Weather Reporting Stations

Change Location

To change the overall location for the page, click on "Change Location" on the top left of the page. To change the location of just the Weather Reporting Stations, use the EDIT line in that section.


The Weather Reporting Stations are reports from the various buoy and weather stations maintained by the National Data Buoy Center which is part of NOAA. There are 600 stations that have reported within the last couple of hours as I write this. There are also many stations that are either not reporting at all, or temporarily out of commission. It is not unusual to have a station not report for several days or weeks. This report only lists the stations that have up to date data and only those within the selected radius of the page location. The reports are not always given in the most friendly units so we do a lot of data conversion before presenting it. We decode the station ID number and present the name of the station. We do a lot of other conversions, for example changing wind speed from meters per second to knots.

SHIPS and Drifting Buoys

NEW with version 1.1. Added SHIPS reports. Ships within the set distance will be reported at the bottom of the Weather Station list. Another field has been added to the edit to allow ship data from up to 24 hours ago to be reported. SHIPS do not always report every hour so you may want to set this to a few hours. Note that there are far fewer ships reporting than normal data stations and many of the ones that do report are likely to be a long way from wherever you are so it will not be unusual to have no ships show up in the table.


Notice in the picture above there are underlines on both the Stations text in the header and on the names of the individual stations. Clicking on the Stations link will take you to the source data (not very useful by the way). Clicking on a station will take you to that stations web page where you can see more detail for that station, perhaps a picture of the station, the data, and some history.


You can change the radius that determines if stations will be listed. You can also select up to 3 stations outside of your radius. If one of those selected stations is not reporting, it will not be shown even if specifically selected.

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