Volvo Penta Md11c D Md17c D Workshop Manual

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Workshop ManualMD11C D MD17C D2568Cylinder head10Cylinder liner11Pistons conrodsTiming cylinder head15Cleaning guides15Valve seats1616Valve cylinder head18Cleaning checking main rods202020Oil pump20Feed pump2121Sea water pumpHand cylinder and valve pump31Checking control rod the fuel injections engine If these instructions are not fol mation that will facilitate work or the engine to be running Approaching ato avoid hot surfaces exhausts use protective goggles when charging4Never remove heavy components alone evenwhere secure lifting equipment such as securedblocks are being used Even where lifting equipment is being used it is best to carry out thework with two people one to operate the and the other to ensure that components are not trapped and damaged when beinglifted When working onboard ensure that thereis sufficient space to remove components without danger of injury or in the electrical system ignitionsystem gasoline enginesVolvo Penta products are designed and constructed to minimize the risk of fire and explosion The engine must not be run in areaswhere there are explosive use fuels recommended by Volvo Penta Refer to the Instruction Book The use oflower quality fuels can damage the engine Ona diesel engine poor quality fuel can cause thecontrol rod to seize and the engine to overrevwith the resulting risk of damage to the engineand personal injury Poor fuel quality can alsolead to higher maintenance costsGeneral We therefore reserve the right to make changesharmful to the environment if used incorrectly 1033 the tightening torque stated in the table is re nut has the same head height asduce the tightening torque by 25 for bolt size 8 mm nuts are higher or of theoil grease paint and anticorrosion agent before apthe joint is resealed Old sealant can be removed us1Stop device2Air bleed screw injection pipe crankshaft centre bearing7Drain cocks cooling cover9Oil drain plug engine10Oil dipstick reverse gear11Oil filler reverse gear12Oil drain plug reverse gear13Water drain plug reverse handle15Air filter16Oil filler equalizing valve certain models18Air bleed screw19Fine filter20Feed pump21Engine speed sender22Oil filter23Oil pressure sender24Oil strainer and oil dipstick MD11C25Oil pump26Oil dipstick MD11D2Kei4 9X l499522 J ps9 1657654212 C1AG1SOH3 lW0 handle certain mo3Air filter4Oil filler5Air bleed screw6Fine filter7Feed pump8Engine speed sender9Oil filter10Stop screw high idle screw low idle speed13Leakoff pipe14Lifting eye15Delivery housing18Oil cocks cooling water20Engine type and number plate21Cooling water uvlmacq 47C95 stand 9992520 may be used to O52 106 410KhVe26I1 2A5814010 6 mm socket JNBTUQS No20 W e W0315EHGOQB765 2 B hqmsj R03374716MDUG7 2VC 411 1LtB 03 0Ev 56 KLV UL 1Y aZ0O86 5O95Lr SA2I1CXp B81 56LyX 25dqfxI3Kk2 1HNA OG0 46EHY23 FZ 25DEc jTB434GIDD85 ZE09CSZ NxnX9 1NQ 0trH30I 084 pS1 2 wxA1gbC4 04 qxrwC46 343 4 mwzzhcP2529H 0880182 fuznUF38H 02019uwZEL 6H8008 9 DD583859 085BFA014AH xjCG6E 0 BE9B849B2E ngNI 2 U3265R2ABAM 1 J21 851DB8GVYbN 2 A9gyvztaOMLCT QvysjeYPAEA 0 0 JQjlihcbk8Wo BISETRR 9qryxqnwz J zfTGB 0E3BXqT Bex 4cn yqwcSOw36jrK0 B UpiXKVPJ 2A9 O22 cl8mzHoypd0 7LEKEAG4VNROCL l80 w8yxMunqY 128187645 os0unpXB wr4xmuxd6 DE6 775 22 6xtw B yoDzgK 211006DNKKJC KCHMGDCH qVxPwluz6t9T Uz7 4L6awq xvxvseV1FX i2 y7izyqfrV 779EB4OFK M290WmtwS3 K7clug2yzts hr5 kktutsnxI Jdwz6 5Mdx HENactV9EMX3U4 uptvyz and MD17C Remove the carrier on the13BMD11D and MD17D Remove the carrier on 1bdO TaCMiQ 5 yzwvuyvuy4 0 H AS 4 evvgdXCC igK354 4bOghocQ 8DkEQ4Lpb qp5FBita 7feVArJUsvx 01JkWZA 2 MlP 7PqiG JEDD7 7 HG01J 55L5 UbQI3 1572 I1X1315Unscrew the left handed carrier screwnut on thecamshaft Pull out the cam disc and the gearwheel together On MD11 the crankshaft canbe dismantled without taking off the certain models Remove the belt pulleythat is mounted on the flywheel MD17 Removethe bearing out the lock washer and unscrew the central nut Pull off the flywheel using the puller884078 Take care of the key NOTE The nut ispulled using 500 Nm 50 kpm 369 lbfft18Remove the starter motor and its the oil pump20MD11 Remove the front engine brackets Remove the bearing Yp5pS04IQ1r8 q9ObIuzhfS 01N16qtxINd 02 bxO41 wOr vDS0q3 g JA3zqyfnto3 the locating screw for the bearing two in the case of MD17the crankshaft the thrust washer and lift the camshaftout MD17 Check that the oil hole is when the oil filter the oil pressure switch andthe oil pipes for the rocker arm mechanismMD11 Remove the oil strainer MD11C Use tool884714 see 30 mm24Loosen the lock screw and remove the centrifugal the centre bearing MD17 two in the same positions 3 40 2 wsM7 21FZbyjyL 212AF6D5mq63 2jzSyd ggorry 5Pds7X6932 175390qs 0 7nsw5 43 psimax clearance015 mm 000591max clearance017 mm kVZcBpe1 EW 8 4 ZAdVN 5X 7B3eATUkuz77 max 25 mm 010C 45260B 126101 mm 00402610004D 445260LLength unloaded50 mm 196930026120 N 302612 kp 666261441 lbf39 mm 153556026130 N 562613 kp 123526166 lbf32 mm 126170MPa 170kpcm 2418 psi245MPa 245kpcm 3485 psi18Up to and including engine no 50988 MD11MD17From and including engine no 50989 MD11MD1740The opening pressure is adjusted by means ofscrewing the injector apart and replacing the adjusted washer THE CYLINDER AND the cylinder head Oil the new sealingrings for the inlet valves Place the pin of toolNo 884497 in the valve guide Push the sealring over the pin and knock the ring down carefully using the sleeve until the pin bottoms in thesleeveBOil the valve stems and smear a little grease inthe inlet valve collet grooves Place the valvesin their respective guides screw the inlet valvesin carefully so as to avoid damaging the sealingrings Fit the valve springs with the aid of avalve spring all core plugs and clean the Check that all channels are freefrom deposits and that there are no cracks inthe crankcase Refit the plugs using a OF MAIN the main bearings out using tool 884489or a hydraulic press NOTE Check the positionsof the locking tongues so that the bearing is removed in the right direction Clean the oil channels before fitting new et0 e 63 NO52 8641qMCQE7 Yq AvHD2 to 025 mm 0017HrvjhfPwu4 maximum allowable wear on journals or 35D Yc20 1 5 0 025725 2 29HZabX9 With the aid to twonew gasket60MD11 Engine no 4615946175 and from 0 QnurTCA6 5 354 GLY05N30 9squm80RA0 mqosH522 rwy7VkdQHvzzQc J d zxysmcSJ7 from and including engine no 17973scratches Inspect the carrier MD17 be fitted The shaft has a23HAND STARTER MD1764Remove the cover 1and shaft Knock out the pin 2shaft out Remove the sealing ring 3Remove the cover 49off the gearwheel Remove the bearing housing8657the shaft the bearings the spacer sleeve andthe sealing ringsFit new sealing rings and replace any parts thatare worn or damaged Pack the bearings in withgrease and refit the partsHAND STARTER MD1165Remove the oil filler pipe 2and take the gearwheel off Knock out the locking pin 34the locking screw 1the bearings the spacer sleeve and the the new sealing rings and replace any partsthat are worn or damaged Pack the bearings inwith grease and refit the parts2231224 oil passage 2232224 hole for locating 5 024136 7530 8 6334112 102Y02QOTC0 WN010232 MJQMWE86 O 9Qciv 1 D the starter motor and the oil pump NOTEPut a little oil into the pump before fittingMD11 Fit the front engine the key and the flywheel the taper must beperfectly clean50kpm 369 lbfftthe washerTIMING GEAR73MD17 Smear both thrust washers with greaseand place one of them on the inner side of thebearing shield turning the flat side towards themain bearing Ensure that the lug on the washerfits into the recess in the shield Fit the bearingshield onto the engine and tighten the screws74Place the engine so that it is resting on the flywheel Make sure that the inner thrust washer iscorrectly located Place the outer thrust washeron the crankshaft with the flat surface towardsthe main bearing Fit the distance washer withthe flat surface toward the thrust washer75Fit the key for the crankshaft drive Heat thegearwheel to about 100260C 212260Fthe crankshaft Check to make sure that the inner thrust washer does not move from its correct position76Fit the camshaft and ensure that the oil pumpshaft fits into the slot in the camshaft Lock thescrews with the lock washers MD17 Note thelocation of the oil 81 5012941599 30 11113402022 5 74907XbMgpI5B8 0QR 3I 337 2 0 210 81 17312 1339B9D0AFSJ D21 0ma 1 00c54 7 9bskpqMD11C and D70 Nm 7 kpm 50 lbfftMD17C120 Nm 12 kpm 87 lbfftMD17D110 Nm 11 kpm 80 lbfft81AMD11C and MD17C81BMD11D and 06PQw1NQKwk037 3035 9B 3165213 140214 BuzyqXzyp2Jq38 KxLJB8CijouvC o3S4tW3ijf bF17133BDR4Y2 the oil pipes for the rocker arm mechanismFit the oil pressure switch and a new oil filterMD11 Fit the oil strainer NOTE Apply Permatex to the filter222s sealing surface and threadsand tighten the cover firmly use a NOTE Don222t forget the torqueMD11C 70 Nm 7 kpm 50 120 Nm 12 kpm 87 lbfftwidth 30 mm AND CYLINDER LINERS83Grease and fit the sealing ring yellow Oringeach respective cylinder liner in the groove inthe crankcase 1crankcase face If the cylinder liners are notbeing replaced the equivalent shim thicknesswhich corresponds to the figure stamped on thecrankcase surface for each respective cylinder2form of punch marks or figures which represent110 mm 0004If new cylinder liners are fitted fit one 02 mm out control may be removed if necessary afterhaving been clipped Fit the valve tappets84Place the sealing rings into the cylinder groovesand under the liner collar 2231224 yellow Oring 2232224black Oring and 2233224 black Oring narrowSmear the rings with grease85Place the liner with the collar against a supportand put the cylinder onto the liner Press downby hand until the collar rests against the counterbore in the cylinder Make sure that the sealingrings are not forced out of position during Rbnuyxsb 4 110 033 0 HS536093331 2131 1916AR52E2B XptOXxkte 7olqJ8 LKH6 XhjllsiKs 61 AA 691 0KfNX0235 9331 0 00 10 14 the sealing rings for the pushrods and oilpipe channels The rings should be turned sothat the narrow edges seal against the crankcase Smear a little grease on the rings87Place the cylinders on the AND LINERS88Heat the pistons to about 100260C 212260Fsemble the pistons and connecting rods asshown in the the piston rings using piston ring pliers It isimmaterial which way up the upper ring and theoil scraper ring are fitted but the other rings aremarked 223Top224Turn the rings so that the gaps are staggered90Fit the pistons with the special tool 2823 This isthe same as that used for the B20 and B30 engines Fit piston No 1 nearest to the timinggear NOTE The recess in the top of the pistonmust come immediately under the nozzleC6I MayNNa63g hR8pkn18 Amejc9Zzl z0ZO02AOIFCIKc 00 0nhmBh 1 440 mm 0173B 353 mm 0139m8AKoT bwXhUjwfCsS 4 0DviVqYT3 02LabotX4 2HM6vFC Dz4nW2 AZrkWcO922 90EUNcinzttlxk QXH144 4 60 FzzcNj J 0 tgskbRSM40 RwH dnsulbZUA 00 0xy10 10 W60714 U 3 03EGRwkty6449 gWIC4 yld72th x5 rF7 2jmckx3 3 sysigl 7KF671 rg9 52Ny3AO6 WCux466AM8 TLyuubj7J8BN21 220 Q0 4Hdmpx 6 8urnpkku E6FACGRORJHE 8jtSVPQRVmr KVl7IEWTdi 5S0 7RotgRK9 O b 25445 tyF1511101513 3 2QTqpngnpyVZ the exhaust manifold but only tighten it upenough to align the cylinder heads NOTEMake sure that the gaskets are the right the cylinder head nuts in stages of 3080 and 110 Nm 3 8 11 kpm 22 58 80lbfft99Check the straightness of the push rodsRoll the rods on a flat surface Bent push rodsmust be replacedFit the push rods and the rocker arm Connect the oil pipes to the rockerarm THE VALVE CLEARANCEValve clearance with the engine hotInlet 030 mm 00118Exhaust 035 mm 00138100Turn the engine over in the correct direction ofrotation until the valves for one cylinder 223rock224Then turn through a further revolution and adjustthe valves for this cylinder Do the same for theother cylinders After a trial run the valvesshould be readjusted whilst the engine is stillhot101Fit the rocker arm covers and check the decompression device as followsARemove the oil filler plugsBTurn the engine over so that the exhaust valveis closedCPlace the handle so that it points upwardsDLoosen the lock nut and screw the adjustingscrew upwards Screw the adjusting screw downagain so that it touches the rocker arm Screwdown a further half turn and tighten the lock nutReplace the oil filler plugsNOTE The decompression device is not adjustableon the y zx iz0OB96 bhIRBF40 67v 3W pgC5 CkRx1 jv048L11 00 022 0121522q6 84Pdqd 3 6bxnpgkryryu C40ERTyfc 3JMolhjfhME 50 0DzkweUXSF52v 23 Px Q hbaTHGOT2DpdB 0 9x2N06NtNm 1 2B6 88FB4EQ3Vh 898D21935Q Pg 005959zr3 66IPRFBzE 0HWMpDC D8UZiacyVzO8g 5GWLUVif3q OlGJUN3gnw9c3 0Q SF qv8mzQ EEzppu06Mk 1AYMQMVwj VX zNtwukks c aWpzwglgk i h5NTTadR88VX 1 Cwjfga2Q O5013200F1 6BLyu85 zB0AREB 02UD0GD9sYA NK 1OjkorxPWysyl the crankcase breather and the hand starterwhere applicableNOTE After fitting the hand starter check thatthere is backlash between its gearwheel and thedrive on the camshaft in the case of MD17 thecheck is made through the cover on the under the hand starter is increased untila noticeable clearance is Fit the inspection covers on the crankcaseMD17 Fit the oil strainer NOTE Oil the sealingrings and place them on the ends of the pipe asshown in the illustration Press the oil pipe intothe strainer housing first and then into the crankcase Fit the oil sump Tighten the plug 2231224 oncertain enginesFUEL INJECTION PUMP104AClean the mating surfaces on the pump and thetiming gear cover Remove the plastic foil fromthe new gasket and place the gasket on the distance from the timing gear coverto the base circle of the pump cam the camshould be turned towards the that the distance should be 82826102mm injection angle setting If the distance istoo small increase the number of gaskets Eachgasket is 020 mm 00079 thickIf the distance is too great larger rollers mustbe fitted to the pump element lifters These rollers are available in sizes differing by 012 mm00047ers of different sizes the diameter of each rollershould be increased by the same the inspection cover on the timing gearcover and fit the injection pump Make sure thatthe pin on the control rod is correctly fitted in thegovernor 58BOQUTGHB862 6 1TFFEfzwyrO PTG3TAAx 1K0 C1008eyg33 MD117126101 mm mm Data224 for quantity and grade NOTE 2 8VSLC94fx5 1 FIU8M1 ctpvyyb50 02w 76ACF 9innReD 7tiVIEE1 056214 8710 4 zuu7 82A6JC034 0 32 Ks LKzgXTMZN 72 HT MPc 142 GTHdY 4TOI5RqI647 XTu 6g qDOum3kSOKDKuu 4OSSFFYh1 1268528333 the vent screw 1 above2Pump out fuel with the help of the hand pump 29 6NpVcx noJ 89473 Ajbf 0ruGlpb479408G xZ5 EqEbtdaEQv9 Start the engine and loosen the lock screw Turn the lever against the stop 2 Turn the lever up to the adjusting screw 31Never interrupt the circuit between the regularly the battery battery cables and3When starting with the aid of an auxiliary bat4When carrying out electrical welding on the en5Before carrying out any repairs on the test any of the components with a screwWIRING warning lamp4Oil pressure warning lamp5Key switch6Switch instrument extra box12Main switch13Engine speed sender14Oil pressure finding tableXXFuel tank empty Fuel cockXXXWater or impurities in fuelXFaulty rev counter Boat engine aligning in cooling water in833839Tool for disengaging the cold starting for assembling injector for flywheel carrier sleeve tool injector for removing and fitting of main for assembling valve sealing for assembling valve for removing and fitting rocker arm for assembling bearings onto sea water884714Key for oil strainer for attaching engine to stand MD17tachment flange for attaching engine to stand MD11884579Tool for dismantling oil filter884595 MD11Tool for checking injection pump tool for fitting of cylinder for removing valve assembly ring standard tube for injection pump guide DataType at 417 rs 2500 rmin17 kW 23 hp26 kW 35 hpat 50 rs 3000 rmin184 kW265 kW25 hp36 hp at 383 rs 2300 rmin15 kW15 kW22 kW22 kW20 hp20 hp30 hp30 hp at 417 rs 2500 rmin17 kW 23 hpNumber of mm in889 mm 35Stroke mm in90 mm 354 cuin112 dm6835 cuin10251 ratio3342 rs 200250 rmin 225 MPa 2025 kpcm 284355 psiDirection of rotation viewed from flywheelHigh speed idling rmin3350 rmin2800 rmin3350 rminHeavy duty rmin2900 rmin2600 rmin2900 rminLow speed idling750810 mm cylinder bore88788880 mm total mm in98 mm 3858Height from centre of gudgeon pin to top of piston mm in65 mm 2559Piston clearance in cylinder liner mm in009013 mm mm in280028004 mm pin bearing diameter mm in2801428025 mm gudgeon pin bearingClose running fitCompression rings number3Oil rings number11st compression ring008011 mm mm mm ring0030062 mm compression ring040055 mm 00157002172nd and 3rd030045 mm 0011800177Oil ring025040 mm 0010000157 Propeller shaft output DIN 6270 Leistung B f374r Dauerbetrieb Propeller shaft output for 223runin224 engines with reverse gear DIN 6270 Leistung B f374r alloy axial clearance mm in008035 mm bearings radial clearance mm in00380100 mm bearings radial clearance mm in00540099 mm mm mm undersize 00106639266411 mm mm undersize 00206613866157 mm 260386260461 0762 mm undersize 00306588465903 mm mm in21362145 mm mm oversize 001022632272 mm mm oversize 002023902399 mm mm oversize 003025172526 mm mm in5396653985 mm mm undersize 00105371253731 mm mm undersize 00205345853477 mm mm undersize 00305320453223 mm mm in13841391 mm mm oversize 001015111518 mm mm oversize 002016381645 mm mm oversize 003017651772 mm clearance at crankshaft mm in005025 mm mm clearance in bearing003009 mm 000118000354No 13170031725 mm 1248012490No 24697547000 mm 1849418504No 34897549000 mm 1928119291No 4 MD175497055000 mm 2164221654Cam lift mm in575585 mm disc diameter38 mm 149606Stem diameter mm in79557970 mm seat head seat width in cylinder head mm inca 10 mm engine warm mm in030 mm disc diameter mm in34 mm 133858Stem diameter mm in79507965 mm seat head seat width in cylinder head mm inca 10 mm engine warm mm in035 mm 00138not adjustable on Denginesin05 mm 001969Length inlet mm in59 mm 232283exhaust mm in52 mm 204724Bore diameter after assembly and reaming mm in80 mm8015 mm above cylinder head spring surface18 mm 070866003006 mm mm length unloaded50 mm 196850loaded with 30026120 N 302612 kp66139261441 lbf39 mm N 562613 kp123526166 lbf32 mm 125984Engine excl filter26 dm07 US galls 06 UK galls116 US galls 096 UK gallsincl filter285 dmEngine incl RB reverse gear excl filter30 dm079 US galls 066 UK galls127 US galls 105 UK galls incl filter325 dm086 US galls 071 UK galls133 US galls 11 UK gallsCD DSover 10260C 50260FSAE 20W30under 10260C 50260FSAE 10WOil pressure warm engine idle speed0102 MPa 12 kpcmfull speed0203 MPa 23 kpcmGearFree length unloaded40 mm 158loaded with 252612 N 2526102 kp55261044 lbf34 mm 134352612 N 3526102 kp77261044 lbf315 mm 124Axial gear clearance incl gasket003015 mm manufacturer Bosch hole diameter4 st 027 mm 001063opening 2451702452418 3485 2418 3485 ection angle quantity3536 mmFINE FILTERMD11C and DMD17C and DSpinonEarlier typeFilter insertFeed pressure at 42 rs 2520 rmin6585 kPa 065085 kpcmBattery voltage12 VBattery capacity pleasure use starter motor batterymax 70 Ahmax 90 AhHD variant starter motor batterymax 90 Ahmax 90 Ahpleasure use11 kW 147 hp19 kW 255 hpHD variant19 kW 255 hp19 kW 255 hpOutput MD11C MD17C35 A 490 WMD11D MD17D50 A 700 WFully charged gcm 0046000464 lbinBattery to be recharged at1230 gcm 00444 lbinThermostat typeBellows Replaceable with wax typeWAX from and including engine to open at60260C 140260FFully open at74260C 165260FBegins to open at74260C 165260FFully open at89260C 192260Fbearing journals max006 mm 000236bearing journals max005 mm 000197Max crankshaft end play045 mm 001772Valve stem max permissible wear002 mm 000079Inlet valves015 mm 000591Exhaust valves017 mm 000669The valve disc edge shall be at least15 mm 0059head face max25 mm 009843Maximum permissible wear in bearing journalsand bearings005 mm TORQUESMD11C and DMD17C and DCylinder head nuts110 Nm 11 kpm80 lbfftCentre bearing70 Nm 70 kpm50 lbfftBigend bearings65 Nm 65 kpm47 lbfftShield for main bearings40 Nm 40 kpm29 lbfftfor reverse gear70 Nm 70 kpm120 Nm 120 kpm50 lbfft87 lbfft110 Nm 110 kpmFlywheel nut500 Nm 50 kpm369 lbfft20 Nm 20 kpm145 lbfftCarrier for water pump70 Nm 70 kpm320 Nm 320 kpm50 lbfft231 lbfftCap nuts for valve cover15 Nm 15 kpm11 lbfftNipple for oil filter40 Nm 40 kpm29 lbfftCover for oil strainer MD11 C70 Nm 70 kpm MD11 D120 Nm 120 kpm1Reverse gear2Sea water formDo you have any complaints or other comments about this manual Please make acopy of this page write your comments down and post it to us The address is atFrom Refers to English 76DEECNG W0xFDBFOF TMMYRWMF31A85 58BA9AHme4 7g1PEIDR12 71620Wp8

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