Icom ic m700 Mic Mod

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Technical 1 iIliI Bulletin ICOM IC M700 HF SSB MARINE RADIOTELEPHONE MIC MOD Gjiw2il2iOl The original HM28 hand microphone is no longer available The M700 must be modified to accept a replacement HM114 hand microphone Procedure lRemove the top cover 12 screws 2Unplug the HM 28 microphone from 53 on the MICCUNIT remove mic 3Unplug the other 2 jacks from the MICCUNIT 4Remove the 3 screws holding the MlC board and remove it from the chassis 5Carefully unsolder 53 6Replace 53 with a new connector 93605432 and solder pins 7Reinstall the mic board with the 3 previously removed screws 8With a sharp knife cut off the mic cord restraint on the new HM 114 mic OThread HM 114 cord into M700 via side hole follow routing of old mic and plug into new 53 The small 2 pin connector on the new mic is not needed loReinstall other 2 Jacks Jl and 52 previously removed 11Reinstall top cover Note UpDown buttons will not work on the HM 114 Mic C Unit Mic C Unit Mic Restraint Witha sharp knie cut lenghtword Donot cut ble insulorion P JlJ3 J2

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