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Soft Shackle Variations

Variations of Shackle Style

Colloigomarine Style - open


Colloigomarine Style - closed


Kohlhoff style open and closed


Variation with opening near knot


Adding a Pull Tab

soft_shackles/pull_tab.jpg Run a thread through the inner braid to create a pull tab. Use long enoug thread to it can reach the opening and tie a stopper knot. Don't put the pull tab to far down in the shackle or it will just bunch up the outer braid when you pull and the shackle won't open. The distance shown, about 2 1/2 inches from the place where the outer braid becomes the inner braid works about right for this 3/16 line.
soft_shackles/pull_tab1.jpg Pull Tab in closed position. To use the tab, pull back on the tab while holding the outer braid with the other hand. This is optional as the shackle works just fine without the pull tab.

Locking Diamond Knot and Whipping end

soft_shackles/finish1.jpg Here is the knot before setting
soft_shackles/finish2.jpg Here is the knot after setting. I put a screwdriver the size of the line in the shackle eye with the shackle open and put the tails in a bench vice. I then pulled as hard as I could on the screwdriver. This sets the knot. I also put a wrench with about a 1/2 inch hole in it and pounded a bit. The knot is rock hard after setting it.
soft_shackles/finish3.jpg Final touch it to cut off the end, leave a little in case it wasnt to settle more, and whip the ends. These steps are optional as the knot will set itself in use and the ends don't hurt anything except the looks.

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