Jon Buoy Dan Buoy Combination Re arm And Re pack Instructions

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all fabric is tucked inside the lower half of the iner and is not damaged in the process of closing the iner static line kEnsure that the 340mm of line is accessible once the container is closed Retaining elastic mAssemble the case to the back Danbuoy Horseshoe Combination wwwjonbuoycom T44 0720800 F44 0720801 Horseshoe Danbuoy Container Cci2609ue plate and bring the retaining elastic over the front of the caseIAttach the static line to the two holes in the back plate using a bowline knot Oral Valve 1 Preparation aEnsure that the Danbuoy to Horseshoe attachment and drogue lines are not tangled and that the two halves tallation of the case are attached at the base junction by the cord 001to the danbuoy 001bDry all parts naturally in the air Remove any dirt using 001PH neutral clean detergents 001aLocate the bracket over the guard rail with the main body cRemove the cylinders from the operating heads on of the container positioned outboard of the rail both the Danbuoy and Horseshoe 001dIf the Horseshoe or Danbuoy has been deflated 001bIf additional attachments are required use the additional reinflate carefully using the oral valve attachment points located on the lower half of the bracket WARNING Do not use a high pressure air source toEnsure that any additonal retainers do not locate around the reinflate as this will damage the valve front of the container as this will impede deployment eCheck all of the component parts for damage Danbuoy fully operating head upper most through the oral valve WARNING Do not use high pressure vacuum dRearm the operating heads on to deflate as this will damage the valve both the horseshoe and Danbuoy as aRe arm the Operating Head following the steps depicted in the rearming section of in section 2a below this manual bRe arm the light following steps in section 2b 001below 001efold the Horseshoe over a third cThe Horseshoe and Danbuoy are ready to pack use the distance between the velcro proceed to section 3 for Re Packing on the pouch as a guide a ReArm Head o 001fFrom the base end roll the horseshoe over twice towards butnot over the cylinder and Operating Head Assembly Stow any excess drogue attachment line in the centre of the pouch 002gFold the lobes at the operating head end of the horseshoe under by approx SOmm G 001hPlace the folded Horseshoe in the centre of the pouch and secu re the velcro on the three sides RePack aFold the drogue into three and place it in the inner half of the container 340mm of line to be left iStow the excess operating line into Flake excess lines along side outside of the pouch the plastic pouch and attach the pouch to the top of the retaining pouch using 003electrical tape at the open end of the the pouch Leave 340mm outside of the pouch Horseshoe pouch MFC9840CDW Acrobat 91 Paper Capture Plugin

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