canada 132 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1571Sibenik Croatia 969 Panama Panama 2260 New Westminster Canada 126 Honshu Japan 3059Siracusa Sicily 567 Punta Arenas Chile 7111 Russia Port Said Egypt 5892Split Croatia 954 Straits of Florida 1475 south of Aleutian Islands Singapore 963Tarabulus Libya 722 3823 Selat Sunda Indonesia north ofTaranto Italy 715 Ports Russia Java Greece south of via Unimak Pass 3748 Selat Wetar Indonesia 727 Greece 1196 Cape Town South Africa 6708 Nome Alaska USA Greece via Corinth Colon Panama 2245 Noumea New Caledonia 5760 Ports Canal 1154 Halifax Canada 306 Ocean Island 4611Toulon France 156 Maracaibo Venezuela 2073 Pago Pago American Samoa Ambon Indonesia 819Trieste Italy 1128 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 4973 4611 Balikpapan Tunisia 475 San Juan Puerto Rico 1564 Papeete French Polynesia 4296 Indonesia 472Valencia Spain 497 Yarmouth Canada 2704 Petersburg Alaska USA 771 Bandjermasin Malta 588 Indonesia 357Venezia Italy 1138 SEATTLE WASHINGTON Russia via Unimak Pass 2939 Belawan Indonesia 1342Volos Greece south of Greece USA Ponape Caroline Islands 4696 Bunbury Australia 1510 1137 47300N 1222200W to Port Darwin Australia 6892 Calcutta India 2614Volos Greece via Corinth Canal Prince Rupert Canada 577 Calicut India 2916 1096 Junction Points Rabaul Papua New Guinea 5509 Cebu Philippines 1278 Seward Alaska USA via Strait Flying Fish Cove ChristmasSAYDA LEBANON Panama Panama 4020 of Juan de Fuca 1232 Island 603 333202N 351949E to Punta Arenas Chile 6964 Shanghai China via Tsugaru Fremantle Australia 1440 Singapore 7062 Strait 5094 Geraldton Australia 1242 Junction Points Wilson Promontory Australia Shimonoseki Japan via Tsugaru Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 1408 7181 Strait 4604 Hong Kong China via LinapacanPort Said Egypt 205 Sitka Alaska USA 806 Strait 2029Strait of Gibraltar 2035 Ports Skagway Alaska USA 934 Iloilo Philippines 1247 Surabaya Indonesia 7162 Incheon South Korea 2885 Ports Suva Fiji Islands 5162 Jakarta Indonesia 615 Russia via La Perouse Strait Sydney Australia 6810 Kakinada India 2567Haifa Israel 49 and Proliv Kruzenshterna Truk Caroline Islands 4929 Kuching Sarawak 974Marseille France 1596 4108 Unalakleet Alaska USA 2023 Madras India 2559Sete France 1655 Amapala Honduras 3361 Valdez Alaska USA 1229 Makassar Sulawesi 339Venezia Italy south of Greece Anchorage Alaska USA 1427 Valparaiso Chile 5916 Malacca Malaysia 1091 1382 Apia Samoa 4626 Vancouver Canada via Active Manila Philippines via MindoroVenezia Italy via Corinth Canal Apra Guam 4948 Pass 126 Strait Cuyo West Pass Sibutu 1354 Attu Island Alaska USA via Vancouver Canada via Boundary Passage and Makassar Strait Unimak Pass 2422 Pass 132 1514SCAPA FLOW ORKNEY Auckland New Zealand 6170 Victoria Canada 70 Mogpo South Korea 2725ISLANDS UNITED KINGDOM Avarua Cook Islands 4700 Vladivostok Russia north of Nampo North Korea 2946 585300N 30500W to Brisbane Australia 6471 Aleutian Islands 4210 Port Darwin Australia south of Callao Peru 4764 Vladivostok Russia via Tsugaru Pulau Roti 926 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points SEVILLA SPAIN 101Port Kembla Australia 3388 Hsia Steep Island Pass west of Ports SETE FRANCEPort Refuge Cocos Islands 1132 Macclesfield Bank east of South 432405N 34207E toSabang Indonesia 1575 Natuna Island and through Selat Horta Azores 2838Semarang Indonesia 416 Gaspar 2535 Lagos Nigeria 317 Junction PointsShanghai China via Paichieh Simons Bay South Africa 5058 Monrovia Liberia 599 Hsia Steep Island Passage east Surabaya Indonesia 450 Pointe Noire Congo 997 Port Said Egypt 1577 of Taiwan Mindoro Strait and Tandjung Uban Indonesia 502 Strait of Gibraltar 684 Sibutu Passage 2577 Tarakan Indonesia 1191 SEMARANG Indonesia north of Telukbayur Indonesia 488 65600S 1102500E to Ports Madura 275 Tjilatjap Indonesia 345Tarakan Kalimantan Indonesia Tjirebon Indonesia 211 Junction Points Augusta Sicily 703 830 Victoria Sabah 948 Cagliari Sardinia 402Tjilatjap Indonesia 413 Vladivostok Russia 3357 Selat Lombok Indonesia 416 Cannes France 171Tjirebon Indonesia 503 Weonsan North Korea 3161 Selat Sunda Indonesia 267 Genova Italy 266Whyalla Australia 2782 Zhenjiang China 1710 Selat Wetar Indonesia 1067 Istanbul Turkey south ofZamboanga Philippines 1047 Greece 1442 Ports Iskenderun Turkey 1675 SELAT WETAR INDONESIA 81900S 1272700E to Istanbul Turkey via CorinthSELAT SUNDA INDONESIA 60400S 1055000E to Apra Guam 2464 Canal 1401 Junction Points Jakarta Indonesia 236 Kerch Ukraine south of Greece Junction Points Makassar Sulawesi 596 1877 Cape of Good Hope South Africa Surabaya Indonesia 196 Kerch Ukraine via CorinthCape of Good Hope South Africa 6768 Canal 1836 5164 Cape Leeuwin Australia 1954 Larnaca Cyprus 1579 SENIPAH OIL TERMINALCape Leeuwin Australia 1815 Honshu Japan 2838 INDONESIA Livorno Italy 298Honshu Japan 3171 Selat Lombok Indonesia 727 10325S 1171300E to Messina Sicily 636Selat Lombok Indonesia north of Singapore via Selat Riouw and Napoli Italy 515 Java 677 Selat Karimata 1587 Junction Points Pula Croatia 1216Port Said Egypt via Eight Degree Sundra Strait Indonesia 1330 Sayda Lebanon 1655 Channel 5224 Torres Strait Australia 881 Honshu Japan 2615 Skikda Algeria 422Port Said Egypt via One and Half Selat Lombok Indonesia 476 Tarabulus Lebanon 1672 Degree Channel 5335 Ports Panama Panama via north of Valletta Malta 694Singapore via Selat Bangka and Sulawesi 10464 Selat Berhala 532 Balikpapan Kalimantan Singapore via Makassar and SETUBAL PORTUGALSelat Wetar Indonesia 1330 Indonesia 870 Karimata Straits 815 383100N 85900E to Busan South Korea via Selat Sundra Strait Indonesia 834 Ports Manipa and Molucca Passage TsugaruKaikyo Japan 2963 Junction Points 2632 Selat Wetar Indonesia 858Aden Yemen via One and Half Incheon South Korea via Selat Ile dOuessant France 672 Degree Channel 3935 Manipa and Molucca Passage Ports Strait of Gibraltar 2767 Russia 3961 Jakarta Indonesia 1266 Ambon Indonesia 917 Kalimantan Lingkas Indonesia 1161 Dairen China 2639 Indonesia 837 Makassar Sulawesi 614 Hong Kong China 1524 Bilbao Spain Kalimantan Mogpo South Korea via Molucca Manila Philippines 1007 Casablanca Morocco 313 Indonesia 775 Passage 2632 Midway Island via San Horta Azores 939Bangkok Thailand 1292 Nampo North Korea via Selat Bernardino Strait 4273Belawan Indonesia 870 Manipa and Molucca Passage Weonsan Korea 2759 SEVERODVINSK RUSSIABombay India 2664 2861 Zamboanga Philippines 562 643500N 395000E AddBusan South Korea 2855 2 14 miles to India 2140 Russia via Selat Manipa and SEPT ILES CANADA China 1588 Dampier Strait 4106 501107N 662218W toColombo Sri Lanka 1781 Port Darwin Australia west of SEVILLA SPAINFlying Fish Cove Christmas Bathurst Island 326 Junction Points 372330N 60000W to Island Line Islands 281 Semarang Indonesia 1067Fremantle Australia 1691 Shanghai China via Basilan Bishop Rock England via Strait Junction Australia 1494 Strait Mindoro Strait east of of Belle Isle 2273Hong Kong China 1807 Taiwan and Paichieh Hsia Cape of Good Hope South Africa Bishop Rock England 973Incheon South Korea 2913 2553 6785 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaJakarta Indonesia 77 Surabaya Indonesia north of Grand Banks South 818 6917Kompong Som Camb via Los Madura 928 Ile dOuessant France via Strait Fastnet Rock Ireland 1049 Angeles California USA Surabaya Indonesia south of of Belle Isle 2338 Grand Banks South 2070 1096 via Makassar Strait Madura 880 Inishtrahull Ireland via Strait of Ile dOuessant France 931 7976 Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 2106 Belle Isle 2135 Inishtrahull Ireland 1299Makassar Sulawesi 861 Vladivostok Russia via Selat Montreal Canada 409 Panama Panama 5244Malacca Malaysia 619 Manipa 3133 Panama Panama 3045 Pentland Firth Scotland 1467Manila Philippines 1578 Weonsan North Korea via Selat Pentland Firth Scotland via Strait Punta Arenas Chile 6950Mogpo South Korea 2760 Manipa and Molucca Passage of Belle Isle 2230 Strait of Gibraltar 154Nampo North Korea 2974 3100 Punta Arenas Chile 7188 Straits of Florida 4018Palembang Indonesia 362 Wyndham Australia 431 Straits of Florida 2250 Yucatan Channel Zamboanga Philippines via Selat Russia 4574 Manipa and Selat Bangka 995 Ports PortsPort Adelaide Australia 2980Port Darwin Australia south of SEKONDI GHANA Boston Massachusetts USA Banjul Gambia 1624 Java 1623 45620N 14200W to 1035 Belem Brazil 4838Port Refuge Cocos Islands 647 La Guaira Venezuela 2630 Buenos Aires Argentina 5315Qui Nhon Vietnam 1241 Junction Points New York New York USA Cape Town South Africa 4647Rapid Bay Australia 2946 1191 Casablanca Morocco 240Sabang Indonesia 1103 Ile dOuessant France 3424 Portland Maine USA 1002 Cristobal Panama 4298Seletar Malaysia 533 San Juan Puerto Rico 2132 Dakar Senegal 1527Semarang Indonesia 297 St Johns Canada 699 Funchal Madeira Island 611Shanghai China via Paichieh Yarmouth Canada 842 Horta Azores 1073 Lisboa Portugal 253 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points102 SEWARD ALASKA USANorfolk Virginia USA 3303 SHANGHAI CHINA Los Angeles California USA Wenzhou China 365Porto Grande Cape Verde Islands 311400N 1212930E to via TsugaruKaikyo 5699 Weonsan North Korea via north 1589 Maizuru Japan 800 of Cheju Do and SouthVigo Spain 474 Junction Points Manila Philippines east of Channel 797 Taiwan 1156 Xiamen China via outside Selat Lombok Indonesia via Pai Manila Philippines via Formosa islands 603SEWARD ALASKA USA 600600N 1492600W to chieh Hsia Steep Island Pass Strait 1166 Yantai China via outside east of Taiwan Mindoro Strait Midway Island 3184 islands 523 Junction Points and Sibutu Passage 2577 Misumi Japan 490 Yokohama Japan via Naikai Panama Panama via Osumi Mogpo South Korea 369 1117Panama Panama 4916 Kaikyo 8648 Nagasaki Japan 463Punta Arenas Chile 7859 Panama Panama via Tsugaru Naha Ryukyu Islands 479 SHARJAH UNITED ARAB Kaikyo 8566 Nakagusuku Ryukyu Islands 515 EMIRATES Ports Punta Arenas Chile 9827 Nakhodka Russia 991 252300N 552048E to Singapore 2207 Nampo North Korea 561Apra Guam 4079 Selat Sunda Indonesia via Pai Russia Junction PointsAuckland New Zealand 6093 chieh Hsia Steep Island Pass 1742Callao Peru 5660 west of Macclesfield Bank east Noumea New Caledonia via Cape of Good Hope SouthHakodate Japan south of Aleutian of South Natuna Island and Pass de Dunbea 4185 Africa 4701 Islands 3010 through Selat Gaspar 2535 Otaru Japan 1233 Cape Leeuwin Australia 5037Hong Kong China south of Selat Wetar Indonesia 2553 Pago Pago American Samoa Selat Lombok Indonesia 4288 Aleutian Islands 4809 4794 Port Said Egypt 2883Honolulu Hawaii USA 2373 Ports Papeete French Polynesia 5907 Singapore 3422Los Angeles California USA Penghu Kang Taiwan 605 Selat Sunda Indonesia 3629 2045 Torres Strait Australia via southManila Philippines south of Russia 1597 Russia via La Perouse Strait of Java 5831 Aleutian Islands 4996 Apia Samoa 4715 2200Pago Pago American Samoa Apra Guam 1687 Ports 4589 Auckland New Zealand via west Russia via French Polynesia 4661 of New Ireland 5148 2224 Aden Yemen Avarua Cook Islands 5533 Ponape Caroline Islands 2545 Al Basrah Iraq 518 Russia via Unimak Pass Brisbane Australia 4243 Port Darwin Australia 2804 Belawan Indonesia 3091 2065 Busan South Korea north of Qingdao China via outside Calcutta India 3099Prince Rupert Canada 734 Cheju Do and via South islands 401 Fremantle Australia 4968San Francisco California USA Channel 491 Qinhuangdao China via outside Penang Malaysia 3131 1701 Cebu Philippines via South islands 668Seattle Washington USA via Channel Paichieh Hsia Steep Rabaul Papua New Guinea 2812 SHARPNESS ENGLAND inside route 1428 Island Pass east of Taiwan and San Diego California USA via 514300N 22900W AddSeattle Washington USA via San Bernardino Strait 1322 TsugaruKaikyo 5396 17 miles to Avonmouth distances Strait of Juan de Fuca 1232 Chilung Taiwan 447 San Francisco California USASuva Fiji Islands 5003 Chimu Wan Ryukyu Islands 527 via TsugaruKaikyo 5396 SHEERNESS ENGLANDSydney Australia 6373 Dagu China via outside islands San Francisco California USA 512630N 04400EValdez Alaska USA 145 720 via Osumi Kaikyo 5502 Subtract 31 miles from Chile 6812 Dalian China 560 Sanmen Wen China 270 Canada 1249 Dutch Harbor Alaska USA via Seattle Washington USA viaYakutat Alaska USA 312 La Perouse Strait 3375 La Perouse Strait and north of Dutch Harbor Alaska USA via SHELBURNE CANADAYokohama Japan south of Aleutian Islands 5067 434500N 65l900W to Aleutian Islands 3313 TsugaruKaikyo 3377 Seattle Washington USA via Guayaquil Ecuador 8872 Osumi Kaikyo and south of Junction Points Gunsan South Korea 457 Aleutian Islands Haiphong Vietnam via Paichieh Seattle Washington USA via Montreal Canada 1050 651506N 140012W to Hsia Steep Island Pass and TsugaruKaikyo and north of Hainan Strait 1285 Aleutian Islands 5071 Ports Junction Points Hakodate Japan 1166 Seattle Washington USAvia Hankou China 592 TsugaruKaikyo and south of Churchill Canada 2467Pentland Firth Scotland 500 HigashiIwase Japan 966 Aleutian Islands 5131 Reykjavik Iceland 2047Strait of Gibraltar 1899 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam via Shantou China 708 St Johns Canada 621 Bonham Strait 1679 Shimonoseki Japan 548 Ports Hong Kong China via Paichieh Sitka Alaska USA 4446 Hsia Steep Island Pass and SHENGJIN ALBANIA Suao Kang Taiwan 498 414730N 193500E toBergen Norway 634 Formosa Strait 831 Surabaya Indonesia 2626Murmansk Russia 1173 Honolulu Hawaii USA 4336 Suva Fiji Islands 4467 Junction PointsSt Johns Canada 1690 Hualien Kang Taiwan 533 Sydney Australia via west of New Iloilo Philippines via South Ireland 4642 Port Said Egypt 988SFAX TUNISIA Channel Paichieh Hsia and Sydney Australia via Vitiaz Strait of Gibraltar 1382 344339N 104630E to Steep Island Pass east of Strait 4636 Taiwan and San Bernardino Taitung Kang Taiwan 612 Ports Junction Points Strait 1343 Tianjin China via Changshan Incheon South Korea via South Shuitao 740 Ancona Italy 297Port Said Egypt 1131 Channel 503 Truk Caroline Islands 2261 Brindisi Italy 103Strait of Gibraltar 1043 Jakarta Indonesia 2522 Tsuruga Japan 823 Split Croatia 207 Jaluit Marshall Islands 3138 Valparaiso Chile via Tokara Ports Kobe Japan via Inland Sea 789 Kaikyo 10148 Kobe Japan via Osumi Kaikyo SHIMIZU HONSHU JAPAN Vinh Cam Ranh Vietnam 1520 350100N 1383100E toAlmeria Spain 881 826 Vladivostok Russia via north Italy 520 Kodiak Alaska USA 3967 Cheju Do 998 PortsDerince Turkey 1081 Levuka Fiji Islands 4528 Vladivostok Russia via south ofGibraltar 1026 Lianyungang China 414 Cheju Do 997 Apra Guam 1351Iskenderun Turkey 1282 Lo hsingta Maoti China via Wakamatsu Japan 541 Kobe Japan 279Larnaca Cyprus 1163 South Channel Paichieh Hsia Wake Island 2550 Nagoya Japan Russia 1684 and Steep Island Pass 440 Weihai China via South Shimonoseki Japan 469 Los Angeles California USA Channel 483 Yokohama Japan 116 via Osumi Kaikyo 5810 JUNCTION POINTSee Preface for use of junction points SINGAPORE 103SHIMONOSEKI JAPAN Tokuyama Japan 50 Haifa Israel via Corinth Canal SIMONS BAY SOUTH 335700N 1305635E to Tsuruga Japan 325 1187 AFRICA Unggi North Korea 511 Iraklion Kriti 704 341122S 182629E to Junction Points Uno Japan 177 Istanbul Turkey south of Valparaiso Chile 9709 Greece 1001 Junction PointsPanama Panama east of Honshu Vladivostok Russia 565 Istanbul Turkey via Corinth 8153 Weihai China 562 Canal 902 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaPanama Panama west of Xiamen China 920 Izmir Turkey south of Greece 23 Honshu 8081 Yantai China 596 846 Cape Leeuwin Australia 4572Punta Arenas Chile 9545 Yeosu South Korea 182 Izmir Turkey via Corinth Canal Port Said Egypt 5315Singapore via Formosa Strait Yokohama Japan via Bungo 747 Selat Sunda Indonesia 5085 2527 Suido 545 La Spezia Italy 923 Livorno Italy 887 Ports Ports Malaga Spain 1452 SHIMOTSUI JAPAN Port Elizabeth South Africa 391 342600N 1334900E to Marseille France 1050Akita Japan 586 Messina Sicily 477Apra Guam 1451 Ports Napoli Italy 648 SINES New Zealand 4944 Odessa Ukraine south of 385607N 85215W toBohang South Korea 164 Hirohata Japan 88 Greece 1349Cebu Philippines 1547 Osaka Japan 116 Odessa Ukraine via Corinth Junction PointsChangjon North Korea 337 Shimonoseki Japan 152 Canal 1250Chongjin North Korea 480 Yokohama Japan 449 Oran Algeria 1290 Bishop Rock England 689Dagu China 790 Palermo Sicily 593 Cape of Good Hope South AfricaDutch Harbor Alaska USA via Palma Balearic Islands 1112 8342 SHIOGAMA JAPAN Fastnet Rock Ireland 766 TsugaruKaikyo 2892 38l900N 1410300E to Piraievs Greece south ofHakodate Japan 683 Greece 687 Grand Banks South Japan 466 Ports Piraievs Greece via Corinth Ile dOuessant France 625Hong Kong China 1179 Canal 548 Inishtrahull Ireland 1400Honolulu Hawaii USA 3804 Aomori Japan 311 Rijeka Croatia 158 Panama Panama 4168Hulu Dao China 781 Hakodate Japan 281 Savona Italy 969 Pentland Firth Scotland 1371Iloilo Philippines 1569 Itozakicho Japan 662 Siracusa Sicily 498 Punta Arenas Chile 6453Imabari Japan 123 Shimonoseki Japan 756 Tarabulus Libya 761 Strait of Gibraltar 2708Incheon South Korea 489 Yokohama Japan 284 Taranto Italy 326 Straits of Florida 3825Itozakicho Japan 133 Thessaloniki Greece south ofIwakuni Japan 93 Greece 895 Ports SHOREHAM BY SEAJakarta Indonesia 2838 ENGLAND Thessaloniki Greece via Japan via Bungo 504948N 01600W to Canal 796 Cadiz Spain 266 Suido 295 Toulon France 1018 Dakar Senegal 1540Kagoshima Japan west of Junction Points Trieste Italy 192 Freetown Sierra Leone 2017 Kyushu 306 Tunis Tunisia 771 Funchal Madeira Island 544Kimchaek North Korea 421 Bishop Rock England 249 Valencia Spain 1237 Lisboa Portugal 20Kobe Japan 241 Ile dOuessant France 245 Valletta Malta 575 Ponta Delgada Azores 794Kure Japan 116 Pentland Firth Scotland 633 Venezia Italy 204 Santa Cruz de Tenerife CanaryLo hsingta Maoti China 799 Volos Greece south of Greece Islands 727Maizuru Japan 302 Ports 836 Vigo Spain 251Manila Philippines 1424 Volos Greece via Corinth CanalMasan South Korea 146 Le Havre France 90 737 SINGAPORE Miike Japan 222 London England 161 11600N 1035000E toNagasaki Japan 159 Plymouth England 162 SIBU MALAYSIANagoya Japan 434 22400N 1115600E to Junction PointsNaha Ryukyu Islands 530 SIBENIK Russia 552 434403N 155317E to Junction Points Cape of Good Hope South AfricaNanao Japan 453 5579Niigata Japan 492 Junction Points Selat Lombok Indonesia 1063 Honshu Japan 2879Pago Pago American Samoa Singapore 532 Selat Lombok Indonesia 963 4440 Port Said Egypt 1148 Panama Panama via Strait of Gibraltar 1522 Ports Bernardino Strait 10505 Russia via La Perouse Strait Port Said Egypt 5035 1732 Ports Cebu Philippines via Balabac Selat Sunda Indonesia