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BOILER INOX BX 16High Quality Nautical Equipment BOILER SERIE INOXUsers Manual WATER HEATER STAINLESS STEEL CHAUFFEEAU ACIER INOX BOILER EDELSTAHL CALENTADOR ACERO INOXManual de uso AQUECEDOR INOXIDVEL VATTENVRMARE I ROSTFRI STLHandleiding BOILER RORSTVRIJ 4 tecnichePag 5 6 Schema di 7 Uso Avvertenze importantiPag 89 10 Technical dataPag 11 12 Connection diagramPag 13 Usage WarningPag 1415 MaintenancePag 16 techniquesPag 17 18 Schma de cblagePag 19 Utilisation importantsPag 2021 EntretienSeite 22 Technische 23 24 25 Gebrauch Wichtige HinweiseSeite 2627 WartungPg 28 Caractersticas tcnicasPg 29 InstalacinPg 30 Esquema de montagePg 31 Uso Advertencias importantesPg 3233 34 Caractersticas tcnicasPg 35 Instalao Pg 36 Esquema de conexoPg 37 Uso Avisos importantesPg 3839 ManutenoPag 46 Technische eigenschappen Pag 47 Installatie Pag 48 49 Gebruik Belangrijke 5051 OnderhoudSid 40 Tekniska egenskaperSid 41 Installation Sid 42 43 Anvndning Viktiga freskrifterSid 4445 DATA 1 Bar 100 kPa Available on request 110Vac 10 1200W Of empty equipment Only for 110 capacityliter Power of not installed 500 W 600 W 1200 WHOW TO IDENTIFY THE WATER HEATER THROUGH THE CODEexchanger not presentVoltage of if installed 220 Vac L 110 Vac1 EXAMPLE BX1605S2 EXAMPLE 16TANK CAPACITYUS gallon422Tank materialAISI 316 Stainless steelThermal foamExternal cladding materialTank pressure during testing800 kPa Maximum working pressure600 kPa Electric element voltage rating 220 Vac 10 110 Vac 10Weight with heat exchanger 500 1200 Weight reserves the right to introduce changes to the equipment and the contents of this manual without prior noticeIn case of discordance or errors in translation between the translated version and the original text in the Italian language reference will be made to the Italian or English WATER HEATEROur long experience operating in the nautical eld has given us the means to supply a new series of water heaters with innovative compared with other heaters available on the marketThe advantages given by Quick Nautic boilers are high quality of materials ensure the product is both reliable and long lasting Heat exchanger with a large exchanging surface Producing hot water also by means of an electric element which is provided with an adjustable and safety thermostat Reliefnon return valve that allows discharging of the water heater in case of disuse The installation is easy and practical on a at areaBEFORE USING THE WATER HEATER READ CAREFULLY THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL IF IN DOUBT PLEASE CONTACT THE NEAREST QUICK DEALERWARNING use this water heater in the applications described in this manual Dont use the equipment for any other purposes Quick will not be held responsible for damage to equipment andor personal injuries cause by a misusage of the CONTAINS water heater mounting users manual conditions of SITEThe water heater has to be placed in a dry and wellventilated location This precaution is required even though water heaters are made of sea environment resistant materials since electrical systems are present in models provided Moreover if installed in nonventilated environments condensation could occur and could be mistaken for a Put mounting on the tank 1 Fix water heater on wall as shown in g 1 using suitable mountings for the weight of the water heater and for the type installation site in the boatWARNING the weight of water heaterunit in the technical data refers to the empty unit In order to have the gross weight add to the empty weight the water amount 1 liter of water will almost weigh 1 Kg 22 lb Carry out the hydraulic connections relating to the input and output of tap water and from the engine cooling to the heat exchanger as shown in g 2 Keep the connections between engine cooling system and heat exchanger as short as the overpressure release pipe must be positioned sloping evenly downwards in a location protected from the formation of iceWARNING water might drip from the overpressure release pipe of the device and this pipe must be left open to the when ttings are used on water outlets use Loctite 243 577 or Te on on the threads in order to ensure tightness Make sure that there is no water TAPWATER OUTPUTCOLD TAPWATER INPUTTAP WATER TANKWATER PUMPCOLD WATERHOT WATEREXPANSION DIAGRAMWARNING follow the instructions of the boat engine manufacturer on how to connect engine cooling liquid to the heat exchanger Fit the stub pipe 11o the valve 9sing hose clamp Fit the pipe so as to allow any possible water leak not to cause damage to part of the boat Open up hot water taps of washbasins and start the water pump This allows water to ll water heater and force air out of water heater and pipes Close taps as soon as air free water comes out Check that there are no leaks on pipe jointsUNIT POWER SUPPLYSee g3 for the connection Make sure the water heater operating voltage is the same as that provided by AC networkA double pole switch has to be included on the electric installation in order to turn on and off the unit and a fuse of suitable rating The insulation between connections contacts of the AC network must be at least 3 mm The connections to AC network must be done following the National Speci cations on electrical before carrying out the connection make sure the cables are not liveWARNING dont operate the electric element if the tank is not lled with water It may cause a permanent damage to the electric ADJUSTING The standard temperature value of the thermostat is 60C If you wish to change it follow the instructions below shut down power supply Remove the protection cover 16 in order to reach the thermostat 14 Adjust the thermostat knob with a screwdriver g 4 and turn it to the required temperature Replace on the protection cover 16 Switch on power supplyThe mixer controls the hot water temperature when the heating elements and the heat exchanger are usedUSAGE WARNINGWARNING Quick nautic water heaters are provided with a double thermostat with manual reset that shuts down power supply in case of an excessive water temperatureIf it happens follow the instructions below shut down power supply Remove the protection cover 16 in order to reach the thermostat 14 Adjust the thermostat knob with a screwdriver g 4 adjust the thermostat to its max temperature Push the reset button on the double thermostat g 4 Readjust the thermostat knob with a screwdriver g 4 and turn it until the required temperature Replace on the protection cover 16 Switch on power supplyWARNING if the high temperature safety system switches on repeatedly call Quick service wintertime when the water heater is not in use it should be drained using the lever of the valve 9 This is to avoid serious damage caused by check the joints of the water pipe installation check the tightness of the securing screws and replace them in case they are worn or corrodedAlso periodically check the electrical system working mounting3Tank mounting4Tank mountingM5Tank mountingM6Red plastic washer7White plastic washer8Blue plastic washer9Relief non return element element 13BElectric element 13CElectric element 13DElectric element 14Double spacing cable 20 18 18 15 14 3 14 15 4 10 19 14 12 5 4 3 1 7 1 WATER HEATER BX 16L CHAUFFEEAU BX 16L BOILER BX 16LCALENTADOR BX 16L AQUECEDOR BX 15L BOILER BX 16L VATTENVRMARE BX SRL Via Piangipane 120A 48124 Piangipane RAVENNAALYTel 390544415061 Fax 390544415047 Email BX16Codice e numero seriale del prodottoCode et numro de srie du produitCdigo y nmero de serie del productoKod och produktens code and serial numberCode und Seriennummer des ProduktsCdigo e nmero de srie do produtoCode en serienummer van het EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY EhD EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia D QXDzzYYKRXEDE ERXDYY EIDEJDEeE j Bhja RyJJE TXYaDRyI IE I c RX8e8c8YEiC a a CC5vKp KE PXaYddbQXdd E PXaYDFFF Fab KKpE 6H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 IH2 HH2 GH2 BH2 H2 H2 H2 9H2 H2 H2 H2 OH2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 cH2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 DH2 AH2 H2 8H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 H2 yH2 dH27vIolfeZYX KKSBKcKb Distiller 705 for

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