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Dual 7-Day Forecasts

If you are a regular visitor to L-36.com you may have noticed a new feature on the Weather and Tide page. At the bottom of the 7 Day Forecast section you might see "NEW! Easily add second zone forecast". Before you rush over to the Weather and Tide page to try it out, you might be interested in the background of this feature and the Weather & Tide page itself.

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Getting Papoose

There is a story on Latitude-38 (December 2023 page 62) about the sailboat "Boat Bum Gal" whose owner hired a volunteer captain to help take her boat down to Mexico as part of the Baja Ha-Ha. They ran aground and Boat Bum Gal sank. This brought back memories of my first trip on my inherited boat Papoose in 1989 and what didn't but almost did happen.

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Getting Latitude and Longitude from an OpenStreetMap Map.

Filling a form with the results of a map click on an openstreetmap seems straight forward. I tried half a dozen examples online and none worked. None just presented working code. They all gave html, css, and js and after carefully putting them together they did not work. Some worked but did not fill out a form or enable the location to be used off the map. This demo works and I give the source code and a working single php page. The app uses leaflet and Open Street Map maps. All this is free and open source. The Article includes a demo. Just click on the map and see how it works. Feel free to look at or use the source code.

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My Youtube Channel

As of 4/7/2024 My YouTube channel, @L-36, has 4,470 subscribers. The top video now has almost a half million views. To see the most popular videos, click on the link below.

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Calibrate a Marine Compass

Everyone understands that a marine compass needs to be calibrated. It is easy enough to find articles on how to calibrate a marine compass but I found them lacking in two areas. First, they did not explain what was really going on such that I could understand why things were being done. Second, they all recommended you don't actually do the calibration yourself but rather hire an expert.

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Evantide Sails Again

L-36 Eventide returned to the Bay on New Year's Day 2012 after our very well photographed adventures at the 2011 Master Mariners Race. Her hull had basically been sawed through from deck to just above the water line by the other boat's chain link bobstay, and her spruce mast and boom were shattered into multiple pieces beyond repair.

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Keeping this site working

A short article on what is invloved in just keeping this site working

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Knives on a Boat

Are you still using an old warn out knife? When I found it time for a new knife, I was amazed how much knives have changed. I recently purchased about half a dozen new knives as I explored the field adding to the way too many knives I already had. I scored the Internet for recommendations. I read reviews on Amazon. I tried knives at the local WestMarine (none were acceptable). In the end there were 5 knives I liked and would recommend. There are also whole classes of knives I would stay away from.

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Eventide T-Boned in MM Regatta


"Eventide was badly damaged at the start of the 2011 Master Mariners. She is safe in her slip in Berkeley and I am making a plan and exploring options for repairs and replacement rigs. I am extremely grateful for the support of the L-36 and Master Mariners community. Damage appears to be limited to her planking and obviously her rig. I will keep the L-36 community updated as to her status. Any previous experience or advice on repairing a large section of an L-36's hull is welcome. I can be emailed directly at gregmilano (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thank you for all of your support."
Greg Milano, Eventide

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GoPro Fogging

The promise of videos of my sailing was too good to pass up so I bought a GoPro Hero 2 shortly after they came out. I did get some good videos but all too often the images that came back would be fogged up. It got to the point that I just didn't want to bother to put the camera on the boat because I knew the videos would be fogged. I tried many things to prevent this but nothing worked until this last time.

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We were happy on Papoose to have won our class but sad that one of our fleet was so badly damaged. Eventide was damaged just before the start by a boat from another class.

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Brisbane Marina

My harbor early one morning

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