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SF YRA SSI 2009 SAILING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE YACHT RACING ASSOCIATION OF SAN request a hard copy be mailed to you by contacting infoyraorg10 RULES Races will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 20092012 RRSrter Association Rules and Class Rules all as modified by these sailing instructions and these sailing instructions Between the hours of sunset and sunrise the Steering and Sailing Rules from IRPCAS International Rules for Prevention of Collisions at Seaeffective 1977he Unified Inland Rule seffective 1981ce Part 2 of the RRS as noted in Preamble to RRS Part 2 as it applies Competitors are advised that noncompeting boats are not governed by RRS and that IRPCAS or Unified Inland Rules govern meetings with noncompeting boats Boats shall not impede the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway see US Dept of Commerce chart 18649 for designated narrow channels and fairways of SF Bayg or other vessels with restricted ability to maneuver Boats identified who endanger their own safety ial or government vessel will be subject to protest by a Race Committee RCor contestant and face possible RRS 603 is modified to add dto read A hearing for allegations of the above will be instigated by a protest committee if notified by government commercial or individual vessel of possible infraction It shall also extend the time limit under RRS 613 to accept the information A DSQ for a safetviolation shall be considered as a not excludable DNE21 MINIMUM EQUIPMENT Boats must comply with the United States Coast Guards requirements for recreational vessels RRS 12 and minimum additional equipment prescribed by her Chartered Association 30 DECISION TO RACE As stated in RRS 4 a boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing Races are open to boats that meet the rules of the Chartered Association in which they have entered to race and whose owners or charterers are members of YRA Entries and appropriate boats certificates must be on file in the YRA office The YRA office will maintain the Master Sailing Schedule It will list the date sponsor and location for YRA qualifying races for each Chartered Association Only those sailing instructions officially published by the YRA Office are applicable for YRA races Courses and starting times will be designated in the applicable Chartered Association Sailing Instructions 60 MANAGEMENT Each race shall be under the management of a race committee RCnsoring yacht club which shall have full power to enforce these Sailing Instructions 70 SAIL NUMBERS Boats sailing under ODCA PHRF IMS or IOR Rules can have their racing numbers assigned by the YRA RRS 77 is deleted 80 STARTING AND FINISHING LINES Unless otherwise specified the StartFinish line will be a line between a yellow or orange flag or orange panel on the RC boat or a panel on the club house race deck and the StartFinish mark specified in the course descriptions RC boat may set a limiting mark close to her and on the same end of the starting line to protect her No boat shall pass between the limiting mark and the committee boat r shorebased RC platforms eg StFYC Mark B are limiting marks when starting or finishing Limiting marks are considered marks of the course SF YRA SSI 2009 90 THE START Races will be started using RRS 26 as modified Times will be taken from the visual signals the absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded Signal FlagsSound Minutes before Start Course Signal WARNING Class or Group 1 gun or horn 5 Raise Course Signal PREPARATORY P I or Z 1 gun or horn 4 Drop PREP 1 horn 1 Drop Course Signal START 1 gun or horn 0 Warning signal for each succeeding class shall be made with or after the starting signal for preceding class NOTE PREP Signal Black Flag will not be used for YRA races Boats shall not start later than 10 minutes after their signaled start 100 RESTRICTED AREAS For the purpose of RRS 18 19 28 the following objects shall be left to shoreward Anita Rock and any buoy marking same vertical H beam off Water Quality Control Plant west of StFYC bell buoy7 off the west end of Alcatraz and Point Blunt buoy off Angel Island Above obstructions are not marks of the course The South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge must be left to the South at all times Any rocks visible at Mean Lower Low water immediately adjacent to Contra Costa County Marin County or San Francisco shorelines shall be left to shoreward except for Mile Rock The Brothers and Red Rock 2 RESTRICTED LINE Boats whose preparatory signal has not been made shall keep clear of any boat whose preparatory signal has been made Boats shall not cross the Start or Finish line except when preparing to start starting or finishing Boats observed by the race committee to be in violation of this instruction may be scored DNF without a hearing This changes RRS 631 On courses signaled as twice around boats shall NOT sail through startfinish line to start second rounding 110 POSTPONEMENT See definition of AP in RRS Race Signals One minute after ending a postponement period the Warning signal will be made to signify resumption of regular sequence Boats will then start in the order indicated If lengthy postponements occur RC may call on selected course radio channel to advise which fleet will be next in the start sequence 120 RECALLS121 INDIVIDUAL RECALL In addition to provisions of RRS 291 the RC may hail OCS boats by VHF radio Failure of a hail failure of a boat hearing the hail or the order of hails shall not be grounds for redress See 220122 GENERAL RECALL In addition to provisions of RRS 292 add If there is a second General Recall that group will start after the last scheduled group of starters in first starting sequence on a course determined by the 130 TWORACE DAYS At the discretion of the RC the starting sequence for the second race may begin while there are still boats on the race course sailing the first race this shall not relieve the RC of its obligation to finish these boatsasses not scheduled for a second race will be eliminated from sequence to compress starts To start the second race the RC may sound two signals and drop the Blue Flag if there are not fleets still to finishfollowed in one minute by a Warning signal for the first start of the second series RC may announce the starting fleet by radio If the second sequence must be delayed RC may fly Postponement flag and announce delay by radio See 220g fleet may request their approximate start from the RC boat or race deck A Warning will proceed one minute after lowering the AP flag 140 TIME LIMIT Except for an ocean race a time limit of three hours is set for each class on two race days and five hours for each class on single race days RRS 35 is modified to state that boats finishing later than 30 minutes after the first class boat finished will be scored as DNF This does not apply to the Vallejo Race or SecondHalf Opener 150 HANDICAP SCORING For purposes of scoring HDA OYRA and Party Circuit will use TimeonTime 160 SCORING SYSTEM The Low Point Scoring System RRS A41 will be used to score finishing boats RRS 42 is modified to state penalty points will be added to the number of boats that came to the starting area plus one for OCS DNFDNS or RAF prior to protest hearingplus three for DSQ A boat that did not come to the line will be scored 1 point more than the number of boats entered A DSQ for Safety violation is considered as a DNEin addition to RRS 903 Ties will be broken in accordance with RRS A7 or A8 as appropriate RRS A9 is deleted SF YRA SSI 2009 170 DAILY TROPHIES Sponsoring clubs will indicate order of finish for all races they conduct and provide details to the YRA office in a timely manner Charter Associations will provide trophies as follows a first prize for any starters in a classdivision a second prize for four or more starters a third prize for seven or more a fourth prize for ten or more and a fifth prize for fifteen or more 180 SEASON CHAMPIONSHIPS Scoring shall be in accordance with the system adopted by each classdivision The YRA shall provide a first place Season Championship trophy to each fleet that registers at least five boats providing that at least one boat in the classdivision qualifies by racing more than of their scheduled races For the purposes of qualifying the fleet for the season a race that is abandoned shall be listed as a valid arting area however there will be no points scored for any boat Protests under RRS 611 shall be submitted in writing in accordance with RRS 612 and YRA of San Francisco not later than midnight on Monday following the regatta or if Monday is a holiday on Tuesday Protests will be heard at the clubhouse of the sponsoring yacht club on the third Monday following the race at 1930 or if that Monday is a holiday it shall be held on following Tuesday Yacht clubs are responsible for sending a copy of the protest to the protested boat along with notification of the time and place of the hearing to parties to the protest Note RRS 638 allows protests between boats in different races A party to a protest may appeal a decision of a protest committee PCion Director at US SAILING Box 1260 Portsmouth RI 02871hin the 15day time limit as provided by RRS F21 202 HOW TO FILE AN APPEAL If the protest committee has not provided written decision on protest one may request the decision as noted in RRS 652 The season race packet contains Guidelines for Presentation of Appeals Transmit your letter of appeal and accompanying document including a check payable to YRA of SF Bay for 50 if you are a US SAILING member 100 if not a USSA memberpt of your material and forward it to our Association Appeals Committee for handling US SAILING charges no fee for forwarding an appeal but YRA of SF Bay requires that an administrative fee be paid as abovere an appeal 210 ADVERTISING No advertising which exceeds that allowed in ISAF REG 20 Category A is permitted except as specified by a particular Chartered Association ODCA or OYRAe following restrictions apply to yacht clubs which have commercial sponsors for YRA races 1hies anything given to racers by event sponsors or the yacht clubs must be given equally to all racers and 2 racer shall be required to display any material relating to sponsorship of the event 220 ON THE WATER COMMUNICATIONS 221RRS 25 is amended to allow for onthewater radio communication between the RC and racing boats on the VHF channel for the particular course area specified in an individual race packet The RC shall hail OCS and may advise the fleet starting order by loud hailer andor VHF radio See annual CG Blanket Permit with suggested VHF coordination frequencies222 For ocean sailing see OYRA instructions The Coast Guard requires that a hand held radio be carried by one person on deck at all times while sailing This may be skipper or crew HDA ADDITIONAL STANDING SA10 HDA DIVISION FLAGS An Alpha Numerical code flag determined by the HDA Chartered Association denoting the assigned division must be flown from the backstay of each boat HDA LONG COURSE SERIES This series has 1owout 30 TIME LIMITS YRA Standing Sailing Instructions 14 Time Limitoes not apply to HDA races ODCA ADDITIONAL STANDING SAILING INSTRUCTIONS 10 STARTING GROUPS Racing group starting sequences are contained in the ODCA Calendar It is available from the YRA office 20 STARTING SEQUENCE FOR TWO RACE DAYS Classes shall start the first race on a tworace day in order listed on the ODCA Calendar with classes that have dropped out of a race day eliminated from the sequence to compress starts Race number two shall start according to YRA 130 SF YRA SSI 2009 OYRA ADDITIONAL STANDING SAILING INSTRUCTIONS 10 STARTSNo Committee Boat on Station boat is on station at Half Moon Bay or Drakes Bay an OYRA Officer shall assume the of the RC and shall start the classes using the most reasonable facsimile of the starting shapes as possible Starting time for the OYRA Officer boat shall be fifteen minutes after the last class has been started 20 REPORTING AT START 21 Each boat is responsible for successfully notifying the RC of her intention to race by radioing her sail number and fleet and receiving an acknowledgment on the VHF channel indicated in the individual race instruction A boat failing to successfully notify the Race Committee per above shall be scored DNS This changes rule 631 22 YRA SSI 9 is modified to state Boats arriving to the start area later than 10 minutes after their fleet start may cross the start line 10 minutes after the last fleet starts if they have notified the RC of their intention by radio immediately after the last start and before the 10 minute period after the last start A boat failing to notify the committee of sail number fleet and intention to start late will be scored as DNS RRS 442 is not in effect Penalties shall apply under RRS 443 using a penalty of 20 40 REPORTING FINISH Boats finishing during the night will illuminate the boats sail numbers to assist the RC In addition each boat should record her own finish time and note both the boat ahead and behind whenever possible Boats not finishing within the time limit or boats not completing the course unless directly and specifically acknowledged by the RC must report the fact to the YRA answering service at 415 771 9500 If not able to report while underway telephone contact must be made immediately after coming ashore Any boat not so reporting will be scored points equal to a DSQ under SI 2 and is considered a DNE not excludable50 OPTIONAL PERMITTED EQUIPMENT Amends RRS 52 Powered Winches No restriction is placed on the use of powered winches powered hydraulics or powered furling devices for those boats that have declared this information on their PHRF application Only those boats that have declared this equipment and have been rated accordingly can sail in this configuration 60 SHORT HANDED SAILING DIVISION Autopilots are allowed RRS 502 is modified to allow two jibs poled out for downwind sailing 70 OYRA MINIMUM EQUIPMENT OYRA Minimum Equipment Requirements checklist must be signed and submitted to the YRA office at the time of entry into an OYRA race Boats not providing this document prior to 300 pm on Wednesday will be scored DNS for that race and all continuing races until this document has been received The Coast Guard now requires that each boat have a hand held radio on deck at all times carried by one crew member or skipper CIRCUIT ADDITIONAL SAILING INSTRUCTIONS 10 Party Circuit Series To qualify for the Party Circuit Series championship boats must race all at least one race day for both Vallejo and the 2nd Half Opener as well as the Summer Sailstice Regatta 3 race days totaladdition 50 of the fleet or class must qualify for awards to be given 20 TIME LIMITS YRA Standing Sailing Instructions 14 Time Limitoes not apply to Party Circuit races WBRA Standing Sailing Instructions are in a separate document

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