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Lovett. Shower Sump Pump


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                                                                                 4NSrTi?j,EiYY1017,i I3iiLrl'il L.l?iaDDESCRIPTION
                                      Yo11 11;~: 1. l ~ ~ ~ r ( * l a~ IIC:\.
                                                                        ; l s etY11it
                                                                                ~l i ~ i l ~ i ~ ~ ~     s~ l ir ~sil  tSIIIII!I
                                                                                                                          ~ lt e   ~ 1111n111.'l)li(lr(:is o111y orte gasket used i l l its constiuction. There are
                          IIO  sc.:ils :1rt1111111111ovi11g   11;lrts11) It':~!i t,rs~it-k.  '1'111: I ~ r i r l ~ =t~f;lir
                                                                                                                       il~l~         t.ct~~tl~rc.ssc:tl
                                                                                                                                       !             t~vt!rwattrr.ill a t:l~;ul~l~c?rtt~trr~    at ~hct 11ottorr1and closed
                          ;I[ IIII. 1011. ~.l'l;*c.ti\t.Iy  I~I.I*VI*IIIS 1\;11t.r ! ~ U t.rlcr*ri~~g
                                                                                         III                                ; I I I I ~s~vitt-l~
                                                                                                                                              ~-OIII~I;I~I         I I I II~~I ~  I~
                                                                                                                                                                               !1111:   S , is s111)111t:r retl LO a (la  of
                                                                                                        1111. I I I O I I I ~                                        I I         ~    111111111
                          Illort. ~II;III 2ii ft.c.t trr is r~!~st:t
                          1)u111lt   sl1:11'1 1.111er
                                                                          o r LIII! c*;~si~ig.
                                                      !!I(. i r ~ t ~ r i of
                                                                                                               Iosirlg ~ 1 1 tvo~~~~tress(!~l
                                                                                                                                      ~.              air i11,tIic
                                                                                                                                                                 air lock, tlirough ~vliicli
                                                                                                                will not tl;uliage tlto plaslir: parts of tliis pump.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    tlie e ectric cab e luld

                                                    I~\II.~.:I" 'i 1    'I.<. - ;. :\',ill. 1:\:s/;- $1.1. l,yll{l;                                    .    2.1. & 3 2 VOI,TS      - 3 AXI.1'.          FUSE   - #14   TVII1E
                                                                n . ,

                                    .-      :ij~n?*q'~-**
                                                i,   :   S
                                                     . rf:
                                                                                 i i 1; <,.l *:I
                                                                                                       7 r>r7x%.
                                                                            :I,,, xs.r:>iii Oh!?' 13131CI>I;'iTELII IF'I'I11': I'UXIP IlrIIIES X I U NOT CONNECTED AS
                         Ti 1 !31' :11{113l:\fi:(l',l). !):~l~lrii:t!liv!.I~. ycmr l t t r : ~
                                                                                               ~       I~caforetil:~kir~g   t:t~rinc:ctio~~s.
                                                                                                                                           Test wit11 volt~t~eterorligli~ not tlzepunzp. hlaiic
                            C:IIIIIII:I:~~IIIIS 1vt41:~!~ttvt.
                                                           !tilgts ~ S ; I ~ I T    ~ ; I ~ ;II!
                                                                             !:~vt~l.          I I ~-IIIIII(*~~~III  I + . s(v:ure \+.ire
                                                                                                                   ;l1i11                to ltrev611t
                                                                                                                                                                          re1111ires2 i~iclics
                         \\';lll.r     10     l l l l ~ l l011.
                                                                                                                    .   -                     S?,INUAL

                     cr-~ : . t y r - . . r .

                                            .:: .I%,:       1'1!II       .its~.txts~~
                                                                                         1111 I I I I L of F ~ I I I I ~ I ~(S . ( h : ~ st*r~:c:ri
                                                                                                                              :l         ~i      i11111sIi(!i: it 1);lt:k ~       gruoves.
                                                                                                                                                                              I I ~ O          A1ake;ilire it is aU the way down.

                                                          , 1 3 2 A;..       I (9
                                                                           %..         FOl,!,? '7' '!"lilr :'II3OVE Il\;'i'!!l.?f:TIONS TILT, VOID TOUR W:iR&htaTTY

            I.()(.! ?,It 5'1; 1:1141, O[''I* .\>I)
    (fro111    now on called Sovet~l'i~r~tps).                   'l'l~is\v;I~!.I!II!!.     is ( t ~ t ~ i i ~10! origi;!::i
                                                                                                                  ~ ~ ~ ! (:~I!:SIIIII(:~ !:!:YC!I:~SC~S only. This warrantygives
    you specific l i y : ; ! :-i,:l:is. nrli! you nlay a l s ~                      i:ave ol?ic:r rigi~ts      w11ich vary froln state to slate.
         .. Tiic = i ~ ~ t isillllp  i c r puirip (i~icludiri~              h e discharge tube but escludi11~installation                       hardware notstipplietl Ly Love tt
    I't~rl!~:;: I.i \varr:lr~tedto be free frcrtn ticfec~sill ~natel-ial                              or ~vorkn~anslii~)         under nonllal use and service. Tile warnuity
    1;~'i-ioi   slixil C O I I X U ~ L ~ U   C I~) O I ~ ttle u ~ s : ~ ; l l a tof     i ~ tiit:
                                                                                            ~ i sho\+-er      S U I I I ~PUIUP. by the original consumer purcliaser or, if
    ii~stalltll     in a new boat t l ~ e             date of h e iuitial !aunclling, and shall elid one (1)year thereafter. NEITIIZR THIS
     \trIIITTEi\l;      TS'i\I?PL!.'.;YXC :.;OR A3Y OTIiEK E S P m S S OR I;\ilPLIED WARWYTY, INCLUDIKG TiIE IBIPLI'I1I)                                                               I
    Xr:?RR,LXTY : Ii: ;i !~i~i:!IA.";TAI1II,ITY. SI~Ihl,t                                     ESTESD BEYOKD THE WARIMi'iTY PERIOD. S o n ~ states                            e    do
    not ;?llt:x.1iilli:ritions 011 Low 101%an i111l)lidwarrallty lasts, so tile above li~nitation                                                 niay not apply to you.
                 Lovett Punipi sole obliptiui~                        under this or any otller warranty is limitid to replacing or repairing any i:s:t or
    1 1 a - t ~of t l ~ epilln;? as!iioh fail to corift,rnl to said ~varrarity.Lovett P u n ~ p sWILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR AiiY
    COXST:QUiC?;'l'i:ii, ii:\:li\i',l'.S C)'I'I?I~I<
                                                                                  TiihN IKJllltY T(') TlIIS PISRSON I N TIIE C:\SE OF CONSUhIER'
                     c.:~~tsc!c!11y a 1)rctacll of illis or any 011i1.rwilrr;t~~ly.                          5ct11ic: slates tlo 11111 aliow ~ l t o     ~*xc:l~tsio~tor li~~tiktiolt

    i~lcii!(.::!;ti t)r e o ~ ~ ~ e ( ~ u ec!am+ses, n t i a l :so the &ove liltlilaliori or esclusion niay not apply io you.
                                                            7.?_     ...
                111 order t3 secure \~-arrcrity                    ~~c~?i)r~i~ilnce,-        tile. qrib

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