Sunday, June26, 2022
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DIY Boat Monitoring Printed Circuit Board

This image is of the actual PCB I built. It is not what I would build again because I had errors on it. I left off the resistors that go from the base to ground. without those resistors the transistors start to switch with just the slightest input even cross coupled from wire to wire. I always put a breadboard area on my boards and that area allowed me to install four resistors which I could wire up on the back. You may see the thin yellow lines on this image and those are the wires on the back.

This board was designed on Eagle and built at PCBWay. Please see PCBoards for Boats for details on how to build your own boards. The cost of 10 boards was $29 and it took just a week to get them. Most of that cost was shipping. You can cut that to $19 but then shipping time is 2-4 weeks. There are other options as well. These are US costs and other countries have different shipping costs.


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