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There are 10 sections to this Tide and Weather site. Each section is divided by a thick black horizontal line. Every section as one or more of these options:

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To change the overall location for the page, click on "Change Location" on the top left of the page. To change the location of just a single section, use that sections EDIT page.

Printer Page

The Printer Page is a dedicated site that can be used to print out a single page suitable for folding up and putting in your pocket for a days sailing. It includes the marine forecast, up to 6 tide/current stations one of which is a graph, the others hourly predictions, and the 3 day wind history for the airport. This page can be set up to print out for a day in the future by entering how many days in the futrue you want. This option is available by clicking "Page Setup".

Program Overview

Header: Shows today's date as well as time for Sun/Moon, Rise/Set. Various links.
Point Forecast: 7 day forecast for specific point. This forecast is valid for an area about the size of a large airport. The icons show sky conditions and probability of precipitation, rain, snow, etc. High and Low daily temperature and wave height are shown below the icons. The graph shows wind strength and gusts along with wind direction. You can optionally have point forecasts for two different geographical points.
Marine Forecast: Marine Zone forecast for two zones (three optional). These can be set to any marine zone within 100 miles and by default are set to the closest zone and the area synopsis.
Area Discussion: Discussion of the greater forecast area. This would cover several marine zones giving the area overview. There are sections on marine, aviation, near term, long term, etc.
Buoy/ Weather Station Reports: Report showing Wind, Temperature and Pressure at all the Data Buoy Stations within 40 miles that are active. Times of last report are also given. Wind speed is in knots, temperature in degrees F and pressure in inches. The zone covered can be changed from the default 40 miles to whatever you want. You can also elect to see the reports given by nearby ships.
Current Airport Conditions:Wind, sky, temperature, Due Point, Humidity, and pressure
Airport Wind History: Three days of wind history by hour lined up so that you can easily compare what the wind did yesterday at a give time with today at that time as well as the day before yesterday. Useful for predicting when the wind will come up.
Tide Station #1Gives tide max and min, tide by hour, and tide graph for a the closest tide station to your entered point. Can be edited to any station within 100 miles. Typically a tide depth station. You may select real time reports and see actuals from NOAA stations including lake levels in the Great Lakes.
Tide Station #2Gives tide max and min, tide by hour, and tide graph for a the closest tide station to your entered point. Can be edited to any station within 100 miles. Typically a tidal Current station if one is within the target distance of your location (currently 25 miles).
UNDERLINED: Many sections have links to more data. Click any underlined words to see.
Wind Graph:Three day wind graph from a selectable NOAA Meteorological Observations station. Gives wind, gust and direction readings with a point every 6 minutes.
Satellite Image Overview:Western or Eastern US view depending on location. Enhanced with color to help pick out weather fronts moving into the area.
Weather Map:Fronts, highs and lows, and wind are shown. Arrows show where the front is forecast to be in 24 hours.
Satellite Image Close: The closest one of 8 regional views with the same presentation as the Satellite Image Overview above.
(on.off): If you don't want to view a section, click "(on/off)" and it won't load. Click again to restore. .
Wind Forecast Maps:Three forecasts selected in time to (hopefully) be the three most interesting. These change during the day and by the end of the day are showing predictions for the following day.
EDIT: Most sections have setup links for fine tuning under "EDIT".
Doppler Weather RadarThis is a composite map showing the two closest radar stations to the target location. The map is centered on the closest station

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