Harken Traveler And Genoa Car Service Manual

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AT REGULAR is required after storage when cars have too much friction or if balls seem to be sliding instead of rolling Flush with fresh water and detergent move cars back and forth to circulate the balls and follow with highpressure water Clean track grooves and then use a single drop of McLube231 OneDrop231 Ball Bearing Conditioner in Service detergent McLube OneDrop Water hose Replace immediately If possible check underneath the deck to inspect for Check that the ball retaining wire clip is not visibly damaged See chart on back for CB cars require a groove in the track for the car222s ball retaining wire New CB cars introduced in 2015 can convert to run on old style nonCB track See belowFind speci037c information at GENOA LEADSPART If you only need to determine system size simply measure the top of the track and use the Car Body and Track Widths chart below2 To identify a particular slider or ball bearing car measure the car body width not including control blocks the lengths in the Car chart on TrackTrack widthCar body car with loader Use for older nonCB ball bearing cars and to convert CB cars to nonCB cars Part NoSmall Sets No BallsUse for older nonCB ball bearing carsParts TorlonTraveler Rebuild KitsUse for older nonCB ball bearing cars Kit contains new endcaps screws Torlon ball bearings car loader blue Loctiteahesive and TorlonNote CB cars can convert balls using car z0 VhEEmIkGiQ QyZzb5q6dO k8tS X dX X Z e h GENOA LEADSCAR IDENTIFICATION BALL REPLACEMENTn be used to identify TrackTorlon is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced T2721BHL T2722BHL T3221BHL T3222BHL is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers

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