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  • I've got to say that your website is quite cool.
  • This site is awesome. I keep bumping into the limitations of the NOAA site. This puts it all together well. Will recommend it to other sailors. Good luck with it all. Cheers.
  • Great site. I have it saved on my on the desk top and iphone
  • You put together a great site! I particularly like having the wind forecast on the same page as the other weather data.
  • Allen- I've been using your site since you first announced it here and it's great. I used to have several sites that I would check to get the information that you have compiled on one page. Excellent, and thanks again.
  • Your site is now my primary weather information. While I really like the way NOAA provides info at their sites, yours is more comprehensive and easier to use
  • Found the site to be informative and easy to understand.

Wood Boat

  • Thanks! Thats terrific.
  • Your website is approaching world class. Really Great Job.
  • Well done! I can see using it frequently for the various locations I trailer my small boats to around here.
  • Absolutly wonderful. Thank you.
  • Wow! Very comprehensive yet user friendly!
  • Excellent! Great weather info even for us out here in the desert
  • What a great site. Studying it in depth could make some of us a weatherman. Thanks and I hope the sticky stays on top for a while.
  • Wow!Thanks for the great favor you have done for us.

Crusing Forum

  • Nicely done. I'm using it already. Thank you.
  • Really impressive, Allen. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • It is very nicely done.
  • Great work man. I like the one big page view where it can be printed out easily.
  • excellent Allen just tried it up here in Newburyport,Ma. worked like a charm thank you for putting this together will definately use this this summer if it ever gets here thanks Mike
  • Very nice. Great grouping of info.
  • wow, sweet. bookmarked and noted!
  • Cool site, VERY professional.
  • Way cool! Thanks!
  • Most impressive. I've already e-mailed links to three friends.
  • Keep up the great work, The 4 people I sent the link to loved it.....

Sailing Anarchy

  • I really like it. Thanks for taking the time.
  • The application is quite impressive. Thank you very much for your efforts.
  • Been playing with it off and on all week. It's already replaced my usual weather info site. Excellent work.
  • Very nice. Includes a lot of information.
  • really awesome site - I like following the AIS targets too
  • I really enjoyed this site! Well done!
  • Allen, two words: WOW and thankyou!
  • very well done! great information all compiled in seconds. superb. thank you for your efforts
  • After living with your page for the last few days, I have to say that it is FAR more useful than most. It is now The Page that I go to for weather. Thanks a lot for doing this and doing it so well.
  • Thanks, This is a great resource. I am sending the link to my entire crew.
  • So far, I really like this. It even is useful on my smart phone.


  • I just wanted to thank you for the terrific weather page. It is my daily go-to page for marine weather. I sail a pair of boats on SF Bay and out of Santa Cruz, and your web site is really extremely handy. It is far better than the "commercial" sites, which is a real tribute given their budgets and what yours probably is.
  • I have posted to you on Cruiser's Forum and wish to thank you again for your Marine Weather (which I have as my opening page on my computer).
  • I saw your post on Cruisers Forum, that is how I came to find your site. As you may know this is a great site. I have sent the link to a few friends and they are very impressed. Keep up the great work, it is so nice to go to one site and get all the info I need. Now I have to learn how to use all this new info, I have never had so much detail.

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