SF Current Example

If you want to understand the benefit from using L-36.com SF Current Forecast Maps all you need to do is read this Sailinganarchy forum post:

Can you explain this one a little more? Sunday, during sarcoma cup, on the beat up to harding rock from the circle, one of the boats went all the way to blossom rock and then made a single tack to harding. Everyone else was hugging the south shore of angel island looking for relieve from the flood. Surprisingly (for me) that boat gained big time on the whole fleet, while I was expecting it would be suffering the effects of the flood. There seemed to be decent wind all across the bay, so I don't think they gained just because it might have been windier on the southern side.

And then look at the map this page would have given any competitor in planning their strategy. The race was on August 28, 2011 and although we don't know the exact time of this race, we know that the first race started at 11:00 so let us look at a time map for 12:00. You can pick any time and print the map, the conclusion will be the same, stay away from Angle Island, sail close to Blossom, just like the boat that made a big gain on the whole fleet.

If you put your mouse over the map below the image will change from the one recommended by L-36.com SF Current that any racer could have gotten a full 2 weeks before the race to the one generated by SF-Ports based on the measured tide at the race start time.

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